All you need is love


“Kathryn for heaven sake!”  Chakotay said pacing in front of Kathryn’s chair. “I don’t want to live a lie, I can’t.”

“We’re not,” she answered looking down at the pink bundle she held in her arms. “She is your daughter Chakotay, I just know it.”

“Then do a blood test,” Chakotay pleaded with his new wife. “Please, just to ease my mind.” Kathryn looked up at him sadly and shook her head.

“I don’t need prove, if she was Q’s she would be something other then human and she seems human to me.”

“She’s two weeks old,” Chakotay pointed out.

“I can’t,” Kathryn muttered. “Because what if it comes back negative? Then what do I do?”

“We handle it togher,” he took her and and looked down at the baby she was holding. Kathryn had decided to call her Kendra, Lexi for short. “Wether she’s my biological daughter or not, I still love her the same.”

“No,” Kathryn said. “I just can’t. She’s yours Chakotay, I know it and I trust my instincts.”

“And I trust mine,” Chakotay told her going back to his pacing. “Do you want her to grow up believing i’m her father and having it be a lie? Do you know how that will effect her when she finds out?”

“She won’t,” Kathryn told him strictly. “And if she knew that there was even a slight doubt that she might not be human, how do you think that would effect her? I want have a normal life. Not like ours when we risk our lives everyday. She deserves to be a child and have good life.” Chakotay sighed knowing he wasn’t going to get anywhere with her. He’d be a father to that baby no matter what. It didn’t matter to him. All he felt for that child was love. And that’s all he would need. All you need is love.
















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