A Star Trek 50+ Years Celebration, Part 1: The Search for James T. Kirk

A Star Trek 50+ Years Celebration, Part 1: The Search for James T. Kirk

Script-Like Short Story for a 2-Part TV Special
Version 1.0

By S.C. St. Martin



The year is 2176, 21 years after the end of Star Trek: Enterprise.

Captain Jonathan Archer (born 2112, now 64 years old) is in his quarters, getting dressed. Looking at pictures of long lost friend Trip Tucker and beloved pet dog Porthos on the side of his cabin mirror, he reminisces about his time on the Enterprise NX-01 with his chief engineer.

VOICE OF TRIP: “This is the life I chose and there’s nowhere I’d want to be but here. Because while I’m here, I can make a difference. (a nod here to James T. Kirk’s Nexus quote from the Generations movie)

Archer smiles and kneels down to a young beagle that looks a lot like Porthos.

ARCHER: “Now behave yourself Aramis. I won’t be gone too long.”

He exits the room.

Meanwhile, in the mess hall of the refitted Columbia (NX-02), with a nice view of the stars, T’Pol is conversing with Ambassador Soval and General Thy’lek Shran.

T’POL: “It was a judicious suggestion on your part, Ambassador, that the 15th anniversary celebration of the founding of the Federation be held aboard the Columbia.”

SOVAL: “It seemed liked the logical choice, one that humans, I thought, would appreciate.”

SHRAN: “Great idea indeed, Soval. It kind of brings an emotional touch to the whole thing. Don’t you agree?”

The two Vulcans raise their brows, uncomfortable, knowing perfectly that Shran was poking fun at them with that last question.

In the meantime, Archer enters the room. Hoshi Sato (born 2129, now 47 years old), Travis Mayweather (born 2126, now 50 years old), Malcolm Reed (born approx. 2122, now approx. 54 years old) and Doctor Phlox (ageless???) greet him.

SATO: “Hello Jonathan.”

(She wears civilian clothing and greets him by his given name, since she’s now retired from the fleet.)

ARCHER: “Hoshi! So glad you could make it.”

SATO: “This is something I didn’t want to miss.”

Moving on to Mayweather.

MAYWEATHER: “It’s good to see you again, sir.”

ARCHER: “Thanks, Travis. It’s good to see you again as well.”

Moving on to Reed.

REED: “Weapons are ready! Hull plating is at full capacity, sir!”

Says Reed, smiling. Archer smiles back at him.

ARCHER: “At ease, commander!”

REED: “Yes sir. Thank you sir.”

ARCHER: “I hear you got posted on the brand new Endeavour. I’d really like to see her. I heard she’s a beast… and a beauty.”

REED: “I’ll be sure to arrange it, sir.”

Moving on to Phlox.

ARCHER: “Phlox! You have barely aged! Why is it just us humans in this whole universe who seem to have such short life spans?”

PHLOX: “I actually have a Pyrithian bat droppings concoction that could remove 10 years off your face. There’s a 5% chance that using it would kill you on the spot… but those who survive the ordeal are quite satisfied with the results…”

ARCHER: “I… I think I’ll need a little time to think about it. Thank you doctor.”

Moving to a table, Archer hands Champagne glasses to everyone in the room before raising his glass and addressing his friends.

ARCHER: “A toast to absent friends we dearly miss. To Trip. To Admiral Forrest. To our friends that we love and respect… and haven’t seen in years in some cases. And to new friends we haven’t met yet.”

As they raise their glasses, the Nexus ribbon suddenly appears and passes by from a close distance. They all see it from the lounge windows.

PHLOX: “How intriguing…”

REED: “What is it?”

HOSHI: “It’s beautiful. Looks like some kind of space storm.”

T’Pol opens a comm channel.

T’POL: “T’Pol to bridge…”

Shran turns to Archer.

SHRAN: “Are you responsible for this, Archer? ”

They all look at the ribbon as it passes by and vanishes.

Fade out.

(note: The NX-01 Enterprise was decommissioned in 2161 at the same time the Federation was created, but the NX-02 Columbia, a few years younger, carried on for a few decades more.)


The year is 2373, during season 5 of Deep Space Nine’s original run

DS9’s promenade is busy as usual with travelers, traders and station staff. In Quark’s, our beloved Quark is preparing drinks, while Morn, Martok and Rom are sitting at the bar. Martok, looking into his glass, addresses Quark.

MARTOK: “This blood wine you’ve been serving recently… it tastes like targ urine.”

Martok turns to Morn for approval…

MORN: (shrugs, obviously not saying a word)

QUARK: “I assure you mister Klingon, my furnisher told me this was perfectly fine blood wine.”

ROM: “I thought he said the wine was fine, even for such a poor vintage brother…”

Martok frowns and menacingly grumbles at Quark.

Quark frowns at his brother:

QUARK: “Oh! Thanks a lot, Rom…”

Jake Sisko and cadet Nog are sitting at a table (since Cirroc Lofton is now much older than the then 18 years old Jake, we get to see him only from the back, facing Nog). Jake at that point had decided to report on the war, while cadet Nog, in his sophomore year, was stationed on DS9.

JAKE SISKO: “Come on, Nog! Those are exciting times. The ones that make life worth living for.”

NOG: “My people aren’t renowned for bravery… and on top of it all, I really have a bad feeling about whatever is coming for us, for me.”

Miles O’Brien and Julian Bashir are playing darts (from a distance and from the back since the actors have aged since that time period).

MILES O’BRIEN: “That’s one more win for the Chief, and one more round for the good doctor. I think I’ll get used to this… (in reference to the recent revelation about Bashir’s genetic enhancements and the new dart rules put in place since, Bashir having to throw his darts from a lot farther than O’Brien)”

BASHIR: “Leeta! Two synthales, please!”

VOICE OF LEETA: “Coming right up!”
(Leeta’s is heard but not seen since Chase Masterson has also aged significantly since that time period).

In the meantime, the Rio Grande runabout exits the wormhole in the Gamma Quadrant while a narration of the Captain’s Log is heard.

VOICE OF BEN SISKO: “Captain’s Log, stardate 50672.5. I’ve sent Major Kira, Odo and Garak on a rescue mission to Ranssian Alpha.  A small group of Bajoran and Cardassian colonists, who settled there seeking a new peace between their people, may now want to leave Gamma Quadrant.”

Inside the runabout.
KIRA: “Ok. Let’s make this trip as short and efficient as possible. I’d really like not to run into our Jem’hadar friends…”
(Nana Visitor being significantly older now than her in-series age, Kira is seen mostly from back and side while piloting)

GARAK: “We can expect some colonists won’t want to leave, especially among the Cardassians.”

ODO: “Many might change their minds after viewing this charming video…”

Odo pushes a few buttons and a video featuring Dukat, Damar, Weyoun and a Founder (the Dominion leaders of the Alpha Quadrant), appears on the screen.

WEYOUN: “Dear newest members of the Dominion. Know that the Founders are good and caring Gods to those who submit to the infinite wisdom of their all encompassing authority. The Founders will teach you how to live, how to love, how to be. And they ask nothing in return other than unconditional obedience… ”

DAMAR: “And to those who’d think of joining the Maquis, whatever small pockets of resistance that remain will soon be crushed…”

Dukat puts his hand on Damar’s shoulder, signaling him to shut up. Then adopting a calmer, more politically correct attitude than his officer, he continues:

DUKAT: “Friends. Cardassians. Bajorans. Disillusioned members of the Federation. These are promising times. And know that the Dominion cares about you and will take the necessary steps to make sure you fit in.”

The Founder nods and extends her arms.
FOUNDER: “Welcome.”

An alarm sounds.

ODO: “What’s going on?”

KIRA: “Something just appeared out of nowhere. Moving towards us. Taking evasive maneuvers.”

All three watch as the ribbon passes by in front of the runabout.

GARAK: “Well, that was an interesting phenomenon. Anyone knows what it is?”

ODO: “No. But still. There is something familiar about it.”

Later on, the wormhole activates. The Rio Grande exits it and flies towards Deep Space Nine.

Inside the runabout, Kira, Odo and Garak are now accompanied by a number of Bajoran and Cardassian colonists.

KIRA: “Rio Grande to Deep Space Nine. We’ve picked up the colonists who were willing to leave. Requesting permission to dock. Oh! And by the way, we’ve witnessed something strange along the way. Odo is sending you the data.”

ODO: “Done.”

VOICE OF JADZIA DAX: “Processing the data. It seems to be a phenomenon similar to the ribbon encountered last year by the Enterprise in the Veridian system. Whether it’s the same object or not remains to be determined. Glad you could avoid contact with it.”

KIRA: “You bet.”

VOICE OF JADZIA DAX: “Relaying the data to Starfleet Command. Docking request granted.”

(Jadzia is not seen directly since Terry Farrell is now significantly older than her in-series character.)

GARAK: “The Veridian system… Wasn’t that the last mission of the Enterprise-D, before it was destroyed?”

ODO: “Yes. It was also a similar encounter that nearly destroyed the Enterprise-B, 80 years ago.”

GARAK: “Well, I guess if I was on the Enterprise, I would want to stay as far away as possible from that thing…”

Fade out.


The year is 2374, during early season 4 of Voyager’s original run.

Neelix enters the mess hall of Voyager, very early in the morning. Tuvok (seen from a distance or back, since Tim Russ is now too old for the character’s in-series age) is already there drinking an early morning beverage while working on a notepad.

NEELIX: “Good morning, Mr. Vulcan. How are we feeling today.”

TUVOK: “I am feeling Vulcan fine, Mr. Neelix.”

NEELIX: “Oh! Oh! Is that Vulcan humor I sense here, Mr. Tuvok?”

The Vulcan doesn’t reply, opting instead for a sip of his drink. Neelix chuckles as he lights up the Mess’ kitchenette. He looks at a framed picture of Kes. He presses a button so he can hear her reciting a positive quote for the day.

VOICE OF KES: “Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you’d have preferred to talk.” (a quote attributed here and now on Earth to columnist Doug Larson)

NEELIX: “Did you hear that Mr. Tuvok?”

TUVOK: “Indeed I have. Definitely words of wisdom you should follow, Mr. Neelix.”

Neelix smiles and kisses his index and major fingers before applying them to the picture. He then begins preparing the day’s breakfast. At that same moment, calls start coming in from some crewmembers of the Alpha shift who, in some cases, have just woken up.

VOICE OF PARIS: “Paris to Neelix.”

(Paris is not seen directly since Robert Duncan McNeill is now significantly older than his in-series character.)

NEELIX: “Good day, Mr. Paris. What can I do for you?”

VOICE OF PARIS: “Yesterday’s menu was, uh, interesting, to say the least. Anything different planned for today?”

NEELIX: “Yes. Today is a totally different day and yesterday is already forgotten.”

VOICE OF PARIS: “Well, I wish my bowels could forget as easily as you do…”

VOICE OF TORRES: “Torres to Neelix.”

(Torres is not seen directly since Roxann Dawson is now significantly older than her in-series character.)

Neelix smiles. (Knowing both are probably calling from the same quarters, but on different channels. Paris and Torres had just begun a relationship by then, but they wanted to keep it secret, as if that was ever possible!)

NEELIX: “Yes, B’Elanna. What can I do for you?”

VOICE OF TORRES: “Please, Neelix! No more experimenting with Klingon dishes. I feel like my intestines are trying to get rid of me this morning.”

NEELIX: “Promised. No more Klingon experiments at least until next month…”

VOICE OF TORRES: “Neelix! I’m not kidding! I’ll be perfectly happy if I never eat a Klingon dish for the remainder of my life.”

(At that point, B’Elanna at not yet come to terms with her Klingon side and heritage.)

VOICE OF THE DOCTOR: “Doctor to Neelix”

(The Doctor is not seen directly since Robert Picardo is now significantly older than his in-series character.)

NEELIX: “Yes, my good doctor?”

VOICE OF THE DOCTOR: “I just want to make sure you remember not to make the meals too spicy, since yesterday’s ones brought in their fair share of crewmembers in sickbay.”

NEELIX: “Trust me, Doctor, I didn’t forget. How could I, after the earful it got me?…”

VOICE OF THE DOCTOR: “Well, what I got as a result of it was a whole different kind of full, so consider yourself lucky.”

NEELIX: “Okay. Got it. Sorry again about that. Neelix out.”

And as he was stirring one of his concoctions, something caught his eye. There it was, the ribbon, passing by the windows of the mess, behind the back of an unsuspecting Tuvok. Neelix taps on his communicator badge.

NEELIX: “Neelix to bridge.”

(We don’t see the bridge or the bridge officers, since the actors are now significantly older than their in series age.)

VOICE OF JANEWAY: “Yes, Mr. Neelix. Please don’t tell me we have run out of coffee…”

NEELIX: “No Captain. It’s about a strange lightning string that just passed by the ship.”

VOICE OF JANEWAY: “Oh! I see. Yes, we have picked it up a few minutes ago. Still waiting for a sensor analysis…”

VOICE OF CHAKOTAY: “Harry. Report?”

VOICE OF KIM: “We have it on sensors. It just appeared out of nowhere.”

VOICE OF CHAKOTAY: “Does it pose any threat to the ship?”

VOICE OF KIM: No, I don’t think so, as long as we keep our distances.”

NEELIX: “Well, I sure have never seen anything like it.”

VOICE OF JANEWAY: “Janeway to Seven of Nine.”

VOICE OF SEVEN OF NINE: “Yes, captain.”

VOICE OF JANEWAY: “Seven, have you found something in the database?”

Seven of Nine is seen in Astrometrics (Jeri Ryan being now significantly older, she is seen from the back, tapping on a console, while schematics appear on the lab’s giant screen). She replies.

SEVEN OF NINE: “Preliminary data indicates that this is a phenomenon of similar nature to the one encountered by the Enterprise B, 80 years ago.” (At that point, Voyager’s database was not up to date, so the crew was still unaware of the destruction of the Enterprise-D a few years earlier).

VOICE OF CHAKOTAY: “Helm. Make sure we steer clear from that thing…”

Fade out.


The year is 2394, 24 years after the end of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Captain Geordi La Forge (born in 2335, now 60 years old), is in his quarters switching on a small holo image pod of Tasha Yar (the one Data kept after Yar’s death in “Skin of Evil” TNG episode , and seen when Data was presumed dead in “The Most Toys” TNG episode). Since Data was now also dead (from the dreaded “Nemesis” movie), the holo image of Tasha Yar was now possessed by Geordi, his best friend.

Looking at Tasha’s image, La Forge smiles and remembers her talking to him.

VOICE OF TASHA YAR: “I can easily picture you as a Captain someday, Geordi. Imagine this: Captain La Forge. Isn’t it neat? As for me, well, I have a strange feeling about what the future holds for me. Sometimes I see great things, sometimes it’s just a void…”

La Forge’s face turns a bit more solemn as he remembers that last sentence. He then places another holo image pod next to Tasha’s. He activates it. The holo image is then revealed to be one of Data’s. Geordi also remembers Data talking to him:

VOICE OF DATA: “My dear friend Geordi. You have been such an essential part of my path towards becoming the best person I could ever be. And for that I can never thank you enough…”

Geordi smiles.

LA FORGE: “I miss you, old friend. ”

View of the exterior of Geordi’s ship, the Challenger (NCC-71099), a Galaxy-Class starship almost identical to the Enterprise-D, destroyed some two decades ago. (Geordi was seen as the Captain of this ship in a possible future in the Voyager episode “Timeless”). The Challenger is actually the last Galaxy-Class starship still on active duty at that point, but that is another story.

Back to La Forge’s quarters, later on, and this time Geordi is sitting around a poker table along with some familiar faces: Captain William T. Riker (born in 2335, now 60 years old), Counselor Deanna Troi (born in 2336, now 59 years old), Captain Worf (born in 2340, now 65 years old) and Dr. Beverly Crusher (born in 2324, now 70 years old). Riker and Troi are dressed casually while the three others are wearing uniforms (somewhat similar to the future ones seen in “All Good Things” episode). Riker is dealing the cards, this time a Texas Hold’em Poker (gotta go with the times!!!), rather than the usual 5-Card Stud.

LA FORGE: “It’s been way too long since we’ve last played poker together… when was the last time?”

RIKER: “Well I don’t know. Many years.”

TROI: “It’s been 9 years.”

Riker looks at her.

RIKER: “9 years! Are you sure?”

TROI: “Yes. Last time we all gathered together for a game like this was 9 years ago. Late at night after Captain Picard’s retirement party.”

RIKER: “Oh yes. I remember now.”

WORF: “How is the Captain doing? Anyone has news?”

LA FORGE: “I saw him this summer. He’s doing fine, still living on his family’s estate of La Barre, France. He still produces a pretty good Picard wine, one that I’ve had the privilege of sampling… ”

He shows the bottle, and then flips it down, empty, and gently taps on his belly, to show that he maybe did more than just sample it a bit. They all laugh.

RIKER: “Computer. What time is it in La Barre, France?”

COMPUTER: “Zero hundred hours.”

RIKER: “Computer. Contact retired Captain Picard, in La Barre, France.”

TROI: “Computer belay that order. The Captain is most probably in bed by now”

RIKER: “Let’s wake him up, see how happy he is to see us…”

Troi doesn’t say yes, but doesn’t say no either. They all look at each other.

RIKER: “Computer. Contact retired Captain Picard, in La Barre, France.”

A screen displays the image of retired Captain Picard (born in 2305, now 89 years old) in his house, at a table with Wesley Crusher (born in 2348, now 46 years old) at his side.

PICARD: “Hello Will. I bet you didn’t think you’d see the old man still up so late. Well think again! Me and my friend Captain Wesley here are reminiscing a few good stories, some of them actually involving you. ”

Riker smirks.

RIKER: “Yeah, well, not all of them are true.”

WORF: “It is nice to see you doing well Captain.”

PICARD: “I’m very happy to see all of you as well.”

TROI: “Hello Captain. It’s nice to see you again.”

PICARD: “Thank you Deanna.”

BEVERLY CRUSHER: “Wesley, what are you doing on Earth? Wasn’t the Prometheus on a mission to Andoria?”

WESLEY CRUSHER: “Yeah, it was. But the Andorians, unsurprisingly, decided they didn’t need our engineering skills anymore. So I made the best of it and gave my crew some overdue shore leave here on Earth. It also gave me a chance to visit the Captain.

Picard puts his hand on his shoulder, happy that he did.

PICARD: “You should all visit more often. If Geordi can find the time to visit every summer, I’m sure all of you can. ”

TROI: “We will. Promised.”

PICARD: “Great. Now we can call it a night. A tough day awaits us in the fields tomorrow. Picard out. ”

The screen turns dark.

WORF: “How is Wesley handling captaincy of a ship?”

BEVERLY CRUSHER: “Well, he’s really in his element there. It’s an engineering ship, dealing with engineering matters… ”

LA FORGE: “…Mostly with engineering matters. I’ve read reports of how they’ve been thrown into conflicts and diplomatic negotiations. That was quite a read. But I agree. Wesley has proven to be a great leader on that ship.”

RIKER: “A ship full of engineers. I can picture how wild it can get…”

They all smile, only to be interrupted by the comm.

(VOICE OF ICHEB): “Icheb to Crusher.”

BEVERLY CRUSHER: “Crusher here.”

(VOICE OF ICHEB): “We have entered the system and should be in orbit any moment now.”

BEVERLY CRUSHER: “Understood.”

Everyone at the table exchanges looks with the others, a bit uncomfortable, wanting to, but avoiding to address the subject matter with Beverly.

BEVERLY CRUSHER: “Well. I guess I’ll have to call it a night. Keep you posted.”

RIKER: “We’re counting on it.”

TROI: “Good luck Beverly.”

Beverly’s image turns into digital dust and she vanishes (It turns out, this poker game was a virtual one with the players being at different locations in the Quadrant).

A ship, the U.S.S Penfield, orbits a familiar planet. (The ship is very similar to the Pasteur of a possible future from TNG episode “All Good Things”; Wilder Penfield was a pioneering neurosurgeon from 20th century Earth)

Captain Beverly Crusher exits the holodeck walks down the corridors of her ship. She enters a turbolift, reaches the bridge, and sits on the Captain’s chair.

BEVERLY CRUSHER: “Mrs. Wildman. Report.”

A Ktarian/Human female pilot of the ship, Lt. Naomi Wildman (all grown up little Scarlett Pomers from Voyager series, born in 2372, now in her mid twenties), replies:

NAOMI WILDMAN: “Orbit stable. Scans indicate conditions at target site are optimal.”

Crusher presses a button on the Captain’s chair.

BEVERLY CRUSHER: “Captain Beverly Crusher of the Medical Starship Penfield. We’ve just entered orbit of Veridian III. We are ready to beam down a party to investigate James T. Kirk’s burial site. Crusher out.”

She gets up and signals two of her bridge officers, a human male Lieutenant from Operations, Security Division, and an Asian female Lieutenant Commander from the Science Division.

BEVERLY CRUSHER: “Mr. Merriwell. Mrs. O’Brien (played by Hana Hatae, little Molly from DS9, born in 2368, all grown up now in her mid twenties). You’re with me.”

Crusher turns to her first officer.

BEVERLY CRUSHER: “Commander Icheb (played by Manu Intiraymi from Voyager, now around 40 years old), you have the bridge.”

ICHEB: “Yes, Captain.”

As Beverly and the two officers enter the turbolift, Crusher taps on her communicator.

BEVERLY CRUSHER: “Doctor Ogawa (Patti Yasutake, Next Generation’s nurse, now a doctor in her sixties). Meet us in transporter room one.”

(For an idea on how Veridian III looks from space and on the surface, see the “Generations” movie)

The party materializes on the planet, a few meters from Kirk’s final resting place seen in “Star Trek Generations”. Security officer Merriwell moves around to visually check if everything is safe while science officer O’Brien scans the general area with her tricorder.

MOLLY O’BRIEN: “Seems this place has not been visited in a long time. Not much to report here other than the passage of time.”

MERRIWELL: “Nothing unusual to report from all directions either.”

Crusher and Ogawa approach the burial mound. Crusher kneels down and cleans up a few of the rocks. Ogawa scans the remains through the rocks.

OGAWA: “Uh-Oh! I’m getting unexpected readings here.”

BEVERLY CRUSHER: “What kind of unexpected readings?”

OGAWA: “The kind that have more to do with artificial life than biological.”


O’Brien approaches the mound with her tricorder.

MOLLY O’BRIEN: “Detecting molybdenum-cobalt alloy, tripolymer composites, bioplast sheeting (elements like those listed in “The Most Toys” episode for Data’s body). I only detect trace organic elements under those rocks…”

The landing party starts removing the rocks, only to find out a mechanical frame with bits of synthetic skin here and there, all in the image of Kirk.

(Dramatic music. Opening Titles)

Red Alert is resounding, some sparks and smoke can be seen here and there, coming out of consoles on the classic bridge of the Enterprise (1701 no bloody A, B, C or D, as Scotty would put it later on in the TNG episode “Relics”).

KIRK LOOKALIKE: “Lt. Uhura. Contact them again!”

UHURA LOOKALIKE: “Still no response, sir.”

A McCoy lookalike is standing next to a redhead female science officer. He addresses her:

McCOY LOOKALIKE: “Dammit Lieutenant! Didn’t you say they were peaceful?”

REDHEAD FEMALE SCIENCE OFFICER: “The Intel that we have on them says they are a friendly culture…”

KIRK LOOKALIKE: “Scotty! Report!”

At the engineering bridge console, Scotty has his hands full…

SCOTTY LOOKALIKE: “Warp engines are down, Captain. We’re not going anywhere any time soon.”

On the view screen, the enemy ship is seen firing at the Enterprise.

KIRK LOOKALIKE: “Brace for impact!”

The bridge crew hold on to their consoles as they are shaken from one side to the other.

SPOCK LOOKALIKE: “Shields down to 30 percent.”

KIRK LOOKALIKE: “Mr Sulu. Mister Chekov. Prepare to make a move towards enemy ship. Initialize phasers, load torpedo banks, and get ready to target their shield generators and weapons array.”

SULU LOOKALIKE: “Moving to port. ”

CHEKOV LOOKALIKE: “Phasers ready, torpedo banks loaded.”

SPOCK LOOKALIKE: “Enemy ship is taking evasive maneuvers, exposing belly and aft section.”

KIRK LOOKALIKE: “Fire phasers!”

CHEKOV LOOKALIKE: “Firing phasers to shield generator.”

SPOCK LOOKALIKE: “Enemy ship shields are down.”

KIRK LOOKALIKE: “Fire photon torpedoes!”

CHEKOV LOOKALIKE: “Firing photon torpedoes to weapons array.”

SPOCK LOOKALIKE: “Enemy ship is disabled and drifting in space.”

KIRK LOOKALIKE: “Lt. Uhura, contact Starfleet and offer assistance to enemy vessel…”

A group of spectators rise from the side of the bridge while applauding the performance. This was all a bridge re-creation and actors were playing the parts of the classic crew. Among the group of honoured guests watching the performance are the real Doctor Nyota Uhura (Nichelle Nichols), now a communications technologies research scientist, Captain Sulu (George Takei), record breaking in longevity as commanding officer of the Excelsior and Starfleet Security consultant Pavel Chekov (Walter Koenig), all in their eighties.

The year is in fact 2332, 39 years after Kirk’s disappearance in the Nexus ribbon. We are at the USS Enterprise 1701 museum exhibit. Volunteers are playing the parts of the original crew in the re-creation.

The volunteer playing Kirk addresses the crowd:

KIRK LOOKALIKE: “Thanks everybody for attending here at the USS Enterprise 1701 museum exhibit. As you all know, 39 years ago, one of the greatest captains in Starfleet history was taken from us by the space phenomenon we now know as the Nexus. This mysterious space ribbon, we have found out from retroactive observations, is on some kind of dimensional loop and comes back every 39.1 years. And it is once again traveling through our quadrant as we speak…”

The energy ribbon is shown on the viewscreen. Uhura looks at it, concerned. And while Kirk’s impersonator continues his speech on Kirk in the background, Sulu asks her:

SULU: “Is something wrong Nyota?”

UHURA: “I’m not sure. I had not looked at that energy ribbon since reading the report 39 years ago. Didn’t really think about it since. But now that I see it again, it bares a striking resemblance with something I know. A new type of data encryption package we’ve been experimenting on at Starfleet Communications. On a much smaller scale, but still…”

At that moment, Kirk’s impersonator finishes his address and he, as well as all from the volunteer troupe of actors meet Uhura, Sulu, Chekov and the other guests. Chekov introduces 2 members of the troupe to Sulu and Uhura.

CHEKOV: “As supervisor of security on the brand new Enterprise-C, slated to be christened in a little less than a month, may I all remind you…”, looking at Sulu and Uhura, “…so I expect you two to show up. So, as I said,  as supervisor of security on the brand new Enterprise, I’ve had the chance to work closely with those two outstanding officers: Commander William Jameson-Vickers, who is to be Captain Garrett’s First Officer, while Lieutenant Commander Anna Michele Howard is to be the ship’s Science Officer.”

JAMESON-VICKERS:  “It’s an honor…”

HOWARD: “… and a real privilege to meet you.”

They shake hands.

SULU: “So, how is she coming up?

JAMESON-VICKERS: “Everything is going according to plan. So far, she’s done better than expected on every test we’ve submitted to her.”

SULU: “Can’t wait to see her on the active duty roster.”

JAMESON-VICKERS: “She’ll be ready, sir. And fully operational, right on schedule.”

Later that night, Uhura is brushing her hair before going to bed in her chic futuristic home (similar to Kirk’s place seen in “The Wrath of Khan” and “The Search for Spock” movies). She is preoccupied (thinking again about the ribbon). She lays the hairbrush on the vanity (the side of the vanity has the same framed Star Trek V crew photo as seen in Pine/Quinto era “Star Trek Beyond”) and moves towards her desk. She sits down in front of her computer monitor.

UHURA: “Computer. Contact Captain Sulu. ”

After a few seconds, Sulu’s face appears on the screen. He seems to be in his quarters aboard the Excelsior, about to go to bed as well.

SULU: “Hello Nyota.”

UHURA: “Hello Hikaru. Sorry to disturb you so late at night. ”

SULU: “It’s ok. What can I do for you? ”

UHURA: “You know, that data encryption package I was talking to you about? ”

SULU: “Yes. What about it? ”

UHURA: “I retrieved some of the results from the study. Could you meet me at Starfleet Communication Headquarters in the morning before you and the Excelsior leave Earth orbit? ”

SULU: “Sure, I can do that. ”

UHURA: “Thanks. Good night.”

SULU: “Good night to you too.”

The communication ends.

The following morning, Sulu beams at Starfleet Communications HQ and is greeted by Uhura and staff. They walk together, heading towards a science console where an image of something similar to the Nexus ribbon is displayed.

After looking at the data from the data encryption package experiment, and acknowledging the striking resemblance:

SULU: “Science Division has been working on the Nexus riddle over the past decades, with less than encouraging results. We should definitely notify Starfleet Command about this.”

UHURA: “I guess we should indeed”, still looking at the image of the ribbon on the screen, and, at the accompanying report images, one of them being Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg)…

SULU: “Computer. Contact Pavel Chekov. ”

(note: In 2332, Starfleet still uses Burgundy Military Uniforms: In 2327, Picard graduated and is seen with this uniform in TNG episode “Tapestry”. Jack Crusher, Wesley’s father, recorded a message to his son shortly after the birth of Wesley in 2348 while wearing that type of uniform (seen in TNG episode “Family”). So the typical burgundy military style uniforms are in use here for the 2332 date, but personnel working at Communications are wearing uniforms that are somewhat a step towards those seen in TNG.)

Later that day, Starfleet Headquarters, San Francisco.

Chekov enters the office of the President of the Federation and is greeted by her. Three other top grade officers are there too.

PRESIDENT: “I believe you already know admiral Adams, admiral Chakta and admiral Harriman”

They all greet each other and the President continues.

PRESIDENT: “In the light of new data provided by Doctor Uhura, we believe it to be a priority to immediately investigate the matter. Doctor Uhura’s research will therefore take precedence over the ribbon investigation already planned. Unfortunately, Mr. Spock and Doctor McCoy are presently on a classified mission which details will not be discussed here, and are therefore unavailable on such short notice.”

(In-universe, Spock and McCoy are still alive, but sadly, Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelley are not anymore in our own. As for Scotty, he’s reported missing and presumed dead at the time, as explained in the TNG episode “Relics”)

The President pauses and looks at Harriman (60 years old, played by Alan Ruck, who was Captain of the Enterprise-B in the first part of the “Generations” movie when Kirk was lost, consequence of a strike from the Nexus ribbon).

Admiral Harriman continues, in a calm but determined voice, looking Chekov directly in the eye.

HARRIMAN: “Considering what happened with the Enterprise-B 39 years ago, and knowing how I’ve felt about the whole thing for decades, I insisted that you personally conducted all the tests on the Enterprise-C before officially handing it over to Captain Garrett. Moreover, I strongly believe we should have another meeting with the Nexus, but this time, on our terms. ”

He then pauses, smiles, and says:

“So you and Doctor Uhura are expected on the Enterprise tomorrow. Congratulations Pavel. You have command of the Enterprise. Take good care of her… and bring back some answers!”

Chekov reacts (up to Walter Koenig to choose how he does), and opens up a communication with Uhura:

CHEKOV: “Nyota! Pack up your bags! We’re going on a mission… ”

The next day, Uhura and Chekov are on the shuttlepad, and onto a shuttle. They travel by shuttle to spacedock. Then they get to see the beautiful Enterprise-C in a way similar to the way the refit Enterprise was revealed in 1979’s “The Motion Picture” film (check TNG “Yesterday’s Enterprise” episode to see how Enterprise-C exteriors and bridge look like).

A little later, on the bridge of the Enterprise-C.

Commander Jameson-Vickers, sitting on the Captain’s chair, steps up and greets Uhura on the bridge. Uhura looks at the Communication station where a young lieutenant officer stands post. She gently puts her hand on her shoulder. She then approaches Lt. Commander Howard at her science station as she is wishing a young girl a happy birthday on the viewscreen, almost whispering, saying how sorry she is that she won’t be able to attend her party because of this last minute engagement.

HOWARD: “I’m so sorry I won’t be able to make it… ”

YOUNG GIRL: “It’s ok godmother. I understand.”

HOWARD: “Happy 8th birthday Beverly. See you soon.”
(sending a kiss,  before closing the channel. The young girl is in fact little redheaded Beverly Howard… Crusher).

UHURA: “She looks a lot like you.”

Howard smiles.

HOWARD: “She’s my niece. ”

UHURA: “A future Starfleet scientist, perhaps?”

HOWARD: “She says she wants to be a doctor… or a dancer (referring to TNG episode “Data’s Day”) . She can’t make up her mind. Wishes she could be both, I guess.”

Uhura smiles and asks Howard:

UHURA: “Could you please play file Uhura Omega 2293.”

Howard and Uhura are joined by Commander Jameson-Vickers, and listen to a recording of an El-Aurian woman who was rescued during the Enterprise-B ribbon encounter. The woman’s picture (who would later be known as Guinan, played by Whoopi Goldberg) is featured on screen while her audio testimony is heard (Testimony similar to what she told Picard in the “Generations” movie).

GUINAN’S VOICE: “I was on a transport ship. The ship was taking a serious beating. I have no idea how and why but then, all of a sudden, I was back home with my family. Then I was stripped away from them, once more, and found myself on a Federation starship, in total shock.”

The recording stops there. Uhura looks at the two officers.

HOWARD: “The records state that most of the refugees transported during that rescue mission experienced something similar. Since there was no more ribbon to investigate at the time of the inquiry, no further investigation has been conducted to verify those claims.”

UHURA: “And what if they really did experience something there?”

JAMESON-VICKERS: “Those people, the El-Aurian, we don’t know much about them. They seem to have a peculiar sensitivity about people. So it’s hard to draw any definite conclusions. Could it really be that one, or at least one’s conscience, can actually exist within the ribbon?”

Uhura loads an image of the data encryption package project on the screen.

UHURA: “This is a data encryption architecture we were experimenting on, a decade ago. A string of matter and energy consisting of retrievable data encrypted on elemental matter, at the very atomic level. The more data we pack in, the more massive it gets.”

(link to real world IBM article of 2012 feat on atomic-scale memory: http://www.research.ibm.com/articles/madewithatoms.shtml)

HOWARD: “Just how massive was yours?”

UHURA: “The biggest one we’ve created could rest on the tip of your finger and contained over three hundred terabytes of data. The amount of data that could be stored in that massive ribbon is simply astounding.”

JAMESON-VICKERS: “So, if we were to believe what that woman said, it would mean that some kind of existence could be possible within the ribbon? This thing could copy someone down to the most basic level, and thoroughly record all of one’s brain patterns, all of one’s experiences, everything. And from then on, one could technically exist in there?”

UHURA: “It would seem, indeed. This could be like some sort of dream matrix. At least, that’s what we could think of it, whatever it ultimately is.”

Chekov enters the Bridge.

JAMESON-VICKERS: “Captain on the bridge!”

CHEKOV: “Everyone at ease”

Immediately replies Chekov before sitting in the big chair.

CHEKOV: “Status report, mister Jameson-Vickers.”

JAMESON-VICKERS: “Tractor beam ready. Photon torpedo banks are full and ready. All hands, including medical, are onboard and awaiting orders… ” (a pun here to everything that was missing on Enterprise-B when Kirk/Harriman were trying to save the refugees from the ribbon in “Generations” movie).

Chekov turns his head and grins at his first officer. Jameson-Vickers continues:

JAMESON-VICKERS: “Course plotted in, but… ”

Chekov looks at him again. Jameson-Vickers explains:

JAMESON-VICKERS: “Contrary to 39 years ago, this time the ribbon is traveling pretty close to Klingon space.”

CHEKOV: “How close?”

JAMESON-VICKERS: “Close enough for them to be aggravated and feel justified to stir some trouble.”

CHEKOV: “Noted. Take her out.”

ENSIGN WHITNEY: “Manoeuvring thrusters activated. Moving out of space dock”

The Enterprise leaves space dock, moves away from Earth at impulse, and then goes to warp.

Later, on Enterprise’s lower decks, in or around engineering.

Uhura supervises the final details in testing an array of supercomputers along with some staff from Starfleet Communications and Science. Those supercomputers are then plugged in to some kind of holo-room (an early version of the holodeck with many visible projectors). She checks the connections to the main frame of the holo-room while having a conversation with the young Enterprise engineer in charge, a kind of funny looking weirdo, obviously on one of his first assignments.

YOUNG UNNAMED ENGINEER : “The Enterprise-C is the first Starfleet vessel fully equipped with isolinear optical chips instead of duotronic enhancers. So I’ve seen some pretty impressive computer technology lately, but this…”

He extends his hand towards the impressive array of computers.

YOUNG UNNAMED ENGINEER : “… this is a lot of computing power!”

UHURA: “We hope that with the help of this array, we’ll be able to seek and find James Kirk’s particular pattern within what could possibly be massive amounts of data. Once we’ve collected the data we’re seeking, we hope to be able to re-assemble and project it here in this dedicated holo-room.”

The young engineer looks impressed.

An alarm is set off and technicians at a station look at the data. Uhura joins the tech team trying to diagnose. The young engineer is pessimistic, scratching his head.

YOUNG UNNAMED ENGINEER : “There must be a million relays that could be at fault here.”

Uhura looks at the display of this particular grid, moves on to the relay 47 (the infamous Menosky number 47!!!) at junction X of Y, lifts the panel and points the culprit relay. The young engineer is impressed.

YOUNG UNNAMED ENGINEER : “How did you do it?”

UHURA: “Because I’m a genius, lieutenant.”

He looks at her, mouth open. She smiles.

UHURA: “It’s experience, young man. In all my career, I’ve seen a few of such situations. Most of the time it was either relay 47 or its exact symmetrical counterpart, number 94, that was the culprit. It’s just how the whole structure is designed. Those relays strategically intersect twice as many sectors, but can’t be made much more robust without interfering with the efficiency of the whole system. Therefore, they tend to lose cohesion after a while.”

YOUNG UNNAMED ENGINEER : (Scratching his head) “I see.”

UHURA: “Every system as a weakness. This is this one’s.”

She says to him while walking away.

UHURA: “I’m afraid you’ll have to constantly keep an eye on those relays… and reroute traffic from time to time.”

In the meantime, the Enterprise-C rendez-vous with the Excelsior. Commander Jameson-Vickers beams aboard and is greeted by Captain Sulu who accompanies him to the shuttle bay.

SULU: “Starfleet science has studied the ribbon encounter for over three decades now and hasn’t come up with any way to bring a ship close to it, or to identify anything within it… ”

The shuttle bay doors open.

SULU: “… until now.”

Parked in the shuttle bay is a brand new shuttlecraft (a mix between the Galileo shuttle from the movie “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier” and the Type 6 shuttlecraft from The Next Generation series).

Jameson-Vickers touches the hull and finds out it has an atypical charcoal color and feels kind of rubber-ish. On its side, the name “Piller” can be seen (an homage to the great Trek show runner Michael Piller).

SULU: “The outer region of the ribbon is attracted by, and therefore highly destructive to metals and electronics. The more there is, the most destruction you get. So this specially shielded, stripped to bare essentials little “stockcar” should get you within just a few kilometres of the ribbon and survive the ride.”

JAMESON-VICKERS: “How many hits will it be able to withstand?”

SULU: “A dozen secondary hits, and maybe a few directs hits before you get in serious trouble.”

JAMESON-VICKERS: “That doesn’t seem much… sir.”

Sulu looks at him, acknowledging his concerns. They enter the shuttle and sit on the front seats.

SULU: “That’s why I personally designed the new nav thrusters on this baby. If you’re half as good a pilot as your record tells, you should be able to avoid the bulk of the discharges coming at you.”

JAMESON-VICKERS: “I’ll try not to disappoint you sir… ”

Sulu engages the engines and the shuttle exits Excelsior’s shuttle bay. He then executes a series of fast maneuvers as well as many up and down jumps that significantly shake the two officers. He then returns the shuttle to the Excelsior’s shuttle bay.

SULU: “I’m not going to lie to you Commander. This is going to be one hell of a shaky ride. ”

JAMESON-VICKERS: “What about the probes?”

SULU: “The probes are equipped with the same type of shell and extra shielding as the shuttle. But since you’ll have to stay in close proximity in order to relay that many data in real time… ”

Jameson-Vickers finishes his sentence.

JAMESON-VICKERS: “That’s the tricky part… and why I can expect a shaky ride.”

Sulu smiles at him.

SULU: “So? Want out?”

JAMESON-VICKERS: “No way, sir. I joined Starfleet for this kind of challenge.”

Sulu exits the shuttle.

SULU: “She’s all yours then. Good luck.”

The shuttle exits the Excelsior’s bay, Jameson-Vickers executes a few maneuvers of his own, and flies into the Enterprise-C’s shuttle bay.

The Excelsior and Enterprise-C then part ways and go to warp.

On the bridge of the Enterprise-C.

Doctor Uhura and Lt. Commander Howard are prepping up for the Nexus encounter.

HOWARD: “I’m familiar with most of the research at Starfleet communications, but I wasn’t aware there was any interest, or any publications, on atomic-scale memory.”

UHURA: “It’s because there never really were any. Experimentation on atomic-scale memory was never a primary interest at Starfleet Communications. We still favour Quantum Communication through the use of photons. ”
(link to 2016 real world article: http://physicsworld.com/cws/article/news/2016/aug/16/china-launches-world-s-first-quantum-science-satellite).

Howard seems a bit surprised.

UHURA: “This type of structure was never meant for direct practical application in communications. It was only developed as a model for testing such storage architecture and how it could eventually improve data transmission.”

HOWARD: “I see. But even if purely coincidental, it’s still an amazing find.”

UHURA: “Well, most finds are. Still… that El-Aurian woman, her statement about actually living some kind of dream life in the ribbon… That thought has been haunting me for days now. If only we could pick up some data and access it…”

The Enterprise-C drops out of warp and approaches the Nexus ribbon.

CHEKOV: “Report.”

HOWARD : “The ribbon is right where expected. ”

CHEKOV: “Doctor Uhura, please report to engineering array.”

Uhura enters the turbolift.

HOWARD : “Sensors are picking up a small ship following the ribbon.”

CHEKOV: “What kind of ship?”

HOWARD : “Unknown. Detecting one life sign. Male. El-Aurian.”

Chekov addresses the communications officer.

CHEKOV: “Contact the ship.”

COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER: “Ship contacted. No response.”

CHEKOV: “Contact again.”

COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER: “Still no response, sir.”

The small ship launches a probe towards the ribbon. The probe is immediately destroyed. The small ship is then shaken by a secondary electrical discharge, disengages its pursuit of the ribbon, and flies away.

(Yeah, that was Tolian Soran, villain from the “Generations” movie, analyzing the ribbon, although not named and remaining somewhat mysterious at that time).

CHEKOV: “Any sign of the Klingons?”

HOWARD: “None detected, even from long range sensors. Some might be cloaked, though.”

CHEKOV: “Helm. Take us in, pursuit course, right on the ribbon’s tail.”

In the meantime, Jameson-Vickers is prepping up for the shuttle trip.

JAMESON-VICKERS: “Shuttle Piller to bridge. All systems are go. Requesting permission to exit shuttle bay.”

CHEKOV: “Piller, you are cleared for launch. Good luck.”

A distinct alarm sound goes on as the shuttle bay is cleared of its personnel and the force field drops around the bay’s exit window.

JAMESON-VICKERS: “Exiting shuttle bay.”

The shuttle exits the ship and begins its approach of the ribbon while managing to avoid most discharges emanating from it.

JAMESON-VICKERS: “Initializing probe. Doctor Uhura, are you getting the readings.”

UHURA: “Probe reading as initialized and within established parameters.”

Jameson-Vickers suddenly adjusts the shuttle’s path to avoid a major discharge but still gets hit by a smaller, secondary one.

JAMESON-VICKERS: “Launching probe.”

The probe exits the shuttle and flies deeper within the ribbon.

UHURA: “Receiving raw data and processing it. ”

YOUNG UNNAMED ENGINEER : “Looking for El-Aurian and human data patterns.”

The computer array lights flash and vast amounts of numbers and equations appear, disappear and flash on computer screens at a rapid rate while Jameson-Vickers is doing is best to avoid destruction of his shuttle. Then, some data flashes on the monitor.

YOUNG UNNAMED ENGINEER : “I think we have a hit.”

UHURA: “Initializing holo-room processor. ”

The holo-room projectors turn on and start displaying fuzzy color waves. Uhura enters some codes to try and clarify the whole thing.

YOUNG UNNAMED ENGINEER : “It doesn’t seem to be working.”

UHURA: “Have a little faith, young man. Every bit of data here has to be processed for us to see the data (emphasizes on the word ‘’see’’).”


UHURA: “Most electromagnetic waves are not visible to the unaided eye. This is why by simply color coding data from other wavelengths, we are able to see things in a way that is more easily understandable to our actual senses. ”

YOUNG UNNAMED ENGINEER : “Still scanning.”

UHURA: “This is strange. It seems that not only the data is fluctuating more than expected, I’m detecting temporal fluctuations as well. ”


UHURA: “Not necessarily. But it indicates that this Nexus phenomenon is more complex than anticipated. ”

YOUNG UNNAMED ENGINEER : “There! I think we have something.”

The images in the holo-room are initially fuzzy, but the quality gradually improves.

Uhura picks up scenes of families (of presumably El-Aurian people) hugging each other, tears of happiness and kissing. She then picks up scenes from Picard’s Nexus experience, originally seen in the “Generations” movie:

Picard’s Noel family gathering.

GENERATIONS MIMI PICARD: “I love you, father.”

GENERATIONS PICARD: “And I love you too.”

GENERATIONS ELISE PICARD: “Move back and give your father some room. …Cup of Earl Grey?”

GENERATIONS PICARD: “That would be perfect, dear.”

GENERATIONS RENÉ PICARD: “This one’s for you.”

Handing Picard a gift.

GENERATIONS PICARD: “Oh, thank you very much, René.”

GENERATIONS RENÉ PICARD: “Merry Christmas, uncle.”

GENERATIONS PICARD: “And Merry Christmas to you too.”

GENERATIONS ELISE PICARD: “René, can you help me with the table?”

GENERATIONS PICARD: “René! …Come here. …Go and help your aunt.”

Then Picard sees the pulsating light in the tree outside the house, reminding him of the Veridian star exploding.

GENERATIONS PICARD: “This isn’t right. …This can’t be real.”

GENERATIONS GUINAN: “It’s as real as you want it to be.”

GENERATIONS PICARD: “Guinan! …What’s going on? …Why am I here?”

GENERATIONS GUINAN: “You’re in the Nexus.”

GENERATIONS PICARD: “This is the Nexus?”

GENERATIONS GUINAN: “For you. This is what you wanted.”

GENERATIONS PICARD: “But …I never had a home like this. …Nor a wife and children. …But these are all mine. …Guinan, what are you doing here? …I thought you were on board the Enterprise.”

GENERATIONS GUINAN: “I am. …I’m also here. …Think of me as an echo of the person you know. …A part of herself she left behind.”

GENERATIONS PICARD: “When the Enterprise-B beamed you up from the Lakul?”

GENERATIONS THOMAS PICARD: “Papa, help me build my castle.”

GENERATIONS PICARD: “Yes I will, in a few minutes.”

GENERATIONS MIMI PICARD: “Papa, thank you for the dolly. She’s very beautiful.”

GENERATIONS PICARD: “These are my children. …These are my children!”

GENERATIONS GUINAN: “Of course. Time has no meaning here. So you can go back and see them born, or go forward and see your grandchildren.”

GENERATIONS ELISE PICARD: “Dinner’s ready everyone!”


GENERATIONS PICARD: “Go on. Go on without me.”

GENERATIONS PICARD: “Guinan, …can I leave the Nexus?”

GENERATIONS GUINAN: “Where would you go?”

The holo-images get a bit fuzzy and jump to a few moments later… (and in this case to skip the most problematic lines from the “Generations” movie: when Picard says “I don’t understand.”, and Guinan replies “But as I said, time has no meaning here. So if you leave you can go anywhere, any time.” And Picard says again “All right, I know exactly where I want to go. The mountaintop on Veridian III, just before Soran destroyed the star. I have to stop it. But I need help.”)

So, instead of those original lines, while looking again at the pulsating light in the tree outside the house, Picard hears added lines from Guinan:

VOICE OF GUINAN: “Where would you go? Back to that planet where things didn’t turn out as you wish they did? Because that’s the only place you can return to, give or take a few minutes. The only way to exit this place is to grab and hold on to what ties you most to your previous real life. And you need to do it soon… before those ties are gone for good.”

The holo-images get a bit fuzzy and jump to a few moments later…

GENERATIONS PICARD: “…if you were to come back with me. Together, we c…”

GENERATIONS GUINAN: “I can’t leave here. I’m there already, remember? But I bet I know someone who can.”

Kirk is chopping wood outside his house.

VOICE OF GUINAN : (More added information from Guinan not in the “Generations” movie). “If you are to convince Captain Kirk to exit the Nexus with you, it will have to be within the very first minutes he entered it as well.”

The holo-images get a bit fuzzy and jump to a few moments later… where Picard is talking to Kirk inside the house:

GENERATIONS PICARD: “Look, …history records that you died saving the Enterprise-B from an energy ribbon eighty years ago.”

GENERATIONS KIRK: “You say this is the twenty-fourth century.”



GENERATIONS PICARD: “Not exactly. As I said, this is some kind of…”


The holo-images get a bit fuzzy and jump to a few moments later…

GENERATIONS PICARD: “Captain, look! I need your help. I want you to leave the Nexus with me. …We have to go back to a planet, Veridian III. ”

The holo-images and sound break up for a seond or two…

GENERATIONS PICARD: “Millions of lives are at stake.”

GENERATIONS KIRK: “You said history considers me dead. Who am I to argue with history?”

GENERATIONS PICARD: “You are a Starfleet Officer. You have a duty…”

GENERATIONS KIRK: “I don’t need you to lecture me. I was out saving the galaxy when your grandfather was in diapers. Besides which, I think the galaxy owes me one. All right, …I was like you once …so completely blinded by duty and obligations that I couldn’t see anything past this uniform. And in the end, what did it get me? An empty house. …Not this time.”

The holo-images get a bit fuzzy again and jump to a few moments later on… when Picard and Kirk are riding horses, right at the moment when Kirk jumps the ravine.

GENERATIONS KIRK: “I must have jumped that fifty times. Scared the hell out of me. Except this time. …Because it isn’t real.”

Kirk sees a woman on a horse on a distant hill


GENERATIONS KIRK: “She isn’t real either, is she? Nothing here is. …Nothing here matters. You know, maybe this is less about an empty house than that empty chair on the bridge of the Enterprise. Ever since I left Starfleet I haven’t made a difference. …Captain of the Enterprise, huh?”

The holo-images get a bit fuzzy again and jump to a few moments later…

GENERATIONS KIRK: “I take it the odds are against us, and the situation is grim?”

GENERATIONS PICARD: “You could say that.”

GENERATIONS KIRK: “You know if Spock were here, he’d say I was an irrational, illogical human being for taking on a mission like that. …Sounds like fun.”

Both men disappear in a flash from the holo-room. Uhura pauses for a moment. Her face saddens, a tear running down her cheek, as she sees Kirk vanish from the holo-simulation.

UHURA: “We’ve missed you so much sir.”

She says to Kirk, even if he can’t hear her.

Sitting back on his chair, impressed at what he just witnessed, the young unnamed engineer speaks.

YOUNG UNNAMED ENGINEER: “Doctor, this is a major breakthrough. It’s going to revolutionize holo technology.” (and eventually lead to those amazingly detailed holodecks we know from the 24th century spin-off series).

Uhura replies, without much conviction:

UHURA: “It will indeed, lieutenant. And our names will famously and forever be associated with it…” (Which is kind of a joke since his name was not even once revealed in this story, and neither will any name be famously remembered  to be closely associated with holodecks in further Star Trek series).

Uhura moves to a console:

UHURA: “Computer. Display the Veridian system.”

The Veridian system appears on the screen. Uhura contemplates the screen for a moment, as if lost in her thoughts. Then she snaps out of it.

UHURA: “That bald Captain with James Kirk, he says he’s from the 24th century and his uniform was similar to the ones Starfleet is gradually introducing among the staff. I bet he’s from the next ribbon appearance. ”

She enters some data parameters on the computer keyboard. The computer database shows a rapid succession of Starfleet personnel images until it finds a match and stops. On the screen, an image of a young Jean-Luc Picard, actually serving as a Lieutenant Commander on the USS Stargazer. She pauses again for a moment, tapping her fingers on the console, thinking.

UHURA: “Computer. Contact Norman of the Mudd planet, authorization Uhura 25 delta 15. ”

A man looking similar to Norman appears on the screen.

MAN: “Hello Mrs Uhura. It’s a pleasure to see you again.” He says in a typical android neutral voice.

UHURA: “I’m sorry, but… Norman? …Is that you?”

MAN: “Yes. I am Norman” He points to his necklace with the number one written on it (see TOS episode “I, Mudd” for specifications). “I’ve updated my appearance many times since we last saw each other.” (also, Richard Tatro, who originally played Norman, died in 1991).

UHURA: “Norman, I shall need your services… 39 years from now. ”

NORMAN: “I am not sure I understand your request. ” (His necklace illuminates, as he’s processing info)

UHURA: “I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with the details. ”

She closes the channel and opens another one.

UHURA: “Uhura to bridge. We’re done down here. ”

Meanwhile, as Commander Jameson-Vickers’ relay shuttle is heading back to the Enterprise, two factions of Klingon Birds of Prey arrive at the scene and want to claim the ribbon (and maybe the Enterprise as well). A spectacular Bird of Prey dogfight between Klingons ensues, with the Enterprise and Jameson-Vickers’ shuttle trying to stay out of harm’s way (with some hefty piloting moves by Jameson-Vickers). One Bird of Prey is also spectacularly destroyed by contact with the Nexus early in the battle. Finally, one faction is destroyed by the other. As the dimming Nexus is seen moving away in the distance and finally vanishing, an obviously damaged remaining Bird of Prey signals the Enterprise.

KLINGON CAPTAIN: “Surrender all science and data returned from the experimentation you have conducted on the energy string or you will be destroyed.”

CHEKOV: “We thought we could share it with you. You know. That’s what science is all about. It’s all about sharing ideas and finds. So that all can benefit from progress.”

KLINGON CAPTAIN: “Those are not our ways. We will consider your offer. But beware if you are trying to confuse us with words, human.”

HOWARD: “Do I send the data, sir?”

Chekov moves towards her and whispers:

CHEKOV: “Share only the preliminary details with our Klingon friends. Let them figure out the possible applications, …if they ever can.”

Howard sends the data to the Klingons. The Klingon captain watches the download in his data banks and, as a means of recognition and friendship (and mainly because his ship is too damaged to fight the Enterprise), accepts the deal without further ceremony, and abruptly ends communications. Chekov sighs and asks for a report on the ship’s condition.

The crew reports minor damages to the port side of the saucer section.

Later on, Commander Jameson-Vickers arrives on the bridge and hands down a Bat’leth to Chekov.

JAMESON-VICKERS: “A gift just beamed down from the Klingon captain.”

Chekov holds and wields it with a grin on his face. As he sits down in the captain’s chair one last time, he turns to his first officer.

CHEKOV: “Commander Jameson-Vickers! ”


CHEKOV: “Time to get back home and deliver this lady to her new captain. ”


Ship goes to warp.

The End……….?


Beginning of END CREDITS


Lt. Commander Reginald Barclay (about 70 years old) is in his lab at Starfleet Communications (many years after Uhura’s time there), daydreaming, as always… when he picks up a strange communication on a secondary channel from the Pathfinder program’s MIDAS array console. (See “Pathfinder”, “Life Line” & “Inside Man” Voyager episodes for specs).

STRANGE VOICE THAT SOUNDS LIKE KIRK: “Emergency message to anyone out there. I repeat. Emergency message to anyone out there.”

Barclay, intrigued, responds.

BARCLAY: “Uh.., Hello. Who’s there?”

STRANGE VOICE THAT SOUNDS LIKE KIRK: “This is James T. Kirk. I need assistance. I need you to relay a message to Starfleet.”

BARCLAY: “Captain Kirk? Yeah. Right. Very funny. Who is pulling this prank on me? Is that you Johnson?”

STRANGE VOICE THAT SOUNDS LIKE KIRK: “Listen pal. I’m in some kind of situation here and don’t really have time to explain. Contact Starfleet. Give them the code Kirk Alpha Six Seven Three Delta Nine Five. I’m being held by Norman on Mudd’s plan… ”

The communication ends abruptly.

BARCLAY: “Hello? Hello? ”

Kirk (about 80 years old) is in the main operations room of the Androids Lair on Mudd’s Planet, trying to negotiate with Norman who has just caught him at the console, arguing that decades spent with them is more than enough price to pay for saving his life.

KIRK: “Replacing me with a machine while I was falling off with the bridge was a clever idea, I admit. But Uhura asked you to assist me if I needed it. Not to abduct me forever.”

NORMAN: “Nice try, Captain Kirk. But trying to confuse us with logical paradoxes will not work this time. We have adapted.”

KIRK: “Norman. Listen. I appreciate all that you’ve done here to make me comfortable over the past… what’s it been already? 20 years?”

NORMAN: “24 years.”

KIRK: “My God! 24 years! Now let me say it again, as a friend: I didn’t get out of the Nexus artificiality to get stuck into another one…”

NORMAN: “Does this mean you will try to escape, once again?”

KIRK: “I have to, Norman. Can’t you understand by now that it is in the human nature to be free? To lead a real life, out there, one that matters to us and to others that we love and care about?”

Norman’s necklace flashes while he processes the information…

(Fade out)

Captain Kirk will be back for one big final adventure, 20 years after “What You Leave Behind’’, in “The Battle of Bajor”, and get the death he deserves, saving the day while on the bridge of the Enterprise… -… F! Who, of all the characters you know and love, will be there to help him? Or to fight him? You’ll just have to find out then…

Images of TNG, DS9 and Voyager heroes and villains appearing rapidly in succession, gradually filling your screen, the last one being that of… Ro Laren!





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