Star Trek Raza, episode 12; A death in the family

Star Trek Raza

Season 1, Episode 12

A death in the family


Captain’s log stardate 64045.30


The Raza has been assigned to the border of the Gorn Hegemony for the past month now. In that time, Klingon and Gorn skirmishes have increased ten-fold. In my opinion, war is not a matter of if… but when. The Federation has taken a very neutral stance in these matters, taking neither side. They have offered to mediate talks of a settlement between the two parties, but neither wishes to sit down at the table yet. Once casualties start to mount on both sides, I have to hope they will come to their senses.


Ensign Nirren’s quarters.


After another wonderful night of love making, Nirren is up before Jeremy. She quietly climbs out of bed naked and makes her way to the shower closing the door behind her. As she climbs into the shower her mind races through all the things she needs to do in Sick Bay today. The past few months with Jeremy have been wonderful, but she feels like she’s neglected her work during that time. Has it been the Pon Farr still, or is it something else? She lets the warm water wash over her as she flashes back to the night of love making with Jeremy. She can’t get the erotic thoughts out of her head. She buries her head under the shower head, closing her eyes letting the sound of the water rush over her head and ears muffling her hearing. Tilting her head back and opening her mouth she takes in a mouth full of warm water and spits it out. Suddenly she feels it. Her hands snap up right to her stomach and she can sense it. Another life inside her. How can this be she thinks? Can this be real? She’s heard rumors of women who can feel their unborn babies in the womb during the very early stages of gestation. But nobody ever believed them, or at the very least talked about it in the open. Her hand travels around her stomach searching, but for what? Was it just a fleeting thought? A young woman wishing upon something? Wishing she was pregnant? Keeping her hand on her stomach she closes her eyes reaching out. Her mind focuses on what she thinks might be growing inside of her. Trying to connect with the young fetus, she reaches out with all her training… and there it was. A smile comes across her face as she detects the faint sign of life. So very small, innocent and curious. She can feel the unborn child reaching out to her too, trying to bond with his or her mother. Nirren is startled as the shower door slides open. Standing there, naked from head to toe; was Jeremy Cho… fully aroused. She eyes him like a piece of meat, but her mind still thinking about the child she detected.


“Room for me in there?” Jeremy asks with a sneaky, boyish grin on his face.


She grabs him by the arm pulling him into the shower. “Come here.” she orders as she wraps her arms around his neck and passionately kisses him.


The Captain’s Ready Room.


Captain Decker woke up earlier than usual this morning and has been in his Ready Room for what seems like hours reviewing current strategical data that’s been pouring in regarding the Gorn and Klingon border skirmishes. The Federation continues to take a neutral ground in all this, but Decker knows that a clear side will need to be taken when full scale war breaks out. His concentration is broken by the voice of his night shift Comms officer.


“Ensign Barnes to Captain Decker?”


The Captain lets out a sigh thinking that there’s no place to hide on this ship. No rest for the weary, or captain’s. “Go ahead Ensign.”


“Sir, we have an Urgent Message for you sir from the Betazed home world.”


“In my Ready Room please.” and the Captain turns on his desk top monitor showing the symbol of the Federation.


“Yes sir.”


He lets the message load, being a “Read Only” file with no audio or video feeds. He leans forward in his chair seeing the name Litta Naru-Monroe at the header grabbing his interest right away. As he reads the message he can feel his heart start to race. His eyes swell up and he holds back the urge to cry. Finishing the message, he wipes away a tear and slowly closes the desk top powering it down. He stands up and makes his way to the door. Adjusting his dress jacket and collecting himself he walks out onto the bridge. Night shift is coming to an end and he can see Lieutenant Phos sitting in the Captain’s chair. She turns her head with a slight tilt as he walks past her heading toward the turbolift. She raises from the chair, ready to turn command over to him. He keeps walking past her.


“I will return shortly Lieutenant.” and he walks onto the turbolift. The door shuts behind him and he gives the command. “Deck two.” The turbolift begins to move as the Captain braces himself against the wall. He raises his hand to his head rubbing his temples holding back the flood of tears welling in him. After a short ride down to the next deck the turbolift comes to a stop. The door whooshes open and he exits heading down the hall. After a short walk he approaches Lieutenant Faye Monroe’s quarters. He reaches up to chime in but pauses not being able to find the strength to do it. He knows that this is going to be one of the most difficult things he’s ever had to do. He stands there, head down and eyes closed. The usual straight-backed captain is ready to break down himself. The weight of this news is crushing him. He’s startled and his eyes bug out of his head as the door slides open. He’s nearly bumped into by Faye who’s rushing out of the door adjusting her headpiece. She stops just short of walking right into him.


With a smile. “Captain?” and she can see something is wrong right away on his face.


“Faye…” he begins, but she can feel his emotions overwhelming him.


“What happened?” she asks as she takes a step back from him.


“Faye, please let’s go in and talk.”


“It’s my mother, isn’t it? I can feel it. I can feel your hurt. Your pain.”


“Faye please, sit down.” as he motions her back into her quarters urging her to sit down on a sofa. She takes a seat and he sits down next to her trying to find the words. He can see she’s starting to cry even before the words come out of her mouth. “Faye, I am truly sorry…” but she cuts him off.


“She’s gone, isn’t she?” she asks getting right to the point as tears roll down her face.


The Captain stiffens his lips knowing he has a duty to do no matter how much it hurts. “Faye, your mother was killed in a shuttle accident.” and with those words the young Lieutenant breaks down sobbing. Bringing her hands up to her face covering her eyes not wanting to let him see her this vulnerable. He lets her get it out and then continues. “Reports are inconclusive, but it seems that the shuttle she was in had a catastrophic core failure. It exploded seconds after leaving Betazed.”


He pauses letting her digest the information. She wipes her eyes and leans forward crossing her arms in a very defensive posture. Have they… have they recovered her body?” she asks struggling to get it out.


He looks away. “I’m afraid not. Early reports indicate that there isn’t much left to recover. The Betazed government believes that the ship and its crew were incinerated in the blast. The debris field is very small.”


Faye breaks down and begins to cry uncontrollably. The Captain is at a loss for words as he sits there, inches from her not knowing what to do. This is where the ships counselor usually steps in. Unfortunately, his councilor has her own problems to deal with. Trying to be reassuring, he reaches across and puts an arm around her holding her tight. She leans against his chest burying her face into his jacket and cry’s like a little girl. Moments later, he too cries uncontrollably.


Commander Mitchell’s quarters.


Being married for about a month and a half now, Commander Mitchell and Lieutenant Commander Sung-Mitchell have yet to decide which quarters they are going to co-habitat in. Mitchell waits patiently as his wife finishes putting her earrings on. Only being able to find one, she searches frantically to find the other; overturning cushions and pillows on the sofa looking for it.


“Have you seen my other earring?” she asks as she looks under the sofa.


“Maybe it’s in your quarters?” he states sarcastically.


“No, it’s not in my quarters. I wore them last night to dinner remember?” and a wide grin comes over Mitchell’s face as he flashes back to last night. A quick dinner in the Stargazer. An even quicker walk back to his quarters. And a night of erotic love making with his wife. He can feel his manhood starting to get aroused again. He looks back at A’Ryn as she bends over looking under the table. She’s got an amazing ass he thinks as he gawks at it. She catches him looking at her. “What are you looking at?” she asks with a smile.


“Just admiring the view.” with a boyish grin.


She crawls on all fours over to him and slinks up between his legs. She lets her breasts rub against him as she slides up his chest. She mounts his lap and kisses him passionately. She can feel him get hard. He grabs her by the waist and grinds her hips as she takes her top off exposing her naked breasts. He buries his face between them as she reaches down and unbuckles his pants mounting him. She grinds away on him as she shoves his arms back and bites down on his neck drawing a trace of blood. The scene fades as they both moan in ecstasy, never thinking for a minute they are going to be late for duty.


Faye Monroe’s quarters.


For the past hour, Captain Decker has been visiting with Faye; consoling her after breaking the news about her mothers passing. “Two coffees’. Sweetened.” orders the captain as he stands in-front of Faye’s replicator. Seconds later, energy crackles on the replicator pad and two hot cups of coffee appear. He reaches in, grabbing both by the handles not wanting to burn himself. He walks back over to Faye and hands her a cup. She takes a slow sip from the hot mug and places it on the table in-front of her. The captain takes a seat on the sofa next to her crossing his legs, letting the hot cup rest on his leg. He pauses, letting her initiate the conversation.


“I am going to need to take a leave for her first Visitation.” she states.


“Of course. I will accompany you back to Betazed. The Raza is due back on Earth for a full refit in about that time. We will go together.” answers the captain, knowing that he would never miss this. The Visitation is a ceremony held after the death of a Betazed family member or friend held about six weeks after death and then periodically after that.


“My mother told me that you and she were… close at one time.”


Decker smiles as the memories rush back. “Close, yes that’s one way of saying that.”


“How did you first meet?”


“Oh, that’s a long story Faye. I’m sure you don’t want to hear all the details of a young man’s fancy.”


“Captain, my mom just died. There isn’t a better time.”


The captain pauses as he lets his mind flash back to the past when he was a much younger man.


Federation Embassy on Betazed, 2360.


Lieutenant Decker was a hot shot Chief of Security assigned to the Federation Embassy on Betazed. For the past six months he’s had the time of his life. Not being tied down, he’s dated many beautiful Betazed women over that time. Their alluring black eyes just melt him. Not to mention they all have hot bodies. Decker was very much a lady’s man. His shift was at an end and he had plans with his best pal Marcus Monroe. Another sexually overactive Starfleet officer who was assigned to the Pilot Training Academy. Together, they made a hell of a team. Decker feels something crawling up his neck and he jumps.


“What the hell.” yells Decker as he spins around brushing frantically at his neck thinking it was a bug of some sort. He gets pissed as he sees his best friend Marcus laughing at him.


“You’re such a puss Morgan.”


“Shut the hell up. I was focused on…”


“Yeah, yeah work. That’s all you ever do is work. If it wasn’t for me, you’d never get laid.”


“You really are an asshole you know that?” as Morgan shoves his friend and the two men leave the Embassy heading off to their usual watering holes. They spent the next few hours bouncing from one bar to another, striking out with the ladies at each location. Seated at the bar, in one seedy joint; the two men are ready to give up for the night.


“I’m going to hit the men’s room and then we can blow this place. I’ll be right back.” states Monroe as he stumbles off the bar stool heading to the men’s room leaving his friend behind. Morgan takes the last swig from his beer when a female voice interrupts him.


“Is this seat taken?” she asks.


Morgan turns his head and to his astonishment a gorgeous black woman with long dark hair and deep dark eyes stare back at him. Dressed in a hot red mini skirt with dangling earrings she was stunning to him. He can barely get the answer out.


“No… no please have a seat.”


She sits beside him resting her purse on the bar. Looking to the barkeep she asks. “Allira Punch please.” and the barkeep quickly pours it for her sliding the glass to her. She brings the glass to her lips taking a sip.


“You’re drinking fruit juice?”


She smiles at him. “I like to keep my wits about me. You never know who might want to take advantage of a woman like me in a place like this.”


Decker laughs at the thought of taking advantage of her. Man, the things he would love to do to her. But she can feel his emotions. “Are you going to ask?” she blurts out and he nearly swallows his tongue.


“Ask?” he asks trying to play dumb with an empath.


“You are too cute.” she says with a smile as she takes a sip from her fruity drink. Marcus returns from the men’s room and walks up to his friend that he just left alone a few minutes ago, but now is talking to a gorgeous Betazoid woman. Looking at her he is immediately infatuated with her.


“I can’t leave you alone for two minutes, can I?” he remarks jokingly as he extends a hand to her. “Marcus Monroe at your service my dear. Is this goon bothering you?”


Morgan looks over his shoulder at his best friend wishing he never knew him. The Betazoid woman extends her hand with a smile. “Litta Naru.”


“Litta. That’s such a beautiful name.” remarks Marcus with a cheesy smile on his face. Decker starts to feel like he’s the third wheel here.


“I’m Morgan.” he blurts out with a wave as his best friend cuts between the two so that he’s right next to Litta.


“Say, we were just about to leave to go dancing. I know of this place in the low town district that’s open all night. Would you care to join us?” asks Monroe.


Litta looks at Marcus with a smile, and then she sees Morgan shifting in his seat uncomfortably. “Yeah, it sounds like fun.”


“Let’s go then.” and Marcus grabs her by the hand and begins to lead her away forgetting her purse on the bar-top. Morgan sees this and grabs it rushing out after them. He swings the bar door open, looking both left and right finally catching sight of them as they get into a cab. He yells off to them but they don’t hear them as they climb into the cab and speed off.


“What the hell.” Morgan curses to himself.


Faye Monroe’s quarters.


“So, you’re telling me my mom was a bar rat?”


Captain Decker smiles correcting her. “That’s the farthest thing from the truth. Your mother was the classiest woman that I have ever met.”


“Sounds like she was a little slutty. I mean, not the Rheyna slutty…” and she pauses slightly of embarrassed that she just called her best friend a slut to the captain.


“Your mother, like all people at that age; lived life to the fullest. I assure you Faye, your mother was a very classy lady.”


“So, what happened next?”


The University of Betazed


Morgan spent the previous night alone in his quarters, the victim of “cock blocking” by his best friend. He gets it. Every man for himself when it comes to women, but Morgan never stepped in and stole a woman from Marcus. That’s crossing the line in his book. After waking up that morning, Morgan eyed the purse he took home with him and the debate began in his head as to what to do with it. Finally coming to the realization that he can’t keep it the only other reasonable option is to return it. But how? He had no idea where she lives so he made the only logical choice and that was to go through her purse to find some clue as to her residence. He unzips the top and reaches in pulling out its contents spilling them onto his table. He slowly sorts through them finding nothing much to go by until he sees an identification badge for the University of Betazed, Linguistics Department. He quickly stuffs the contents back into the purse and makes his way to the University.


About an hour later Morgan finds his way on to the University grounds. After stopping about a half of a dozen times asking for directions he finally locates the Linguistics Department. Walking the halls, he peeks into every open door trying to find her. Finally, he peers into a class room full of students and at the front of the lecture hall is Litta teaching the class. He’s amazed at her. How she stands there full of confidence as she teaches her class. Her beautiful face. Her long sexy legs. Her full, round breasts.


He forces himself to stop thinking about that. Knowing Marcus, he probably already tapped that last night and has formed some sort of connection with the woman. He’ll be the bigger man and let Marcus have this one. There are other fish in the sea he thinks to himself.


Lucky enough after a few minutes the class lets out. Morgan is grateful that he didn’t have to wait much longer. People walking the halls were starting to gawk at him like he was some sort of stalker peeking into the room. One by one the students leave the class room finally leaving Litta alone. He swings the door open and slowly walks in with purse in hand. She never sees him coming, but she can sense his emotions.


“I was wondering if you would come.” she asks never looking up from her desk. He stops dead in his tracks a few feet from her dumbfounded.


“I… I just…” and he stumbles for the words. She looks up at him with a smile that melts him.


“To bring me my purse.” and Morgan is frozen by her smile.


“My purse.” she says pointing at it.


“Oh…yeah I wanted to get this back to you. You left it at the bar last night.”


“So, I did.” and she takes it from Morgan who reaches over handing it to her. Morgan has to force his eyes from her, mesmerized by her stunning beauty.


“So, I’m going to go. Good to see you again Litta.” and Decker tries to get the hell out of there as quickly as he can. But before he can reach the door…


“Aren’t you going to ask me?” asks Litta as she stands up from her desk making her way toward him.


He swallows hard turning back to her. She walks up to him getting so close he can smell the type of perfume she’s wearing. He starts to get aroused but forces it down as he tries to go over this past week’s security logs in his head. He turns his head trying to shy away. “Ask you?” he stutters.


“You want to know if I slept with him.” she just tosses it out there so bluntly it shocks the hell out of him.


“Litta, I just assumed…”


“Assumed what? That I was that easy? That I would sleep with a man I just met in some dive bar?”


Morgan’s face turns ten shades of red embarrassed by the accusation. “No. It’s not like that. I just know… well I know Marcus and…”


“I know men like him too and I’m in no hurry to give up my virginity to a man like him.”


His head starts to spin with the idea that she just exposed she’s a virgin to him. No woman ever told him that, and he’s been with a few in his short life.


“Listen, how about we start over. How about you and I go get some lunch?”


He looks away thinking about Marcus and how he cock blocked him the night before. He knows how that felt and he doesn’t want to do it to his best friend. “I can’t. You and Marcus…” and he stops as he sees her laughing at him trying to cover her laughter with her hand.


“What? What’s so funny?”


“You are. You’re so damn cute Morgan Decker.” she remarks as she heads back to her desk grabbing her jacket. “Look, I like you and I would like to grab lunch with you. I get it. Guys like you live with this code of blind loyalty to your friends but rest assured Morgan; I’m not some prize you two are going to fight over. I’ll decide who I’m going to be with, not the two of you.” and she heads toward the doorway stopping as she’s just about to walk out. “Are you coming?” and she walks out not waiting for an answer. Decker thinks to himself that he’s going to regret this and follows her.


Sick Bay


Ensign Nirren has spent the bulk of her day reviewing medical files determining who needs updated physicals prior to their one-year refit. Per Starfleet, every member must go through yearly physicals, and it’s just about a year now that the Raza has been in space. It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long as she thinks back to all that she’s seen and done.


Jeremy Cho breaks the silence as he walks in with a smile on his face and a tray of food in hand. He walks right up to her and kisses her on the cheek. She pulls away from him looking around the room to see if anyone saw him do that. He looks confused.


“What is it?” he asks confused. “Don’t they know?” he asks wondering if she told anyone they were together.


“I did not feel it important to tell my fellow crewmates of our copulation.” she states in a very Vulcan like tone. Something he has not heard out of her in a while.


“I thought you might have wanted to share it with someone, that’s all.” he states as he places the plate of food on the counter in-front of her.


“I wish to keep our personal lives private. When the time is right, I will inform the crew of our status.”


Status? What the hell is going on with her? He thinks to himself. She wasn’t like this morning. Is this all an act?  “Listen, I now you’re busy but you’ve got to eat.” and he smiles grabbing her by the waist pulling her close to him. “You’ll need your energy for later.” and he kisses her passionately. She can still feel the Pon Farr inside her and returns the gesture letting her tongue swirl in his mouth. As their bodies press closer she can feel him starting to get aroused. Knowing she can’t do anything for him here she pushes him away. A slight smile comes over her face and now he sees the woman he’s falling in love with.


“Thank you for the meal. I will see you later?” she asks.


“Your quarters or mine?”


“Yours will do fine.” she answers and Jeremy waves to her as he quickly leaves sick bay heading back to the bridge. She turns back to the plate, which is covered by a serving top with a small handle. She is a bit hungry she thinks to herself. She reaches over and removes the top exposing a plate of Jumbo Vulcan Mollusk’s sautéed in Rhombolian Butter. The aroma of the mollusks hit her nose like a ton of bricks. Her stomach immediately does circles and she desperately reaches for a waste can and wretches her guts into it.


“Are you not feeling well.” asks Doctor Dorn who heard a noise from his side office and decided to stretch his legs to see what all the fuss was about.


Nirren stands up straight, wiping the little remains of vomit from her mouth. “I am fine sir.” and again, the smell hits her nose and again she vomits into the waste can.


“You’re not fine Ensign. Let me see you.” The doctor makes a face as he takes out his medical tricorder and wave it around Nirren. Seconds go by and she is starting to get impatient.


“Please doctor, I know what it is and I assure you I will be fine.”


Doctor Dorn puts his tricorder away and looks at Nirren. “Does Lieutenant Cho know yet?” he asks.


“I have yet to tell him the good news.”


“Don’t you think you should? I assume he is the father of your baby.”


“He is and I will tell him when I believe the time is right.”


“For you, or for him?”


“I fail to understand the point in your question Doctor.”


“Listen, whether you tell Jeremy that you are pregnant with his child or not is your business. I just think that if I were him, I would want to know.”


“I will take your advice under consideration Doctor.”


“Good, and in the mean time I will meet with the Captain and let him know of your condition.”


Panic breaks out in Nirren’s eyes. “You are going to make the Captain aware of my pregnancy? May I ask why?”


“Why do I have to tell the Captain? That’s a funny question coming from a Vulcan. I would have thought that logically you would have assumed that it was the best course of action.”


“I am sorry Doctor, I just wish to keep this to myself and let as few people as possible know.”


“That’s going to be hard to do. The first step is that he’s going to ground you from away missions.”


“But I am the Away Team Medic.”


“You were. Now that your…” and he points at her stomach. “…with child, you will be relegated to desk duty.”


“I fail to understand the logic in this decision Doctor. I am pregnant, not crippled.” and she starts to get angry. A very un-Vulcan like emotion


The doctor laughs at her out loud and she cocks her head staring at him. “You Vulcan’s never cease to amaze me. You have a baby growing inside of you Nirren. I can’t in good conscience put you in harms way. You will be reassigned to sick bay where you will be my personal assistant.”


She nods her head yes, but Doctor Dorn knows that she is the farthest thing from being in agreement with him. “I understand sir.”


“Good, now take the rest of the day and relax. And put some thought into telling Mr. Cho the good news.”


Nirren leaves Sick Bay holding her stomach heading back to her quarters. Dorn looks at the Vulcan Mollusks and rolls his nose at it.


“How can they eat this garbage?” he asks as he grabs the plate and tosses it too into the vomit filled waste can.


Faye Monroe’s quarters.


The Captain has been telling his story for over an hour and he never realized that Faye has fallen asleep on his lap. He slowly cradles her head and places it on a pillow. A much more suitable replacement he thinks to himself as he stands up stretching his weary legs. Oh, how he would love to be in his twenties again. Back on Betazed with her. The love of his life. He can hear Faye snoring as he walks around her quarters looking at the various personal belongings she has strewn about her room. He stops at a picture on the wall and stares at it. It’s a picture of her mother, Marcus Monroe and himself. Marcus is looking like he’s having a great time, but both Decker and Litta are not smiling. He frowns as he flashes back to that time.


Betazed, 2361


Lieutenant Decker wakes up after a very fruitful night of love making. This woman he’s been seeing for months is the world to him. He can’t get her out of his head and he certainly can’t get enough of her. He hears the shower shut off from the other room and he sits up in bed. He rubs his eyes picking the sandy sleep out trying to focus. After about a minute, Litta walks out from the bathroom wrapped only in a towel. She smiles at him as she uses another towel to wipe down her long hair.


“Hey sleepy head. I didn’t think you were ever going to wake up.” and she leans down to kiss him passionately on the mouth. She quickly drops the towel and starts to get dressed. “You better hurry up and shower. Marcus will be here soon.”


“Do we have to do this? I hate rock climbing.” and he drops back down on the bed putting a pillow over his face. She laughs as she rips the pillow off scolding him.


“Marcus is your best friend. Not to mention the fact that we promised him three weeks ago we would take this trip, now get your ass in the shower.” she barks out, but it’s too late as a wrap is heard at the door.


“Shit, I thought we had more time.” blurts out Decker as he grabs the towel and rushes off to the bathroom. Litta can hear the shower come on as she heads to the door and opens it. Instead of seeing Marcus Monroe, a Starfleet Security Officer stands there in-front of her.


“Can I help you?” she asks looking confused. How did Starfleet Security get her address she wonders?


“My apologies for interrupting Miss Naru. I am looking for Lieutenant Decker.”


“He’s in the shower.” and as if on cue the shower shuts off and they both can hear him whistling in the background.


“Please give him this for me, would you?” and he hands her a data pad. She takes it with a half-hearted smile and she closes the door as he leaves. She sits down on the bed and tries to access the data pad, but it’s encrypted with Decker’s personal code. A few minutes pass by and Decker walks out all dressed except shoes. He drops down on the bed next to Litta and kisses her on the cheek. He sees that she’s holding onto something and leans in.


“What’s that?”


She hands it to him. “Some Starfleet Security goon dropped this off for you. He told me to make sure you got it.”


Decker powers up the data-pad and keys in his personal security code. Quickly data flashes by him on the screen, too quick for Litta to read as it scrolls by. “What is it?” she asks hoping for good news.


He looks at her with sad eyes. “It’s orders. My orders.”


“Orders?” she asks not understanding.


“Yeah. Starfleet has reassigned me to the Gemini. I am going to Chief Security and Tactical Officer.”


“That’s wonderful.” she exclaims putting her arms around his neck and giving him a big hug and kiss.


“Marry me.” he blurts out without any warning. She pushes him arms-length away looking right in his eyes.


“What?” she asks, trying to make sure she heard him right the first time.


“Mary me Litta. I love you and I know you love me.”


Litta spins on the bed turning away from him. “You know the rules of the game Morgan. This was never supposed to be long term.”


“So, is that a no? You won’t marry me?”


“Morgan, we live in two very different worlds. You’re part of Starfleet. You live by a certain code. The Prime Directive. And I don’t sweetie. I can’t.”


He jumps to his feet. “Then if you won’t come with me, I will resign my commission. I’ll stay here with you.”


“The hell you will.” she snaps back at him. “You’re going to take that commission and your going to do great things.”


“It means nothing without you.” and another wrap can be heard at the door. “What is it?” shouts Morgan. Marcus Monroe bursts into the room all decked out in his rock climbing gear.


“You two ready to go?” he asks with a smile on his face. He can see the seriousness on both their faces. “What’s going on?”


“Morgan got a promotion.” she tells him. “Chief of Security aboard a starship.


Monroe slaps his best friend on the arm. “That’s awesome news buddy. Congratulations.” but again, he can see that neither of them shares his excitement. “Am I the only one her that thinks this is great news?”


“No, it’s the best news.” Litta announces as she goes to her cupboard and pulls out a bottle of Betazoid Whiskey. “This deserves a drink.” and she grabs three shot glasses and pours three drinks, one for each of them. She hands one to Marcus and reaches out to hand one to Morgan. He takes it but places it on the nightstand without taking a sip.


“We need to mark this moment in the history books.” and Marcus takes out a camera from his backpack he carried in with him. He grabs Litta and Morgan and pulls them close to him. “Say cheese, fuckers.” and with a quick snap the camera goes off taking a picture of the three of them. Decker can’t hold his anger back as he throws a pair of shoes on, grabs his jacket and storms out of the apartment. Monroe watches him go leaving Litta standing there practically in tears.


“Wanna party?” asks Monroe as he waves the Whiskey bottle around with a shit eating grin on his face.


Faye Monroe’s quarters.


Captain Decker snaps out of his flashback, not wanting to relive what happens next. He peers back at Faye, sound asleep on the sofa. How she looks like her mother. A smile comes across the captain’s face. And how so much she looks like her father. And a bit of sadness comes over him.


He walks to the door and it opens for him letting him out. He makes the slow journey through the halls of the Raza back to his quarters. Upon arriving in his own room, he takes off his jacket and tosses it aside. He walks up to the food replicator. “Gin neat.” and the energy on the pad swirls until a glass of liquid appears. He grabs it and sits down in a chair next to an observation window. He takes a sip and rests the glass on his forehead feeling the coolness of it, closing his eyes flashing back yet again.


Betazed, 2361; Litta’s apartment


After walking the city streets for hours contemplating his life, Decker makes his way back to Litta’s apartment. He gets to the front door, swipes his key card she gave him weeks ago and walks in. It was probably the worst thing he could have done that day as he witnessed first hand his girlfriend Litta Naru riding his best friend Marcus Monroe Cowboy style on her bed. She pauses briefly from gyrating on Marcus to look back at him, but not a second longer as she continues to ride with not a care in the world as to how she is killing Morgan. Morgan backs out of the room gasping for air, some inner part of him forgetting how to breath. His guts twist and turn and he fights back the urge to throw up. He races out of the building and right back to Starfleet Central Command. He quickly finalizes the transfer paperwork and accepts his promotion, boarding the next starship off Betazed without even packing his belongings. Two weeks later he was on-board his new ship never looking back to what happened to him just a short time ago. Never speaking to Litta or his best friend Marcus again.


Jeremy Cho’s quarters.


Ensign Nirren has been sitting back in her quarters all day trying to find the right words to tell Jeremy that she’s pregnant. That, after the last six weeks of love making; he is going to be a father. Is that what he wanted from this? She wanted it, but she can’t help but feel she dragged him down this road. Surely not kicking and screaming. He was a much willing participant. But did he ever think it could have led to this? It’s not like either of them ever talked about it. Pure sex drove both of them. Now she has the daunting task of breaking the news to him. How will he take she wonders? Will he be happy or will he step back and assume no relationship with the child? Since this was all her idea, the only logical assumption would be to assume that Jeremy will back away from the child and assume no responsibilities.


Dressed in a simple evening dress she makes her way to his quarters. She reaches his door, takes a deep breath and chimes herself in. A quick “Come in.” can be heard from the other side of the door. She steps forward and the door slides open. She steps into the room and sees Jeremy dressed in a simple pair of pants and a dress shirt. She looks around the room, but sees no dinner prepared. She tilts her head toward him.


“I assumed we were having dinner here tonight. Was I mistaken Jeremy?”


Cho smiles at her. “I’ve got a better idea. I have booked some holo-deck time for us tonight. How about dinner back on Vulcan? It’s been a while since you were home.”


She lets her emotions flood to the forefront as she begins to cry. Cho grabs her and hugs her as she rests her head on her shoulder. “Shhh, it’s ok.” He says consoling her. “I thought by now this Pon Farr stuff would have worn off. Maybe we should go see Doctor Dorn before dinner?”


Nirren pops up and wipes her eyes. “No. I’ll be fine. Please forgive me. Dinner on Vulcan sounds… wonderful.”


Hand in hand they head off to the Holo-deck


The Stargazer Lounge


Commander Mitchell arrived first for his dinner date with his wife. He looks around and finds a table on the observation deck next to a window looking out at the passing stars. He pulls out a chair and sits down waiting for his wife to arrive. The Romulan boy Sorek, who has been working as of late in the lounge as a waiter slash stock boy, approaches him with his hands folded behind his back.


“Good evening Commander. Can I get you something?” asks the young boy.


Commander Mitchell drags his gaze away from the stars and looks at the young man. “I’ll take my usual and a Whipcrack for A’Ryn.”


Sorek looks around not seeing A’Ryn. “Have I missed something sir? She is not here with you?”


“No. She’s running late. Issues in Engineering I guess. But she’ll be here soon.”


“Yes sir. Understood. I’ll get those drinks right away.”


Sorek walks away heading for the bar to get the Commanders drinks. Mitchell turns back looking out the window and a few seconds later he feels a light kiss on the side of the cheek. “Miss me?” asks his wife as she whispers in his ear, giving it a playful Klingon nibble.


A smile comes across his face as he looks at her beautiful smile. “Terribly.” and he reaches across the table holding her hands.


A’Ryn sits down in the open chair across from her husband. “How was your day?”


“Uneventful. The Klingons keep bolstering their forces along the Gorn border. It’s just a matter of time before there’s a full-scale invasion.”


“It wont last for long. I hear the Klingon’s are moving a number of new battle stations to the Gorn boarder.”


“Good intel. Let me guess, daddy?”


She smiles. “No. Mommy.” and they both share a laugh.


He grins back at her. “Gotta love mom. Are they going to make it to Earth for the wedding?”


“That’s debatable. I’m sure my mom will be there. But it’s going to be like pulling teeth out of a Targ to get my father away from the Gorn boarder.”


“The man is dying and he just won’t quit. I’d be living it up. Party all night long.” jokes the Commander leaving her smiling.


Sorek approaches the table with a tray full of drinks. “Here are your drinks.” and he places each drink in-front of them. “May I take your dinner order?”


“Give us a few minutes. We’re not quite ready yet.” answers the Commander.


“As you wish sir.” and Sorek walks to another table serving those patrons their drinks.

“Nice kid.” remarks A’Ryn as she takes a sip of her Whipcrack.


“I don’t know. It’s something about Romulan’s I just don’t trust. I’m just glad he isn’t like his father. That guy’s a major dick.”


“I’ll drink to that.” and takes a much larger sip of her drink.


Mitchell takes a swig of his drink and puts the glass down on the table. “So, listen; Chief LaMay has been pressuring me to combine quarters.”


She waves her hand in the air trying to stop the conversation. “I know, I know. It’s that I’ve been so damn busy down in Engineering.”


“It’s been like what, five weeks since we got married and you still haven’t moved out of your quarters yet. What’s the hold-up?”


“I don’t know. I kind of like my space.”


“Yeah, well I kind of want my wife with me every night. Plus, people are starting to talk. You know how the rumor mill gets around here.”


“Tell me about it. They had a pool going that I was going to sleep with Brynner for God’s sake.”


Mitchell chuckles. “Yeah I had a hand in that.”


“What do you mean?” she asks with a curious look on her face.


“I kind of started that one.” and he grins at her.


She cracks a smile at her husband knowing she can’t stay mad at him. “And you call Sorek’s dad a dick.”


“It was all in fun. Plus, I knew you’d never sleep with him.”


She crosses her arms curious to know why he thinks that. “Oh really. And why is that?”


He leans forward getting ever so close to her face. “Because you love me and you find me irresistible.” and he kisses her on the lips. “Now how about we eat and pack your shit? It’s about time you moved into my place.”


A’Ryn smiles at him. “Fine. But don’t get pissed at me if I take up all your closet space.”


Captain Decker’s quarters.


Morgan Decker wakes up from a seemingly long nap. He tries to shake off the haze, not remembering how or when he passed out. It’s been such an ordeal today. The passing of a former friend and lover not to mention having to break the news to her daughter. Tragic he thinks to himself. “Computer, lights full.” and the room lights up. Squinting, trying to let his eyes adjust; he walks over to his desk and turns on his personal computer. “Computer access personal files, Morgan Decker stardate 2362.” and the computer takes a moment and brings up all his personal files from that year. “Computer, show messages from Litta Naru.” and the computer brings up the only message from her that year. He pauses letting out a deep sigh. “Computer, open file.” and the screen lights up showing a letter from Litta. He reads it to himself.


My dearest Morgan,


It’s been over a year since we have last spoken, and I think you deserve an explanation for my actions. Why did I sleep with Marcus? Well for starters it wasn’t because I loved him or was remotely attracted to him. That’s not what this was about. I needed to do something to get you to go back to Starfleet. You were willing to throw your career away for me Morgan. I couldn’t let you do that. I love you too much for that. Like I told you then, we are from two different worlds. I wasn’t going to leave Betazed, and I couldn’t let you throw your career away for me. It is and forever will be a decision that I will regret until the day I die my love.


I need you to know also that I now have a daughter. I beautiful little girl with her father’s eyes and his wonderful smile. Before you get any crazy thoughts into your head, no it’s not his. Marcus is well aware that he is not the father to our little girl, but it doesn’t matter to him. He loves me and my baby regardless of who the child’s father is.


That’s right Morgan, you’re a dad. I’ve named her Faye, and every time I look at her I am reminded of you. What we shared and how I hurt you. Now I am not looking for you to take up a fatherly role. Marcus has stepped up and has asked me to marry him and I have accepted. I’m not doing it to hurt you. I don’t think I could hurt you any more than I have already have done. Marcus has resigned his commission with Starfleet and has taken a job at the Betazed Pilot Training School as a full-time instructor. It’s not as glamorous as Starfleet, but I am sure that he will support our family with the best of his ability.


What I am asking Morgan is that someday, when she’s all grown up; you meet her and see what a wonderful woman she has grown up to be. And on that day, when you look into her eyes; you will see us. What our love made together and remember that I will now and forever love you.


Safe journey my love, and may you find what you are looking for amongst the stars.


Morgan looks away from his computer as a single tear runs down his cheek.


The Romulan Warbird Osiris


Sub Commander Ra’Nar walks into the Osiris’s Ready Room where High Commander Sharn is sitting at his desk reviewing strategical data of the Federation Starship Raza. Ra’Nar stops and stands at attention in-front of his captain’s desk. “She’s a beautiful ship don’t you think?”


“Sir?” asks Ra’Nar confused.


Sharn tosses the data-pad across his desk at Ra’Nar. He picks it up and looks at it. “That’s the Raza. A Diligent class starship. Small, but she’s built like a buzz-saw. I have reviewed her performance specs and in battle she will give us all we can handle.”


Ra’Nar tosses the data-pad back on the desk in defiance. “We will defeat her sir. We have been running drills for months. Our crew is ready for whatever the Federation can throw at us.”


“Yes, you are right; we will defeat them. Have you placed Mr. Bates in position like I have asked?”


“Yes sir.”


“Good. Very good. Keep us cloaked and bring the Osiris into orbit around Deneva Prime. Alert me when the Raza takes the bait.”


“Very good sir.” and Ra’Nar exits the Ready Room. Sharn spins in his chair peering out his observation window.


“The games afoot Captain Decker, and I intend on winning.”




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