Star Trek Raza episode 2 Asylum part 2.

The bridge aboard the Raza


Chaos erupts on the bridge as every crew member begins to race around in a panicked state. The chatter on the bridge is deafening and the captain can barely think to himself. He can sense his new crew starting to crack under the pressure. They have barely been together a few weeks and have already tossed into the fire. He knows that he needs to take control of the situation and that he needs to do it fast.


“Everyone calm down!” he states, but the crew is so tied up in their panic that they do not here him. He booms his voice over the chaos on the command deck. “I said calm down all of you!!” Everyone stops what they are doing to turn to look at their captain.


Lieutenant Cho speaks up first. “Sir, we are being hailed by the Romulan Warbird.


The captain turns toward his view screen. “On the view screen lieutenant. Let’s see what they want.” The face of High Commander Sharn appears on the viewer looking very serious.


“Captain Decker, it’s an honor to meet such a legend as yourself. From one captain to another I salute you sir.”


Captain Decker is not impressed. “I am afraid you have me at a disadvantage Commander. You know who I am, but I have no idea who you are OR what you are doing flying a Warbird in Federation space? Am I to assume you need medical aid?” asks the captain knowing that is NOT why they are here, but is more than willing to play the Romulan’s game.


“No captain, I do not need medical aid. I am afraid the reason I am here is much simpler than that. I am here to retrieve a Romulan citizen that is aboard one of your medical ships. I am asking that you find this young man and turn him over to me immediately. I am sending over the information regarding the young man right now. You have two hours to find him and turn him over to me otherwise I will start searching your medical ships myself.”


“Captain, we have received the data.” states Cho.


“Two hours Captain, no more no less.” and the Romulan Commander shuts off communications with the Raza.


“Pleasant guy.” jokes Commander Mitchell.


“Lieutenant Cho, please send the information out to the hospital ships. I want this Romulan found and transferred to the Raza. Also alert Starfleet. See if there are any ships nearby that can assist us.” orders the captain.


“Aye sir.” answers Cho.


“Lieutenant Phos please find out what you can about that Warbird and this Commander Sharn. Also have Alpha Flight guard the hospital ships. They have to be priority one right now. I am not ready to do anything to provoke our new guests.”


“Yes sir.”


“Lieutenant Karn, I need to know if there are any other ships out there or if we are dealing with one rogue ship.”


I’m on it sir.” Karn answers back.


“There will also be a senior staff meeting in twenty minutes. Commander Mitchell, please join me in my ready room.” The captain makes his way to his ready room as the commander follows quickly behind him. The door slides shut as the captain makes his way around his desk. He comes to a stop next to his chair and stands there looking back at Mitchell.


“Commander Mitchell what the hell just happened out there?” bluntly asks the captain.


“Sir, if I could explain …” but the captain cuts him off.


“Damn-it James those are Starfleet officers out there and I hand-picked them all. They all just cracked like first year cadets under the first sign of pressure. What the hell have you been doing for the past three months with them?” barks the captain demanding answers.


“Captain I take full responsibility for what happened. I promise you that once we are clear of this I will order daily battle drills.” answering Mitchell, trying to defuse the situation.


“Yes you will commander. I have put my neck on the line for you and a number of others crewmembers aboard this ship. I will not look like a fool do you understand me? Now get back out on that bridge and pull that crew together.” demands the captain.


“Yes sir.” answers Commander Mitchell as he tucks his tail between his legs and marches out of the ready room back to the bridge.


The captain taps his communications badge. “Lieutenant Cho!”


“Yes sir?”


“I need a secure line to Admiral Braun please.”


“Line is secure sir. Anytime you are ready.”


“Thank you Lieutenant.”


The captain sits down in his chair, straightens out his dress uniform and taps the control pad accessing the direct line to the admiral thinking that this isn’t going to go well.




Alpha Flight


“Confirmed Lieutenant, Alpha Flight backing off.” answers Lieutenant Jin. “That’s it boys. The captain has ordered us to stand off. We are to fall back and form up around the hospital ships. On my mark, follow me.” commands Jin.


“This is bullshit! We’ve got this fuckers right where we want them and the captain pulls us back? I can send a torpedo right down their throats before they can pop one shot off at us!” blasts Lieutenant Bates back at the flight leader.


“You have your orders Lieutenant. Fall back NOW!” answers Jin more sternly.


“You’re breaking up Lieutenant.” answers Bates as he shuts off his flight communicator. He then makes a tight barrel roll spinning his fighter right into the path of the Warbird!!


“Damn-it Bates I gave you a direct order!” screams Jin. “Get your ass back in formation NOW Lieutenant!”


“Don’t do this man!!” yells Ryder, but it’s too late as Bates engages the Warbird.


“They have their shields down!! Arming torpedoes!! Locked on their warp drives!! Now you pointing eared fucks are gonna see who has the upper hand.” snickers Bates. But just as he positions his fighter for a point blank hit, the Warbird’s underbelly docking bay doors slide open unleashing forty of her own fighter ship!!


“Bates get the fuck out of there NOW!” screams Jin over the com.


“Son of a bitch!” remarks a stunned Bates as he banks and rolls his fighter out of the way of the oncoming fighter squadron who swarms all around him like a pissed off hornet’s nest that just got messed with. He then makes a quick retreat back to Jin and Ryder dropping into formation. The Romulan fighter squad in turn keeps a tight formation around their Warbird.


“Damn-it Bates I told you to stand the fuck down! Now get back to the Raza! You’re grounded for the rest of the mission!” orders Jin as Bates steers his fighter back to the Raza’s docking bay.




The captain’s ready room


The captain sits at the head of the table as his staff fill in the rest of the seats. To his left sits Commander Mitchell. A pissed off look on his face after the chastising he took from the captain just a short time ago. Following him are Phos, Cho, LaMay and Sung. The rest of the senior staff are busy at their stations and could not be pulled away.


“Tell me what we have learned people. We’re on the clock.” demands the captain.


“If I may sir…” starts Lieutenant Phos. The Warbird is a D’deridex Class starship aptly named the Osiris. It has sixty three decks and a crew compliment of about fifteen hundred.”


“What kind of firepower are we looking at Lieutenant?” asks Commander Mitchell. “Can we take them in a fire fight?”


Phos stands up and taps the wall monitor bringing up a statistical view of the Warbird. As she points to the screen…”The Warbird is armed with six disrupter arrays, two torpedo launchers and a shield inversion beam. They are loaded with firepower sir.” She turns to face the crew. “They have also modified their shuttle bay to house forty fighter ships, as unfortunately Alpha Flight has found out firsthand.”


“That almost cost us.” remarks the captain. “Commander Mitchell when this is all over I want to see Lieutenant Jin. It seems her and I have a problem that we need to address. What about captain of this Warbird? What do we know about this High Commander Sharn?” asks the captain.


“Commander Sharn is…or was a high commanding officer in the Romulan fleet. After the destruction of Romulus it seems the High Commander has gone somewhat rogue sir. Not much has been recorded about his missions after the destruction of Romulus and Remus”


“So we have somewhat of a renegade on our hands here.” He then turns to his Chief Engineer. Lieutenant Sung, “What are the Osiris’s warp capabilities Lieutenant?”


“The Warbird has a standard warp seven cruising speed. But if they push their warp core I am sure they can get warp nine out of her for about twelve hours.” answers A’Ryn Sung. “Then again, none of us are sure if that Warbird is carrying any modifications either.” A’Ryn looks around the group. “Let’s not be shocked if they pull out some new weapon.”


“So they are bigger then we are and they brought some friends along. But we are quicker and we can pack a hell of a lot more of a punching power. Sounds like a fair fight to me.” remarks Mitchell. “Let’s kick their asses and get this over with.”


“As much as I would love to wipe that smug look off of Sharn’s face, I’m not looking for a fight Commander.” The Captain then turns to his Chief of the Boat. “Mr. LaMay have we located this young man the Commander is looking for?”


LaMay answers in his Scottish dialect “Aye sir. This Sorek character has been located and he was beamed directly to sick bay. Doctor Dorn and his staff are doing a full medical make-up on him right now.” answers the Chief of the Boat.


“When the good doctor is done I want to see him and Sorek. Make it so Number One.” orders the captain.


“Yes sir.”


“Lieutenant Cho, any word from Starfleet?”


“There are three Galaxy class starships about four hours away. They are on their way to help. That’ll make the Romulan’s think twice.”


“Keep me posted. That will be all.”




Romulan Warbird Osiris


“What do we know of this Federation ship?” asks Sharn as he sits back in his command chair impatiently watching the clock tick off.


“It’s a new class of Federation starship sir. They call it a Diligent class. She is much more heavily fortified than we are sir and they carry a huge amount of armaments. In a head to head confrontation they very well could defeat us.” answers the newly promoted Sub Commander Ra’Nar who is now second in command of the Osiris since the former first officer was killed in a botched boarding party attempt.


“So we will need to find a tactical advantage if it comes down to it.”


“Communications also has picked up three Federation starships entering the system. They will be here in less than four hours sir. We have determined that they are all Galaxy class vessels sir. If we are going to make a move I suggest we do it before they arrive.”




The captain’s ready room


As ordered Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Dorn and his patient Sorek have arrived at the captain’s ready room. The captain and Commander Mitchell are already sitting down when the Chief and Sorek enter the room. The captain and commander both stand up to greet them. The captain extends his hand to Sorek. “Mr. Sorek. It’s a pleasure to meet you. It seems you are the star of the show right now. Please sit down so we can discuss what has been going on.”


Sorek takes a seat next to the doctor. After he is seated both the commander and the captain sit down in their designated chairs. “Doctor, why don’t you start by telling us how he stands medically.” asks the captain.


“As far as I can tell he’s in perfect health. He is a little malnourished from eating rations for the past month. But other than that he’s fine.” answers the Trill doctor.


The captain smiles as he looks at Sorek. “So what can you tell me about Sharn? Why out of the thousands of Romulan’s that we have aided in the past few weeks does he want you?”


Sorek looks down at the table not knowing if he can trust the captain, or any of these humans for that matter.


“Please son, you have nothing to fear from us. We are trying to help your people. This is a peaceful mission, but I am afraid Sharn is about to turn this into a bloodbath.”


Sorek looks up at the captain. “I am sorry. I have no idea why he wants me above all the other Romulan’s that you have aided. I am…I am no-one to him.”


“You are certainly somebody to him Sorek. Now please think hard. Why does he want you?” asks the captain trying to keep his calm while pressing the young man for information.


“I told you captain. I am not aware of any reason why he wants me. Now please, may I go?”


“He’s hiding something from us sir. I can feel it.” remarks Mitchell.


The captain’s communications badge chimes. “Lieutenant Cho to Captain Decker.”


“Yes what is it?”


“Sir, High Commander Sharn wishes to come aboard to discuss our current situation.”


“Beam him aboard alone. Have the MACO’s escort him to my ready room.”


“Aye captain.”


The captain leans forward in his chair looking right at Sorek. “If you are hiding something son I highly suggest you come clean NOW!”




Alpha Flights locker room


On Alpha Flights maiden mission things got crazy. Not only did Bates not follow a direct order from his flight leader Lieutenant Jin, but she also clipped his wings and sent him back to the Raza. After docking his fighter he storms off into the locker room and tosses his flight helmet across the room sending it careening off a number of lockers before it lands in the sonic showers.


Bates lashes out as he slams his fists into the nearest locker he can find. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!!!” blood trickles down from his hand as small cuts around his knuckles form.


“I told you this was a bad idea.” states a male voice from behind him. Bates whips around but nobody is there!


“Who’s there?”


“You never were the brightest of the group were you?” as the voice now comes from another side of the room. He spins around trying to locate the spot where the voice is coming from.


“This isn’t funny. Get the fuck out here and face me like a man!” exclaims an irritated young pilot as blood drips to the floor at his feet.


“I warned you so many times “Pretty Boy” but you never listened. You never listened to anyone did you? Not me. Not your fellow squadron. You knew everything. And look how shit turned out. Look at what it did to me?!” answers a voice behind Bates. The young man turns around and comes face to face with a ghost from his past. Lieutenant Commander Anson Wilkes. Anson Wilkes was a Benzite who took Bates under his wing fresh out of the academy. He showed Bates every trick in the book, and then they invented some of their very own. Bates was a good pilot, but Wilkes was so much better and this irritated Bates. But it was on their last mission together that Bates got careless and it cost his commander’s life and the lives of his entire squadron. Bates can hear their screams. Smell the fire. Hear the crashes as the fighters exploded on impact with the planet’s surface. How he has lived in his own private hell for so very long.


“What do you want from me?” demands Bates as he looks into the bloody face of his former commander. A face left bloody after his ship crash landed. Half his face burnt beyond repair. Wilkes left eye was burnt so badly that all that remained was an empty bloody eye socket. The left ear burnt right off not even showing signs that an ear was even there. A jagged piece of metal, most likely a piece of his fighter; protrudes from his neck still seeping blood like a fresh wound. His memories flood back to him like someone busted down a damn holding back mountains of water.


“I want you to pay for what you did to me!!”


“Hey, who you talking to?!” states a voice from behind Bates. The pilot turns around and sees a young deck hand standing there looking at him strangely.


“He’s…he’s right there! Didn’t you see him?” asks Bates in a frantic state pointing back behind him as sweat rolls down his face soaking his flight suit.


“See who sir? I am sorry but there’s nobody there.”


Bates rushes around looking behind every corner in a state of panic. “He was right there! You had to have seen him? A Benzite!!”


“Benzite? Sir, there are no Benzite’s aboard the Raza. Maybe you should go see Doc Dorn? I think you have space sickness sir.”


The young crew member walks out of the locker room as a panicked Bates puts his back against the flight lockers and slides down finally resting on his ass. He closes his eyes as he starts to bang the back of his head against the lockers trying to do anything to get the horrid memories out of his head.




The captain’s ready room


Captain Decker is seated in his ready room when Sergeant Scott Young and Private Juan Ruiz escort High Commander Sharn into the room followed by Commander James Mitchell. The two MACO’s stand guard at the door as Sharn walks toward the table. He looks to the right of the captain and sees Sorek sitting there with his head down not looking at the older man.


“I see you have found him.” states High Commander Sharn.


“It wasn’t very hard Commander. The hospital ships keep very accurate documentation as to who they have treated over the last few weeks.”


Sharn pulls out a chair across from Sorek and sits down. Captain Decker and Commander Mitchell never get out of their chairs showing no sign of respect toward the Romulan Commander.


“So Sorek, have you told these nice Humans why I have being looking for you?” asks Sharn.


Sorek looks up and snaps back. “Looking for me? It is more like hunting for me if you are going to precise.”


“Dramatic as always just like your mother.”


“Don’t bring my mother into this. She was nothing to you and neither am I!” as he snaps pointing his finger back at Sharn.


Sharn smiles at Sorek never taking his eyes off of him. “Captain, has he told you why I have been searching for him?


“No he has not. We were hoping that now we have the chance to talk things out, you might be able to shed some light on this for us?”


“Well captain, Sharn is my son.”


“Your son?” remarks Commander Mitchell stunned at the revelation.


The captain looks at Sorek. “Is this true? Is the High Commander your father?”


“He is biologically related to me. But raping my mother does not make him my FATHER!!”


“A little melodramatic don’t you think Sorek? I never raped your mother. The stories your grandfather fed you are all lies.”


“Maybe you could explain to all of us what the hell is going on? Why you brought a Warbird across the Neutral Zone into Federation space?” asks Commander Mitchell.


“I find no reason to explain myself to you OR your kind Commander. I am Sorek’s father. I am here to collect my son and bring him back to the Romulan Empire. THAT is all that matters.”


“Did you rape his mother?” asks the captain.


“I loved Sorek’s mother. She was a servant in my family’s house. She held a very low position of stature when it comes to Romulan standards. Unfortunately the elders in my house would never have me marry a woman of such a low house even if she was with child. When the elders found out she was pregnant and carrying my child, they plotted to have her and my child executed. I couldn’t have that so I paid a freighter captain to take her away and hide her on a distant planet.”


“It was a damn penal colony! She spent the rest of her life cleaning latrines and serving slop to war criminals!! Is that how you loved her you COWARD?!” explodes Sorek as he jumps out of his chair. Sergeant Young rushes over to restrain him.


“I am afraid that over the years I lost track of her. But I assure you that my heart was in the right place. My position kept me very busy. The Dominion war pulled me away for months at a time. I always meant to go back after you and your mother. It just never happened and I am sorry for that. But please Sorek, you need to come back with me. Now is not the time to argue. The Romulan Empire has suffered great losses. It is now that we need every able bodied young Romulan to step up and join the cause.”


Mitchell looks confused “What are you talking about?”


“After the destruction of Romulus and Remus the government fell into disarray. Yes we relocated the leading parties off worlds, but the loss of lives is in the billions. The military took a tremendous hit. Hundreds of ships military and civilian alike were destroyed. The Romulan Empire is fractured right now and we are on the brink of civil war. We need people like Sorek to come back and lead the next generation of the Romulan Empire.”


“You don’t need me. What you need are puppets!” barks Sorek. He then looks at Captain Decker. “Captain, with all due respect I humbly ask for Federation asylum.”


The captain ponders this question.


“This is preposterous Captain. There is no way you can grant this.” snaps a pissed off Sharn.


“Commander Sharn, I am going to take some time to think about Sorek’s request. The MACO’s will escort you back to the transporter room so that you can return to your ship. I will notify you when I have made my decision.”


Sharn gets up very pissed off. “Captain, please think long and hard about this. I would hate to have the Federation and the Romulan Empire comes to blows over this small request.”


The captain points to sergeant Young. “Get him out of here.” And at gun point the two MACO’s escort the High Commander out of the ready room.




The Stargazer Lounge aboard the Raza


Yeoman Daisy Braun sits at the bar pondering if the decision that she made to join Starfleet was the right one. What was she thinking? She wanted so badly to be like her grandfather. To maybe someday captain a starship of her own. He promised her that serving aboard the Raza for the next twelve months would be great for her career. Serving under Captain Decker would teach her things that other cadets would die to learn. All lies she believed. For the past two weeks the captain has ignored her and buried her under a mountain of paperwork, not to mention pass her off onto the not so Starfleet Commander Mitchell. To put it plainly it’s been hell and she hates it. All she wants to do is go home and hide in her room. She slowly sips on her root beer through her straw as the Cardassian barmaid Gilora makes her way down the bar to her.


“What’s the matter sweetie? You look like they kicked you off the bridge.”


Daisy looks up from her drink. “Very funny. The captain hates me. Every time I ask to help him he finds some way to ignore me. It’s like he can’t stand me being around him.”


“I’m sure he doesn’t hate you. He’s just busy. Have you looked outside recently? There’s a huge Romulan Warbird out there and they don’t look to friendly.”


“Really? He slammed the ready room door in my face while we were still in dry dock.”


Gilora looks shocked “Really? Wow. I’ll have to bring that up later.”


“You know the Captain?” pops up Daisy surprised to learn that fact.


“Gilora smiles evilly “You can say that.”


“Do you think you can help me? Maybe teach me how to get through to him? That I bring more to the table than just being the Admiral’s granddaughter? Please Gilora?!”


“I tell you what sweetie. I’ll help you out because I like you. But you have to make me a promise.”


“Sure anything just you just name it.”


“Ok. Someday when you captain your first starship I want a lounge onboard. And I’m not talking a small lounge like the Stargazer. I’m talking some big time bar like Ten Forward aboard the Enterprise. I’m talking large scale sister. And I want holosuites. And I want at least two of them!”


“Deal!” as Daisy extends her hand to shake on it. Gilora smiles as she shakes the young woman’s hand.




The bridge aboard the Raza


Lieutenant Monroe sits at her flight control station as she holds the Raza’s position firm in front of the Warbird. Once and a while she casually looks over her shoulder to the very attractive Orion councilor sitting in her chair next to the captains chair. Every now and then Councilor Liira can see the lieutenant catching a glimpse of her. After a few minutes of playing cat and mouse with the starship pilot, Liira gets up out of her chair and casually walks around the bridge making it seem like she just strolling around stretching her legs. She slowly makes her way down to Faye’s station and stops behind her. Faye can sense her. Her Betazoid powers can feel the sexual emotions flowing through Liira and it excites her.  Liira bends over allowing her hair to flow onto Faye’s shoulder. Faye can smell the exotic shampoo that Liira uses in the shower, and it turns her on. Liira reaches across the console…”Are you busy for dinner?”


Faye has no idea what to say. She has never been in a bi-racial relationship never mind a lesbian relationship. She stutters the words out “I…uh…no. I have no plans.”


Liira brushes her fingers slowly across Faye’s cheek feeling her soft Betazoid skid. “Good. My quarters. Eighteen hundred hours. Dress casual. I hate clothes.” She smiles at Faye and heads back to her chair sitting down very sexually crossing her legs.




The captain’s ready room


For the past half hour Captain Decker has been debating what to do about Sorek’s request for asylum and he has finally made his decision. He stands up from the back of his desk and straightens out his dress uniform brushing it down. He makes his way to the bridge as the door whooshes open. As he steps through and walks onto the bridge the door slides shut behind him. As he makes his way toward his command chair “Lieutenant Cho please alert the hospital ships to depart to rendezvous point Omega at maximum warp.


“Yes sir.” answers Cho as he begins to hail the three ships.


He stops in front of his chair and looks at Phos. “Lieutenant alert Alpha Flight to come back onboard. I don’t want them out there when things go as badly as I think they are going to get.”


“Yes Captain.”


The captain sits down in his chair and looks at Mitchell. “Number One how long before the fleet arrives?”


Mitchell makes a few taps on his console “About ten minute’s sir.”


“All three hospital ships have warped away sir. We are now being hailed by the Osiris.”


“Thank you Lieutenant. On screen please.”


The forward view screen comes to life showing the pissed off face of High Commander Sharn. “Captain, I have to assume that by sending your three hospital ships away you have made up your mind?”


Captain Decker casually sits back in his command chair crossing his legs. “I have Commander and I hate to say that it is NOT in your favor.”


Phos breaks in “The Osiris has armed their forward phaser banks and raised their shields.


“Red alert.” shouts Commander Mitchell as the red lights begin flashing and the loud alarm begins to sound across the ship.


“Commander I am sorry I have decided to allow your son the asylum that he has requested. He is now under the protection of the Federation.”


“I am sorry to hear that Captain. I was hoping that you would see things differently. You allowed an ill minded child to brainwash you into war.”


“War Commander? I am afraid that YOU are the one that is starting a war. You’re the one who violated the Neutral Zone treaty. You and your crew locked weapons on us. We sir are on a mission of peace helping YOUR people. Never once while you were aboard the Raza did you ask how YOUR people were. You don’t give a damn about your people. I believe Commander that there is a deeper much darker reason that you want your son back and I for one am going to protect him from YOU. And if that means you and I must come to blows…I am betting on the Raza and my crew EVERY time!!


“Shields up!!  Charge phasers and load all torpedo bays!! This isn’t a drill people!!” shouts Commander Mitchell.


“Shields up and all weapons locked and loaded Commander.” responds Phos.


“Captain I beg you do not do…” states Commander Sharn before Decker cuts him off.


“Lieutenant Cho shut that damn thing off. He’s giving me a damn headache.”


Lieutenant Cho smiles as he kills the connection between the Warbird and the Raza. Just then three galaxy class starships warp onto the scene aside the Raza. The lead ship the U.S.S. Gandhi hails the Raza.


“Sir the captain of the Gandhi is hailing us.” states Cho.


“On screen Lieutenant.”


The screen comes on as the Gandhi’s captain appears. “Morgan I hear you got yourself in a little pickle? Anything we can do to help?”


“I think you just being here will sway the Romulan’s from escalating this any further Captain.” smiles Decker.




The Romulan Warbird Osiris


High Commander Sharn is pissed off two fold. If it wasn’t bad enough that Captain Decker blatantly disrespected him. Now the Human’s have brought in three more starships to aid them.


“Sir, three more starships have arrived and they all appear to be of Galaxy class.” comments Sub Commander Ra’Nar.


Sharn rubs his forehead trying to collect his thoughts.  “Back us off damn-it. Give us some room between us and them.”


“Backing off sir. All three Galaxy class ships have raised their shields and have armed weapons.” responds Ra’Nar.


The sensor chief speaks up. “Sir I am detecting four more starships entering the system.”


“What? What are they?” asks the Commander as he leans forward in his command chair.


“Sir, sensors classify them as Romulan. Valdore class sir.” answers the young man.


“Damn!!” shouts the commander as he slams his fist down on his armrest. “Engage cloak. Take us out of the system!!  Warp nine NOW!!”


“Yes sir. Warp nine.”




The bridge aboard the Raza


Before anyone can say anything the crew watches as the Osiris begins to back off from the four Federation ships and then disappears behind their cloaking device.


“Sir, I am picking up four more warp signatures entering the system.” states Lieutenant Karn from behind her control station.


“What the hell! What are they Lieutenant?” asks Commander Mitchell.


“Sensors indicate that they are Romulan sir. Valdore class.”


“It doesn’t feel right Number One.”


“Sir, the lead ship is hailing us.” announces Cho.


“On screen.”


The captain stands up as another Romulan of high authority appears on his screen.


“Captain, please accept our apologies that we did not arrive sooner. Let’s just say that things in the Romulan Empire have been a bit chaotic.”


“I fully understand. But if I may ask, what brings you to Tarod IX?” asks Captain Decker.


“As we detected, you and your fleet have come into contact with the Romulan Warbird Osiris. Please let it be known that Commander Sharn and his crew do not represent the Romulan Empire any longer. They are rebels fighting for their own cause much like your Maquis. We have been hunting the Osiris for a good part of three months. Please do not take the crossing of the Neutral Zone as any act of war. We just wish to bring back any Romulan civilians that want to return to the Empire. Any that wish to stay with the Federation…well we wish them the very best.” answers the Romulan captain.


The captain smiles “That’s so good to hear.”




Outside Lieutenant Commander Liira’s quarters


It seems like the past few hours have flown by for Faye Monroe. Not only has she watched the Raza face off with a Romulan Warbird, but now she has a hot date with the Orion councilor. She’s a nervous wreck as she stands outside Liira’s private quarters debating whether or not to chime her in. She finally takes a deep breath, adjusts her tight little miniskirt and touches the control pad buzzing the door. The door whooshes open and she sees Liira standing there with a see through silk shirt on. Her green skin beaming through the top with barely two buttons holding her breasts back. Faye slowly looks down admiring Liira’s long sleek legs as she walks barefoot on the carpet.  Liira sees Faye standing there slack jawed admiring her. “So you wanna come in or are you gonna stand out here all night?”


Faye has no idea what to say, so she does what just comes natural as she throws herself at Liira in a very passionate kiss. Both women are overcome with lust as their hands go crazy exploring each other’s bodies. By the time Liira pulls Faye into her quarters, her shirt is totally unbuttoned and barely hanging off her. The door to the room slides shut.




The ready room aboard the U.S.S. Raza


After a very long day the captain is sitting at his desk enjoying the last cup of coffee for the day. It’s getting late and he is in need of some downtime. A chime comes across the room’s door.


“Enter.” states the captain and Lieutenant Jin walks into the room still in her flight suit. She makes her way toward the captain and stands at attention in front of his desk.


“You asked to see me sir.” states Jin.


The captain puts down his coffee. “Yes I did. Please relax. I have reviewed your logs from the stand-off with the Romulan’s and upon review something bothered me. This Lieutenant Bates’s actions could have led to a much bigger issue than we already had. He directly ignored your orders and then he turned off his communications channel.”


“Yes sir I know what he did and I grounded him for the rest of the mission. I am also going to put a note in his file.” responds Jin.


“Lieutenant, you are an excellent pilot. You are probably only second to Faye Monroe in flight skills. You are also an incredible team leader. I am asking you as captain of this ship to correct this issue internally before I am forced to do it for you.”


“Thank you sir. I will handle it sir I promise you.”  Jin dismisses herself and leaves the ready room.




The Captains quarters 2100 hours.


The captain has had a hell of a day. Facing off with not one but four Romulan Warbird’s would put anyone on edge. He finishes his log and sends it off to Starfleet command when a chime comes at the door.  “Enter.” He states and the door slides open letting Gilora walk in. She has her hair up and she is dressed in a bathrobe. The captain’s jaw hits the floor as a smirk comes across his face.


“I never thought you were going to get done with the Romulan’s.” exclaims Gilora.


The captain gets up from behind his desk and approaches her. “I am sorry for keeping you waiting. Please tell me how I can help you.”


She sexually walks over to him, leans in and whispers in his ear “Come to bed.” He watches as she walks toward his bedroom slowly letting the bathrobe drop to the floor revealing that she was naked the whole time under the robe. The captain’s heart starts to race as he pulls his shirt off and follows her into the room.




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