Star Trek Raza episode 3, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Star Trek Raza


Season 1, Episode 3

Wolf in sheep’s clothing.


Onboard the Federation runabout U.S.S. Iliad


Lieutenant Jeremy Cho Personal Log Stardate 63322.448


Captain Decker has graciously granted me permission to accompany Doctor Dorn on a four day medical conference to Denobula.  I cannot say that the conference was very entertaining. Starfleet medical just isn’t my thing, but I did my best not to let it show on my face. Doctor Dorn has been well…patient with me. I think he is only tolerating me because I was assigned to pilot him to the conference.




The low hum of the runabout’s warp drives can be heard as Lieutenant Cho sits back in his pilots chair tapping away on his console making sure the trip back to the Raza is very smooth for the irritable Doctor.


“How much longer do we have Lieutenant?” asks the Trill doctor as he brings the young pilot a freshly replicated mug of coffee.


“Thanks.” Cho answers as he takes the mug from the good doctor.  “We have another four and a half hours to go before we intercept the Raza. If you want I can push the warp drives to the max. It’ll trim about an hour off our trip?” Jeremy takes a sip from the hot mug.


The doctor plops down in the co-pilots chair next to Cho and puts his feet up on the console. “I’m just tired of being cooped up in this tin can. I can’t wait to get back to the Raza and get back to work.”


Cho smiles “What’s the matter doc? Didn’t you have a good time at the conference?”


“I had a fine time, until that Andorian witch decided to lecture me about nanites.” remarks the doctor as he looks out his port side window into space.


“Yeah I didn’t understand a word she said either. But she did have a nice set of…antennas.”


“I’m sure it wasn’t her “antennas” you were looking at Lieutenant.” as Dorn smiles at the young man.


“What can I say? She was a knockout.”


“She’s the devil in blue. If you were smart you would steer clear of her Mr. Cho.”


Jeremy lets out a laugh when the proximity alarms start to go off. “What’s that?” asks the doctor.


“Sensors are picking up a distress call about one light year away. They say their warp drives are down and they have injured. How do you want to precede sir?” asks the Lieutenant.


“Contact the Raza and tell them we are going to be a little late to the rendezvous point. Set an intercept course for that ship and take us in.” orders the doctor.


“Aye sir.” answers Cho as he taps the control console turning the runabout and heading right at the ship in distress.




Alpha Flight Commanders Office aboard the Raza


Weeks have passed since Lieutenant Bates was grounded due to his improper actions in the confrontation with the Romulan Warbird. Lieutenant Jin thought that by grounding her officer it would calm the situation down. Unfortunately it has had the adverse effect. A chime can be heard at her office door. She stops reading the recent status reports and closes her desk top device. “Come in.”


The door to her office slides open and in walks Lieutenant Bates dressed in his flight suit. “You wanted to see me sir?” asks Bates as he stands at attention in front of her desk. She sits back in her chair and crosses her arms looking at him.


“Why are you in your flight suit? I told you that you were grounded until further notice.”


Bates smiles “I thought that when you called me down here you were going to reinstate my flight status, not bust my balls again.”


“I’m not busting your balls Cory. But you’ve put me in a tight spot. The Captain wants results and I’m just not sure you’re ready to get back in the cockpit yet.”


“It’s been a god damn month Elsa!!” barks Bates as he starts to get furious waving his hands in the air. “You and the captain keep dicking me over with these shit jobs day after fucking day. I’m fucking sick of it Jin! I want to get back in the pilot seat or I want to get reassigned to another starship!!”


Jin is now visibly getting upset as she stands up from behind her desk. “Lieutenant Bates, every job aboard the Raza has a purpose and those assigned to you have no less importance than flying a fighter. You will do as you are ordered or you will find yourself in the brig. Do I make myself clear Lieutenant?”


“So what’s gonna happen now? You and Captain Ahab are just gonna leave me on the sidelines until your both done fucking with me?” yells Bates as he nudges Jin’s desk.


Jin points at him. “For one, you are going to step back Lieutenant and learn some respect. I am your commanding officer and you will treat me as such. Second, your flight status is still revoked until further notice.”


“This is such bullshit! It’s been a month since I’ve flown!!  Talk about a god damn power trip. All you and the Captain keep doing is screwing me over.”


“Lieutenant Bates, you are here-bye ordered to go see Councilor Liira three times a week until further notice. Once she gives me the green light that your head is in the right place again I will reinstate your flight status. Do I make myself clear?”


“This is….” but Jin puts her hand up cutting him off.


“I highly suggest you chose your next words very carefully Lieutenant. Because if you do not this may end very badly for you.”


Bates bits his lower lip trying to hold back his anger, his face getting bright red.


“Yes sir.” and he turns around and storms out of the lieutenant’s office. As the office door slides shut Jin lets out a sigh of relief. She drops back down into her leather chair knowing that things are going to get worse.




The U.S.S. Iliad


“Sir we have reached the coordinates of the distress call.” barks out Cho as he takes the Iliad out of Warp and down to impulse speed.


Doctor Dorn walks over to the flight console and leans over Jeremy’s shoulder. “Ok Lieutenant, what do we have here?”


Cho brings the runabout around to face the freighter head on. Both men can see that the ship has taken heavy fire and that they are venting atmosphere in at least three different parts of the ship. “Federation records indicate it is a deep space freighter. She’s called the Argo sir. Sensors indicate that she’s been in a fire fight recently. She’s taken heavy damage to her warp drives. She’s barely moving under impulse speed.”


“Scan the ship for life-forms Lieutenant.”


“Already have sir. I am detecting four life-forms on-board.”


“Hail them. Let’s see who we are dealing with.” orders Dorn.


Cho taps on the control console sending out the hail. “They are answering us sir.”


“On screen please Lieutenant.”


The main viewer comes to life as the face of a beautiful young human woman appears. Her dark hair disheveled and soot covers her face.


“Boy we are glad to see you.”  she states. “We thought we would be drifting out here forever.”


“You’re lucky we were going by just a light year away. These routes are not heavily traveled.” says Cho as he is smitten with her striking beauty.


The Doctor leans in over Cho’s shoulder to get his face on the viewer. “My name is Lieutenant Commander Dorn. I am the Chief Medical Officer aboard the Federation Starship Raza and this is my pilot Lieutenant Jeremy Cho. How can we be of assistance?” asks Doctor Dorn.


“I am Captain Devereau and this…” as she motions around the view screen to show smoke all around the bridge, sparks bursting out of fried consoles and a small fire burning at an abandon station here and there. “…is the Argo. We need medical aid right away. Our engineer is badly hurt and I am afraid that our limited medical resources are not doing much to help him.” answers the woman.


“Medical help is my specialty my dear. The Lieutenant and I will beam over right away to assist you in any way we can.”


“Roger that Doc. Argo out.”


“Lieutenant, send a communications to the Raza and tell them of our exact position.”


“Already did sir.” answers Cho as an irritated look comes across Dorn’s face. After four days of being side by side with Lieutenant Cho he’s gotten pretty sick of how Jeremy is always one step ahead of him.


“Grab you tool kit and let’s beam over there. And be on red alert. We have no idea what we are beaming in to.”


“Aye sir.” answers Cho as they both walk up onto the transporter pad.


“Computer, energize.” orders Dorn to the runabouts main computer. The slight hum of the transporter pad can be heard and a tingling sensation can be felt as the two men disappear off the Iliad and re-appear aboard the Argo. As their senses adjust to their new surroundings they see that a Cardassian and a Ferengi are pointing phaser rifles at them. From out of the shadows walks the captain of the Argo, Captain Devereau.


“Welcome on-board gentlemen. I hope you enjoy your stay.” as she smirks at them.


Both men raise their arms in the air and Cho whispers to Dorn. “I’m sure Commander Mitchell would have something witty to say in a situation like this.”  Dorn rolls his eyes at Cho.


“I’m sure he would.”




Aboard the Raza, holodeck 1


“Computer, shut down program Sung 4!!” barks out Commander Mitchell as he kneels with only a Klingon Bat’leth holding himself up. A blood covered and panting A’Ryn Sung in her Klingon warriors garb storms over to him pretty pissed off.


“James, what are you doing? We were so close to defeating our enemies and securing victory for the Klingon Empire. Glory was within our grasp!”


Mitchell plops down on the floor pulling off his own bloodied Klingon battle armor dropping it to the floor. “Sweetie…” as he pauses for a second or two trying to catch his breath. I don’t think these Klingon battle simulations are for me. How about a romantic boat ride down some exotic river? Or better yet, a romantic sunset on the beaches of Risa?”


Now A’Ryn is getting very pissed at him. “Is that all I am to you is lustful nights together? I was hoping that we would have more in common than me being your “nga’chuq toy’wI”a’” (sex slave in Klingon)!!!” as she nearly jams her Bat’leth through his chest using it to prod him.


Mitchell pushes the point off his chest. “Hey watch it! That’s sharp honey.” Mitchell looking very confused now tries to console her. “A’Ryn, you know that you mean more to me than anything. And quite frankly I have no friggen idea what you just said.”


She rolls her eyes at him as she pulls away. “It means “sex slave” in Klingon you idiot.”


He tries to make light of it with a cute little smile toward her standing back up and moving in closer to her. “I like the sex part baby, but not a big fan of the slave thing.”


He reaches in trying to kiss her, but she pulls away from him and starts to storm off toward the holodeck door. “I want this relationship to be more than about sex. I am looking for a “yIn qoch” (life partner in Klingon) NOT a “toy’wI”a’ pIn’a’ (slave master in Klingon )!!


A’Ryn storms out of the holodeck leaving James standing there confused. “Fuck!! I really need to brush up on my Klingon.” He then snaps his fingers as something comes to him. He taps his communicator badge. “Commander Mitchell to Lieutenant Phos.”


“Go ahead sir.” answers Phos.


Commander Mitchell smiles as he asks “What’s your location Lieutenant? We need to have a talk.”




Aboard the Argo


“Well this is something I never saw coming Lieutenant?” as Doctor Dorn states the obvious with two phaser rifles pointing at them with both set for “kill”.


“I thought you wanted our help?” asks Cho as he takes a step off the transporter pad toward the Argo’s captain.


“I do need your help my naive young Lieutenant.” as she smirks at the young man, but then her face gets serious as she points a crooked finger at the doctor. “But I just don’t need HIS help.”


The Cardassian reaches in and takes Jeremy’s Starfleet insignia off his chest and tosses at the confused Trill doctor.


“You see Doc, our engineer died during the battle three days ago. I need YOUR help “L.T.” to get my ship up and running again, not his. Now follow me Junior, we have a shit load lot of work to do and we’re running out of time.” barks the Argo’s captain.


“But what about me?” asks Doctor Dorn.


Captain Devereau stops and looks back at the doctor. “Good bye doctor.” and at that moment Doctor Dorn is transported back to the Iliad leaving Jeremy Cho behind. Captain Devereau looks over to her pilot. The red headed half Vulcan; half human smiles back at her. “He won’t be bothering us for a while. I’ve jammed his communications system so he won’t be calling for help either.”


“Good. Let’s get to work.” and the two armed thugs escort Jeremy Cho deep within the bowels of the freighter.




The Stargazer Lounge aboard the Raza


The day shift aboard the Raza is just about over and the crew is moving about getting ready for shift change. For the past month Yeoman Daisy Braun has done everything she can to get through to her captain, but nothing seems to work. He keeps his distance from her and she hates it. Every day after shift change she goes down to the Stargazer Lounge and sits in what can be only described as her “designated” bar stool at the end of the bar sucking her root beer through a twisty straw. She usually sits alone, but this day a young man approaches her.


“Is this seat taken?” asks the Romulan Sorek.


Daisy looks up at him and cannot believe that he approached her. For the past month he’s been hidden away in his quarters hiding his head like an ostrich would hide his head in the sand.


“No please have a seat.” as she motions with her hand to the open bar stool.


“Thank you.” answers Sorek as he takes a seat adjusting his robes. “What are you drinking?” he asks noticing the brownish bubbly liquid in her glass.


Daisy giggles a bit and answers “It’s called root beer. It’s a human drink that was pretty popular back in the twenty first century.


“Is it any good?” he asks.


“I like it. Try it.” as she slides the glass across the bar top toward him.


Sorek takes the glass and sips through the straw. He immediately makes a face when the bubbly liquid hits his tongue and immediately fizzes in his mouth. He swallows hard and makes a face. “That will take some time to get used to.” as they both laugh together.


Across the lounge sitting at a back table alone Chief of the Boat Matt LaMay watches the two youngsters giggling. Gilora notices the Chief watching the two and she pulls up a chair next to the Chief plopping her tray on the table next to her.


“You know Chief I think that’s exactly what they both need.” as she smiles across the room at the two.


“What do you mean lassie?”


“Think about it Matty. She’s lost on this ship. Nobody gives her the time of day. Try putting yourself in her shoes. The admiral is her grandfather. The captain acts like he’s walking on glass around her, afraid that if he says the wrong thing it’s going to break her.”




“And that poor abandoned Romulan boy. His own father is a bastard. In order to get away from that piece of shit he had to walk away from his own people. Imagine how he feels. Imagine how lonely he is.”


Gilora gets up and adjusts her skirt. “I think they make a sweet couple.” She then collects her tray and walks away. LaMay slams down the remainder of his ale and continues to watch taking mental notes.




Back aboard the Argo in the engine room


A few hours have passed and Lieutenant Cho has made pretty good progress. He has managed to get life support back up sealing off all the damage that was venting atmosphere into space. He has also fixed the ships shielding systems and has managed to get the warp drives operational…to a point. Cho is buried waist deep in a very cramped access port as the half human; half Vulcan watches on gazing sexually down at Cho’s bare chest as sweat glistens off his stomach muscles. She bites her bottom lip and reaches out to touch the glistening muscles when Captain Devereau walks into the room. She sees the red head named Gemini reaching out and just as she’s about to touch the unbeknownst Lieutenant she barks out. “Where do we stand?”


Gemini pulls her hand back and spins around to face her captain as her face turns as red as her hair. “Uh…he has the warp drives back up and as of right now we can reach warp five.”


Cho slides his body out of the tight space and sits up resting his sweaty aching back against the wall. Alexa Devereau can’t help but stare herself. “Actually it’s warp six.” as he wipes the sweat from his forehead and eyes.


Trying to take her mind off his body she stumbles for words “How long before we have weapons operational?”


Cho drags himself to his weary feet “I have no idea. Maybe six…seven hours. It could take longer.”


Alexa crosses her arms in a look of disgust. “Unacceptable. I need those weapons in half that time.”


Cho tosses the sweaty grease covered rag to the floor. “That’s the best I can do. I’m just one guy. What you need Alexa is an engineering team. Maybe a few teams.” then mutters under his breath “Or maybe A’Ryn Sung.”


Alexa starts to pace around the small room barely ten feet wide. “I need to get this ship operational and I need to get my cargo back.”


“You never told me what happened to your ship. Who did this to you?”


She stops pacing and rubs her eyes. “It’s the Bolian’s. Or at least a Bolian pirate ship, that much I am certain of. They jumped us when we came out of warp. After they hit us with a couple of torpedo’s they knocked out our shields and we were easy pickings. They locked us in a tractor beam and took our entire cargo.”


“What were you hauling?”


She looks at him crossing her arms “Food. We were hauling food to the people on Barisa Prime. That planet is still suffering the effects of the Dominion war. The government is a mess and the people are suffering. If I don’t get that food to them I don’t get paid. If I don’t get paid, my crew doesn’t get paid. Do you know what happens to captains who don’t pay their crew?”


Jeremy shakes his head no.


“Well L.T., they won’t be captain for long.” Suddenly the ship is rocked by a blast that sends Alexa stumbling into Jeremy’s arms. He holds her tight, their mouths just inches away and they can both feel the sexual tension. She whispers to him, her mouth just inches from his. “We need to get to the bridge.” After she peels herself away from Jeremy, the two head toward the turbo lift.




The bridge aboard the Raza


Captain Decker exits his ready room and walks across the bridge toward his chair. Commander Mitchell stands up from his chair to greet his captain. “Sir.”


“Commander what’s the status on Doctor Dorn and Lieutenant Cho?” asks the captain as he takes a seat in his chair.


The commander sits down next to him in his own seat. “The last we heard from them they were responding to a distress call about a light year away from their position. A deep space cargo ship needed some medical aid. They intercepted the frigate and have been running radio silence ever since.”


The captain can be seen thinking the situation over. “I don’t like this Number One. Something doesn’t feel right about this.”


“Do you want to me to launch Alpha Flight to go looking for them sir?”


“And chance losing two more ships out there? No I don’t think so James. Alpha Flight isn’t exactly on their game right now.”  The captain turns his attention toward Lieutenant Karn, his Cardassian Science officer. “Rheyna, what do we know about the area of space they were heading in to?”


Rheyna pulls up a display on her screen going over the exact coordinates of the Iliad. “It’s a pocket of space not heavy in commercial traffic sir.”


“Off the grid.” remarks Commander Mitchell.


“Yes sir. Wherever that freighter was heading they didn’t want to be seen that’s for sure.” answers Karn.


The captain turns to his pilot. “Lieutenant Monroe, how fast can you get us to the Iliad’s last known location?”


“At maximum warp I can get us there in less than an hour sir.” answers the Betazoid pilot.


“Make it so Faye. Number One, take us to yellow alert as soon as we drop out of warp. Have weapons and shields ready also. I don’t want to come out of warp and get caught with our pants down.”


“Aye sir. Pants down would be a BAD thing.”


The ship lurches forward at maximum warp speeding off to intercept the Iliad as the captain gets up out of his chair heading toward the turbo-lift. “Alert me when we are within range of the Iliad. I have some business to attend to down below.” As he approaches the turbo-lift the two marines step aside letting the captain enter the turbo lift. Before the door closes they try to enter with him, but he puts his right hand in the air waving them off letting the door slide shut in their faces. “I’m all set, thank you.” Sergeant Young and Private Ruiz look back at Commander Mitchell.


Mitchel shrugs his shoulders at the two men putting his hands in the air. “What do you want me to say? The man wants to be alone.”


Lieutenant Phos pipes in. “Commander Mitchell, I am free tonight at nineteen hundred hours if you would like to begin our classes?”


Most of the bridge crew stares at the XO wondering what this is about. The Commander stumbles for an answer. “Yeah…ugh that’s great…perfect time Phos. I’ll ugh…I’ll be there.”




On the bridge of the Argo


The Argo is rocked again by phaser fire as Captain Devereau and Lieutenant Cho stumble off the turbo lift bracing them against anything they can get their hands on. Alexa in a fit of rage yells across the bridge to her pilot that is frantically trying to out-maneuver the much quicker Federation shuttlecraft.


“What the hell is going on Gem?”


“It seems the doctor has found out how to operate the control systems. I may have underestimated his abilities a bit.”


“You think God-damn-it?!” snaps back a very pissed off Devereau.


“We can’t take much more of this!!” answers a frantic Gemini. “A few more hits like that and we’re gonna lose the warp drives again.”


“Shall I beam over and take that Trill out sir?” asks the Cardassian as he loads his blaster rifle much too eager for combat.


“Not yet. L.T., get the comms up and patch me in to the doctors ship. I want to talk to him.”


Cho rushes over to the communications station, taps a number of brightly lit pads and the view screen comes to life showing Doctor Dorn sitting at the helm of the Iliad.


“Doctor Dorn I see that you have regained control of your shuttlecraft. I didn’t think you had it in you.”


“I’m a quick study Madame. Now I suggest that you surrender immediately and turn Mr. Cho back over to me unharmed.” answers a very stern faced doctor.


Alexa smirks back at him. “I don’t think so Doctor. We haven’t come this far just to be thrown into a Federation brig. But I have a counter off for you…” as she nods toward the brutish Cardassian who then points his blaster rifle right at Cho. Cho looks shocked as he raises his arms in the air. “Now please Doctor, power down your weapons system and stand down. I am in no mood to play games with you.”


The doctor cocks his head to the right trying to determine if Alexa is bluffing or not. “I do not believe that you will hurt the Lieutenant. I am ordering you and your crew to surrender to me and stand trial for your indiscretions.”


Alexa is tired of this little cat and mouse game with the Doctor. She points at Gemini. “Screw this. Gem, Warp 6 NOW!!”


The warp drive hums to life as sparks blow from numerous conduits across the bridge and small fires erupt again from new control panels that were not on fire before. The Argo lurches forward at Warp 6 right over the top of the shuttlecraft. Doctor Dorn ducks in his seat thinking that the Argo was going to ram him, but just shaved off the new paint job. The Argo disappears past the Iliad.


“Computer, where the hell did they go?” asks a stunned Dorn that they pulled off that maneuver.


“Calculating.” responds the main computer as Dorn waits for an answer. “The cargo ship Argo is on a direct intercept course with the planet Barisa Prime.”


“Time to intercept at maximum warp?” asks Doctor Dorn.


“Intercept is unlikely.”


“What do you mean we can’t intercept them? This is a state of the art Federation shuttlecraft and that ship is a…piece of junk if I may say so plainly.” states an irritated Dorn.


“The Argo is currently at Warp 6. This craft has maximum Warp 4 capability.” answers the computer. “The Argo will reach the planet hours ahead.”


“What about communications Computer? How long before we can signal the Raza?”


“Communication systems are no longer jammed.”


“Well get it done then!! Send a level 1 distress call out to them immediately.” orders the doctor as he leans back in his chair rubbing his temples.




Back aboard the Raza


The Captain has made his way down to deck three. As he walks the halls of his own starship, some of the lesser known and hardly seen crewmen are shocked to even see their captain. They immediately stop and let him pass by as he nods at them and mutters “Carry-on.” He finally approaches a door labeled “Chief of the Boat.” He reaches out and chimes himself in. He can hear a burly voice from behind the door answering in a Scottish accent. “Yah come in.” The Captain steps forward and the door whooshes out of his way. He walks into the small office, no bigger than twelve by twelve; very cramped by officer’s specs. At the end of the room he sees Chief LaMay look up at him looking very startled. The Chief fumbles his data-pads dropping a few onto his desk as he snaps to his feet fixing his dress shirt. “Sir, I never expected…” but Captain Decker cuts him off.


“Relax Chief. Please have a seat.” and the Captain pulls out the smaller chair and sits down in front of LaMay’s desk. The Chief has no idea how to react, so he sits back down fumbling with his hands in front of the Captain.


“Sir, what brings you down here? Have I don’ something wrong sir?” asks a very concerned Chief.


“No you’ve done nothing wrong Chief. I recently read your brief about our young Romulan friend Sorek and his interaction with our Yeoman Daisy Braun. What are your thoughts on this Chief?”


Looking confused LaMay tries to answer honestly. “I don’t know what you mean sir?”


“Matt, briefs are so political. People write down very specific events and much of the time no feelings or emotions are put into it. What I am asking you Chief is, how do you feel about the situation?”


“Well sir, if I may speak freely?”


“Of course you can. That’s why I’m asking.”


“To be honest I do not and never will trust a damn Romulan. Those devils eared bastards will always be scum to me.”


“I can understand your apprehension with the Romulan’s Chief. And maybe in time you will come to earn a bit of their trust. But Matt, what I am asking is; how do you feel about the friendship forming between Daisy and Sorek?”


LaMay pauses, thinking back to what Gilora told him at the bar and then looks back at his Captain. “Sir, right now it’s harmless. Just kids bein’ kids.”


The Captain smiles at LaMay. “That’s what I wanted to hear Chief.” Decker gets up out of his chair and heads toward the door when a chime comes across his chest badge.


“Commander Mitchell to Captain Decker.”


The Captain taps his communications badge. “Go ahead Number One.”


“Sir, the Iliad is within range and we are dropping out of Warp.”


“Very good Number One I will be there momentarily. You have your orders.” The Captain stops and looks back at Chief LaMay. “Chief, when this issue with the Iliad is cleared up I would like to meet with Daisy. It’s time to see what daisy is made of.”


“Aye sir.” as the Chief gets up out of his chair and watches the captain leave his office.




The Stargazer Lounge aboard the Raza


The lounge is booming tonight as many of the off-duty personnel are eating, drinking and dancing burning off their tensions from a long day at work. Music is blaring and different colored lights are bouncing off the walls and ceiling reminiscent of the old 1970’s disco era. The lounges door slides open and Pretty Boy Bates stumbles in with a half empty bottle of Klingon Blood Wine in his hand. Bates braces himself against a smaller Junior Lieutenant dressed as an Engineer. The younger Lieutenant brushes the senior officer aside seeing that he’s already drunk and just snickers at him. Bates looks back at the younger man, barely able to stand up and shouts back in a very apparent drunken slur. “Screw you!! Fuckin’ engineers think yah know everythin’. All you fucka’s do is fix things. I’m the one ….I’m the one that’s gotta put my life on tha line flying those tin cans!!!”


He then spins around dumping part of his Klingon Blood Wine on the floor, but somehow spots his Alpha Flight member Ron Ryder sitting at the bar with a very sexy Vulcan woman. He continues to stumble toward his friend, barely making it there without knocking over a few tables and chairs. As he gets to the bar he presses himself between Ryder and the Vulcan woman, his back to his friend. He drops his Blood Wine on the bar top, but it doesn’t stay standing up and it falls off the back of the bar top to the floor behind the bar shattering it and its contents.


Bates leans in toward the young Vulcan’s face breathing on her. She can smell the stench of the Blood Wine and it appalls her as she pulls back trying to get away from the nasty smell. “What’s your name pretty thing?” as he lets out a shit eating grin at her.


“My name is Ensign Nirren and you are very much intoxicated.”


Ryder is pissed as he reaches in and grabs his partner by the shoulder. “It doesn’t matter what her name is Cory. You need to get back to your quarters and sleep this off.”


“Bates spins around nearly tripping over his feet to face his so called friend. “Who da fuck do you think you are telling me what to do?” and he uses both hands to shove his friend in the chest. Ryder puts both hands in the air trying to avoid a fight.


“Ron, let us just leave.” states Ensign Nirren.


“Why would yah wanna go anywhere with this pussy?” and he reaches back and touches Nirren’s face with his greasy Blood Wine covered hands. Appalled she pulls back from his hand. Ryder reaches in and grabs Cory’s hand away and shoves him against the bar. Gilora sees that things are escalating out of control and she taps her communications badge.


“Gilora to security we have situation down in the Stargazer. Get down here as quick as you can.” Just as Ron and Cory come to blows, Private Juan Ruiz and Sergeant Scott Young beam in. They quickly scan the area and see the scuffle at the bar between Ron and Cory. They press their way through the crowded bar toward the two men. They can see fists start flying between the two men as the issue starts to escalate. As they get to the bar Young grabs a hold of Ryder and Juan attempts to grab Cory. Juan never gets a good hold on him and Cory swings wildly with his arms catching Ruiz in the face with his elbow smashing the young man’s nose in breaking it cleanly. Blood pours from the broken nose into Ruiz’s mouth gagging him. As Ruiz grabs for his shattered nose, Cory reaches in and grabs Juan’s blaster pistol from his holster. He swings it around wildly pointing it frantically in all directions screaming “I’ll kill yah!!! I’ll fuckin’ kill yah all!!”


Cory pulls the trigger a few times sending blaster shots bouncing off a few stray walls, the ceiling and at the feet of Scott Young. The crowd is now panicking as they all start scrambling for the exits. Young, Ryder and Nirren all duck for cover as Cory continues to unload his pistol scorching everything his blurry eyes can see. Just then, from behind the bar a blast from an energy rifle rips across the room hitting Cory square in the back sending the drunken man pin-wheeling head over heels through the air finally crashing against the wall about ten feet away. Cory slides down the wall landing on his back with the darkened scorch burn charring his uniform. Scott Young looks up and sees the Daboo Girl Nia armed with a Cardassian blaster rifle, still smoking from the muzzle.


Ensign Nirren rushes over to Cory, sliding him over to get a better view of his blaster wound. She pulls out her medical tricorder and scans the wounds. A serious looks comes over her face as she looks back at her date Ron. She then taps her communications badge. “Medical emergency. Two to beam directly to the infirmary. Energize.” and both Nirren and the drunken and now badly injured Cory Bates transport directly to the infirmary.




The bridge aboard the Raza


Captain Decker exits the turbo lift heading for the captains chair as he sees the Iliad on his front view screen. The yellow alert lights beaming off the walls. Commander Mitchell is standing up next to his chair as Counselor Liira is still sitting in hers to his right. “Number One?”


“We have made contact with Doctor Dorn aboard the Iliad. It seems that the cargo ship Argo was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”


“What do you mean?”


“It seems all they cared about was Lieutenant Cho. They needed someone with engineering skills and he fit the bill. It seems that they kidnapped him to help facilitate their repairs.”


“Where are they headed now James?”


“According to Doctor Dorn they are heading to a class M planet called Barisa Prime.”


The captain looks over to his Science Officer Lieutenant Karn. “Find out all you can about Barisa Prime. Number One get the Iliad back on board the Raza immediately.”


“Already on it sir. Lieutenant Jin beamed over to the Iliad a few minutes ago. She’s going to pilot the Iliad back on board.”


“Excellent. Lieutenant Phos, when we get to Barisa Prime I want shields up and phasers armed. Number One, we are NOT letting them get away with a Starfleet officer again!”


“Sir, the Cargo Master has just alerted us that the Iliad is back aboard the Raza and secured.”


“Faye, set course for Barisa Prime Warp 9!!!”


“Yes sir. Setting course for Barisa Prime.” She taps a number of pads on her control screen in front of her. “Course is plotted and ready sir.”


“Engineering, are my warp drives ready?” asks the Captain.


“They are good to go Captain.” answers Chief Engineer Sung.


“Engage Miss Monroe.


“Engaging sir.” as she taps the control panel again sending the Raza warping across space.


The captain sits down in his chair between his Ships Counselor and his XO. Ships Counselor Liira leans in toward her Captain and whispers to him. “Sir, this may not be the best time; but there’s been another issue down in the Stargazer Lounge.”


The Captain turns his head toward her now with a very irritated look on his face. “What is it now?”


Commander Mitchell steps in filling his Captain in on the situation. “It seems there has been another incident with Lieutenant Bates again sir.  A fight broke out and it seems a weapon was fired….”


The captain pounds his fist on his armrest. “Damn-it. It never ends with this guy. Commander, once we are clear of Barisa Prime I want to see Lieutenant Jin, Lieutenant Bates and yourself in my office. I’ll handle this MYSELF!!!”


“Aye sir.” answers the Commander.


“That may be an issue sir. It seems Mr. Bates is in the Infirmary with a serious blaster burn to his back.” states Councilor Liira.


“Very well. See to it that Doctor Dorn keeps us updated on Mr. Bates’s status. Once he’s medically cleared I am going to handle this personally.”


“Yes sir.” answers Liira.




Barisa Prime


The cargo ship Argo has set down outside an old abandoned Federation colony. Captain Devereau and her crew along with a shackled Jeremy Cho exit the ship making their way down the ramp into the hundred degree heat on the planet’s surface. As they walk across a small courtyard, a blue skinned Andorian along with two Klingon bodyguards walk toward them. Devereau stops half way across the courtyard motioning for her henchmen to lower their weapons. From a few feet away the Andorian opens his arms wide with a smile on his face.


“My dear Alexa I have heard some distressing news.” as he hugs her.


She gives him a half hearted hug back. “I ran into some trouble Jeb. They jumped me when I came out of warp and stole my cargo.”


He lets go of the embrace now with a much more serious look on his face. “The entire shipment of weapons are GONE Alexa?!”


Jeremy’s head snaps up at hearing that the cargo hold was full of weapons NOT food like he was told. “Weapons?! You lied to me?!”


Alexa’s Cardassian bodyguard takes the butt of his rifle and rams it into Jeremy’s gut driving the wind from him. Jeremy drops to his knees gasping for air, not being able to talk. The Andorian named Jeb sees Cho drop to the dirt and wonders who this young man is.


“And what pray tell do we have here my dear?” asks the Andorian as he walks over to Jeremy lifting his chin up to see his full face.


Getting a little panicky now Alexa answers. “Jeb, he’s Starfleet. He helped fix our ship so that we could get here and tell you what happened.”


Jeb spins around as dirt and dust fly’s from his boots. “So you’ve not only lost my entire shipment of weapons but you’ve brought Starfleet down on us? What were you thinking Alexa? What the hell was going through your head girl?!”


“I was dead in space Jeb. My warp drive was off line. I was venting atmosphere in a half dozen spots. We were dead in the water. What choice did I have?” answers Alexa trying to explain her situation.


One of the Klingon bodyguards whispers to Jeb. “Sir, the Command Ship has just alerted us that they have detected a Federation Class Starship entering the system. Our window of escape is closing sir. What are your orders?”


Jeb looks at Alexa. “I am sorry my dear but I am afraid that our partnership is over.”


“Jeb no!!” I’ll get those weapons back! You know I’m good for this. We’ve been doing business for years. You know my word is good.”


Jeb pushes a button on a micro pad and all three men beam off site most likely to an orbiting spaceship in orbit. Now in a panic Alexa spins back toward the Argo. “Damn-it we have to get out of here. Gemini fire up the engines. We have to break orbit fast.”


“Yes Captain.” answers Gemini.


“What about him?” asks the Ferengi named Quaren. “We could make a profit on him. Sell him to the highest bidder on the Black Market. Maybe the Orion Syndicate would have interest in him?”


Alexa stops looking back at Cho. “Leave him. If we take him with us Starfleet will hunt us down like dogs to the ends of the Galaxy. We’ve got bigger things to worry about like getting our gad damn weapons back.”


Alexa, the Cardassian and the Ferengi leave Cho kneeling in the dirt as the Argo blasts off heading into space.




The bridge aboard the Raza


“Sir we are entering orbit around Barisa Prime.” announces Faye.


“Phasers armed and shields up sir.” states Lieutenant Phos.


“Sir I am detecting two ships. The first ship is leaving orbit on the far side of the planet. The second ship has just lifted off the planet’s surface and is also breaking orbit.” remarks Lieutenant Karn.


“Should I deploy Alpha Flight to give chase sir?” asks Commander Mitchell.


“Can we detect Mr. Cho aboard any of those ships?” asks the captain.


“I am detecting one human life sign on the planet where that ship just lifted off from sir.” answers Lieutenant Karn.


The Captain presses a button on his armrest. “Doctor Dorn I need to make sure that the life form we are picking up on the planet’s surface is Mr. Cho and that he is NOT on those ships that are getting away?”


“All scans are conclusive sir. That is Mr. Cho on the planet.” answers the doctor in a very direct tone.


“Sir, both ships have warped out of the system. We have lost them sir.” states Phos.


“Very well then. Transporter chief bring our boy home.” demands the Captain.


“Yes Captain.” and a few seconds later. “Sir, Lieutenant Cho is back on the Raza.”


“Very good Chief. Number One stand down from Red Alert. Lieutenant Phos power down phasers but keep shields up.


“Yes sir.”


“Lieutenant Karn please keep an eye those two ships. If they come back I want to know right away.”


“Aye sir.”


“Number One you are with me. Lieutenant Commander Liira you have the bridge.”


“Yes sir.” and Liira gets up out of her chair and takes the Captains seat as the captain and Commander Mitchell enter the turbo lift and speed away. Faye looks back at her girlfriend and gives her a smile and a wink. Liira smiles back at her as she settles into the big chair.




The infirmary aboard the Raza


The Captain, followed by his XO; walk into the smallish infirmary. A total of three BIO beds take up the room. Captain Decker quickly scans the room and sees his Vulcan medic Nirren giving aid to Private Ruiz. The young MACO who suffered a busted nose at the hands of the crazed fighter pilot. He stops placing a hand on the young man’s shoulder. “And how is my young MACO Ensign?”


She stops her treatment of Juan and looks at the Captain. “Superficial wounds Captain. I have administered pain meds and reset his nose. He will be at maximum efficiency within the day sir.” and she goes back to work cleaning up the blood.


The Captain smiles and tries to ignore the Vulcan’s bluntness and lack of bedside manners considering it was Juan Ruiz that helped Nirren. She could show a little more feeling. “Very good Ensign. See to it that he gets back to full duty as quickly as you can.” The Trill Medical Officer Doctor Dorn speeds by the Captain. Decker watches as he approaches another BIO bed with Lieutenant Cho sitting on it looking disgusted. Decker sees this and walks over to him. “How are you Mr. Cho?”


Jeremy answers, but never looks up at the Captain keeping his eyes on the floor in front of him. “I’m fine sir. I’m ready to get back to my station.”


Not so sure the Captain turns to the doctor. “How is he doctor? When can I expect to get my Chief Communications Officer back on the bridge?”


“He will be fine in a few days. He has a few bruised ribs that I have administered medicine for the pain. I do believe that it’s the trauma to his psyche that will take time to heal more so than his body.”


“Maybe a session or two with Councilor Liira will help.” remarks Commander Mitchell.


“That’s a very god idea Number One. Mr. Cho, please take a few days to recoup and please see Councilor Liira. Sometimes just talking through our issues heals the soul son.”


Jeremy looks up at his Captain, face blushing from his embarrassment. “Sir, I’m sorry.”


The Captain tries to choose his words. “Jeremy, do not be sorry. You were lied to, held at gunpoint and kidnapped. None of that was your fault. I look forward to reading your report once it’s complete.”


“Yes sir I’ll get right on it as soon as I leave here.”


“Now get some rest. You’ll be back on the bridge in no time son.” Decker then sees an isolated BIO bed with an unconscious person in it. His face tightens with disgust as he makes his way over to it. As Captain Decker approaches the bed, Sergeant Young who is guarding the prisoner; snaps to attention. The Captain stops and looks down at the unconscious man under the stasis field.


“He looks harmless.” states Commander Mitchell.


“You can never judge a book by its cover Number One. This man needs to get off my ship James.” Doctor Dorn walks over to the BIO bed tapping a few controls. “Status Doctor?”


“Well the blasters burns on his back from the Cardassian blaster rifle will leave him in some pain for a while. The good news for him is that the Blood Wine he consumed will leave him in a drunken coma for a few days.”


“Gotta love that Blood Wine.” jokes Commander Mitchell.


The Captain stares down at the man laying on the bed trying to peer into his soul. “Number One, I want this man confined to quarters until we can sort this out. He is only to leave his quarters when he has his sessions with the Councilor. In the meantime I am going to think about what I am going to do with him.”


“Maybe we should drop him off at Starfleet Medical? Let them handle this?”


“Give me some time to think about this. I don’t want to jump into any rash decisions.”


“Yes sir.”


The scene fades away as the Captain and XO walk out of the infirmary.




Deep within Romulan space


Since the confrontation with the Raza, the Romulan Warbird Osiris has been hiding deep within Romulan space under the shield of their cloaking system. High Commander Sharn has barely left his quarters in that time. The chime rings at the door of his private quarters. “Enter.” barks the High Commander.


Sub-commander Ra’Nar walks in to the High Commanders quarters but quickly needs to adjust his eyes for the room is as dark as space. “High Commander?” Ra’Nar can barely make out the shadow of his High Commander as the light from the doorway beams into the room.


“What do you want Ra’Nar?”


“Sir, the crew is starting to question what we are doing sir?”


“The crew Ra’Nar…or you?”


“Sir, you have no need to question my loyalty. What are your orders? Are we to sit here forever?”


“No we are not. We still have contacts within the Orion Syndicate do we not?”


“Yes we do.”


“Then reach out to them and set up a meeting. I have much to discuss with them.”


“Yes sir.” and Ra’Nar backs out of the High Commanders quarters letting the door whoosh shut engulfing the room back into darkness.




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