Star Trek Raza, episode 9; The Obsidian Order

Star Trek Raza

Season 1, Episode 9

The Obsidian Order


Captain’s log stardate 63728.12


For the past few weeks, the Raza has been assigned to be part of a convoy running supplies to Ivor Prime. Ivor Prime is an F Class planet and home to a Federation colony that is doing quite well. But it’s brief history hasn’t been all that bright. Back in 2373, the Borg attacked the colony wiping them out in an attempt to travel back in time to assimilate all humanity. Thanks to the Enterprise, that attempt was thwarted. Later in 2381 the Federation rebuilt the colony and now she is a thriving success story. It’s one of the more prouder moments for the Federation.


The Captain’s Ready Room 18:00 hours


Another long day is in the books as Captain Decker is wrapping his work up and is ready to get some dinner with Gilora. He thinks back to how busy he’s been as of late and how much he’s missed spending time with her. Even though they are on the same ship, and sleep in the same bed; there just doesn’t seem like there’s enough time in the day to spend with her. The captains comm badge chimes.


“Cho to Captain Decker.”


He taps his comm badge. “Go ahead Lieutenant.”


“Incoming message from Admiral Braun, sir.”


“Patch it into my ready room Mr. Cho.”


The captain sits back down in his chair turning on his desk monitor. The Starfleet symbol briefly blinks on the screen and then the face of Admiral Braun appears.


“David, good to see you.” exclaims the captain with a smile.


“You too Morgan. Nice work on the Claxton incident. Too bad we had to lose her. She was a fine ship and a hell of a crew.”


“Yes Admiral. Too many good people lost their lives to that tragedy. So how may I help you?”


The Admiral’s face gets serious. “Morgan, I have some distressing news. The Bajoran Provisional Government has made a formal request for Starfleet to hand over Gilora for war crimes against her people.”


Decker chuckles thinking this is all some sick twisted joke. “War crimes? You’re kidding right? Gilora never served in the Cardassian military. She was a farmer’s daughter on Pelosa. They must be mistaken.”


“I’m sorry Morgan, everything she’s been telling you; it’s all been a lie. The Bajoran’s have solid evidence that she was a key member of the Obsidian Order for years.”


“This is ridiculous David. You know Gilora. I’ve known Gilora for ten years. How can she be part of that?” responds Decker irritated and confused by the accusations.


“That’s what the Federation hopes to sort out. Morgan. I need to you to take the Raza to Archer IV and rendezvous with the Bajoran starship Edon. There, you will remand Gilora into the custody of the Bajoran’s where she will be taken back to Bajor to face trial for what they are accusing her of.”


“This is crazy David. You know I can’t do that. Gilora and I…”


“Morgan, no matter what there is between you and this woman; you are first and foremost a Starfleet officer. Like it or not you will do as ordered. Take Gilora into custody and proceed to Archer IV. Braun out.” and the screen flashes back to the Starfleet symbol. Decker sits still in his chair staring out with a blank look on his face.


The Stargazer Lounge 18:35 hours.


The lounge is very slow tonight. It seems most patrons have opted to take dinner in their quarters. Gilora is behind the bar counting supplies to see what she needs to restock the next time they get back to a starbase. Nia, the Human Daboo girl and T’Lana her Betazoid counterpart are making their way around the lounge mingling with the few customers that they have. Rheyna, the ships Chief Science officer and A’Ryn, the ships Chief Engineer are sitting by an observation window chatting away like women do. Major Brynner, the ships newest MACO and appointed leader of the Wolfpack; makes his way up to the ladies table.


“Good evening ladies.” with a smile on his face.


Rheyna and A’Ryn look at each other and then back at the older man. “Hi.” replies A’Ryn.


“You two look lovely this evening.” as he notices they are both dressed in casual attire. Something he’s not used to seeing. Most times he’s seen them they are dressed in their stuffy Starfleet uniforms.


“Can I get you two ladies drinks?” he asks.


“Actually, I have to get going.” blurts out Rheyna as she stands up. A’Ryn grabs her arm.


“Where are you going?”


“I forgot I have to put together a stellar cartography report together on the Typhon Expanse for Captain Decker. It’s due on his desk by 0800 hours tomorrow morning.”


A’Ryn’s eyes bug out wide as she mouths the words “No.” to her friend without Brynner seeing.


Rheyna smiles at her friend and with a wink. “See you later girlfriend.” A’Ryn watches her leave the lounge in shock not believing what Rheyna just pulled.


“So how about that drink?” asks Brynner again.


A’Ryn looks back up at him not knowing what to say. “Yeah…yeah sure.”


He points at her glass. “Kolothian Whipcrack?” he asks with a shit eating grin on his face.”


She’s impressed with the man that he knows his Klingon drinks. “That’s right.”


“Well I’ll be right back.” and he heads off to the bar to order the drinks leaving A’Ryn wondering just what the hell she’s doing with this guy.


Brynner gets to the bar and taps on it twice getting Gilora’s attention. She hears the tapping and walks over to Brynner. “Little advice soldier, this isn’t some dive bar on some backwater planet. This is a classy joint.”


Brynner chuckles at her. “Classy it is then. How about two Kolothian Whipcrack’s?” he tries to ask politely with as little sarcasm as possible. Gilora turns to her replicator, but she takes notice that he’s buying the drinks for A’Ryn. She turns back to Brynner with the drinks and places them on the bar top.


“A little advice. She’s not one to mess around with. She’s got a thing going on with Commander Mitchell.”


Brynner looks around the bar. “Well I don’t see Commander Mitchell anywhere around. And I never saw a wedding ring on her finger.” He picks up the two drinks and smiles at Gilora. “All’s fair and love and war love.” and he heads back to A’Ryn. Gilora mumbles under hear breadth.




Brynner gets back to the table and places one drink in-front of A’Ryn and he takes a seat in the once occupied chair of Rheyna. “So, tell me about yourself. Got a boyfriend?” he blurts out digging for information.


A’Ryn can see right through this guy. She leans forward. “Let’s not play games Marc.” As she uses Brynner’s first name. “The only way you knew that this was a Kolothian Whipcrack was because you read my personal file telling you it was my favorite drink.”


Brynner smiles back at her. “Guilty as charged. But you can’t kill a guy for trying. How else was I supposed to get close to you?” and he takes a swig of his drink.


“Listen, I’m in no position to…” but she is interrupted by Commander Mitchell who just happened to walk into the lounge and notice right away that A’Ryn was sitting at a table with Brynner. His blood pressure immediately shoots through the roof seeing the two of them there. Insane thoughts of the two of them entangled in some crazy sexual position races through his head. He’s about to explode as he marches right up to the table interrupting them.


“So, this is the guy you’ve been seeing sweetie? asks Mitchell directly at A’Ryn. She can see the pain and hurt in his eyes.


She tries to answer him, but she just ends up stuttering. “What…I…no…!”


Brynner stands up and approaches Mitchell. “Listen Commander, the pretty lady and I are enjoying a few drinks here. So why don’t you beat it and leave us alone?”


A’Ryn stands up knowing this is about to get ugly. Gilora sees this too and makes her away around the bar heading in their direction. Mitchell looks down at A’Ryn. “So, this is the MORE you wanted? This guy?” and he grabs A’Ryn’s drink and pounds it down in one gulp. Kolothian Whipcrack. In Mitchell’s opinion the most disgusting drink in the entire galaxy. The mere taste of it wants to make him throw up. Imagine how he feels now that he put a whole glass down his gut. He slams the glass back down onto the table and tries to get in Brynner’s face. The problem is Brynner is about five inches taller and weighs about fifty pounds heavier. Not heavier in a fat way, but heavier in solid muscle. Brynner is built like a brick shit house.


Brynner smiles at Mitchell. “You sure you want to do this kid?” anticipating Mitchell taking a swing at him.


“Mitchell never backs down. “Oh, I’m going to fuck you up G.I. Joe.”


Just as the two bulls are about to come to blows Gilora gets between them yelling. “That’s enough. Take it down to the Holodeck if you two want to beat the shit out of each other! I run a clean establishment!”


The two men give each other the evil eyes when the whole room goes silent watching Captain Decker walk in with Sargent Young close behind him armed with a phaser rifle. Mitchell, Brynner, A’Ryn and Gilora watch as the Captain walks right up to their table.


“I’m ok sir. I don’t need back-up.” jokes Mitchell, but the captain never changes his facial features. Decker looks at Gilora and she sees the pain in his eyes.


“Morgan?” she asks confused, but Decker never stops staring at her.


“Sargent Young, please take Gilora Tain into custody and place her in detention cell one.


Young grabs Gilora by the arm. “Please come with me madam.” asks Young hoping she doesn’t resist. She looks back at Morgan with a stunned look.


“Morgan, what’s going on? What’s this about?” but Decker never answers her nor does he ever look at her as Young takes her from the lounge. Mitchell looks confused.




“Not now Number One.” and Decker turns to leave the lounge.


“But sir…”


“I said not now!” yells the captain as the lounge door slides open letting him out.


Mitchell turns back to A’Ryn. “I hope you have a fucking great night with this douche bag.” and he too walks toward the lounge exit. Just as the door slides open to let him out he turns back. “Oh, and Kolothian Whipcrack tastes like ass.” and he storms out trying to catch up to the captain.


Brynner and A’Ryn look at each other stunned at the recent events.


The bridge of the Raza the next morning.


Commander Mitchell is sitting in the captain’s chair awaiting his arrival, still pissed about the night before. A’Ryn is sitting at her Engineering station and she can sense the tension in the air. She walks over to Rheyna’s Science station and whispers to her. “What the hell Rhen? Why did you leave me last night?”


Rheyna smiles at her friend. “I thought you could use as little tall dark and muscle bound. Tell me, is every part of him that big?”


A’Ryn crosses her arms and gets a serious Klingon look. “For your information I did not sleep with him.”


“Sweetie, I didn’t ask if you two slept together. I asked if you had sex with him because your wound too damn tight. You need to let some of that built up energy go.”


A’Ryn is about to answer that question when the captain walks out of his ready room and heads toward the turbo-lift. “Sir we have an incoming hail from Admiral Braun.” states Lieutenant Cho.


“Tell him I am indisposed Lieutenant.”


“He’s asking why we have not departed for Archer IV yet sir.”


The bridge crew all look confused. Their convoy mission was supposed to last for another week. Why would the Admiral redirect them now? “Sir?” asks Mitchell.


“Number One please tell the Admiral we have been held up. Our departure will be delayed for a few more hours.”


“But sir.”


“Do as I ask Number One.” and the captain enters the turbo-lift the door sliding shut behind him.


Mitchell looks around the bridge and he can see the quizzical look on all their faces. “Cho, patch the Admiral to the Briefing Room. This is so gonna suck.”


Detention Cell One


The captain took the long walk to the detention cell and a million things went through his head. But the one thing he keeps asking himself is how could he let this woman, this imposter get so close to him? How could he let this woman into his heart? Who is she really?


The door to the Detention Cell slides open and one of the new MACO’s stands up to attention as the captain walks in. The young man is dressed in his fatigues armed with a phaser rifle. A second phaser pistol tied to his right leg in a hip holster. The captain says nothing to the young private as he walks past him up to the cell. Looking in he can see Gilora dressed in prison clothes. Her normal flashy dress and shoes taken away the night prior and replaced with these drab gray colors that nearly match her skin. Her eyes bloodshot from lack of sleep. She too has a million things going through her head. Her normally well-kept hair strewn about. She sees Decker walk into the room and she stands up approaching the forcefield that keeps her securely imprisoned.


“Morgan please, what’s going on? Why am I in here? This is frightening me.” she asks with a pleading voice.


“Who are you?” asks Decker.


“What do you mean? You know who I am?”


“I’m going to ask you again. Who are you really?”


“Morgan, I’m the woman you’ve known for over ten years! Please stop this. You’re frightening me.” and she starts to cry.


Decker tries to look away feeling the pain of watching her cry. “The Bajoran Government believes that you are not who you say that you are. That you are or were part of the Obsidian Order.


“That’s crazy. I was raised on…” and Decker cuts her off.


“I know. Pelosa. That’s what I told them too. But they assure me that that’s not the case. That your whole story is nothing but a fabrication made up to hide your true identity. Your true past. That everything we had together was nothing but a lie. All this…us…lies.”


She puts her hands together begging, pleading with Morgan. “Love, I promise you; I’m not lying to you. I am who I say I am. They are wrong.”


Decker stares into her eyes not knowing what to believe. He turns and storms out of the detention cell leaving her there. She screams after him. “Morgan! Morgan!” but he never stops, never letting her pleading get to him.


Sick Bay


For most of the morning Ensign Nirren has been sorting and cataloging various medical equipment in sick bay. She is well entrenched in her work when suddenly she gets a severe stabbing pain in her head enough to make her reach for her right ear like something was going to come out of her. She moans in pain and it nearly doubles her over. A few seconds later it subsides leaving her wondering what just happened. She’s caught off guard by a voice behind her. “Ensign, are you ok?” and Nirren spins around to see Cadet Braun standing there with a look of concern on her face. She straightens her hair collecting herself.


“I am fine. I minor headache, that is all.” answers Nirren in her normal Vulcan tone. “How may I help you?”


Daisy tries to spit it out. “I…I’m looking for…” and Nirren sees that Daisy is struggling to say it so she chimes in.


“Miss Braun if I may?” and Daisy nods her head yes.


“I spoke to Doctor Dorn and he told me that you terminated an appointment you had with him a few weeks ago very abruptly. Now, you are back to discuss an issue with me?”


“Yeah well, I just couldn’t say it to him.”


“Say what Daisy?”


“It’s just that Sorek and I…well we…we…” and again Daisy struggles to get it out. Nirren puts her hand up stopping Daisy.


“Miss Braun, you wish to mate with the Romulan boy; do you not?”


Daisy is about to throw up from the outright bluntness of this female Vulcan.




“And you do not wish to get pregnant?”


“Yes…I mean no…I don’t want to get pregnant.” as she stumbles to get her answer out.


“Then I will administer a shot that will make you temporarily sterile. When you do wish to become pregnant, please return and we will reverse the effects. Do you understand?”


Daisy nods her head yes.


“Very well.” and Nirren makes her way over to a medical table picking up a hyper-spray and loading the correct dose of medicine to counteract insemination. She makes her way over to Daisy and places the device on her neck and injects her.


“That’s it?” Daisy asks.


“Yes Cadet. That is all. You may now have sex with the young man without fear of creating off-springs. Go and enjoy your time together.”


Daisy heads for the door with a very wide smile on her face. Nirren heads back to the medical table to put away the hyper-spray when she is overcome again with a blinding stabbing of pain in her head. She drops the hyper-spray to the floor as she holds her head screaming out in pain. So intense she passes out and the last thing she sees is the floor coming up at her. This gets the attention of Doctor Dorn. The Trill doctor rushes in from his office and sees Nirren on the floor. He grabs her lifting her up in his arms and places her on an examining table. “Nurse! Nurse!” yells the doctor looking for help.


The bridge of the Raza.


The bridge has been very quiet since the captain stormed out saying very few words. Commander Mitchell had a very brief conversation with Admiral Braun that was mostly Braun barking orders and telling him how disappointed in Decker he was. Mitchell took a seat in the captain’s chair and has been brooding ever since. Still steaming over last nights confrontation with that gorilla Brynner. A’Ryn knows she needs to talk to him so she makes her way from the Engineering station down to Liira’s old seat to the left of the captain. She sits down next to the Commander and looks at him whispering. “James, we need to talk.”


Mitchell tries to keep his voice down, “About what?” You and the Major screwing?”


A’Ryn gets pissed as she tries to defend herself. “I did not screw the Major!” she blurts out as the whole bridge can hear her. Most try not to look her way, but some can’t help it and just stare anyway. “Rheyna and I were having drinks and he just showed up.”


Mitchell looks back at Rheyna. “That true?” and Rheyna nods her head yes. The bridge crew gets back to work as the turbo-lift doors slide open and the captain walks onto the bridge. He heads right for his Ready Room.


“Commander, with me.” and with a nod to A’Ryn Mitchell gets up out of the captain’s chair and follows the captain into his ready room. The captain takes off his jacket tossing it on the sofa and makes his way to the desk sitting down. Mitchell follows suit sitting down in the chair on the other side of the desk.


“Sir?” asks Mitchell.


“Number One, Starfleet has ordered us to leave the convoy and depart for Archer IV.”


“Yeah I figured something was up. Braun couldn’t tell me enough how disappointed he was in you for not following his orders last night.”  Decker, tight lipped; thinks to himself how he’s going to tell his first officer that the woman he loves…the woman he has spent the last ten years with may not be who she says she is.


“Number One…James, the Bajoran Government has come forward with evidence that Gilora is not who she says she is. That she was once part of the Obsidian Order.”


Mitchell is shocked. “Talk about a bombshell. Have you seen the evidence that they have against her yet?”


“No. Admiral Braun has ordered us to meet with a Bajoran ship at Archer IV. At that time I will meet with the captain of that ship and I will be able to review the evidence that they have collected.”


“Maybe they screwed up. Maybe they’re wrong.” exclaims Mitchell trying to get his captain feeling better.


“We will see. Please have Lieutenant Monroe set course for Archer IV warp six. We have a date with the Bajoran’s.”


“Yes sir.”


Sick Bay


Nirren wakes up not knowing how much time has gone by since she passed out. She looks up directly into the ceiling lights, dazed and confused. She tries to sit up, but she gets dizzy and has to lay back down. “Easy does it.” says Doctor Dorn as he makes his way out from his office directly off the Sick Bay.


Nirren turns her head and sees him approaching her. “Where…what happened?” she stutters asking.


Dorn pulls out his medical tricorder and waves it over her taking readings. “You’re in Sick Bay. You passed out and I found you lying on the floor.”


She rubs her head as her headache seems to worsen. “Why?”


“Well that’s complicated. I don’t know much about Vulcan anatomy, but I believe you are going through the starting stages of Pon Farr.”


“Pon Farr?” she asks still confused and dazed.


“That’s correct. Every seven years Vulcan men and women…”


She barks at him in a very non-Vulcan like way. “I assure you doctor I know what Pon Farr is.” as she slides off the table on wobbly legs holding onto the examining table bracing herself. The doctor tries to help her but she swats his hand away determined to do it on her own. “I expect you to keep this between us doctor.”


The doctor looks at her concerned. “But you need to mate Nirren. Maybe if you contact your husband…”


“No!” she snaps at him in defiance shoving a finger in his face. “I will handle this with meditation doctor.” she starts to make her way to the door. “I will take my leave now doctor.” and the Sick Bay door slides open. She braces herself in the doorway as she makes her way out.


“Damn crazy pointy eared Vulcans.” curses the doctor.


The bridge of the Raza hours later.


The Raza has been at warp for hours and the captain hasn’t been on the command deck for more than ten minutes. He has been hiding away in his Ready Room until they arrive for their meeting with the Bajoran ship.


“Commander, coming up on Archer IV.” announces Faye.


“Take us out of warp.”


“Aye sir.” and the Raza drops out of warp over a blueish planet that looks much like Earth.




“Archer IV sir. It’s a class M planet first discovered by Captain Archer in 2151. She is very suitable for life.”


“Mr. Cho, sensor sweep?”


“I’m picking up the Bajoran ship Edo about a click away. She saw us come out of warp and has made a turn to intercept us.”


“Phos?” but the Commander gets nothing out of their android. Mitchell is pretty pissed at this point. “God damn-it Phos, wake up.”


“Yes sir. Wide awake.”


“What’s that ships status?”


“They are running with no weapons powered up and shields are currently down.”


“Thanks for joining in.” and the Commander taps his comm badge. “Captain to the bridge.” And seconds later Captain Decker walks out from his Ready Room onto the main bridge.


“What do we have Number One?” as he makes his way to his Captains chair and sits down.


“The Bajoran vessel is dead ahead. No shields or weapons that we can detect.”


“Hail them Mr. Cho.”


“They are hailing us sir.” exclaims Cho.


“On screen.”


The main view screen comes to life showing the face of a strong older woman looking to be in her forties wearing the marks of a captain. “Captain Decker I presume.”


“That’s correct. I’m sorry, you have me at a disadvantage. I don’t know your name.” he states with a half-hearted smile.


“I am Colonel Valle Sheeso of the Bajoran Fleet and I know it’s your custom to greet everyone with pleasantries but we have a long way to travel to get back to Bajor and we would like to get underway as soon as we can.”


Captain Decker feels like he just got punched in the face.


“Please prepare the prisoner for transport.”


The bridge crew look around at each other wondering who the hell this “prisoner” is they are handing over.


“Actually Colonel, I would like to review the information that you have on the prisoner if you don’t mind?”


“That is uncalled for Captain. We have shared all information with Starfleet Command and they have agreed to this prisoner transfer. Now please…”


The captain has had enough. “Colonel, you are not getting anything from us until I get a chance to review your files. When you have a change of heart, get back to me.” and the captain makes a cut sign across his throat toward Cho. Cho kills the comm signal from the Raza to the Bajoran ship.


The captain turns to Phos. “What do we know about that ship?”


The Bajoran vessel is an Antares Class starship with limited phasers and shielding. She poses no real threat to us, sir.” answers Phos.


“Sir, they are hailing us again.” announces Cho.


The captain pauses. “Want me to take that sir?” asks Commander Mitchell.


“No Number One, I’ll handle this. Mr. Cho, on screen please.” and again the main viewer comes on showing the face of Colonel Sheeso. The captain doesn’t say a word.


“Captain Decker. I will allow you to review the charges we have against the prisoner, but only when you transfer her to us.”


The bridge crew looks at each other again knowing that it’s been narrowed down to a woman.


“We will beam over to you shortly. Decker out.” and Cho cuts off the viewer.


“Captain, are you really going to go over there?” asks the commander.


“Number One, I need to see this through to the end. While I’m gone you have the bridge.”


“At least take one of the Sharks with you.”


“I believe they are nick-named the Wolfpack.” exclaims Phos.


“Whatever metal head.” snaps Mitchell.


“Commander, please ask Major Brynner to escort the prisoner to transporter room one. I will meet them there in ten minutes.”


“Yes sir. I hope…I hope you find what you’re looking for.”


“Thank you Number One.” and the captain leaves the bridge.


“Ok, any bets who it is?” asks Cho.


The commander smiles as he takes his seat in the captain’s chair.


Transporter Room One


The captain walks into Transporter Room One and Gilora is already there, her arms cuffed behind her back. Brynner is also there with a well-armed phaser rifle jammed between her shoulder blades. The captain walks past the transporter chief and up to Brynner. “Is this really necessary Major?”


Brynner smiles at the captain. “I told you on day one cap, my job is to keep you safe. Just doing my job.”


“Thank you for the reminder…but please respect my rank and call me captain.”


“Aye, aye captain.” he answers sarcastically.


The captain walks up onto the transporter pad taking his position followed by Brynner and Gilora. She looks at the captain. “You need to know that I truly love you Morgan.” The captain never looks at her, never even acknowledging her statement.


“Energize Chief.” orders the captain. Seconds later the three of them materialize aboard the Edon. As they adjust to their new surroundings, the captain quickly comes to realize that there are six well-armed Bajoran’s with phaser rifles pointed not at him, but at Gilora.


“Is all this really necessary?” asks Decker.


“I’m afraid it is captain.” answers Colonel Sheeso as she walks into the room. “Captain, if you would come with me please.” and she starts to make her way out of the room not waiting for Decker to follow.


The captain looks at Brynner. “Stay with her.”


“Sir, I told you…” but the captain cuts him off.


“Major Brynner, I know what you are going to say; but please do as I ask. I will be fine.” and he walks off the transport pad quickly trying to catch up to the colonel. The captain follows the colonel through the twists and turns of her ship. The Edon is not as near as lavish as the Raza, nor as new being over twenty years the Raza’s senior. They finally reach what must be the colonels Ready Room, a conference table with six chairs and a wall monitor. Just the basic necessities to get by. They enter the room and the door slides shut behind them.


“Please captain, have a seat. Would you like a drink?” asks Sheeso as she tries to be nice for the first time.


“No, I am fine thank you. I would very much like to get on with this and see what evidence you have against…” and Sheeso cuts him off.


“Your lover?”


Decker looks shocked that Sheeso knows about this and she smiles at him.


“Please captain don’t look so surprised. We have done our homework on the woman you call Gilora and all her activities since the fall of the Obsidian Order.” Sheeso walks up to the wall monitor turning it on and Decker watches it curiously. “The story begins forty-five years ago on a planet called Lazon II. Now what Gilora, or who you call Gilora; said about being from a farming family is true. That part she didn’t lie about. She comes from a long line of farmers. But then she was a young girl.” and the view screen shows a dated picture of a young Cardassian girl maybe ten or twelve years old with a remarkable resemblance to Gilora.


Sheeso taps on the screen with her finger. Now this young girl had a dream. She wanted to be more than just a meek farmer. She was hungry for power. She wanted to get off that rock and serve the best interest of the Cardassian people. With the occupation of Bajor, the Cardassian government ramped up their military numbers by asking any able-bodied man or woman to serve in their ranks. Gilora, well let’s just call her by her real name, Meka Khett. Now, Meka was too young to sign up to serve her people. Being but just sixteen years old she needed her parents consent to join the ranks of the military, and her parents being farmers wanted nothing to do with the military and they certainly didn’t want Meka to join them. So, what do you think little Meka did next?” she asks almost playing with the captain’s emotions.


“She killed them.”


“Very good captain. That’s right, she killed them. One night she crept into her parent’s room and slit both their throats. With both of her parents out of the way she forged the consent form and joined the Cardassian military. For the glory of Cardassia.” she says mockingly.


Decker is having a hard time swallowing what he is hearing.


“So, Meka goes on to serve the Cardassian Empire and the years go by and she slowly climbs the ranks. When she reaches the age of twenty-three she catches the eye of Enabran Tain. You are aware of who Mr. Tain is, correct Captain Decker?”


“Yes, he was the head of the Obsidian Order.”


“Very good Captain. You know your Cardassian history.” she teases him. “And in these pictures…” Sheeso shows Decker photos of Meka and Enabran together at parties, military events and even having sex together. Decker closes his eyes not wanting to see that but forces himself to open them and move on.


“I am sorry if this is painful captain. But you did insist.” she states getting some sick enjoyment out of this.


Decker grimaces and the lines in his forehead become more apparent as anger floods his emotions. “Please, continue.”


“Now Enabran was a married man. So, all his extra-sexual activities had to be kept a secret. Or at least he had to keep his lovers off planet so that his wife never found out.”




“Yes. A man like Enabran had multiple affairs going on at the same time. A woman in every port they say.” and she giggles.


“Did Gilora…Meka know of these other women?”


“Of course, she did. Meka is an extremely intelligent woman. We have evidence that Meka had a number of them killed over the years she was in service. Meka could see certain women get closer to Enabran than she liked and she had them…well let’s just say she had them taken off the board. Near the end of the Obsidian Order, it is said that Meka was one of only a few remaining woman sleeping with him…besides his wife.”


Decker looks away getting sick to his stomach. He can’t believe what he’s hearing. He can’t even picture the woman he’s been with for all these years doing such horrific things. “Do you wish me to stop captain?”


He rubs his forehead trying to keep his composure. “Carry on.”


In 2360 Meka was invited by Enabran to become a full member of the Obsidian Order. She served him proudly for years killing Bajoran and Cardassian alike. In 2371 the Obsidian Order together with the Tal Shiar mounted a joint attack on the Founders home world led by the mastermind Enabran. The Jem’Hadar struck back in force destroying the joint fleet obliterating them. Few survivors were scattered across the Orias System, and Meka was one of them. Doing whatever, and I do mean whatever; to stay alive she bought her way back to the wormhole and came home. But the years passed by and the Cardassia she knew was no more. Gone were the days of the Obsidian Order. Realizing that she could never be Meka again, she changed her name and became Gilora. She created a new past and even sold that fabrication to a Starfleet captain that became smitten with her.” Decker bits his lower lip in embarrassment knowing she was taking a jab at him. “Please captain, don’t be too tough on yourself. We have been looking for her for fifteen years. She’s very, very good at what she does and who she uses.” Sheeso pauses letting Decker collect his thoughts.


“What will become of her?”


“Meka will be taken back to Bajor where she will stand trial for crimes against the Bajoran people. With any luck she will be executed, but most likely she will serve out the rest of her life on a prison planet mining for ore. If you ask me it’s too good for her.”


“You talk like taking her life means nothing.”


“Meka is a cold, ruthless killer Captain Decker. The universe will be a far safer place with Meka gone. I’m sorry if that sounds heartless, but many of my people…my own family members were slaughtered at this woman’s hands. The blood of my family is on her hands and I for one wish to see her die for that.”


“She’s not the same person. There’s no way she can…”


Sheeso gets pissed seeing Decker trying to defend Meka. “Captain, I’m afraid that you are living with blinders on. She has lied to you for years and you have let your sexual relationship with her cloud your judgement. I am afraid our meeting has come to its conclusion. We will be departing very soon. Please collect your soldier and prepare to disembark.” and Sheeso walks to the door of the Briefing Room and it slides open. Decker knows his times up, so he stands up and walks toward her. He stops and looks at Sheeso with pleading eyes.


“May I see her one last time?”


Sheeso pauses trying to find a reason to deny him, but she cannot find one. “Captain, I will grant you this one last request and then we must depart for Bajor. Our journey will take some time and we wish to leave as soon as possible. My crew also have families they wish to get back to.”


Decker nods his head in thanks and tries to smile but knows it’s a half-hearted attempt. “Thank you, captain.”


Back aboard the Raza.


Minutes ago, Sorek was in the middle of his daily meditation rituals when he got an urgent call from his girlfriend Daisy Braun. Sorek has been seeing Daisy for a few months now and is very smitten with her. Even though he wonders sometimes how a Romulan and Human couple could ever be together in a universe that views Romulan’s as villain’s. How he wishes he could be Human. He powerwalks through the Raza’s halls and makes it to her quarters three decks up from his own in record time. He stops in front of her door and collects himself, being slightly out of breadth; before pressing the pad on the wall announcing himself. He can faintly hear Daisy inside. “Come in.” and the door slides open. The first thing he notices is the dimly lit room with candles placed strategically about maximizing its illumination. He steps into the room and the door slides shut behind him. It takes a minute for his eyes to adjust to the lighting, when Daisy calls out again. Sorek walks toward Daisy’s bedroom and looks inside seeing her sitting on the edge of the bed dressed in a sheer robe. He steps into the room speechless and she stands before him. Sorek can see right through her sheer robe making out every inch of her womanhood. He immediately gets aroused and all he wants to do is run. Daisy takes his hand and pulls him closer. Kissing him on the mouth passionately first, letting her tongue swirl around in his mouth. Sorek wants to take her so bad, but refrains knowing that he needs to use caution. Daisy steps back, unties her robe and lets it fall to the floor exposing herself. Standing there completely naked, Sorek is ready to explode like a volcano. She reaches into his robes and feels his manhood and he’s as hard as a rock. She reaches up untying his robes and pulls them off letting them fall to the floor. Together they stand face to face fully naked. Second later, they are intertwined in a fit of passion making love.


Ensign Nirren’s quarters


The onset of Pon Farr has left Nirren moody. She can feel the emotions that she’s buried deep inside her coming to the surface, but she’s taken to meditation to try and quell it. In her quarters she sits on the floor Indian style, Vulcan meditation candles lighting the room. She’s dressed in traditional robes and her eyes are closed as she sinks deeper into her trance. Trying feverishly to push back her sexual desires. She remembers what the doctor said. Send a call out to her husband. Has the Pon Farr taken him also she thinks? A bead of perspiration runs down her face and drips to the floor. The thought of him standing there naked in front of her. She, naked in front of him. Her heart racing, pulse pounding. She sees him standing there. He gets erect and this makes her want him more. She touches him, letting her hand slide down his chest to his groin area. Her husband moans. She wants nothing more than to please him. To please herself. She drops to her knees eying his manhood. She takes it and…


Nirren is startled out of her trance as a chime is heard at her door. Her eyes pop open and she can sense her breathing is erratic. Her robes covered in sweat. Her nipples hard as rocks. Her groin area throbbing, wanting, longing for a man. Her face flushed red she gets to her feet, but her knees buckle and she has to grab a nearby chair to support herself. She uses the sleeve of her robe to wipe the sweat from her face. Her normally neat Vulcan hair strewn about in a wet sweaty mess. The chime rings out loud again and it irritates her dull headache that she has. “What?!” she blurts out in irritation.


The door slides open and Rheyna walks in. One look at Nirren and she can see that something is not right. She grabs her friend by the arm. “Hey are you ok honey?” she asks.


“I am fine.” barks Nirren as she pulls her arm away not wanting Rheyna touching her.


“Hey take it easy. I’m your friend remember? You can talk to me.”


Nirren shoves a finger in Rheyna’s face. “I said I was fine you stupid cow! If I needed your help I would have asked.”


The sudden and odd behavior catches Rheyna off guard. She’s known Nirren for over six months. They have shared meals together. Shared stories of past experiences. She considers Nirren one of her best friends next to Faye. “Forget it. You want to get some dinner?” asks Rheyna trying to calm her friend down.


“Can’t you see I’m in the middle of something?!”


“Jesus Christ Nirren, get a God damn grip of yourself. This isn’t you. Something is wrong here.”


“The only thing wrong is that you’re bothering me. Now get the hell out of my room!”


“Fine.” and Rheyna storms out of Nirren’s room. The door to Nirren’s quarters slides shut and in a fit of rage Nirren swings her arms knocking a vase across the room shattering it. Water and flowers spill all over the floor as Nirren lets out a gut-wrenching, primal scream. She drops to her knees and rips her robes off. Completely naked she drops to the floor and curls up in the fetal position and starts to cry.


Back aboard the starship Edon.


As requested, Captain Sheeso takes Captain Decker down to the infirmary where Gilora aka Meka is being held. As he walks into the brig, he sees that Major Brynner is still standing guard over her along with about a half dozen other Bajoran militia. Decker stops. “Is all this necessary? She’s just one woman.”


“She slaughtered tens of thousands of Bajoran’s and Cardassian’s alike. With her own hands she has killed hundreds. Ask me again captain and I will tell you that this measure of security is not enough. We are dealing with a cold-blooded killer that could strike down a hundred men with her bare hands. She is a well-trained assassin and you would do best not to trust her.” They continue on into the room and approach the cell. A level one forcefield stands between them as Meka gets to her feet. She reaches up with one hand to touch Decker, but the forcefield sparks off at the slightest touch sending a bolt of energy down her arm. She pulls back with a pleading look at him. He tries not to show any emotions falling back on his Starfleet training.


“May I have a moment with her?” asks Decker.


“By all means. But just a moment.” and Sheeso motions to her guards to leave the room. Brynner whispers in his captain’s ears.


“I’ll be right outside if you need me sir.” and he too follows Sheeso out of the room. The captain waits for the door to the brig to slide shut. Decker and Meka lock eyes as he tries to get a read on her. She’s the first to say something.


“Please Morgan, say something. Anything. Tell me you don’t believe what they are telling you. Tell me that you’re not just going to hand me over to them.” she pleads.


“Enough!” yells Decker. “Enough with your lies. This façade is over. Just tell me one thing, why? Why me? Was it because you wanted to get inside Starfleet? You wanted to use me to get back into good graces with your Cardassian connections? Maybe a splinter cell of the Obsidian Order? Why Meka? Why?!”


Meka backs away from the forcefield a few steps. Her face goes dead cold as an evil grin comes across her face. A face that Decker doesn’t recognize. Meka cocks her head looking at him. “Look at you Morgan. Pleading for answers from your precious little Gilora.”


“Meka?” asks the captain confused.


“That’s right captain. I’m Meka. But don’t worry about your precious Gilora. I have her locked away safe and sound up here.” as she taps her head with her finger.


“You have split personality disorder?”


Meka laughs at the thought. “Split personality? Call it what you want, but I think more of it like; use whatever personality to my advantage.”


“You’re insane.”


“The Bajoran’s believe so.” and she sits down on the cold metal bench allowed for prisoners in her cell. “So, if I was a betting woman, and I like to bet; I would say that bitch Sheeso told you just about everything. So, what my dear is there left me to tell you. Do you want me to tell you that I never loved you? Tell you that I used you to get deeper within the Federation?” she can see the answer in his eyes and Morgan nods yes to all those questions. “Fine Morgan, I will tell you everything. But promise me, you’re not going to cry.” and she laughs mocking him. “Oh, where to start.” and she taps her bottom lip with her finger. “Let’s see. I killed my dear old mom and dad while they were sleeping because they wouldn’t let me fulfill my dreams. They wanted me to be a farmer and marry some fat Cardassian boy and breed fatter Cardassian kids. After that, I then fucked my way to the top of the Obsidian Order, but that all came crashing down when that idiot Enabran tried to take out the founders and ruined everything.”


“How did…”


“How did what? I make it back through the wormhole? Or how did Gilora take over?” and she can see it’s the latter that he really cares about. She smiles evilly at him. “So that’s what this is all about. Well let me put your mind at ease Decker, she loved you with all her heart. She took over because in a moment of weakness I allowed her to take over. That weak bitch held on for years pushing me deeper and deeper in her brain. But now I am back in full control. Your precious Gilora doesn’t want to come out and play any longer. She doesn’t want to face you.”


“You realize that the Bajoran government wants to execute you for your crimes against humanity.”


Mera leans back against the wall. “So be it. I’m tired of being on the run. Tired of hiding behind some weak-minded bitch that would rather lay with a Starfleet captain than stand on her own two feet.”


“Gilora…that version of you was not weak-minded. She was a strong woman that I would risk my life and my career for.”


“How poetic. But you and I know there’s nothing you can do for us now.”


Captain Sheeso walks back into the room with her guards and Brynner in tow. “Times up Captain.”


“I admit everything. I admit to it all you Bajoran scum.” blurts out Meka. I killed thousands…tens of thousands of your kind Bajoran and I would do it again. I would do anything to wipe the universe of your kind.”


“It is over Captain. We need to leave now.” states Sheeso in an irritated tone as she turns her back on Meka and storms out of the room leaving her guards behind. Decker doesn’t move, but just stands there staring at the woman he thought he knew. Brynner puts his hand on the captain’s shoulder.


“We need to go sir.”


“Yes, we do.” and the two men turn to leave the room when Meka yells at them.


“If I get out here I’m going to kill you all. First, I’m going to start with that Bajoran bitch of a captain and then I’m coming for you Decker. You hear me human filth? I’m going to come for you and I’m going to kill you and your entire crew. Mark my words Decker, I will not die this day!”


The bridge of the Raza a half hour later.


Captain Decker walks onto the bridge and sees Commander Mitchell sitting in the captain’s chair. When he notices the captain walk onto the bridge he gets up out of it to yield it to him.


“Captain, the Edon is moving away from Archer IV heading back to Bajor.”


Decker continues making his way to his Ready Room never stopping to talk. “Set course for Ivor Prime Faye, warp four.”


“Aye sir.” answers Faye as she types on her control panel sending the Raza into warp. The door to the Captain’s Ready Room slides open and he enters seconds later the door slides shut behind him. The bridge crew all look at Mitchell.


“What?!” he asks, but he knows what exactly they want him to do. “Fine.” and he makes his way to the Ready Room and chimes himself in.


“Enter.” barks out the captain’s voice from behind the door. Mitchell walks into the room and sees Decker sitting at his desk holding a picture of Gilora and himself vacationing last year on Riza.


“Sir, are you ok?” asks a concerned Mitchell.


Decker places the picture down on his desk face down. “Did you know that we planned on getting married next year.”


Mitchell is shocked. “No sir I did not.”


“Yes, well it was all her idea. I was very content leaving things the way they were. But she wanted more. She wanted a commitment.”


Mitchell thinks to himself. There’s that fucking word again. “More.” Man, he hates that word.


“Why sir? Why did you agree to get married?”


Decker smiles at him. “Because I love her and the thought of losing her frightened the hell out of me.”


Mitchell nods his head knowing what Decker is talking about. “A’Ryn and I…”


“Yes, I know James. The entire crew knows.”


Mitchell looks away chuckling to himself. “That obvious huh?”


“Very much so. Let me ask you something Number One, do you love this woman?”


Mitchell looks at the captain. “Yes, yes I do.”


“Then what are you afraid of?”


Mitchell thinks for a second. “I don’t know. Maybe of losing my freedom.”


The captain laughs at his first officer. “You already have Number One. You just haven’t opened your eyes yet to realize it.” and Mitchell joins in on his laughter.


“What’s going to happen to her sir?”


Decker leans back in his chair. “The Bajoran’s will put her on trial and I believe that at the end of the day they will execute her for her war crimes.”


“What’s your plan sir?”


Decker pauses. “At the end of the day James I am a Starfleet officer and I am bound by the Prime Directive not to interfere. She’s on her own. Her fate is in their hands now.”


“Seems a little cold sir.”


“If you could have been there, you would have looked into her eyes and you would not have recognized Gilora. There’s another personality in her. An evil, darker side of her. I saw it. That side of her needs to pay for her crimes.”


“Even if that means killing her? They are not too far ahead of us that we couldn’t catch up to them.”


Decker bites his bottom lip knowing he doesn’t want that to happen. “We have our orders Number One and those orders take us to Ivor Prime and rejoin the convoy. Gilora…or whatever names she chooses to go by these days, is on her own. May whatever God she prays to have mercy on her soul.”


“Yes sir.”




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