Star Trek: Genesis of Command, Intro and Table of Contents

Genesis of Command
Book 1
The Mighty, Mighty Marek


1    In The Beginning
2    Cell Structure
3    Visitation Rights
4    Executive Decisions
5    Information, Preparations, and Lacking
6    The No-Win Battle
7    Unacceptable Propositions
8    Rethinking
9    Meetings
10    Confrontations
11    Resolutions
12    Ancient History


There is no Kirk and crew, no Picard, nor even an Enterprise.  There is, at first, no link to the past, or anything familiar.  All things are unfamiliar, which is the entire point of this story.
The story begins with a young man who goes to sleep; a long sleep.  This is the story of a future that does not look hopeful.  This is the story of comfortable things, like an old boot, that suddenly become uncomfortable, like finding a scorpion in that old boot.
This story is another beginning; the calm before the storm.  The clouds are not yet seen, yet they will appear, all too soon.  When the clouds appear it will mark the darkest hour, and not just for the Federation.  Forgotten elements come into play.  And, the final frontier, at long last, shall be explored.
He was born in the Earth year 2287.
From lifelessness comes life.
He is the most dangerous man alive.
From darkness comes light.
His name…, Marek.
It is time to journey beyond the next generation.


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