Deep Space Nine

Deep Space Nine
By Jason Waters

Way out on the edge of Federation Space,
Is a station that used to be the Cardassian’s place,
Near the planet Bajor it stays adrift,
Next to a wormhole which is a spatial rift.

Captain Sisko is a rough and tumble guy,
But can also be tender when there’s a reason why.
Jake’s the captain’s son but he would rather write their history,
Why he does this is really just a mystery.

Lt. Judsia Dax is wiser still,
Because she’s lived seven lifetimes as a joint Trill.
Worf’s the only Klingon in Star Fleet, but he’s still not tame,
You may already know him from Enterprise fame.

Odo is the shape-shifter, his people founded the Dominion,
But the people he works with are the good guys in his opinion.
Chief O’Brian is the one who will fix it if it’s broken,
But most people think he’s kind of outspoken.

Major Kira has had a life without much fun,
Because for fifty years her planet the Cardassians did run.
Doctor Bashir spends his hours stitching surgical seams,
But being a spy is always what he dreams.

That sums it up, except for one more thing,
The ship moored at the docking ring,
It’s name is Defiant, lone warship of the fleet,
The tough little ship that makes our cast of characters complete.


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