7. Anschluss (Union)
By Jessica Ferroni

I had almost begun to wonder.
It had to have been so obvious —
obvious to everyone but them.
The light in his eyes when she
is near. The despair disappears
The joy in her eyes when he is
near. The sadness vanishes like
Neither wanted to admit it.
She didn’t want to admit that
someone had broken through the
gruff exterior.
He didn’t want to admit that
someone had finally cracked the
But now, now there is only
happiness in their eyes.
Joy where there was once sadness.
Love where there was once loneliness.
They have discovered in each other
what they have been searching for
for so long.
She has found her gentleness.
And he has found peace at last.

© Copyright November 1996 by Jessica Ferroni (My abbreviated copyright) 🙂


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