Can’t You See?

6. Can’t You See?
By Jessica Ferroni

You pretend to be carefree.
You want people to believe
your heart belongs to no one.
You don’t want anyone depending
on you, because you’re afraid.
Afraid that you’ll mess up,
afraid you’ll be hurt.
Afraid to let someone inside
your walls in case they don’t
like what they see.
You are so vulnerable, and you
know it.
So you hide.
You spend your off hours on the
holodeck or alone.
You talk to no one but Harry.
But I’ve seen the way you look
at her. I’ve seen the hope in
your eyes.
Don’t you see it, you fool?
She loves you, too.
But you’re so afraid of being
hurt that you have blinded
Oh, Tom. She needs you as much
as you need her.
Before you lose what you’ve
been searching for.
Before you lose her.

© Copyright November 1996 by Jessica Ferroni (My abbreviated copyright) 🙂


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