Through The Eyes of an Observer

1. Through the Eyes of An Observer
By Jessica Ferroni

I watch him and I see, how very real the
hurt is.
Hidden every hour, beneath the carefree mask.
You want to go to him, hold him. Tell him
everything will be alright.
But you can’t. Something holds you back. The
doubt in his eyes, maybe.
Wanting to tell someone, but too ashamed of
Wanting to trust someone, but too afraid of
having his feet knocked out from under him.
Clinging to the hurt, not quite able to let go.
Holding on to the pain, too afraid of opening up.
Afraid of how vulnerable he really is.
He looks at you, and you can faintly see the
pain, almost concealed by the sapphire wells.
And those eyes, oh yes, they do cry. The tears do
But not when you are near, and not where I
can see them.

© Copyright October 1996 Jessica Ferroni (My abbreviated copyright) 🙂


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