Star Trek: Full Circle, Part 3

Act Twenty

  Spock is meditating in a darkened room.  The door beeps to signal someone wishes entry.  Spock ignores it and the door beeps twice again in quick succession.  Spock slowly lifts his head and says,

Spock Enter


  Captain Scott comes in carrying a bottle in one hand.


Scotty Mr Spock, you are indeed a sight for sore eyes, I’m sorry I wasn’t there to welcome you aboard, wee problem in engineering you know, the engines weren’t really replicated to go into battle, they were really only for show at the museum.


Spock Captain Scott, it has been a long time.  However I am not offended by your absence at my embarkation.  It was indeed a breech of starfleet protocol but I understand the needs of the ship take precedence over minor protocol matters.


Scotty All these years, and yer still haven’t lighten up.  Mr Spock, its me, Scotty, can yee really believe we’re back on the original Enterprise, once more on a mission to save mankind.


Spock Mankind?


Scotty You know what I mean, all Federation species, and even the Klingons.


Spock We are fortunate to have lived through so many interesting times.  However, neither of us are as young as we used to be.  And Jim is no longer with us.


Scotty Jim?  I think perhaps you have mellowed a wee bit.  Will you no join me in a wee dram remembering the old times.


Spock Captain Scott, I am in the middle of my meditation preparing for our encounter with the Founders.  It would be more beneficial to my state of mind for the negotiations if I were to continue to meditate.


  Scotty tilts his head and raises an eyebrow and lifts up the bottle.


Scotty Are ye really going to turn me away when I’ve got this bottle of pure malt?


Spock Meditation is important, but so is how we behave with our friends.  I will join you in a glass.


Scotty Good man Mr Spock!!  We are two birds out of our natural time.


  Scotty pours two glasses and gives one to Spock.


Scotty To absent friends.


Spock Captain Kirk, Dr McCoy and the others have died Captain Scott, they are not absent.


Scotty While we remember them they will always be with us.


Absent friends.


  Spock raises his glass and lightly chinks it against Scotty’s.


Spock Absent friends.


  They both drink, Scotty knocks his back in one.  Spock coughs on his.


Scotty Ha. Vulcans never really acquired a taste for refined liquor.  They do say its a sign of good luck if a Vulcan coughs at your drink.  Isn’t that what Cochraine said when we found him on that planet.


Spock (recovering his composure) Yes, I do believe he did.


Scotty We’ve had some fine times together, and although I was so pleased when Casey and Barclay asked for my help in making her (Scotty bashes the bulkhead) ready for deep space travel I can’t help feeling we’d have a better chance with the old crew.


Spock Captain Casey is one of the most decorated officers in Starfleet, he has twice been decorated with the Christopher Pike medal of honour, he has led many successful campaigns.  Admiral Picard is widely known for his strategic and innovative thinking…


Scotty Yes, I know they’re a fine bunch… Starfleet’s finest and all, its just I think we’d have had a better chance if Captain Kirk were here as well, and …. Between you and me, I’m not at all comfortable at the idea of Klingons and Romulans in the party.


Spock As Captain Kirk is plainly not here, there is nothing to be gained by wishing he were.  I think it is a remarkable achievement that the expedition comprises all the Alpha Quadrant allies.


Scotty All the same, there’s some I instinctively trust, and some I’d always keep a weather eye on, if you know what I mean. (Scotty taps the side of his nose.)


Spock Without trust and co-operation both our species would still be hunting animals on the savannahs of our homeworlds.  Its true that trust can be broken, but, if we are not prepared to put our faith in a better future we will be trapped in the past.


Scotty Fine words, and I know you’re right, yer see, I knew I’d feel better coming to talk to you.


Another drink?


  Scotty pours himself another.


Spock No thank you, I haven’t finished this one yet.


Scotty No problem, Hey do you remember when Abraham Lincoln arrived on the bridge, the look on Jim Kirk’s face was something else……..


  The scene fades out.




Act Twenty One


Tuvok I believe I have located the fleet.


Janeway Excellent, where are they.


Tuvok They are at, Gamma, four seven five, point nine degrees, bearing two, two four from galactic core.


Janeway Our ETA to intercept?


Paris I estimate four point five hours.


Tuvok Four hours, twenty eight minutes, 30 seconds.


Janeway Are they in a planetary system?


Tuvok Negative.  They have dropped out of hyperwarp and are proceeding at warp three point five on a heading of nine, seven, three, vector four two to the galactic core.


Janeway When will they meet a planetary system.


Tuvok They’re present heading takes them through a…


adjusting sensors…. New readings are coming through…


They are heading for a gas nebula at Gamma reference six, six, six.  There may be a solar system embedded within the nebula which would require enormous power devices to maintain such a hollowed out region.


However the sensors are detecting five thousand four hundred and twenty two cloaked ships in the nebula.  Energy emissions are consistent with Dominion configurations.


Janeway O no.  They’re heading for a trap.


7of9 Confirmation of Tuvok’s readings, the fleet will enter the nebula in forty seven minutes.


Janeway Options people.


Tuvok They are out of communications range.


Paris Normally you’d ask B’Elanna to get more out of the engines.


Janeway Good thinking Tom.


Paris It was a joke.


Janeway Doesn’t matter, its given me an idea.


Computer activate the Emergency Medical Hologram.


Doctor Please state the nature of the medical emergency.


I’m sorry I think you have mis- activated me, there appears to be no medical emergency here.


Janeway Doctor, are you still able to represent the ship’s computer systems as amended by number one.


Doctor Captain, you know how much trouble that caused me.  It took Mr Kim twelve hours to reboot me from back up files.


Janeway I know, and I promise we’ll do it again if we need to.


Doctor The better way would be to reboot the Doctor taken hostage by that programme and give him – or her – a new identity.


Janeway This is serious doctor, I need to get more speed out of this ship.


Doctor Is transwarp not fast enough for you?


Janeway No.  Now please doctor.


Doctor Well, if you insist, you are the captain after all.  Mr Kim, load Doctor programme stardate, XYZABC.


Kim Yes doctor. Activating Doctor programme stardate XYZABC


  A second doctor hologram appears.


Janeway I think you’re right doctor, maybe we’d better have an alternative holographic form.


Doctor 1&2 For him or me?



Janeway Mr Kim, please find a new body for Doctor two.


Kim Aye Aye captain.


  The second doctor phases into a different body but then phases back again.


Kim I am unable to complete your order captain, the second doctor has overridden my commands.


Doctor 2 Don’t worry captain, I just prefer this representation as you and your crew appear more comfortable with it.


Janeway I don’t have time for this.


Look, I need your help. We need to get to Gamma six, six, six in the next 45 minutes. Can you help.


Doctor 2 One moment while I compute the options.


I am unfortunately unable to assist.  Without number one time/ matter portals, the most efficient time we can be at Gamma six, six, six in is fifty four minutes.


Janeway I’ll settle for that, make it so.


Doctor 2 I’m making the necessary adjustments to the ships systems.


Adjustments complete.


Tuvok Our transwarp speed has just increased by a factor of three point one two.


  Cut to external scene of Voyager flying very fast through the transwarp conduit.  Cut back to scene on Voyager’s bridge.


Janeway All hands, now here this, in less than one hour we will be joining the expeditionary fleet who will be in battle with a very large Dominion force.  We will need everyone to be at their best.  I know I can count on you.


Chakotay.  Sound battle stations. Anything could happen in the next hour.


  Klaxons go off and red alert signs start flashing.


Janeway Also, I have another idea.


Seven, I wonder if we could invite some friends to join us?




Act Twenty Two


  The scene is of the expeditionary fleet flying at warp.  The Enterprise -E has a tractor beam on the -D.  The fleet is no longer in the hyperwarp bubble. The spacecraft move very slightly in relation to one another.  Cut to scene of Enterprise – E’s ready room. Picard is seated at the table examining a computer pad.  The door sounds.


Picard Enter.


  Riker comes in with Counsellor Troi, Picard stands up.


Picard I was just about to have afternoon tea, would you care to join me?


Troi Yes, that would be nice.


Riker Certainly.


  Picard walks over to the replicator.


Picard Will, rakdajino?  And Hot Chocolate for you Deanna?


  Riker and Troi smile and nod.


Riker Always the sign of a good commander, to know what one’s troops need before they do.


Picard Cup of Earl Grey, hot, cup of rakdajino hot, cup of drinking chocolate hot.


  The replicator whirr’s and dispenses the three drinks.  Picard hands the hot chocolate and rakdajino to Troi and Riker.  He takes the tea himself.


Picard And how are the troops?


Riker Well the ships never been in better shape, despite the pounding we took last week.


Picard That’s good to hear, but that’s not what I asked.


Troi There is a great feeling of apprehension amongst the crew.


Picard That’s understandable, this is a mission the like I have never been on before.


Troi They are comforted by the fact you are leading them.


Picard That’s kind of you to say.


Troi It is the truth.


Picard Will, I’ve been reviewing our course and navigation plans.


Riker The nebula?


Picard Yes, the nebula.  Assuming the Dominion know of our plans it would make an ideal ambush site.


Riker We’d have to drop to impulse to broach the nebula perimeter, and the gases could shield hundreds of ships.


Picard The obvious thing to do would be to traverse the perimeter singly.  The Dominion would not know which ship contained the Omega furnace, if they attack the first vessel through it would allow us to set it off outside the nebula.  If they let the first ship through they may be letting the furnace through.


Riker I’ve always had a taste for poker.


Picard Maybe, but our first objective is to negotiate, our last resort is Omega.


Riker. The Romulan and Klingons have cloaking devices, as does the Defiant. We could send them on ahead to scout.


Picard Good idea, I was thinking that perhaps we could use the phasing device as you did in Spacedock and allow us all to silently slip through.


Riker Stealth rather than


  The ship rocks in a blast from outside. The three are flung across the room.  Cut to external view as the fleet is brought to an abrupt halt. They are enmeshed in a mine field.  Cut to scene of the ready room.  Riker is helping Troi up.  Picard is unconscious.


Riker Riker to bridge, what’s happening?


Sunni Sir, we appear to have hit a mine.  Its knocked the fleet out of low warp sir.


Riker Are we under attack?


Sunni No sir.  Wait. Multiple contacts made, bearing four nine nine, mark three.  Eight minutes to intercept.


Riker Riker to sickbay, medical emergency, Admiral Picard and Counsellor Troi have received injuries.


Dr Picard Acknowledged, I’m on my way, we have reports of multiple casualties, no fatalities.


  Troi starts to come round.


Riker Are you OK.


Troi I’ve been better, O my head.


Picard Will, your first duty is to the Enterprise.


Riker Yes sir, she is safe for the moment, when medical relief is here I will take my place on the bridge.


Picard Sorry Will, I didn’t mean to question your command.


Riker That’s OK, you appear to have been knocked out as well, you’re bleeding.


  Dr Crusher and an assistant enter and start treating Troi and Picard.


Picard Will, the mission.


Riker I’m on my way.


  Riker leaves the ready room and enters the bridge.


Riker Report.


Sunni A cloaked photonic mine was triggered and we sustained some damage to the inertial damping field.  We have been able to restore the dampers.


A large Dominion fleet is approaching.


Riker How large?


Sunni (checks her console first) Five thousand four hundred and twenty two.


Riker Status of the fleet?


Sunni All ships report fully operational.


The exploding mine has de- cloaked the rest of the mine field which is surrounding us on all sides.


Riker Riker to the fleet, Any suggestions would be gratefully received.


Data Sisko here Captain. the mine triggered by the Enterprise -E has been replicated, so we cannot simply blast our way out.  As we were allowed to pass the outer walls of mines it might suggest that this is a deliberate trap rather than a mere impediment to progress.


Riker And your suggestion is?


Sisko The mines must operate on a frequency that allows them to communicate and replicate.  We need to find the frequency and jam it, then we can start blasting.


Riker Good, allocate frequencies to the rest of the fleet and start straight away.


Sisko Captain, I feel as though I should point out it took the Cardasians 6 months to break our frequencies.


Riker Well we have 6 minutes before we become a turkey shoot.  Otherwise in five minutes 45 seconds I will order the Omega device to be activated.


Sisko Acknowledged.


  Cut to scene of each bridge furiously trying to crack the frequency needed.  Data on the Enterprise- D is doing so at a highly accelerated pace.

Cut to scene of Enterprise – E bridge.


Sunni Sir, the first Jem Hadar ships are approaching, the main fleet will arrive in two minutes.  They are opening fire.


  Cut to external scene of the expeditionary fleet trapped within the minefield while several Jem Hadar ships start to fire shots between the mines at the ships.  Their shields flare in defence.  Cut to scene of Enterprise -E bridge.


Riker Return fire, keep working on those frequencies.


Sunni Returning fire sir, direct hit on lead ships.


Sir, I am reading new signals.


Riker More Jem Hadar ships?


Sunni No sir, it appears to be multiple transwarp conduits, they are opening in the space around us.


Riker Transwarp conduits?


Sunni Yes sir, the ship signatures are…..


Riker What are they Commander Sunni!!


Sunni They are Borg ship signatures




Act Twenty Three



  A brief scene of Voyager traversing a transwarp conduit is shown.

Cut to scene of Enterprise -E bridge.


Riker The Borg?


Sunni Yes sir, the first cubes are exiting dead ahead of us.


Riker On screen.


Sunni Aye Aye sir.


  Cut scene of Borg ships appearing between the captive fleet and the advancing Jem Hadar fleet.  The six early Jem Hadar ships are attacked and destroyed by the Borg Cubes.  The Borg cubes begin to make a simple brick wall pattern.


Borg Dominion forces you will break off your attack and deactivate the minefield. The Federation fleet must be allowed to complete its mission. Resistance is futile.


  Cut to scene on Jem Hadar ship. The Jem Hadar soldiers are confused as is the VORTA.


VORTA What manner of creatures are these?  They do not appear to be Federation.


Jem Hadar 2 Sir, our databanks of intercepted Federation intelligence indicate they are a species known to the Federation as the Borg.  They originate from the delta quadrant and have been expanding their empire exponentially.  They assimilate conquered lifeforms into their collective.


VORTA O no, that will never do for the founders.  I thought this was going to be a relatively easy battle but if the Federation have brought the delta quadrant into it as well I do not pretend to know what the Founders will do in response.


We must stop them.


All ships attention, proceed with battle plan beta four.  Engage the new enemy as well.


  Cut to external scene of Jem Hadar ships swarming across the Borg cubes and strafing them.  The Borg shields shimmer as they are struck, the Borg return fire destroying Jem Hadar ships attempt to pass.

Cut to scene of Enterprise – E.


Riker Are my eyes deceiving me?


Picard That depends on what they are seeing number o.. sorry Captain.


  Riker indicates to wards the viewscreen.


Riker Glad you’re back on your feet.


Dr Picard He has a fractured cheekbone, he must have struck the table pretty hard.  I’ve been able to fuse the bone but he’ll be a little groggy for a while.


Picard My deepest gratitude.


Status report.


Riker We are trapped in a minefield which we are attempting to deactivate.  A large Dominion fleet has come out of the nebula and is attempting to attack us.


Picard Time to intercept.


Riker Two minutes ago.


Picard Why have they not attacked the fleet?


Riker Because the Borg have engaged them.


Picard What??


Riker That makes two of us.


  The camera view pans to take in the viewscreen where the battle continues to unfold before them.


Data Admiral, I have analysed the Dominion fleet attack tactics and the Borg’s.  The Borg have destroyed or incapacitated three hundred and fifty seven Jem Hadar ships and sustained heavy damage to four cubes.  Extrapolating the battles I estimate the Dominion will overpower the Borg in another seven minutes twelve seconds at the present rate of attrition.


Picard How are we doing with deactivating the minefield?


Data I believe there is a fractal encryption code which I am attempting to decipher.


Spock Excuse me gentlemen.  I have been analysing the codification and it appears to be based on Roman numerals.  I believe that I can be of some assistance in deciphering the command codes.


Data Ambassador Spock, a Roman numeral algorithm would certainly fit the evidence but would be one of the last approaches I would use to attempt to decipher the code with.


Spock Call it instinct, but I believe the minefield is now deactivated.


Data I can confirm Ambassador Spock’s assessment.  He has deactivated the minefield.


Picard Well done everyone.


Riker, signal the Borg fleet, we wish to advance, we will tuck in behind their defensive wall.  As a moving target and with our additional firepower that should buy us some more time.


Riker Aye aye sir.


Data Admiral, one of the Borg cubes has been destroyed.  With the new tactics I estimate it will be seventeen minutes twenty seconds before the remaining Dominion forces over power us.


Picard Acknowledged.  We’ll have to start working on plan B.  Will, I assume you’ve warmed up the furnace?


Riker Yes sir, 48 hour countdown, 15 second hot countdown.


Picard Good, now what else can we do to get through?


Sunni Sir, I am picking up new signals from the nebula.


It appears to be Dreadnoughts, eight confirmed contacts sir.


Data Admiral Picard, I have updated estimates based on the Dreadnoughts joining the Dominion fleet, with the present damage to the Borg fleet, I estimate two minutes.


Riker (under his breath) what no seconds?


Data No Captain Riker, we now have one minute fifty -seven seconds.


Picard Options?




Act Twenty Four



Picard Q!!!


Get off my bridge we have enough trouble to contend with.


Q Mon Capitaine, o, pardon moi, Mon Admirale.


Picard Q, I’m warning you, stay out of my way.


Q But of course, I just wanted to be here at your finest moment.  Don’t worry, only you can see me, they’ll blame your hallucinations on the blow to your head.


Picard This is not the end.


Data Three more Borg cubes have been destroyed.  The dreadnoughts have engaged the lead cube.  It has been destroyed also.  Estimated time to Dominion victory, forty seconds.


Q You were saying Picard? (Q smirks)


Picard Prepare the Omega device.


Q Tut, tut.


Sunni I am picking up another transwarp signal.


Riker Is it more Borg cubes?


Sunni No sir, it is a single conduit.  Transponder signal suggests it is of Federation origin.


Riker Federation?


Sunni Yes sir, the conduit is opening just behind us.  It is the USS Voyager sir.


Picard Janeway.


Janeway Attention Admiral Picard, this is Captain Janeway of the USS Voyager.  I am aware of your fallback plan, but I have to insist that you do not activate the Omega device. Please allow us to assist your passage.


Picard Anything you can do to assist our passage would be most welcome.


Janeway Having reprogrammed their base code we invited some Borg ships to assist us and as they were closer to help you they got here first.


Picard They have certainly kept us going, but I have my orders, if we are unable to negotiate then I must initiate a fallback option.


Janeway I will not let you annihilate innocent species, the Omega device will mean the total extermination for countless species.


Picard We are not going to initiate a holocaust of the Founders or Dominion.


Janeway No, but you will of other species in other dimensions.


  Picard is lost for words.


Janeway Chakotay, attack pattern delta one.  Target the dreadnoughts first and then the rest of the Dominion attack fleet.


Chakotay Aye Aye sir.


  Cut to external scene.  Voyager manoeuvres up and over the expeditionary fleet and above the damaged Borg wall.

It takes up position and multiple phasers fire hitting all eight of the dreadnoughts, four explode and four spiral away severely damaged.

Voyager then unleashes hundreds of phaser volleys at the attack ships destroying and incapacitating ships with a single blast.

The Jem Hadar break off their attack on the Borg and head towards Voyager.  Voyager unleashes hundreds of micro torpedoes each hitting a Jem Hadar ship and destroying or incapacitating it.

Within a minute the Dominion fleet is adrift in space.


Picard Picard to Janeway, that was a most impressive display, we should have invited you along from the beginning.


Janeway Perhaps, but I am even more worried now at the technology we have acquired in Voyager.


Picard All the same, thank you for your help.


Captain Riker, signal the fleet to proceed through the nebula at impulse.  Heading dead centre of the nebula.  And Q, get off my bridge.


Riker Aye Aye sir.


Q Moi? I’m just a passenger and that was a very close call for you.


Picard Just don’t get in the way.


  Cut to external scene of the remaining ships including five Borg vessels moving past the decimated Dominion fleet towards the nebula.


Act Twenty Five

  The scene is the Enterprise -E’s ready room, Admiral Picard is at the head of the table.  The other Captains, Ambassador Spock and Odo are seated at the table.


Picard Situation report.


Riker We have entered the Founder’s solar system.  There is a level twenty energy field surrounding the third planet.  Odo has identified it as the location of The Great Link.


At present we are holding position at the outer edge of the system. We have not received any communication signals, we are only getting static.


Picard Ambassador Spock, what would you like to do.


Spock The logical conclusion is that the Founders are very worried, we have just destroyed their homeworld defence fleet and they are probably aware of the Omega device.


Janeway If I may interject.


Spock Captain, your information about its effects on other species is noted.  However, the Founders are probably unaware of this information and are hence likely to believe that our intentions are unchanged.


  Janeway goes to make a further point but realises Spock has anticipated her.


Spock I propose to continue with our plan to seek a peaceful resolution to our differences with the Founders.  I would suggest we do not attempt a large show of force and I would like to take only the original Enterprise into planetary orbit and leave the fleet back here.


I should like yourself, Captain Sisko and Captain Janeway and Odo to join me with a skeleton crew aboard.


General Martok Why only humans?



Spock I do not believe I am human.


However between them they have a unique collection of qualities and experience.  Admiral Picard has negotiated many treaties before.  Captain Sisko has experience of meeting the Founders, Odo is of course of their species, and Captain Janeway has the unique advantage of having traversed the Delta quadrant facing all manner of new challenges in order to gain passage through other species’ regions of space.


General Martok Logic, always logic with you, why not allow a Klingon warrior to accompany you and show them our heart?


Spock I have considered Captain Worf, but I believe he is best placed to command the Defiant in Captain Sisko’s absence.  Likewise your strategic battle skills are best served in defending the fleet.


I understand your have some further information on that matter Captain Janeway?


Janeway That is correct.  Voyager’s long range scanners suggest that, rather like the legions of Roman Empire when Rome was threatened, there has been a general recall of Dominion forces.  We have detected over 82 thousand vessels heading towards these co -ordinates.  They will be here in 36 hours.


General Martok Are they a match for your vessel?



Janeway I do not know.  We are still learning about our new found abilities.


General Martok Ha, you have a vessel that has tipped the balance of war in our favour.  We must exploit it and put an end to this war at once.


Picard Pandora found it difficult to put back in the box.


Janeway My thoughts exactly, which is why Voyager was quarantined and shut off from all Federation officials and scientists on our arrival back.


Sisko An interesting question of philosophy, whether we can unlearn knowledge.  It goes against our grain.


Janeway But do we understand the consequences of our knowledge.  The reason why time travel is so rarely allowed is to stop us using our knowledge of the future to change the past to make a better future.  The timeline must be unaltered.


We banned research into the Omega particle because we could not contain and stabilise it.  Up until an hour ago we were planning to use it without understanding the consequences.


Picard I, for one am truly grateful for your arrival.


Q Hear, hear.!


Picard Q!


Q O, I’m sorry, please ignore me.


Picard We’re trying, now please be quiet.


Spock An interesting debate, and perhaps one we can take further after our mission.


I suggest we move on.


Picard I agree.


Computer, for the record, Command of this mission has now passed to Ambassador Spock as we attempt to initiate negotiations.  I shall be joining the negotiating team.


Command of the fleet will transfer to, (Picard pauses) General Martok.


General Martok Thank you Admiral.



  They get up from the table and head towards the door. Picard waits and catches Riker’s arm to have a private word.


Picard Will, I wanted you to know that giving command to General Martok in no way..


Riker Jean Luc, I think I’ve grown up enough to follow orders now.  Besides, if the roles were reversed I would have given General Martok command as well.


  They smile at each other and shake hands and grip the other’s forearm in deep friendship.


Riker Good luck.


Picard Thank you, I hope we won’t need it.  Take care of the Enterprise, try not to break her.


Riker I’ll do my best.


  They walk out the door and down past the bridge towards the turbo lifts.

Cut to scene of the five transporting to the Enterprise.  They make their way to the bridge.  Scotty is underneath a control panel with a sonic wrench.


Scotty Willye just behave once in your life!


Spock Is there a problem Mr Scott?


  Scotty is startled and attempts to sit upright but bumps his head on the console.


Scotty Ow!!!  Either this ship has got smaller or I ‘ve got bigger.


Spock As the ship has the same dimensions it has always had and there are no spatial anomalies here, the conclusion must be…


Scotty Don’t say it Mr Spock!


Spock (raises an eyebrow) If you insist.


Mr Scott, my original question has not been answered.  Is there a problem with the ship?


Scotty Och no, the ship’s fine, engines, shields, we even managed a phaser pot shot in that melee back there.  It’s just we did take a couple of blasts and it seems to be giving the museum holograms a few problems.  Some of the routines keep flicking up.


Spock Does it interfere in any of the ship’s main systems?


Scotty No, no way.


Spock Well, in that case I think we should proceed.  If someone would like to take the chair.


  Spock indicates the Captain’s chair.


Janeway Well as the senior officer, it should fall to you Admiral Picard.


Picard No, this is Ambassador Spock’s ship and he is now in command of the mission.  Nothing would give me greater pleasure than if you were to take the chair.


Spock I am not motivated by such emotional considerations.  It is not a difficult operation, I would prefer if one of you would take us in.


  They look at each other.


Sisko Actually, its been a bit of a boyhood fantasy of mine.  You know my crew and I served aboard her once at the time of the tribbles, it was an honour to serve under Captain Kirk and Mr Spock.  Ever since meeting Casey at the Academy I’ve always wondered what that chair felt like.


Picard Be my guest.


  Sisko walks around the chair letting his hand touch it as Spock surveys him.


Spock I do believe I recall you serving with us.


Sisko Thank you.


  Sisko takes the seat, Scotty takes a seat at the helm.


Sisko Ahead ¼ impulse speed, takes us into orbit above the third planet of the system.


Scotty Aye Aye sir.


  Cut to external scene of the Enterprise leaving the fleet and heading towards the centre of the system.

Cut to scene of the Enterprise entering orbit above the homeworld. And cut back to scene of Enterprise bridge.


Sisko Hailing frequencies Mr Scott.


Scotty Aye sir, hailing frequencies open.


No response sir.


Sisko Keep trying Mr Scott.


Scotty Yes sir.


Sisko Suggestions?


Spock Clearly they know we are here.


Odo Yes, very much so.


  The others turn and look at Odo.


Odo I can feel them.


Spock I was not aware you had empathic abilities.


Sisko Nor I.  What is it Odo?


Odo I cannot explain it, when I’ve been here before I’ve not felt like this.  But now I can feel their presence, across the distance between us I can feel them.


Janeway Perhaps we should go to the planet’s surface to make contact.


Elder There will be no need for that.


  They turn to see an elder Founder on the bridge with them.


Spock You are welcome aboard.  I am Spock.


Elder I know who you are and why you are here.


Spock Then you know we come seeking peace.


Elder You call the destruction of over 5,000 vessels and your Omega device peace?


You have a strange way with words Ambassador Spock.


Spock We do not wish to harm you, we are defending ourselves.


Elder By killing our allies and the Founders themselves?


Spock We do not claim to be perfect, but we did not start the war with yourselves.


Elder And you know you will lose it if its left to run its course.


Spock I am empowered to discuss many matters with your people.


We are prepared to agree never to visit the Gamma Quadrant without your express permission.  We are prepared to allow your union with Cardasia to evolve.  All we ask is that you recognise our right to evolve.


Elder And was your new ship Voyager natural evolution?


  Janeway goes to speak but Spock holds up a hand to silence her.


Spock Voyager was not natural evolution, it was external intervention


Elder And now that you think have the upper hand you will destroy us.


Spock Nothing could be further from the truth.  We have no intention of destroying you.


Elder In the last 50 million years, every species we have come into contact with has either tried to own us or destroy us.  In the 100,000 years before our encounter with the Federation only two founders have died, one of natural causes, the other was murder.  In the 10 years since the wormhole opened six founders have died. With each death the extinction of the Founders becomes closer.


Spock An alternative solution to extinction is procreation.


Elder A typically carbon DNA response.


Spock In my experience, all life strives to continue its line, DNA lifeforms, silicon lifeforms, energy based lifeforms.  It is part of the definition of life.


Elder Perhaps we have different definitions of life?


Spock I would be interested to understand your definition of life.


Elder Founders are life.


Spock I do not understand your definition.


Elder Without us, there would be no other species in the galaxy, or those in the galactic string we occupy.


Spock Are you necessary for our existence?


Elder We are a pre- requisite.


Spock Do you mean you were the first sentient lifeform in the galaxy?


Elder I can see why you are so well regarded in the Federation


Spock Admiral Picard found a holographic program from beings that claimed to be the first explorers in the galaxy, they left parts of it in the DNA of many alpha quadrant species.


Elder Yes, I know of that, they were early explorers, but only after we had already retired from our exploration of space in order to explore ourselves at our retreat. It does not surprise me that they left a coded message in your chemical make up.  They followed us; we have left coded messages in every species’ minds.


Spock Are you the common source of all our legends?


Elder No.  We are the source of your ability to think, to question, to reason. We discovered mathematics, we discovered language, feelings and emotion.


To think, to be.


Before us, there was no life, there was just chemical reactions.  No purpose other than energy release and rearrangement.


We began life 20 billion years ago as the Universe was just forming.  We evolved much as you have, from simple single cell organisms, to amphibians to insects to bipeds; but over a much, much longer timescale than you, 10 billion years.


We too explored the galaxy and found it less than us.  We continued to grow and explore.  To evolve as you might put it.  Since our development every species has followed the same generic path, there have been different paths because of local circumstances.  Some sentient species retain insect origins, others have mammalian, others fish.  Some skip particular steps but all follow the same general pattern, from single cell, to multi- cell, to biped, to technological, to telepathic, to liquid and then multi -dimensional.


As we evolved into empathics and liquids our society split.  There were those that wanted to continue to expand their minds and left our retreat.


  The elder changes into a Talosian and then reverts back.


Elder They developed telepathic abilities and remained corporeal.  We continued and evolved out of solids into liquid form.  We have some telepathic abilities, but our ability to merge completely with one another, to take whatever form we choose is our liberation and evolution.  I am sure you have lifeforms on your own planet that start of as one thing and end up as another, such as a fish and then a land animal, or a grub that pupates and then turns into a flying insect.


Sisko We have frogs and butterflies.


Elder Well our present liquid form is that pre-final state.  We are ‘born’ liquid’ and over time, about a million years, we transcend our liquid form and become inter- dimensional beings, not restricted by time or space.


Sisko The prophets.


Elder We have heard tell of your relationship with the wormhole aliens but we have never experienced meeting them ourselves.


Then, about a billion years ago, a newer species became very afraid of us. They were afraid of our power and knowledge and wanted to steal it and rule us.  We wanted peace, we attempted to live peacefully and to negotiate amicable accords with them but to no avail.  They decided they wanted to conquer us as they were afraid of what they did not understand.


They developed a transgenic weapon and used it upon us.


All but four founders who were off world were affected.  Once we were translucent, now our natural state is golden brown and we have lost the ability to reproduce and to transcend our form into the final state.


Every time one of us dies, our total extinction becomes one step closer.


Spock Can we help you to reproduce.


  The elder laughs


Spock I’m sorry if I have offended you


Elder No, you haven’t offended me, I just find it difficult to believe that a species as far behind us in evolutionary terms can think it can help us.  We do not follow molecular genetics as you understand it, it is a much more advanced concept.


Spock I have learned that necessity is a powerful tool for innovation.


Odo Ambassador Spock, I would like to ask a question.


  Spock motions to Odo ‘yes’


Odo You say we have not been able to reproduce, yet my experiences suggest I am only 50 or so years old.  On a previous visit you said you sent out a hundred like me to explore the galaxy.


Elder That is true.


You see Odo we have tried to rectify our situation for hundreds of millennia.  Since we dispensed with ‘hard’ technology like this starship we found it hard to apply ourselves to the task.


The four untainted Founders were all of the same kind.  What you (indicating Spock and the others) might see as analogous to gender, they were all male for the sake of argument.  They believed that there was still an embryo ‘female’ at our old homeworld but we had lost contact with it such a long time ago, we were not sure if it even existed any more.  They set off to see if they could find the female.  Even then they would probably need assistance from the Talosian sect to complete the triangle of forces and strands we used to use in creating offspring.


Odo And was I one of those offspring.


Elder No, my dear Odo you were not.  After many millennia, the four had not returned and another group of Founders decided to try an alternative strategy, to clone us.  There were many disappointments.  Eventually they managed to mimic the founder liquid dynamics and make up and 350 founders volunteered to be cloned.  We sent one hundred babies out around the galaxy as a way of gauging the future threat to us, expecting them to come home over the next thousand millennia.


Your arrival home so early shocked us.  It meant there were faster and fiercer evolving species in the Alpha quadrant.  When we met them we were proved right.


Unfortunately, the cloning was ultimately a failure because as the babies grew, the source founder who was cloned began to grow weaker.  The technique only allowed one clone from one source Founder.  I do not know where my clone is, but I can tell it is developing as I am growing weaker by the day.


Odo I am sorry.


Elder Do not be sorry.  I wanted to be cloned, I wanted us to continue.  Now it seems we are doomed.  If not this year, then next, or perhaps the millennia after, but ultimately we are doomed to die.


  At that point the hologram begins to flicker.


Elder What is the purpose of this.


Scotty I’m sorry I’ll have it sorted out in a minute (Scotty presses buttons on the console)


Picard We’re sorry, this is a museum ship, with holographic emitters to show stories.


  Kirk bursts into life.


Kirk I don’t believe in the No Win Scenario.  I reprogrammed the computers to win.


Scotty Ah, there we go.


  The hologram disappears and there is a momentary silence.


Spock Perhaps, Captain Kirk is right.


Sisko I’m sorry.


Spock We should take Captain Kirk’s advice and not believe in the inevitability of failure.  The human spirit, please correct me if I’m wrong, is a source of indefatigable optimism and adversity a source of ingenuity.


Sisko I cannot argue with you on that but I do not follow you.


Spock I am privy to the location of the Talosians.  It was my first mission aboard a human vessel.  Our encounter so shocked the Federation that is became a proscribed planet under General Order 7 in the Alpha quadrant.


Elder You are attempting to deceive me.


Spock I assure you I am not.  Come join with me if you doubt me.


Elder Perhaps at a later time.


Janeway And I have met your 4 founders.  I believe my security officer Tuvok has a message from them for Odo and you.


  There is a pause, again the Elder looks disbelieving and suspicious of the story unfolding.


Elder Bring me this Tuvok.


Janeway Janeway to Tuvok.


Tuvok Tuvok here captain.


Janeway Would you mind joining us on the Enterprise.


Tuvok Certainly captain.


  A moment or two later Tuvok materialises on the bridge of the Enterprise.


Tuvok Ah, Chief Odo, I have a message for you which I cannot access.  It will be necessary for us to mindmeld to retrieve it.


Odo I would be delighted.  Perhaps we can do it together (to the elder)


Elder Yes.


  Odo and the Elder start to meld their arms together but retain their torsos. Then the Siamese pair move towards Tuvok who holds out his hand to Odo’s face to mind meld with them. They encompass him much as the liquid creatures had before.  After a couple of minutes they slowly extract themselves and separate into three.

There is a pause for a minute or so.


Odo I think you should tell them.


Elder Yes.  Ambassador Spock, this has been a most enlightening experience.


Tuvok has indeed a message for the Great Link. You have made contact with the four.  Unfortunately The Great Link will not be able to hear it.


Spock What would prevent them from hearing it.


Elder When we learned of your destruction of our defence force we instigated our own contingency plan.


Spock Which is?


Elder At this moment in time, Dominion Forces in the Alpha Quadrant are preparing to attack each home planet in the Federation.  Their shields are down because destruction of the ships will not prevent completion of their mission.


They each carry a modified genetic virus that will extinguish all DNA lifeforms on a world.  The effect is 100% complete.  There is no antidote, there is no cure.  It is quick, it is painless, your people will simply fall asleep and never wake up.


Destroying the ships will just allow the virus to spread across many systems rather than just the Federation ones.


Their orders are to fire the virus in torpedo if they detect an Omega weapon has been triggered in the Gamma Quadrant, or in 48 hours if your Federation force has not returned.


Picard But that is outrageous.


Janeway As outrageous as our Omega weapon.


Picard But that didn’t destroy life in the same way.


Janeway Yes it does, just not in our dimension of space and time.


Spock So we are faced with a retreat in order to save our worlds from death.


Odo There’s more.


Elder Yes, that was our stance that I was to tell you in order to make you leave The Great Link.  However, the Dominion forces are ordered to carry out the mission irrespective in order to preserve us.


Spock We cannot allow this to happen.


Elder The future is an undiscovered country.


Spock What can we do to draw back both sides.


Elder I do not know.  I am old and weak.  I volunteered to come here as my time is now short and I will not join the Great Link again.  My clone must be becoming self aware.


Our homeworld has erected a Metaphasic force field which you will not be able to penetrate with a ship, or weapon or your transporters.  The Great Link want nothing more to do with you and simply want to be left alone.  They will not communicate with you.


Picard Mad, that’s what this is.


Sisko I’m inclined to agree with you.


Picard Mad, M.. A..D, it was an acronym from 20th Century Earth History.  The political superpowers of the day built weapons of mass destruction.  Except they knew the other side had a similar capability.  So they knew that the only thing stopping a pre-emptive strike was the ability to totally destroy the enemy.  Mutually Assured Destruction.


Earth however, did find a way through it all.  The stockpiles eventually were destroyed and accords eventually reached.


Janeway Tell me, would it make any difference if we could bring the four pure Founders to The Great Link? Or even number 1?


Elder Number 1?


Janeway Number 1 is a proto- liquid lifeform that is powering, or rather co-ordinating an incredible region of space at the centre of the galaxy.  I believe it was your former home before you formed The Great Link.


Elder What good would that do?  If you cannot commune with the Great Link.


Janeway Well I’m sure we can find a way round that problem as with everything else.  The first step must be to bring them home.


Spock And later we can introduce you to the Talosians


Elder By then, the virus will have been introduced.


Janeway Excuse me a moment.  Janeway to Voyager.


Chakotay Chakotay here Captain.


Janeway Chakotay, how long would it take us to travel back to the centre of the Galaxy from here.


Chakotay One moment, about 2 hours 10 minutes.


Janeway Good, stand by.


We could be back in 5 or 6 hours.  Would that be enough time?  I’ll leave the rest of you to work out how to get through the force field in a peaceful manner.


Spock It sound like a good plan to me.


Elder Agreed.


Janeway Just one more thing, with your permission admiral. I think Captain Data might like to join us.  As its really his home planet as well.


Picard I think that’s an excellent idea.  Make it so.


Act Twenty Six



  Voyager is flying through a transwarp conduit to the centre of the galaxy.  Voyager traverses the barrier and makes its way to the central system where it enters orbit.  Cut to scene of Janeway, Data, and Odo beaming down to Number 1’s planet.  They make their way through corridors, Data takes a great interest in his true home world.  They enter the sanctum of number 1.


Janeway Hello number 1.  I didn’t expect to see you again so soon.


Number 1 Singh led to me to believe that I might encounter you again soon.


Janeway Number 1, I’d like to introduce you to two friends of mine.  Data and Odo.


Data I am delighted to meet you number 1.


Odo Likewise.


  Number 1 oscillates wildly and shimmers through light.


Data I am data.  My creator was Dr Sung.


Number 1 Did you know that Dr Sung was an android as well?


Data No, I did not know that.  I know his wife, the person whom I called mother was an android, although I had assumed that was because the real Mrs Sung was injured and Dr Sung had transplanted her memory prints onto an android.


Number 1 This planet is a machine planet but it has always required me to be here to run it.  Androids are employed but in non-sentient roles.


Behold your kingdom.


Janeway Why I do believe you are pleased to see your grandson.


Number 1 I do not understand all the intentions in your words.


Janeway Don’t worry in time you will.


Number 1, we have come here for another reason.


We believe you were only meant to be here a little while until another took your place.  This place is like a nursery for members of your species.  You learn all you have to know about space, engineering, time, mathematics and then you join the rest of your kind in the Great Link.


Unfortunately another species attacked the Great Link preventing them from reaching their full potential and stopping them having more offspring like you.


However, the four creatures you have incarcerated on the far system are of your kind and came to commune with you.  Your defensive machines must have mistaken their intentions for one of kidnapping you against your will and hence taking away their reason to exist.


Data Your creation of Dr Sung and now, myself shows that the machines can procreate themselves.  You are no longer required to remain here if you do not wish.


  Number 1 oscillates wildly and changes from silver to red.


Janeway Of course you can stay if you wish, or you can leave and come back.


Number 1 we desperately need your help.  Your people need your help.


Number 1 We must establish the reproduction cycle for Data-oids


Data An eminently sensible suggestion.


From my conversations with Dr Singh I believe that you can cause time to pass more slowly here than anywhere else.


Number 1 Space and time are merely expressions of thought patterns.


Data An interesting if somewhat philosophical answer.


If it is true then we can establish the ‘Adam and Eve’ machines to continue your work.


Janeway Number 1, Odo is of your kind, though not exactly as you.  He was cloned from another and carries an important message for you from an Elder of the Great Link.  Will you allow him to commune with you.


Number 1 You may approach Odo.


  Odo moves towards number one and outstretches an arm.  As it liquefies and extends towards number 1 a force field shimmers.


Janeway You have to trust us.  Odo be gentle.


  Number 1 deactivates the force field.


Odo We will become one.


  Odo and number 1 meld into one slowly.  They mix like a Swiss roll with their respective colours swirling around.  After a minute or two they separate out and return to their original forms.  Then number 1 seeps out from his spherical shape and takes on a humanoid form.  She is translucent.  she holds out a hand to Data.  Data shakes her hand.  Janeway shakes her hand.


Number 1 Come let us regenerate Dr and Mrs Sung’s programme.


Data If I might make a suggestion, I have observed that human and other species tend to have different individual forms, sometimes the product of diet but actually due to a variety of reasons.  I believe we should introduce some randomness of form to assist each android in developing their own personality.


Odo I would tend to agree.


Janeway Happy families.


  Cut to scene of new androids being created and then Number 1 and the away team beaming back to Voyager.

Voyager makes its way to the far planet where Janeway, Odo and Number 1 beam down to the shore of the sea.  The damaged Delta Flyer can be seen in the distance in a large blackened crater.


Janeway I’m sure they’d like you to call them.


Number 1 Hello.  I….. Number one is here.


Janeway A little louder perhaps.


Number 1 (very, very loudly) I am here.


  The sea starts to rise and fall and then four columns of water arc up and out onto the shore.  They form the 4 beings met by Janeway earlier. They encircle number 1 who stretches out her arms to them.  They meld together.  After a minute or so they separate.


Genesis 1 We owe you a debt of gratitude.


Janeway You are welcome.  Would you like to go home?


  The Genesis beings smile.


Janeway Janeway to Voyager, seven to beam up.


  Cut to scene of Voyager’s bridge as Janeway takes her chair.


Janeway Janeway to Data, how are preparations on the central system.


Data They are complete.  The Androids will be activated momentarily.


Janeway Data, do you wish to remain with your, …. your children?


Data They are not quite my children as they are Dr and Mrs Sung who were my parents, although I do know what you mean.  This is my home, the place of my birth and it will always be special to me, but my family is Admiral Picard and the crew of the Enterprise.  That is where I belong.  Besides, is it not customary in most species religions to have a creator who leaves them to develop on their own?


Janeway I do believe you’re right.  Transporter room, are we able to transport Captain Data over this distance?


Transporter room Affirmative captain.



Janeway One to beam up then.


Mr Paris, set course for the Founders homeworld.  Maximum transwarp.


Paris Aye Aye sir.


  Cut to scene of Voyager leaving orbit and jumping into a transwarp conduit.




Act Twenty Seven



  Voyager arrives back at the Founder’s homeworld. Cut to scene of original Enterprise bridge. As Janeway Odo and Number 1 enter from the turbo lift, Admiral Picard, Ambassador Spock and Captain Sisko great them.


Sisko I’m delighted to meet you.


Number 1 Likewise, Odo has shared his experiences of you with me, he admires and trusts you greatly.


Sisko I’m honoured to have met him.


Janeway Have we worked out a way to meet the Great Link?


Sisko We have one suggestion.


  Sisko and Picard eye each other.


Janeway I have the feeling I’m not going to like it.


Sisko We freefall.


Janeway Pardon.


Sisko We don micro EVA suits and freefall through the forcefield.  Its not designed to prevent small organic objects from penetrating.  We noticed our waste products went through it before burning up in the atmosphere.


Janeway Burning up in the atmosphere?


Sisko You must have heard of high altitude skydiving?  Its very popular, we’d be doing the same just from very much higher.


Janeway I know what atmosphere surfing is as well, don’t people generally practice in holosuites before trying it out for real?


Sisko Yes, some do.


Picard Only two need go.  Captain Sisko has volunteered as has the elder.


Spock I should like to go as well.


Picard There really is no need.


Number 1 Let us all go.  The other four are happy to wait until we get back.


Janeway In for a penny… I’d suggest Odo and number one sharing a suit with one of us.


Odo That is acceptable, I do not believe I would be very good at it otherwise.


Sisko OK, Odo you’re with me.


Janeway And number 1 with me.


  Cut to scene of all of them wearing EVA suits with very small oxygen packs but another package for their parachute.  Spock, Picard, Sisko and Janeway exit from an air lock and float gently away from the Enterprise.  They activate small rockets which head them off to the planet.  The adopt a diving posture with their hands outstretched above their heads.  They start to glow as they enter the atmosphere.  In a few seconds each has a red conical wake.  They start to slow down as they descend and pass through clouds before adopting the spread eagle approach.  Their parachutes deploy and they fly towards the edge of the shore of the Great Link.  They land and disrobe from their chutes and EVA suits.


Picard Quite a remarkable sight.


Sisko Yes, a community like no other.


  Slowly two founders form and exit the lake.


Elder 2 Why have you come here?  We do not want you here.


Spock I apologise for the manner of our arrival, it was imperative that we meet to avoid a galactic catastrophe.


Elder 2 You should have thought of that before you brought your Omega device here.


Sisko We will not use the device.  We have learnt of its effects.


We have good news for you.


  Odo and Number 1 emerge from the discarded suits.


Elder 2 What is the meaning of this?  What have you done with the Elder?


Sisko She is aboard our starship.  We did not think it wise to risk bringing her down as well.  She is communing with the four pure founders whom we have helped return to you.


Elder 2 The pure founders?  And who are you (to number 1)?


  Number 1 holds out her cupped hands.  There is a small silver blob in them.


Number 1 Behold, a new founder is born.


Each of the four other founders is also now with child.  In time we can re-establish the line.


Elder 3 This is joyous news. I can hardly believe it.  Come join the Great Link.


Number 1 I’d very much like to.


Spock If you release the Force field we can beam the others down.


Elder 3 It is done.  Odo we have done you a great disservice.


Ambassador, we may also have misjudged your Federation and Alliance.


Spock Mistakes have been made on both sides.  I would be misleading you to promise there will never be mistakes made in the future between us.  However we have put the past errors behind us and we can build forward from here.  We will of course respect your right to privacy.


I would though like to discuss how we might prevent your virus plan being used in the Alpha Quadrant.


Elder 2 Give us some time with our new family.  Some of the elders will travel back to the Alpha Quadrant with you and stop the virus’ use.


Spock On behalf of all the peoples of the Federation I thank you.


I hope today becomes a great day of celebration throughout the galaxy for peace.  The search for peace must never end.


Picard I’ll signal the fleet to make their way here.  We should organise a celebration.


Elder 3 We have no need for that.


Picard It is our way.


Spock We should take these steps slowly, so as not to fall.


Picard I understand.




Act Twenty Eight



  The party is getting ready to leave the planet’s surface


Scotty (Via comms) The fleet are entering synchronous orbit, the Romulan vessel appears to be having trouble with its engines and is 500m Kilometres behind the others.


Picard Thank you Mr Scott.  Picard to Riker, the Founders have dropped their force field.  Please can you beam myself and the Founder next to me up.


  Admiral Picard beams up to the Enterprise -E.  Sisko signals the Defiant and beams up and Janeway does likewise to Voyager.  Ambassador Spock returns to the original Enterprise. Cut to scene on Enterprise – E bridge.


Picard Picard to General Sela, is there a problem?


General Sela No problem Admiral.   I need to speak with Ambassador Spock.


Spock Go ahead General Sela.


  The viewscreen on the bridge is spilt between an image of the Romulan Warbird’s bridge and Ambassador Spock.


General Sela Ambassador Spock, the Romulan High Council have asked me to convey a message.


Spock Yes.


General Sela We are grateful for all your efforts in bringing about an end to the present hostilities and your work in bringing about the Federation Romulan Accord has been recognised with the award of the High Council Meritous Service medal.


Spock I am honoured.


General Sela Ambassador, being a disciple of pure logic I know then that you will understand that what I am about to do is completely logical.


Spock You must not take any action, we have reached a peaceful conclusion to the war.


General Sela Any solution that leaves the Romulan Empire exposed is unsatisfactory.  By ending the war here, from a position of strength, the Romulan Empire can continue to be strong and independent in the future.


Spock Our future is together, as a united collection of independent species and people.  We can co- exist with the Dominion without either of us needing to fear the other.


General Sela Perhaps one day that may be true, today I have my orders, we are 50 hours into the mission and no peace treaty is signed.


Spock We have reached an accord, the paperwork can follow.


General Sela Not according to my orders, if a peace treaty is not signed and the Federation has failed to set off its Omega device then to protect the Romulan Empire I have to do what I’m about to do.


Picard No!!  General Sela you do not understand, the Dominion have sent their own Doomsday scenario to the Alpha Quadrant.  If we set off the Omega device or attempt to destroy the Founders they will extinguish all life on all our homeworlds.  We are no longer their enemy, we have saved them from extinction!


Shelby This is Captain Shelby, I’m sorry to interrupt.  Captain General Sela, I too was given a final solution.  The presidential attaché, ordered me to deploy a genesis device in the same scenario as you have described.  I can tell you that I will not, not because I am afraid or I cannot follow orders but because I will not allow defeat to be snatched from the jaws of success.  We command starships because we can be counted on to make the right decision, not just follow orders.


Bateman And this is captain Bateman, I too was given a genesis device but I’m not going to use it.


General Sela You do what you think is right, For Romulans, not to carry our an order is the ultimate disgrace.


Picard General Sela, no! The choice is live with peace or not to live.


General Sela I will do what I have to do.



Sisko Sisko to Worf, plot an intercept course and destroy the Romulan warbird with extreme prejudice.


Worf Aye Captain.


  Cut to scene of the Defiant breaking off from the orbiting fleet and engaging the warbird.  Phasers and torpedoes fire from both sides.

Picard Picard to all ships, engage the warbird, it must be halted at all costs.


  Cut to scene of all ships except the Enterprise – D and original Enterprise breaking out of orbit to pursue the warbird.  The warbird fires four torpedoes astern of the Defiant and they hurtle past the other ships.  Three strike the Enterprise -D and one the original Enterprise.  Cut to scenes on board both ships of being rocked by blasts and subsequent damage.


Worf Captain Sisko the warbird has cloaked, attempting to monitor gravitmetric distortions.


Janeway This is Janeway of Voyager, we can track the warbird and engage.


Chakotay Chakotay, adjusting sensors, one moment, yes we have the warbird, it is approaching the centre of the system… targeting phasers, fire!!


  Cut to external scene of Voyager firing phasers into the darkness of space.  They hit an object which fizzles into view as the warbird. Cut to scene of Warlord’s bridge, heavily damaged and on fire.


General Sela Goodbye Admiral and Ambassador.  It has been a remarkable adventure with you, it will live forever in our history.


  Cut to scene of the derelict warbird in space firing multiple torpedoes at the sun.  Cut to scene of Voyager bridge.


Kim Commander, the warbird has fired five torpedoes at the sun, they appear to be armed with tri-lithium warheads.


Chakotay Target them and destroy.


Kim Acquiring targets, they do not appear to be following normal trajectory paths, they have random turns in their flight plans.


Chakotay Target manually if you have, just shoot them before they get to the sun.


Kim Firing phasers, one target destroyed.  Second target destroyed.  Estimated time to impact nine seconds.


  Cut to scene of original Enterprise.


Picard Picard to all ships, fire all phasers – destroy those torpedoes.


  Cut to external scene, the Defiant and Enterprise – E are pursing the torpedoes and each destroy one , cut to scene of Voyager bridge.


Kim Target acquired, firing phasers, target missed.  The torpedo has entered the Sun’s chronoshpere.


Chakotay Tractor it back.


Kim Target has exploded.


  Cut to scene of the Sun beginning to lose nuclear fission and dark areas forming.  It explodes.  Cut to scene of original Enterprise.


Sisko O no!!


  Picard, Sisko and Janeway are open mouthed, Spock is impassive.


Sisko Mr Worf get us out of here.


Worf Aye sir. Estimated time to impact at the Founder’s homeworld, two minutes nineteen seconds.


Data Data to Admiral Picard.


Picard Picard here.


Data We took heavy damage from the warbird attack, the Omega furnace has been damaged and is leaking, I am attempting to isolate the device with Lieutenant Barclay.


Picard Acknowledged.


Q Well, well, well.


Picard Q – stay out of it.


Q As I’ve been telling you all along.  Your species has been on trial and now its about to time for your sentence.


Elder 2 You are not solid like them?


Q No, nor am I liquid, urgg I hated it when I was like you.


Elder 2 You are from the next stage after we pupate?


Q Yes.


Elder 2 I have never met one of you before.



Q Well its sort of against the rules.


When you lot used to join the Q dimension, one of us would then move onto the final stage, but it looks like our best efforts to help these lowly DNA bipeds has not been enough to rectify matters.


O well, eternity as a Q is not that bad, there’s plenty of other galaxies to visit.


  At that point the holographic emitters on the original Enterprise spit into life again and can be heard over the open Comm lines.


Kirk I do not believe in the ‘no- win’ scenario.  I changed the rules of the game.


Picard Captain Kirk is still right, we do not just accept fate..  Picard to the fleet, options please.


Scotty Sorry to interrupt, I dunno how big it is but could we transport the Great Link onto the fleet and warp away in time?


Elder 2 You may be able to transport some but there are too many of us to get everyone inside of two minutes.


Sisko Sorry Mr Scott, its about the size of Lake Michigan.


Could we fly back through time and destroy the final torpedo?


Spock Without the solar core it is difficult to see how one could achieve the necessary velocity and gravitational distortion to achieve time travel.


Picard How can we protect the planet against a level 12 shockwave?


Tuvok Excuse me, Voyager’s shields may be able to generate such a defence, it is unlikely that it could extend it over the entire planet but with an alignment of the fleet’s ships we may be able to deflect it around the planet.


Janeway Excellent thinking Tuvok.  Start making the alterations to the shields through the deflector dish.


Tuvok Aye aye Captain.


Spock Even if we were to save the planet, the temperature would quickly drop to absolute zero as the heat from the sun is no longer present.  The founders would freeze solid and likely crack and die, probably in about 20 minutes


Captain Shelby mentioned she had a genesis device, if we were to amend its molecular re- sequencing the proto- matter matrix could change the remnants of the solar core back to hydrogen and helium in the proportions necessary for nuclear fusion.


Picard I see where you are going.  But we’d need something to start the fire.


Spock The Omega Furnace, however, it would need to be contained within a 100m radius.


Janeway Voyager might be able to do that as well.


Picard Right lets get to work.


Q An admiral plan (Q claps) We shall see if it works.  You may have bought humanity 18 minutes.


  Cut to scene of the fleet making its way to the solar side of the planet, the shockwave is approaching at speed.  Voyager takes up the point position,  the other ships take up a circular pattern some distance behind Voyager, they look like the outline of a tepee.  The Enterprise -D and original are in the centre of the other ships, damaged unable to take part.  Cut to scene of Voyager bridge.


Tuvok Preparing to initiate the shields.  Deflector dish activated,  linking to deflector dishes of other ships.  Time to impact seven seconds, six…, five…. Four…, three…, two…, one…, brace for impact.


  The ship rattles violently,  cut to scenes on board each of the other ships also shaking violently.  Cut to external scene of shockwave sweeping forward and encountering Voyager.  Its shields holds and the shock wave is swept past Voyager in a conical shape  much as smoke does in a wind tunnel around a wing.  The conical safety zone starts to collapse as it approaches the ring of ships where it encounters the defector fields of the fleet.  These absorb and redirect the shockwave past the outer edges of the planet.  The wave passes.  Cut to scene of Enterprise – E.


Riker Damage report.


Sunni All sections report in, minor casualties reported throughout the ship.  The rest of the fleet reports in.


  Cut to scene of the original Enterprise.


Q Well done, round one to the Federation, now what is it they say about bridge command?  And now Picard, you’re biggest personal test yet.  How do you set off the Omega device?


Picard Captain Janeway, I’m sorry about you ship but we will need to sacrifice it.


Janeway I know.  It’s OK, I will miss her, she’s been a good friend and a wonderful home but its the crew that makes the ship not the nuts and bolts.  Besides, we were never meant to acquire the technology on board Voyager so soon in our evolution.  It would be wrong to keep her.


Picard Can you organise the transfer of the Omega Furnace to Voyager and your crew to the rest of the fleet.


Janeway In hand, we’ll have evacuated in less than five minutes.  Chakotay, download the EMH programme and bring the doctor with us.


Chakotay Aye Captain.


Picard Shelby, have you managed to re- programme the genesis device.


Shelby I’m sorry sir, we do not understand the mathematics behind the matrix interpretation programme.


Picard I’ll see if Captain Data can assist.


Picard to Data, what is your status?


Data Data here admiral, the Omega furnace is fluctuating wildly, I am having to make continuous manual adjustments to maintain its containment field.  The shockwave has damaged the remote activation module.


Picard See if you can fix it?


Data I shall attempt to fix it.


Spock Excuse me admiral, perhaps I can be of some assistance with the Genesis device.  I have some experience in the original design.


Picard Ambassador, any help you could give would be gratefully received.


  Cut to scene of Spock by the shore of the Great Link, it is dark as the sun is destroyed.


Spock I am truly sorry at this turn of events.


Elder I know it was not your intention, this is the kind of behaviour we have always feared.


There are, however, four pure founders with child still aboard one of your starships and perhaps, together with your people a new home can be set up somewhere else in the galaxy.  An ark if you will.


They and you will not be able to return to the Alpha Quadrant, the Jem Hadar will destroy you all.


  Spock gives the Vulcan salute.


Spock We are not without hope, but we also have inspiration from a great man, we shall do everything and more to prevent this catastrophe.


Live long and prosper.


  Spock dematerialises and starts work on the Genesis device.  He examines flow diagrams and makes calculations on the console.  Cut to scene of Data at the Omega Device moving furiously from one panel making adjustments to another and making further adjustments.


Data Data to Janeway, the furnace can be transferred now.


Janeway Acknowledged, transporting now.


  Data and the furnace dematerialise and reappear in a cargo bay on Voyager.


Picard Picard to Data, status report please.


Data Data here admiral, I have been able to maintain integrity of the furnace but it is becoming progressively more difficult.  I estimate that it will go critical in less than one minute.  If there was someone else to assist me and make simultaneous changes we could extend the time to four minutes.


  7of9 enters the cargo bay.


7of9 Perhaps I can be of some assistance?


Data That would be most helpful, can you monitor and adjust the flow manifolds as I vary the harmonics?  The delta factor is to be maintained between zero and point zero, zero one.


7of9 I am familiar with Omega particle theory.  I shall attempt to compensate for your changes.


  Data and 7of9 work on opposite sides of the furnace furiously adjusting the dials on the consoles and moving from terminal to terminal.


Data Data to Picard, I have assistance from Seven of Nine.


Picard How long will it maintain integrity once you leave?


Data I estimate zero point zero, zero, zero, zero, one seconds.


Picard Data, can you rig the transporter to beam you off from inside the solar core.


Data That would only be possible if the transport was initiated zero point three seconds before I and Seven stopped adjusting the field harmonics.


Unfortunately it would not be possible to beam me through the new deflector shields engaged on Voyager to contain the blast.


Picard Data, this is the most difficult moment of my life.


Data There is not need to explain Admiral.  I understand the role of bridge commander.  This is a live example.  Besides, I have exceeded my original programming, I have met and visited my creator and assisted in the birth of a new race of android lifeforms.


More than this I have always had you as a friend.  I am pleased to be able to help my friends in this way.


Picard Data, I… if there were any other way…


Data I understand sir.


Janeway Janeway to Picard, we have engaged the Omega containment deflector field and have evacuated all personnel and the Founders from Voyager.  She is set on an automated course for the solar core, ETA one minute fifteen seconds.


Picard Thank you Captain, are you aware of Seven of Nine’s present role.


Janeway Yes I am, she cleared it with me before offering to help Captain Data.  I cannot see any other way.


Shelby Shelby to Admiral Picard.  Ambassador Spock estimates another two minutes to completion of the alterations.


Picard Acknowledged.


  Picard sheds a tear at the thought of Data’s demise.

Cut to scene of Voyager making its way to the solar core and flying around debris as it makes its way to the centre.  Cut to scene of Enterprise – E bridge,  Janeway and her bridge crew are present.


Sunni Voyager has entered the solar core.


7of9 (Via comms)Seven of Nine to Captain Janeway, we have reached the centre.  Estimated time to critical mass one minute forty seconds.


Janeway Thank you Seven.  I will never forget you.


7of9 (Via comms)There is no need to thank me, it is my honour and choice to do this for the real and greater collective of the galaxy.


Riker Riker to Shelby, status report on the genesis device.


Shelby Ambassador Spock has completed adjustments to the matrix and the device is being loaded now.  Firing torpedo, torpedo away.  Ambassador Spock has returned to the Enterprise.


  Cut to external scene of the Independence firing the genesis device at the solar remnant.  It makes it way towards the core past large clouds of dust and gas.  Cut back to scene of Enterprise -E.


Riker The torpedo has entered the remnant, it does not appear to have activated.


Picard What?


Spock Spock here Admiral, it appears that the device was not primed.


Data Data here Admiral, I estimate 60 seconds to critical mass.


Spock Captain Data, are you able to target Voyager’s phasers onto the genesis device to set it off?


Data Negative sir, it would require one of us to leave the furnace and it would then go critical.  There also appear to be too much debris in the line of fire, we would need to fly to within 1 kilometre of the target which would take us away from the solar core.


  Cut to scene of the Defiant’s bridge.


Sisko Ambassador, Admiral, we do not have time to debate this.


This is Sisko, all hands abandon ship, this is not a drill, you must evacuate within twenty seconds, get to the nearest lifepod immediately.


Worf Captain, I presume the order does not apply to me.


Sisko O yes it does.


Worf Sir with respect, one person will be needed to take the helm, one to target and fire the phasers.


Sisko You are right.


Worf Good, it is my right to die at your side..


  Cut to external scene of Defiant’s lifepods rapidly ejecting from around its surface, the Defiant arcs around and heads towards the solar core.  Cut to scene of Enterprise -E bridge.


Picard Picard to Sisko, what are you doing?


Sisko I have learned that there is a time to lead and a time to follow, there is a also a time to do.  This is a time to do, we’re going to set off that device, I’m not about to sit around and allow the destruction of the Alpha and Gamma quadrants.


Picard Captain, we owe you a debt of unpayable proportions.


It has been an honour to serve with you.


Worf Admiral, the honour has been mine.


Picard Worf, I..,  I am proud to have known you, the story of Worf will be told and retold with pride and become part of Klingon legend which will be handed down from generation to generation.


Worf Goodbye.


  Cut to external scene of the Defiant entering the core.  Cut back to scene of Voyager Cargo bay.


Data Data to Enterprise, estimated time to critical mass is twenty -five seconds.


  Cut to scene on Defiant bridge.  Sisko is at the helm. Worf at tactical.


Worf Target bearing three nine nine, vector four two, distance one thousand kilometres.


  Cut to external scene of Defiant navigating its way through the debris, up and over large pieces, turning through 90 degrees to get through gaps.  Cut to scene of Enterprise -E and then original Enterprise where there is visible tension.  Cut back to Voyager’s Cargo bay.


Data Twelve seconds to critical mass.


  Cut to scene of solar remnant.  There is no sound.  Then cut quite suddenly to the Defiant’s bridge.


Worf Target acquired, firing phasers.


Today is a good day to die.


  Sisko gently salutes Worf.


Sisko Yes it is, so as others can live.


  Cut to scene of the genesis device being hit by phaser fire and exploding engulfing all the debris including the Defiant around it.  It is a chain reaction and spreads through out the area of the old sun.  Cut to scene on Voyager’s Cargo bay.


Data Two…, one…, critical m…..


  Cut to scene of Voyager exploding in a brilliant ball of light.

Cut back to show the Sun blinking brilliantly back into life.

Cut to scene on the Enterprise – E bridge, everyone shields their eyes as the Sun bursts back into life.

Cut to scene of the shore by the Great Link, the night sky is lit up by the explosion and slowly the Sun returns to the sky.

Cut back to scene of the Enterprise – E bridge.


Picard No greater love hath man than he lay down his life for his fellow man.


Today four remarkable individuals have sacrificed their own lives so as we might live in peace.  A human, a Klingon, an Android and a Borg.   Every world of the Federation, the Alliance and the Dominion owes them everlasting gratitude.


Never in the field of history have so many owed, so much to so few.


Let us remember them as friends, as outstanding Starfleet officers, and as the heroes they are.




Act Twenty Nine



  The scene is of the fleet back in formation around the Enterprise -E.  Cut to scene of the Enterprise – E bridge.


Elder The founders are eternally grateful for your help in re-establishing the line.


Picard You’re very welcome, I’m just sorry that we had that near disaster at the end.


Elder I am sorry at the loss of your friends.


Picard As long as we remember them, they will always be with us.


Elder I wish you a speedy journey home.


Picard Thank you, I wish you a long and happy future.


  The Elder dematerialises.


Picard Captain Riker, signal the fleet. Engage hyperwarp on your mark.


Riker Yes sir.  The fleet signal ready.


Helm, set course for the Alpha Quadrant, sector zero, zero, one, Hyperwarp speed.




  Cut to scene of the hyperwarp bubble forming around the fleet and then flying off into hyperwarp.




Act Thirty



  A strapline appears against the background of stars. ‘One year later’

Picard and Janeway are making a courtesy trip to the Gamma Quadrant through the wormhole.  Q joins them as they enter the wormhole.  The runabout stops halfway in the wormhole.


Q Its good in here isn’t it?


Janeway I don’t know about you (to Picard) but I’ve had enough of Q (to Q)to last me a lifetime.  We’re supposed to be on a goodwill visit to the Founder’s homeworld to celebrate the first anniversary of the Peace treaty.


Picard Agreed!


Q If only you knew how funny you sound.


“A lifetime.”


You still don’t get it do you?  However, I just know you’re going to like this bit of the trip.


Admiral, tell me, do remember when you were seven years old and you got up early one morning.  You went downstairs and you found a mouse in the kitchen?


It was terrified and ran all around the floor.


Do you remember Jean Luc?


Picard Yes, as a matter a fact I do, why?


Q You thought how strange that it should be afraid of you as you were not going to hurt it.  Tell me Jean Luc, did you hurt it?


Picard No I didn’t, I opened the back door so as it could escape.


Q And did it escape?


Picard No, it ran to the other side of the kitchen.


Q So what did you do?


Picard I,… I,.. I coaxed it out with a broom.


Q Jean Luc, a poor defenceless creature, that you were trying to help, you had to scare it with a broom and even hit it once to make it run out through the door where its freedom lay.


Picard And your point is?


Q We’ll get to it soon.


Picard Get to what soon Q?


Q The whole picture


  Picard and Janeway are taken into the realm of the Prophets.  Blinding white backgrounds and faceless forms except for Data, Worf, Sisko and 7of9


Picard Q is this one of your tricks?


Data We have two corporeals trapped in linear time?


Worf Yes, they are still thinking about lifetimes, instead of lifecycles.


7of9 They do not know why they were chosen


Janeway What is this place?


Picard Katherine, I think this is the realm of the prophets as visited from time to time by Captain Sisko, he was their Emissary.


Sisko You know the Sisko.


Picard Well, yes you look like him, or rather what he did look like.  He died last year.


7of9 Death, a linear time constraint.  We have spared the Sisko the corporeal end, he was the chosen one, the Emissary, the one chosen to keep our evolution going.  He serves us well.  He is all of us now.


Picard You mean it was all planned from the beginning, you knew he would be needed to set of the device?


Worf Again with the linear thinking.


Data Another comes..


  Q joins the gathering.


Picard Q is that you?


Q Jean Luc, Katherine, it was, it is, it will be I.


Janeway Have you become one of the prophets.


Q I am no longer time bound in a linear sense, I have evolved.


You have been an essential part in restoring the natural order to the galaxy.  The Founders can reproduce, the Borg are tamed, your evolution can continue.


Beware though, you advance at a linear pace unlike any other.  Take care of your future.


  Janeway and Picard reappear in the runabout.


Janeway I’m not sure I understood all that.


Picard I’m not sure we were meant to.  I think it means we won’t see Q again and the circle has been completed.


  Camera pans away backwards and out through the windscreen to observe the runabout as it passes through the wormhole and out into the Gamma quadrant.

The final end credits roll against the backdrop of stars.





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