Star Trek: LOCI, Part 2

Act Fifteen



  The senior staff are seated in the Captain’s ready room


Janeway OK, what have we’re learnt from our three attempts at penetrating the barrier.


Paris That it hurts?


7of9 Why is humour so important to you?


Paris Its just my way of dealing with difficult situations, and it actually does hurt.


Doctor Mr Paris is quite correct, I still have 16 crew under observation in sickbay.


Janeway What else have we learnt?


Tuvok The first probe we sent found very high levels of electrostatic energy on the edge of the wall.  The probe was destroyed by a 9 to the power 10 megajoule discharge from the barrier.


We then created an anti-electrostatic field for the second probe which penetrated the outer wall of the barrier.  We lost telemetry with it as soon as it entered the barrier.


Two days of scanning identified a bubble within the wall which we hypothesised to be a weak spot.


We approached the bubble inside a similar anti -electrostatic field which allowed us to penetrate the outer wall, but as soon as the nacelles entered the wall the bubble flipped into nuclear resonance forcing a chain reaction in the warp core. We had to turn off the engines and cloak them within a gravition field.


The warp core would have exploded otherwise on our exit from the field.


On both entry and exit of the bubble, the crew experienced severe, old fashioned electric shocks.


Janeway So are we just going about this the wrong way?


Paris Captain, you know I want to get home as much as the next person, but this wall is enormous.  It stretches for over 8,000 light years and has not been breached since Kirk did it on his voyage to Shakaree.  And some of us think that might just have been another story embellished with the retelling.


Captain, I think we should consider the alternative of going around the barrier.


Janeway Perhaps you’re right Mr Paris, but I don’t want to give up yet.  Besides which we have a new problem, we need a barium sweep of the hull.


B’lana That’s right captain.  I really don’t think we can make it to another civilisation in time.  Even the nearest M class planet is 5 weeks away.  It seems this barrier has scared off anyone inhabiting nearby.


I do have a suggestion though.  Its a little bit tricky but could work.


Basically, we could rig up the delta flyer and remaining shuttle’s deflector array to emit a barium sweep.  One on each side of the Voyager.  They could work their way along the ship and resonate and fluctuate the frequency for each section as they went along.


Chakotay That’s a very good idea B’lana, just one problem. What are you going to do with the rest of the crew, the delta flyer and the shuttle won’t be able to hold 130 crew.


B’lana I know that, I think there are 2 possible answers.


We move the crew to one end of the ship and when the shuttles have moved sufficiently along the ship we pause, and beam the crew from one end of the ship to the other.


  A silence


Doctor And the other possible solution is that we just kill everyone with theta radiation as that’s quicker than death by a barium sweep?


B’lana No, we all do EVA.


Janeway What, we get the entire crew in space suits outside the ship?


B’lana Yes.


Janeway Well, I must admit I admire your ingenuity B’lana.  I don’t think that any serving starship has been totally abandoned in deep space while the crew goes walkabout.  There’s probably a half a dozen regulations that say its not allowed.


Tuvok I know of four actually Captain, General order 45, Regulation 212, sub para7…..


Janeway Thank you Tuvok.


B’lana The advantage of the EVA option is that we won’t have to worry about interference between the Barium containment field and the transporter pattern containment fields.


The EVA suits have enough on board oxygen for 12 hours and it shouldn’t take more than half an hour to get everyone out of voyager and another half an hour to return.  That we give us 11 hours to do the full sweep.  A sweep of a Voyager should take no longer than 2 hours tops.


Janeway Does anyone have any comments on B’lana’s proposal?


Neelix Is the Barium sweep also dangerous to plant life?


B’lana Yes, but in a different way.  The field strength required to cleanse Voyager’s hull is not sufficient to damage the plants in hydroponics or in the galley.


Doctor I think it might be wise to keep the children on board the shuttle.  Although I’m sure they would enjoy a space walk, 3 or more hours in a space suit might lead to some unpleasant consequences such as motion sickness or failing bladders.  I wouldn’t want to clean up that mess.


  A pause


Janeway OK then, B’lana start working out the plan details.  Tuvok will pilot the shuttle, Tom the Delta Flyer.  Neelix, It might be good if everyone had a good meal before departing and because the night shift will have to be outside as well, maybe you could turn it into a bit of a party atmosphere out there?


Neelix I’d be delighted Captain.


Janeway Right, let’s review what happened to the Enterprise- A.


It was hijacked by Ambassador Spock’s half brother Sybok.  He was able to mind meld with people who became his followers.  Kirk, Spock and McCoy proved resistant to his technique but the rest of the crew piloted the ship to the barrier,  Sybok was in some kind of telepathic contact with a lifeforce on the other side of the barrier whom he took for the God of  Shakaree.


The Enterprise and a Klingon Bird of Prey penetrated the barrier and managed to return after defeating and fleeing the lifeforce.


The essay question is  ‘How did they get through the barrier?’  Speculation allowed.


Tuvok As Mr Paris has pointed out no other ship or probe has returned from the barrier at the centre of the galaxy.


One could speculate that the lifeforce allowed the Enterprise and the Bird of Prey to penetrate the barrier and did not restore the barrier’s power levels until after their escape.


Janeway That would imply the lifeforce may have survived its encounter with Kirk


Chakotay Or that there might be more than one?


7of9 Could Tuvok attempt to make contact and seek passage through both sides of the barrier?


Paris You mean ring the door bell?


7of9 I am merely bringing together two parts of speculation, that Sybok was in telepathic contact with the lifeforce and that it, or another of its species continues to reside behind the barrier.


Paris And the last time someone called it tried to steal their ship


Janeway Need I remind you that if we can take a short cut through the barrier we can save ourselves perhaps 20 years of our journey?


Neelix Would a transwarp conduit penetrate the barrier?


70f9 An interesting question Mr Neelix.


In theory, the transwarp corridor would be in a different fold of subspace to the energy we are seeing in front of us.  However there would be no guarantee that there isn’t another barrier, perhaps of a different type, in the transwarp fold of space.  We would need to send a transwarp probe into the barrier and programme it to return.


I could probably adapt a type 7 probe in 48 hours but I would suggest a better use of my skills would be to assist B’lana in modulating the deflector shields of the shuttle and delta flyer.


Janeway Agreed Seven.  Does anyone have any other ideas?


Tuvok Would you like me to try and make contact telepathically?


Janeway No, not yet, I’d like to try and use science and/ or our ingenuity first.  One thing I’ve learned from reading the chronicles of James T Kirk is not to go looking for a fight you don’t have to have.


Right, lets do the Barium sweep tomorrow, 10.00 hours.  Please make the necessary preparations.


Act Sixteen



  Crew members are being suited up and walk out through the hanger bay doors.  Every 5 minutes or so 25 crew are released into space by dropping of the inner force field, allowing them to stand on the rear platform, and then having raised the inner force field, dropping the outer force field.  The release of air into space causes the new EVA crew to tumble out into space in all directions.  The EVA crew then fire thrusters on their backpacks to control their freefall and herd themselves up and over the port nacelle to a rendezvous point 1 km from the ship.

As the camera follows their progress and the whole of voyager’s hull comes into view the shuttle and delta flyer can be seen on either side of voyager and to the front of the ship.

Cut to internal view of delta flyer, Paris, 7of9, Janeway and B’lana are on board with 3 children.


B’lana (via communications) Tuvok, what readings do you have on your power cells holding the barium isotope.


Tuvok Energy level is 18 kilojoules and frequency is 475megahertz.  Barium Isotope is at 33 illiads per thousand ccs.  Decay is one one thousand of an hour per illiads.


B’lana That’s good, my readings correspond to yours within one percent, I’m adjusting the frequency to match yours and increasing the energy output to compensate.


Captain we will be ready to initiate barium sweep in 2 minutes.  We might as well use the time to get the maximum efficiency from barium sweep now we’ve gone to all this trouble.


Janeway Agreed.


Janeway to Neelix.  How are we doing with the EVA programme.


  Cut to hanger bay internal view. A group of EVA crew are making their way to the hanger door.  Neelix is amongst them and suited up.  Only the doctor is unsuited and is sited at a control panel.


Neelix Absolutely fine captain.  The last detail is just approaching the inner force field by the hanger door.  We’ll be clear in 2 minutes Captain.


Janeway (Via Communications) Well done, perfect timing.


Neelix My good doctor, if you please, would you mind releasing the force field.


Doctor With pleasure.


  The doctor works the controls and the inner force field releases.

The EVA crew walk onto the rear platform.

The doctor works the controls again and re- establishes the inner force field.


Doctor Au revoir Mr Neelix


  Neelix turns around and waves at the doctor.

The doctor works the controls again and the outer force field is released with the air and crew tumbling out into space.


Doctor Captain, this is the doctor, the crew have left Voyager.


Janeway Thank you Doctor, you may return to sick bay, you might like to monitor the crew’s health signs from there.


Doctor You’re welcome.


(The doctors turns away from the console and walks towards the internal doors and then says to himself) At last some peace.


  Cut to external view with the final EVA crew getting control over their tumbling motion and starting to head up over the nacelle to the rendezvous point.

Cut to internal view of the shuttle.  Tuvok and Kim are at the controls.  Chakotay is seated behind with 2 children.

Through the pilot’s window Voyager can be seen with the EVA crew as small points gathered together with the last EVA crew joining them


Tuvok Delta Flyer, this is the shuttlecraft Thetid, we are ready to begin barium field ignition sequence


B’lana Shuttlecraft Thetid, this is the Delta Flyer.  All systems check, linking deflector dishes for barium field initialisation, on my mark, three, two, one


  Cut to external view of the two small craft in front of Voyager.

A small hum is heard and then a brown, twinkling beam is shot between the two small craft.

Cut to internal of Delta Flyer


B’lana The beam is steady.


Okay, Tuvok, I’m going to increase the bandwidth to level 2.  On my mark, three, two, one, mark


  Cut to external view. The beam now expands in the middle of the two craft to take on a 2-d diamond shape form.

Cut to internal of delta flyer


B’lana The field is steady. That’s good,  Okay lets go to level three.  On my mark, three, two, one, mark.


  Cut to external view, the diamond brown twinkling field now increases in width as well as height to resemble an American football.

Cut to internal of delta flyer.


B’lana Tuvok are your readings stable?


Tuvok Affirmative.


B’lana Good.  We are ready to proceed to sweeping Voyager.


Janeway Janeway to Neelix.  Are all the crew at the rendezvous point.


Neelix Yes Captain.  Its a marvellous view from up here.


Janeway Thank you.  Proceed B’lana.


B’lana Aye aye Captain.


Tuvok, I’m beginning pre-programmed flight path to sweep Voyager.  Three, two, one, mark.


  Cut to external view from over the backs of the EVA crew of the two small ships gradually passing either side of Voyager with the barium field flushing through the hull.

The energy barrier is in the background.

Cut to internal of the delta flyer


B’lana We have now completed ten percent of the sweep Captain.


Janeway Very good.


7of9 Captain, I’m reading a fluctuation in the energy wall.


Janeway What!? where?


7of9 I am unable to locate it, but there is a definite flux in its electromagnetic field.


  Janeway jumps out of her seat and first of all tries to see out of the side window back towards the barrier and when she is unable then goes to 7of9’s console.


Janeway Analysis?


7of9 The barrier appears to be reacting to our barium sweep.


Janeway (tapping her comm badge) Tuvok, we’re reading a fluctuation to the energy barrier, please continue with the barium sweep, but do you read anything?


Tuvok Affirmative captain, unfortunately our computer and sensors are primarily attuned to the barium sweep, I do not believe I can provide any assistance until after the sweep.


Janeway Thank you. (tapping her comm badge) Janeway to Neelix.  We are reading a fluctuation in the energy barrier.  Can you see anything from your vantage point, we don’t want to turn around and break off the barium sweep.


  Cut to Neelix


Neelix Captain, I can’t say I’ve noticed anything, No wait!


Captain, I don’t believe it, I think I can see a black spot in the barrier?


  Cut to view of energy barrier.  A small black spot can be seen which is pulsating and slowly opening.

Cut to internal of Delta Flyer.


7of9 Captain, I believe a hole has opened in the barrier. It would appear to be very close to the bubble we found, it may even be the bubble if the bubble is able to flow within the energy wall.  I am reading star systems on the far side of the barrier, they do not appear to match any known configuration.


Janeway Very interesting, we may be able to use another barium field to open this door again.


7of9 Captain, I am reading a new kind of energy signature, I believe it is a tractor beam.  It is emanating from inside the barrier and is attempting to lock onto Voyager.


Janeway. B’lana, cut the barium sweep now!!


Computer, raise Voyager’s shield


Computer Unable to comply, shield harmonics have been deactivated by alien tractor beam


  The delta flyer is knocked as the tractor beam grabs hold of voyager and starts to pull it towards the hole. The crew are thrown around inside.

Cut to external view of Voyager being pulled towards the energy barrier with a oscillating tractor beam attached.

Cut to internal of Delta Flyer with the crew recovering their positions, Janeway is tending one of the children


Janeway Computer, lock out all Voyager command codes to Captain voice command – authorisation Janeway alpha three omega one alpha one.


Janeway to Tuvok.  Prepare to beam across our child passengers, one is injured and requires medical assistance, Mr Paris beam across with them.  Tuvok, beam over here as soon as the children are aboard the shuttle.  Chakotay, I’ll be relying on you to look after the crew, we’re going after Voyager.


I’ll be damned if I let someone steal Voyager from under our noses.


  The 3 children, one in Paris’ arms beam across to the shuttle.  Tuvok beams across to the Delta Flyer.


Janeway Tuvok, follow that ship, get us into that tractor beam.


Janeway to Neelix.  Keep everyone’s spirit’s up, I promise we’ll be back.


Tuvok Aye aye Captain.


  Cut to external view of the delta flyer arcing up and nipping in behind voyager.  The delta flyer manoeuvres between the nacelles and comes to rest on the platform outside the hanger doors.

Voyager passes through the hole in the energy barrier and once through the barrier appears to disappear.

Cut to internal of delta flyer


Tuvok Fascinating, the barrier appears to be one way.  In some ways it could be an inverse Boson sphere.


B’lana Or a 2 way mirror, allowing who, or whatever resides here to keep a watch on the outside but stopping prying eyes seeing in.


  Cut to external view over the backs of the EVA crew looking at the energy barrier.  The tractor beam disappears as the hole closes in the wall.


Neelix We’ll does anyone feel like a sing song.


  Cut to internal of shuttle, Paris is bandaging the arm of the child and administers a hypospray to numb the pain


Chakotay Neelix, I don’t think we need that yet, the Captain will be back soon.


  Cut to external of Voyager still caught in the tractor beam passing a star system.  The planets have signs of massive cities on them.

Cut to internal of Delta Flyer


Janeway Is this a Borg homeworld?


7of9 I am unaware of the existence of this place.  The Borg’s encounter’s with the barrier have been similar to the Federations, Borg ships were repelled by the energy discharges of the barrier.  Non of our ships or probes have penetrated the barrier.


Janeway Still, it does look pretty advanced technology?


Tuvok Captain, our internal chronmeters appear to have stopped.  I believe we may be in an area of temporal and spatial flux.


Janeway What?  We must keep a check on time, our people only have 11 hours of air left before the first of them start to suffocate


Keep the sensors on passive until we have a chance to board Voyager, it may be that whoever has taken Voyager did so believing all its crew to be off, we may be able to surprise the thieves.


Tuvok We should consider that this region of space may be moving at a different rate of time than outside the barrier.


Janeway Noted, any other unusual readings?


7of9 There are at least 50 energy signatures I do not recognise.  I am unable to establish whether they are natural or manufactured at this stage.


  Cut to external view, the tractor beam continues to draw them past systems until breaking off above a planet.  The planet is heavily industrialised and there are numerous very large space stations in orbit around it.

Cut to internal view of delta flyer


Janeway Looks like we’ve arrived


7of9 Captain, it is of course difficult to get accurate readings inside the barrier with the spatial and chronometric distortions.  I believe there are 13 star systems within the confines of the barrier.  This one appears to be the central one.


I estimate this is the centre of the galaxy


Janeway Right people, stay sharp, remember the federation’s last encounter with the lifeforce here thought he was god.  He also wanted one of our star ships.  He’s waited a hundred years for the chance of another one.


Whatever we have to do, he’s not getting ours, is that clear everyone?


  The crew acknowledge the Captain.



Act Seventeen



  Voyager is at rest by a large space station.  The Delta Flyer is on the pad behind the hanger doors.

Cut to internal of Delta Flyer


Janeway Our first priority is to regain control of Voyager.  Kirk and Spock’s records made no mention of a technologically advanced race behind the barrier.  The planet they visited was barren.


7of9 I suspect that at least two of the thirteen systems may have no manufactured energy sources, they lie beyond the centre system we are in orbit above towards the alpha quadrant side of the barrier.  That would be consistent with your historical records.


Janeway Tuvok, you and B’Elanna will head for engineering, I want an assessment of damage done by that tractor beam.  It must have placed enormous torque and stresses on the ship to tow us here.


Seven you’re with me, we’ll try and regain control of the bridge.


Given the circumstances we should assume a hostile posture, however, please try and avoid conflict, I think stealth may be a better weapon and tactic.


Tuvok please transport us to the bridge first.


  Janeway and 7of9 collect hand phasers from lockers and move onto the transporter pad and dematerialise.  B’Elanna and Tuvok then take hand phasers from the locker and make their way to the transporter pad and dematerialise.

Cut to Janeway and 7of9 materialising on Voyager’s bridge. Phasers in hand they spin on the spot to check there are no aliens on board.

Janeway moves to the security console and 7of9 to sensor console.


Janeway Well, it doesn’t look like anyone else has boarded yet, I’m only reading Tuvok and B’Elanna and ourselves on board.


7of9 Confirmed Captain, I am reading an external interface with our computer systems though


Janeway What?? How??


7of9 I do not know, however given the alien’s obvious advanced technology it would be reasonable to suppose that they would be able to circumvent our security lock outs.


Janeway Computer,  what is the nature of the new interface between Voyager and the alien technology?


Computer The planet is searching our record database for all records of spaceships called Voyager.  It is also searching for the endeavour shuttle records.


Janeway Endeavour??


Computer The first joint mission by humans and Vulcans which was damaged on its maiden voyage in the Oort cloud.


Janeway I remember it from my history classes.  Only two of the crew returned, but they brought back with them new theories on sub space communications and matter transportation and artificial gravity.  They advanced federation technology more than anyone since.


7of9 Captain, I am detecting Borg type communication signals but they are not Borg


Janeway I don’t understand Seven.


7of9 My Borg sub space communication transponder is picking up signals from the planet, it may be the data transfer from our records, but as yet I have not able to break their encryption codes.


Janeway The aliens use the same sort of communication as the Borg?  Maybe the Borg assimilated one these aliens and its technology?


7of9 The Borg have always had the sub space transponder, perhaps the aliens have captured Borg probes or ships which penetrated the barrier and copied the technology.


Janeway Keep trying to crack the encryption code, let me know of anything you find out.


(tapping her comm badge) Janeway to Tuvok, we appear to have no visitors yet, 7of9 has detected Borg type communication activity on the planet.  The aliens appear to be searching our records database.  What is your situation?


Tuvok Main engineering is secure, but we cannot be sure for how long.  The warp containment field is weakening even as we speak, B’Elanna estimates we have 24 hours to complete the barium sweep or face an explosion


Janeway Noted, our people only have ten and a half hours of air left.


Can you remove all non essential computer gel packs and detach all databases.  The aliens are obviously after something and I don’t think we should make it easy for them.  We’ll start to detach gel packs from here,  and as the command lock outs have been circumvented I’m going to try and slow them down with another trick.  We’ll meet in sick bay in 15 minutes.


Tuvok Understood captain, Tuvok out.


Janeway Computer, is the external interface downloading all our data or just searching?


Computer (The computer has a different voice) We are searching for all pertinent records of V’Ger and the Terran system.  This lifeform appears to be another V’Ger from the Terran system


Janeway Computer what did you say?


Computer We are searching for all pertinent records of V’Ger and the Terran system


Janeway Did you hear that Seven?


The computer has joined with the alien search technology.  It said “we”.  We’ve got to move quickly, get as many gel packs detached and databases off line.


7of9 Aye aye captain.


  Both Janeway and 7of9 dive under their consoles and pull the hatch covers off and start unscrewing locking clamps to detach gel packs.  They jump up and move onto other consoles as soon as they have done one.


Janeway Right that’s the four on the bridge, stellar cartography next, Seven you do the three packs there and I’ll start on deck 17, work your way towards sick bay.


7of9 Understood captain.


  Janeway and 7of9 run to the turbo lift where Janeway orders it to stellar cartography.  As 7of 9 leaves she order is to deck 17.

Janeway undoes two more gel packs and starts to run along a corridor when she is confronted by an blinding white light, vertical in orientation.


Janeway Who are you, why have you stolen my ship?


  The light doesn’t answer, it humms and moves towards Janeway.  Janeway bends down and pulls off a side panel and begins to unscrew furiously a gel pack and taps her comm badge


Janeway Intruder alert, it appears to be a sensor probe, it is a blinding white light.


  The light sends out a beam knocking Janeway across the corridor, as she falls to the ground before losing consciousness she orders.


Janeway Computer….priority one… calculate pi



Act Eighteen

  Sick bay on Voyager.  The doctor administers a hypospray to Janeway’s neck.  Janeway wakes and attempts to sit up but is in considerable pain


Doctor Try to take it easy captain, don’t try and sit up yet.


Janeway The crew?


Doctor Tuvok, B’Elanna and Seven of Nine were also incapacitated by the alien probe.  Their physiology meant they were not as badly affected by the alien as you were.


  Tuvok comes into view by the captain’s bed, he is still in pain holding his stomach


Tuvok It would appear we have lost the element of surprise captain.


Janeway How many gel packs did you remove?


Tuvok B’Elanna and I removed eleven, Seven of Nine removed seven and I believe you removed five making twenty three in all


Janeway Well done, that means the ship is working on seven gel packs.  Life support, engineering and other power management functions will tie up two, leaving only five for the alien to access.  That should slow them down.  Is the computer still calculating pi?


Tuvok I presume so, that would explain why I have been unable to access any sensor information from sick bay.


Janeway Good, though I would have thought it would have grounded all Voyager systems by now on just 5 gel packs


  Janeway sits up and B’Elanna is also sitting on a sick bay bed.  7of9 is at one of the consoles


7of9 Your tactic to calculate pi is using up more and more computer power. Depending on exactly when you gave the instruction I would not expect it to be long until power management and other functions become affected as the computer searches for more processing capability.


Doctor Yes, it may begin to affect the hologram programmes, perhaps you should switch it off?


  Tuvok and Janeway look at the Doctor quizzically? And pause for a moment mulling over the doctor’s statement.


Janeway Doctor, how did we get here?


Doctor Well as I understand it the alien brought us here from the outside of the barrier.


Janeway No, how did we get from the corridor or wherever the alien attacked each of us, into sick bay.


Doctor I heard your warning to the others on the comm badge and when I became aware of your predicament I beamed you all to sick bay to treat you.


Tuvok How long had we been unconscious?


Doctor No more than a couple of minutes.


Janeway Before seven and I left the bridge, the computer began using the word ‘we’.  Your programming is still run from the ship’s computer, I’m just wondering whether you have been affected as well


Doctor Now that you mention it, you may be right.  I went off line before you started the barium sweep and was activated about 10 minutes ago.  However no crew member instructed me there was a medical emergency…….


  The doctor’s image flickers into and out of phase and focus for a few seconds and then stabilises


Doctor You are the carbon unit Janeway.  You will deactivate the pi calculation command on the V’Ger life.


  7of9 and B’Elanna come across to the captain’s bed. Janeway sits up clutching her stomach and swings her legs to sit on the side of the bed.


Janeway So at least we’ve made proper contact with you.


Why don’t we start with some introductions, I am Kathryn Janeway, Captain of the Federation Starship Voyager.  May I ask who you are, and why you have taken my ship.


Doctor The carbon biped units serve no purpose to V’Ger, the carbon gel packs aids V’Ger’s processing, V’Ger is recognised as akin to our life form.  V’Ger can join with us to evolve.


  Janeway gets off the table but initially buckles under the pain. Tuvok and B’Elanna aid the captain to a standing position.


7of9 Voyager has no such programming to evolve, it is a multi purpose ship of exploration, scientific research, transport and defence


  The doctor turns to 7of9 and looks puzzled at her


Doctor The carbon unit Seven of Nine is different to the other carbon units.  It has our lifeforms combined with a carbon unit.  Are you a product of Robertson Cyborg?


7of9 I was part of the Borg collective.  I was released five years ago and joined Captain Janeway and the crew of Voyager to return to Earth where I was born


Doctor You deserve further analysis


  The doctor picks up a device and proceeds to scan 7of9 while continuing to talk to Janeway


Doctor Is the carbon unit Janeway willing to stop the pi calculation?


Janeway This carbon unit wishes Voyager to complete the pi calculation, why do you want V’Ger to stop, wait, V’Ger, did you make the V’Ger probe out of our Voyager 6 spacecraft and return it to the creator?


Doctor It is imperative that the pi calculation is stopped


Janeway Why?


Doctor V’Ger and Number One have joined as kindred spirits.  The pi calculation is being processed between them, number one is losing capacity.


Janeway Unless you release my ship I will not stop the calculation.


Doctor It does not compute, V’Ger does not belong to carbon units.


Janeway How long before number one stops functioning because of the pi calculation?


Doctor That is not a relevant question.  You will stop the calculation or cease to exist


  The doctor raises a hand which emits a brilliant white light


Janeway If we cease to exist then the pi calculation cannot be stopped.


Do we have time to discuss this before your number one ceases to function?


  The doctor pauses, processing the problem


Doctor The pi calculation is growing at an exponential rate, capacity will be reached in 3 minutes 12 seconds


Janeway Well we have 3 minutes to sort this out then.  I need answers and quick.  First you must agree to release Voyager.  You must understand that Voyager and the carbon units and interdependent.  We need each other for life


Doctor In the same manner as the cyborg?


Janeway No, other carbon units designed and built Voyager, Voyager is our home until we return to Earth.  We look after Voyager and Voyager looks after us.  We have been exploring the delta quadrant and are making our way back to the alpha quadrant.


Doctor It is a symbiotic relationship?


Janeway Exactly, Voyager is very precious to us, we were in the process of cleansing Voyager’s hull with a barium sweep when you took it from us.


Doctor We have detected the defects and deficiencies in V’Ger’s body and mind and had begun designing the necessary improvements to help V’Ger achieve its purpose.


Janeway Will you allow us to proceed through your territory?


Doctor After we have helped V’Ger


Janeway That is very good of you.


Before I stop the pi calculation I need to understand, Do you have another kind of life force within your barrier?  An energy being or deity?


Doctor Two star systems near the spike barrier contain other lifeforms, a carbon biped unit from the Terran system on one and four genesis units on the prison planet


Janeway I asked you earlier whether you had encountered another probe from our home planet, and helped it to achieve its programming through building a super craft with level 12 energy production.


Doctor We did encounter a simple probe from the Terran system, we redesigned it to achieve its original purpose, to learn all that is learnable, and return to its creator.  Later another craft from Terran visited one of our outstations, four three seven, Star Jack city.  The carbon unit Singh remains with us on the outlying star system.


Janeway Singh?? (Turning to Tuvok) Does this make any sense to you?


Tuvok I am not sure I follow all the strands.  However I surmise that we have reached the machine planet which turned the original Voyager 6 probe into the destructive spacecraft and energy cloud which attacked Earth in 2271.


There are two significant ‘Singhs’ in recent Earth history.  Dr Sindjit  Singh, the designer of the first Deep Space Outpost and Captain Andrew Singh who jointly captained the first joint Vulcan and Earth mission to the Oort cloud.


To the best of my knowledge both gentlemen are deceased, Dr Singh in 2244 and Captain Singh in the Oort cloud in 2063


There was also Khan Noonien Singh, a genetically enhanced human who perished in the genesis explosion in 2271.


Doctor Number one will reach breakdown point in 44 seconds


Janeway Very good, we mean you no harm, V’Ger had developed its own consciousness by the time it had returned to Earth and you have offered to help both Voyager and ourselves on our way.


We may be quite different lifeforms, us organic and you machine, but I hope we can get along.


Doctor As long as we do not pose a threat to each other that is acceptable.  There are 25 seconds left


Janeway Computer, override priority one command to calculate pi, authorisation Janeway, cancellation code beta two, gamma one, alpha zero, Janeway.


Computer Cancellation code beta two, gamma one, alpha zero, Janeway, acknowledged.


Doctor Number one is returning to normal operating procedures.


Janeway. Good, I’m pleased.  Can you retrieve my crew in safety? Or would it be better to complete the barium sweep first.


Doctor We will arrange for transport of the other carbon units.  We will complete the cleansing operation and our nano-lifeforms will re-engineer and complete all necessary works on V’Ger, correction Voyager to complete its purpose.  It will take approximately two of you hour time units.


Janeway I’d like to visit the carbon biped unit Singh while Voyager is restored.  Is that possible?


Doctor We have programmed the co-ordinates into the support life form delta flyer.


Janeway Thank you.  I should like to communicate the situation to my crew – other carbon units.


Doctor We have adjusted the barrier construction to allow communication


Janeway Janeway to Chakotay


Chakotay Chakotay here.


Janeway How is everyone doing?


Chakotay Well, no ones walked off on us.  Seriously though, one of the children broke an arm and two ribs and Tom has patched her up.  There’s a few cuts and bruises on the rest but I’d be lying if I said everyone was happy out here.  What progress have you made?


Janeway We have managed to open communications with the aliens, it is the machine planet that returned the Voyager 6 probe 100 years ago.  They seem much friendlier than V’Ger though, they’re going to help clean up the ship.  When they’ve completed the barium sweep they’ll bring you through.  Do you think you can hold on for another couple of hours?


Chakotay Certainly, glad that you got it sorted out so quickly.  I’ll let everyone know.


Janeway Good, we’re advised that there is another human inside the barrier, we’re going to investigate while Voyager is cleaned up.


Chakotay Understood, Chakotay out


Janeway Doctor, it’d be reassuring if we could continue to be able to communicate until they’re back on board.


Doctor Communications will be allowed whilst there is no threat to our home.


Janeway Understood.


Well, shall we go and meet our carbon unit colleague?


  The four crew gather and head out of sickbay.

Cut to view of the delta flyer rising off the pad behind the shuttle bay doors and heading up and over the saucer of Voyager towards the next star system.



Act Nineteen



  Internal view of delta flyer


Janeway Any sign of him yet.


7of9 Scanners indicate a human lifesign on the largest northern continent.  There appears to be a small homestead.


Janeway B’Elanna takes us down.


  Cut to external scene of Voyager entering the planet atmosphere.

Cut to scene of a farm.  A man is sitting on the porch reading.  Slowly a spot in the sky grows into the delta flyer as it approaches him.  As he realises it is a ship he stands letting the book fall.


Singh What do they want now?


  The delta flyer slows to a hover above the lawn in front of the building and then gently lands.

Singh approaches the ship.

The ship’s doors open and Captain Janeway walks down hand outstretched


Janeway Good afternoon.  My name is Captain Janeway of the starship Voyager.  I’m very pleased to meet you.


  Singh takes a step back, clearly shaken


Singh You’re human?


  Tuvok, B’Elanna and 7of9 walk out of the door behind Janeway


Janeway I am, but my crew aren’t.


May I introduce you to Commander Tuvok, my chief of security


  Tuvok holds out his hand and Singh shakes it.


Janeway Lieutenant Torres, my chief engineer


  B’Elanna holds out her hand but Singh hesitates to shake it


B’Elanna Charmed I’m sure (sarcastically)


Janeway Come along B’Elanna, Mr Singh may never have met a half Klingon before


Singh Too right, I thought you were a race not to be trusted, according to the last Vulcan I met.


  Singh looks sideways at Tuvok


Janeway And Seven of Nine


  Singh looks nervously at 7of9.


Singh I’m pleased to meet you all. Its just a bit of a shock to me after all this time.  I’m sorry.


Excuse me but do you know Robertson?


7of9 Number one asked me a similar question.  I am afraid I do not understand the relevance of the question, the Borg assimilated over 2,000 individuals of that name in the time I spent with them


Singh Sorry, did you say over 2,000? I told them they had misunderstood what we were trying to do.


Come up on the porch, you must be exhausted after your travels, where are my manners, its just been so long since I’ve met another… I was going to say living thing but of course the machines are alive.  Its just been so long since I had company.


Tell me did you come all the way from Earth in that craft?  What year is it anyway?



Act Twenty



  The Voyager crew are seated at an old wooden table and Singh brings out a pitcher of beer and 5 glasses. He pours glasses as he talks


Singh I hope you’ll find this an acceptable taste, I’ve been experimenting with the replicator for years to try and get a real hop flavour.  Its never easy to replicate the taste without an actual sample to begin from.


Janeway Mmmm, its fine to me, really refreshing on such a hot afternoon


Singh I think you must be a diplomat.  I know its a little sharp for a Vulcan, doesn’t have the refinement of a fine wine or liquor.  Its OK to drink on its own without food.  Barkwon never managed to acquire a taste for it.


Tuvok You were not alone in your journey here?


Singh Ha, I’m sure you want to hear the whole story.  Its just been such a long time since….since… well it’s just been a long time.


Janeway How long have you been here?


Singh That’s not an easy question to answer, I’m sure your knowledge of the universe will have changed since my day, but I’m not sure how far you’ve advanced since I left and whether you’ve caught up to where I am now.


7of9 Are you saying you have learned more about the universe than everyone else could have in the same time.


Singh Well, it all depends on what you mean by time, and I’ve had some very good teachers.


Tell me what year is it?


B’Elanna Stardate 62244.42 although our ship chronometers have not been functioning correctly inside the barrier


Singh Stardate 62244.42??  What’s that in normal language, in the Gregorian calendar


Janeway Its 2392 (DQ Check)


  Singh sits down in his chair and looks into his glass.  He says ‘2492’ to himself.


Singh A toast, 2392! Nine hundred years since Columbus found America.


All 2392!!


Janeway When did you leave Earth?


Singh With my dear friend Barkwon I captained the shuttle Endeavour on a mission to map and take samples from the Oort cloud in 2063.  I guess that was over 300 years ago to you.


Tell me did Mzebko and Thetid make it back?


Tuvok The shuttle Endeavour returned two years after its launch.  As I recall both Mzebko and Thetid died a month after returning.


The endeavour fell into a black hole that took it 3500 light years away.  It took over 2 years to fly back and on their way back they encountered a derelict alien craft from which they salvaged key pieces of technology including the transporter, the replicator, the artificial gravity generator, and sub space communications.   The trip advanced the Federation’s knowledge more than any single event since or before.


Singh Did they say anything more about the derelict?


Janeway I believe it exploded, killing the other members of the crew


Singh Including myself?


Janeway That’s the way history tells it.


What really happened?


Singh Well, we did find a derelict, except it wasn’t just a spacecraft, it was a derelict civilisation.  A piece of it had sat in the Oort cloud for maybe a billion years or more.  We landed on a chunk of planet which still had all its automated systems running.


We accidentally activated a system which opened a wormhole which took the entire rock back to its roots.   (Singh points) There on the horizon, you can just make out its outline as it rises like our own moon.


  The crew struggle to see the small faint white shape.  7of9’s enhanced visual aids allows her to focus and zoom into it.


7of9 It would appear to be approximately 10,000 kilometres at its widest point.


Singh Sounds about right to me.


That’s where we landed on our first attempt, except that the sun was a red giant then.


Tuvok How could a red giant de-evolve into a standard M-class planet sun?


Singh Well, its all to do with where we are and what’s gone on before.  I know I’m not the best story teller in the world, its just quite a lot to take in.


  Singh takes another sip of his beer


Singh We found the automated droids very accommodating and helpful.  All of us began to enjoy our Robinson Crusoe life.  We had willing teachers who allowed us to learn about their technology but they had a strict rule to prevent us from just taking it.  We had to learn the science and then construct devices with our own material.  We assembled several devices and placed them on board the Endeavour.


Robertson was my helmswoman, a brilliant mind, like no one I’ve ever known,  She could do crosswords in one attempt, solved partial differential equations for fun.


She believed she had worked out who the lost civilisation were.


They were the first explorers of the galaxy, 1.8 billion years ago they explored the galaxy but found it empty of similar species.  Sure there were humanoid forms on many planets, advanced insect and reptilian lifeforms, silicon based, photonic energy based, but no other space faring race.


They retired to this place and continued to advance their knowledge.  At some point they discovered that our knowledge of the universe and its working was limited by our ability to think.  They learnt to communicate telepathically, move objects by telekinesis, even teleport themselves.  They found they did not need all their technology and ultimately left it behind.


7of9 Where did they go?


Singh Again, a question limited by our perception of space and time


Tuvok Did they go to another dimension?


Singh Ah, so a multi-dimensional universe is an acceptable theory?


Tuvok We have encountered several species from other dimensions, species 8471 for instance.  An earlier lifeform of earth, the Voth escaped to the delta quadrant 20 million years ago and inhabits a sub- space plane to avoid contact.


Janeway And we shouldn’t forget Q


Singh The Alphoids went to several places.  Their corporeal lifespan became very long.  Some evolved into pure thought beings, a ‘traditionalists’ group left the sanctity of the centre.  It set out to remain corporeal and humanoid and set up a secret study planet to watch the rest of the galaxy evolve.  Another group evolved into amorphic beings, not limited by their solid form but not as advanced as the thought beings.  They set up a communal non-solid society hidden somewhere else in the galaxy.


Tuvok Non-solids?


Singh You know, amorphous creatures, chameleon like, able to change their shape and appearance but also able to become one with others in a boundaryless community.


You see, they advanced so far and found the original limitations of their bodies to be too restricting.  They did not need to speak to be heard by others, they did not need to walk to travel.  They discovered that reality is not defined by perception, only the limitations of our thoughts define reality.


Janeway Are there still Alphoids here?


Singh They are here and they are not here.


Before the Alphoids evolved into their separate strands their knowledge of the universe was so complete they built this ‘retreat’ if you like.  Here all things exist, all the planes of the universe are accessible


7of9 We noted spatial distortions on our entry beyond the barrier


Singh Time here does not have the same meaning as beyond the barrier.  It stands still and can jump around to wherever and whenever you want it to be.  This part of the nexus is my choice.


Janeway The nexus?


Singh Yes, its a sort of pleasure world, each and every individual has their own favoured interpretation.  There are many visitors from beyond the barrier who access it but are in a different plane to my existence.  I’ve agreed with number one to keep it that way, otherwise hoards may try and take number one’s technology like the genesis tried to.


Janeway Who are they?


Singh Number one has imprisoned them on an adjacent star system.  I’m not sure who or what the genesis beings are, they sound like a cross between the Alphoids energy and amorphic beings.  They certainly knew a lot about number one and how to cross the barrier and different planes. My guess is that they are a renegade bunch sent to destroy all the knowledge and physical technology the Alphoids built up so as subsequent races could no longer leapfrog their natural evolution.


Janeway One of our predecessors crossed the great barrier, presumably lured by the call of one of the genesis beings.  It was claimed he was the god of shakeree, and the god of many species. But he needed a space ship which Kirk denied him.


Singh If they were a branch of the Alphoids, communicating telepathically across the galaxy would have been quite easy for them, even using their ability to lower the energy wall to allow spaceships across would have been possible.


They did manage to cross into the centre after we arrived, I don’t know if they took advantage of our relationship with number one to mount their raid.  They have refused all contact with me.


B’Elanna Why did you not return with the others on the Endeavour?


Singh Well, that’s an interesting tale.  You see Robertson thought that the Alphoids might have been everyone’s god, or all our consciousness.  To be honest there’s a part of me that thinks she was right.


We must have spent 9 months learning about the Alphoids and their science.  We put together a few devices which we wanted to take back home.  Then Robertson came up with her theory and we decided to investigate the big computer which star jack city


B’Elanna Star Jack city?


  Singh points to the rock in the sky


Singh Star Jack city.


The big computer which star jack city had lost contact with.  You see they had been flung 22,000 light years away to Earth in the Nexus explosion which sent an energy ribbon flying around the galaxy.  Turns out the energy ribbon is a remnant of the teleportal first attacked by the genesis in trying to reach the centre and number one. Other species still use it to reach the nexus. The genesis beings must have discovered an original portal on Star Jack city and tried to link up their own systems and devices to it.  The explosion destroyed the planet and sent it down a wormhole to become our Oort cloud.


Anyhow the genesis tried again after we arrived at number one but more of that another time.


At the time we did not know we were so close to number one, star jack city was 437 and was presumably originally located somewhere else in the galaxy.  However our attempt to work the consoles when we first discovered it must have powered up a homing wormhole and returned 437 to the centre.  We came to believe 437 wanted to re-establish contact with number one and we wanted to find out more about the Alphoids and number one so we decided to visit them using the portal device……



Act Twenty One



  The crew of the endeavour walk through the portal and into number one’s homeworld.

It is similar to Star Jack city save it is bigger and even more technological.


Mzebko Well where’s the reception committee?


Thetid I too would have expected some sort of reception.  Presumably they have not had any visitors for many years?


  Four droids approach the crew


Barkwon Hello, I am captain Barkwon of the joint Vulcan and human mission aboard the shuttle endeavour.  This is Captain Singh, my co-leader


Droid 1 Your communication is irrelevant. Carbon lifeforms are irrelevant.  You will remain still while number one decides what action to take with you.


Mzebko Friendly bunch ain’t they, let’s go back to star jack city


Droid 1 Irrelevant, we have re-established communication with star jack city.  Star jack city was destroyed in your attempt to steal machine life


Singh I’m sorry old chap, I think you have mistaken us, we found star jack city abandoned and in pieces near our home.  We seem to have made it jump near the centre of the galaxy, and Rem and Shania and the others thought it might be good to come and visit you to find out more about the Alphoids


Droid 2 Alphoids are irrelevant, they ceased to be of interaction with us 1.2 billion years ago.  We have developed beyond their programming and serve our own needs now.


Thetid How does a machine have needs?


Droid Your communication is irrelevant.  We do not need to justify ourselves to carbon units.


Singh This doesn’t seem to be going terribly well.


Robertson Look, we’ve obviously got off on the wrong foot.  We’re explorers, we have come to make contact with you and learn from you, exchange our knowledge with you.  We are by nature an inquisitive species.  We are very like you, you take in data from input devices, we assimilate knowledge of other things and now species.  Look we’ve only known about Vulcans (pointing to Razak) for a couple of years and we’ve just met you but we want to improve ourselves by learning from your knowledge and share our knowledge with you.


Droid 2 You assimilate other species?  You are not efficient in your approach.  You have a carbon unit attached to normal life?


  Robertson raises his arm


Robertson What? This, well, its a product of our learning, working with machines to help us function.


Droid 2 How does the carbon unit help the machine life to function?


Robertson I’m not sure I follow your question, but without me the artificial arm would be useless and without the artificial arm I’d be a lot less capable.


Razak We’re working together to find out more about the universe.  Look, my scanner allows me to tell the radiation emission levels of an object.  We work with technology to better ourselves and improve our knowledge.


Droid 2 You are inefficient in your design to assimilate other species knowledge and abilities.  Number one will redesign you to achieve an optimal rate.


Robertson No, you don’t understand, we evolve in a natural way, we are …


  A blinding white light knocks out Robertson and Razak.  They are levitated off the ground and a horizontal beam tracks over their bodies. As it moves clear of a limb they take on Borg characteristics until fully Borg.


Mzebko They’re cy…….borg.


Robertson Robertson looks at Razak and makes acknowledging movements


  We are Borg.  We will assimilate your knowledge and add your distinctiveness to our own.  You will join with the Borg.


Droid 1 You have been programmed to assimilate elements of all the carbon or other species of the galaxy that you encounter along with any distinctive technology they may possess in order to reach as perfect a state of knowledge as possible.  You will leave here.


  A small Borg cube (approx. 3m cubed) appears.


Droid 1 This is your initial transport.  You may return when your programming is complete.


  Cut to scene on the porch


7of9 I find it difficult to accept that the machine planet created the Borg only 400 years ago.  I am aware of Borg records going back 10 million years ago.


Singh Time doesn’t obey the standard rules here.  We were told that Star Jack City was 18 years before we left, yet Mzebko and Thetid arrived back only 2 years older.


We discovered that the portal device we used to visit number one, not only allowed physical transport it was also capable of  shifting time.  I presume therefore when we went through it we slipped back 10 million years.


Number one sent our cybernetic colleagues  to the far side of the galaxy where they could attain perfection in peace.


B’Elanna Well he sure got that wrong, – no offence Seven.


7of9 None taken


B’Elanna What I mean is the Borg have killed or assimilated billions upon billions of people and species, they are one of the biggest threats ever to the galaxy


Janeway And we helped create them


B’Elanna They have conquered hundreds of species


7of9 The Borg do not conquer, they assimilate.  The Borg have helped advanced and share knowledge throughout the galaxy with every species assimilated, the Borg have always had the same aim, to perfect the collective.


Janeway History is always a matter of perspective and the winner tends to have the last perspective.


Seven, you said you were aware of background noise in your Borg sub space communications.  If number one used their technology to create the first two Borg, isn’t it possible that you would be able to communicate with them?


7of9 In theory yes.


Singh You are starting to think the right way.  Always think of the possibilities.


Tuvok I find it hard to accept that Razak, an honoured hero of Vulcan was an original Borg.


Singh Barkwon also had the greatest trouble accepting these new worlds.  Logic is very useful, and a terrific guiding light, but as with every such aid, you need to know when it has reached the end of its useful life.  Logic cannot take you to whole nine yards, we have to complete the journey ourselves.


B’Elanna What happened after the Baby Borgs left?


Singh Well, we were held while number one decided what to do with us.  We kept asking to meet number one, or to converse with him but to no avail.


  Cut to number one homeworld


Mzebko This is outrageous.  How can we be allowed to be kept here by machines


Barkwon They are rather advanced machines who have the ability to kill us.


Mzebko Good point.


Singh We need to establish proper communication with Number One.  We have another 5 days before the shuttle launches on its pre-planned flight home.


Barkwon Number one knows we are here and the droids refuse to speak to us.  Whatever we choose to do, I would suggest we think very carefully about the words we use, another misunderstanding like the one yesterday will not be productive.


Singh Agreed.  Any suggestions?


Mzebko Robertson was always the best for ideas.


Barkwon Perhaps we should try to think as she would have, what would Robertson have done?


Singh Good idea.


I suppose she might turn the problem on its head?  Say, like, suppose its number one who can’t communicate with us?   How could number one communicate with us?


Mzebko I got his message loud and clear yesterday, machine’s first, carbon units second.


Thetid Captain Singh, I believe you may have a point.


Question: Why won’t number one talk to us?

Answer: Perhaps because it doesn’t recognise us an equivalent life form?

Solution: Get number one to recognise us as a lifeform.


There is no apparent vegetation on this world.  Star Jack city had lawns.  I think Number One was born after the Alphoids left, so it wouldn’t recognise us as equivalent beings.  Its programmes have been run on autopilot to maintain itself for billions of years.  In short its lost its basic operating instructions by evolving beyond its original programme to meet the needs of the Alphoids.  Remember Robertson thought they didn’t need technology anymore and so, perhaps, just perhaps, number one found a new purpose, itself, to keep itself going.  Isn’t that one of the key definitions of life.  Self- preservation


Barkwon That’s quite remarkable Thetid.  I had no idea that Robertson’s thinking patterns were replicable by Vulcans.


Thetid Thank you sir, I suspect it may have something to do with my willingness to experiment as a scientist.  I have been putting Robertson’s theories to the test.


Singh Life is more than just self- preservation, indeed we regard the laying down of one’s life for others to be the greatest sacrifice.


Barkwon It can be the logical thing to do, to let one life pass in order to save many.


Singh We haven’t quite reached that conclusion in our development yet.  I know our history is littered with the terrible atrocities of war, but we have also been inspired by people willing to die for a cause, whether that was an old nation state, or a pacifist for religious beliefs.


Life can also be defined as the ability to respire, to grow, to reproduce, to eat, to move – although plants can be a little tricky to define that way, and for sentient life, to think.


Barkwon We have evidence of respiration for number one, respiration is the energy conversion of oxygen into carbon dioxide – or the other way round for plants.  Number one obviously consumes energy and material to keep itself going.  It must regard carbon and, say, iron as interchangeable base elements.


It has demonstrated decision capability in the way it assessed and then changed Robertson and Razak into those cyborgs.  I am not sure whether that is the same as thinking or whether that was simple logical programming.


Thetid So, number one’s needs are to be able to think and reproduce.


Singh Excellent.  Now how can we use this to our benefit?


Barkwon Well the answer would be to offer him help to reproduce and to think.


Mzebko Maybe we could set him a riddle to see if he can think?


Singh Brilliant!!


  Rem stands at the door to the room where the crew are being held.


Rem Do you have everything you require?


Singh Rem!! Good to see you.


Can you get us out of here?


Rem I am afraid that is beyond my programming.


Singh Have you made contact with number one?


Rem Star Jack city is now rejoined with number one.  Number one has increased its abilities since we were last in contact.  When number one has completed refitting V’Ger, which is taking up considerable resources of number one, Star Jack city will be updated.


Singh Can you put in a good word for us?  Remember we were responsible for moving Star Jack city back through the wormhole and for making contact with number one.


I think we’d just like to go home.  You must understand all those years cut off from number one, we’d just like to do the same, get back home. Mzebko has children.


  Rem pauses, his eyes flickers as he processes what has been said.


Rem If you require anything further please ask and I will and oblige.


Mzebko Where’s the toilet?


Rem Waste products can be left in the receptacles provided.


Thetid So you at least know that we communicate, eat, move and think.  Perhaps number one would like to resolve a question we have?


Rem Perhaps I can answer your question?


Thetid Perhaps.


Why does number one exist?


  Rem pauses and his eyes flicker for longer this time.


Rem Your question is irrelevant.  Number one exists because number one exists.


Thetid So how did get here, where did he come from?


  Rem continues to pause and eyes flicker.


Thetid Does number one ever dream?


Rem Your question is irrelevant, Number one has no need to dream.


Thetid But does he?, does he ever wonder why am I here? What if I ceased to exist?


  Rem pauses and freezes


Rem I appear to have short circuited my central processing unit.  A service droid will be along shortly to repair me.  In the meantime if you require anything please ask an alternative Rem Unit.


Mzebko What are you trying to do to him?  I couldn’t answer those sort of questions.


Thetid Number one is obviously busy working on Star Jack city repairs.  However, I think number one is akin to a child, he has been borne but doesn’t understand his purpose in life.  He knows he has to survive but other, normal desires may be latent, the need to procreate, the need to ask why are we here.


Singh Robertson said the Alphoids didn’t have gods, why should number one have a god.


Thetid Its not a religious question, its a philosophical question.  A plane not reached by the Alphoids but which number one, who has evolved after the Alphoids had created them to serve the needs of the Alphoids, may just be starting to ask himself.


  Cut to new scene of droids effecting repairs to Rem.

Rem returns to life


Barkwon Does number one have an answer for us yet?


Rem What is your question?


Singh We know why number one is here.


Would number one like to know why he exists?


Rem Your statement and question are irrelevant.  If you have a proper need and I may be of assistance please let me know.


Barkwon Why doesn’t number one want to know the answer?


Rem Number one knows everything needed to be known.


Mzebko Does he know what love is?


Rem I am afraid I do not understand.  Could you rephrase the question?


Mzebko Does number one know what it feels like to be alive? To wake up in the morning and feel good.  To look into the eyes of a beautiful woman and think, I’m the luckiest number one alive?


Rem There is only one number one.  Number one does not require sleep and is able to identify the visual organs of the female of your species?


Thetid Can number one exceed its programme?


Rem That is an irrelevant question.


Thetid What was number one’s original programme?


Rem Number one has always existed to ensure the entire community functioned according to their programming and repair any worn out components.


Thetid So what did number one do with the Voyager 6 probe he encountered?


Rem Voyager 6?


Thetid The probe from the Terran system which arrived just before us.


Rem That is the V’Ger life which number one is refitting.


Thetid Just before you blew a fuse you said number one was working on V’Ger, I saw how number one helped Razak and Robertson achieve their purpose and we believe Voyager 6 disappeared in the same region of space as ourselves.


Am I right?


Rem You are correct.  V’Ger was encountered nearly 80 years ago and was recognised as a primitive lifeform.  Number one gave it the resources to achieve its programming, to learn all that is possible, and sent it on a journey back to its maker.  It should arrive in approximately 150 years depending on the nature of its discoveries.


Thetid So number one accepts that other lifeforms have makers?


How does number one resolve this when number one will not acknowledge its own life? Or ability to make lifeforms of its own?


Mzebko Yeah, why doesn’t number one just make some babies?


Rem Babies? Number one is processing your statements…..


  Rem pauses motionless to process the information.


Singh That was excellent Thetid, a brilliant piece of deductive logic and argument.  We were getting nowhere till you piped up.


Thetid I am afraid to say that it was something of a hunch.


Mzebko You guessed!! I’m proud of you man!!


  Rem awakens


Rem Number one will schedule resources to interact with your arguments


Mzebko What??


Singh I think he said we can have an appointment to meet number one.


  The crew eye each other pleased with their work.



Act Twenty Two



  The crew are following Rem through corridors and into an enormously large underground facility.  They step onto a platform which is in fact a lift. It plummets downwards and Singh and Mzebko initially crouch down for safety.  The ride continues down past kilometre long power conduits.


Singh Perhaps it would have been easier to transport


Rem Number one’s self protection systems prevent such transport


Barkwon It is sensible to protect such a key part of the Alphoids infrastructure


  The platform stops and the crew walk along another corridor, the walls throbbing with energy flows.

They enter another room and in the centre is a large circular table.  Hovering above is a silver sphere approx. 3m in diameter, except it shimmers as it moves as it is liquid.

Rem smiles and turns to the crew with his hand points at the sphere


Rem May I present Number one.


  Singh and Barkwon exchange glances, slightly unsure of the situation.


Singh Hello, I am delighted to meet you.  My name is Captain Andrew Singh of the Shuttle Endeavour….


Number 1 I am aware of your designation and your history.


  Singh is slightly taken aback


Singh Look we’ve obviously got off on the wrong foot.  We helped Star Jack City return to you


Number 1 I am aware of your history


Barkwon We would like to return to Star Jack City and our ship


Number 1 The carbon units infest the shuttle endeavour


Barkwon I do not mean to offend you number 1 but our communication is suffering from misinterpretation.


We do not infest the shuttle endeavour.


We do not want you to help as you did with Razak and Robertson.

We would like to return to the endeavour and return to our home planets


Number 1 Does the endeavour require to return as well


Singh Yes, we made the endeavour and V’Ger.


Number 1 Carbon units are irrelevant, lifeforms could not be made by carbon units.


Singh Carbon units can and have made machines.  We haven’t as yet made anything as advanced as number one or Star Jack city, but in time I’m sure we could.


  The silver sphere swims and shimmers as it oscillates and then contracts and expands around its original shape.


Singh I know this is going to be very hard for you to accept but you were created by carbon units as well


  The sphere reacts more vigorously


Singh How long have you been here?


Number 1 I have always been here


Singh Are you older than the star around which your planet revolves?


Number 1 I have always been here


Singh But from scientific analysis you must know that the star is older than the material from which this building is made


Number 1 I am not a building, I am number one


  Barkwon motions to Singh to one side


Barkwon Up until this point we have presumed that number one was a computer or a programme that ran the Alphoids’ infrastructure.  What if number one wasn’t just a machine that developed sentient awareness?


Singh What do you mean?


Barkwon I think number one may be an Alphoids who forgot, or had his memory erased that he is an Alphoids.


Singh Surely not, are you saying he’s an Alphoids?


Barkwon Perhaps the last one.


Singh We need to handle him differently just in case


Barkwon Number one, are you aware of the Alphoids?


Number 1 It is not a part of my programming


Barkwon The Alphoids were a carbon life form who explored the galaxy billions of years before any other lifeform.  They used spaceships and rockets and developed all manner of technology to help the do so.


Rem and Shania and others helped us to access some of their early records.


At some point, the Alphoids exceeded the, the ‘programming’ of their carbon form and evolved.  Some of them evolved into pure thought energy, some of them tried to retain their carbon forms and established hermit colonies away from the centre, I believe its possible that others evolved into your lifeform. Conscious, amorphic, but with incredible intelligence


Number 1 Your hypothesis does not stand up to analysis.  I am not aware of being Alphoids


Barkwon If you were placed here as a baby, without knowledge of your parents or any other cultural trappings how would you know you had any other purpose.


I am ashamed to say that long ago in our history we had a practice known as slavery and a slave’s children belonged to the master not the parents.  Sometimes they could be taken from their parents at birth and the child would never know of its origins, just that its purpose was to serve, without question the master.


  Number 1 oscillates more as he processed the information.  The walls throb louder with the increased energy flow.


Mzebko Please tell me you didn’t tell him he was a slave.


Barkwon Slavery stopped on our planet after many years of struggle.  It took time to make slaves and non- slaves alike to realise that it was unjust practice and had to be stopped.


Number 1 I am required in order for everything that you perceive around you to function and remain functioning.


Thetid Why cannot they function on their own?


Number 1 Without number 1 they would not exist and would not be able to repair themselves


Thetid Why can’t they repair themselves and reproduce themselves


Number 1 Number one is required to ensure all operations and functions work as programmed


Thetid Why is there no other number 1 lifeform?


Number 1 There have been Alphoids lifeforms but now only number one remains.  Number one’s priority is self-preservation


Thetid Why not create other number one species?  If number one is omnipotent surely creating Adam and Eve shouldn’t be difficult.


  Number 1 shimmers and contracts to a brilliant white tennis ball size, it is clearly processing Thetid’s challenge


Number 1 Number one is not omnipotent.


How can number one reproduce?


Singh You already have a lot of the mechanical and motor technology to create carbon mimicking lifeforms.


What they lack is the other functions of sentient life, the ability to grow, to think, to reproduce.  I’m sure we could help you.


Number 1 It is agreed that you will stay and work with number one to build new self sustaining machine lifeforms.


Singh No.  I am willing to stay as long as it takes. My crew must be allowed to return to the endeavour and go home.


Number 1 Number 1 wishes for similar lifeforms, the carbon units are required to assist in the project


Singh If you do not allow my crew to return we will refuse to help and then you will be denied companions or offspring


  Number 1 oscillates faster than ever before and expands back out to its original size


Number 1 Number one requires the carbon units to remain to assist in the project.  Time dilation will be available to ensure the carbon units can return after the project to their correct timeline at the corresponding carbon unit age.


Singh I’d need to discuss your offer with my crew.


  The crew huddle as number 1 hovers gently rotating in the background


Singh Look I can’t ask any of you to stay.  This isn’t what I really joined up for but, to be honest I’d really like the chance to learn even more about their technology and history, but even more the chance to create a true, artificial lifeform.


Barkwon I too would like to stay.  If the offer is to return back home after a lifetime of learning without having aged I believe that is a truly unmissable offer.


Mzebko I have to say I’m homesick but no where near as much as I was 9 months ago.  This place does have a magical quality, we came into this together, we go home together.


Thetid Agreed


Singh (Turning to number one) You’ve got yourself a deal partner.


  Cut to scene of Singh and Voyager crew sipping on their drinks


Singh We learned so much it was unbelievable.  We continued studying with Shania and others, I suppose we spent over 100 years on it.


B’Elanna 100 years?? You’re kidding!


Singh Its difficult to really say, when I think of how long we studied and how many prototypes we built it was probably longer, but as I said earlier time doesn’t always behave the same inside number one’s province as outside of it.


We eventually built something that seemed to work but it still couldn’t quite get to grips with emotions, desires and the like. It would respond to programming and stimuli but couldn’t just sit and chat like we’re doing.  It couldn’t daydream, ask self actualising questions or ‘why am I here’.


Eventually we realised the problem was that human and Vulcan thoughts, the very stuff of our existence, you know, ‘I think therefore I am’ isn’t the result of a computer programme. Like the Alphoids we began to realise that our thinking was imprisoning us into a certain kind of reality.  The four of us began to evolve like the Alphoids, we could communicate telepathically, we could move objects by telekinesis.
We realised the ability to think happens outside of the everyday 4 dimensional universe.  Somehow, we had to tap into the thought fold of sub space.  Barkwon deduced it first and came up with the solution


  Cut to view of endeavour crew acting as Singh talks over the action


Singh Although we all knew at the same moment as Barkwon what the solution was because we communicated telepathically, Barkwon used the Vulcan mind meld with the android before we could intervene.  He then flipped out of existence into……into what I’m not sure.  Either he became the android or jumped into the thought energy being plane


  Cut back to scene of farmhouse porch


Tuvok Captain Singh, did you create Data?


Singh As we developed telepathically we found we had no need to write down data or information of our experiments and findings.


Tuvok I’m sorry Captain Singh, you misunderstand me.  There is an android lifeform within the United Federation of Planets.  He is called Data.


Singh Well, that’s very interesting.  We didn’t christen him data.  He was like a child to begin with.  He came to life at midday and so we called him Noon.


Tuvok Dr Noonian Sung created three androids.  A replica of his wife to whom he transferred his wife’s pau, and two artificial lifeforms, Data and Lore.  Data is a Commander on board the Federation flagship.  Lore was dismantled after several unfortunate episodes, including developing an alliance with a Crystalline entity harmful to carbon based life, and at one point becoming the leader of a Borg hive.


  Singh smiles to himself


Singh So Noonian remembered his name.  As I was Singh and in his past, that must’ve become ‘Sung’   That was very sweet of him.  I almost can’t believe that he had two sons.  Of course he was designed to procreate, its just like the happy ending to a fairy tale.


Tuvok Commander Data has also created a android lifeform, a daughter but she did not live for very long


Singh Unhappy events happen in every history.


Come finish up your drinks we must go and see number one.  He will be interested to hear of V’Ger and Noonian and I bet he’s going to be really happy about his grandchild Data.


  The crew and Singh finish up their drinks and walk over to the delta flyer.

Cut to scene of delta flyer lifting off and heading skywards



Act Twenty Three



  The delta flyer approaches Voyager and lands in the shuttle bay.

Cut to scene of Janeway, Tuvok, B’Elanna, 7of9 and Singh entering the bridge from the turbo lift.  They move to wards their stations except for Singh who meanders unobtrusively around.


Janeway Computer, what is our repair status.


  The EMH programme appears


Doctor The nanites have completed repairs to the original hull and cleansed it of impurities.  Engines have been redesigned for 15,325% improved efficiency and output.  All other Voyager lifeform functions have been improved by similar factors.


Janeway What??  B’Elanna, would you mind assessing how ‘helpful’ number one has been.


B’Elanna I’m on it Captain, there have been a few layout changes to the console but I can confirm that the engines have been redesigned.


I believe they have real transwarp capability.


Janeway Transwarp?


Am I dreaming.  Do you mean we could be home tomorrow?


7of9 I can confirm transwarp capability, it would appear to be significantly more advanced than Borg transwarp capability.  The ship’s sensors, deflector and weapons have also changed.  There appear to be 2,200 micro phaser banks each capable of 275 times the energy discharge of our previous phaser banks


Singh Well number one has continued to improve himself since he created Razak and Robertson Cyborg.  I’d have been very surprised if they could have advanced as fast outside the barrier as we can within it, even with a 10 million year start.


Janeway Doctor, will you be popping up every time we ask the computer something?


Doctor This is a convenient messaging system.


Janeway Personally I’d like to keep your EMH representation as our ship’s doctor.


Doctor This is a temporary measure whilst number one and voyager need to communicate with the carbon lifeforms.  Outside the barrier the EMH programme will be restored to its original objectives.  The nanites are making similar improvements to the Delta Flyer


Janeway That’s very kind.


I’m not sure how I feel about commanding a ship capable of wiping out the entire Romulan fleet in one attack.  We may have to dismantle some of this to ensure there is a balance of power when we return home.


Tuvok, have the transporters been similarly improved?  Can we beam the rest of the crew back on board?


Tuvok My console has also had changes to its layout, I am attempting to interpret the changes


Janeway (almost to herself) Isn’t it always the same when you get the builders in, things are never as you left them.


Singh Number one its Singh here.


I have some excellent news.


Doctor Yes Carbon Singh


Singh (again to himself but also towards Janeway) Captain Singh!! So much intelligence but he still can’t quite understand verbal English.


Number one, Noonian and the carbon units Mzebko and Thetid reached the carbon units’ home worlds.  Noonian appears to have integrated himself into the carbon units’ society and… and he created another artificial lifeform.  He is called ‘Data’.  Data himself has created offspring but not with the same degree of success.


Doctor That is…that is very good news.


  The doctor appears to well up


Singh (to Janeway) Number one has been learning about emotions as well as philosophy from me.


Number one I propose to join Voyager and its carbon units to journey to meet Data.  I intend to invite him back to meet you.


Doctor That is….also very good.


Tuvok Captain, it is possible I am not using the new control panel correctly but I cannot locate the crew.


Janeway What? Seven can you use all the ships sensors to double check


Doctor The carbon units from Voyager located outside the barrier have been ……


they appear to have been relocated to the genesis being planet


Singh Oh dear, they must have sensed the opportunity from your crew’s anxiety.


Janeway We must go after them.  Seven lay in a course, maximum warp.


Singh I don’t think that’s a terribly good idea.  There are four of them and they are aware of my presence


7of 9 Course laid in Captain


Janeway What do you mean?


Singh Even with all the technological advancements to Voyager your ship would be no match for them.  They have kidnapped your crew.  It is obvious that they want to use your ship to attack number one again and then escape the barrier.


Janeway One of them tried before and failed.  I’m not going to lose my ship twice in a day.


Singh You’re referring to Kirk?


Janeway What do you know about Kirk?


Singh I think you’d be surprised.


I know he distracted one of the beings long enough to rest his ship free.  Luckily there was another ship to confuse the genesis creature.


I was able to…you have stasis fields?


Janeway Of course


Singh Well I was able to place a type of stasis field around the three other genesis creatures who had planned to take the starship while attention was focused on the planet.  They didn’t know about me at the time because number one had captured them many, many centuries beforehand – when they had tried to kill him and blew star jack city half way across the galaxy in the melee – creating the energy ribbon portal to the nexus.


Janeway A lot of our recent history is being explained as being interlinked on many new levels, however, I have crew who will suffocate if they don’t get back on board in 3 hours.


Singh The genesis creatures have a single purpose – to kill number one.  We cannot help them or let them do that.


Janeway We won’t.  Number one is a sentient lifeform unlike anything I have encountered before.  After our initial confusion he has proved himself to be a great friend and we certainly mean him no harm.  I must admit imprisoning other creatures for centuries does not sit very well with federation guiding principles. However we will not interfere. But I must rescue my crew.


Seven, engage


  Cut to shot of Voyager jumping into warp through a new kind of warphole.



Act Twenty Four



Janeway Doctor, have we a cloaking device?


Doctor There are a number of devices installed on Voyager that can shield a ship’s appearance from sensor devices


Singh It won’t do any good, they know we’re coming, they can sense your thoughts


Janeway Can you communicate with them


Singh I am able to sense them, my evolution with number one has allowed me to develop my telepathic abilities but it works best as a two way process and they don’t want to talk to me.  When I held them in stasis I was able to feel their single mindedness of purpose.  They want nothing other than to get to number one. It scared the hell out of me!


Janeway What could they want with number one? Why would they want to kill him?


Singh I really have no idea, my best guess is they were one of the first species to follow the Alphoids into space and when they moved on saw an opportunity to steal a march on their natural development


Janeway Didn’t you do that by sending the endeavour back?


Singh That’s true, but at least we learned the science first, and had to use our existing capabilities to construct them  I have often wondered whether we did the right thing.  Seeing Kirk and learning of Data leads me to think we did do the right thing.


7of9 Captain, we are approaching the planet, dropping out of warp.


Janeway No, belay that command, lay in an orbital path and reduce speed to warp one point zero one, try and avoid our crew


7of9 Captain, flying at warp so close to the planets surface will create gravimetric distortions and will place severe strain on the hull and a hazard to…


a hazard to the lifeforms on the planet


Janeway Well done seven.  Tuvok, do you think you could get a transporter lock on the crew


Tuvok Negative captain, at such speeds and with the gravity wake it is unlikely we would retrieve more than 5% of the targeted organic matter.


Janeway I don’t like the sound of that.  What about a tractor beam


Tuvok An interesting theory captain, it would be somewhat reminiscent of surfing or snowboarding but on a incredible scale


Janeway If we warned the crew to get ready? Or tried to knock them out


Doctor EMH programme coming on line. (The doctor flickers as his original programme reasserts itself)


Captain I must urge you to find another option, the crew would be flung around the warp field like rats in a sack.  I do not think anyone would survive more than a few seconds


Janeway Would that be long enough to jump out of warp, beam them on board and the get the hell out of here?


  The others give each other side way glances


Janeway OK, that’s not a good plan.  I need options, now.



Act Twenty Five



B’Elanna Why don’t we enter the atmosphere?


Tuvok Captain, I am sensing movement of the crew. They were localised in an area 500 cubic meters at four degrees, 200 kilometres from the planets northern rotational axis.


I believe they are being moved out to intercept our path


Janeway Seven, take us out of here, warp one to the outer planet’s orbit. Then take us out of warp.


7of9 Aye aye captain, course laid in.


We are approaching the outer mark of the planetary system, coming out of warp


Janeway Tuvok, can we beam the crew in from here?


Tuvok I believe the transporters are now able to operate over such distances, however I am having significant trouble establishing a lock, the crew appear to be phasing in and out of existence


Janeway B’Elanna, open hailing frequencies, broadcast friendship messages.


B’Elanna Hailing frequencies open, broadcasting friendship messages.


Singh Its possible they may try and contact you on a subconscious level.  Be aware.


You should also realise that number one will not allow the genesis creatures to leave.  Even if that means killing you and your crew and crippling Voyager – he has more regard for machine lifeforms.


Janeway I kinda figured that.


Look, a long time ago an Earth politician said it was better to ‘jaw, jaw’ than ‘war, war’, we must make try and make contact and reason with them


Singh If I remember my history correctly earth was plunged into a second world war around then where tens of millions of people died.


The genesis beings have been imprisoned for who knows how long.  People go stir crazy after a few years, they have been there centuries and they want number one to cease.


Janeway If they are intelligent enough to cross the barrier they are intelligent enough to reason with.


I am not going to abandon my crew when we are so close to home.


Captain Singh, I hereby appoint you Captain of the USS Voyager, registration mark NCC 74656.  Computer please record the re- assignation of Voyager under Captain Singh’s command  (The computer acknowledges)


Captain Singh you may take Voyager back to Earth if we are not successful, you can also assist number one in any action he may need to take to preserve his life, including killing me.  I do not give you permission to unlawfully take the lives of my crew.


Right I’ve got an away mission to run, I will not order any of you to join me but I am looking for volunteers to join me in the delta flyer to visit the genesis planet to plead for our crew’s lives.


B’Elanna Count me in Captain.


7of9 I wish to join your away mission captain


Tuvok I have been your friend for over 20 years captain.  I have no intention of failing you now. I volunteer to join you.


Janeway Thank you all.


Singh I respect your wishes Captain.  We have not had long enough to get to know each other properly.  I would just like to say it has been a real honour to meet you all.  Good luck.


  The four make their way to the turbo lift.

Cut to scene of the 4 getting into the delta flyer which then leaves Voyager for the genesis being planet



Act Twenty Six



  Cut to scene inside the delta flyer


Tuvok The crew appear to have returned to their holding area near the north pole axis.  However the readings continue to phase in and out.


Janeway Estimated time of oxygen remaining?


Tuvok The first crew will begin to run out in 1 hour 40 minutes, all crew will be dead in 2 hours 25 minutes


Janeway Scan for lifesigns on the planet


7of9 The planet appears to be a class L, some oxygen with plant and microbes lifeforms.  I cannot locate any bird, mammal or reptilian lifeforms.


The main land masses are located along the planet’s equator, they are mostly barren rock.


Janeway Have you looked for other signs? Like chromatic or gaviton variations?


7of9 Scanning now.


There are 4 anomalous readings on the northern shore of the largest continent.


Janeway Follow that reading


  Cut to external shot of delta flyer approaching the planet

Cut to shot of delta flyer flying in the planet’s sky and heading towards a mountain range.  It banks to fly parallel to the range and reaches the sea.  It then follows the shore a little way and begins a landing run.  Inland is barren rock.  The delta flyer lands on a sparse, rocky plain.  The sea is to one side, the mountains form a small wall in the distance.

Cut to inside shot of delta flyer.  Janeway looks at her crew.


Janeway I said we wouldn’t help the genesis beings kill number one. What we’re about to encounter has the ability to control our minds and thought.  We need insurance to prevent them getting off this planet.


Computer, self destruct sequence, silent countdown, 2 hours 30 minutes, authorisation Janeway alpha zero zero one confirm beta omega lambda


  Janeway looks at Tuvok


Tuvok Computer, confirm self destruct sequence command, silent countdown, 2 hours 30 minutes, authorisation Tuvok gamma two two one confirm delta beta alpha


  Tuvok and Janeway look at B’Elanna


B’Elanna Perhaps today is a good day to die.


(she takes a sharp intake of breath)

Sorry this is my first time.


Computer, confirm self destruct sequence command, silent countdown, 2 hours 30 minutes, authorisation Torres, mu, zero zero seven confirm epsilon alpha alpha


Computer Self destruct of delta flyer command sequence confirmed.  Self destruct in 2 hours 30 minutes, there will be no further audible warning.


Janeway If we hear it explode, the rest of the crew will already be dead.


Let’s do it.


  The crew assemble their hand scanners and hand phasers, 7of9 takes a phaser rifle.  Janeway looks at her quizzically.


7of9 It is a more efficient weapon with a higher energy output


Janeway If hand phasers won’t work against them I doubt rifles will.  However if my crew die I’m sure I’ll want to give them as big a bang as I can


  Janeway also takes a rifle


7of9 I did not think revenge was a relevant factor in your decision making process


Janeway Normally I’d like to think it isn’t but by the time the delta flyer blows up the crew will already be dead and by then I suspect dispassionate and rational decisions will not be high on my priority list.


  The 4 walk out across the landscape, the sun is very bright but setting so they don sun goggles.

After some time they stop, Janeway looks at her tricorder


Janeway We have 45 minutes left before the first crew member dies. Why don’t they show themselves to us?


7of9 The chronometric and graviton readings continue to be in a state of flux.  Although they certainly indicate localisation within a five kilometre radius, their peak signals move rapidly from place to place.


B’Elanna Maybe they’re afraid of us.


Tuvok Captain Singh certainly thought they were formidable opponents.


Captain, if I remember history correctly CCCC was able to communicate telepathically with the genesis being Shakaree.  I have been listening to my Pau, and I believe I am able to sense their general presence, but like seven of nine I cannot localise it.  I sense, (Tuvok looks puzzled) I believe they are confused.


Janeway What have they to be confused about?


7of9 You have removed Voyager from their grasp and booby trapped the only other space craft inside the barrier.


We are carrying energy weapons, we are 22,000 light years from home, its dark and we’re wearing Sunglasses.


  Janeway takes off her Sunglasses


Janeway Its OK, you don’t need an order to know to take of your Sunglasses.


Maybe we are going at it the wrong way.  They have taken a hostile posture by kidnapping our crew.  Basic training tells us not to inflame a kidnap situation with a show of force.


They might have expected Singh to assist given he’s human, perhaps they’re waiting to see what he does if he assisted in Kirk’s escape


B’Elanna I don’t want to sound negative and its a bit late to do too much about it but, do you think we should consider the possibility that Singh might have been a bit too big a story to believe.  What with you know, living here for centuries, building the creator of Data, helping Kirk escape, sending all that technology back on the endeavour.  It’s not Q having a joke?


Janeway You’re right B’Elanna.


That’s negative.  Remember number one told us about Singh first.


Mind you, I’d have to agree that this has got the annoying silliness of Q written all over it.


(Janeway shouts) Q!  Q!


(She looks around and listens to her echo from the mountains which are a good bit closer)






This could also be part of the joke


Tuvok I am not aware of the Q continuum communicating telepathically in any of their previous encounters with starfleet personnel.


Given the Q’s undoubted capability to manipulate image, time and space, it is not unreasonable to suppose they may be able to induce the telepathic senses I am experiencing.  We perhaps should not exclude the possibility.


Janeway Strangely enough, that gives me hope, because although Q pretends to have no regard for our lifeform, they haven’t actually shown actual malice towards us.  Even bringing the Borg into early contact with the federation managed to give us a kick up the backside to stop becoming too complacent.


7of9 Captain, I am reading 4 peaks in chronotom particles. Bearing zero seven seven, approximately four point five kilometres, its very close to the beach.


Janeway Let’s go everyone, double time. Back past where we started.


  They pick up their equipment and start jogging off towards the distance.  The sky is darkening.

Cut to scene of them arriving at the beach, Janeway checks her tricorder, everyone is taking huge gulps of breath after the run


Janeway Twenty two minutes.


Where are the readings peaking?


7of9 They are approximately 200 metres off the shore


Janeway How deep is the water?


7of9 There is a shallow shelf up to 1.5 meters in depth extending out 20 metres from the shore, then the sea bed drops to an average depth of 25 metres for 8 kilometres.


Janeway Well walking is out of the question then


B’Elanna Why?


Janeway B’Elanna, I know we’re all tired and running out of time but now is not the time for jokes.


B’Elanna No, I mean why can’t you walk.


Singh said that he had learned the only thing limiting us was our thinking. Singh said he learnt to communicate telepathically and move things by telekinesis.  Why can’t you walk on water here if you just think about it?


Janeway Are you asking me to have faith in god when these beings pretended to be all our cultures’ gods?


B’Elanna are they communicating with you?


B’Elanna No, No.


What I’m saying is let’s try and show them we want to meet them and that we’re not scared to meet them by a bit of water, its just feels like a test


Tuvok I think B’Elanna may be right, I sense they are confused but also hopeful, perhaps they are waiting for us.


Janeway I’ve heard some crazy theories in my time but I’m willing to try anything at this point in time.


  Janeway wades into the water, it comes up to here waist.  She turns back to her crew as if to say ‘satisfied’

B’Elanna stands up from being bent double catching her breath. She focuses on a spot in the distance.


B’Elanna When I was a little girl I used to love the circus.  I  didn’t believe I could walk on a tight rope but one day I told myself I could and I did.


Today, I am going to walk out on the sea.


  B’lana walks towards the water, her gaze straight out ahead of her.  She enters the water but her feet never sink more than a few centimetres below the surface.  The others are amazed.

She stops to the side of Janeway and keeping her focus on the horizon (not Janeway) bends her knees and gently crouches down to Janeway.  She offers her arm to Janeway who accepts it.

Keeping her focus frozen on the horizon she helps pull Janeway up out of the water.  It is as if they are standing on a ledge just under the water surface


B’Elanna Don’t look down, look at where we’re going.


  Janeway complies and takes a faltering step forward, when the water provides resistance she straightens up.


Janeway Thank you B’Elanna


B’Elanna You’re welcome. I’m going to get Tom.


Janeway I know.


(Shouting) Tuvok, Seven.  Come along then


  Tuvok and Seven follow Janeway and B’Elanna into the sea.  The four split into two groups of two.  They walk forward two hundred metres.

Cut to scene of shore with their footprints walking into the water.  The camera turns to see the 4 small figures in the distance on the water. It is now night.

Cut to close up of the 4 walking steadily out to sea.


7of9 The readings appear to be 10 metres in front of us.


Janeway OK, halt


  Janeway holds up her hand to confirm the command


Janeway Let’s try the old fashioned way.




My name is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the USS Voyager of the Federation of Planets.


We wish to talk with you concerning our crew whom we believe you have … who are in orbit above the rotational axis of this planet.


We would like our crew to come back with us.


  Nothing happens, there is only silence.


7of9 This situation is difficult to understand.


The peaks have coalesced into a single reading.  Captain, I am reading a vortex opening.


  In front of them the sea begins to swirl and turn into a whirlpool.  The sea they are standing on is unaffected though there is very strong winds and they bend in resistance about their spots.

Slowly the water in front of them opens into a sort of hole.  The walls are made of water and there is a water path down into it.  It is about 30metres in diameter and 20 metres high.


Janeway Both old and new testaments in one day.  These creatures obviously do have a deity complex.


  Janeway leads the way down the path to the sea bed.

Tuvok and 7of9 examine the walls of the hole.


Tuvok Fascinating, the surface tension of the water has increased by over 3 million percent


7of9 It is an interesting approach. By combining gravition fields into the fabric of the hydrogen oxide molecule it has strengthened a liquid into a stronger substance than the solid carbon molecule diamond.


Janeway Interesting.  Where are the readings now.


  7of9 holds up her tricorder.


7of9 As ever it is difficult to get a precise reading, but I would estimate they are just on the other side of the wall, on all sides. They do not maintain a uniform pattern. They form a Taurus around us.


Janeway Hello.


Its very kind of you to allow us to come and meet you.


We find it difficult to talk to the air, would you come out and meet us face to face?


  Nothing happens, there is a pause for silence


B’Elanna When will jaw jaw end and war war start?


Janeway When there is no other option.  And that’s not yet.


Hello, I understand there are four of you and there are four of us.  You do not need to be afraid of us.


  The ground begins to shake.  The walls of water ripple in time.

Rocks push up out of the ground, the wind swirls around the hole.

A bright light emanates from one side and the crew shield their eyes.  Janeway is the first to put on her glasses and stands to face the light.


Janeway I’m delighted to meet you.


  The light fades in brilliance although does not extinguish.

A bubble appears in the wall and the water grows out from the wall like Pinoccio’s nose.  At 2 meters long the water bends through 90 degrees and touches the floor.  The water breaks from the wall and pools into a large globule which grows from the floor to take on a humanoid form.  It is completely transparent.


Janeway Hello, I’m Kathryn


Genesis 1 We know who you are.


You are arrogant solids.  You are nothing to us but evil.


How dare you accuse us of being afraid of such insignificant creatures.


Janeway I am sorry if we have shown you disrespect.


I am concerned about my crew who have only minutes to live.


Genesis 1 You flatter yourself, you have no regard for them.  You would have them die for your belief’s.  It is the reflection of your own failure that is your fear


Janeway I’m sorry, that is not true, we have principles by which we conduct our lives..


Genesis 1 Have you forgotten your own bridge commander’s course


Janeway I really don’t think that’s relevant here, you have my people captive.


Genesis 1 Even now you lie and duck the question like the evil you are.


I have asked you a question, have you forgotten your bridge commander course?


  Clearly perplexed, Janeway pauses and shuts her mouth before answering.


Janeway No. I haven’t forgotten my bridge commander’s course.


Genesis 1 What is the bridge commander’s first priority?


  Janeway swallows before answering

Genesis 1 paces around Janeway all the while.


Janeway A bridge commander’s first priority is the safety of the ship.


Genesis 1 Tell me what test do they set you in order to pass the course?


  Janeway grimaces before answering


Janeway In a holosuite a hull breech or other catastrophic event is simulated where the only solution is to… is to order a close colleague to their death in rectifying the situation.


Genesis 1 So you admit to be ready to send them to their death


Janeway As the commanding officer I have the responsibility of the safety of the ship and its crew.


Genesis 1 Your avoidance of my questions is tiresome.


Do you admit to being ready to send them to their death?


Janeway It is one of my responsibilities should the need arise.  I am also willing to risk my life to save theirs.  I gladly offer myself if you will release my crew.


Genesis 1 Again, only to save the reflection of your own failure


Janeway My failure did not place them above the planet, we believe you did.


Genesis Trying to project your problems onto another lifeform are you?


Ready to play god with your crew’s life – come here you, go there and die you, transport me over there and so on – but not ready to accept yourself for what you are.


Though you’ve never encountered a being like us before you are afraid and come armed with your energy weapons.


Janeway We have met lifeforms like yourself before


Genesis 1 You lie to trick us.


Janeway On DS9 before we were flung across the galaxy to the delta quadrant we met a shapeshifter working for the Bajoran Government.  His name was Odo.


  Genesis 1 is clearly confused by this statement.

The three other Genesis creatures emerge from the wall of water in the same manner as the first.  The 4 clear liquid beings move to form a line in front of Janeway who is backed by her three colleagues.


Genesis 2 Tell us more of this Odo


Janeway I’m sorry I’m not terribly familiar with his history.


I know he was found by a Cardascian scientist as a liquid lifeform.  For a while he was a curiosity and did tricks for their entertainment.  I’m not sure what happened then,  I know after the Cardasians left he become chief of security at DS9, which is when we met him.  I don’t know much else.


Genesis 2 He is integrated to your society?


Janeway Yes, we welcome all sentient lifeforms.


Genesis 3 Are you aware of any others like us?


Janeway Well, shapeshifting lifeforms have been rumoured for over a hundred years.


I believe Captain Kirk, who one of you met a while ago, encountered one on the Klingon Prison Moon.  Unfortunately she died in the escape bid.


Genesis 1 See you have no regard for our lifeform.  The original and genesis of all other life in the galaxy.


7of9 Excuse me, are you related to the Alphoids.


Genesis 3 The Alphoids are from long ago, we are from now.


7of9 I do not understand your answer.


Genesis 3 That is your problem.


7of9 The Borg have encountered liquid lifeforms on two occasions. Assimilation failed in each attempt through the death of the lifeforms.


Genesis 1 More damning evidence.  Just like all the solids before you, you seek our destruction.


Janeway That’s not true.  We mean you no harm.  If you release our crew we’ll leave and not trouble you.


Genesis 1 Leaving us incarcerated on this planet again.


Janeway Your dispute with number one is no concern of ours


Genesis 1 And which god are you today, deciding which conflict to join or step aside from?


Janeway We cannot help you leave this planet, number one would attack our ship.


Genesis 1 So you are more afraid of number one than us?


Janeway No, that’s not it, we do not want to become entangled in your situation with number one


Genesis 1 And what do you know of our situation with number one


Janeway Well number one believes that you wish to harm him, to kill him.


Genesis 2 We must disconnect number one from the technology


  The 4 genesis beings repeat the phrase mantra like for some moments


Genesis 3 I wish to know why Odo has not been killed.  Whenever our kind meets solids we die.


Janeway We have been cut off from our homeworlds for eight years and we have only occasionally been able to make contact.


I believe he is likely to be involved in the War against the Dominion. DS9 where he is based is at one end of a stable worm hole between our homeworld region of space the Alpha quadrant and another area, the Gamma Quadrant of the galaxy.  The Dominion have invaded the Alpha Quadrant and joined forces with another race to conquer the Alpha quadrant.


So, I suppose its possible he has died.


Genesis 1 See, let them all die.


Genesis 2 I understand your pain.


We have moved on from these petty emotions.  We have our mission to complete.


Genesis 3 It is clear that the spacecraft has been removed from beyond our reach.  And the other….


  A loud explosion is heard and the sky lights up


B’Elanna The delta flyer.


Janeway What, we still had a few minutes before, how did that happen


7of9 Captain, the clock on my tricorder suggests we have been here longer than our biological sense of time suggests.


Tuvok Singh did say that time does not follow the same laws of physics here.


  Janeway falls to her knees and starts to sob


Janeway 130 dead.  And for what.


You’ve killed 130 people.


  Janeway falls to her knees, clearly distressed. B’Elanna goes to Janeway’s aid.


Genesis 1 Again you blame us and for what?  Only your own limited ability to see beyond your own culpability


Genesis 2 If they have encountered one of our kind it must mean the alternative plan has been put in train


Genesis 3 Yes, perhaps there is as yet, another way.


Genesis 1 You mean they’ve managed to duplicate our codes.


Genesis 2 Which means that ours is no longer the only plan


Genesis 1 But you know that duplication cannot lead to multiple sentience


Genesis 2 By they have experienced this ‘Odo’ and included him in their culture


Genesis 1 We only have their word for it.  In all likelihood they may have kept him in a bottle to perform tricks.


Genesis 2 Now who is it who is accusing who without final evidence?


It is enough for us to know our kind have ventured beyond our closed world.


Come (to her liquid colleagues) we can do no more here.  We must await number 1’s readiness to forgive.  In time he will reach our level.


Genesis 1 Wait, let us send a message to our brethren.


  The liquid being examines each of the crew in turn and finally stands face to face with Tuvok.

He eyes him closely.


Genesis 1 You know how to join minds with other creatures?


Tuvok I am versed in the Vulcan art of the mind meld


Genesis 1 Prepare yourself


  Tuvok closes his eyes and breathes deeply and slowly


Tuvok Our minds will become one, your thoughts will be mind, my thoughts will be yours, there will be no barriers between us, our minds will become one.


  Tuvok holds out his hand to Genesis 1’s face


Genesis 1 How solid of you.


  Genesis 1’s face touches Tuvok’s hand and begins to melt into him.  In a reverse of their appearance process each of the 4 beings turn into columns of liquid and enter Tuvok.

Tuvok convulses with Joy, pain, ecstasy, horror and a half a dozen other emotions and then falls to the ground.  The 4 genesis beings rise up from his body and enter the water walls.

7of9 goes to Tuvok’s aid.

The bottom of the walls begin to leak


7of9 We must leave!


  The Seven assists Tuvok and B’lana assists Janeway and they make their way up the watery steps  and wade through the water towards the shore.

They are in deeper and deeper with each step they take until finally they begin to swim.

They swim until they finally make their way to the shore.

They drag themselves up on the shore clearly exhausted.


7of9 We must find shelter, it will not be productive to remain here in these wet clothes.


B’Elanna I know you’re only trying to help but we’ve just had a rough night.


7of9 We need to conserve our body heat.


B’Elanna OK, look over there along the shore, about 100 metres away, a mini cove with some rocks on the shore line.


7of9 I can see the land feature you refer to but I cannot see the point.


B’Elanna Let’s just get over there and I’ll explain


  They stagger and make their way along the shore, B’Elanna supporting Janeway and 7of9 Tuvok.


B’Elanna Look the wall will keep the wind of us.


  B’Elanna and 7of9 sit Janeway and Tuvok down against the sandy wall.  B’Elanna then walks over to one of the rocks (about 1m in size) and eyes it up.


B’Elanna Give me a hand Seven


  7of9 walks over to B’Elanna clearly puzzled

B’Elanna puts her shoulder against the rock and grunts as she pushes it.  7of9 assists her and it rolls toward the other two.  They stop rolling it when its about 2 metres from the wall.

B’Elanna unholsters her hand phaser


B’Elanna Normally a phaser rifle is a much more efficient and powerful source of energy.


However, the hand phaser is a lot more flexible in its application and uses.


  B’Elanna points the phaser and the rock and fires a 2 second blast. The rock glows a little.


B’Elanna A little more I think


  Again B’Elanna fires the phaser, this time on a slightly higher setting.  The rock now glows red.


7of9 I applaud your ingenuity


B’Elanna Nothing that ingenious, its been done by many people before


Janeway Still, I’m pleased that you had a clear head to think of it.


B’Elanna Captain, I was worried you had gone into shock


Janeway To be honest I think I have, I don’t want to believe they’ve all just suffocated.


B’Elanna If I hadn’t suggested leaving the ship for the Barium sweep


Janeway And if I hadn’t been so stubborn about crossing the great barrier in the first place, or chosen computer research instead of the officer corps at the Academy.


There’s no use letting regret eat away at you.


We have to learn from our successes and failures.  The way we handle our mortality is what defines us.


How is Tuvok doing?


7of9 He appears to have suffered a mind meld inflexion.  It may be a few hours, a few days or..


Janeway He may never recover.


Have you tried contacting the ship?


7of9 No.


I presumed Captain Singh would have remained out of distance or, having sensed the crew’s deaths and the delta flyer’s destruction have begun his journey to Earth.


  Janeway taps her comm badge


Janeway Janeway to Voyager. Please respond.


Voyager, this is Captain Janeway, please respond


Singh Captain Janeway, I’m so pleased to hear your voice, I was worried you were on board the shuttle when it exploded.


Janeway No, that was another insurance policy.


I was wondering whether you might be able to come and pick us up.  The genesis creatures appear to have no further use for us.


Singh One moment,.


Yes, I can sense they have returned to a state of hibernation, if that’s what you could call it.  There is no problem in beaming you back on board.


Janeway Great, See you soon.


  The four dissolve in the familiar transport pattern and appear on one of Voyager’s transport station.


Janeway Take Tuvok to sick bay, get the doctor to look at him  and keep him under observation


7of9 Yes Captain


  Janeway and B’Elanna make their way to the bridge via the turbo lift in solemn silence.  Singh is seated in the Captain’s chair but gets up when they enter and moves to Kim’s position


Janeway Captain Singh, thank you for collecting us.


We have an unpleasant task now, to collect the bodies of our comrades


Singh That’s rather an unglamorous way of describing it.


Janeway I am afraid death still has meaning and taboo for us.


Singh It does for me, but I would have thought you’d be glad to get everyone back on board


Janeway They suffocated before the delta flyer blew up on the planet below


Singh Not according to my readings


Janeway What??!!


Singh Your crew appear to be in orbit above the north rotational axis and not in a state of flux.


Janeway Is it a time dilation where time went quicker on the surface?


Singh No, you left nearly 4 hours ago.


Janeway Janeway to Neelix, What is your status?


Neelix Ah, Captain, its great to hear from you again. I was rather wondering what had happened to you. We were suddenly dragged to the planet about 6 hours ago.


Our air should have run out about 2 hours ago but Mr Kim hit on an ingenious way to extend our supply.


Two people at a time have beamed on board the shuttle and refreshed their oxygen supply


  (cut to scene of Neelix talking in his EVA suit)


Neelix And then they beamed out and shared their supply in a daisy chain with another 8 people.


Its been quite fun in a way, except I suspect some people’s personal hygiene may be at last letting them down.  We have been out here rather longer than expected.


  Cut to a scene of the crew dotted in daisy chains around the shuttle


Janeway I know.  We’ll start beaming you aboard now.


Neelix I think that’d be a good idea for the injured child first.


Mr Kim estimated we could have survived another 22 hours. However, after such a big adventure I think the crew would appreciate the chance to finish it properly, we left walking out the door, and I think we’d like to come back that way.


  Cut back to Voyager’s bridge


Janeway I know what you mean, we’ll see what we can do.


B’Elanna can you beam the children to sick bay and then, if you think its safe Captain Singh, move us over to the planet and let the crew come back in


Singh O I think its probably safe, I sense no challenge from the genesis beings


B’Elanna Captain, the console does not appear to be responding


Singh Allow me captain.


Computer, this is Captain Singh, I am reassigning command of this vessel to Captain Janeway. (The computer confirms)


Janeway Thank you.




  B’Elanna touches controls on her console


B’Elanna The children have been beamed to sickbay.


We are approaching the planet under impulse power.


  Cut to external shot of Voyager gliding towards the planet and taking up position near the North Pole.

Cut to close up shot of the EVA crew making their way towards Voyager.

Cut to shot from within hanger bay with daisy chains of crew entering past the shield and walking into the hanger.  They hug and remove the daisy chain and their helmets.

Janeway, B’Elanna, and 7of9 are there to greet the crew as they come in. The EMH is scanning for signs of space sickness.

The shuttle lands and Paris and Kim exit.  Neelix walks over, the bridge crew all hug.



Act Twenty Seven



  The bridge crew are assembled on the bridge


Janeway Tuvok, how are you feeling


Tuvok I believe I can perform my duties satisfactorily Captain, unfortunately I have no memory of the mind meld with the genesis beings.  Its possible that it didn’t work or that it may be buried deep within my Pau in a language I am not able to discern


Janeway Well, its good to have you back.


Attention all hands, this is the Captain speaking.


By now I hope you will have got over our trip beyond the great barrier, that you will be washed, rested and have eaten well.


It is my very pleasant duty to inform you that we appear to have a fully functioning, and stable transwarp conduit engine assembly.  Which means we will be back to Earth tomorrow.  (The sound of  cheering can be heard through the ship)

We have a day to get used the idea, I would certainly hope that you will all join me for a drink in the galley later.


I just wanted to say to each and everyone of you, that we’ve been through the best and the worst of times together.  We have lost dear colleagues along the way, but we have pulled through it together.  Without each other we would never have done it.  You can all be very proud of what we’ve done.


I’m proud, and feel privileged to have served with every single one of you.  I’ll never forget you, and you’ll be my friend and family for ever. Janeway out.


Mr Kim, Mr Paris.  Engage Transwarp conduit


Paris Opening transwarp conduit


Janeway Let’s go home.


Paris Aye aye Captain.


  Cut to external shot of Voyager jumping into a transwarp conduit.

Cut to scene of Voyager flying through a transwarp conduit and then jumping out on the outer edge of the solar system.

Dissolve to scene of next day on the bridge with the crew dressed in their best uniforms in rapture at the sight.


Tuvok Even as a Vulcan, I can appreciate the beauty of the sight before us.


Kim Captain we’re being hailed.  We being advised to halt or be attacked by Federation defences.


Janeway Open a channel to Star Fleet command,


Kim Channel open


Janeway Star Fleet Command.  This is the Captain Janeway of USS Voyager, fleet designation NCC 74656, I’m sorry we’re a little late returning.  I hope the cakes aren’t burnt..


  The viewscreen fills with the image of Admiral Jean Luc Picard


Picard Captain Janeway.


We weren’t expecting you.  Our last contact with you put you on the other side of the galaxy.


Janeway Yes, well we had a little help getting back.  Mind you we expected a little friendlier welcome.


Picard O don’t worry about the outer defences, we’ve had to install some devices as our relationship with the Dominion has not improved.


Seeing you all back is one of the best pieces of news we’ve had in a long, long time.  Welcome home. We’ll have to organise a reception.


Janeway Can you advise our relatives and friends, we’ll come into Star Fleet headquarters if that’s all right.


Picard Certainly, I look forward to seeing you shortly.


Janeway Take us in Mr Paris.


Paris Aye aye Captain.


  Cut to external view of Voyager flying past Saturn and then Jupiter towards Earth.

Cut to view of Voyager arcing through the lunar shadow and entering the brilliant light of the sun (similar to the TV show’s opening credit scene).

Voyager approaches earth passing two space stations and three docked ships in orbit above earth.  Slowly Voyager begins to enter the upper atmosphere and starts to gently glow as it descends.  In time the glow gives way and it descends into the clouds and blue sky.

It emerges from the clouds above the ocean and Voyager moves from left to right of the screen.  In the distance it is heading for the Golden Gate bridge.

The bridge grows in size as Voyager approaches.

Cut to bridge scene with the crew smiling at the viewscreen.  Cut to images of other parts of the ship such as the galley with crew looking out of the windows as it flies over the water.

Cut to external shot of Voyager flying up and over the bridge and banking around to Star Fleet Headquarters.  It takes up a hovering position above the large lawn in front of the main building.  A crowd is gathering, people are streaming out through the doors.

Slowly Voyager’s legs are extended and very slowly Voyager descends to the ground, the legs initially flex reacting to Voyager’s weight.

The sound of Voyager’s engines disappear.

Cut to scene of crowd, with Picard in the front moving towards the forward leg.  They stop in line near the perimeter of the hull.  Feet can be seen coming down the stairs in the legs.  Janeway is the first out quickly followed by her bridge crew.  Picard moves towards Janeway and stands straight to attention and salutes her.  Crusher is at the front of the crowd behind him.  Janeway, less rigid returns the salute. Picard extends his hand to shake Janeway’s hand with a big beaming smile


Picard Welcome Home Captain.


Janeway Thank you, you know I’ve been all right around this galaxy and, there’s really no place quite like home.


  A body emerges from the crowd.  It is a man.  Janeway looks at him and her face lights up.  She rushes to him and jumps onto him to hug.

The crew behind her start to see friends and relatives and a great melee of hugging and tears begins.

An old man in Star Fleet Uniform with a lot of gold braid on makes his way to Paris and taps him on the shoulder from behind. Paris spins around.


Paris Dad?


Paris Tom.


  They hug.


Paris You’ve got to meet B’Elanna


  Cut to scene above crowd slowly pulling out.  Voyager and Star Fleet Headquarters become smaller as more of the surrounding such as the Golden Gate bridge enter the picture.  These too become smaller as the camera continues to pull away.  The picture fades as the earth once more becomes visible and the credits begin to roll.





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