Star Trek (TOS): The Armageddon Factor

“Captain’s Log Stardate: 0515201.7: The Enterprise has picked up a distress call from a Federation ship in orbit around The Planet Hurala VII in the Castrovalva System. Mr. Spock has returned home to Vulcan at his Father’s request so I have asked Ensign Chekov to take his place at the science station. Meanwhile: a new transfer Lt. Nathan Jakob Lukacs has joined the bridge crew as Navigatior.”

“Coming into visual range with Hurala VII Sir.” came the voice of Lt. Nathan Lukacs. This new officer stood at 5’8″ has black hair & Silvery green eyes. Lt Lukacs is of Hungarian descent and as such has a slight accent.  “On Screen Mr. Lukacs.” Capt. Kirk ordered. “Aye Sir on screen.” Lt. Lukacs replied as he pressed a button to activate the view screen. The bridge crew couldn’t believe their eyes: The planet itself seemed to be coming apart as if it were being torn in two.

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