Halloween: The Night he Came to Voyager

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Halloween: The Night He Came To Voyager
By Michael Cochrane

Sitting in her readyroom, Captain Kathryn Janeway sips a cup of tea.
She thinks about several things. Mr. Kims’ reports, Lt. Torres’ idea of
compressing the computer’s memory, Mr. Tuvok’s tactical idea’s for the ship.

Janeway:(To herself) Just another day in the Delta Quadrent.

She sits back in her chair. Tring to relax, she wonder what it would be like
to babysit a young kid. She thinks for a moment.

Janeway:(Smiling) The Holodeck!

She gets up out of her cahir and enters the brige. Commander Chakotay sits in
his chair reading a report on a PADD. He looks up at Janeway.

Chakotay: I was afraid you weren’t going to come out.
Janeway: I’m going to take a break for the rest of the day, you have the
Chakotay: Are you forgetting something about tonight?

Janeway pauses for amoment about what he was tring to tell her. Then it
comes back to her.

Janway: The halloween party.
Chakotay: Tom bet me 3 credits that you would have forgotten completely.
Tom:(Overhearing) I guess that I lost. Better luck next time for me, huh?

Janeway smiles about Chakotays and Paris’ bet.

Jameway:(Joking) If you two do that again, I’d have to throw both of you in
the breg.
Chakotay: So, where would you be headding, Captain?
Janeway: I’m going to the Holodeck to find a good babysitting program.
Chakotay: Babysitting?
Janeway: I just want to know what it feels like to babysit a kid, thats all.
I never got a chance to babysit when I was young.
Chakotay: Have a nice time.

Janeway walks into the Turbolift.

Janeway: Deck 5.

The computer complies as Janeway thinks of the experiance. Then she got a
good idea. She gets out of the Turbolift and begins to stride to the
Holodeck. She stands at the entrence to the Holodeck.

Janeway: Computer, give me a list of Holonovels that invalve babysiting on
halloween night. Just Eatrh programs. I don’t want to get into a fight with
a Klingon boy.

The computer screen ran the list of Holonovels with keywords babysitting,
halloween night, and Earth. There was only one match found. The name of the
program was called Halloween.

Janeway: Is this all there is?
Computer: Yes. The keywords you requested match this program. Do you wish to
have safety proramitors on?
Janeway: No. I’m just going to babysit.
Computer: Do you wish to have option control during the program?
Janeway: Yes. I hope I don’t change anything. The person who writen the
program would be furious with me.
Computer: Program is running. Do you wish to have clothes to match timeframe?
Janeway: What’s the date in the program?
Computer: October 31, 1978.
Janeway: Why not? Either way, I’m babysitting someone.
Computer: You may enter when ready.

Janeway stands in front of the door. It opens to reveal a bedroom. She setps
into the the room. But, what she didn’t relize is that she made a big mistake.
She steps around the room. The window is wide open and the curtins flap from
the wind blowing. She walks over to close it. She stands there look out the
window. She looks down into the neighbor’s backyard. She see’s a shape of a
man with a blank, pale, emotionless face and brown hair near a clothsline.
He wears a mechanics suit. The white covers floder. The shape looks at her.
For a moment the she could she the shape. Then the cover block the veiw.
Then, when it moves away, the shape is gone. Janeway grabs the window a slams
it shut.

Janeway: Computer, who are charater’s in the story?
Computer: Dr. Sam Loomis, Laurie Strode, Annie Brackett, Sheriff Brackett,
Linda, Bob, Tommy Doyle, Linsy Wallace, and Michael Myers.

Janeway walks over to a dresser to pull out some clothes for the program. She
looks on the desk she finds pictures of Annie Brackett and Linda. Annie is a
burnet with blue eyes. Linda is a blonde with brown eyes. She reads a note
near a picture. It says “Don’t forget to take pumkin for Tommy.” She smiles.

Janeway: What character am I playing?
Computer: The caracter the user is playing is Laurie Strode.
Janeway: Well, what am I going to wear?

She turns from the dresser and find clothes already layed out. A dark blue
sweater, dress pants, dress shirt, and a pair of loffers.

Janeway: Well, here goes nothing.

Later, she steps out of the Strode house. Carring a pumkin, knitting kit, and
a small blanket. She stops and sits on a stump and waits for Annie. She looks
up and down the street and shes children and parents going Trick-or-Treating
for halloween. A car pulls up and hocks twice. Janeway gets up, still carring
her things, and goes over to the car’s passenger’s side. She pulls the door

Annie: Get in.

Janeway gets in, throws the blanket into the backseat, puts her knitting kit
at her feet, puts the pumkin between her and Annie and closes the door. Annie
holding a cigeritte hands it over to Janeway.

Annie: You just have time.

Janeway took it and puffed it. But she didn’t inhale. Dr. Loomis pulls up
into the cemetary with the groundskeeper in his yellow BMW. The two get out
of the car to find a grave.

Groundskeeper: Judith Myers. Row 18, block 20. You know everytown has
something like this happens. I remember over in Russlevile, old Charle Bowles
about 15 year ago. One night after he finshed dinner, he excuse himself from
the table, he went outside and got a hacksaw. Then he went back into the
house kissed his wife and children good-bye, the he proceeded to…
Lommis: Where are we?
Groundskeeper: Oh, it right over here. Judith Myers. I remember her. Such a
young boy.

The groundskeeper stoped. Loomis also stopped.

Loomis: What’s amatter? We lost?

Loomis looks over a sees that a tombstone is missing from it place.

Groundskeeper: Why do they do it? Damn kids, they’ll do anything for
Loomis: Who’s grave is this?
Groundskeeper: I don’t.. 18, 19…. Judith Myers.
Loomis: He came home.

Meanwhile in the car, Janeway tries to smoke the cigaratte. Annie still
driving the car.

Annie: Stilled spooked?
Janeway: I wasn’t spoked.
Annie: Lie.
Janeway: I wasn’t. I saw someone in Mr. Riddles backyard.
Annie: Probably Mr. Riddle.
Janeway: Yeah, but, he was watching me.
Annie: Mr. Riddle was watching you? Laurie, Mr. Riddle is 87!
Janeway: He can still watch.
Annie: Probably all he can do.

During the conversation, a stationwagon comes up behind the car. On the doors
of the car, there are signs that say “For offical use only”.

Annie: (After taking a drag) What the pumkin for?
Janeway: I brung it for Tommy. I figured carving a Jack-o- Lanterin would
keep him occupied.
Annie: I said you’d made a wonder girlscout.
Janeway: Thanks.
Annie: For that matter I might as well be a girlscout, tonight. I’m planning
on making popcorn and watching Doctor Dimention. Six strate hours of horrer
movies. Little old Linsy Wallace won’t know what hit her.

Janeway, thinking she could do it, takes a drag. She begins to cough alot.
She passes the cigaratte back to Annie. She takes a drag then her eyes grew

Annie:(Exhaling smoke) My Dad!!! Quick get rid of it!

The Stationwagon that was fallowing pulls over into park as Annie’s car pulls
up to a hardware store. Janeway was coughing like a bat out of haidees.

Annie: Quit coughing, Laurie. Quit coughing. Just act natural. Just be

Janeway takes a deep breath and holds it as they see Shariff Brakett. The
alarm rings load.

Mr. Brakett:(Barely can hear him) Hello, Annie, Laurie.

Janeway Raises her hand as a wave hello.

Annie: Hello, dad. What happen?
Mr. Brakett: (Not hearing her) What?
Annie:(repeating so he could hear her) WHAT HAPPENED?!?
Mr. Brakett: Someone broke into the hardware store. Probably kids.
Annie: You blame everything on kids.
Mr. Brakett: Well, all they took was was a halloween mask, some rope, and a
coupala knives. Who do you think it was?
Annie:(To Janeway) Hard growing up with a sinical father.
Mr. Brakett: Aren’t you going to be late?
Annie: (Not hearing him) Huh?
Mr. Brakett:(loud until alarm is shout off) AREN’T YOU GOING TO BE LATE?!?
Annie: (To Janeway) He shouts, too.
Mr. Brakett: Good-bye, girls.
Annie: Good-bye, dad.
Janeway: Bye.

As Annie and Janeway dive off, Dr. Loomis pulls up and get out to talk to
Mr. Brakett.

Loomis: Sheriff, Pradon me, I’m Loomis, Dr. Sam Loomis.
Mr. Brakett: Sheriff Lee Brakett.
Loomis: I’d like to have a word with you, If I could.
Mr. Brakett: Maybe a few mintues I have to…
Loomis: It’s important, Sheriff.
Mr. Brakett: Ten minutes.
Loomis: I’ll be here.

As Loomis waits, the stationwagon passes behind him. Back in the car, the
cigaratte is lit again. Annie and Janeway are talking. Janeway is mustly

Annie: What amatter with you?
Janeway: I’m sure he smelled it.
Annie: No he didn’t.
Janeway: I bet he did. Didn’t you she the look on his face?
Annie: He always looks like that.
Janeway:(Trying to change the subject) What are you going to where at the
dance tommarrow night?
Annie: I never you though about, Laurie.

Janeway sits quiet again. Annie looks at her.

Annie: You konw you could ask somebody?
Janeway: No I couldn’t.
Annie: Yes you could all you have to do is go up to someone and say
“Want to go to the dance?”
Janeway: You could do that, I couldn’t.
Annie : You could ask Dick Backser to go out with you.
Janeway: I rather go out with Ben Tramer.
Annie: Ben Tramer? Ha, I knew it. Ha, Ha. So you do think about that, Laurie.
Janeway: Shut up.
Annie: He’s cute. Ben Tramer!
Janeway: Ssshhh.

As Annie’s car continued to move, the stationwagon was still fallowing them.
Night fell fast. Annie stop and let Janeway out. She went up to the Doyles
house. Annie parked in the Wallaces driveway. The shape gets out of the
stationwagon walks up to a tree and watch the Wallaces leave. Meanwhile, in
the Mess Hall, the crew are dressed in costums, drinking, having a good time.
Commander dressed as an indian chief sits in a chair and wonders where the
Captain can be.

Chakotay: Computer, locate Captain Janeway?
Computer: Captain Janeway is in Holodeck 3.

B’Lenna Torres, dressed in a classic star fleet uniform. A red dress with
thigh-high boots. She sits beside Chakotay.

Chakotay:(Smiling) You wouldn’t pass-off a a member of the U.S.S. Enterprise
with the way you look.
B’Lenna: Don’t start with me or I’ll break your nose like I did with
Lt. Carey three years back.
Chakotay: The Captain most be having more fun then we are.
B’Lenna: Well, I hope she knows whats wrong with the computer.
Chakotay: What about the computer?
B’Lenna: The Holodeck controls a have a brainfart the size of the Alpha
Quadrant. The option to end the program, delete a charater, pause the
program, or call on arch or exit will not work until you reach the end of
the story in the novel. If you have the safty proramiders on, you’ll be
ok. But, if you don’t, you may get killed.
Chakotay: Why were we not informed about this.
B’Lenna: Because I’m working on the problem. The computer is fixxing it
right now. By the time the Captain’s novel is over the problem will be
Chakotay: I hope your right.

Back in the Holodeck, Janeway reads King Aurther to Tommy Doyle.

Janeway:(Reading from book.)”Cry not,” says Auther, “but no one shall pass
this way with out a fight!” “Is that so,” says the knight in a hon and bodly
Tommy: I don’t like that story.
Janeway: I thought King Auther was your favorite.
Tommy:(Reching underneth couch) Not anymore.

Tommy pulls out a stack of comic books.

Janeway: Why do you keep them under there?
Tommy: Mom doesn’t want me to have them.
Janeway:(Reading comic titles) Laserman, Neutronman, I can understand why.
Tommy: Laurie, what’s the Boogieman?

Before Janeway could answer, the phone rings. Janeway gets up and answers it.

Janeway:(Into phone) Doyle Residence?
Annie: It’s me.
Janeway: Hi Annie, whatcha doin’?
Annie: Making popcorn. Have fun? I’m sure you are. I’ve got big, big news
for you.

Before Annie could so another word, a dog comes into the kitchen and barks
at Annie.

Annie: Opps, hold on a minute. Hi, Lester. (Back into phone) I’m about to be
ripped apart by the family dog.
Janeway:(Thinking it’s funny) Ha, Ha, Ha.

Outside the Wallace’s kitchen, the masked man from before looks in.

Annie: Linsy, get this dog out of the kitchen right now.

Lester exits the kitchen to the outside from the back door.

Annie:(In to phone) God, I hate that dog. I’m the only one he doesn’t like.
Janeway: So what’s this big,big news?
Annie: What would you say if I told you that you were going to the
homecomming dance tommarrow night?
Janeway: I’ll probably say you have the wrong number.
Annie: Well, I just talked to Ben Tramer and he got real excited when I told
him how attracted you were to him.
Janeway: Oh, Annie, you didn’t. Please say you didn’t. How could you do that?
What do you mean it was easy?

During the time they talked Tommy goes int the dinning room and looks out the
wind and sees the masked man over at the Wallaces looking into a window.
Tommy runs back into the livng room to tell Janeway, who is still on the

Janeway: I can’t. I wouldn’t be able to face him.
Tommy: Laurie, he’s out there.
Janeway:(In to phone) Hold on. (To Tommy) What is it?
Tommy: He’s outside.
Janeway: Who?
Tommy:(Pulling Janeway over to the window)Laurie, the Boogieman’s outside.

Janeway looks threw the sades and see only the Wallace house. The masked man
was not there.

Janeway: Tommy, nobody’s out there. Go wtach TV. (Back into phone) It was
just Tommy. How could you do that?

Over at the Wallace house. The masked man looks at Annie threw the
glass back door while she talks on the phone.

Annie: Look, you like him, he likes you all you need is a little push.
Well, it won’t hurt you to go out for christ sakes.

Annie accidently spills butter on her clothes.

Annie: SHIT! No, no, not you. I spilled butter on my clothes. I’m gonna’
have to call you back. (Hangs up phone) Aw, yuck! Linsy, I need a robe!

Linsy is not paying attention to her babysitter. Back in the kicten, Annie
grabs a near by dress shirt and puts it on after stipping the clothes with
the butter on them. CRASH! Annie turns around to see a potted plant fall from
it’s rope housing. Back at the window the masked man looks back into the
kitchen. Lester starts barking at the masked man. Inside the kitchen Annie
hears it.

Annie:(dog barking) Linsy, Lester’s barking again and is getting on my
nerves again. (Dog cries in pain and goes quiet) Near mind. He probably
found a hot date.

The masked man choked Lester to death with his bare hands. Meanwhile back
at the Doyle House, Janeway and Tommy are watching “The Thing From Another

Tommy: What about the Jack-o-lanterin?
Janeway: After the movie.
Tommy: What about the rest of my comic books?
Janeway: After th Jack-o-lanterin.
Tommy: And what about the Boogieman?
Janeway: There’s no such thing.
Tommy: Richie said he was coming after me tonight.
Janeway: Do you believe everything Richie tells you?
Tommy: No.
Janeway: Tommy, halloween night is when people play tricks on each other.
It’s all make-blieve. I think Richie was just tring to scare you.
Tommy: I saw the Boogieman! I saw him outside!
Janeway: Nobody’s outside.
Tommy: There was.
Janeway: What did look like?
Tommy: The Boogieman.
Janeway: We’re not getting anywhere. Ok, the Boogieman comes out only on
halloween night, right?
Tommy: Right.
Janeway: Well, I’m here tonight. I’m not about to let anything happen to
Tommy: Promise?
Janeway: Promise.
Tommy: Can we make the Jack-o-laterin now?
Janeway:(Taking Tommy’s hand) Let’s go.

Meanwhile at the party, Tom is tring to sing a old earth song called Volcano
by the Presidents of the United States using a Karaoke machine. He was drunk
on Talaxian Ale(specail blend). He sounded like he was going to barf.

Tom:(sing the song)That’s what the smeel is, much of the hell is, Volcano’s

B’Lenna couldn’t take it anymore. She goes up and punches Tom hard. He
falls to the floor, out for the count. Everyone claps and cheers for
B’Lenna because she saved them from listening that son for a sixteenth
time. They took him and sit him up in a chair.

Chakotay: You handled that well.
B’Lenna: Thanks. I couldn’t stand listening to that song again.
Kim:(In a ninja costume)No one could have went through that, again.

Back on the Holodeck, someone knocks on the door to the Doyle House.
Tommy opens the door to reveal Annie and Linsy. Tommy let’s them in.

Tommy: Come in. We’re making a Jack-o-lanterin.
Linsy: I wanna watch the movie.
Tommy: Follow me.
Janeway:(In the kitchen) Annie, I’m in here.

Annie walks by the dinner table and enters the kitchen. Janeway is removing
the inside of the pumkin. She takes a look at Annie still in the dress shirt.

Janeway:(Stoping work on the pumkin) Fancy.
Annie: This hasn’t been my night. I get butter all over my clothes, then
I get stuck in the laundry room window…
Janeway: I want you to call Ben Tramer back and tell him you were kidding.
Annie: I can’t.
Janeway: Yes, you can.
Annie: No, he went drinking with Mike Godfree. He won’t be back until later.
You get to call him tommarrow. Otherwise, I’m on my way to pick up Paul.
Janeway: Now, wait a minute.
Annie: If you watch her, I’ll concider calling Ben Tramer in the morning.
Janeway: Deal. What happened, I thought he was grounded.
Annie: He was. Old jerko found a way to get out. Look, I’ll call you in an
Janeway: Ok.
Annie: Bye.
Janeway: Bye.

Annie opens the door, goes out, and closes it behind her.

Janeway: The Old Girl Scout comes through again.

Annie walks across the backyard wissling and singing. She walks up to the
car she was driving earlier.

Annie:(Singing) My Paul, I give you all. (She tries to open the door. But,
it’s lock.) No keys, But Please my Paul.

She crosses the backyard and goes inside the house. She enters the den still
singing. She finds her purse. She stands in front of a mirror and begins
brushing her hair. She goes back to the car and opens the door. When she
closes the door she nodices that the windows are fogged up. Then, the
masked man pops up behind the seat and grabs her throat. He begins to
strangle her. She hits the horn for help. The the masked man cuts her
throat and blood goes everywhere. Her head hits the horn and it wines.
Over at the Doyle house, Tommy and Linsy are watching Forbidden Planet.
Tommy desides to play trick on her. He climbs over the couch with her
noticing. He hides behind a curtin near the window.

Tommy:(in a terrifying voice) Linsy, Linsy.
Linsy: Where are you?

Tommy turns around and looks out the window. He sees the Boogieman carrying
Annie up the steps and into the Wallace house. He backs up and bumps into
Linsy. They scream at the same time.

Tommy:(horrerfyied) I saw the Boogieman! He’s outside! I saw the Boogieman!

Janeway hear the kids and runs in to check on them.

Janeway: What happenning?
Tommy: I saw thr Boogieman!
Janeway:(holding Linsy) Tommy stop. Your scaring Linsy.
Tommy: But, he’s really out there!
Janeway: Tommy, stop it! (She pulls the shade to view the outside) Now,
there’s nobody out there! There is no Boogieman! And if you don’t stop this
I’m gona have to turn off the TV and send you to bed.

Tommy circles over to the front of the couch in disapointment. Janeway
takes her index finger and lifts the front of Linsy’s head to see if she’s
ok. And Linsy is.

Tommy: Nobody believes me.
Linsy: I believe you, Tommy.

Linsy circles over to where she was sitting and both kids sit to watch the
movie. Janeway is surprised to see that both kids are close to one another.
She walks back into the kitchen. Just then, a blue van pulls up with Linda
and her boyfriend, Bob, inside. They talk.

Linda: Ok,ok. First we’ll talk a little, then Annie will distract Linsy,
thats when we go upstairs to the first bedroom to the left.
Bob: Ok. First I rip your clothes off…
Linda: Don’t rip me blose! It’s expencive you idiot!
Bob: Then you rip my clothes off, then we rip Linsy’s clothes off. I get it.
Linda: Totally.

Bob gets out first. Her walks over to the passenger side, opens the door,
and picks up Linda. He begins to take her up the lawn to the porch.

Linda: Put me down, Bob! Bob!

When he gets up to the porch Bob puts Linda back on her feet. Her opens the
door. The house is dark. Nothing is moving.

Linda: Hay, it’s totally dark.
Bob: Yeah.

Linda goes in and turns on a light and Bob fallows. The two enter into the
den. Linda turns on another light.

Linda: Let’s look ofr a note.
Bob: Let’s don’t.

Then Linda and Bob fall onto the couch in a lover’s embrace. They don’t
know what terror is in the house. And they don’t know what will happen to
the both of them. Back in the Doyle house, the Jack-o-lanterin is finshed
and lit. Janeway carries the pumkin while Tommy and Linsy are on her left
and right. They make ghost sounds as they lead it to the table.

Tommy: He’s gona get ya!
Linsy: No he’s not.
Janeway: Hay, nobodyis get anybody. So, stop scaring each other.

She sits the Jack-o-laterine on the table. She walks over to the window
and looks out of it. She sees Bob’s van park out in the front of the
Wallace’s house.

Janeway: Everyone’s having a good time, tonight. (Turning to the kids)What
do you want to do next?
Linsy: Let’s make more popcorn.
Janeway: No. I think we’ve had enouf. Let’s finsh watching the movie.
Tommy & Linsy: Yeah!

Janeway sat in the middle as Tommy and Linsy sits at her side. She thinks
that this is a good program. Just then, the phone rings. She gets up, goes
over to the phone and picks up the receiver.

Janeway: Doyle house?
Linda: Hi, Laurie. How’s it going?
Janeway: I’m sitting down for the first time tonight.
Linda: Ha,ha. Say, is Annie around?
Janeway: No, she went to go pick up Paul.
Linda: Well, she’s totally not here.
Janeway: They probably stop off someplace. When she gets back, tell her to
call me. I have Linsy over here and I need to know whento put here to bed.
Linda: Ok! Later.
Janeway: Have a good time.
Linda: We most sertanly will.
Janeway: Bye.

Janeway puts the receiver on the hook. Over in the Wallace house, Linda tells
Bob the news.

Linda: Linsy is gone for the night!
Bob: Hay, now that’s exellent!

The two get up from the couch. Bob turns off the lights that Linda turn on.
The two go upstair to have some fun. Janeway looks over at the Wallace house.
She moves away from the window back to the couch. Meanwhile at 45 Lapkin
Lane. Dr. Loomis stacks out the old Myers house to see if Michael would turn
up there after the first time. Three boys come up to the house.

Launie: I’m not afraid.
Kid one: Bull.
Launie: I’m not!
Kid one: Then go in!
Kid two: Go ahead, Launie.

Launie goes up to the porch. He turns around and looks at the other kids.

Kid one: Go in!

Launie turns to the door and reaches for the handle. Dr. Loomis thinks
quick. He begins to talk dark and low.

Loomis: Hay! Hay, Launie! Get your ass away from there!

Frighten from Loomis, they run off. Loomis smiles. Then a hand touches his
sholder. He turns to see Sheriff Brakett behind him.

Mr. Brakett: Look, there’s nothing going on. Just kid Trick-or Treating,
parking, getting high. I have a feeling that your way off on this.
Loomis: You have the wrong feeling.
Mr. Brakett: There not much to prove me wrong.
Loomis: I have been with him for fifteen years. Sittimg in a room. Looking
at a wall. Not seeing the wall. Looking forward to this night in humanly
pations. Death has come to you little town, Sheriff. You can either exnor
it or you can help me stop him.
Mr. Brakett: Alright. In cause your right. If you are right. Damn you for
letting him go.

Mr. Brakett walks off leaving Loomis alone once more for his stakeout

Back at the Wallaces, Bob and Linda just got through have sex.

Linda: Want a beer?
Bob: Yeah.
Linda: Is that all you can say?
Bob: Yeah.
Linda:(after elbowing Bob) Go get me a beer.
Bob: I thought you were going to get me one.
Linda: Yeah? Ha,ha.
Bob:(Gettin up)Don’t get dressed.

Bob, in his shirt and pants, goes into the kitchen for beer. As he gets
the glasses for the beer. The back door pops open. Bob goes over to

Bob: Annie, Paul… (Turning to the door to his left) Linda, you asshole.
(Turns around to the door behind him) Alright, come on out.

As soon as he opens the door, the shape grabs him by the neckand slams him
into the wall. Bob tries his best to fight back but is not doing good. The
shape lifts Bob off the floor. Then, with his other hand, slams a butcher
kinfe into Bob’s chest. Bob quits fighting and dies. The shape stands there
admiring his work. Back upstairs, Linda is filing her nails. The door opens
to the room to reveal the shape wearing a cover with two holes cut out for
the eyes and wearing Bob’s glasses.

Linda:(Not looking at him) So, did you get my beer?

The shape stands there without saying a word. Linda looks up and smirks.

Linda: Cute, Bob, real cute.

The shape still stands there without say a word of moving an inch. Linda
sits up and removes the cover from her neck to reveal her chest.

Linda: See anything you like?

The shape still stands without doing anything.

Linda: What’s the matter, can’t I get your ghost, Bob? Ha,ha,ha.

The shape doesn’t respond.

Linda:(Anoied)Ok,ok, where’s my beer?

No responce from the shape.

Linda: Well, can’t you answer me?

Nothing from the shape.

Linda: Ok, don’t answer me. Boy are you weird.(putting on her shirt and
dialing the phone) I’m calling Laurie. I want to know where Paul and Annie
are. This is getting nowhere.

The shape moves over to Linda as she wait for someone to pick up. Over
at the Doyles, Janeway knits the blanket she bruing until the phone rings.

Janeway: Finally.

She gets up and picks up the receiver.

Janeway: Hello?

Before Linda could answer, the shape grabs the cord and raps it around her
neck and begins to strangle her to death. Linda wails as she is choked.

Janeway: Hello? Alright Annie, first I get you famous cewwing, now I get
your famous squelling.

Linda tries to twist and turn out of the way.

Janeway: Annie, are you all right?

Linda dies from lack of oxagen. As she falls she grabs the cover pulling
it off.

Janeway: Are you folling around, again. I’ll kill you if this is a joke.

The shape is wearing a halloween mask. He hears Janeway and puts the
receiver to his ear.

Janeway: Annie?

She removes the recevier from her ear and looks at it. She picks up the phone
and moves over to the window. She sees the den’s light go on then off. She
dials the number to get in touch with anyone over at the Wallaces. She sits
and she can hear the phone ring from a cross the street. She hangs up and
puts the phone back on the table. She goes up stairs to check on the kids.
They’re both sleeping in the master bedroom in the Doyle house. She sees
them sleeping peacfully.

Janeway: Sleep tight.

Meanwhile, back at 45 Lapkin Lane, Dr. Loomis becomes tired of watching the
house for Michael to come. He turns away to look at the street. He sees a
stationwagon. He relizes that it’s the stationwagon he was using to take
Michael to Harrden Couny for his trial. He goes up for a better look to
see if it is. He sees the sigh on the door. He knows it the one. He begins
to go down the street called Orange Grove. Back at the Doyle house, Janeway
decides to go over to the Wallace house. She exits the room and goes downstairs
Janeway takes the knitting kit and reaches inside it. She pulls out a set of
keys. She opens the front door, steps out, and closes it behind her. She
begins to walk over ti the house. It looks lifeless. She goes up onto the
porch and knock on the door.

Janeway: Bob, Linda!

She Goes to the side of the house to the back.

Janeway: Annie?

She steps into the kitchen.

Janeway:(closing the door behide her)Annie? Linda? Bob?

She reaches for the same door that Bob did. But she hears a sound that draws
her away from it. She comes up to the den. She enters it fast to find the
three play a trick. But they weren’t there. She hears another sound from

Janeway: Alright, meatheads. The joke’s over. This is most not definly funny,
now cut it out! You’ll be sorry.

Janeway begins to walk up the stairs. She thinks the three are pulling a
joke. As she gets upstairs she shes light from a craked door. She walks
towards the door. She pushes it open and enters the room. She finds Annie
on the bed with a tombstone above her head. Janeway covers her mouth so
she wouldn’t scream alound. She falls back and hits the doorway for the
closit. She turns around and comes face-to-face with Bob hanging upside down.
She lets out a terrible scream in horrer. She backs into a large dresser
still shocked. The dresser door swing open to revivel Linda. She screams,
again. Still shocked, she gets out of the room and backs into a door behind
her. Not knowing what would happen, she tries to leave. The shape emerges
from the shadows and jabs the butcher knife into her left arm. She screams
in pain and terror as she falls onto the stairs down bellow. The shape walks
around to the foot of the stairs. Janeway looks up and sees the shape. She
got up and runs for the door. Her right foot hurt ever time she steped. She
gets to the door and pulls on it to open. Then, the shapes steps sounded
like thunder as he came downstairs after Janeway. Janeway run into the
kitchen, closes the door and locks it. She runs over to the back door.
But she can’t open it because a rack has the door jamed. At the entrance
to the kitchen, the doorknob turns but won’t open. Janeway tries her best to
get the back door open. Then a hand busts through the door to the kitchin.
It searches and finds the lock. It unlocks the door and the shape enters.
Janeway takes her right hand and breakes a pain of glass in the door and
pushes the rake away. She runs out screaming.


She runs to the next door neighber house for help. She trips and hit the
ground, nearly knocking the breath out of her. She gets up and climbs the
steps. She pounded on the door. A porch light came on. A man looked through
a window at her.


The man disapeared from the window and the light went off. Janeway relized
that man would help her. She lemped badly and quickly to the door of the
Doyle house. She reaches into her pocket to get the keys. The keys weren’t

Janeway: Computer, delete charater!

No responce. The shape emerges from behind the Wallace house.

Janeway: Computer, end program!

Nothing. The shape gets closer and closer.

Janeway: Computer, freeze program!

Nothing. Janeway relized it wouldn’t work. She bang on the door as hard as
she could.

Janeway: TOMMY! TOMMY IT’S ME!!!

Janeway reached for a nearby potted plant. Shethrew it near the master
bedroom’s window. The light comes on. Janeway turns to see the shape.
She looked back up to the wind to see Tommy.

Tommy: Who is it?
Janeway: Tommy open up, it me!!
Tommy:(Disappering from window)Ok.
Janeway: TOMMY! HURRY!!!

From behind the door, Tommy walks up to it unlocks it and opens it. A
badly hurt and bleeding Janeway enters,slamming and lock the door behide

Janeway: Tommy, get upstairs.
Tommy: What is it, Laurie?
Janeway: Get upstairs get Linsy and lock the bedroom.
Tommy: He’s here.
Janeway: Do as I say.
Tommy: It’s the Boogieman isn’t…
Janeway: Hurry!

As Tommy runs upstair, Janeway cuts the lights off. She lemps over to the phone.
She picks up the receiver to call for help. No dialtone. She pushes the hammer
afew times. Nothing. She throws the receiver. It misses the hook and drops to
the floor. Janeway remembers something.

Janeway: Oh, no.

Janeway opened the window near the phone to get some fresh air. Because of that
she made a big mistake. She looks around knowing the shape is in the house.
She falls in front of the couch. She grabes a knitting needle.

Janeway: Please, stop. Please!

The shape pops up from behind the couch and swoops at Janeway.He misses her
and hits the cushin. She turns around and jabs the neddle into the shapes
neck. He stands up and stumbles backwards. He pulls the neddle out and
falls to the floor. Janeway, still shock, takes the knife, pulls herself up
onto the couch, and looks ove the back to see the shapes body. She gets in a
sitting postion and drop the knife onto the floor. She rests for a moment.
Meanwhile, a ways from the Doyle house, Loomis with his gun in his overcoat,
searches for Michael. Then suddenly, Sheriff Brakett pulls up beside Loomis.

Mr. Brakett: Where were you? I went to the Myers house…
Loomis: I found the car. He’s here.
Mr. Brakett: Where?
Loomis: Two blocks down. You watch the back of the houses, I’ll watch the
front. Go on, move!

The car pulls off leaving Dr. Loomis to search. Meanwhile, upstairs in the
Doyle house, Janeway is upstairs to get the kids.

Janeway: Toomy, Linsy?

The door opens to revile the frighten children.

Janeway: Oh, my babies.

She huged both of them at the same time. They pulled away from her.

Janeway: We’re gona take a little walk.
Tommy: What about the Boogieman?
Linsy: I’m scared.
Janeway: There’s nothing to be scared of.
Tommy: Are you sure? (Janeway nods) How?
Janeway: I killed him.
Tommy: You can’t killed the Boogieman.

Tommy and Linsy scream. Janeway turns to see why. The shape she left for
dead downstair was alive and ready to kill. She pushed Tommy and Linsy into
the master bathroom.

Janeway: Lock the door!

She stumbles into the bedroom. She thinks fast and opens the doors to the
balcane. Then she get’s into the closit. She grabs a nearby dress and rap it
around the handles tight. The shape steps into the room he looks out the
doors and see nothing. He turns to his attintion the closit. Inside, Janeway
hudles herself into a corner in the closit. The shadow of the shape falls onto
the door. He grabs the handle and tries to open it. But the dress holds the
door together.

Janeway: Computer, end program.

Notihng worked. The door shakes wildly as the shape tries to open it. Then
he breaks trew the wooden panels. Janeway screamed aload. Then the shapes
broke the paneling down to his waist. Janeway reaches up ang grabs a
clotheshanger. She unbinds it before the shape could grab her. She takes
one end of it and jabs it into the shapes eye. He drops the knife to cover
his eye. Janeway grabs the knife and jabs it deep into the monster. Then,
after pulling it out, the shape fell from Janeways view. She gets up
with the knife ready. She looks down at the monster. She throws the aside
and walks over to the bathroom door.

Janeway:(knocks twice)Tommy, unlock the door. (Tommy does. Janeway takes
Tommy’s hand and carefully pulls him out of the bathroom with Linsy behind
him) I want you to listen to me. I want you to down stair and out the front
door. I want you to go down the street to the McKenizes house< I want you to tell them to call the police and tellthem to send them over here. Now, do as I say. Janeway rests after whats happened. But she did not know it that the shape has just sat back up and is going to kill her. Outside Tommy and Linsy run out of the house like they were told. As they do, Dr. Loomis sees them run. Back inside, Janeway gets back on her feet, the shape aswell. He step closer and closer knowing she won't make it out alive this time. Janeway takes a few steps from the doorway then suddenly the shape spends her around to face him and begins to choke her. She tries her best to fight back. Suddenly Dr. Loomis comes upstairs to see what happenning. Janeway reaches and rips the mask to reveal the human face behind it. The shape catches the mask. Dr. Loomis knows it Michael Myers. He has gun drawn and ready. Michael puts the mask back on. Loomis fires a shot into Michael he falls back into the bedroom. Loomis runs and enters the room to find Michael stand upright. One after another Loomis shot Michael. The last shot cause Michael to fall off the balcane. His body hit the ground with a hard TUMP! Back upstairs, Loomis pulls the trigger one last time to catch a empty clinder. Janeway, who covered her ears, removed her hands from her head. Janeway:(Looking at Loomis) It was the Boogieman Loomis:(Looking at Janeway) As a matter of fact,it was. Loomis walked over to the balcane to see the dead body of Michael Myers. But when he looked down, the body was gone. Janeway: Computer, end program. Evry disapeared to revile a Hologrid. Janeway: Janeway to Sickbay? Doctor: Sickbay, here. Janeway: Send a medical detachment to Holodeck 3. Doctor: Why? What happened? Janeway: I met the Boogieman. And his name was Michael Myers. Later on in Sickbay, Janeway tells her story to Chakotay. Chakotay: That must have been a tough time for you. Janeway: Yes it was. One the other hand. I found two little kids I'll never forget. B'Lenna comes in with a report. B'Lenna: The glich is gone for good. Janeway: Did you find out who wrote that program? B'Lenna: Well I would have, if... Janeway: If what? B'Lenna: That program doesn't excised. Janeway: What? B'Lenna: I ran every search I could and the program never excited. I even checked all deleted programs. Janeway: He's still on the loose. B'Lenna: I need some sleep. I've been partied to death tonight. Janeway:(To B'Lenna) You don't know what death is. The End


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