Halloween 2: The Nightmare isn’t deactivated

Warning!: This is an unatherized fan fiction story. The characters, places, or objects either
belong to Paramount, Inc. or Compass Films International. They had no part in the making of
this story. This story is rated PG-13.

This is Michael Cochrane. I made a fan fiction story of two of my favorite things of
entertainment, Halloween(the first film) and Star Trek: Voyager. Of course I also like part two
of Halloween. From my opinion, there should have been only two. For the sequel of the
story: HALLOWEEN: THE NIGHT HE CAME TO VOYAGER, there will only be two, no three
more. If you been wondering what I was doing, I was working on another story using another
pen name, but none of that now. I’ll explain somethings here:

1. The story will be like the first and second films, the ending of the first story is the begining
of the
second story.

2. If you look at the Verson 2 of HALLOWEEN: THE NIGHT HE CAME TO VOYAGER, the
is changed.

3. Michael’s escaped from the holonovel and is out after Janeway since she took the role of

4.The doctor’s emitter and a knife is missing. That means Michael’s using it.

5. The only way Janeway can finsh Michael off is to get him into the second part of the novel,
which won’t be easy.

6. Janeway is still injuried, even theow she was in sickbay, it’s the only way to continue the
story from
the first.

Well, that’s all for now. ENJOY!!!!!!

Janeway:(knocks twice)Tommy, unlock the door. (Tommy does. Janeway
takes Tommy’s hand and carefully pulls him out of the bathroom with Linsy behind him) I
want you to
listen to me. I want you to down stairs and out the front door. I want you to go down the
street to the
McKenizes house. I want you to tell them to call the police and tell them to send them over
Now, do as I say.

Janeway rests after whats happened. But she did not know it that the Shape has just sat
back up and
is going to kill her. Outside Tommy and Linsy run out of the house like they were told. As
they do,
Dr. Loomis sees them run. Back inside, Janeway gets back on her feet, the Shape aswell. He
closer and closer knowing she won’t make it out alive this time. Janeway takes a few steps
from the
doorway then suddenly the Shape spends her around to face him and begins to choke her.
She tries
her best to fight back. Suddenly Dr. Loomis comes upstairs to see what happenning.
Janeway reaches
and rips the mask to reveal the human face behind it. The Shape catches the mask. Dr.
Loomis knows
it Michael Myers. He has gun drawn and ready. Michael puts the mask back on. Loomis fires
a shot into
Michael. He falls back into the bedroom. Loomis runs and enters the room to find Michael
upright. One after another Loomis shoots Michael. The last shot cause Michael to fall off the
balcany. His
body hit the ground with a hard TUMP! Back upstairs, Loomis pulls the trigger one last time
to catch a
empty clinder. Janeway, who covered her ears, removed her hands from her head.

Janeway:(Looking at Loomis) It was the Boogieman.
Loomis:(Looking at Janeway) As a matter of fact,it was.

Loomis walked over to the balcany to see the dead body of Michael Myers.
But when he looked down, the body was gone.

Janeway: Computer, end program.

Every disapears to revile a Hologrid.

Janeway: Janeway to Sickbay?
Doctor: Sickbay, here.
Janeway: Send a medical detachment to Holodeck 3.
Doctor: Why? What happened?
Janeway: I met the Boogieman. And his name was Michael Myers.

Later on in Sickbay, Janeway tells her story to Chakotay.

Chakotay: That must have been a tough time for you.
Janeway: Yes it was. On the other hand, I found two little kids I’ll never forget.

B’Lenna comes in with a report.

B’Lenna: The glich is gone for good.
Janeway: Did you find out who wrote that program?
B’Lenna: Well I would have, if…
Janeway: If what?
B’Lenna: If we could find the charater you call Michael Myers.
Janeway: What?
B’Lenna: I ran every search I could and the charater is missing. I even checked all deleted
Doctor: Since we are speaking of missing things, I can’t find my holo-emitter.It’s as if it
disapeared into
thin air. It was here when I deactivated myself. Now, it’s gone.
Janeway: It’s not wise to play a halloween prank on me, Doctor.

Kes looks around in the equpment bin. She searches for something.

Doctor: Kes, do you know where the emitter is?
Kes: No. I can’t find that sergical knife I replicated earlier.

It suddenly hits Janeway hard.

Janeway: He’s on the loose.
B’Lenna: I need some sleep. I’ve been partied to death tonight.
Janeway:(To B’Lenna) You don’t know what death is.

Halloween 2: The Nightmare Isn’t Deactivated.
By Michael Cochrane

Michael Myers silently craws through the jefferies tube, with the
holo-emitter on his arm. He crawls his way to a section of the tube. A
banging start’s up. Michael pauses for a moment. He looks down the tube
to another section. He sees a ensign working on a plasma vent. She works
as fast as she can. She hopes to make it to the party in the Mess Hall.

Ensign:(repeating what happened earlier) Can you fix the plasma vent in
section 4 on deck 3? Why sure. How long will it take? A few minutes.
Yeah. A few minutes my ass!

A small sound breaks her from the work she looks down the tube from
where the sound came from.

Ensign: Hello? Steven is that you?

She puts down the hammer and looks down the tube.

Ensign: Hello?

She gets into the tube and begins to crawl down toward the section to
look around. Suddenly, a hand grabs her by her uniform and pulls her
out of the tube. Michael quickly grabs her by the troat and lifts her
into the air. He takes the knife and slams it into her stomach and
begins to rip it out. Meanwhile in sickbay Janeway is throwing commands
to her crew members in the room.

Janeway: Chakotay, hail the intire crew tell them to get to their rooms
a.s.a.p. B’Lenna, search the holonovels for a part two of Halloween. We
may need it. Kes your going to stay here with the Doctor.

Janeway tries to take a step off the bed, but her foot shoots pain up
her leg. She moans in pain.

Doctor:(helping Janeway back on the bed) Captain, you’ve been stab, cut,
and have a broken foot. You have to stay in sickbay until tomarrow, when
I can put a cast on your foot.
Janeway: But I got to stop him, Doctor.
Doctor: Since the medical officer is higher then the Captain when he or
she is injuried, you must stay in sickbay.

Neelix comes in to get an interview for tomarrows episode of A Breifing
With Neelix.

Neelix: Captain, I heard what happened to you. Are you alright?
Janeway: Neelix, now is not the time to be a reporter.

The lights suddenly go out. The four could barely see anything.

Janeway: He cut the power.
Neelix: Who cut the power?

The backup light suddenly come on. Kes walks over to Neelix.

Kes: I don’t think the Captain is safe here Doctor.
Doctor: I don’t think she’s safe anywhere in the ship.
Neelix: Where’s the best place to be safe?

A loud clanking noise comes from the hatch entering the sickbay.

Janeway: Security, inturder alert in sickbay.

The hatch springs open to reveal Michael, whos hand is covered in blood.

Doctor: Kes, Neelix, get the Captain out of here.
Kes: What about you?
Doctor: I’ll hold him here for as long as I can.

Neelix and Kes helps Janeway out of sickbay. Michael stands watching as they leave.

Doctor: So, your Mr. Myers. I’m the Emergency Medical Hologram. I’m going to
tell you about hurting everyone else. You do know it’s not right. Did you hurt your hand?

Michael steps up to the Doctor and hits him in the mouth. The Doctor falls hard to the floor.
The Doc
as quick as he can gets up and tackles Michael hard. Doc tries to pull the Holo-Emitter off of
arm. Michael then grabs Doc’s face and throws him against the glass wall to the Doc’s
walks over to a panel and drives the knife into it. The Doctor disapears. Meanwhile, Kes,
Neelix, and
Janeway walk as quickly as they can to a turbolift. They stop in front of the lift.

Janeway: Due to Michael’s idea, It’s going to take longer for the lift to get here then it usually
Neelix: As long as we can get away, we may be fine.

Janeway types on a consile near the lift. Neelix and Kes stand watch. Michael steps into the
hallway. He stands quiety watching the three try to escape.

Neelix: Captain, he’s found us.
Kes: And he looks pist.

Then Michael stands looking at them for a moment, tilting his head. The he begins to walk
towards them.
Slowly, each step felt like a beat of a drum. Janeway punches the panel as quickly as she
can. Michael
still doesn’t stop. The panel reads the floor the lift is on. It slow reads brige, two, three, four,
five. The
doors suddenly open to their surprise. The three pile in. Janeway punches the door close
button hoping
to close the doors before Michael can reach the doors. The lifts doors close slowly. Michael
who’s now
near the doors, sticks his hand in the way. He tries his best to stop the doors. But he misses
and the
doors close.

Janeway:(To the lift)Brige.
Neelix: That was a close one.
Kes: Yeah, a little to close.

The doors open to reveal the Brige. Chakotay sees them inside.

Chakotay: I tought you were going to stay in sickbay. What happened?
Kes: Michael tried to kill us. He’s after the Captain.

Tom overhears the conversation. He jumps in.

Tom: Commander, the Captain is the only person he wants because she took the role of
Janeway: Mr. Paris, how do you know that?
Tom: I’m the one who written the program.
Janeway: You?
Tom: Afraid so. You see, you’re not to play in it, you’re saposed to watch it.
Janeway: Great! Now I’m a target.
Kes: Not on our watch.
Kim: Captain, B’Lenna found the second holonovel of Halloween 2.
Tom: Wait a minute…
Janeway: That’s good. I have to face him alone.
Chakotay: Listen, the only way to get down there is by lift. With that holo character on the
you’ll have to wait here for now.

Suddebly a voice comes over the communicators.

Voice: Post 3 to Security! It’s him! Michael Myers! He’s.. aaaaaaaaAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!
Chalotay: Post 3 come back. What happened? How many people were stationed at each
Tuvok: Thirteen people per post.

Chakotay and the others are shocked by what has happened.

Tuvok: Commander, we’ve got reports from our guards at several posts before we lost
with post 3, Myers has taken out 6 out of the 11 posts.
Chakotay: Contact the other posts. Tell them to haul ass to the mess hall.

Janeway turns to the lift. None of the others are paying attention.to her.

Janeway: I’m going alone. I want everyone to stay in their rooms and in the mess.

Chakotay turns to face Janeway.

Chakotay: Are you sure you can make it?

Janeway looks at Chakotay for a moment.

Janeway: I’ve made it this far, haven’t I?

Tom walks up to Chakotay and Janeway.

Paris: Captain, I don’t know if you know this, but….
Janeway: Whatever it is, Tom, will have to wait till later. I’m heading to Holodeck 2. Inform
the crew.

Janeway makes her way into the Turbolift.

Janeway:(to the computer) Deck 3.

A minute later Janeway makes her way to the entrance to the Holodeck. She punches a few
keys on
a nearby computer console. She looks down the hallway, to see if anyone was there. The
doors open for her.

Janeway:(to herself) Well, here goes nothing.

She limps into a new setting, noting like she’s seen before. The setting is outside of a
building. A sign at
the top of the building reads “Haddonfield Memoiral Hosptil” She begins to limp to the door.
She has a
bad feeling that someone is watching her. She looks around her, not seeing anything. She
enters the
hosptil. The halls seem dark and empty. She could barly see anything. The only backup
lights are on.
She makes her way down one of the hallways. There is a faint sound. Janeway stops dead in
her tracks.
It sounded like the doorway to the holodeck. She relized that she wasn’t alone in there now.
She knew
that Michael was in there. The sound came from behind her. She tries to move as quickly as
she can.

A female voice: Laurie!

Janeway stops for a moment and turns around to see a female nurse. The nurse has blond
hair, blue
eyes, she wears her nurse outfit and a blue sweater.

Nurse: Laurie! Laurie wait!

Janeway didn’t have time to fool around with another holo-character. She turns around and
begins to limp

Nurse: Wait! Laurie!

Janeway turns around again to look at the nurse. Janeway’s eyes grow wide.


The nurse turns around to see the Shape behind her. Michael slams the knife into her back
and lifts
her into the air. Janeway was in shock. The nurse, looks down at her feet. Then her shoes
fall off. Michael
pulls the knife out and the nurse falls down, dead. Janeway began to limp away from them,
but Michael
had homed in on her. She rounds a corner without thinking. Limping as fast as she could.
She passes a
streacher and slings it over to slow down Michael. She bumps into a door that leads into a
stairway. She
begins to move down the stairs without tring to make a sound. She passes through a door
into a hallway.
She moves over to the first door and tries to open it. Locked. She moves over to another
door. Locked,
aswell. She moves over to another door. The door can be opened. She limps inside and
closes the door.
She makes her way down some steps. She relizes that the place she’s in is a boiler room.
She moves
over to a shelf without a noise, she turns around and backs up slowly. She bumps into
something soft.
She turns around to see it’s one of her crewmembers, hanging dead. She lets out a horrified
scream. The
crewmember’s stomach was ripped out and guts hanging loose. The sound of a door shuting
draws her
attention away from the dead crewmember. She turns aroun to see the Shape standing next
to the boiler,
ready to make her the next victim. She looks up at the top of the sheif beside her. She sees a
window at
the top. She quickly climbs the sheif and opens the window. She crawls halfway through
before she feels
the Shapes hand tring to grab her. She pulls herself as far as she can. Then she looses her
grip and falls
from the window. She lands on a pile of boxs and slumps to the floor. She gets up as quick
as she can.
She limps a little bit before she hears something landing on the boxes like she did. She looks
over to her
right to see an elevator. She makes her way over to it. She punches the up button for the
elevator. She
can hear the sound of glass snaping. She knew that the Shape was there. She punches the
button many
times. The lgith of the floors begins to move down slowly. She can hear the Shape’s breath
from his
mask. She turns around to see the Shape rounding the corner, ready to kill. The doors to the
open. Janeway falls back into the elevator. She punches the close doors button to get the
doors to close.
The Shape is about to reach into the levetors doors. But the doors close in time before the
Shape’s could
make it. The doors on the other side of the elevator open. Janeway limps out of it to get

Dr. Sam Loomis sits in the back seat of a Trooper as if passes a sign that reads “Now
Haddonfield. Hope you enjoyed your stay”. Beside him sat Marion Chambers, the nurse that
was helping
Loomis to transfer Michael to Harddon County for his trial. She wears a trinch coat, a pink
sweater, a pair
of blue jeans, and boots. He knows that Michael is still on the loose.

Marion: I’m sorry.
Loomis: Don’t feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for that little town back there. It will take years
before they
can under stand this.

The Trooper looks into the rear view mirror at Loomis for a moment. Then continues to drive.

Marion: Doctor Loomis, I need to tell you something…
Loomis: Did you see the blackboard back at the school?
Marion: Yeah, but…
Loomis: The Ruins preachers used held bonfires for the gods. Prisoners of War, Criminals,
the insane,
animals were… burned alive in baskets. The Ruins, by watching the sacrifices, believed that
they could
see omens as a feature. Samhain is not about evil. It’s not about ghosts, goblins or witches.
It’s about the
unconcinous mind. We are all afraid of the darkness inside ourselves…

Marion does want to tell him, but she should.

Marion: Doctor Loomis, I think there’s something you should know….
Loomis: I’ve seen everything.
Marion: No, it’s not that. It’s about the girl you saved earlier tonight…
Loomis: What about her?
Marion: It’s not fair, they should be able to tell us….. That girl, that Strode girl… That’s
Captain Kathryn
Janeway. She found this program to use for babysitting because she near got the chance to
when she
was young. This program was to be used to watch, not to interact with. She didn’t know
about it until she
went over to the Wallace house. And Michael thinks she’s Laurie Strode, who’s his sister.
Loomis: How do you know about this?
Marion: B’Lenna Torres programed me to tell you about it so you can help her.
Loomis: Tonight after I shot him, where did she go?
Marion: Right now, she’s at the Haddonfield Hosptil.

Loomis leans up to the Trooper.

Loomis: Do you know where the hosptil is located?
Trooper. It’s about 2 miles back.
Loomis: Turns this car around now.
Trooper: I got orders…

Loomis pulls out his gun and puts it to the Troopers head.

Loomis: Those orders have changed.
Trooper: Dr. Loomis, you don’t know what you’re getting into…
Loomis: What do you guys usually do? Fire a warning shot, right?

Loomis aims the gun at the window of the passenger side and fires at it. The glass fly
The Trooper stops the car, does a three point turn, and drives back to Haddonfield.

Back at the Hosptil in the parking lot, Janeway sit in the floorboard of a 57 Chevy. She sits
Then a shadow falls over the inside of the car. The Driver side door opens and a man in his
20’s gets
in. He’s covered in blood. He tries to start the car. But the engine won’t turn. Janeway sees a
name tag
on his shirt.

Janeway:(reading from the tag) Jimmy.

Jimmy looks over at Janeway on the floorboard.

Jimmy: It’s ok. We’re um….We’re gonna get out of here.

He tries to start the engine again, but it still won’t turn.

Jimmy: I think.. I think ah……

He passes out and his he hits the horn. The horn blairs loud. Janeway gets up from the
floorboard and
pulls his head off of it. His head falls back. Janeway tries to start the car with no luck. She
looks over
at Jimmy. Then she crawls over to the passenger side and gets out of the car. She lands flat
on her
chest. She begins to crawl . She sees the headlights of a car. It turns out to be the Trooper
car. Inside
the car, Loomis sits for a moment.

Loomis: I would handcuff you to the wheel, but I have a feeling that I’ll nned your help in
there. Can I
trust you?
Trooper: What do I have to loose? Except my job?

Loomis, the Trooper and Marion get out of the car. Janeway is glad they are there.

Janeway:(not load enough) Help…. help…

And they walk inside. Loomis shutting the door behind him.

Janeway: HELP ME!!!!!!!

She looks at the doors, expecting for Loomis to come back out. But he doesn’t. She gets up
on her feet
and limps over to the doors. She begins to have a bad feeling. She looks around for a
moment. Then she
spots something. She spots a red mask. She relized that it’s Michael. She limps over to the
door quickly.
She bangs on the door as hard as she can.


Loomis turns around to see Janeway in need. He runs over and opens the door.

Loomis: Come on! Get in!

Janeway gets in and Loomis closes the door. Janeway backs up into Marion. Marion holds
Janeway in
her arms.

Marion: It’s ok. It’s going to be alright.

Loomis aims the gun just as the Shape comes into view through the glass door. Michael
slams into the
door, breaking the glass. Still walk toward his prey. Loomis shots Michael once. Making him
stop in his
tracks. Then he fires four more times. The Shape falls down to his knees. Then falls back,
lying flat. The
Trooper comes up from the hall beside Michael.

Loomis: STOP!
Trooper: He’s dead.

The Trooper backs up a step. Loomis turns to Marion.

Loomis: There’s a radio in the Troopers radio. Go out there and radio for help.
Marion: I’ll also contact the brige.
Loomis: Go on and move!

Marion makes her way past the Trooper.

Trooper: Wait a minute! I’m the only autherized to use that.
Loomis:(to Marion) MOVE!!!

Marion bends down and takes the holo-emitter from Michael. Then she makes her way to the
car. Loomis
moves over to Janeway.

Loomis: Kathryn, are you all right?
Janeway: Why won’t he die?

Loomis looks over at Michael again to see the Trooper leaning over him.

Loomis: I SAID GET AWAY!!!
Trooper: He’s stop breathing!

The Shape suddenly grabs the Trooper and pulls him to the floor.

Loomis: NO!!

Loomis aims the gun. Janeway looks on as Michael slices the Troopers through with the
knife. She
beings to pull on Loomis’ coat.

Janeway: Come on, Loomis. Come on, please.

The Shape gets up onto his feet. Loomis then turns around and decides to go with
Janeway’s idea: Run.

They run a little ways down the hall and turn a corner. The both go through a door. Loomis
closes the
door behind him. Then they run down to a set of twin doors. They go through and stop to
catch their
breath. Loomis steps back up to the door to look through a small window. Then he grabs
Janeway and
pulls her down a nearby hall. They stop to look around for a place to hide. Janeway spots a
room and
they go in. Then Loomis turns out the lights. Outside, Marion is using the arch to contact the

Chakotay:(on comm) Who is this?
Marion: This is Marion Chambers with Kathryn Janeway on Holodeck 3. He’s here!
Chakotay:(on comm) Who?

Inside the room, Janeway backs up into a corner and slumps down to the floor. Loomis looks
out the
small window in the door to see Michael come through the twin doors. Loomis runs over to
and holds out another gun. Janeway looks at it and shakes her head.

Loomis: Take it. Take it!

Michael begins to bang on the door. Loomis puts the gun at her feet and runs over to the
side of the
door as the Shape breaks through the door. Loomis comes out of the blind side of the door
and puls the
trigger of the gun he was holding. Nothing. Loomis forgot to load his gun. Michael takes the
knife and
slams it into Loomis’ stomach. Then Michael pulls it out, covered in Loomis’ blood. Loomis
falls back
and lands on the ground. Janeway looks at him, hoping he would get up. Then she looks at
the Shape
as he moves in for the kill.

Janeway: M… Michael…..

Michael stops. He lowers his knife and tilts his head as if he was tring to understand what
she just said.
Then Michael quits tilting his head. He raise the knife and continues to walk towards her.
Janeway picks
up the gun and aims it.

Janeway: Michael stop!!!!!!

Michael wouldn’t. She pulls the trigger and fires the gun. Michael’s head flies back. Then she
fires again.
Michael’s head goes back agian. He covers his eyes for a moment. Blood pores from the
mask. Janeway
puts the gun on the ground. Michael begins to stumble a little. Then he swings the knife,
tring to kill
Janeway. At this point, Janeway knew she wouldn’t make it. Then suddenly, she hears a
small hissing
sound. She looks over to see Loomis, turning on a gas tank. Michael turns around and
begins to swing in
the direction of the hissing. See Loomis in trouble. Janeway gets up. She notices that there
are 2 tanks
behind her. She turns them both on. Michael changes direction to where Janeway is, still
swinging the
knife. Loomis made his way over to another set of air tanks. He then turns them on. Michael
turns toward
the direction of Loomis. Janeway has a clear path to the door.

Loomis: Come on, come on.

Janeway moves a little.

Loomis: Get out, now!

Janeway then moves quickly out of the door. Loomis stays in the room. Janeway limps as
fast as she
can. Loomis pulls out a lighter and holds it up.

Loomis: It’s time, Michael.

Loomis lights the lighter. The room exploses. The blast makes Janeway fall to the floor. She
crawls over
to a water fountain. She sits on the side, glad that it’s over. She turns around to look at the
fire. She sees
a ball of flame on two legs walking towards her. She knew it was Michael. Then it falls over
to the ground
and burns. She sits there looking at it. Then she passes out.

When she comes too, she’s back in sickbay. She sits up and looks around. The Doctor is

Janeway: Doctor?

The Doctor looks up from his work.

Doctor: Oh, good. You’re awake.

Janeway looks at her ankle, only to find it in a cast.

Doctor: How do you feel?
Janeway: Like I’ve been through Hell, Doctor.
Doctor: Well, I hope you don’t feel like that for so long. You have some vistors.
Kid voices: Laurie!!!

Janeway looks over at the doorway to the doctors office to see Tommy and Linsy. They run
over to the
bedwhere Janeway is. Janeway gets off the bed, bends down on one knee and hugs them.

Janeway: How are you two doing?
Tommy: Is he dead for good?
Janeway: Yeah Tommy. The Boogieman is dead.
Marion: Yes. That’s true.

Janeway looks up to see Marion stand in front of them. Chakotay, B’Lenna, Tom standing
behind her.

Janeway: I had a Hellava night.
Chakotay: You’re not the only one.

Janeway sits back down on the bed. Tom steps up to Janeway.

Tom: Captain….. I’m sorry. I never ment for any of this to happen.
Janeway: It’s alright, Mr. Paris. I’m just glad you made a sequel to the novel.

Everyone goes silent for a moment. Janeway began to have a bad feeling about it.

Tom: Cpatain… Earlier on the Brige, I was about to tell you something but you said it would
have to
Janeway: What is it, Tom?
Tom: Ya see…. I never made a sequel to the novel.
Janeway: What?
Tom: I never written a part 2 of the Halloween holonovel.

Janeway sits looking at Paris, not sure if he was kidding. She knew he was kidding. Or was

The End.

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