Please Don’t Go

Title: “Please Don’t Go”

Disclaimer: The Almighty and Greedy But Still Cool Paramount owns the
characters, the ship, and the universe, but this story is MINE…muh ha ha ha!!!
(sorry to scare you)

Summary: Takes place in an Alternate Universe, assuming the B’Elanna didn’t
leave Engineering during “Day of Honor” when Tom tried to get her to leave.

This is my first piece of fan fiction. Anyone who reads this PLEASE email me
back ( and tell me what you think! The idea basically
stems from the fact that while I used to do Star Trek RPG in chat rooms as
B’Elanna (who is of course my fave Voyager character), I would nearly kill
myself saving the warp core for attention :).

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“Please Don’t Go” by Allucia

“The subspace field is forming.” Seven of Nine stated nonchalantly. Then the
klaxon began to blare. B’Elanna slammed her padd down on the rail around
the warp core and moved over to the console where Seven was standing,
causing Seven to step out of the way.

“Tachyon particles are leaking into the propulsion systems!” B’Elanna said
urgently, looking at the readouts on the console.

“Shut down the deflector!” Tom called, looking up from another nearby
console somewhere behind B’Elanna.

“Done. But the leak is continuing.” Ensign Vorik stated calmly, although he
said it with lifted eyebrows.

The ship shook as sparks simultaneously showered from above, and sprayed
out between Tom and B’Elanna, with them and Seven looking up in surprise.

The communications system chirped immediately afterwards. “Janeway to
Engineering.” came the captain’s voice.

“The tachyons are flooding the warp core captain!” B’Elanna yelled in
response, not looking to stare at the warp core, as if to wonder what it was

On the bridge, Captain Kathryn Janeway briefly looked at Commander
Chakotay and responded in a calm voice. “If you can’t stabilize the core
immediately, evacuate Engineering.”

Ensign Harry Kim at his station quickly looked up and down, worrying about
his two friends in Engineering. *And Seven too,* he thought quickly.

“Aye Captain,” responded B’Elanna. “I’ll get back to you.”

“I’ve cut all power relays, but tachyon levels are still rising.” Vorik stated,
matter-of-factly, again with arched eyebrows.

B’Elanna briefly looked over to Vorik and made her decision. She turned
around. “All right! Everybody out! Now!” she yelled. Everyone evacuated,
but Seven remained at her console. B’Elanna turned to Seven. “That means
you as well.” she said, glaring at the former Borg.

“I can be of help.” Seven argued. Tom was still at his console behind the two.

“That’s an order!” B’Elanna retorted, as the ship rocked again. Seven joined
the others leaving Engineering.

Tom left his console and moved to work beside B’Elanna. He looked at
B’Elanna. “You can’t order me, I outrank you.” he said, smirking slightly as he
turned his attention back to the console.

B’Elanna turned to glare at him. *Pig!* she thought, and quickly returned to
work. “We’ve got to neutralize the core.” she told him. She grabbed a tool
and a tricorder and ducked under the railing.

“I’ll try…decoupling the dilithium matrix.” he said as B’Elanna crouched next
to the core, taking readings with her tricorder.

“No effect.” B’Elanna said when her tricorder began beeping in alarm. Gas
leaking from the core began to envelop her “Try it again.” Tom pressed a
control on the console. Engineering lurched again in response.

“It’s not working! The core is going to breech in a matter of minutes!”

“I’ve got to try one more thing,” B’Elanna argued. She put the tricorder aside
and removed the cap of the other tool. She got her knees to attempt a repair.

Tom left his console and ducked under the railing. “B’Elanna, there’s no time!”
he yelled, grabbing her arm, and dragging her out from under the railing. The
ship continued to shake. “We’ve gotta get out of here!”

“No!” B’Elanna yelled at Tom. “I can still save the core without ejecting it!”

“B’Elanna!” Tom yelled back. “If you don’t eject the core, the ship will
explode, and a hundred fifty people will die! It isn’t worth it!”

B’Elanna was getting sick of hearing Tom whine. She knew she could save the
core. It was one of those things good engineers *just* knew. And B’Elanna
just *knew* she could abort the breech. She grabbed an engineering kit off a
nearby console and yanked a floor panel open near the core. *Now, if Paris
would just shut up…*

“B’Elanna, plasma radiation is beginning to leak from the core! We have to
leave! NOW!” Tom grabbed her by the arm and swung her around.

B’Elanna tell from the worried look in Tom’s cerulean blue eyes told her that
he cared about her. *I think I feel the same way.* B’Elanna thought. So
B’Elanna did the only thing she could do. She slugged him.

Tom fell to the floor like deadweight, but not before hitting his head on a
console. *I didn’t want him to hit his head. Oh well.* “Torres to transporter
room.” B’Elanna said as she returned to her work. “Beam Lt. Paris directly to

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Tom dissolve as he was transported to
Sickbay. No sooner did he leave, B’Elanna suddenly felt dizzy and nauseous.
*Must be the radiation.* she thought, and went on with her work.

Five minutes later, B’Elanna could barely walk. As she staggered to and from
various consoles and panels, trying to see through the fog Engineering was
now enveloped in, she recalled a story she remembered from the Academy
(before she dropped out, of course). Something about a legendary Starfleet
Captain who had done virtually the same thing she was doing now.

*What was his name?* She did remember that he was half-Vulcan. *Spock!
Captain Spock was his name!* B’Elanna smiled despite how she felt, which
was about half-dead.

Everything was starting to get blurry, and B’Elanna was beginning to have a
hard time breathing. She briefly wondered why no one had come in and
dragged her out before she remembered the automatic safety precautions that
closed and locked ALL entrances to Engineering.

B’Elanna noticed odd marks on her hands, and assumed it must be from the

There was only one thing left to do–she had to bring the plasma relays back
on-line, which would, in entirety, stop the breech.

B’Elanna opened the panel on the wall to bring the relays on-line manually.
She knew the resulting energy surge would probably knock her unconscious,
and that was fine with her. She was feeling faint anyway.

B’Elanna grabbed the switch with both hands, closed her eyes, and pulled.

Meanwhile on the Bridge, Captain Kathryn Janeway wanted to know what the
*hell* was going on in Engineering.

Kathryn knew that the warp core was going critical and may breech, so she had
Engineering evacuated. Next thing she knew, Lt. Paris was beamed into
Sickbay unconscious with Lt. Torres still in Engineering. She wasn’t
answering hails, and automatic safety precautions prevented B’Elanna from
being beamed out, or a security team opening the doors, because of the

“Harry, what is the status of the warp core?” Kathryn asked the young Ops

“Warp core will breech in seven minutes, twenty-three seconds, Captain.”
Harry replied.

Kathryn nodded in acknowledgment. *B’Elanna, I sincerely hope you know
what you’re doing…*

“Tuvok, is there ANY way to get into Engineering?” she asked, even though
she knew what the answer would be.

“No captain,” the Vulcan lieutenant replied from Security/Tactical. “If we
attempt to use the transporters, then excessive plasma radiation would short
out the transporters. If we were to open any of the entrances to Engineering,
including Jeffries Tubes, then the radiation would quickly spread throughout
the ship.”

Kathryn nodded. “I’ll be in Sickbay. Chakotay, you have the bridge.”

Tom grimaced and moaned. He opened his eyes and found himself in Sickbay.
He could tell by the ceiling which he knew so well. *What happened?* He
remembered being in Engineering, attempting to open a transwarp conduit,

Tom quickly sat up, feeling a major pain in the back of his head. “Owww…”
Tom vocally expressed the pain in his head, and as he did, he felt a throbbing
in his jaw.

“Ah, I see you are awake know Mr. Paris.” the Holodoc said, coming over and
beginning to scan him with a tricorder. “Your hard head has protected you yet
again.” he said with what Tom thought was a smirk. “Would you please be as
so kind as to tell me how you were beamed into Sickbay unconscious with a
concussion and a swollen jaw?

Tom smiled inwardly, remembering what happened, but was still more
worried about B’Elanna. “I was in Engineering, trying to get B’Elanna to
evacuate, but she was being stubborn.”

“Klingons tend to be that way,” the Doc quipped. “Stubborn is a relative word
with Ms. Torres.

Tom ignored the comment and continued. “I told her plasma radiation was
beginning to leak from the core. She looked me in the eye and punched me in
the jaw. I fell back, and that’s all I remember. I probably hit something on the
way down.”

The Captain entered Sickbay. She saw the Doc and Paris conversing and
strode over. She addressed the Doc. “What happened?”

“Apparently, Mr. Paris tried to take Ms. Torres away from her precious
engines, and she knocked him out cold.” the Doc replied.

Kathryn raised an eyebrow. “Is this true Tom?” she asked, a glimmer of
amusement in her eyes.

Tom blushed slightly and nodded. “Yes ma’am.”

Kathryn smiled inwardly. “Janeway to Bridge.” she said.

“Bridge here.” came Chakotay’s voice.

“Commander, what is the status of the warp core?”

“Readings show some minor systems have been repaired, but the breech is still
progressing.” Chakotay replied.

“How much longer till the core breeches?”

“One minute, twenty-one seconds.” Harry’s voice replied.

“Damn. I hope B’Elanna knows what she’s doing.” Kathryn sighed. “Janeway
out.” She looked at Tom, who was staring at the floor, a dour expression on
his face. The Doc was in his office.

“Tom, is everything all right?” she asked with concern.

Tom jumped. “Oh…um…I’m fine Captain, just worried about B’Elanna.” he
sighed. “Probably won’t have to worry much longer anyway,” he muttered
under his breath.

No sooner had Tom said that, the ship stopped shaking.

“Commander, the breech has been aborted!” Harry called from Ops.

Chakotay breathed a sigh of relief. *The ship is safe, what about B’Elanna?*
“Lifesigns, Harry?”

“Yes, one. Very weak.”

“Tuvok,” is it possible to beam B’Elanna out now?” Chakotay asked, turning
around to face Tuvok.

“Yes.” Tuvok replied calmly. “Ventilation systems have taken care of the

“Beam her directly to Sickbay!”

Tom, Kathryn, and the Doc (who had left his office) turned to the adjacent
biobed as they heard a transporter whine. An unconscious B’Elanna dissolved
into view.

“B’Elanna!” Tom cried, and moved to jump off his biobed. But the Doc
stopped him, firmly placing his hand on Tom’s shoulder.

“Mr. Paris, please. Let me take care of my patient.” the Doc told him sternly.

Tom looked at the Doc, the Captain, then B’Elanna, and slowly let out the
breath he’d been holding in. He relaxed from the Doc’s grip.

Tom looked at B’Elanna. Her skin was purplish color, and blotchy. She had
radiation sores on her face and her hands were burnt badly. *My God
B’Elanna, what were you doing down there?!*

Doc was taking tricorder readings of B’Elanna. Seeing Tom’s apprehension
over B’Elanna, the Doc called him over. “Mr. Paris, you are well enough to
assist me. Please get me 55 mL of triox-compound. Ms. Torres has chemical
burns on her lungs.”

Tom dutifully complied, racing across Sickbay and practically plowing over
Kathryn, who had silently standing by, observing everything that was going on.

“Doctor, is there anything I can do?” she asked, concerned.

“Yes. Help me carry her to the surgical bed.”

Kathryn carried B’Elanna’s bottom half while the Doc got her top half. They
carried across Sickbay and placed her on the surgical bed.

Doc pressed some controls, and the two arched panels came out of the sides of
the bed came to meet in the center.

“Thank you Captain. Your assistance is no longer needed.” The Doc returned
to his work.

Tom breathlessly returned with the tri-oxine. “Here.” He stared at the Doc,
waiting for his next order expectantly.

Doc took the hypospray and handed him the medical tricorder. “Monitor her
lifesigns while I administer the tri-ox.”

Tom nodded fervently. Doc administered the tri-ox, then looked to Tom.

“Her blood-oxygen level is up, but she has a weak pulse.” Tom reported.

The Doc held his hand out for the tricorder. Tom gave it to him, and the Doc
began taking readings. His brow furrowed in concern.

“Well?” Tom gazed at the Doctor with big blue eyes like a little boy, waiting

Even though he was a hologram, the Doc could see the genuine concern in the
pilot’s eyes for the unconscious engineer.

“She is in a coma,” Doc told Tom gently. “Some of Ms. Torres synaptic
pathways have collapsed, due to the plasma radiation. I probably will be able
to repair the damage, but after that all we can do is wait.” he continued
quietly. The Doc stabilized B’Elanna and turned to Tom.

“Not at the moment Mr. Paris. I would like to attend to your injuries now.”

Tom had forgotten the pain in his swollen jaw and head. He nodded once, and
dutifully sat down on a biobed while Doc proceeded to heal his wounds.

Tom never took his eye’s off B’Elanna the whole time.

B’Elanna was dreaming about what occurred in Engineering.

Tom’s azure blue eyes locked onto B’Elanna’s chocolate brown ones.

She saw how worried he was. *Tom, this is for your own good.* She punched
him. The scene played over.

“Report!” Kathryn called as she stepped onto the Bridge. Chakotay vacated
the Captain’s seat.

“The breech has been aborted Captain. The cause is as yet unknown. I will
have a report for you by 0800 tomorrow.” Tuvok replied.

“Casualties? Damage?”

“Only B’Elanna has been injured so far.” Harry reported. “Minimal damage to
some non-essential systems and more serious damage to Engineering. Repair
crews have been dispatched.”

Kathryn nodded. “We’ll convene at 0800 tomorrow.” She sat down in her
chair, leaned back, and closed her eyes.

“Are you all right Kathryn?” Chakotay asked quietly.

“I’m fine Chakotay,” she responded absently. “Just a little stressed.” Actually,
Kathryn was thinking about how Tom was acting in Sickbay, but she didn’t let
her first officer in on it. He was ferociously protective of B’Elanna, and might
blame Tom for what happened.

“Mr. Paris, you *are* free to go now. I thought you would have raced out of
Sickbay hours ago.” the Doc commented to Tom.

“Do I have to? I’d like to stay with B’Elanna.”

“It is nearly 0100 hours, Mr. Paris. You’ve been here for hours. You require
rest.” His expression softened a little. “I’ll notify you of any changes in Ms.
Torres’ condition.”

Tom nodded in defeat. “Fine. I’ll be here first thing in the morning.” he said.

The Doc opened his mouth to say something, but Tom had already left. He
shrugged and went into his office.

Tom went to his quarters to sleep. Or at least he tried to.

Letting out a frustrated sigh, he got out of bed and strode towards the
bathroom. Tom went to the sink and turned the cold water on. He splashed
the water on his face, and looked in the mirror.

*Paris, you look like hell.*

*Gee, I didn’t notice.*

He had dark circles under his eyes, and was very pale, probably making the
circles look even darker.

Tom grabbed a towel and dried his face. He left the bathroom and asked the
Computer the time.

“The time 0211 hours.” the feminine voice responded.

*0211? I’ve only been here for an hour?* It felt like an eternity. *No use
staying here then, he decided. He pulled on a fresh uniform and left for

The Doc looked up from his work to hear the Sickbay doors hiss open to admit
a bleary-eyed pilot.

Tom entered the Doc’s office. “How is she?” he asked.

“There has been no change in Ms. Torres’ condition, lieutenant.”

“Can I stay awhile?”

The Doc looked at Tom for a moment. “I don’t see why not.” he replied.

Tom’s face lightened up considerably. “Thanks.”

Tom pulled a chair up next to B’Elanna’s bed and sat down. He remembered
hearing once that people who are in comas can hear what’s said to them.

“Well…” Tom began somewhat sheepishly. “I guess I came to talk…well, of
course I came to talk.” Tom let out deep breath.

“I wish…I don’t know….” He let out a frustrated sigh. “I’m sorry I let this
happen to you B’Elanna. I should have dragged you out of Engineering
kicking and screaming, even if I was risking my own life. Instead I stood there
and let you punch me. Not that I minded getting punched.” Tom smiled sadly.
“Well, I would give my life for you. In a nanosecond.”

Tom took one of B’Elanna’s hand, clasping it tightly between both of his own.
“I just wanted to tell you…I don’t know. I mean I don’t know how to tell you.
B’Elanna, I…I…really care for you…probably more so than you care for me.”
Tom sighed again.

“B’Elanna, I…” he began, but was stifled by a sudden sob. Tom stood up and
looked at B’Elanna’s unconscious form sadly. He put her hand on her stomach
and quickly walked out of Sickbay.

Tom walked down the hall toward the turbolift. He was heading for the
Holodeck. One arrived, and he got in. “Deck two.” Once the doors closed, he
leaned against the turbolift wall and put a hand to his mouth, his eyes filling
with so many unshed tears.

*Damn you Paris! You should have told her!* his brain yelled at him

*I know. It’s just…*

*Just what?*

*I don’t know.*

*You do love her though.*

*Yeah, only more than I realized.*

The turbolift doors opened. Tom walked down the vacant hall. It was Gamma
Shift, so there was virtually no one is the halls. Once Tom reached Holodeck
2, he activated the Neelix’s resort program.

He went in and sat down in one of the two lounge chairs where he and
B’Elanna had shared so many conversations, and just stared into space,
thinking about B’Elanna.

“Tom, wake up,” a voice said.

“Mmmmm…” mumbled Tom.

“Tom, wake up!” the voice said more firmly.

Tom opened his eyes to see the blurry figure of a dark haired officer wearing
golden science colors leaning over him.

“Harry?” Tom rasped.

Harry nodded and held his hand out to Tom. “That’s me.”

Tom took the offered hand and the now clearly focused Harry helped the
drowsy pilot up off the lounge chair.

“You coming to the Mess Hall with me for breakfast?” Harry asked.

Tom pulled down on his rumpled tunic in an effort to get the wrinkles out.
“That depends,” he said yawning, “is there any leola root in the food?”

Harry smiled, then shrugged. “Actually, I heard Neelix was attempting
pancakes today. Wanna give them a try?”

Tom’s mouth watered at the thought of chocolate chip pancakes smothered in
butter and syrup, but decided against breakfast today. “No thanks Harry. I’m
just gonna go to my quarters, shower, and then head for the bridge. *After I
check on B’Elanna first, of course.*

Harry nodded. He assumed Tom was going to check up on B’Elanna, it
seemed to him that Tom and B’Elanna had been becoming closer friends
lately–or was it more than that? Harry was puzzled by the whole thing. “I’ll
see you later Tom, bye.”

“Bye Harry.” Tom said as Harry left the Holodeck. Tom looked back at the
two lounges and sighed, then left for his quarters.

Fifteen minutes later, Tom strode into Sickbay and headed straight to
B’Elanna’s bed. He sat down on the stool next to the bed, and heard the Doc
walk over.

“How is she?”

“Her lifesigns are a little stronger, but her condition for the most part remains
unchanged.” The Doc looked at Tom with questioning eyes. “Will there be
anything else Mr. Paris?”

Tom shook his head. “I guess not. Keep me posted.” With that, Tom left
Sickbay and left for the bridge.

Tom exited the turbolift and swiftly made his way to helm, stealthily sliding
into his seat. Tuvok raised an eyebrow, noting that the lieutenant arrived for
his duty shift 1.27 minutes before it began. Harry smiled inwardly as he
realized where Tom had been. The same place where he had been going
before his duty shift for the past two weeks: Sickbay. Harry reminded himself
to visit B’Elanna when he had a chance later.

*B’Elanna, I love you.*

*I love you B’Elanna.*

*B’Elanna, I don’t know how to tell you this, but I love you.*

Tom’s dutyshift was almost over and he was busy rehearsing what he was
planning to say to B’Elanna, the words he’d been to cowardly to say for the past
two weeks.

He glanced at the chronometer above the view screen for the tenth time in as
many minutes. He had fifteen minutes left before his replacement showed up.

Tom quietly let out an exasperated sigh. *C’mon, you stupid chronometer!*
Then he became aware of a pair of eyes boring into the back of his skull. *I
guess the Captain’s on to me now.* he thought somewhat sarcastically.

Kathryn gazed at the back of Tom’s head. *Tom certainly seems a bit fidgety
today.* she thought. *Maybe I should let him leave early, he probably wants
to get to Sickbay.* She cleared her throat. “Lieutenant Paris, there’s nothing
for you to do her. You can leave the bridge if you like.”

Tom leaped out of the pilot’s chair. “Yes ma’am!” he said, taking it as an
order. He nodded to the Captain and entered the turbolift.

Harry resisted the urge to smile. He was worrying about B’Elanna too, but
Tom was *definitely* in love, judging by the way he was worrying about
B’Elanna. There was no doubt about it.

Kathryn raised both her eyebrows. “Mr. Paris certainly seems antsy today,
doesn’t he?” she said, turning to Chakotay, who was reading reports.

“I’ll say so,” Chakotay replied. “He didn’t stop moving from the moment he sat
down at the beginning of his duty shift.”

Kathryn smiled, and turned to the Ops station. “Harry, do you have any idea
what that was all about?”

Harry looked up trying to hide the smile that was forming on his face. “I think
he’s just worried about B’Elanna.” he said, also wondering why it had taken his
commanding officers so long to realize what was happening with Tom.

Kathryn threw a knowing look at Chakotay and smiled. “Thank you Ensign.”
she said, and settled back into her chair.

When Tom rushed into Sickbay, the Doc was retaking B’Elanna’s vital signs.

“Doc! What’s wrong with B’Elanna?!” Tom cried, rushing over to the biobed.

The Doc raised an eyebrow, noting that Tom was early for his daily visit to
B’Elanna. “She is perfectly fine, lieutenant. I was only retaking her vital

Tom exhaled loudly and collapsed into *his* chair. “Can I give her some new
flowers?” he asked sheepishly, holding up the bouquet of flowers he had nearly
clenched to death.

“I don’t see why not.” The Doc went to a nearby table and got a beaker. He
took the flowers from Tom and plopped them into the beaker clumsily, gave
them to Tom and took the old flowers and beaker to the recycler.

Tom smiled inwardly at the Doc’s feeble flower effort. “Thanks Doc,” he said.

The Doc nodded and went into his office.

Tom sat in his chair next to B’Elanna’s biobed, and put the flower-beaker on a
nearby table. He gazed at B’Elanna for a moment.

*I am going to tell her now. Definitely.*

“B’Elanna, I have something to tell you. It’s important, and I don’t know what
you’ll think about it.” he began.

Tom swallowed. “B’Elanna, I well…um….” Tom sighed. This wasn’t going as

Tom took a deep breath. “There’s something I need to tell you.” He took
another deep breath. It was now or never.

“I love you B’Elanna. I’ve always loved you.” Tom took her cold hand in her
own warm ones. “I’m sorry I took so long to admit it.” Tom kissed B’Elanna’s
hand gently, holding it there for a moment, his eyes closed.

Unbeknownst to Tom, a slight smile formed on B’Elanna’s face.

“You sure picked a nice time to tell me,” she whispered, opening her eyes.
She squeezed Tom’s hand.

Tom’s eyes grew as big as the separated saucer sections of certain Starfleet
vessels. “B’Elanna!” he squealed. “You’re okay! When did you wake up?!
Does the Doctor know about this?!”

B’Elanna nodded slowly. “I came out of the coma two hours ago. I was almost
asleep when you came in and interrupted.”

Tom blushed to the tips of his ears. “B’Elanna, I–I mean–” he stuttered as he
helped her sit up.

“Tom, shhh,” B’Elanna cooed, putting a finger to Tom’s lips. “I know what you
mean.” She looked into his baby blue eyes, then looked down at the bed, idly
tracing circles with her finger. “Because I feel the same way.”

Tom gently put his hand under B’Elanna’s chin. She looked up, chocolate
brown eyes meeting sapphire blue ones. “I guess we were both scared.” he

B’Elanna gave a short laugh. “It was part of why I slugged you in

“Is that typical Klingon affection?” Tom asked incredulously, happily
reverting to Paris the Pig mode.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” B’Elanna’s tone was serious, but Tom could
see the laughter in her eyes.

“Whatever you want it to mean.”

“Paris, you’re a pig.” B’Elanna teased.

Tom nodded kurtly. “Thank you, my dear.” *Ah, it feels good to be called a
pig again.*

“Are my engines okay? I hate to think what Carey has done to them. How
long has it been again?” B’Elanna asked Tom for probably the thousandth time
the morning as he brought B’Elanna a breakfast tray.

“Two weeks. I told you last night, remember?” Tom responded. “And ‘your’
engines are perfectly fine.”

“I know. It doesn’t really seem like that long when you’re out cold, Paris.”

“*I* could warm you up.” Tom suggested coyly.

B’Elanna nearly choked on her raktagino. “You *are* a pig Paris.”

Tom grinned. “I know.”

B’Elanna rolled her eyes and took a tentative bite of the chocolate chip
pancakes set out before her. “There isn’t any leola root in this, is there Tom?”
she asked.

“Nope, Neelix actually pulled it off this time, making the pancakes. People
are still asking him to make them.” Tom smiled, seeing that B’Elanna liked
the pancakes. “But the chocolate chips were my idea.”

“Mmm, that’s nice. Hand me the syrup, will you?” B’Elanna said as she
stuffed another mouthful of the pancakes.

Tom dutifully handed her the syrup. “For a sick woman, you sure have an

“Shut up, Helmboy. I haven’t eaten for two weeks, remember?”

Tom nodded. This was going to be a *very* interesting relationship.

The End

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