Wedding Bells

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Subject: “Wedding Bells”
Summary: Weddings, surprises, garters, and bouquets. Need I say
more? Oh yeah, I forgot to say where Tuvok is during the wedding so
just assume he’s on the Bridge running things.
Other: Rated PG-13 for suggestive stuff and has lotsa P/T (of course),
J/C, K/7, and W/C!
Hiya Hockey Boy! When do you wanna get married??
This story is the sequel to “What’s in the Box Paris?” You hafta
read that to under stand this, but don’t worry it’s really short! Email
me and tell me what you think at!
Questa racconto e` dedicato al mio fratellone Ron. E` il mio
italiano correcto?
Yes I know Samantha Wildman’s daughter’s name is Naomi, but I’m using
Melanie to annoy a certain non-Trek friend of mine :-P. (Hi Melanie!)
Disclaimer: Paramount may own Star Trek and Voyager, but I own my
name for B’Elanna’s mother (B’rinasa) and the use of the name for
Samantha Wildman’s daughter (Melanie). Oh yeah I own the story too!!!
So you can’t have them Paramount!!! 😛
“Wedding Bells”
(Sequel to: What’s in the Box Paris?”)
“I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces.” Tom said,
“Neither can I,” B’Elanna responded, also grinning.
The turbolift stopped and the doors opened to reveal the bridge. The
two exited the turbolift and went to their respective stations; glancing
at each other every few minutes until Captain Kathryn Janeway arrived on
the bridge to start the staff meeting.
* * * * *
“That concludes ship’s business. Are there any other announcements?”
Kathryn said at the end of the meeting.
B’Elanna and Tom quickly stole a glance at each other. Tom spoke up.
have an announcement Captain,” he said, standing up. B’Elanna stood
up also, and they clasped hands.
Grinning widely, Tom said “Me and B’Elanna–are engaged.”
The senior staff’s reaction was quite comical. Kathryn and Commander
Chakotay collectively dropped jaws as they turned to gape at each other.
Tuvok and Seven of Nine simultaneously raised left eyebrows.
Neelix congratulated the couple and offered his catering services for
wedding. Harry got up to shake Tom’s hand, slapping him on the back,
gave B’Elanna a big hug. The Doc muttered something
about having to put up with Tom in Sickbay even more often now.
“Excuse me Doctor?” B’Elanna asked sharply, being the only one in
the room who had heard him.
The Doc lifted his eyebrows in mock surprise. “Nothing Leiutenant.”
“That’s what I thought,” B’Elanna said.
“That’s not all,” B’Elanna began again, a smile starting to spread
across her face.
“That’s not all???” Chakotay repeated, disbelieving.
B’Elanna took a breath. “I’m pregnant.” she said, smiling
By now, everyone in the room was standing and offering
Kathryn came up to B’Elanna. “Congratulations, B’Elanna.”
“Thank you, Captain. You will perform the ceremony for me and Tom,
won’t you?”
“Call me Kathryn. This isn’t ship’s business.”
B’Elanna smiled. “Yes…Kathryn.”
“And of course I’ll perform the ceremony.”
“Thank you, again.”
Kathryn nodded and over to talk to Chakotay as Tom came over. “Do
you think we should make a ship-wide announcement?” B’Elanna asked,
Tom shook his head. “We won’t need to. Neelix just left for the
Mess Hall.”
* * * * *
“Klingon red leather or Terran white lace?” Tom asked.
“I dunno,” replied B’Elanna. “I like them both.”
It was about two weeks after Tom and B’Elanna had announced their
B’Elanna was attempting to pick out a wedding dress and figure out other
details with Tom for the wedding, which was in another two weeks.
“What about the ceremony? Besides Captain Janeway marrying us
of course.”
“What do you want to do?” B’Elanna asked.
“Whatever you want to do.”
The couple looked at each other for a moment and burst out
“Why are we laughing Tom?” B’Elanna asked between fits of
“I dunno.” Tom responded.
B’Elanna got a sudden inspiration. “I’ve got it!”
Tom looked up, his face red from laughing so hard.
“An idea for the dress you idiot.”
“I knew that.”
B’Elanna rolled her eyes and continued. “You wanna hear the idea
or what?”
“Of course!”
B’Elanna smiled. “We’re not even married yet and we’re fighting
like we are.”
“Is that a complaint?” Tom said, leaning closer.
“Not at all,” B’Elanna said, also leaning closer.
“Didn’t think so,” Tom replied, putting his arm around B’Elanna’s
waist. B’Elanna put her head on Tom’s shoulder and grabbed one of the
padds of the table in front of her and pressed a few buttons.
“Here’s my idea,” B’Elanna said, bringing up two pictures
of Klingon and Terran wedding dresses. “If we–ahhhhh!” she squealed,
laughing, as Tom started tickling her. “Tom, no! Stop!” She tried
to squirm away but Tom had his arm around her keeping her in an awkward
position that she was too tired to struggle from and Tom kept
“Paris!” she yelled between fits of giggles. “If you
don’t stop *giggle*, I’ll hit you so hard *giggle*, that when you stop
rolling *giggle giggle*, this kid *giggle giggle giggle*, will have your
position at helm *giggle*!
The tickling abrubtly stopped. Tom put his hands behinkd his back. “I
just wanted to see if Klingons were ticklish,” he said, feigning
“Nice try Paris.”
Tom gave B’Elanna an exaggerated pout. B’Elanna swatted him on the
of the head. “Just for that, you’re not going to see that dress until
I walk down the aisle!” B’Elanna scolded, grinning evilly.
“You’re kidding, right?” Tom asked.
“Wrong Helmboy.”
“But–” Tom began.
“But you’re dealing with a pregnant woman. A half-*Klingon* pregnant
woman.” B’Elanna smiled sweetly, so that Tom knew she was hiding

* * * * *
Two weeks later all the preperations for the wedding were complete.
It was going to be held on the holodeck with a new program written by
for his two best friends. Neither of them would know what the program
like until they stepped on the holodeck.
B’Elanna was in her quarters getting ready. She smoothed out the
fabric and picked up the hairpiece. The hairpiece was a type of crown
all different types of flowers woven together and translucent streamers
of various colors hanging down the back.
“Come.” B’Elanna called while adjusting and readjusting the
hairpiece by looking in the mirror.
The doors hissed open and Kathryn, Seven of Nine, Samantha Wildman,
and her daughter Melanie entered the room. Seven was carrying a box.
had persueded B’Elanna to let Seven be a bridesmaid, along with some
from the Captain. Samantha was also a bridesmaid, which was Tom’s idea.
Tom thought Melanie would make an adorable flower girl. Besides,
Melanie was the only person who could be a flower girl, being the only
child on the ship at the moment. All
three women were wearing the same color dress as B’Elanna, except in a
slightly different style, with Little Melanie in a child’s baby-doll
version. Their
style had a sleeveless top. And everyone in the room was barefoot.
“Are you ready B’Elanna?” Kathryn asked.
B’Elanna drew in a shaky breath. “As ready as I’ll ever be.”
she replied.
Kathryn smiled warmly. “Come on, you don’t want to be late for
your own wedding, do you?”
“Of course not. I’m just trying to get this stubborn hairpiece
to stay put.”
“Let me help.” Kathryn came over and adjusting the wreath
of flowers so that they sat neatly on B’Elanna’s head without
“Thank you Cap– I mean Kathryn.”
“No problem, B’Elanna.”
“Mommy, can I marry Tommy? I wanna look pretty like ‘Lanna!”
Melanie squealed, pulling on the hem of Samantha’s dress.
Samantha, Kathryn, and B’Elanna burst out laughing, while Seven
an eyebrow and Melanie got a weird look on her face trying to figure out
what the older ladies were laughing at.
“A question, Lieutenant Torres.” Seven said.
“Seven, we’re off duty. Call me B’Elanna.”
Seven nodded. “Yes. B’Elanna, what is the purpose of these botanical
samples and a position in the wedding party when all you and Lt. Paris
wish to do is legally marry?”
B’Elanna sighed. “Well, tradtionally, on Earth, it’s customary
for the bride to have a few friends attend her on her wedding day.
are used as decoroation in many cultures too.”
Seven nodded and lifted the box she was still holding slightly.
I distribute the matrimonial botany?”
“Go ahead,” B’Elanna replied. She, Kathryn, and Samantha all
supressed smiles at the use of Seven’s scientific vocabulary. Melanie
a confused look on her face because she didn’t have any idea what Seven
was saying because the words were too big.
Seven opened the box and handed B’Elanna the bridal bouquet, a basket
of flower petals to Melanie, and the remaining bouquets to Kathryn and
also keeping one for herself.
Samantha lifted her bouquet to her face. “These smell to beautiful
to be replicated.” she commented.
“They’re not,” Kathryn replied. “Neelix insisted on giving
them to us. They’re from Kes’ hydroponics bay.” she smiled sadly.
“Is everybody ready?” she asked.
“Almost.” B’Elanna said. “We can’t go anywhere ’till
Chakotay gets here.”
Kathryn lifted a hand to her cheek. “Of course! We can’t leave
without him.”
“Come.” B’Elanna called.
The doors hissed open and Chakotay entered. B’Elanna breathed a sigh
of relief.
“Ah, the father of the bride has finally arrived!” Samantha
“‘Kotay is ‘Lanna’s daddy?” Melanie asked innocently.
Seven was frowning. “Commander Chakotay is not B’Elanna’s father
Captain, am I correct?”
“Yes Seven, you’re right. ‘Father of the bride’ is an Earth
It’s symbolic for who gives the bride away to her husband, and usually
that person is her father.”
“And Chakotay is the closet thing I’ve had to a father,” B’Elanna
commented sadly, then smiled. “And he’s the best one.”
“Are you ready B’Elanna?” Chakotay asked, offering his arm.
B’Elanna nodded and linked her arm with his. “Then I say we leave before
make B’Elanna late for her own wedding,” Chakotay said, winking at
Kathryn, making her blush.
* * * * *
Tom was pacing back and forth in front of Holodeck 3.
*Omigosh, I’m getting married…married..*
“Tom, calm down,” Harry said. “You look as though you’re ready to
pass out.
“I’m trying!” Tom replied sarcastically. “And I feel like I’m going
to pass out!”
Harry peeked around the corner. “Okay, they’re coming. Now get
inside the holodeck!”
Tom jumped a mile, and complied, rushing into the holodeck.
Harry smiled as the group came around the corner, and greeted
“Hi Starfleet.” B’Elanna said, giving Harry a hug.
“Hi Maquis.” Harry reponded, hugging back. “You ready?”
B’Elanna let out an exasperated groan. “Why does everyone keep
asking me that?” she said as they all entered the holodeck.
B’Elanna gasped as they came entered the holodeck, into a beautiful
forest. “Harry…” she breathed. It was absolutely beautiful.
Sunlight from a setting sun filtered in between branches, and there was
beautiful, soft, green grass beneath her feet. She could even hear birds
singing and saw a few
“C’mon, B’Elanna…” Harry said, dragging the gaping woman along.
They could hear noise in the distance, presumeably where the wedding
was taking place and where all the guests were.
“If you’ll excuse me, I must go ahead,” Kathryn said and quickly
walked ahead to the clearing.
The group walked a little further and then stopped.
“Okay everyone get in order,” Harry said.
“I think we forgot something…” B’Elanna said suddenly.
“What?!” Harry said, startled.
“There’s no one to escort Samantha.”
“Of course!” Harry smacked himself in the head. “Sam,
who do you want to escort you.” he asked. “I’ll just pull someone
out of the audience.”
“Doesn’t matter to me.” Samantha replied.
“Harry, go drag Carey out of the audience. We’ll have him do it.”
B’Elanna said.
Harry nodded and left, and prompty came back two minutes later with
“Are we all ready now?” Chakotay asked, and was answered with
a chorus of yeses.
* * * * *
Tom stood in front of the waiting audience, nervously waiting for the
wedding procession. He felt lightheaded with happiness.
Then the music began.
Out of the grove of trees little Melanie appeared, carrying her
of flower petals, gleefully tossing them about, giggling all the while.
She even threw some into the audience, where they fell like soft snow.
That started a train of thought in Tom’s brain about little girls with
raven dark hair and sapphire blue eyes.
Then Joe Carey walked down the aisle with his arm linked with
*So that’s where Joe disappeared to earlier,* Tom thought. He also
noticed that Joe and Sam seemed to be blushing ever so slightly
Next came Harry, who was escorting Seven down the aisle. Harry was
furiously, and Seven had her usual emotionless face. *Guess he’s still
in love with Seven,* Tom thought. Perhaps theirs would be the next
and Tom hoped Seven didn’t think it was “irrelevant”.
Then the music announcing the bride began. Tom’s heart soared and he
held his breath as B’Elanna appeared with Chakotay. Tom’s mind became
of all thought except for that of B’Elanna.
Her dress was beautiful in its simplicity. Her gown was
and came down to just above her toes. It had a high bodice reminscient
of Earth Dresses from its medieval period, and hung beautifully on her
curves that soon would be swelling with child, and it was as though the
dress was made for only her to wear. It had
short sleeves and attached to her wrist were translucent pieces of
that looked like wings. In her hair was a beautiful wreath of
B’Elanna and Chakotay walked the last few steps and Chakotay put
hand into Tom’s waiting one.
Tom looked into B’Elanna’s eyes, and B’Elanna into Tom’s. They
and for that moment, there seemed to be nothing else in the universe for
the couple except for each other.
Kathryn began, breaking the spell. “We are gathered here today
to witness two people join their lives together, Tom and B’Elanna. One
of the greatest joys of being a Captain is joining two of her
in marriage.”
Kathryn cleared her throat. “Do you, B’Elanna Torres, take Thomas
Eugene Paris as your lawfully wedded husband, for better or for worse,
in sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall live?”
B’Elanna gazed into Tom’s cerulean blue eyes. “I do.”
Kathryn turned to Tom. “Do you, Thomas Eugene Paris, take B’Elanna
Torres as your lawfully wedded wife, for better or for worse, in
and in health, for as long as you both shall live?”
Tom gazed back into B’Elanna’s chocolate brown eyes. “I do.”
At that point Harry walked up to the nearly wedded couple and handed
each the respective wedding rings. Both of them, hands shaking ever so
slighty, put the rings on each other’s fingers.
“Now, I will perform the second part of the ceremony.” Kathryn said,
clearing her voice. By now the setting sun cast a reddish glow in the
holodeck. The beating of drums could be heard in the background.
“With fire and steel did the gods forge the Klingon heart. So
fiercely did it beat, so loud was the sound, that the Gods cried cried
out, ‘On this day we have brought forth the strongest heart in the all
heavens! None can stand before it without trembling at it’s strength.’
“But then the Klingon heart weakened. Its steady rhthym faltered.
And the gods said ‘Why have you weakened so? We have made you the
strongest in all of creation.’ And the heart said:”
“I am alone.” said Tom.
Kathryn continued, the dialogue from her to Tom flowing smoothly.
“And the God’s knew they had erred. So they went back to their hearth
and brought forth another heart.”
At this point Harry came up to Tom and B’Elanna and gave them their
bat’leths, and they assumed an attack stance.
“But the second heart beat stronger than the first.” said Kathryn.
“The first was jealous of its power.
Tom and B’Elanna then attacked each other slowly, more for symbolism,
as B’Elanna deflected Tom’s strike and put one curved end of bat’leth at
Tom’s throat.
“Fortunately, the second heart was tempered by wisdom.”
B’Elanna said, “If we join together, no force can stop us.” She took
the bat’leth away from Tom’s neck as Harry retrieved the bat’leths. Tom
and B’Elanna then held each ot her in a slight embrace.
“And when the two hearts began to beat together, they filled the
heavens with a terrible sound. For the first time, the gods knew fear.
They tried to flee but it was too late. The Klingon hearts destroyed
the gods who created them and turned the heavens to ashes. To this very
day, no one can oppose the beating of two Klingon hearts.
“Tom, son of Owen, does your heart beat only for this woman?”
“And do you swear to join with her and stand with her against all who
would oppose you?”
“I swear.”
“B’Elanna, daughter of B’Rinasa, does your heart beat only for this
“And do you swear to join with him and stand with him against all who
would oppose you?”
“I swear.”
“Then, with the power invested in me, let all here present today know
that this man, and this woman, are married! I now pronounce you husband
and wife!” Kathryn concluded, smiling happily.
With that, B’Elanna and Tom put their arms around each other and
for the first time husband and wife.
* * * * *
Twenty minutes later, the reception was in full swing. They were
using Harry’s holoprogram.
B’Elanna and Tom had just cut the first piece of the triple-tiered,
triple chocolate wedding cake together. Tom was holding his piece in the
air, making little swirly motions on the way to B’Elanna’s mouth.
“Tom,” B’Elanna softly growled so no one else could hear,
“if you don’t feed me that piece of cake, I’m going to bite your hand
“Is that a promise?” Tom quietly said back.
B’Elanna smiled seductively. “You bet,” she whispered.
Tom began feeding B’Elanna her slice. She finished, and began feeding
Tom his slice, then smashed the cake in his face.
“Sorry, I couldn’t resist!”
* * * * *
A bit later, in the holodeck night with light provided by lantrens
strung up among the trees, B’Elanna was getting ready to throw the
bouquet. All the
single ladies, including Kathryn, were assembled behind B’Elanna.
“Ready!” B’Elanna called over her shoulder. She briefly saw
Samantha whisper something into Seven’s ear, while looking at Kathryn.
She didn’t think anything of it.
“One…two…three!” B’Elanna flung the bouquet over her head.
There was a slight commotion and B’Elanna turned around to see who had
caught the bouquet.
It was Kathryn. A quite red blushing Kathryn. She looked down at the
bouquet in her hands, seemingly unable to grasp the reality of the
“Time for the garter!” Tom called, taking the attention off
of the Captain for the time being.
B’Elanna allowed herself to be lead to a chair in the middle of the
grassy dance floor. “You better behave Paris.” she told Tom as
she sat down.
“Who, me?” Tom replied with mock innocence as he got down
on one knee.
But Tom did behave. He got the garter and got ready to throw it.
“Ready!” he called, looking over his shoulder. He briefly
saw Harry quitely talking to Joe while looking at Chakotay, but didn’t
think anything of it. Tom flung the garter over his head and turned
Chakotay had caught the garter. The expression on his face matched
of Kathryn’s when she had caught the bouquet. A couple of guys standing
around a now-blushing Chakotay starting cheering and slapping him on the
B’Elanna glanced at Kathryn. She began shaking her head with a hand
to her temple, and started to blush.
“C’mon Captain,” Samantha said gently, leading Kathryn to
the chair B’Elanna had just vacated. Chakotay was herded over by Harry
and Tom. Both Commander and
Captain were blushing like a couple of teenagers.
“Amazing coincidence, don’t you think so Chakotay?” she said
quietly while giving Tom the evil eye.
“You *are* the Captain. You can order me not to do this.”
Chakotay quietly replied.
“Yes Chakotay, but it *is* tradition.” Kathryn grinned. “Of
course, if you don’t behave, I’ll demote you to an Ensign.”
“Well?!” Tom cut in. “Are you gonna put the garter on
or sit there and talk for the next 65 years?”
“And if I do behave?” Chakotay asked, ignoring the cocky pilot.
“We’ll see about that Chakotay.”
Chakotay knelt down in front of the Captain. He slipped the garter
taking care not to touch her skin. He pulled the garter to just below
her knee and stopped. “How’s that?” he asked Tom.
Tom shook his head. “I don’t think so Chakotay.”
Chakotay pulled the garter up to above Kathryn’s knee. “How’s
“Nope. Chakotay, have you ever been to a *Terran* wedding?”
“I plead the Fifth. Besides, you should know that not all Terran
weddings have the same customs.” Then Chakotay became aware of Kathryn
gazing at him.
“It’s okay Chakotay,” she said, grinning. “Just remember
what I said.”
Chakotay exhaled slowly. “Whatever you say.” He moved the
garter up to mid-thigh. “There.” he said. “I’m done. No
A chorus of friendly laughter echoed in the twilight. Then the music
began again, a slow dancing song.
B’Elanna and Tom embraced on the grassy dance floor and kissed
Tom put his arms around B’Elanna’s waist and B’Elanna put her arms
Tom’s neck.
“Today has got to be the happiest day of my life.” B’Elanna
said, resting her head against Tom’s chest.
“Yeah.” Tom said, resting his chin on her head. He sighed,
and were silent for a few minutes.
“Tom, look.” B’Elanna said, breaking the silence and nodding
her head to something in her line of sight.
Tom looked towards where B’Elanna nodded her head towards. It was
Kathryn and Chakokay, talking quietly to each other while they
“This could be the start of something,” B’Elanna said.
“Yeah, you know what happened earlier with the garter? It was too
perfect. Like it happened on purpose.”
“Do you think–” B’Elannan began.
“Harry.” they said simultaneously looking at each other and was
to call for him when a voice came from the side.
It was Harry. “May I have this dance?” he asked Tom, bowing slightly
with one arm outstretched slightly to the side.
“But of course,” Tom replied, stepping back and placing B’Elanna’s
into Harry’s outstretched one, winking at B’Elanna before he walked
Harry put his other free hand on B’Elanna’s waist and readjusted the
other hand in her hand.
“So, how do you like the holoprogram, ‘Maquis’?” he asked.
“It’s beautiful ‘Starfleet’,” B’Elanna replied. “Although…”
Harry’s eyebrows shot up. “Although what?”
“…It seemed a little *too* convenient how the Captain and Chakotay
caught the bouquet and garter.” B’Elanna looked Harry squarely in the
as if trying to see his thoughts. “But you wouldn’t know anything about
that would you Harry?” she said, a sly smile on her face.
Harry immeadiately averted his eyes, non-verbally admitting his
B’Elanna let out a small gasp. “How did you do it?” she asked.
“Promise not to tell?”
I set an algarhythm into the program that would seek out the Captain
and Commander’s lifesigns and send the garter/bouquet to them. I guess
they couldn’t help but catch them.” Harry expained.
“Ingenious. But why?”
I don’t know.” Harry sighed. “It’s just once in a while, they
seem to like each other.” he shook his head. “I don’t know.” B’Elanna
nodded in understanding and agreement.
The song ended, and Tom walked back over. “I just had the most
*interesting* talk with Sam,” he said, crossing his arms and looking at
Harry with a serious expression on his face. Then he grinned. “That
a *great* idea Harry!” he said, slapping him on the shoulder.
Harry grinned. “Well, I learned from a pro.” he said, twirling
B’Elanna, who was rolling her eyes, back to Tom.
“Yeah, well this ‘pro’ had better retire.” B’Elanna quipped
“Okay folks, this is the last song of the evening.” Neelix’s voice
suddenly over and old-fashioned microphone. “Enjoy it and ask that
special someone to dance with you.”
“If you’ll excuse me,” Harry said nodding, and quickly walked off
towards Seven.
“I’ve seen that expression before,” Tom said as he watched Harry
a beeline for Seven.
“So have I,” B’Elanna said quietly, looking to the dancing couple
Tom. “It’s the same expression on Chakotay’s face right now.”
“What?!” Tom whispered loudly. He began to turn around, but
stopped him.
“You wanna look, you gotta do it discreetly.”
Tom began to turn his head more slowly, but B’Elanna stopped him
again. Instead, she slowly danced them around in a circle so that Tom
was facing the couple.
Chakotay and Kathryn were still dancing slowly together, Kathryn’s
around his neck and Chakotay’s arms around her slim waist.
“I wish Chakotay would just tell her…” B’Elanna said quietly.
“Tell her what?” Tom asked innocently.
B’Elanna looked at Tom, doubting for a moment if she should tell her
husband. But she trusted Tom. “Chakotay is totally in love with the
Captain. Ever since New Earth.”
“He certainly doesn’t show it.” Tom said sincerely.
“You don’t know Chakotay like I do Tom. I’ve known him for years.
keeps everything to himself.” B’Elanna said quietly, looking at
who was now in her view, sighing.
Tom put his arms around B’Elanna, pulling her closer. “Don’t worry
Bella, I’m sure he’ll come around eventually.”
B’Elanna didn’t respond. She just laid her head against Tom’s chest
closed her eyes, feeling comfortable and safe in his arms.
To Be Continued…


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