NOBODY’S CHILD: The Saga of Doctor Leonard McCoy and Family-Chapter Eleven

by Pat McCoy

CHAPTER ELEVEN – Hither, Yon and Another Family Mystery

Pat and Sam have snuck onto a runabout which takes them to a friend’s ship that has been in standard orbit with other ships. They beam from the runabout onto the friend’s ship where they find that their luggage has already been stowed aboard, in advance, by their friends. She notices, with amusement, that their friends have decorated the cabin with various wishes for good luck along with some ribald jokes. “Nice spacecraft!”, she nods. “How long is your friend loaning this to you?” Sam settles into the pilot’s seat. “He hasn’t really given us a time limit. His only request is that we bring it back intact.” “That’s reasonable!”, Pat replies as she takes the co-pilot’s seat. “If we start going into Pon Farr again, while aboard, this vessel won’t be in one piece when we bring it back!”, she grins. “Where shall we go first? Risa or Casperia Prime?” Sam considers the question. “I think Casperia Prime could be our first stop, if you wish. I understand there are many opportunities for scientific exploration there. I have never had any reason to visit Risa before now.” Pat gets a mischievous gleam in her eye. “Risa could prove to be a bit of a … culture shock for you, my husband, when you encounter Horga’hns and Jamaharon.” Sam looks at her quizzically and Pat goes on to explain. “The Horga’hn is a symbol of Risian sexuality and Jamaharon is … well … a Risian sexual rite. I’m not sure how they accommodate married couples as I’ve never had that opportunity before to … indulge … myself. The one time I was there, previously, was awkward for me because I wasn’t interested in ‘coupling’ with anyone at the time. Going there for our honeymoon should be … interesting! Who knows …”, she giggles, “We might revive the ancient Vulcan holiday of Rumarie!” Sam considers the possibilities as he gives his new bride a slight smile at her bawdy suggestions. “Then we will explore Risa first, then Casperia Prime.” Pat’s eyes light up. “Lead the way, K’Diwa!” Their ship breaks orbit and heads out to Risa for the first stop on their honeymoon.

Upon their arrival at Risa, Sam quickly realizes that culture shock was an understatement. The newly-weds are greeted by Arandis, who is holding Horga’hns out to them. To Sam, the wooden sculpture leaves nothing to the imagination, not to mention the various vacationers who are also scantily clad! “Welcome to Risa.”, smiles Arandis, “Do you wish to seek Jamaharon?” Pat looks at her husband, who is not certain what IS the appropriate response. She turns back to Arandis. “We are newly-weds and seek Jamaharon ONLY with each other! Do you have any honeymoon suites available?” The Risian Chief Facilitator’s smile grows wider. “Congratulations! I will see to it that you have the best we have to offer! Follow me!” The newly-weds are given the most luxurious suite that either has ever seen. “If you need anything during your stay”, Arandis says, “We are happy to accommodate all of your wishes.” As Pat and Sam arrange their luggage, Arandis discreetly leaves. Pat eyes the bed then gives Sam an impish grin as she asks, “Do you think we can find some Rillian Grease?” After honeymooning on Risa, then traveling to Casperia Prime to indulge in geology and rock climbing, the newlyweds return to Vulcan and begin discussing their living arrangements given that Pat must return to duty with Star Fleet Medical. In the midst of their discussions, they receive a call from Ambassador Spock and she takes the call. “Hi, Uncle Spock! Thanks for loaning me your Mom’s wedding veil. I need to return it to you as soon as possible.” “You are quite welcome, Patricia-kam. The borrowed veil is incidental to this call. There is another matter that we need to discuss.”

Pat quirks an eyebrow. “Sure, Uncle. What is it?” “Do you recall our conversations concerning Omicron Ceti III and Doctor Leila Kalomi?”, the Elder Vulcan asks. Pat nods. “Yes. I recall the possibility that your … relationship with her might have produced … unexpected dividends.” Spock gives her a somber look. “And THAT is what we need to discuss, Patricia-kam.” She gives him a puzzled look. “Why the urgency? I thought I could work on that research, for you, during my free time after I return to duty.” Spock hesitates. “I have been forming a few hypotheses regarding the possible outcome of my relationship with Doctor Kalomi and I will need your assistance to prove or disprove those hypotheses.” “No problem, Uncle Spock, I owe you my life! If you need me to help you with anything, all you need to do is ask.” Spock pauses for several seconds. “This request is … potentially … difficult … for you.” Pat becomes even more puzzled. “Why should your request be difficult for me, dear Uncle?” She could see a flicker of discomfort on Spock’s face before it is quickly masked. “Because … I will need to have my DNA tested.” Pat smiles at him. “That’s easy enough for me to do! No problem! That’s one of the many things that doctors do!” Spock gives a subtle shake of his head. “There is … more… to my request for a DNA test, Patricia-Kam.” “What else do you need, Uncle?” Spock pauses again. “You will need to test your DNA as well and compare it to mine.” Pat is stunned. “WHAT?!” Sam hears her exclamation from the other room and approaches her to see what is wrong. Pat is sitting at the comm-link, speechless and Sam sees that Spock appears distressed at upsetting her. “K’Diwa, what is wrong?”, Sam asks. “I would strongly urge both of you to come to my home.”, replies Spock, “There are many things we need to talk about.”

Pat closes down the comm-link connection and the newly-weds head over to Spock’s home. On the way out the door, Sam grabs the wedding veil that had been borrowed. By the time they arrive at Spock’s door, Pat is clearly upset and Sam is attempting to calm her down. Spock is more distressed at the fact that he has upset his adopted niece unintentionally. After setting the borrowed wedding veil aside, both Spock and Sam talk at length, with Pat, to help her calm down. “I understand, Uncle, what needs to be done.”, Pat replies, “The logical, rational side of my brain gets it. Based on my research, I know that the entire McCoy Family line is completely human. If I understand your hypothesis correctly, that means the DNA in question would have to come from … her! The irrational, illogical, emotional side of my brain is having all kinds of PTSD flashbacks because of what that monster did to both my brother and myself! For all the years I’ve been doing genealogical research, I made a conscious choice NOT to research that monster because I just couldn’t deal with the flashbacks stemming from her abuse!” “I understand, Patricia-kam. Perhaps it might be best to drop this line of inquiry.”, Spock states. “For how long, Uncle? The question still remains regarding Doctor Kalomi, you, and … possibly me. That question deserves an answer! YOU deserve an answer! You have every right to an answer! If you have a child, a grandchild, or a great-grandchild out there, somewhere, THAT person deserves an answer!”

“Perhaps, I could assist?”, Sam inquires. Spock and Pat turn to him. Sam continues as he turns to his wife. “K’Diwa, how about providing your DNA, for analysis, along with Spock’s DNA? Our laboratory could provide the facilities to test and compare. If your DNA is fully human, then it would no longer be necessary to research your maternal line any further. If it turns out that you do have some Vulcan DNA, which would explain the observations that Uncle Spock and Gramps have previously mentioned to us, then I can continue the investigation. You would not have to be involved if it is too emotionally stressful for you.” Pat considers this. “That strategy sounds do-able. I’ll provide my DNA. Where would I obtain the necessary equipment here on Vulcan?” “Perhaps it would be best that we go to Investigator Central.”, Sam suggests, “We can obtain your DNA samples there.” Spock nods. “Agreed.” The three of them travel to Investigator Central to consult with the lab technician. The lab technician takes cell samples from both Pat and Spock. She states that she will inform them as soon as the test results become available. The three of them return to Spock’s residence to discuss the matter further. “The possibility is just astonishing!”, Pat says, shaking her head in amazement. “The more I analyze the facts … my middle name being the same as your mother’s, the time frame since your relationship with Doctor Leila Kalomi on Omicron Ceti III, my Vulcan-like responses to room temperatures, my own Pon Farr … the preponderance of the evidence …” her voice trails off. “We can only wait until the laboratory provides the scientific evidence to either prove or disprove my hypotheses.”, Spock replies. “The waiting is the hardest part!”, Pat blurts impatiently. “I want those results YESTERDAY! It could help answer a lot of the ‘WHY’s’ that I’ve been struggling with over the years. The Asperger’s will still be there … always has been. I’m not worried about that. It’s the physical stuff that just didn’t quite fit either.” She looks at Sam. “Remember that joke you made that I might be a Vulcan and not know it? That brings up the old saying of ‘Be careful what you wish for.’ Now I don’t know what to think! My thoughts … my emotions … they are all … jumbled up!” She whistles as she continues to shake her head, then gets up and begins to pace the room. “Patricia-Kam, speak what is on your mind.”, Spock gently suggests. “What you think. What you feel. It is not wrong.”

Pat gestures helplessly. “Part of me wants a mind-meld so you can see the images I see in my mind because I have no words for them. At the same time, I feel the need to FIND the words for what I FEEL! I have so many questions about myself … my identity … my … VERY BEING!” She looks from Spock to Sam and continues, “Imagine … growing up … looking at myself in the mirror. SEEING a HUMAN reflected back at me, and now!?” Spock nods in understanding as Sam responds, “All of your life, every time you have looked at your reflection in a mirror, what you have seen has always been identified as … HUMAN. Even at our Koon-ut-La and our Koon-ut-Kalifee ceremonies, you were publicly acknowledged by our Elders as … HUMAN.” Pat nods. “Put yourselves in my shoes. Now … imagine, all your life, whenever you looked at your reflection in a mirror, what did you see? You saw yourselves as Vulcan … correct? I know … I’m stating the obvious …” Both Spock and Sam nod. Pat continues her train of thought, “Now imagine, after living all of your lives, until you reach the Age of Elder, thinking and believing that your identity, your VERY BEING is VULCAN and then, suddenly, one day, you discover that what you thought and believed all of your life was … NOT?! Do you see the turmoil I’m experiencing as I question WHO I am … WHAT I am?! It is not logical, in some aspects, and yet, my reaction IS logical when faced with this new evidence! Does any of what I’m saying make ANY sense?” “For you, Patricia- kam”, Spock replies, “It is a logical reaction. You are now old enough to be considered an Elder. You have identified the CORE of your being as human your entire life. Now, there is possible evidence that calls into question all of those core beliefs! Having a crisis of identity is … difficult.” She walks over to them and sits back down with a sigh. “Exactly!” She puts her head in her hands. “I don’t mind being part Vulcan. The logical part of my brain rejoices at that possibility, if that makes sense. I just … I’m at a loss for words at the moment.”

Sam puts his arms around her and cuddles her. “Logically, Vulcans do not hug. Right now, my wife, YOU need a hug!” Pat puts her head on Sam’s shoulder and begins to weep. Her husband continues to soothe her. “I will make us some tea.”, Spock says as he gets up and goes into the kitchen, fills an antique teakettle, and begins to boil water. Spock leans heavily against a chair as Sam enters the kitchen. “Esteemed Uncle, are you all right? Are you ill?” Spock shakes his head. “I am not physically ill. I am …” his voice trails into silence. “Both of you are feeling distressed regarding this possible evidence.”, Sam observes, “It is not logical to react to what has not yet occurred.” Spock turns to Sam with a slight smile. “I have often repeated those very words to Patricia-kam since her childhood. And yet, her distress … pains me.” Sam nods. “Her distress pains both of us because we both love her. And yet, this is her path. The only thing we can do is love her and support her as she finds her way.” “That is true.”, Spock agrees. The teakettle begins to whistle and Sam looks at it quizzically. “An antique teakettle? You have one too?” Spock’s eyes twinkle. “During her adolescence, she loved to explore antique shops and often begged me to accompany her inside these shops. The first time we visited, she found a whistling teakettle and asked me what it was. Once she understood its purpose, she insisted on having it. I obtained one of my own. Every time she would encounter another crisis of growth, I would make tea using one of these kettles. I thought it would be appropriate to do so, again.” Sam nods. ” What you now suggest is logical … and I concur! Allow me to assist you.” Sam gets out the tray and arranges three tea cups and saucers. He looks about the kitchen. “Uncle, where do you store your tea?” Spock goes to a cupboard and brings out a box of blossoming tea. Sam looks at the box quizzically as Spock explains, “Another one of her favorites. She always found it fascinating to watch these flowers bloom inside her teacup. Under the circumstances, it is not wrong to indulge in this … sentimentality.” Sam nods with a slight smile and is interrupted when Pat enters the kitchen, wiping her eyes. “What are you two boys up to?” She spots the box of blossoming tea in Spock’s hands and gasps, “My favorite! Uncle Spock … you remembered!” She goes up to her Uncle, hugs him, then kisses him on the cheek. “Thank you!” “In my opinion”, the Elder Vulcan replies, “the situation seemed to require this kind of tea!” Pat laughs and cries at the same time.

Within a matter of days, the DNA results become available, Sam goes to the lab, picks up the results on his PADD, and returns home with them in hand. Pat is understandably anxious. “K’Diwa, let’s go over to your Uncle’s home so we can discuss these results.”, Sam suggests. “I agree.” she replies, “The sooner, the better.” The two of them arrive at Spock’s home and find him meditating in his garden. He stands up as soon as he hears their arrival. “Let us go inside.”, the Elder Vulcan gestures, “I was expecting you and I have tea ready.” The three of them enter the house and sit down in the living room. Pat keeps glancing anxiously at the PADD that they brought with them. Both Spock and Sam are calm. Finally, after having some tea, Sam brings up the PADD and punches in his pass-code to open the test results. He silently reads it, then looks at his wife. “K’Diwa, would you like to see these or would you prefer that your Uncle get the news before you?” “How about reading the results aloud so we both hear them at the same time, my husband?” Spock nods. “I agree with Patricia-kam. Reading them aloud would be preferable.” Sam nods. “Very well.” He clears his throat. “The DNA results on Spock, son of Sarek and Amanda, indicates Vulcan and Human origins. The Human DNA can be traced to various European countries and ethnic groups of ancient Earth.” Sam reads a list of Amanda’s ancestors’ nation-state groups, including England and Germany. Spock nods at this. “I expected as much. My mother often talked about her ancestry and family history from Earth. Some of her ancestors survived the Holocaust.” “The Holocaust was a very tragic and horrible time in Earth’s history because of one madman.”, Pat explains to Sam, “I can pull up that history on our computer when we get back home so you can have a better understanding of what his ancestors lived through.” Sam nods. “Understood.” He continues to read aloud, “The DNA results on Patricia Amanda McCoy, Great-granddaughter of Doctor Leonard Horatio McCoy, Granddaughter of Joanna McCoy, Daughter of George Dudley William McCoy, Jr., indicates the following ethnic and nation-state groups from ancient Earth … European Caucasian from England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, the various nation-states of Africa, various Native American tribes…”

Pat’s eyebrows shoot up in surprise. “HUH?! Native American tribes?! I knew about the African part because my distant ancestor, Hannah McCoy, was born a slave in 1780 Virginia before she was granted manumission in 1801. Being part Native American as well IS a SURPRISE! I need to find out who those ancestors were and which tribes! Another branch to research!” “Perhaps, the next time we visit Earth”, Sam replies, “we could both look into that. Shall I continue with the remainder of the report?” Pat nods and Sam turns back to the PADD, “Let’s see … African, Native American … He pauses, “and Vulcan. Comparison of the DNA of Spock, and the DNA of Patricia Amanda McCoy indicate they are related approximately three to four, possibly five generations apart. More precise generational calculations are unavailable at this time due to lack of pertinent data.” Sam puts down his PADD and there is silence in the room for several seconds.

Finally, Pat breaks the silence. “Given that the McCoy line, my paternal ancestry, has proven to be 100% human, based on Gramps’ DNA and my late father’s DNA that was kept on file, I can only deduce that the Vulcan DNA was contributed from the maternal line.” She looks at Spock. “Uncle Spock, this means that … she … who gave birth to me … was your descendant … as was my brother as well! But their behaviors were … so illogical! How is this possible?!” “Patricia-kam”, Spock says gently, “being born a Vulcan, or having Vulcan DNA, does not guarantee logic. Logic must be learned. My late half-brother, Sybok, was fully Vulcan but rejected Surak’s teachings. Clearly, your brother and your … birth parent … had no access to what you and I know. Perhaps, when Samok begins his investigation of your maternal line, he will be able to verify or disprove the link to Leila Kalomi and discover any potential reasons for your brother’s possible genetic conditions leading to his … psychosis … or why your birth parent behaved the way she did. Perhaps, you and I are related through someone other than Leila … I do not know who else that might be. My … intimate relationships were not as numerous as … a certain Captain.”

Pat nods silently and Spock continues, “I can give you some good news out of all of this.” She looks at him quizzically and Spock gives her a slight smile. “You can now add Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to your list of famous relatives!” She can’t help but smile at that. Sam looks at both of them, puzzled. “Who is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle?” “He is a famous 19th Century British author who wrote the Sherlock Holmes stories.”, Pat explains, “Sherlock Holmes was an expert sleuth … an Investigator’s Investigator! He could solve ANY crime using logical methods. He could be considered a Human version of a Vulcan BEFORE Earth knew that Vulcan existed! I have some of those stories in my library collection so you can read them at your leisure. One of Sherlock Holmes’ most famous statements was: ‘if you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.’ I think that could apply to this situation, don’t you think?” Sam nods. “I would concur.” The three of them continue their visit, discussing potential game plans for researching and investigating before Pat and Sam return to their home. The two of them continue their discussion of their residential arrangements based on their Star Fleet obligations.

Pat returns to her post to begin rearranging her quarters to accommodate her new husband. As she is picking up the clutter and figuring out where to put what for two people, she hears her door chime. “Come in!” One of the nurses enters Pat’s quarters. “Welcome back, Doctor McCoy! We missed you!” “Thank you, Nurse Smith! Glad to be back!” She continues picking up clutter. “Do you need any help with that?”, the nurse asks. Pat shakes her head. “Not really.” She pauses. “This may sound like a strange question … do you share your quarters with anyone?” The nurse shakes her head. “No. Why do you ask?” “I was hoping to get some pointers.”, Pat replies, “After living alone for so many years, I’ve gotten into the habit of just having my stuff everywhere and not worrying about it. Now … I need to change that.” The nurse looks puzzled. “Why do you need to change things now?” Pat holds up her left hand to show her wedding rings. The nurse doesn’t comprehend what they signify and looks confused. “I just got married … on Vulcan.”, Pat explains, “My husband will be joining me here, at my post, as soon as he gets things taken care of back on his home-world. I have to make sure he has plenty of space for his clothes and not have to trip over all of my stuff.” The nurse is delighted. “Congratulations! I can’t wait to tell the rest of the staff!” Pat gives her a stern look. “Let ME tell the staff, thank you. This may hit some people as sudden news as no one was aware that I was even seeing anyone.” “Of course, Doctor. I apologize for stepping on your toes. Can you tell me more?” “I’d rather wait until we convene a staff meeting.”, Pat replies, “I prefer to not have to repeat myself.” “Yes, of course, Doctor. I need to get back to the Infirmary. Again … congratulations on your marriage.” “Thanks, again.”, Pat says, “I’ll see everyone shortly as soon as I finish here.” The nurse leaves and heads back over to the Infirmary. Pat finishes cleaning up in the main areas of her quarters and heads over to the Infirmary.

As soon as she walks in, she encounters Doctor Greeley, who has been exhibiting an ongoing crush on her. She is NOT looking forward to dealing with him … again. “Welcome back, Doctor McCoy! I missed you! I’m so GLAD to see you!” “Doctor Greeley.”, Pat replies unenthusiastically. “Is everything fine with your family?” “As a matter of fact, yes. Before this conversation proceeds any further, let’s hold off until after I convene a staff meeting.”, Pat tells him, “There are certain things that need to be … discussed.” “Yes, ma’am.”, Greeley replies and he heads over to his assigned area within the Infirmary. Pat heads to her office to check over things that had been taking place during her extended absence and to prepare for the Infirmary staff meeting. Once she has everything in order, she heads to the Infirmary’s conference room. The staff are awaiting her there when she walks in the door. She looks over at everyone assembled and nods approvingly. “Good! Everyone’s here. That simplifies things for me.” She sits down at the conference table and arranges her PADDs, containing her notes, on the table in front of her. “First of all, I want to thank everyone for keeping the Infirmary running smoothly during my unplanned extended absence. I’m sure it was not an easy accomplishment given that I was first ordered to go on personal medical leave, then, upon my arrival back here, needing to depart, immediately, in order to attend to a family emergency. I am happy to report that the family emergency has been resolved and all of my family members are safe and sound. I’m certain that Ambassador Spock’s, and my Great-grandfather’s abduction and rescue had been reported on the Federation News Network.” Several staff-members nod their heads. Pat touches the wedding rings on her left hand as she continues. “I also have a bit of personal news to share. A new Star Fleet member will be joining me as part of his ongoing training. I’m in the process of preparing for his arrival as well as adjusting to sharing my quarters with … my new husband.” Several staff-members gasp and Pat notices Doctor Greeley’s facial expression. He is NOT a happy camper! She makes a mental note to have a supervisory meeting with him regarding his personal feelings towards her. Once the initial shock wears off, several staff-members offer their congratulations and Pat acknowledges them. “Now that my personal business is out of the way”, she continues, “let’s get back to what has been going on with various patients, and the Infirmary, during my absence.” The individual case reviews for patients proceed apace. At the end of the staff meeting, Pat returns to her quarters to continue reorganizing her space so that Sam would have a place for his things.

Upon her return to her office the next morning, she finds a PADD on her desk. When she picks it up and scrolls through it, she discovers that it contains a request for transfer from Greeley. She sets the PADD back down on her desk and sighs. As she starts to rub her temple, she hears a tentative knock at her office door. When she looks up, she sees that it is Doctor Greeley. “Come in, Greeley, and sit down. We need to talk.” Greeley enters her office and sits down. “Yes, ma’am.” Pat picks up the PADD. “Care to explain this?” “I thought my request for a transfer would be self-explanatory.”, he replies nonchalantly. She becomes irritated at this and tosses the PADD onto her desk. “Don’t hand me THAT, Greeley! You know full well that I don’t tolerate baloney! Spit it out and I want the TRUTH! Greeley looks down and blushes. “It’s … awkward … to remain here, ma’am. I’ve tried to remain objective and professional but …” His face turns beet red. “Go on …”, Pat calmly encourages him. He hangs his head. “My emotions are out of control. It … hurts … to work with you knowing that you are now married. I’ve … been in love with you for a long time.” Pat sighs and rubs her temples as her headache increases. “Doctor Greeley, I’m sorry you feel hurt. Have I ever done anything that gave you the impression that I reciprocated your feelings?” “No, ma’am.” “What have I done to encourage your feelings for me?”, she asks. Greeley shakes his head. “Nothing, ma’am. In fact, you have actively discouraged these feelings but they continued anyway.” Pat sighs. “I’m at a loss here. You are a good doctor and I hate to lose a good staff-member over something like this.” Greeley looks uncomfortable. “I think, under the circumstances, it would be best for me to transfer to another post. That way I can focus on my job without being distracted or being overwhelmed by my uncontrollable emotions. As it stands right now, if I get distracted at the wrong moment, I could inadvertently injure a patient … or worse.” Pat sighs then nods. “Very well. I’ll approve your transfer. Good luck at your next post.” “Thank you, ma’am. May I go back to work now?” She nods again. “Dismissed.” Greeley leaves her office and Pat picks up the PADD, scrolls through it then authorizes the transfer. By the end of the shift, Greeley has packed up his personal belongings and is gone.

The remainder of the medical staff are puzzled by the sudden departure of Greeley and Pat does not feel comfortable discussing his circumstances in his absence. However, she acknowledges to herself that she feels annoyed about the situation. As she returns to her quarters at the end of her shift, she has a deep scowl on her face. Her expression changes to delight as she sees that her husband, Sam, has arrived and is waiting for her. She starts to impulsively grab him then realizes that might not be the appropriate place or thing to do in the corridor. The expression in Sam’s eyes tell her that he is highly amused and he brushes her thoughts with his. “Missed you, my Beautiful wife!” Pat sends her thoughts back, “Missed you MORE! Let’s go inside!” She opens the door to her quarters but before she can take another step, Sam scoops her up into his arms. “I need to practice this ancient custom some more. I’ve gotten a little rusty.” She laughs hard, completely forgetting that there are others in the corridor who can hear them. Once inside her quarters and the door slides shut, they kiss passionately. They both start talking simultaneously, “I missed you …”, then start laughing. “I’m so glad you’re here, K’Diwa!”, Pat tells him, “I’ve had a rough day.” She goes on to explain about the situation with Doctor Greeley and how his sudden departure has impacted the medical staff. Sam nods with understanding. I know I’m making an erroneous assumption”, Pat says, “when I think that your supervisory position at Investigator Central is easier than mine because your entire staff works with logic, and follow Surak’s teachings, while investigating crimes. My staff-members come from all over the quadrant, such as Tellar Prime, Q’onos, Andoria, Bajor, Cait, etc., and some of them don’t think logically at all!” “Don’t forget the occasional Pon Farr …”, Sam adds. “Yes, of course, that too.”, Pat replies with a rueful grin, “And yet, with Pon Farr, it is something to be expected and planned for from the moment the Koon-ut-La is performed. Dealing with illogical, unpredictable, emotional sentient beings, even fellow Humans, can be a headache! Notwithstanding the Vulcan DNA that was recently discovered in me.” Sam smiles at that and cuddles her. “I have faith in you, K’Diwa. You’ll figure out the right thing to do.” Pat kisses him. “Now that you’re finally here, my husband, let’s get you settled in. I have to warn you, I am a messy housekeeper. You’ll probably find half-finished crafts and projects all over the place!” Sam glances about then looks back at her. “You’ve lived here longer and you have your own routines that are comfortable. I’ve been researching the Asperger’s Syndrome that you have frequently mentioned and have come to understand your need for certain routines.”

Pat smiles at that. “I appreciate that more than I can verbalize. Come on. I’ve cleared out some closet space for you.” They go into the bedroom and unpack his things, then she gives him a tour of her quarters. “It isn’t much but it is one of the few places I can call home.”, Pat comments. She points out a corner where several fiber art projects are in various stages of completion. “As you can see, I have several hobbies.” Sam is intrigued. “What are these?” Pat grins as she walks over to her project corner. “I have raw Vitarian wool over here that I’m in the process of carding and combing. That’s a spinning wheel over there. As you can see, I’m in the process of spinning some of the wool into yarn. I have a small loom where I’m weaving some cloth and I have a crochet project plus a knitting project.” “Fascinating!”, Sam replies with astonishment. “In the past”, she explains, “when I’ve gotten stressed- out over something, and I couldn’t sit still long enough to meditate, I discovered that keeping my hands busy with something artistic helped.” She picks up a couple of completed afghans laying across nearby chairs. “I’ve made these afghans. Started out with raw wool and ended with these.” “Impressive!”, replies her husband, “I had no idea regarding your various talents!” “I’ve had some people give me a hard time because they consider these skills ‘primitive’.”, Pat continues, “As a result, I would just hide while I worked on these.” Sam shakes his head. “I see no reason to hide these. They are beautiful … just like you!” She walks over to him, embraces her husband, and kisses him passionately. He scoops her up in his arms and carries her to the bedroom. The next morning, the chronometer signals that it is time to get up and get ready to go on duty. Pat pulls the blankets over her head and snuggles closer to Sam’s body. “I want to stay here with you!” He gives a low, sleepy chuckle, “During the short time we were apart, my bed felt empty without you. Now that you are here, I also want to remain by your side.” She raises her head to look at him. “And yet, duty calls.” She sighs as she starts to get up and sit on the side of the bed. Sam reaches out and pats her on her bum, causing her to turn and grin at him. “I think we have time for one more snuggle!” She climbs back into bed with her husband and starts giggling.

She arrives for duty, barely on time, and is grateful that the collar of her uniform is high enough to hide the hickeys from that morning’s lovemaking session. She firmly reminds herself to focus on work and wait until she’s off-duty to look forward to being with her husband again. She overhears a staff-member comment that she must be in a good mood because she’s smiling. “Yep!”, she silently says to herself, “You would be in a good mood yourselves if your husbands …” She quickly stops her thoughts from going in that direction and refocuses back on the task at hand on her desk while stifling a snicker. After Pat had left her quarters to head to the Infirmary, Sam sits down at the computer and begins researching his wife’s maternal genealogy. He recalls the suggestions that she had given him to start with her birth certificate, that lists the names of George Dudley William McCoy, Jr. and Kalinda Yuri. Subsequent research leads Sam to the marriage certificate between George and Kalinda on Deneva. Before the marriage took place, both parties had to provide their personal information that is listed on the certificate. George McCoy’s personal data is quite extensive, listing his mother, Joanna McCoy, (whereabouts unknown at the time the forms were being submitted), Joanna’s husband, George Dudley William McCoy, Senior, human, birthplace unknown, (deceased), her father, Doctor Leonard Horatio McCoy, of Star Fleet Medical, and Leonard’s father, David Andrew McCoy, M.D., of Atlanta, Georgia, the son of Thomas Jackson McCoy, who is also listed as a doctor and a medical researcher. Kalinda Yuri listed that she was born on Deneva but was turned over to an orphanage shortly afterward where she lived in group homes until her eighteenth birthday. Information on her birth parents is listed on the documents as “unknown”. Sam sits back and contemplates this information and wonders where he should look next for Kalinda’s genealogy. Pat returns to her quarters at the end of her duty shift and finds Sam sitting quietly at the computer, thinking. “Any luck, K’Diwa?”, she asks. “I seem to have encountered an insurmountable barrier that has me stymied.” “In other words”, Pat responds, “you have hit the genealogical ‘brick wall’ and you are stuck.” Sam nods. “Precisely!” Pat walks over to where he is sitting, gives him a hug and a kiss. “Want to brain-storm potential solutions?” Sam looks at her. “I was hoping to spare you additional emotional distress from this line of research.” “After having some time to calm down and think about this, I’ve come to the conclusion that we can approach this, together, scientifically, without having to name that witch to me.”, she replies. Sam nods. “That sounds like a viable solution.”

He picks up his PADD. “So far, my research has turned up a marriage on Deneva and a reference to a birth, an orphanage, along with group homes, on Deneva.” Pat nods. “Since Deneva is a Federation world, there might be two possible options … the Federation Vital Records Office on Earth, that helps prove citizenship, and the Vital Records Office on Deneva. By the way, is the reference source regarding Deneva reliable?” Sam looks confused. “I’m not sure I follow …” “Let’s see if I can clarify.”, Pat says, “Is the reference source official documentation from Denevan authorities or a self-report from the individual in question?” Sam looks at his PADD, “It’s a self-report.” “Damn!”, she whispers. Sam looks at her quizzically as she clarifies, “She, who I refuse to name, has had a track record of lying. She would NEVER tell the truth to save her life! Anything she attested to, on an official document, such as her marriage license, or when the authorities were questioning her about my injuries, or my father’s next of kin, could be called into question. There’s a LOT of things, connected to her, that I haven’t talked about yet because it gets me riled up.” “Wouldn’t falsification on an official document annul the marriage, or prevent her from getting married?”, Sam asks. She shakes her head. “Not unless she was able to find a legal loophole to play with! We don’t know the circumstances of the marriage yet. Since my Dad died when I was little, I’m not really certain about the true circumstances of his death. The Federation Vital Records Office should have some documentation on that such as a coroner’s inquest and/or a death certificate. For that matter, it might be a good idea to get death certificates on my ancestors, such as Dad’s Dad … my paternal grandfather. That might turn up some clues. There might be some information in the Federation News Network Archives regarding my Dad, given that he is a descendant of Admiral Leonard McCoy.” Sam nods and makes a note on his PADD then looks up at her. “Wouldn’t Gramps have raised questions regarding the death of his grandson?” Pat nods. “Yes, he had questions and, at the same time, once he brought me home, he had his hands full with me. He had to decide which one of us had the higher priority. He couldn’t help my Dad since he was already dead. When I was rescued, I was a total mess, a basket case and extremely fragile, mentally and physically. Gramps had limited resources regarding his own physical and mental energy in trying to help me given that he was not a young man. Uncle Spock was able to help him to a certain extent. Questioning the circumstances of my Dad’s death got put on the ‘back burner’, so to speak. As I got older, it was mutually decided that I would look into it when I felt ready. As far as the authorities were concerned, they had closed the case on my Dad’s death before I was abandoned. That gave that … witch … the loophole she needed to dump me somewhere since the authorities were no longer watching her. In a sense, you could wind up investigating one or more crimes … child neglect, child abandonment, child-selling, child-slavery, child endangerment, attempted murder, a possible homicide, the list could go on … even though all of these cases are considered ‘cold’, or closed, while trying to trace my genetic origins.”

Sam nods and frowns. “Which begs the question …”, Pat comments, “if your investigation into my genetic origins turns up evidence that my Dad’s death was actually a homicide, not accidental, and the woman he married was … responsible … now that she is dead … then what?” “Until we encounter that evidence, K’Diwa. If we encounter that evidence, I am not in a position to answer that question at this time.” “In other words”, she comments, “we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” “Yes.”, Sam nods. “This cannot be easy for you, my wife, given this involved close family members … especially your father.” “It’s difficult and …”, she admits, “at the same time … the answers would give me closure … and give Uncle Spock some answers as well. It has to be difficult for him … too.” She walks over to her bookshelf. “In the meantime, given that you are stuck at the proverbial ‘brick wall’ in your investigation, I prescribe that you take a break, my husband. I’m going to loan you one of my favorite detective stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle titled: ‘A Study in Scarlet’. It’s the first story featuring Sherlock Holmes. It was originally published in 1887, Earth date. Gramps found a digitized version of the story and gave it to me for my birthday. I hope you find it as fascinating as I have. Keep in mind that much of the technology we take for granted today did not exist on Earth during the 1880’s.” She hands the digital book to Sam. “Perhaps this Sherlock Holmes might be able to give me insights I have not previously considered.”, Sam replies. He opens the book to the first chapter and begins reading. After several minutes, Sam looked up, puzzled. “I am confused at many of the descriptions. Smoking tobacco? Why would they inhale a known poison? How did they travel? What is a ‘Hansom cab’? What is an ‘Underground’? How could someone have an ‘anchor’ on the back of his hand?” Pat grins. “That, my dear husband, is the beginning of some history lessons from 19th Century England!” She sits down at the computer and begins pulling up images of tall ships, tattoos, horse-drawn carriages, gas lamps that were used for illumination, and how people dressed in that time period along with the centuries old habit of tobacco smoking. Sam is fascinated. “This is how humans evolved?! How did they manage to survive? I know, that is an illogical question given that you are here with me. I am simply amazed at how resilient the human race has been in spite of incredible odds!” She smiles. “This is just a small portion of human evolutionary history. Keep reading, my K’Diwa, there is more to be learned!” After reading through a portion of the story, Sam places the book on a nearby table. “This Sherlock Holmes seems to have a talent to notice the smallest clues, no matter how innocuous they appear.” She nods, “And fit the puzzle pieces together to find the answer. He has his unique methods that work for him. You and I must find the path that leads us to the answers we seek. We have a lot to think about. For now, I think it’s time to sleep on it, my husband. I’m ready for bed! Aren’t you?”

After making love, they lay in bed, together, caressing each other and quietly thinking. Pat breaks the silence as she props herself up. “K’Diwa, the thought has suddenly occurred to me that we will need to speak with Gramps. He may have information that he has not yet disclosed to me. As an Admiral, in Star Fleet, as well as the Star Fleet Medical Division, he may have access to information that someone of my rank wouldn’t have. Besides, I don’t think Uncle Spock has disclosed to him my DNA test results. In fact, I’m almost sure that Uncle has not discussed this with Gramps without getting my permission first. When it comes to discussing anything personal, regarding either himself and/or me, he can be as tight-lipped as an Aldebaran Shell-mouth. That’s why I was able to confide in him about various things before talking with Gramps. Uncle Spock could help me see aspects, of whatever was bothering me, ‘outside the box’, so to speak. Discovering I have some Vulcan DNA might come as a shock to Gramps.” Sam nods. “I see what you are saying, my wife. We need to find a way to gently break this news to him.” She lays back down and takes Sam’s hand in hers. “I don’t feel comfortable breaking this kind of news over a comm-link, and yet, I’m not in a position to take personal leave without prior notice. I’ve used up too much leave already.” Sam props himself up in bed to look at his wife. “K’Diwa, are you saying that you work around the clock without taking any time off for yourself, outside of sleeping and eating, now that you have returned to duty?” Pat nods. “As a doctor, I’m technically on duty around the clock in the event of an emergency … anywhere.” Sam thinks this over. “Just as I am on duty, as an Investigator, given that a crime could occur anywhere at any time.” Pat kisses her husband’s hand then folds her hand into his. “We have a mutual dilemma, my dear husband. I cannot request additional personal leave without disclosing what I need to disclose to Gramps, first. He has a right to know, in person, before any other high-ranking official. Given that you are a new member of Star Fleet, you do not have the required rank to make such a request either.” Sam nods silently and thinks for a few minutes longer. “Let us both sleep on this, my wife. Perhaps, we can think of a solution after a good night’s rest.” Pat nods and they drift off to sleep.

The next morning, Pat returns to duty in the Infirmary as Sam continues his research into his wife’s family history. He makes a list to request copies of death certificates for both George William Dudley McCoy’s, father and son, as well as the death certificate for Kalinda Yuri. As he works, the comm-link chimes to indicate an incoming message and he answers it. It is Ambassador Spock calling from Vulcan. Sam gives him the Vulcan salute and they converse in their native language. During the conversation, Pat comes home for lunch and sees her Uncle on the comm-link. “Hi, Uncle!”, she calls out as she heads over to the food replicator to prepare her lunch. After punching in her order and removing her plate and beverage cup, she walks over to where Sam is seated at the comm-link to join the conversation with her Uncle. Sam brings her up to date. “Uncle Spock and I have been discussing how to resolve our mutual dilemmas.” “Yes.”, Pat replies, “We need to talk to Gramps about all of this … in person. It may not be a logical reason, but I just don’t FEEL right springing this kind of news on Gramps over a comm-link. I’m concerned about how the shock could affect him.” “Under normal circumstances, Patricia-kam, we would be discussing the importance of logic over emotions, as per Surak’s teachings.”, Spock comments, “However, in this case, I see your point. We learned of your genetic origins, face-to-face, on Vulcan and it was a shock to all of us. It would not be fair to Leonard, your Great-grandfather, to learn of this either second-hand, from me or Star Fleet, nor would it be fair to be informed about this via the comm-link.” “Gramps has a right to know”, Pat continues, “and I’m unable to take any more personal leave for awhile to go visit him so I can talk to him about this.” “Permit me to look into possible solutions.”, the Elder Vulcan suggests, “I will get back to you as soon as I can.” He signs off the comm-link. Pat looks at her husband. “While Uncle Spock is doing what he can, have you found any new leads?” Sam consults his notes. “I still need to contact the Vital Records Offices, in various jurisdictions, to obtain copies of birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates.” Pat nods. “There’s also the possibility that Gramps has some of those documents in his possession already. That’s one of the reasons I want to talk with him. If he has some of those, we won’t have to duplicate what he’s already done.” “Good point.”, Sam replies, “I should have considered that.” Pat kisses the side of her husband’s face and hugs him. “My dear husband, I can’t expect you to think of everything. Now, how about joining me during my lunch break so we can enjoy each other’s company?” Sam smiles at his wife. “Agreed!” They get up from the comm-link and go sit at the dining table. After lunch, Pat returns to the Infirmary and Sam resumes his research. Several days go by without any new leads turning up. It appears that Sam is stuck at a “brick wall” and is uncertain where to go next. He has heeded his wife’s suggestion to hold off on contacting Vital Records until they have had the opportunity to talk with Gramps.

While Pat is sitting at her desk, reviewing a patient’s file, she hears a slight commotion out in the general Infirmary area. She gets up to go and see what is going on and is surprised to see her Great-grandfather inspecting the area along with Ambassador Spock! She folds her arms and leans against the doorway of her office. “Surprise inspection, eh, Gramps?” “I’m pleased to see that you run a tight ship!”, the old doctor replies with a grin. Pat grins back. “I learned from the best … you!” Leonard walks towards her and she meets him halfway with a hug and a kiss. “And how is married life treating you?” “Terrific! Gramps, how about you and Uncle Spock head on over to my quarters? Sam’s still working on our research. I’ll join you at the end of my duty shift.” The old doctor looks over at Spock, who nods in agreement, and the two of them head out of the Infirmary while Pat goes back into her office and resumes her review of patients’ files.

Leonard and Spock arrive at the doorway of Pat’s quarters. Sam hears the door chime, walks over, and pushes a button to open it. He sees his Great-grandfather-in-law and Spock standing there. “Gramps. Uncle. Please come in. Permit me to see to your comfort. My wife should be home shortly.” “We just stopped by the Infirmary a little while ago to surprise her, son.”, the old doctor replies, “I hope that you are treating my Great-granddaughter well.” Sam bows his head in respect. “Yes, Gramps.” “We have brought documents that might be helpful with your investigation, Samok.”, Spock adds, “As soon as Patricia-kam arrives, we can look them over.” Sam nods in agreement and a few hours later, Pat arrives at her quarters. Sam proceeds to prepare dinner for everyone while Pat enjoys conversing with her Great-Grandfather and her favorite Uncle. After Sam sets the table, everyone sits down to eat and Pat pauses to silently pray for a few moments. Then the family digs in and starts eating. “So, are the newly-weds adjusting well?”, Leonard asks. Pat pauses in her chewing and looks over at her Uncle Spock. Her facial expression tells him that she is wondering what in the heck is going on with this line of questioning. She finishes chewing and swallows. “Gramps, you’ve asked about two or three times what is going on between me and Sam. That is telling me that you have incomplete information that you are basing your inquiries on. And since Uncle Spock arrived with you, that also tells me that he had a conversation with you to persuade you to pay a visit, without disclosing what I have previously confided with him. Am I correct, Uncle Spock?” Spock nods while he is chewing on a bite. “Gramps, after we finish eating, we have some family history to discuss.”, Pat tells him. The old man looks at her. “Why not now?” Pat sighs and looks over at her husband. “Sam, could you bring your PADD over here … the one with the DNA test results?” Sam dabs at his mouth with a napkin, then gets up to retrieve the PADD. He returns to the dining table and hands it over to his wife. She activates it, pulls up the report, then hands it over to her Great-grandfather for him to read. After several seconds of silence, he puts the PADD down on the table, looking thoughtful. Pat can’t stand the suspense. “Gramps, are you in shock?” The old doctor shakes his head. “No. This confirms what I have long suspected. I never pressured you to have your DNA tested for this because you were dealing with too much emotional and physical traumas at the time.” Pat looks at him, stunned. “You KNEW?! You knew all along!?”

Leonard shakes his head again. “I only suspected. There’s a big difference between suspecting something and having the hypothesis proven. You should know that by now, child!” Sam reaches over and places his hand over Pat’s hand. “You are feeling a riot of emotions, my wife. I can sense it.” “I also feel your disquiet, Patricia-kam.”, Spock adds, “I also recognize that this is more than one meditation session can handle. This is something that needs to be discussed … as a family.” Pat grasps her husband’s hand. “I’m still processing this new knowledge. It’s one thing to look in a mirror and see a phenotype of a human looking back at me. It’s a whole ‘nother ballgame to find out that the phenotype does not match the genotype! I feel … I’m not sure how to name what I’m feeling. I’m overjoyed that I’m also related to Uncle Spock, officially. I’m … unprepared on how to deal with future Pon Farrs now that I know why I responded the way I did during the ceremonies. I know that Vulcan society forbids open discussions about such matters and, yet, I need to know all the ramifications so I can understand and prepare appropriately. I need to figure out … am I Human or am I Vulcan? During ancient Earth history, if any person had one drop of African blood, regardless how white the person’s skin was, that person could have been enslaved! Logically, I know that won’t happen today! Emotionally, non-verbally, I don’t know how to ask or answer the questions … who am I? What am I? I’m not making any sense, even to myself!” Leonard nods in understanding. “Child, I’ve brought copies of Vital Records certificates so that you can analyze them, along with images of your parents when they were first married as well as the family portrait that includes you, both your parents and your brother.” He pauses. “And I have also brought a letter, written by your father when you were just a toddler and it’s addressed to you. I’ve had them for years and was holding on to them until the day you felt ready to look at them. I’m hoping they can help you find answers.” Pat nods. “Let’s look them over after supper.” Everyone agrees and they finish eating.

Pat and her husband clean off the table and place the dirty dishes in the reclamator. The family all sit in the living room of Pat’s quarters and Leonard brings out the family holo-images, copies of the certificates, and the letter, that he brought with him. He hands them to his Great-granddaughter, who quickly glances through them and organizes them chronologically, with her own birth certificate on top. She pauses as she silently reads the letter her father had written to her and is unable to stop the tears. Then she gives the stack to her husband as she quietly wipes the tears from her face. Sam reaches out to comfort his wife, then looks through the certificates, nodding, “Yes, these will help immensely.” He looks up at his Great-grandfather-in-law. “Gramps, you have not shared your thoughts or feelings regarding your knowledge of these facts throughout the years.” “I’ve kept my thoughts private because I didn’t want to add to the burdens that Pat has been struggling with for years.”, the old man answers, “It’s one of the things that parents must do in the best interest of their children.” “And now?”, Pat asks. Leonard sighs, “Even now, I’m reluctant to burden you with what I’ve learned over the years.” “Gramps, you once told me that you would talk to me about the circumstances of Dad’s death when I felt ready.”, Pat tells him, “With Sam here, being able to investigate, I think it’s time.” “I would concur.”, Spock adds, “I believe it is time to share what we know.” Both Pat and Sam sit in rapt attention as Spock and McCoy begin their historical narratives. “As you may have been aware, child, the relationship between me and my daughter, Joanna, was not on the best of terms. Her mother, Jocelyn, and I divorced when she was still very young. I didn’t handle the divorce very well and, in essence, ran away to Star Fleet … leaving everything to my ex-wife. The ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’ behind the divorce is strictly between me and my ex-wife. I don’t feel that it’s appropriate to discuss my marital issues with my Great-granddaughter. I’m almost positive that the grounds for divorce are part of the public record, from the divorce court, if you still wish to see them. At present, I’m not comfortable talking about those particular details. Suffice it to say, my ex-wife got sole custody of Joanna, I went away to Star Fleet, and had intermittent contact with my only child. That lack of regular contact did not help our father-daughter relationship. By the time she reached adulthood, our relationship was strained, to put it mildly. She resented my not being there when she needed me and I couldn’t blame her. For a time, I lost contact with her. When I was finally able to reconnect with her, she had a son named George William Dudley McCoy, Jr. She had been briefly married to one George William Dudley McCoy, Sr., an unrelated McCoy according to DNA tests.” He looks at Sam. “The McCoy Family name is as popular as Smith and Jones. Not all McCoy’s are related to each other. Anyway, back to the Family History. Unlike me, who had been divorced, my daughter was widowed. Her husband had been a freighter pilot and was killed when his ship had a warp core breach during a delivery of some sort of cargo. He had bought the freighter, used, and delayed bringing its condition up to required Federation specs. I can’t really fault him. He was young, inexperienced, but ambitious. He was simply short of the necessary credits to afford to do what needed to be done. Leaving behind a young widow and baby son was not one of his plans. I offered to assist my daughter but she wanted nothing from me. I lost track of her after that.” Leonard pauses and Spock takes up the narrative.

“During one of my many travels, I had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with one George William Dudley McCoy, Jr. when he became a member of my staff at the Vulcan Embassy. He never discussed his personal life and it was not appropriate for me to inquire. He was quite efficient in his position and he seemed content at his job. My being an Ambassador required extensive travel from planet to planet and he often accompanied me. During one of these planetary visits, he became acquainted with one Kalinda Yuri. Then he subsequently disappeared without notice. I was not at liberty to discern his fate.” The old doctor resumes the narrative from Spock. “Federation authorities notified me that a body had been found and that the face had been damaged so badly that DNA samples had to be taken in order to determine the identity. The DNA test results identified him as my grandson. His mother, Joanna, was unable to be found and notified regarding the death of her only child. I was the next of kin after my daughter. The woman, who claimed to be his wife, insisted his death was an accident but did not have the necessary credits to provide a funeral. I took care of those arrangements. Because the circumstances of his death were suspicious, the authorities detained her. It was noted, in their report, that she had two young children … a boy and a girl. The girl also had suspicious injuries, which the mother claimed was because the child was always clumsy. The idiots took her word for that without further investigation and the girl was too little to speak for herself as she was only a toddler at the time. Once the authorities decided that they didn’t have enough evidence to charge that woman with homicide, she was released from custody and she immediately disappeared with the children. You can surmise who those two young children were.” “That little girl, who was labeled ‘clumsy’, was me”, Pat chimes in, “and the boy was my brother, James Yuri.”

Leonard turns to Sam. “By now, you know where and how I was able to locate and recover my Great-granddaughter and the conditions she was found in.” “None of this could have been easy for any of you.”, Sam responds, “I learned the rest of Pat’s story when I had my first mind-meld with her.” Pat gets up. “I need to go for a walk. My emotions are getting … worse.” Sam also gets up. “I will accompany you, my wife. I want to ensure your safety.” Pat nods in agreement and walks out of her quarters with Sam. The old doctor sits back, sighs, and looks at Spock. “Even after all these years, the telling still does not get any easier.” Spock nods somberly. Pat and Sam, walk through the corridors. Sam brushes her thoughts with his, “Do you want me to put my arm around you, my wife?” “Wouldn’t that be awkward for you, out in public?”, she asks. Sam shakes his head. “Never mind about me, K’Diwa. You have just heard some very painful information. Tell me what you need.” She gestures helplessly. “I don’t know what I’m permitted to ask for.” Sam makes his decision and circles one arm around her to draw her close. “Do not be afraid to ask for my support, my wife … especially now. If others do not approve, then that is their problem. They do not know what you are wrestling with.” She rests her head on his shoulder as they walk. “I love you, my husband, more than I can adequately verbalize.” They continue walking through the corridors silently until they return to her quarters. As they enter, they can see that both Leonard and Spock look tired and drawn. Both Pat and Sam sit back down with them. She looks from her Great-grandfather to her favorite Uncle and back again. “This is rough on both of you as well.”, she comments. “Yes, it is.”, responds the Elder Vulcan, “There was much that we needed to keep from you while you were growing up.” “What do you plan to do, now that you have have these documents as well as what we have shared with you?”, the old doctor asks. “I think, given the emotional impact, as well as the possibility that crimes had been committed”, Sam responds, “I should be the one to proceed with this investigation. I do have the ability to set aside my emotions and focus on the task at hand.” “Son”, Gramps responds, “you have no idea how comforting that is. I’m hoping that I can finally get some sort of answer regarding what really happened to my grandson. It’s too bad that the witch he married is beyond the reach of justice! Even if she had nothing to do with my grandson’s death, what she did to my Great-granddaughter IS a CRIME! I can never forgive her for that!” “I will do what I can.”, Sam tells him. “Leonard and I will return to our guest quarters”, Spock says, “so that you and Patricia-kam can continue your discussion. We will see you in the morning.” Pat and Sam assist their elders to their feet and see them to the door.

Later that evening, as Pat and Sam lay in bed thinking about that day’s events, Sam breaks the silence. “K’Diwa, what Gramps is requesting is going to be difficult … for both of us. If my investigation turns up additional evidence, by legal necessity I will have to shield those thoughts from you.” Pat looks at her husband and frowns. “But if everyone involved with the … situation … are dead, then why shield that information from me?” Sam pauses as he takes his wife’s hand. “Because, my love, I may find visual images that you would find … disturbing … to put it mildly. We both know how you can react. Remember what you did when we found your brother’s message after he kidnapped Gramps and Captain Sulu? Secondly, if I find evidence that a crime has been committed, there might still be accomplices that need to be brought to justice. I couldn’t risk jeopardizing a court case as defense counsel are quite adept at finding legal reasons to throw it out, such as sharing any evidence with my wife. Federation law forbids double jeopardy. I do not wish to see any guilty perpetrators walk free because I compromised my investigations.” Pat props herself up in bed. “But wouldn’t the statute of limitations have already run after all these years?” Sam brushes a hair away from Pat’s face. “In a case of murder, there is no statute of limitations.”

Pat returns to duty, in the morning, and tries to focus on the tasks at hand. Sam is sitting at the dining room table, perusing the certificates that had been brought over the evening before, when he hears the door chime. “Come!” The door slides open and Spock enters the room. Sam quirks an eyebrow and inquires in their native language, “Sa’mekh’al wilat? (Where is Gramps?)” “He is resting this morning, Samok-kam. He had a … difficult … night.” Sam allows a concerned look to cross his features. “Is he ill? Perhaps I should contact my wife.” Spock holds up his hand. “He is not physically ill. He … is … I’m not certain how to explain in Vulcan terms. After disclosing what he knew, last night, to Patricia-kam, he … experienced emotional overwhelm once he returned to his guest quarters. He did not wish for his Great-granddaughter to witness that which would, in turn, increase her own distress. Leonard still grieves for his only Grandson, the father that Patricia-kam barely knew before he was … killed.” Sam pauses to consider Spock’s words. “Wouldn’t it be kinder if both their memories were wiped?” Spock shakes his head. “I did that, once, with my friend Jim Kirk because the logic of the situation called for it after we encountered … unique beings on Holberg 917-G. Jim’s overwhelming grief would have compromised himself, his ship, and his crew. In this situation, a memory wipe would permit injustice to continue.” Sam quirks an eyebrow. “Injustice? In what way?” “To put it simply”, Spock explains, “it would allow the murderers of Leonard’s Grandson to go free.” Sam’s eyebrows shoot up in astonishment. “How do you know this, Uncle?”

Spock brings out a packet that he had hidden in his traveling robes. “These are images that were taken at the death scene, along with images of evidence found. The authorities gave these to Leonard when they closed the case because the Admiral demanded them. I believe that your investigative skills can assist us with analysis of what was left behind? I do not wish for Patricia-kam to see these … as you will shortly see why.” Sam opens up the packet and sees images of a grisly murder scene. He involuntary flinches. “Forgive me, Uncle, for my momentary lapse of emotional control.” “I also reacted the same way when I saw this, Samok-kam. I can only imagine how Leonard felt, when he saw this given that, one, he is human, and two, the body is that of his only Grandchild.” Sam closes his eyes as if in pain. “I can only imagine how my K’Diwa would react if she saw these images …” he pauses, “… saw what happened to her father.” Spock nods in agreement. “And to add to this the knowledge that the local authorities recorded on his death certificate that … this”, he gestures toward the images, “… was an accident.” Sam nods. “My wife would demand the Klingon Death Ritual for her father, even if the only thing she can do is scream over his grave, and demand the right for vengeance!” “I would not doubt the reaction of Patricia-kam to this new knowledge”, Spock agrees, “which is why we must shield this from her.” “Agreed.”, replies Sam, “Let us analyze this, together.” Spock nods as he sits at the dining room table. They begin discussing the images and evidence. Sam looks at the chronometer. “There is a very good chance that my wife will come home for lunch. We will need to put these images away before she walks in the door. Otherwise, we both know what she will do if she sees them.” Spock gives him a slight smile. “Using her words, she will raise hell!” They continue to discuss the matter while Spock puts the images back in the packet and places the packet inside his robes. As they continue to converse in their native language, Pat walks in.

“Nashaut!”, she calls out in Vulcan, then switches over to Standard. “What’s going on with two of my favorite Vulcans in the entire Quadrant?” Sam quirks an eyebrow and gives her a slight smile. “Two of your favorite Vulcans?” Pat grins back at him and Spock’s eyes are dancing with amusement. “If memory serves me correctly, we are your only favorite Vulcans!” Pat starts giggling. She goes over, gives her husband a kiss, hugs Spock, and then walks over to the food replicator. “Is your day going well, my wife?”, Sam asks. Pat brushes her thoughts against her husband’s and realizes some of them are shielded. She looks him square in the face. “My day is going well, my husband.” She looks from him to Spock and back. “I sense the shields around some of your thoughts. You have found evidence to begin a court case. Am I correct?” Sam nods, “Affirmative.” Pat looks at both of her loved ones. “Logically, I understand it. Emotionally, I don’t like it, but it must be done. I’m a doctor, not a lawyer nor a crime investigator. I have complete faith that you will accomplish your objective. I will speculate that this involves avenging my father, if not avenging me for the abuse that I endured.” Both Spock and Sam are silent while Pat continues, “My gut level instinct is telling me that this concerns my father. All I ask is that you find the truth. If he was murdered, and his killers are still alive, bring them to justice! My father deserves to rest in peace.” Spock nods as Sam replies, “You will get no argument from me, my wife.” Pat pauses. “Suddenly, I’ve lost my appetite. I better get back to work. I’ll see you after my duty shift is over.” She heads out of her quarters and goes back to the Infirmary. Sam looks at Spock. “My wife is quite perceptive. I am uncertain how I will be able to shield her from everything indefinitely.” “I’ve learned, years ago”, Spock replies, “that it is impossible to shield loved ones from everything. As Patricia-kam might say, you must take one thing at a time, one day at a time.” “I understand.”, Sam answers.

As Pat heads toward the Infirmary, she decides to take a detour and stop by her Great-grandfather’s guest quarters. She feels free-floating anxiety as she presses the door chime and awaits his response. The door slides open and she is startled to see how haggard he looks. “Gramps!” The old doctor waves her inside and closes the door as he replies irritably, “Child, what are you doing here? You should be at the Infirmary!” Pat is annoyed at this greeting. “One, I am on my lunch break! Two, I just left my quarters after seeing my husband and my favorite Uncle, which leads to Three, I missed seeing you and I was worried when I did not see you visiting with your new Great-grandson-in-law. After yesterday’s conversations where you were expressing concern about how he was treating me, logically, I would have expected to see you in my quarters giving him the third degree! Since you did not do so, that made me wonder if you were ill and needed me to look in on you. Judging from your appearance, I’m right!” “I’ll be fine!”, the old man snaps. Pat notices that Gramps’ medical tricorder is on a nearby table and picks it up. “Now put that down, child!, he barks at her, “I don’t need you doctoring me!” “Sit down! Shut up and listen!” Pat snaps back, “It’s one thing to attempt to follow the old saying of ‘Doctor, heal thyself!’, it’s a whole ‘nother ballgame to attempt to ‘doctor’ yourself! Isn’t there an old saying that a doctor who attempts to treat himself has a fool for a patient?” “That applies to lawyers who attempt to represent themselves!”, the old doctor growls. “Then it should apply to doctors, too!”, Pat retorts. The old man calms down. “Child, you are correct. That saying does apply to doctors as well. I’m sorry for snapping at you. Go ahead and run your scan.” Pat runs the medical scan over her Great-grandfather and is NOT happy with what she sees. All the symptoms point to stress-related illnesses. “Gramps, how long has this been going on?” “What good will it do if I tell you?”, he fusses. Pat raises her voice. “Gramps?! Remember how YOU ordered ME to take shore leave because of MY stress?!” The old doctor sighs. “If you must know, it’s been going on for several years … ever since your father …” Pat puts down the medical tricorder. “Gramps … what … why …?” The old doctor interrupts her. “Child, remember that I was also searching for you and your brother right after … that … happened. I was fearful for your lives and I was able to find … you … barely in time. You know what we both went through after I brought you home to live with me. I had to choose between bringing you back from the brink of death or pursuing the truth of what really happened to your father. What choice would you have made if you were in my shoes?” Pat nods. “I would have moved heaven and every planet in every system in every quadrant to save a child’s life! You couldn’t help Dad. He was beyond help by the time you were notified. You had to find your Great-grandchildren before …” her voice trails off. “I had to find my Great-grandchildren because I feared that both of you would share the same fate as your father, he finishes for her, “… and you almost did! I regret that I couldn’t find your brother, sooner!” Pat sighs. “Now what? Where do we go from here?” “I don’t know.”, Gramps shrugs, “Because it is now considered a ‘cold case’ in the eyes of Star Fleet and because the local authorities classified your father’s death as an ‘accident’ and closed the case, I’m stuck at the proverbial ‘brick wall’. My rank allowed me to find certain … evidence … but I’m not at liberty to pursue them due to Star Fleet orders.” He looks at his Great-granddaughter. “Have you been told more than what I told you?” Pat shakes her head. “Gramps, we both know that Uncle Spock is as tight-lipped as an Aldebaran Shell-mouth. At the same time, you didn’t raise a stupid child. You often complained that I have a mind like a mousetrap while at the same time, you compared my analytical skills with Sherlock Holmes, which was why you gave me those books that I still have on my shelf!” Leonard sighs. “And you started adding things up, the same way Sherlock Holmes does.” “Yes!”, Pat replies, “And if there is enough evidence to re-open the case, then we owe it to Dad!” “What do you suggest we do?”, the old doctor asks. “Well, for starters”, Pat replies, “allow me to explore those possibilities.”

Back at the Infirmary, Pat announces to her staff that she needs to have some confidential consultations, her door will be closed, and she should not be disturbed. Having done so, she closes and locks her office door, then sits down at the comm-link. In a few moments, the image of Admiral Leonard James Akaar appears onscreen and he smiles when he sees Pat. “Hello, Doctor McCoy! How is newly-wed life treating you?” “Very well, sir, thank you and thank you for officiating at my wedding! We appreciated it very much!” “It was my pleasure!”, the Admiral responds, “What is on your mind now that leads to this call?” “It’s about the circumstances of my Dad’s death.”, she replies somberly. “I see.”, replies the Admiral, “According to the local authorities, your father’s death was declared an accident and the case was closed. I had ordered your Great-grandfather to drop this.” “Sir, permission to speak freely?”, Pat asks. The Admiral pauses. “Go ahead.” “My husband, who is a Criminal Investigator, Uncle Spock, and Gramps have come across evidence that indicate that my father’s death was no accident. They won’t show me what they found because I am too close to this, emotionally, and that could jeopardize the investigation. They need to be permitted to follow this evidence to its conclusion. The way I see it, you still owe my Great-grandfather a debt.” The Admiral starts to speak and Pat holds up her hand. “Sir, you gave me permission to speak freely, so, with all due respect, please let me finish. My Great-grandfather helped to save the life of your mother, Ele-en, on Capella IV, and assisted her when she gave birth to you. If he had not been there, you would have died either in the wilderness or at the hands of those who murdered YOUR father. By rights, you are still the Grand Te-er of the Ten Tribes on your home-world. Given that my Great-grandfather saved your life, and assisted his captain in bringing your father’s murderers to justice, I believe you owe Gramps the obligation of assisting in bringing my father’s killers to justice. Give Gramps, Uncle Spock, and my husband the opportunity to investigate this new evidence. I want my Dad to rest in peace and give my family closure. Fair enough?” The Admiral smiles ruefully and nods. “Fair enough. I’ll rescind my order to Doctor Leonard McCoy and issue new orders to him, and your husband, Samok. I expect Ambassador Spock will accompany them on this quest.” Pat nods. “I’m sure he will.” “Which leads me to issue new orders to you.”, the Admiral continues, “Chancellor Martok has requested additional training for his warriors. I’m ordering you to Q’onos to assist. This should keep your hands full and your mind busy so you won’t be perserverating on this investigation. Do I make myself clear?” Pat nods again. “Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.” “And tell your loved ones ‘good luck’ on this investigation.”, the Admiral adds with a slight smile, “I, too, want to see justice done! Admiral Akaar out!” His image fades from the screen. Pat sits back in her chair and sighs. She feels the sudden urge to cry and, feeling grateful that her office door is locked, allows the tears to flow.

At the end of her shift, she comes home to her quarters and finds her husband sitting alone at the dining table. All the Vital Records certificates are spread out on the table and he has his chin resting in one hand with his elbow on the table. He continues gazing silently at the certificates as the door slides shut behind her. “You must be deep in thought, my husband”, Pat comments, “if your Vulcan ears did not hear the door open and shut upon my arrival.” Sam gets up, walks over to his wife and embraces her. “I was lost in thought, my wife.” He kisses her. “Can you share some of those thoughts with me?”, she asks. He nods and he brushes her thoughts with his. She senses the shields still firmly in place around some of his thoughts. “This new evidence that has recently been brought to your attention”, she comments, “calls some of those certificates into question.” Sam nods. “Yes, and I am at a loss how to continue my investigation if I am not permitted to do so due to jurisdictional limits.” Pat looks at him. “Would orders from Star Fleet help?” “It might.”, he answers. They both hear the door chime. “Come!”, they call out together. The door slides open and both Spock and Leonard enter the room. “Child”, the old doctor says, “I don’t know what you did or how you did it!” Pat gives him an innocent look. “Me? What did I do?” Spock looks at Pat with eyes dancing in amusement. Sam looks from his Great-grandfather-in-law, to Spock, to his wife, and back. He brushes his wife’s thoughts and discovers that she has finally learned how to shield her own. This puzzles Sam. “K’Diwa?” “I was hoping to be able to speak to all of you at the same time.”, Pat tells them. “By now, Gramps has received new orders … from Admiral Akaar … that permits him to accompany you, my husband, as you investigate the evidence that the three of you have been discussing.” Sam is astonished. “But you have not seen this evidence, my wife.” “I do not have to see it to know that you have been discussing it … and shielding it from me, my husband.”, she responds, “As I reminded Gramps, not too long ago, he did not raise a stupid child! This evidence needs to be investigated and now … you have the means to do so.” “Patricia-Kam, how will you occupy yourself while we are gone given that you will not be permitted to participate in this investigation?”, Spock inquires. Pat looks at her husband. “That’s something else I have to tell you. I have been ordered to Q’onos to assist Chancellor Martok with training new warriors. As Admiral Akaar stated, it will keep my hands full and my mind occupied while you are away. However, I don’t like the idea of sleeping without you, my husband! Unfortunately, Admiral Akaar is unable to do anything about THAT!” Sam blushes a deep green while Pat gives him a devilish grin. She continues, “I believe we need to have a family conference to decide who is to do what, where, when, why, and how. I will need to convene a staff meeting in the morning regarding my new orders and we will all need to pack. In the meantime, I believe we need to get supper. Who wants to set the table?” Gramps sets the table while Spock prepares tea, per family tradition. Pat assists her husband at the food replicator. During supper, the Vulcan-McCoy Family hammers out the details of what needs to be done, by whom, and so forth. When supper is done, they all assist each other in cleaning up. Leonard and Spock return to their guest quarters. Pat and Sam retire to bed and make love. As they lay together, caressing, Pat breaks the silence. “I don’t want to sleep. I want to make love to you all night to make up for all those nights when my bed has to be empty. I don’t want to sleep without you by my side, my husband, my K’Diwa!” “I share your thoughts, my wife.”, he replies, “Parted from me but never parted. Never and always touching and touched. I do not look forward to having an empty bed where my wife should be.” They make love repeatedly until they both fall asleep.

In the morning, Pat reluctantly leaves their marital bed, gets dressed, and goes to the Infirmary to convene a staff meeting. Sam prepares for his upcoming mission while missing his wife. He acknowledges to himself that he wants to touch her again before he must leave. In Leonard’s guest quarters, he is in the midst of packing when he hears the door chime. “Come!” The door slides open and Spock enters. “I have completed my packing. Do you need assistance, Leonard?” “No! Yes! I don’t know!”, the old man growls. He sits down heavily. “All these years, after all these years, and now …” Spock quirks an eyebrow. “Who would have thought that Patricia-kam would be the one to knock down the last obstacle to this investigation?” “As we both know, Spock, she is NOT a stupid child!” “Correction, Leonard”, Spock says gently, “She is NOT a stupid lady. She is grown and has learned much from both of us.” The old doctor nods. “You’re right. To me, she will always be my little girl, no matter how much she has grown.” Spock sits down and replies, wistfully, “And now that we know she shares Vulcan DNA, my DNA, she will always be my little girl as well.” Leonard grins at Spock. “Who knew, after so many years of bickering, we would end up being related after all?” Spock gives his friend a slight smile. “I am honored that Patricia-kam, your Great-granddaughter, has been found to be one of my descendants as well. Come, we must finish getting you packed up and ready for travel. Samok should be awaiting us by now.” “Spock”, Leonard replies, “given that he and Pat are still newly-weds, let’s give them some privacy as long as possible.” Spock nods in understanding. “Agreed. I do not wish to cause an embarrassing scene.”

Pat has returned to her quarters after having her staff meeting at the Infirmary. She and Sam retire to the bedroom, once again, to make love before they both have to leave for their assigned missions. “I don’t know how I’m going to be able to sleep without you, my husband.” Sam touches her face. “I will still be with you, my wife. We live in each other’s thoughts. You will see, K’Diwa, what I mean, when I tell you parted but never parted. The short time I stayed on Vulcan after you left to return here was only a blink of an eye. This will be our first real separation due to Star Fleet orders. We both knew this might eventually happen.” Pat nods sadly. “I know. Ever since a secret mission got scuttled by Worf, when his wife, Jadzia, was critically wounded by a Jem’hadar on Soukara, it is now standard Star Fleet policy that husbands and wives do not go on the same missions together. The Top Brass finally recognized that they could not order, nor expect, husbands and wives to ignore their emotions for each other during a mission. Now if only I can help the other Klingons understand that when they participate in joint missions with Star Fleet.” “I have faith in you, K’Diwa.”, he answers, “You can do it! Now we must get dressed and get ready to ship out.”

When the newly-weds meet up with Leonard and Spock, Pat is grinning impishly. The old doctor looks at his Great-granddaughter and attempts to stifle a knowing grin of his own. Spock’s eyes dance with amusement. Pat turns to her husband and places both hands on his face. “I will miss you, every night, my husband, and I will count the days until you return to my bed!” She kisses him passionately, ignoring any possible passersby who might disapprove. He returns her passionate kiss and whispers, “We live in each other’s thoughts, my wife. I too, will count the days until you return to my bed! I love you, my K’Diwa.” Pat feels the tears start to stream down her face. “I better go, my husband, before I really lose it. Find those responsible for my father’s death. Bring them to justice and come home safe and sound!” She kisses him again, glances at her Great-grandfather and Uncle Spock, unable to speak, and signs, “ILY”. She dashes off to her assigned ship while unsuccessfully stifling her tears. Sam is at a loss how to comfort his wife. Leonard steps up and places a hand on his shoulder. “Come on, son. She knows what she has to do, and so do we. Our ship is waiting for us.” Sam looks at his Great-grandfather-in-law. “I understand, Gramps. It may be illogical, but I wish I could make this easier for her. She accomplished making this mission possible for us.” “She understood the risks of what she did.”, Spock replies, “Let us honor her courage and do what we have to do.” They turn and board their ship to head to the first destination where the evidence leads.


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