Trapped in the Past: Area 51–Chapter 15: Back To The Past We Go

Laura is finally big enough to go home. Deanna and I thought we’d never see this day. She now weighs 2.72 kilos. Now in our quarters, Laura was beginning to get fussy. I knew her hungry cries anywhere. Her little arms flailing, I handed her off to Deanna. Propped up against the pillows on our bed, I watched as Laura latched onto her and began suckling. There was something so calming about watching Laura nurse. So natural… I gritted my teeth as a flash of light dissipated and Q replaced it.

“Ugh, so that’s how human females feed their young. How repulsive.”

I quickly blocked Q’s view of Deanna. Though it was her voice that came through loud and clear seemingly through my back as if it were nothing.

“Q, I thought I told you to go away. Can’t you leave us in peace? I’d like to raise my family without you barging in every few months or weeks.”

Q crossed his arms and yawned as if bored with her little outburst.

“Well, I’ve decided to revoke our agreement. I’ve decided to send the two of you and Doctor Crusher back to the 21st century. I wasn’t quite done with our little game. Besides, you have no idea what is in store for your second little one.”

With the snap of his fingers, Deanna and I found ourselves back in the secret medical facility. I ran a hand over my face.

“Great. Just great.”

Deanna’s eyes grew wide and tears began to form in them.

“Will, I refuse to have Gracie in this medical facility! I don’t want to be pumped full of Magnesium, Terbutaline or any other drug they can think of! Our baby is going to be born aboard the Enterprise!”

I held up my hands in submission for a moment and then straightened out my uniform. A closed-circuit camera was watching us from the corner of the room.

“What do you want from us?”

Deanna was pacing the room again. When she wanted answers, she wasn’t particularly good at sitting still. I saw her stop pacing and press a hand against her back.

“What’s wrong?”

She shook her head at me and waved off my hand offered to her for help.

“Just false labor Will. It’ll go away. This is the 9th time this month. Nothing some light stretching won’t fix.”

My eyes went wide.

“What? 9 times in a month? Isn’t that a sign that your body is telling you to slow things down a bit?”

Deanna nodded her head, but she seemed to know what she was doing.

“Beverly didn’t seem to be too worried about it. She said that she studied up on my Betazoid physiology and found that false labor can happen more than 9 times in the last month of pregnancy. So don’t be surprised if it suddenly shuts off, and then starts again tomorrow. I’ve got this.”

I married such a strong willed woman. Deanna kept pacing the room even as Doctor Sartos came into the room. A twisted smile on her face.

“You just couldn’t stay away could you? Huh, I should’ve known you were carrying twins. But where’s the other one? You’re daughter Laura?”

I stepped forward and watched Doctor Sartos tried to grab Deanna’s arm.

“Don’t touch her.”

Doctor Sartos eyes narrowed at me as I kept Deanna behind me.

“Take the wife to Labor and Delivery. Get her hooked up to monitors and draw some amniotic fluid. I want to compare it to the other baby’s.”

A couple of nurses nodded their heads and each took an arm. But Deanna had planted her feet firmly on the ground.

“I’m not having my baby in this place.”

Doctor Sartos almost snickered.

“Like you really have a choice.”

But she did have a choice. Her wedding ring slipped off her finger suddenly, and as she went to bend down and pick it up, Doctor Sartos roughly shoved her out into the hallway, where a stretcher lie waiting for her. I picked up her matching gold band and curled my fingers around it.

“Please Imzadi! Don’t let them do this! Not again!”

Her cries were more than my soul could bear.

To Be Continued…


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