Trapped in the Past: Area 51–Chapter 18: A Second Chance to Right A Wrong

Beverly and Bridget were helping Deanna lean back against the pillows when I got a glance at her shirt. I wasn’t embarrassed, but someone needed to tell Bridget.

“Uh, Bridget you might want to take care of that.”

She looked at me with a confused expression for a moment.

“Huh? Oh… You would think two months after giving birth I’d stop producing milk. I’ll be right back.”

I looked to Beverly as Bridget left the room. Deanna was fast asleep, so we had to whisper.

“Should she be back at work so soon? I mean her body needs time to readjust again.”

Beverly frowned and shrugged her shoulders.

“That’s the problem with America in this time frame. They only give women a month to acclimate and care for their children. It’s not enough time if you ask me. Looking at her, I can already see the first signs of Post-Partum Depression settling in her.”

I shook my head and watched as Deanna moved her arm in her sleep. Smoothing her hair from her face, I looked back at Bridget who’d just come from the bathroom.

“That’s better. Who are you?”

I turned my attention to Q, who had clearly just invited himself in, without permission.

“That’s not important. What is important, and this wasn’t my decision, but I’m prepared to give you someone who was wrongly take from you. There. It’s done.”

Bridget teetered on her feet momentarily, I steadied her before she could fall backwards.

“You alright?”

She nodded her head and stumbled on her feet again.

“Here, sit down.”

A frown stayed plastered on Q’s face.

“Believe me, it wasn’t my idea to give you, your son back, but it was the right thing to do. According to some people I know.”

Bridget fidgeted in the chair, she wasn’t exactly sure what was going on. But a smile adorned her face.

“Where… Where is my son?”

Q pretended to look at his fingernails as if disinterested.

“Why isn’t it obvious?”

A shocked expression crossed Bridget’s face for a split second, but then was replaced by a wide smile that matched Beverly’s.

“I just felt him kick me… How is that… even possible?”

Q shrugged his shoulders, but before he disappeared once more, he gave a slight smile.

“Those I know, decided that it was important to give your son back to you. It’s important they said that your son continue your family line.”

Then Q disappeared, as he always did. Bridget looked slightly bewildered, but it took her less than a minute to compose herself.

“Let’s stop worrying about me, and start giving our attention to Deanna. She’ll need constant monitoring now. She needs to keep taking the ice chips.”

Deanna’s form stirred in the bed and her eyes looked wildly around for a split millisecond, until she found my baby blue’s. I could feel her thoughts calm, the storm coming to an end. She shifted slightly in the bed and looked down at the bottom of the sheet.

“I think the baby turned and my water broke.”

Beverly and Bridget both nodded their heads and set about to work. Bridget responded first.

“9 centimeters and your water hasn’t broken yet. If we get to 10 and it hasn’t broke by then, I’ll have to go in and break it.”

Deanna bit her lip and nodded her head, turning her gaze back to me.

“Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. All it needs is a gentle nudge to break. All you’ll feel is a slight gush of water. Baby won’t be too far behind that.”

I had hoped my words held some encouragement in them. Deanna’s eyes widened and she squirmed in the bed more. Beverly looked to Deanna with a warm smile on her face.

“Do you need to push?”

A nod of her head and Deanna had her hand pressed up against the side of her back. The other held onto my left hand tightly. Beverly and I helped her towards the edge of the bed, all while trying not to get tangled up in the thin tubing that was housing the liquid saline flowing into her veins.

“Is Gracie ok?”

Bridget nodded her head a bright smile on her face.

“Heart rate holding at 137. Good respiratory movements, I’d say she’s ready to greet the world don’t you?”

The smile on Deanna’s face disappeared. Uncertainty began to form in her dark brown eyes. A storm brewing just beneath them.

“You won’t let them take Gracie will you? You’ll do everything in your power to stop them right?”

Bridget nodded her head and kept her position in front of Deanna.

“You have my word on that Deanna. Now I need you to take a deep breath in and let it out slowly. This is going to feel strange for a second or two, you might feel like you’ve had an accident, but that just means that I broke your water.”

I kissed Deanna’s forehead and peeked around the other side of the sheet. I could already see the top of Gracie’s head, and it was filled with dark hair. However, the sac was still intact. I saw Bridget grab for a long medical instrument I’d never seen before, and with the slightest nudge with it, the sac ruptured and all the fluid started collecting on the floor below. I placed myself back behind the sheet and watched as Beverly encouraged her.

“Push Deanna. Easy. Easy. That’s it. Keep going. You’re doing a great job. Keep going. That’s a girl. One more, we’re almost over the hard part. Once we’re past the head, the shoulders will be the easy part. She’ll slide right out after that. Keep going. Good girl. Ok, got her!”

Tears were streaming down Deanna’s face as Bridget held Gracie over the sheet so the two of us could see her.

“She looks like you Will.”

I shook my head and kept marveling over Gracie.

“No, I think she has your hair. She has my eyebrows and my chin though. Though they do say babies do look more like their father’s when they are born, and then turn out looking like their mother’s as they grow older. Let’s see if that pans out in a couple of months.”

To Be Continued…


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