Trapped in the Past: Area 51

Stardate 5684.3

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D

Deck 5: Sickbay

“Would the two of you like to know the sex of your baby?”

I smiled but shook my head and looked at Deanna. I squeezed her hand as she answered.

“Will and I would prefer to wait until the baby is born. We want to be surprised. Although, our guess is a girl.”

A slight smile spread across Beverly face.

“Alright. It’s your choice. Funny. I remember being asked that same question at Starfleet Medical 17 years ago. Jack was over the moon when we found out we were having a boy. Strange though, my instincts and intuition told me I was having a girl. I remember how at first my face completely blanched when the doctor told me I was having a set of twins. Turns out, it was just a malfunction with the medical tricorder and the image of Wesley was superimposed next to him. Though I wouldn’t have minded a boy and a girl. The universe chooses, not me.”

The three of us turned when we heard loud clapping and found that it was Q, with his usual smirk on his face.

“That actually almost brought a tear to my eye. Really it did. You think you’ve got it difficult in this century with the medical techniques regarding the care of mother and child. I assure you, there are places where it is far more primitive and painful.”

Before Deanna and I could protest we were caught up in a flash of light. Everything was blurry at first, but then my eyes adjusted. I slowly sat up and saw an ancient chain-link fence in front of me with the words: Restricted Area. Area 51. U.S. Government. Trespassers will be arrested and fined.

I knit my forehead together in confusion. What the hell? I turned when I heard Deanna groan on the ground next to me. I carefully helped her into a sitting position. Suddenly I felt the barrel of a weapon against the back of my neck.

“You! Both of you put your hands up! Don’t move!”

Deanna looked at me wide eyed and put her hands up along with me. I suddenly found there was a stinging sensation in my back of my neck and I slowly faded out. What was going on?


To Be Continued…

A/N: So, what’d you guys think? Let me know! Thanks!


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