One + One = Three

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By: Rebecca Stephens

B’Elanna Torres was sick. It was the third day this week she
had woken up nauseous. Must be Neelix’s leola root surprise, she
thought. If anything could make her sick, that was it.

But no mere sickness could take away her happiness. Harry,
or “Starfleet”, as she called him, was coming back to Voyager today.
He had been on the surface of the planet for nearly a month now.
And he was finally coming back to Voyager. And she planned to give
him a very special welcome home present.

She remembered that day two months ago. . .she and Harry
hand been repairing a conduit in a jeffries tube. She had asked him
for a hydrospanner and then reached for it at the same moment.
Their hands had touched and she’d felt the same surge of electricity
she always felt when he touched her. But, this time it looked as
though he’d felt it too. They’d looked into each other’s eyes and
then they’d kissed. They’d agreed not to do anything about it and
she felt as though she would go crazy until he’d come to her less
than a week later and told her that he wanted to continue their
relationship. Since then their relationship had flourished. Unlike
most of the men in her past he didn’t brag about his conquest, he
said it was because he had too much respect for her and their
relationship to treat as if it were like it was unimportant. Also unlike
most men in her past, he hadn’t treated her roughly or expected her
to react in kind. He’d treated her gently, like she as the most precious
treasure in all the universe. But he still hadn’t said he loved her and
she was afraid to say anything until he did. Nonetheless, their
relationship was going very well.

But then, a few weeks later, he’d had to go on a mission that
would keep him off Voyager for a month. She’d been upset he was
leaving, but she’d tried to hide it. He’d noticed of course, and asked
what was wrong. She’d told him she’d tell him when he got back.
He’d made her promise.

And now he was back. She heard a chime at her door.
“Come in.” And there he was. She kissed him. Oh, what a
wondrous feeling. She led him over to the bed and by the look on
his face, he obviously liked her welcome home gift. They lie down on
the bed, his hands roaming over her body sensuously.

All of the sudden she was stricken by nausea. She pushed
against his chest. He let her up with a concerned look on his face.
She rushed to the bathroom and then became violently ill. He
gave her a wet washcloth and the he asked what was wrong.
“Nothing, just a bit of nausea.”, she said. “Probably due to
Neelix’s leola root surprise.”

“Are you sure?”, he asked. “Maybe you need to go to sickbay.”

“Maybe you’re right. I’ll go tonight, I promise.”

“B’Elanna,” he said cautiously, “what was bothering you before
I left?”

“Oh, nothing. I was just upset about you being gone for a
whole month.”, she said teasingly.

“Oh really?”, he said as he slid his arms around her.

“Uh-huh.”, she said as his mouth decended upon hers.


“What?!”, B’Elanna said as the Doctor told her the prognosis.

“I said, you are pregnant.”, he repeated himself, “Congratulations.”

B’Elanna left sickbay in a daze. Pregnant. What would she tell Harry?
What would he think. He had never said he loved her nor had he ever said that
their relationship was permanent. He’d said it was important, he’d said he cared
about her. But this might be too much. He might tell her he was still in love with
Libby, he might say he wasn’t ready to be a father. Of course, that didn’t sound
too much like Harry, but it would be even worse if he offered to marry her
because she was pregnant. Well, she decided, no matter what he thinks, I’m going
to keep this child — this little piece of him.

Of course, the Doctor had reported it to the Captain. B’Elanna knew the
Captain had read the report when she was called to Janeway’s ready room.

“Sit down Lieutenant.”, she said. “I assume you know why you’ve been
called here.”

“Yes, Captain.”

“B’Elanna,” the Captain began uneasily, “I had no idea you were involved
with anyone, much less contemplating beginning a family.”

“I wasn’t planning on starting a family, Captain.”

“I see. Normally I wouldn’t ask questions about your personal life, but
considering our current situation. . .”

“I understand. What do you want to know?”, said B’Elanna. She didn’t
like the turn this conversation was taking. She knew the Captain had a right to
know certain things that might effect the way her crew interacted with one
another, but that didn’t mean she was comfortable talking to anyone about her sex
life, especially the Captain.

The Captain then proceeded to question her. The Captain was a tactful as
she could be. She asked only what she had to know. She asked a lot of questions
aboutwhat B’Elanna planned to do: how much maternity leave, how long until
she was due, and asked B’Elanna to report to the Doctor at least once a week, at
the Doctor’s request–he was concerned because of her dual heratige–the Captain
avoided asking who the father was.


B’Elanna heard Harry’s muffled “Enter.” , took a deep breath, and walked

“B’Elanna, come in.” Harry turned and noticed that she looked
aphrehensive. “B’Elanna, what’s wrong?”, he said, suddenly worried.

“I went to the Doctor.”

“Is something wrong? You are alright, aren’t you?”

“He said I wasnt’ sick.”

“Then what’s wrong?”

“I’m pregnant, Harry.”

He sank down onto the couch, “Really, he’s sure?”, he asked though he
knew it was a ludicrus question, of course the Doctor was sure, Harry was just so
shocked. . .


“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I just found out this morning.”

“Yeah, that’s right, isn’t it.”

“I’ll understand if you don’t want to be involved or if-”

“What are you talking about!? Of course I want to be involved. This is
our child, your and mine. I love you, I already love this chi-”

“You love me?”, B’Elanna couldn’t believe her ears. But what if. . .”You
aren’t just saying it because I’m pregnant?”

“Of course I love you, what are you talking abo. . .”, and like a lightning
bolt it hit him–he’d never told her. How could he have been so stupid, so obtuse?

“B’Elanna, I love you more than anything in the world. And I love our
child.” With that he wrapped is arms around her and held her tight.

“I love you too. I was just so afraid you didn’t love me. . .” and she buried
her face in his shoulder.

He lifted her face and kissed her gently. “B’Elanna, will you marry me?”



Two weeks later Harry Kim and B’Elanna Torres were married by the
Captain in a simple ceremony with only a handful of guests. B’Elanna could
hardly believed this was happening, she was marrying the man she’d dreamed of
for what seemed all her life. Harry saw her look of disbelief and as they mingled
at the reception Harry pulled her aside and said “From now on I will tell you
every day how much I love until the day comes when you can’t imagine me not
loving you, until it becomes so foreign that it can’t even be considered a
reasonable joke.”



Six and a half monthes later B’Elanna Torres gave birth to a five pound,
nine ounce baby girl. They decided to name her Liora Kim.

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