Going Home: Rescue

Written By : Sean Clark-McCarthy
Series Title: “Going Home”
Part of Series: 1/???
Summary: Voyager gets a strange signal, which could be their only hope to get home.

Disclaimer: This is a short story written by ME, Paramount owns these characters, I have just borrowed them to write this
story. This is NOT intended for profit (unless paramount likes it so much they hire me). =I Please feel free to distribute
this to other people, but please leave the above information intact. Thank you.

Chapter 1

All was quiet aboard the Starship Voyager. She cruised along on a course to the Alpha quadrant. Captain Kathryn
Janeway relaxed in her ready room watching the stars fly by, and enjoying her cup of coffee. Kathryn was going over
reports of ship systems. Everything was running smoothly, unfortunately she couldn’t say the same about the crew. Morale
was at an all time low; not even Neelix’s morning show could cheer them up. Voyager had been lost in the Delta Quadrant
for nearly five and a half years now. Things weren’t improving either; the ship had held up the last three weeks very well
but Voyager was in a desolate part of space and food supplies were getting low. Kes had been working overtime to grow new
plants in the hydroponics bay but they wouldn’t be ready for another three weeks.
“Chakotay to Janeway.”
Janeway tapped her commbadge, saying, “Janeway here.”
“Captain, long range sensors have detected an M-Class planet ahead.” Chakotay reported.
“Very well, lay in a course and engage at warp 8.”
“Aye Captain.”
Salvation. The planet was sure to have some type of food that Voyager’s crew would find edible, as long as Neelix
didn’t get a hold of it first.

Two hours later..

“Captain, we are entering the system,” Paris informed her.
“Very well, all stop. Ensign Kim, run a full sensor sweep of the system, I don’t want there to be any surprises this
“Aye Captain.”
“Chakotay, this may be our only stop for awhile, so inform all department heads to prepare a list of items they may
require,” Janeway ordered, “Also, get a plan together for shore leave.”
“Aye Captain,” Chakotay agreed happily.
“Captain, sensor sweep complete. No unusual anomalies detected, and the planet is also devoid of humanoid life,” the
ensign reported
“Very well, Mr. Paris set a course for that planet, full impulse.”
“Aye Captain.” Paris confirmed.
Janeway couldn’t have felt prouder of her crew–so capable, so determined. She knew that when and if they got back to
the Alpha Quadrant, she couldn’t let them go their separate ways. They had a family on Voyager, and she wasn’t going to
let it split up.
“We have attained orbit around the planet, Captain,” Paris informed her
“Mr. Kim, scan the plant for appropriate transport coordinates,” Janeway tapped her commbadge, “Janeway to B’Elanna.”
“Yes, captain.” B’Elanna said.
“B’Elanna, we have just entered orbit around the planet, please report to…” Janeway started.
“Captain,” Harry yelled cutting her off. His console was indicating an incoming message.
“What is it ensign?” Janeway said, shocked at the urgency in his voice.
“We are being hailed, by a Federation Starship,” Harry reported.
“What?!?” Janeway said , shocked. “Let’s hear it.”
“We have audio only,” Harry said.
“Very well, on speakers,” Janeway ordered.
“This is … (static) … ard. Of the Federation … (static) … ip … (static) … rise.” Came the message from the
“Harry see if you can clear that up a little. B’Elanna, get to the bridge on the double.” Chakotay ordered
“Harry, open hailing frequencies,” Janeway ordered.
“Aye Captain. Frequencies open.”
“This is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager, Please repeat your last transmission. We are
receiving interference.
“This is Captain Jean … (static) … luc-Pic … (static) … rd, of the Feder … (static) … ship … (static) …
Enterprise, Voyager … (static) … I’ll rendezvous with you in 3 hours …. (static) … ard Out.” The voice announced
over the comm system, with intermittent interference.
“Chakotay, did they just say what I think they said??” Janeway asked as B’Elanna entered the bridge.
“They did indeed Captain,” Chakotay replied.
“Who said what?,” B’Elanna asked as she took her station.
“B’Elanna, we were just contacted by a Federation Starship,” she paused to let it sink in, “I want you to analyze the
transmission to be sure it’s authentic.”
“Aye Captain.” B’Elanna said with a little too much enthusiasm.
“Mr. Paris, lay in an intercept course at warp 5.”
“Course laid in, Captain,”
“Engage.” Voyager’s nacelles took their positions and she disappeared with the blink of an eye.

Chapter 2

“Captain, approaching the rendezvous coordinates,” Paris stated.
“All stop. Mr. Kim run a full sensor sweep how far out is she?” Janeway asked.
“I’m not detecting her at all, Captain.” Harry said.
“Keep scanning Ensign,” Janeway said, turning to face B’Elanna. “B’Elanna, have you been able to authenticate the
“Yes, Captain, it is definitely a federation signature.” B’Elanna confirmed.
“Guess we’ll just have to sit and wait then,” Janeway said to no one in particular.
Voyager went about its normal duties, scanning on the lookout for the Enterprise, or anyone that might take advantage
of the situation
“Captain, a ship is decloaking directly ahead.” Harry called from across the bridge.
“Red Alert,” Chakotay ordered.
“Harry, scan the vessel,” Janeway said.
“Captain, it’s the Enterprise!” Harry reported openly surprised.
“Stand down red alert. Hail them ensign.”
“Hailing frequencies open.”
“This is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager. Pleased to see another Federation ship out here,”
Janeway started.
Jean-Luc Picard’s face filled the viewscreen with his bridge behind him, and all the members of his senior staff were
“Captain Jean-Luc Picard. I’m so very glad we found you Captain.”
“Captain, how did you even know we were here? For that matter how did you GET here?” Janeway asked, still shocked to
learn that a fellow Starship was here also.
“Perhaps we can discuss it over dinner?” Picard asked.
“We’d love to–your ship or mine?” Janeway asked with a bit of a chuckle.
“Yours. I’ve never been aboard an Intrepid before.” Picard said we a broad smile across his face.
“Very well, let me contact my chef, and I’ll get back to you on a time,” she replied.
“Your chef?? Sounds interesting, I can’t wait.”
“Janeway out.”
“Janeway to Neelix.” Janeway said as she tapped her commbadge.
“Neelix here, Captain.”
“We are having guests for dinner so please reserve the mess hall, and prepare something special, preferably appealing,”
Janeway said with a broad smile across her face.

Chapter 3

Janeway, Chakotay, and Tuvok all waited in transporter room 2 for the arrival of the Enterprise crew. Janeway and
Chakotay had an obvious feeling of happiness, however, Tuvok as all Vulcans was passive and showed no emotions.
B’Elanna was behind the transporter controls. “Receiving coordinates Captain.”
“Energize when ready,” Janeway said.
Three figures appeared on the transporter pad, wearing what appeared to be updated uniforms with a dark gray shoulder
region. The shirt underneath appeared to be significant of their department. Picard was of medium height and bald, and
wore the four pips of a captain. The other man was tall with dark hair, whom Janeway recognized immediately as Commander
Riker. The third was a woman from the sciences department who had long black hair, and pretty brown eyes.
“Welcome aboard Captain. I’m Captain Janeway, and this is my First Officer, Commander Chakotay,” she stated motioning
toward Chakotay, “And this is my Chief of Security, Lieutenant Tuvok.” Janeway finished.
“Pleased to meet all of you. This is my X.O. Commander Riker, and my Ship’s counselor Deanna Troi.”
Janeway nodded to each of them. “We have prepared dinner in the officer’s mess, if you’ll just follow me.”
“Of course.”
Captain Picard took his place at Janeway’s side, as he followed her out of the transporter room and down the hall.
“So, Captain Janeway, It was my understanding that Mr. Chakotay was the man that you were ordered to capture.”
“Yes, that’s true. On our ‘trip’ to the Delta quadrant we sustained heavy damage. As a result my first officer was
killed along with the entire medical staff. Mr. Chakotay and I decided to team up to reach our goal of returning home. He
may be a Marquis, but he’s a damn good man.” Janeway noticed Picard’s face drop at the mention of the Marquis. “What’s the
matter? Is it something I said?” She looked into his eyes probing for some kind of answer.
“Concerning the Marquis. There’s something you should know.”
“The Cardassian’s killed every last one of them. There is no longer a Marquis resistance in the Alpha Quadrant.”
“My God.”
“There’s more, but we can wait till we are seated”
They stepped into the Mess Hall

In the officer’s mess, Neelix was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the “special guests” Janeway had told him about.
He had removed all the individual tables, and brought in a single rectangular table. He diverted all late dinner goers to
a holodeck, where Kes was serving food. Neelix was in the kitchen when the guests arrived. When a rather short bald human
walked in, Neelix was surprised, because he thought Voyager had the only human crew in the Delta Quadrant. The new human
was talking to Janeway about Voyager’s travels. Neelix took off his apron and cleaned himself up a little before he walked
out to meet the new guests.
“Hello, Captain.” Neelix spouted
“Hello,” Janeway and Picard said at the same time, and both started laughing.
“Was it something I said?” Neelix pondered.
“No, Mr. Neelix. Captain I’d like you to meet our chef, morale officer, and ambassador, Mr. Neelix. Neelix this is
Captain Picard.” Janeway made the introductions.
“Pleased to meet you. Seems you are quite a busy person aboard this ship,” Picard said as he extended his hand to shake
Neelix shook Picard’s hand and said, “Yes, the captain failed to mention that I also run a morning program over the
comm system to inform the crew of daily happenings.”
“Sounds like something Starfleet should implement on all vessels,” Picard joked, “Are you a native to the Delta
Quadrant? I’ve never seen your species before.”
“As a matter of fact I am a native, I’m a Talaxian. But we can talk about that at a later time, I’m sure everyone is
starving. If you all will have a seat I’ll bring out your food,” Neelix stated.
Everyone moved to take a seat at the table, the Captains took the ends, and their two crew members took flanking

Chapter 4

“So Captain, tell me–how did you get a cloaking device on your ship, and how in the heck did you get out here?”
Janeway started small talk.
“Well you’ve been gone quite some time, and the Alpha quadrant isn’t what it used to be. For starters, the cloak is on
loan to us by the Klingon Empire. We asked them for it since we hadn’t a clue what to expect out here. Secondly, we
arrived in the delta quadrant with a transwarp drive,” said Picard.
“How did you happen to come by a transwarp drive?” Tuvok asked.
“This might come to a surprise to you but I’ll try and explain it the best I can. While you’ve been gone some
startling changes have occurred in the political power of the Alpha Quadrant. Cardassia and the Dominion have signed an
alliance, and Bajor has signed a non-aggression pact with the Dominion. The Dominion is probably invading the Alpha
Quadrant as we speak. Before we left, Starfleet dispatched a taskforce filled with the Federation’s best ships, but
unfortunately we have no Intrepids out there. So Starfleet dispatched us to retrieve you.” Picard explained
“How did you even know we were here?” Chakotay asked what Janeway was thinking.
“A female Q showed up in Starfleet headquarters and said that she was going to divulge information as to your
whereabouts just to spite Q for, excuse me for saying this, trying to *mate* with you captain.” Riker answered.
Janeway smiled to hide her embarrassment.
“Then how did the Federation come by a transwarp drive?” Tuvok asked again.
“Well, due to the ever increasing threat the Dominion is becoming, the Federation has signed an alliance with the
“Well, actually that’s not too surprising; we ourselves ran into the Borg on a number of occasions, and even made an
alliance with them for awhile. How is the rest of the Alpha Quadrant reacting to this?”
“Unfortunately, not too well. Vulcan has withdrawn from the Federation as well as about 5 other planets. The Romulans
have asked The Federation to remove the cloaking device from The USS Defiant. The Federation happily complied, so they
borrowed one from the Klingons. I can honestly say, Captain, I don’t know where Earth’s future is headed.” Deanna sadly
stated with a long face.
“What is this Dominion that you keep referring too? A new race,” Chakotay asked.
“Have you ever meet Constable Odo?” Picard asked him.
“You mean the shape shifter that runs security on Deep Space Nine?” Captain Janeway answered with a question.
“Yes, His species, so to speak, is the Dominion. They claim the Gamma Quadrant as their territory and want to take the
Alpha Quadrant as well.”
“And the Cardassians have allied themselves with the Dominion?” Chakotay asked another question.
“Unfortunately, Yes. You have no idea what they are capable of together, they have already managed to wipe out the
Marquis as…” Riker said.
“Excuse me Commander, I think that we could discuss that at a later time,” Janeway interrupted him. The last thing she
needed on this ship was low morale.

Chapter 5

Neelix came out of the kitchen with plates for everyone and, starting with Captain Picard, worked his way around the
table. The table was silent as they ate, everyone trying to comprehend what the breakdown of the Federation would mean to
them if the Dominion succeeded in their quest to take control of the Alpha Quadrant.
At the conclusion of dinner Janeway asked if Picard would like to tour her vessel.
“I’m sorry captain, but we really do need to get back to the Alpha Quadrant. We have brought a transwarp drive to
install on your ship, as well as a cloaking device. We just need your permission to install them.” Picard stated.
“Of course. I would like my Chief of Engineering, B’Elanna Torres, present at all installations though. She’s
half-Klingon so she might have some insight to any problems that you might face. Oh and Captain, could you please transfer
some dilithium crystals over as well? We are in desperate need of them.” Janeway asked
“Of course Captain.” Picard agreed.

After leaving transporter room two from which their guests had departed, Janeway and Chakotay headed for the bridge.
“Captain, What did Commander Riker mean when he said the Dominion had managed to wipe out the Marquis?”
“Computer, halt turbolift,” Janeway ordered. “Chakotay, listen to me. Captain Picard had informed me earlier. I was
hoping that it wouldn’t come up over dinner but it obviously already has so please let me explain. When Cardassia allied
itself with the Dominion, one term of the Cardassians was to have the dominion wipe out the Marquis.”
“You mean that there is no resistance anymore?”
“I’m so sorry Chakotay,” she hugged him. She stepped back after a minute and looked him square in the eye. “This has
to remain between us, if this gets out amongst the crew I don’t know what would happen and I want to make sure we don’t
ruin this chance at getting home because someone is arguing over it.”
“I understand, Captain.” He said after a brief pause.
“Computer, resume turbolift.”

The upgrade to Voyager’s engines and the installation of a new cloaking device was a painstakingly long process,
plagued by problems. Most of the problems were due to the less than regulation repairs that B’Elanna had been doing in
order to keep the ship in running shape.
“Janeway to B’Elanna.”
“B’Elanna here.”
“What is the status of the upgrades?” Janeway asked.
“The upgrades are complete, and Carey and I are putting the dilithium crystals in place now,” B’Elanna stated.
“Very well, carry on, but I want to know when you are done. Janeway out.” Janeway wondered what was going to happen
once they returned to Earth. “Ensign Kim, hail the Enterprise.”
The viewscreen flickered to life as the Enterprise bridge came into view.
“Captain, What can we do for you?” Riker asked.
“Commander, we have almost completed repairs and upgrades to our ship, and I think we will be ready to be under way
within 3 hours,” Janeway stated.
“Good, I’ll inform the captain,” said Riker.
“Uh, Commander, what are our orders once we reach the Alpha Quadrant?” Janeway asked.
“The Enterprise has been ordered to escort you back to sector 001, where Voyager will go into dry-dock for an extensive
overhaul,” Riker told her.
“Very well, I will contact you once the upgrades have been completed, Janeway out.”

Janeway sat quietly in her ready room going over the final plans of their departure, when her communicator pin went
“Janeway here.”
“Captain,” came B’Elanna’s voice over the comm system, “we have finished all necessary repairs and upgrades to all
ships’ systems.”
“Thank you B’Elanna, did you run into many problems?” Janeway asked as she put down the PADD and started to walk
towards the bridge.
“No, Captain,” B’Elanna reported.
“Good, report to the bridge. We’ll need you up here. Janeway out.” The doors gave way at Janeway’s approach. She took
her place in the command chair.
“Ensign Kim, hail the Enterprise and tell her we are … well … ready to go.”
“Aye, Captain,”
“Mr. Tuvok, engage cloaking device.”
Both ships shimmered as all the light passed around it, rendering the ships invisible.
“Mr. Paris, engage the transwarp drive, heading … Home,” Janeway felt so good to feel that word come off her
“This is Captain Kathryn Janeway to all hands. We’re going home,” Janeway announced as a single tear rolled off her
cheek and hit the floor.


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