Going Home: Voyager Home

Star Trek: Voyager
Series Title: “Going Home”
Story Title: Voyager Home
Rating: PG-13
Codes: J/C
Author: Sean Clark-McCarthy

Summary: Voyager faces life, Death, and Romulans, on it’s journey home.

Disclaimer: All material of/and/or relating to Star Trek: Voyager is Copyright Paramount Pictures. No profit is intended
on this story. Please feel free to distribute this, but please leave the above information intact.

Chapter 1

The Federation Starships Voyager and Enterprise flew side by side in the transwarp conduit. The two ships had been in
the conduit for 6 days and they were nearly to Sector 001, where Voyager was scheduled to dock for a complete overhaul.
Word spread quickly throughout Voyager of the situation, and morale was quickly boosted.
Captain Janeway was on the bridge calmly chatting with Chakotay while mentally going over what she wanted to do when
she got back to Earth. First on her list was to beam to New Berlin on the moon to see Mark. Had he gone on with his life?
Or had he waited for her? Then she wanted to go to Costa Del Sol on Earth to relax and enjoy being home while her ship was
being refitted. Janeway was in the middle of a trance when she became aware that Chakotay was speaking to her.
“Captain?” Chakotay said as he gently shook her shoulders.
“What is it Commander?” Janeway asked, curious as to his motives.
“Just checking to see if you are all right. You dozed off for a minute there–maybe you should get some sleep.”
Chakotay suggested.
“Maybe you’re right, I should get some sleep,” she said as she got up from her chair and started to walk to the
turbolift. “You have the Bridge, Commander.” Janeway approached the turbolift doors, and pressed the call button. The
doors opened to the turboshaft, but there was no lift. The lights on the bridge flickered and died.
“Computer, engage emergency lighting,” Janeway commanded.
“Unable to comply,” the computer stated blandly.
“Ensign Kim, report,” Janeway asked as she felt her way, slowly back down to the command deck.
“All major systems are failing, Captain.” Kim reported. Janeway felt a knot tighten around her heart at his words.
‘Now what were they to do?’ she asked herself. They were almost home. What could be going wrong? She tapped her
commbadge, and got nothing. She found her way back to the command chair, and sat down while she tried to calm herself.
“Ensign, cut all power to the warp core,” Janeway ordered.
“The computer is not responding, Captain,” Kim said, clearly afraid.
Only the lights of the control panels lit the room. As dark as it was, Starfleet training kicked in and they could
still do their jobs. The ship started to buck and rattle. She felt as if she herself were going to shake apart.
Not now, Janeway thought. This couldn’t happen now, not when she was so close to keeping her promise to her crew.

“Captain, Voyager is slowing, main power has been overloaded, all systems are failing,” Data said, extremely concerned
by what that meant. “Captain, she’s going to tear herself apart. The engines are still running, but she’s slowing,” Data
reported, sounding a little confused.
“Options?” Picard asked.
“What about her command codes?” Troi suggested. “Can’t we shut her down remotely?”
“Good suggestion, counselor. Data, make it so,” Picard ordered.
“Captain, the main power to Voyager’s warp core has been cut,” Data said, surprised. “She is dropping out of transwarp
to impulse power.”
“Good work, Mr. Data,” Picard commended.
“Sir, it was not my doing, Voyager’s computers were frozen and would not accept the command codes,” Data said blandly.

Sitting in the dark aboard Voyager, Janeway was relieved to feel the ship slowing. The lights came back on and the
ship’s systems were restored to normal. Janeway tried her commbadge again, and got the familiar chirp.
“Janeway to B’Elanna.”
“Captain, this is Carey. Lieutenant Torres was just beamed to sickbay. A plasma conduit blew in her face right after
she took the warp core off-line,” Carey reported.
“Will she be all right?” Janeway asked.
“I don’t know, Captain,” Carey said, uncertain as to who she was talking about–the ship or Torres.
“What happened down there?” Janeway asked.
“The transwarp drive overloaded the main power coupling because Voyager’s engines weren’t designed to handle the
stress the transwarp drive was putting on them,” Carey stated.
“Very well, keep me informed.”
“Aye Captain,” he said.
“Ensign Kim, where are we?” Janeway asked.
“We are approximately 1,000 light years inside Romulan space,” Kim said, surprised.
“Is the cloaking device still engaged?” Chakotay asked quickly.
“No sir, the cloaking device is off-line, and we are adrift,” Kim stated.
“Janeway to Engineering, we need that cloak back on-line immediately.”
“Aye Captain,” Carey said over the comm system.
“Captain, the Enterprise is hailing us,” Kim reported.
“On screen.”
Picard’s familiar face appeared on the viewer. “Is everything all right, Captain? Do you require assistance?” Picard
“The transwarp drive overloaded our main power. We were able to cut power to the warp core, but the cloaking device
seems to be malfunctioning. I would appreciate an engineering team to assist my staff.”
“Very well, I’ll send one over immediately. Picard out.”
“Harry, set up a dampening field to mask our presence here,” Janeway ordered.
As Voyager hung in space adrift in hostile territory, the Enterprise decloaked just long enough to allow transport of
the engineering team. Janeway waited for the worst to hit Voyager, but that might have already happened. If the Romulans
found *two* federation ships in their territory with cloaking devices, it would surely start a war that the Federation
didn’t have time to deal with.

Chapter 2

Meanwhile, in a Romulan listening post, 250 light years away…

“Commander,” said the Romulan technician, “I am picking up some strange readings 250 light years from here.”
“What is it?” The Romulan commander asked.
“I don’t know, sir. A Federation starship appeared on sensors, then another, then both disappeared,” the technician
The Commander thought a while about this and then said, “Dispatch a scout ship to investigate immediately.”
A small five-man scout ship slid out of the space doors of the Romulan listening post. Once it cleared the space
doors, the ship shimmered as it cloaked. The ship took off at warp 5 to intercept the anomalous readings.
“Helm, scan the region continuously. How long until intercept?” the Romulan commander asked.
“We have approximately .5 hours until interception,” said the helmsman.

Back on Voyager…

“Doctor to Janeway,” said the Doctor.
“Janeway here.”
“Please report to sickbay. I need to speak with you about something,” the Doctor said.
“Very well, Doctor. On my way, Janeway out.”
A couple minutes later Janeway entered sickbay and looked for the doctor. He was in his office as usual; B’Elanna was
on the biobed. Janeway walked into the Doctor’s office, “You wanted to see me?” She asked.
“Yes, Captain,” the Doctor said. “Please have a seat.”
Janeway didn’t know how to react or what to do, so she took a seat as the doctor had requested. “What’s this about,
doctor?” Janeway asked quietly.
“I have some disturbing news,” the doctor started. He seemed to be choosing his words carefully. “Lieutenant Torres
has extensive burns throughout her body, and she is also bleeding internally. I don’t think she’ll make it through the
Janeway gasped in shock as her hand covered her mouth. She slumped back in her chair and nearly started to cry. “Is
there anything you can do?” Janeway asked the doctor, nearly choking on the last words.
“I’m afraid not. I’ve exhausted every means that I have to try and repair the damage, but it just keeps spreading.”
Janeway didn’t know what to do. “May I see her?” she finally asked.
“Of course,” the doctor said as he got up from his chair and walked out of his office, Janeway close on his heels.
The Doctor went over to the hypospray station and retrieved one. Janeway walked to the side of the biobed. The doctor
raised the hypospray and released the drug into B’Elanna’s system. B’Elanna opened her eyes slowly and started to get up.
Janeway put a hand down to restrain her.
“Don’t try to move, B’Elanna, you’re very weak,” Janeway said. “Doctor, would you give us a minute?” she asked, but
somehow it came out sounding like an order.
The doctor nodded and went back to his office. Janeway returned her attention back to B’Elanna. “You took quite a
hit down there. The ship owes you one,” she told her, Janeway’s eyes started to water and she forced herself to hold back
the tears.
“What’s the matter, Captain?” B’Elanna said, almost whispering.
“You’re hurt, The Doctor says that you won’t make it. You are bleeding internally, you are also burned up pretty bad.”
B’Elanna looked as if she was going to bust into tears.
“Would you like me to do anything?” Janeway asked her.
She nodded, “Could you call Tom, and Chakotay?”
Janeway tapped her combadge, “Janeway to Paris and Chakotay. Report to Sickbay immediately.”
“Thank you,” B’Elanna struggled to get out.
“B’Elanna, Let me just say, you were … the finest officer I have had the privilege of working with … you will be
missed … by all,” Janeway blurted out. After that, the tears just started rolling. Janeway hugged B’Elanna as she said
goodbye. B’Elanna’s grip slowly slipped, until it stopped completely, B’Elanna fell back to her bed and looked up at the
“You are the finest person I’ve had the pleasure of meeting besides Chakotay. I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve given
you… and Captain,” B’Elanna whispered, her voice getting weaker and weaker, “Thank … you, for giving … me a …
chance,” B’Elanna said as her head fell to the side, and all the life left her body. The Doctor rushed out of his office
and checked for a pulse from either heart.
There was none.
Janeway stood at attention just letting the tears roll off her cheeks, and turned away from the biobed.
“I’m sorry, Captain, she’s dead.”
Tom and Chakotay walked in together from the corridor. Chakotay was the first to speak.
“Captain, What’s the…” Chakotay said noticing the tears on her face. He stopped short when he saw B’Elanna on the
Tom walked over to the biobed as soon as he saw her. “Is she?” he couldn’t bring himself to say the words. The
Doctor nodded the answer.
“Captain, it will be alright. I’m here for you.” He said as he embraced her in his arms.
“Thank you Chakotay.” She returned his hug.
Janeway gained some composure and walked out of Sickbay towards the Bridge. ‘There’s some truth to the saying, You
don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.’ Janeway thought to herself. She got on the turbolift and the doors shut
behind her.

Chapter 3

The Turbolift doors opened and out stepped the Captain and Chakotay.
Janeway and Chakotay took their seats.
“Janeway to all hands, I would like a moment of silence to honor a great friend and comrade who died today to save us
all … B’Elanna Torres was an important member of our crew who will be sorely missed. Memorial services will be held in
two days at 1200 hours. Janeway out.” Janeway turned towards Chakotay and said, “I’m so sorry.” She reached over to hug.

After the commotion on the bridge died down, Janeway contacted Engineering.
“Carey here.”
“Carey, you are the Temporary Chief of Engineering, how far along are repairs?”
“We are almost done. I’d give it another hour and a half.”
“Carry on, Janeway out.”
“Captain, may I see you for a minute,” came Tuvok’s voice from across the bridge.
Janeway got up and walked to the tactical station. “What is it Mr. Tuvok?”
“I have been reading a spatial anomaly in a circular pattern for the past 5 minutes,” Tuvok stated.
“Romulans,” Janeway concluded. “Ensign Kim, contact the Enterprise on a secure channel, and let them know of this new
development. Mr. Paris, move us 15 light years from this location at 3/4 impulse.”
“Aye Captain.”
“Captain, that would be inadvisable,” came Tuvok’s voice.” The sudden movement of our vessel, if in fact they are
looking for us, would alarm them.”
“Good point. Mr. Paris, belay that order.”
“The Enterprise is hailing us, Captain,” Kim called.
“On screen.”
“Captain, do NOT engage the cloaking device while the Romulan vessel is out there,” Picard said.
“Wasn’t planning on it,” Janeway said playfully.
“Mr. Data is transmitting a cover story for you in case they *do* become interested in you.”
“Very well, Janeway out.” she paused, “Commander, contact engineering and find out if we can make it back to Earth at
Warp 9 in a reasonable amount of time. You have the Bridge. I’ll be in my ready room going over the ‘Cover Story’,” she
finished as she got out of her seat and proceeded towards her ready room.
“Aye, Aye, Captain,” she heard behind her.

Chapter 4

The Romulan vessel circled the Federation Starship. Once in range the Romulans had run a visual scan to determine
what exactly was out there. They were very surprised to find a Federation starship.
“Comm, contact Korani’ria, inform them of the situation and ask for orders,” the Romulan sub-commander ordered.
The comm officer did as he was told. A few minutes later they received a response.
“We have dispatched a Warbird to intercept the starship–do not let it leave the area,” said the Station’s commander
over the commlink.
“Of course, we will take the appropriate actions.”

The cloaked Warbird received their orders and headed towards the location. They were 647 light years away and would
reach the coordinates in 2.75 hours.

One hour later…

“Carey to Captain,”
“Go ahead, Carey.”
“We have finished making repairs to the transwarp drive and ships systems, but we are still trying to recover the
cloaking device,” he said.
“Very well–you have about two hours to complete repairs to the cloak. Keep me informed. Janeway out.”
The bridge was bustling with people moving about completing their duties. The Captain was going over duty logs of the
personnel. Commander Chakotay was going over the ship’s weapons systems with Tuvok. Paris was just sitting at his post
staring at the viewscreen. He was still in shock over the news of B’Elanna’s death. His eyes were extremely red and he
looked as if the dam holding back the tears was about to burst. God, how he had loved her. He had been planning on asking
her if she wanted to go to the Beach in Tyco City. ‘Guess that will never happen.’ He continued to stare at the
viewscreen while adjusting the ship’s course to keep them in a steady position.
“Carey to Janeway,” Carey’s voice cut in over the comm.
“Janeway here.”
“Repairs to the cloak are complete,” Carey said. Janeway could tell he was smiling, from the tone in his voice.
“That was quick, Lieutenant.”
“Turns out it was just a loose power cable. We are bringing the warp core back online now.”
“Good work, Janeway out. Mr. Tuvok, are our friends still out there?”
“Yes Captain, the Romulans are still circling us,” Tuvok said as Chakotay took his seat next to Janeway.
Janeway thought a moment, planning their next move. “Ensign Kim, get me on ship to ship with the Enterprise, secure
channel please,”
After a brief pause, he said, “Channel open, Captain.”
“Captain Picard, we are ready for departure,” Janeway smiled into the viewscreen.
“Good…” Picard said.
“Captain, the Romulans have broken their circular pattern and are headed towards us,” Tuvok said suddenly.
“Have they detected the Enterprise?” Captain Janeway asked.
He checked his readings. “Negative.”
“We’ll get back to you, Captain,” Janeway said to the viewscreen.
“Very well, Picard out,” he said before the viewscreen blinked back to a backdrop of the stars.
“Red alert, raise shields, and bring all weapons systems online,” Janeway said. Seconds later she was thrown to the
deck as the ship took a heavy barrage of fire.

Chapter 5

“Commander, the Hib’os has just sent word that the Federation Starship is powering their engines. They are preparing
to depart.”
“Helm, go to maximum warp. How long till interception?”
“At maximum warp, it will take us about–” the helmsman paused, “27 earth minutes, sir.”
“Once we have entered weapons range, drop cloak and hail the Federation starship.”
“Aye sir.”

“Damage report,” yelled Chakotay.
“Shields at 87%,” Ensign Kim yelled back in response.
Chakotay knelt beside Janeway, checking her pulse. She was out cold, but alive. She had hit her head on the corner of
the steps leading to the lower deck. “Bridge to the Doctor, medical emergency, beam the Captain directly to sickbay.”
Janeway’s body disappeared with the whine of the transporter beam. The ship rocked again as another volley hit her
“Shields to 81%.”
“That’s it, ready aft photon torpedoes 1 and 2. Tom, evasive pattern Alpha Omega 1.”
“Torpedoes ready, Commander,” Tuvok’s voice announced as a science station behind Chakotay erupted in sparks.
“Target their weapons systems.”
“Weapons locked on target.”
“Fire torpedoes.”
Four torpedoes erupted from the battered Voyager. Three struck their target, while the fourth went astray.
“Their weapons are at 47%,” Tuvok stated.
“Lock all weapons systems on to their shield generators,” Chakotay ordered before the ship took another hit, less
severe than the previous.
“Weapons locked.”
“Tom, bring us about, attack pattern Gamma Beta Charlie.”
“Coming about.” Voyager did an inverse loop and rolled before heading straight for the Romulan vessel.
“Fire,” Chakotay yelled with vigor.
Phasers from all arrays and four torpedoes struck the Romulan vessel, sending it into a spiral. The ship blew apart,
sending debris in all directions.
“Stand down red alert. Damage report.”
“Shields are at 68%, and there is some damage to the starboard nacelle,” Ensign Borlak reported from the Engineering
“What kind of damage?” asked Chakotay.
“The angel joint is jammed, sir.”
“What does that mean, Ensign?”
“It means we can’t create a warp bubble because the nacelle can’t take the position it needs,” Tom Paris answered for
“Damn,” Chakotay swore as he slammed his fist down on the armrest of the captain’s chair.

Chapter 6

In sickbay, the captain sat up, and winced in pain as she brought her hand to her head. “What happened?” she asked
the doctor as he headed her way.
“What makes you think I know, the bridge rarely keeps me informed on happenings,” the doctor said a little perturbed.
“I’m assuming we were attacked based on the jolts the ship took, but by who? I don’t know.”
“The Romulans,” she told him.
“The Romulans? When did we get back to the Alpha Quadrant?”
“No one told you?”
“No, and might I say Captain, that is what bothers me,” he said as he ran his tricorder over her head. “No one ever
tells me what happens on this ship. I may be a hologram but I’m still the Chief Medical Officer on board and…”
“Doctor, I agree with you, and I apologize, but I don’t have time to debate this with you,” she interrupted, and
started to get up off the biobed.
“Where are you going?” the Doctor asked, walking after her.
“To the bridge. I have a ship to command.”
“I refuse to let you leave this sickbay in your condition,” he called after her, but it was too late–she was gone.
“Humpphhh. Computer, download the EMH program into the portable holoemitter,” he said, picking up the holoemitter and
putting it on his arm.
“Download complete.”
He activated the holoemitter, picked up his medkit, and went after her.

The turbolift doors opened and out stepped Janeway, her hair a little ruffled, but other than that, looking fine.
“Glad to see you’re back, Captain,” Chakotay said.
“Thanks, status report.”
“We received little damage in the attack, but the angel joint on the starboard nacelle buckled and will not move.”
Janeway’s face dropped immediately, “Options?” she asked. The bridge was silent.
“There are none, Captain,” Ensign Kim broke the silence.
“I simply won’t accept that,” she responded. “Hail the Enterprise.” The Enterprise’s bridge soon filled the
“Captain, congratulations, you have a very maneuverable ship there,” Picard said.
Janeway gave Chakotay a look which said ‘What the HELL did you do with my ship?’ “Thank you, Captain. I regret to
inform you that during the attack we sustained damage to the angel joint on the starboard nacelle.”
“How long do you estimate repairs?” Picard asked, not understanding the severity of the situation.
“Captain, we can’t repair it. We would need to take the nacelle off, and replicate a replacement for the angel joint.
That alone would take far more energy than I can spare.”
“Let me consult with my Chief of Engineering. He may have an idea that we can work with. I’ll get back to you, Picard
“I guess we’ll have to sit tight then,” the Chakotay said.
After a couple of minutes the turbolift doors opened and out strolled the Doctor. “Wow, I’ve never seen the bridge
before. It was really well done, I’d have to say,” he sarcastically mentioned as he walked towards Janeway. “I was not
finished with you.”
“Doctor, this is not the time…”
“Well, then I’ll just have to relieve you of command. Commander Chakotay, under Starfleet regulation…” he started.
“Wait just one minute,” she looked hard at the Doctor, thinking about what to do. “Commander, I’ll be in my ready
room, you have the bridge.” She stood and started to walk towards her ready room, paused and motioned to the door. “After
you,” she stated, her sarcasm easily a match for the hologram’s.

Chapter 7

On board the Enterprise…

“Geordi, Voyager has sustained damage to her angel joint. Is there any way of repairing it without having to take the
nacelle off?” Picard asked his chief engineer.
“I’m not too familiar with the Intrepid’s design, but as far as I know it’s impossible to do that kind of repair in
space. She needs to get back to space dock immediately.”
“Well she can’t get there, so is there anything else we can do?”
“I don’t think so, Captain,” Geordi paused, “but, I have an idea.”
“I thought you would,” Picard smiled back.
“Let me run some tests and I’ll get back to you.”
“You have 30 minutes. We need to get out of here as soon as possible.”
“Then do you mind if I borrow Data for this– he’ll be able to make adjustments faster than I can.”
“Of course,” Picard said, tapping his commbadge. “Picard to Data, report to engineering immediately.”
“On my way, sir.” Data said.

20 minutes later…

“Commander, the Enterprise is hailing us.”
“On screen.”
“Ahh, Commander, we have a possible solution I’d like to discuss with Captain Janeway.”
“Captain, she is having medical treatment at the moment–I could patch you through to her ready room.”
“That would be most appreciated.”
“Hold on one second while I confirm it with her.” Chakotay signaled for Harry to hit mute.
“Muted, Sir.”
Chakotay turned his back to the viewscreen and tapped his commbadge, saying, “Bridge to Janeway.”
“Go ahead Commander,” came the reply.
“Captain Picard would like to speak to you about our present situation. May I transfer the signal to your ready room?”
he asked
“Absolutely not,” the Doctor said before Janeway got a chance to speak.
“Excuse me Doctor, but I’m still the Captain of this ship.”
“And I’m still the CMO of…”
“Computer, deactivate the EMH program,” Janeway interrupted.
“Wait you ca…” the Doctor said before he disappeared and his holoemitter dropped to the floor. Janeway picked it up
and looked towards her desktop computer.
“I just did,” she muttered. “Commander please transfer the call to my ready room.” A few seconds later, Captain Picard
was on her computer. “Captain, what is it you need to discuss?”
“I’ve conferred with my Chief of Engineering, and he believes that we can envelope Voyager into our warp bubble. He is
running tests now to make sure it won’t tear you apart. The only problem that I can see, Captain, is that we would be in
transwarp and not warp. If that becomes a problem however, we can make it back to Federation space in 9 days under normal
“Sounds like a plan to me. I’ll make sure that our ship will be able to withstand the conditions. When should we
discuss this again?” she asked him.
“Let’s get back in contact in say, 20 minutes. Geordi should have completed his analysis by then.”
“Agreed. Janeway out” she leaned back in her chair, and held the holoemitter in the air. “Computer, activate the EMH
program,” The doctor reappeared. “Now Doctor, you may continue what you were doing.”
The Doctor stood up and continued working on the Captain.

Chapter 8

“Commander, I am detecting a Romulan Warbird entering this sector,” Tuvok said from his position.
“How long till intercept?”
“Approximately 8 minutes.”
“Tuvok, What is our weapons and Shield status?”
“The aft phaser bank is offline. Shields are at maximum.”
“Bridge to Engineering, we have a Romulan Warbird approaching. How long until the aft phaser array is online?”
“Commander, the aft phaser array will be back in 2 minutes.” Carey reported.
“Mr. Kim, inform the Enterprise. Red Alert. Bring shields and weapons to maximum. Captain Janeway to the Bridge,”
Chakotay ordered.

“There you go, Captain, all done. You may return to the bridge now,” the Doctor told her.
“Well thank you, I trust you can find your way back…” Janeway was interrupted by the red alert klaxons screaming at
them both.
“Captain Janeway to the Bridge,” came Chakotay’s voice over the comm system. The Doctor and Janeway both made their
way towards the door.
“Status report,” she said as the Doctor made his way back to the turbolift.
“A Romulan Warbird is entering this sector. They will intercept in 6 minutes,” Chakotay informed her.
“Captain, the Romulans are hailing us.” Ensign Kim called from across the Bridge.
“On screen.”
“I am Commander V’Ching of the Romulan Vessel Rosh, Identify yourself.”
“I’m Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager.”
“Your presence here is an act of war, withdraw immediately or we will be forced to take action.”
“I apologize for the violation, but we are on a reconnaissance mission to recover the renegade ship Enterprise. We
were forced into battle with them, and have damage to our warp nacelles. We will need to leave the system at impulse
“Unacceptable.” the Romulan’s face was replaced by the stars.
“Captain, they are powering their weapons systems,” Kim said.
“Paris, evasive maneuvers Charlie Echo 4,” she commanded.
The Romulans opened fire on Voyager, missing completely.
“Captain, the Enterprise is hailing us,” said Kim.
“On screen,” she barked as the ship was hit for the first time.
“Keep them busy, we have a plan,” Picard said before disappearing.
Voyager swooped around and about drawing the Rosh’s fire. Every couple of shots actually hit them, but their weapons
hit non-essential systems of Voyager.
“Captain, the Enterprise is coming up behind the Rosh.”

“Data, move us in behind the Romulans. Keep a safe distance away)o that we aren’t damaged by the cannons.”
“Aye sir.”
“Number One, signal Voyager, tell them to get as far away from the Romulans as possible on my mark.”
“Transmission ready, sir.”
Picard paused, deciding that this was the only course of action. “Mark! Helm, tell me when Voyager is a safe distance
from the Romulan vessel.” tension on the bridge was mounting, and it wasn’t backing down.
After 2 minutes, “Voyager is at a safe distance, sir.”
“Lieutenant Jade, decloak and fire magnetic pulse cannons.”
Two bright white beams of light shot out of the Enterprise hull. Both beams went right through the Romulan shields,
hitting their target. Beams of light engulfed the Romulan ship as electricity bounced around its hull. A blinding light
erupted from the Romulan vessel, then collapsed in on itself. The vessel was gone.

“What the hell was that?” Janeway asked Chakotay
“Captain, the Romulan vessel is gone,” Ensign Kim reported, very surprised.
“What do you mean ‘gone’?”
“I mean gone, no debris, no ion trails. It’s like it never existed.”
“I guess that answers the question”
“We have to get out of here before they send another ship after us. Ensign hail the Enterprise.”

Chapter 9

“Enterprise to Voyager.” Picard said over ship-to-ship.
“Go ahead.” Janeway answered
“We are ready please take your position.”

“Mr. Paris, move us into position.” Chakotay ordered.
Voyager moved above and behind the Enterprise, right between the nacelles.
“We are in position, Captain.” Paris said once the maneuver was completed.
“Voyager to Enterprise, we are in Position.” Janeway said.

“Aye Captain.” Riker Answered
“Mr. LaForge, Engage the tractor beam, and extend our warp bubble.” Picard ordered over the comm system.
“Tractor beam engaged.” LaForge confirmed to Picard.
Voyager rocked slightly as the tractor beam from the Enterprise grabbed hold of them.
“Warp bubble now extended to include Voyager.” LaForge informed the Captain.
“Good, Voyager, we’re ready when you are.” Picard said to Janeway.
“We are as ready as we’ll ever be,” Janeway said.
“Mr. Data engage transwarp drive. Enjoy the ride Voyager.”
“Believe me, we will,” Janeway said.
“Picard out.”

“Do you think this will work, Captain,” Chakotay asked.
“I hope so– I’m getting tired of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere,” she joked.
“You and me both.”
“I think I’m going to get some sleep, Chakotay you have the bridge,” she said as she started to walk towards the
turbolift. “Mr. Tuvok, inform me of any changes.” She stepped onto the turbolift, and the doors shut behind her.

The normal duty hours were nearly up, and she still couldn’t sleep. She walked over to the replicator. “Coffee, Black,
Hot.” She took the cup and walked to her desk, picking up the photo of Molly, her dog.. She couldn’t believe that she was
nearly back to them. The door to her quarters chimed.
“Come in.”
“Thought you could use some company,” he said
“How thoughtful,” she moved out of the way to let him pass.
“Mind if I sit down,” he asked.
“Of course,”
He took a seat on her bed. She stopped in mid-stride.
“Is something the matter Kathryn?” he asked
“Of course not,” she shrugged, and sat beside him.
“I got to thinking, we’ve been through alot together, and I wanted to let you know how I feel about you. Kathryn, I
love …” he said
She put her finger up to his mouth, “Chakotay, don’t you think I know, it’s my job to know,” she said. She pulled him
closer and kissed him. He embraced it and didn’t want to let it go. He wanted it to be like this forever. They lied down on
the bed together, still kissing.
They looked into each others eyes, and didn’t stop with kiss.

Chirp…Chirp…Chirp…Chirp “The time is 600 hours,” the computer said.
“Computer, Disengage alarm,” Chakotay said coming out of the sonic shower. He walked to the bed leaned over and kissed
Kathryn on the cheek. “Good morning, sleep well?”
“Better than I have in the 5 years we’ve been in the Delta Quadrant.”
“I’m going to the bridge, we are almost back to Earth. Can I expect to see you soon?”
“Yeah, I’ll be there after I get dressed.”
“OK,” he gave her another kiss and walked for the door. The door gave way, and shut behind him.

“Well, well, looks like I’m not the only one late today,” Paris said to Chakotay as he came out of Janeway’s quarters.
“When did you move quarters anyway?”
“I haven’t switched quarters with anyone, Lieutenant, and unless you want to be cleaning plasma converters with your
toothbrush, I suggest you keep your mouth closed.” Chakotay said as they stepped onto the turbolift. “Bridge.”
“Chakotay, the whole ship knows about you two anyway. In fact Ensign Gerret has a pool going on who would initiate
things between you two.”
“So who did?”
“That’s none of your business Lieutenant.”
“Oh, come on Chakotay you won’t even drop a little hint?”
“Well tell me who you bet on.”
“In all honesty. I voted for you.”
“How much did you bet?”
“20 Replicator rations. Not that I’ll be needing them anymore,” Paris said.
“Well just to you let you know. You are 20 replicator rations richer. Enjoy them.”
The turbolift doors opened and they stepped out and took their positions.
“Commander, we are dropping out of transwarp, and entering Sector 001.” Kim said
“Bridge to Janeway, we are entering Sector 001.” Chakotay called over the comm system.
“On my way,” her voice said over the comm system.

“Captain, we have an incoming transmission. It’s from Starfleet Command.” Ensign Kim informed the Captain as she
strode onto the Bridge.
“On screen, Ensign.”
“Captain Janeway, you have no idea how good it is to see you again,” the man said.
“Believe me, the feeling is mutual, Admiral Paris.” At the mention of his father’s name Tom Paris shot a look at the
viewscreen(,) then turned his face back to the controls.
“You are to report immediately to Starbase 001 for immediate refit.”
“Understood, how long do you anticipate the refit taking?” she asked him
“I would say about 2 weeks.”
“Good maybe we can have lunch sometime during those two weeks.” Janeway implied.
“I look forward to it. I’ll get back to you sometime.”
“Hear from you then, Janeway out.”
“Captain the Enterprise has released the tractor beam.” Ensign Kim said.
“Entering the terran solar system now.” Tuvok said from tactical.
“Good, Mr. Paris set a course for Earth at full impulse.”
“Course laid in”


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