Going Home: Welcoming Party

Star Trek: Voyager
Title: Welcoming Party
Series: ‘Going Home’
Part of Series: 3/??

Written By: Sean Clark-McCarthy
Edited By: Jennifer Ofenstein

Summary: Voyager returns home and has some little adventures.

Disclaimer: Paramount owns the cast and crew of Voyager: I’m just borrowing them for a little while. I promise to return
them. This was not made for profit. No infringement of copyright is intentional on my part.

=/= =/= =/= =/=


Voyager limped past the outer planets of the Terran solar system, Jupiter on her left, Saturn on her right. Shortly
their home planet, Earth, would be in view in all its glory.
Captain Kathryn Janeway had waited for this moment for nearly five years now. She couldn’t wait to get home. She
had made up her mind about her life, though. Mark would have no doubt moved on with his life, and so she must do the same.
All the pictures that she had of Mark were now gone. She’d deleted them in the morning before bridge duty. Dwelling on the
past would only bring complications to her life, which she just didn’t want to deal with. That was her best course of
action; however, she wasn’t so sure that it was the moral one. What if Mark hadn’t moved on? What would become of him and
her? For that matter, what would become of Chakotay and her? She just didn’t know, and would only find out once they had
docked at Earth.
“Captain, we are in visual range of Earth.”
“On screen.” She stood up and walked towards the viewer. A small image of Earth appeared on the viewer; what
looked like five black dots were orbiting their planet. She couldn’t quite make them out. “Magnify and enhance, Ensign.”
“Aye, Captain.”
The viewscreen flickered for a moment, then an enlarged image appeared. The dots were still there. She could now
clearly make them out.
“My God.”
The whole bridge was shocked into silence.

=/= =/= =/= =/=

Chapter 1

“This is insane!” Janeway yelled, slamming her fists onto Admiral Paris’ desk.
“I’m sorry. I don’t understand what you’re upset about.”
“You know damn well what I’m talking about.”
“It was my understanding that Captain Picard had informed you of the situation.”
“He had. However, he failed to mention that five Borg cubes would be orbiting Earth.”
“I don’t think you understand, Captain.”
“I don’t think YOU understand, Admiral.”
“Captain, you are walking a very fine line here. I suggest you watch your tongue,” Admiral Paris snapped. “Now, I
also suggest you sit down and listen to the entire situation.”
Janeway did as was suggested, keeping quiet until the Admiral started his story.
“Several months ago, the Borg were an increased threat to the Federation. We were undergoing top secret covert
operations, which Jean-Luc Picard was a part of. In an attempt at curving that threat, we built a ship to participate,
known as the ‘Monitor.’ While Picard was away, James T. Kirk turned up and started asking about him.”
“Kirk? I thought he died over 80 years ago.”
“Well he did, or so we believed. When the USS Enterprise-D was lost on Veridian 3, we learned of the Nexus, which
was the energy ribbon that supposedly killed Kirk. This energy ribbon transported Kirk to another dimension, where he
stayed until Picard was transported there as well. Picard buried him on Veridian 3 after he fell to his death. However, we
learned later that the Romulans stole his body and used Borg technology to bring him back to life.”
“So he is dead?”
“Well, he is now. To make a long story short, Picard and Kirk took command of the ‘Monitor’ and left for Borg
“Let me guess. Transwarp drive?”
“Very good, Captain. You are catching on quickly,” he joked. “They traveled to the Borg homeworld and destroyed
it, successfully wiping out the collective.”
“Well, then what do you call those cubes out there?” she asked, pointing up. “Huge Rubik’s cubes?”
Then, she started to realize who was up there. How could that be, though? They said that they weren’t going to use
it for that purpose. How could she have even trusted them, though? They were Borg; at least, they used to be.
“They call themselves ‘The-” Admiral Paris started.
“New Co-operative,'” they both finished together.
“I guess Picard did tell you everything.”
Before she could respond, the door chimed. Admiral Paris stood and looked towards the door. “Enter.”
Janeway turned around and looked into the eyes of the person who entered. “Actually, Picard didn’t tell me. I know
because I know her.”

=/= =/= =/= =/=

Chapter 2

“I’ll miss you too, but don’t worry. I’ll be back in no time at all. Two weeks won’t be an eternity for a
“Make sure you get all your belongings before you go.”
“I will,” Kes said.
“Have fun on Earth, and I’ll see when you get back.”
“Okay, Doctor. Computer, deactivate the Emergency Medical Holographic Program and save to file EMH program 1.” She
was saddened to see him go, even though she knew she would be back. She took a PADD out of her bag and stepped towards the
door. Before stepping into the corridor, she turned and looked at the sickbay one last time. When she came back it would no
doubt be completely different. She stepped into the corridor and drew her attention to her PADD as she made her way to
Transporter Room 2.
B’Elanna had given her a Klingon romance story to read. Kes was intrigued. She had no idea that Klingons could be
so romantic, yet so brutal at the same time. She rounded the corner and paused to press the call button, returning to her
story. It was just getting to the good part. The turbolift doors opened. A blur of motion at the corner of her eye caught
her attention. Her head flipped around to investigate, but found the corridor empty. She boarded the turbolift, but
couldn’t put herself at ease. At her deck she stepped off the lift and proceeded to the Transporter Room. That’s when they
came to her.
The vision was overpowering. Who was this trying to contact her?
*Kes, come to us.*
*Where are you?* she concentrated.
*Kes, you must help us.*
*Who are you?*
The voices became more urgent than before. *Kes, come to us NOW!*
The vision was too powerful. She couldn’t handle the intensity of the situation. That was when everything went


“It’s good to see you again, Captain.”
“I wish I could say the feeling is mutual.”
“You still don’t understand, do you?” she said, walking closer and taking a seat. “We did what we had to in order
to survive. The collective was the only way to survive. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t have done the same?”
“No, I can’t say that. However, that doesn’t excuse you for what you did to Chakotay.”
“I apologize for the distrust we showed to your vessel and first officer. Does this clear the air between us?”
“I can’t say that it does.”
“Captain, what can we do to gain your trust?”
“You have to earn it,” she said bitterly.
“Do you two think you can push your differences aside for just a moment?” Admiral Paris interrupted. When he
received no response, he continued. “Now, Riley, what did you need?”
“I just wanted to inform you that I have contacted the rest of our co-operative, and they should arrive in four
“Good. If that is all, you are dismissed.”
Riley got up from her seat and proceeded towards the door. “I’ll be seeing you, Captain.” The tone of her voice
sent chills down Janeway’s back, making her shiver.
“Now, Captain Janeway, I wanted to inform you of the situation with your ship.”
“What do you mean? I thought everything was in order. My ship is already docked and the refit is under way.”
“Yes, I told you that your ship would be ready in 2 weeks. However, we need your services before that.”
“I don’t entirely understand.”
“Well, your ship is to be operational in 5 days.”
“From my understanding, that’s impossible. With all the repairs and upgrades being made to Voyager, it shouldn’t be
ready for, at the very least, ten days.”
“I’ve already taken care of that. Starfleet’s best engineers are on the job.”
“Yes, and they have guaranteed me that your ship will be ready in five days.”
“What is it that you want me to do, Admiral?”
“Once Voyager is spaceworthy again, she is to rendezvous with her counterpart, the USS Italmira.”
“What are our orders?”
“You will be informed of your orders once you rendezvous with her.”
“May I ask the nature of our mission?”
“No, you may not.”
‘What? He can’t even trust *me* with the information?’ she thought.
“If there is nothing further, you are dismissed,” he commanded.
Janeway stood up and walked to the door. Once the admiral’s doors had closed behind her, her communicator pin
She responded immediately. “Janeway here.”
“Captain,” it was Tuvok, “You are needed on Voyager immediately.”
“I’m on my way.” She tapped her commbadge to close the link and started to jog to the nearest transport station.

=/= =/= =/= =/=

Chapter 3

He walked through the door and found her lying on his bed. She was under the blankets, staring him down.
“What took you so long?” she asked.
“I had to stop in the Delta Quadrant for about five years,” he laughed.
He walked to the bed and put his bag down beside him. She sat up in the bed and looked him in the eye with the
intensity of a predator hunting its prey. “I’ve been waiting for you,” she said seductively while crawling to him. She
placed her hands upon his chest and started to remove his uniform.
“Libby, I’ve missed you so much,” the ensign told her.
“Good,” she pressed her lips to his and pulled him to the bed. Their extremities became entangled in the sheets and
linens. They lay there, not quite believing that the other was beside them once again.


“Toommm,” a whisper echoed through his mind. “Toommm,” it came again, playing with his emotions.
“What?” he whispered back.
“I need you,” whispering still.
He sat up in bed and looked around. Not seeing anyone, he shrugged it off as a dream. He’d been having them ever
since B’Elanna died. He needed a place to relax and unwind. Tom got up from bed and started to get dressed. He walked into
his washroom and turned the water on, splashing his face. He looked into the mirror. Not recognizing what he saw, he looked
away. Gaining the courage to look up again, his reflection was replaced by B’Elanna’s.
“Toommm,” the apparition whispered.
“What do you want? Leave me alone!” he screamed into the mirror before shattering it. The slow tinkling sound the
mirror made as its pieces hit the floor sounded like tears falling from the wind.
“Toommm, I thought you loved me,” a whisper came from the air.
“I did,” he sobbed as he backed up to the wall and slid down it. He cradled his wounded hand, whispering, “I did. I


Blue particles raced in circles of complete chaos. They started to work together, forming a humanoid shape. Captain
Janeway stepped off the transporter pad, tapping her commbadge. “Janeway to Tuvok. I’m on board. What’s the problem?”
“Captain, please report to sickbay.”
“I’m on my way. Janeway out.”
Not knowing what was going on, she took off at a jog to sickbay, jumping over conduits and gelpacks.
Arriving in Sickbay, the captain noticed Kes was on the biobed. The Doctor was working on her with Tuvok standing
at the head of the bed.
“What’s happened?” she asked, walking over to the bed.
“Unknown. Ensign Wilder found her collapsed in the corridor outside of Transporter Room 2.”
“Doctor, what is her condition?”
“She should be fine. I have a cortical scanner running to monitor the psilocynine levels of her brain.”
“Keep me informed of her condition. I’ll be…”
“NO! STOP IT! LEAVE ME ALONE!” Kes sat straight up and screamed. The doctor’s instruments screeched.
Janeway flipped her head around, but Kes was already lying down again. She walked back over to the bed. “Just what
the hell was that?” she asked.

=/= =/= =/= =/=

Chapter 4

“Accocheemoya. I seek the ancestral spirits to guide me on my journey.”
Chakotay began his ritual to call his spirit guide. In his mind’s eye, he was in a jungle, searching for his guide.
He looked up into the branches of the tree before him. Animals were scurrying about in the morning mist. Something fell
from the branches above. It was a little creature. He knelt down to be sure it was not injured. It spoke to him.
“Beware the demon in the night. Do not be fooled by his generosity.” The creature scurried away.
Chakotay sat and tried to figure out what it meant. What demon was the creature talking about?
“Mr. Chakotay? Mr. Chakotay, are you all right?” an officer said as he shook the commander’s shoulder.
Chakotay snapped out of his vision, and turned to see who had entered his quarters. A lone officer stood before
him. He did not serve on Voyager. Two officers were at the door, holding phaser rifles.
“Mr. Chakotay?” the officer asked.
“Yes, I’m Chakotay.”
“Hello, I’m Commander Patrick of Starfleet Security. You and your Maquis crew are to come with me.”
“What is the meaning of this?”
“You and your crew are under arrest.”
“For what? What are the charges against us?”
“You are charged with treason against the United Federation of Planets. Now, you can either make this hard on
yourself, or you can come willingly.”
Chakotay thought about his options. He could fight the commander and escape, but the two guards at the door would
doubtlessly shoot him. He stuck out his hands. Commander Patrick put the restraints on Chakotay and led him to Cargo Bay 2.
Arriving there, he saw they had already gotten the rest of his crew. He needed help. Where was Kathy when he needed her


*Kes,* the voices called from the back of her mind. They had learned to take their time in communicating with her.
*I’m here. What do you need?* she asked the voices.
*You. Be our connection. Be our stronghold. Be our voice,* they called to her.
*Why do you want me?* she asked.
*You have psychic abilities we have never seen before. They are growing and becoming more powerful. You know this
*So you want to study me?* she asked them.
*No, we want to help teach you to control them. To harness their power.*
*How can you do this?*
*Come to us and we can show you.*
*Who are you?*
*Who we are is irrelevant. Come to us. We will show you our good faith.*
*Where do you want me to go?*
*You already know. You must do something for us on your way.*


All of Voyager’s normal crew had been sent home for the remainder of their stay. Only a few Starfleet personnel
were stationed on board. Most were busy ripping out and replacing circuits with parts Janeway had never seen before.
Kathryn was on the bridge with people all around her. She walked to her ready room to gather her personal belongings before
beaming home. As the door shut behind her, she walked up to the couch and grabbed a bag to carry her stuff in. She put a
couple of PADDS in the bag, then picked up a picture from her desk. It was of Mark. She had forgotten all about him during
all the commotion. How could she be so inconsiderate? Here was a man that she had loved, and she hadn’t even tried to
contact him. She was about to remedy that problem.
She sat down at her desk and accessed the LCARS computer. “Computer, run a search in the Federation database for
this man.” She held the photograph in front of the computer. A thin, narrow beam of blinding green light came from the
computer as it scanned the image.
“I’m sorry, that information is classified.” the monotonous voice called after a brief pause.
‘Classified? Why the hell are Mark’s files classified?’ she thought. ‘There’s got to be a way around it.’
“Computer, security override. Janeway-alpha-echo-Charlie-three-five-nine.”
“Unable to comply.”
“Why?” she asked the computer.
“Access to these files has been restricted.”
“By who?”
“Admiral Paris.”
“What the hell!?!” she said aloud.
“Please redefine the parameters,” the computer said back.
Janeway looked at the computer, and couldn’t help but chuckle.

=/= =/= =/= =/=

Chapter 5

Tom Paris walked through the corridors of Voyager, heading to sickbay. There were many engineers on board. Every
panel in the corridors had been removed, with people now busily rerouting and changing circuits.
Stepping into sickbay, Tom noticed Kes on a biobed. The Doctor wasn’t anywhere to be seen.
“Computer, activate Emergency Medical Holographic Program.”
“That program is currently running.”
Tom scanned sickbay once again, but still didn’t see him.
“Computer, locate the EMH program.”
“The EMH program is on Deck Two, Section 47.”
‘What is he doing in the mess hall?’ Tom thought. “Tom Paris to the Doctor,” he called to the air after tapping his
“Go ahead, Mr. Paris.”
“I’m in sickbay and I need some assistance.”
“I’ll be there as soon as I can. Doctor out.”
Tom shrugged his shoulders and went to sit on a biobed. He hoisted himself up, which proved to be a difficult task
with his hand so mangled. He couldn’t believe how much glass could injure a person. He looked around the room, and noticed
that Kes was stirring. He hopped off the biobed and started to walk over to her. When he was halfway there, she sat up.
“Kes, are you okay?” he asked.
She didn’t answer, only continued to get up from the bed.
“Kes, I don’t think that you should be up.” He walked over and tried to restrain her. He couldn’t.
She walked over to the EMH control panel beside the entrance to sickbay and shut down the program. Then Kes walked
through the Doctor’s office and into the examination room.
“Kes, what do you think you’re doing?” Tom called to her. She finally acknowledged him.
“That is irrelevant. Do not attempt to interfere.” She walked over to the cooling chamber on the far wall. She
punched a few commands into the wall console. A drawer started to open from the wall. Tom looked inside the drawer and saw
his only love lying there. He felt as if he was about to vomit. She looked so horrible, the entire left side of her face
burnt. How could Kes do this to him? He felt woozy. He tried to steady himself on the wall, but failed, and collapsed.
Before unconsciousness claimed him, he heard Kes speak.
“Computer, energize.”


“Where is the rest of your crew?” Commander Patrick asked Chakotay.
Chakotay motioned to everyone in the cargo bay. “This is all of them.”
“There are still three crew members unaccounted for. I’ll ask you one more time. Where is the rest of your crew?”
“Who are the three missing people?” Chakotay asked him.
“B’Elanna Torres, Seska, and a Lon Suder.”
“I guess you didn’t do your homework after all. All three of them are deceased.”
“I’ll need to confirm this with Captain Janeway.”
“By all means.” Chakotay stared hard at the commander, daring him to call the captain down to the cargobay. Then
she could try and get him and his people out of this mess.
“I think I just will,” the commander responded through clenched teeth. He tapped his commbadge. “Commander Patrick
to Captain Janeway.”


Janeway stepped onto the transporter pad. She couldn’t wait to see her sister and mother. She’d been gone a long
time, and had asked Admiral Paris to keep Voyager’s return under wraps until she got home to her family. She wanted to
surprise them. She looked at the ensign at the controls.
“Energi…” she was interrupted by the chirp of her communicator. “Commander Patrick to Captain Janeway.”
Janeway sighed loudly. She was never going to get home. “Commander, this is going to have to wait.”
“I’m sorry, Captain, but you are needed in Cargo Bay 2.”
‘Now what the hell is wrong?’ she asked herself. She looked at the ensign and shrugged her shoulders. “I’m on my
way,” she called to the air.
She stepped off the transporter pad, and headed for the door. “This had better be good,” she whispered under her

A few minutes later, Janeway arrived at the entrance to Cargo Bay 2. She stepped up to the doors and expected to
see work crews strewn all over the bay. This was not the case. Instead, she found that members of her crew were being
guarded by Starfleet security personnel.
“What is the meaning of this?” she demanded.
“Captain, can you confirm the deaths of these crew members?” he handed her a PADD, ignoring her previous question.
She looked over the PADD. “Yes, they are all dead.” She handed the PADD back to him and glanced at Chakotay.
“Now, why are members of my crew being detained?”
“Captain, this is a matter of Starfleet security.”
Janeway’s jaw dropped. She had never been spoken to in this manner. She gave the commander a nasty look. “Excuse
“I said, this is a Starfleet security matter.”
“Commander, I’m going to ask you one more time: tell me what is going on! That’s an order.”
“These men and women are enemies of the Federation. They are to be brought into custody. They will undergo a trial
on the counts of treason against the United Federation of Planets.”
“Over my dead body.” She pronounced each word with emphasis.
“Captain, you are interfering with matters of Federation security. Please stop if you know what’s good for you.”
“What’s good for me? What’s GOOD for ME?!? I’ll TELL you what’s good for ME, Commander. What would be good for ME
is for you to get off my ship.” She turned to her crew members. “All of you, return to your quarters. I’ll let you know
what’s happening.” She turned to leave.
“They should have never let women become captains,” the commander muttered under his breath. Janeway turned to face
“What did you just say?” she stepped towards him.
Commander Patrick tried to hide his remark. “I didn’t say anything.”
“The hell you didn’t.” She stepped closer. Her fist flew from her side and made contact with the commander’s face.
He went sprawling on the floor and slid to the other two Starfleet security officers. “Maybe they shouldn’t have let YOU
become a person.” she turned and walked out the door with Chakotay.

=/= =/= =/= =/=

Chapter 6

“That’s some right hook, Captain.” Chakotay teased her.
“Thanks. He’s got a hard head, all right.” She shook out the pain in her hand.
“You’d better get to sickbay and let the Doctor take a look at that.”
“I was going to go there anyway to check on Kes. Care to join me?” she asked, sticking out her arm.
“Gladly.” He wrapped his arm around hers and they headed for sickbay.
Janeway couldn’t bear to see her ship like this, with her innards strewn all about the decks. Thank heavens this
ship could land on Earth. These repairs were too extensive to do in space. Janeway’s thoughts were interrupted by Chakotay.
“I contacted my spirit guide today.”
“Really? And what did she say?” Janeway looked at him, smiling.
“She said, ‘Beware the demon in the night. Don’t be fooled by his generosity.’ Any idea as to what that means?”
Janeway was puzzled. She repeated the phrase in her mind, trying to comprehend its meaning. “It’s not often you
hear a Starfleet captain say this, but I have no idea.”
“I don’t either. That’s what bothers me.”
They stepped up to the doors of sickbay and walked in. Kes wasn’t on the biobed. Had the doctor given her
permission to leave?
“Computer, activate the EMH program,” Janeway called into the air.
“Unable to comply. That program is offline.”
Chakotay walked over to the EMH controls on the wall. After hitting a few commands, he reported, “Captain, the
Doctor has his holoemitter on, but it’s not activated.”
An ensign walked through the doors of sickbay. Surprised by the presence of the captain, he stood at attention.
“At ease, Ensign. What’s the matter?” she asked him.
“I was working in the mess hall with the Doctor when suddenly he just disappeared. I came to see if there was a
problem on this end.”
“Is that his holoemitter?” she pointed to the ensign’s hands.
“Ye..Yes, it is.” The ensign was nervous as hell. He had never expected to see the captain here. He handed the
holoemitter to Janeway. She held it up in the air, and pressed a few buttons.
The Doctor appeared before him. “…this cheese to sick…bay,” he said, looking around. “What happened?” he asked
the ensign. The ensign just nodded in the direction of the captain. The Doctor turned around and was startled by Janeway’s
presence. “Captain, I didn’t expect to see you here. Then again, I didn’t expect to see me here.”Janeway held up her hand
to silence the Doctor.
“Did you release Kes from sickbay?” she asked.
“What? No, she’s lying over there on the bio…bed.” He turned and saw that no one was there. He became frantic,
walking into his office calling Kes’ name. She wasn’t there. He walked into the next room and noticed Tom Paris on the
floor. He quickly hurried to beside Paris. “Captain, bring me my medical kit,” he called.
The captain came walking in with the Doctor’s medkit. She noticed Tom on the floor and sped up her pace. She handed
the medkit to the Doctor. “What’s hapenned?” she asked.
The Doctor ran the medical tricorder over Tom’s head. “He appears to have passed out. He’s got a mild concussion on
the back of his head where he hit the floor. I need to get him on a biobed.” Janeway lent a hand, and helped the doctor
carry Tom to the next room. Chakotay was surprised to see him like this.
“What happened?” Chakotay asked them.
“We don’t know. Check the back room and see if you can find anything that can help us. And get Tuvok down here,”
Captain Janeway told him.
Chakotay tapped his commbadge and called Tuvok while he proceeded to the back room. He looked around and noticed a
cooling bed open. He walked over to it and read the info on the end. It was B’Elanna’s. He looked inside, but her body was
gone. ‘Who the hell took her body?’ he asked himself. He walked back to where Janeway and the Doctor were. “She’s gone,” he
told them.
“What do you mean she’s gone?” Janeway asked him.
“Who’s gone?” the Doctor chimed in.
“B’Elanna. Her body is gone.”


Darkness surrounded her, pulsating with rhythm. Where was she? What was happening? How did she get here? Who was
she? Questions floated around her mind waiting to be answered. She had none for them.
Suddenly a stream of light erupted from a crack in the wall. A door opened and a person reached in for her. Who was
this person? She’d seen her before. She couldn’t pinpoint where, though. An image of a starship floated into her mind; a
sleek, elegant ship with the true graces of a woman. Was this her ship? It couldn’t be. She was so tired; she wanted to
sleep. A name popped into her mind. Kes. The person spoke to her.
“Come on, B’Elanna, it will be all right,” the person, Kes, said.
“Who… who… am I?” she asked.
“You are B’Elanna Torres of the Starship Voyager. Don’t you remember anything?” the person asked her.
“No, I don’t,” she said, shaking her head.
“Rest well, B’Elanna, everything will be fine.” Kes touched B’Elanna’s forehead. A small glow emanated from the
point of contact. B’Elanna drifted back into darkeness.

*She will be all right, won’t she?* Kes asked the woman.
*Of course she will. Are you ready to begin?*
*Yes, I’m ready.*
*Good, follow me.*
*Riley, what exactly are we going to do?*
*You’ll find out soon enough.* She smiled and turned around. Kes followed her into the darkness of the Borg Cube.


“Tuvok, I want answers. Where has B’Elanna’s body gone? Where has Kes one? What happened to Mr. Paris” Janeway
asked Tuvok.
“It would be wise to say that Kes and B’Elanna are together, since Computer records indicate they left the ship at
the same time.”
“Were you able to track where they were beamed to?” She asked him, placing a PADD she was going over on her desk.
“Unfortunatly, whoever beamed them away was successful in masking their transport. The only records were of them
leaving the ship.”
“Very well. Keep looking, Dismissed.” Tuvok got turned around and walked out the door to the bridge.
Janeway sat in her chair looking at the glowing blue orb outside her window. She had waited to get this far, and
now she wasn’t even getting to enjoy it. With B’Elanna’s and Kes’ disappearences, Starfleet threatening to arrest her
marquis crew. She had been swamped up here. Now there was nothing left for her to govern on her ship. She had taken care
of all the urgent matters that kept popping up. Now all she could do is wait, but why wait in space when home was so near?
She decided to try and leave again. She walked over to the couch and picked up her bags and slung them over her shoulder.
She looked out the window at Earth and whispered, “I’ll be home soon.”


Night was falling along the quiet streets, everyone was snug in thier beds, awaiting the assault of the coming
storm. A high-pitched whine filled the air as a transporter beam put together the molecules of a person. Captain Janeway
stood in front of a nice little bungalow, tucked away from the rest of the houses along the street. The front light was
on, as if this house was expecting someone to be arriving. She looked around as she breathed the air of her home into her
body. Once she was satisfied, she turned towards the house, “It’s now or never, Kath.” She urged herself. She walked up to
the door and rang the chime. After a brief pause a voice came from the other side.
“Come in,” the feminine voice called from within.
Janeway waited as the door swung inwards to allow her passage. As she stepped into the dark house, she walked
forward. Following a soft glow that could only be coming from a fireplace. She stepped into the big room that was before
“Computer, Lights,” the same voice called into the air.
The lights to the whole room lit up with a brilliance she’d never remembered. She looked around the room and
instantly knew what was going to happen next.
“SURPRISE!!!!!” everyone in the room shouted at once. The room seemed to resonate the words with each minute.
Janeway was overcome with emotion as she looked around the room to see all her family, friends, and collegues
welcoming her home in one big bash. She nearly broke down at the sight of them all, but held back the tears that were
begging to be cried. Everyone was there, her mother, her sister, Admiral Paris, other officers, and friends who’d she’d not
seen in 4 years. It was a great time for her indeed, as well as emotionally overwhelming. She moved her gaze around the
room taking in each face, as if it might once again be swept away from her. Only one person was missing, which deeply
troubled her. Marc.
Everyone moved in closer to her, wanting to touch her to be sure it was real. People were cheering, crying,
laughing. It truely was a great time. She couldn’t have asked for it to be better. She moved into the center of the
crowd, into the center of her welcoming party.


Don’t be fooled this is not the end…..


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