One Voice

Sean Clark-McCarthy
Welcome To Voyager

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Star trek: Voyager
Title: One Voice
Rated: G
Codes: 7o9

Disclaimer: I wrote this story, Paramount owns all rights and privleges
of Star Trek and all related material. BUT this poem is MINE.


“Speak softly, for those who can not hear an angry shout, may strain to
hear a whisper.”
-Will Odon ‘The Host’

All around us
They instruct us
They guide us
We are content

They are all gone now
Only one voice remains
It must instruct me
It must guide me
I am confused

One Voice
I can not function
I can not continue
In one voice, I think
In one voice, I speak
In one voice, I am
Where are all the others?
I am alone
I long for the voices.

“One voice, can be stronger than a thousand voices.”
-Captain Janeway ‘The Gift’

End transmission


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