Star Trek: Voyager
Title: Sunrise
Rating: [PG]
Codes: P/T
Setting: Any time after ‘Revulsion’

Written By: Sean Clark-McCarthy

Author’s note: This is a REALLY short story. I was inspired to write it this morning after I myself went out to watch the
sunrise. I recommend it; it truly is amazing.

Summary: B’Elanna and Tom watch the sunrise on the holodeck.

Disclaimer: The author recognizes and respects the copyrights of Paramount. I’m only borrowing, don’t have a cow.


B’Elanna woke from her sleep to find that she was late. She jumped out of bed and hurriedly put some clothes on. No
uniforms for her today: she had taken the day off. Not that you really could when you were the chief engineer of a
starship, but she had put Carey in charge, and she knew nothing would go wrong. It had better not, or there would be one
mad Klingon on his hands. She rushed out the door and made her way to the holodeck.
She stepped into the holodeck to a dim glow from the sky. It had been so long since she had seen a *real* sunrise,
but this would have to do. She walked across the gravel yard to a bench which a man was sitting on. There were two piers
off to the right. Each one had long rows of rocks which stretched four feet past the end of each pier. She walked up to the
back of the bench and looked over the water. She put her hand on Tom’s shoulder.
“It’s beautiful,” she said softly.
“Isn’t it?” Tom replied.
B’Elanna moved around the bench to sit next to him. She curled up in a ball on the bench to protect herself from
the cold mist of the morning.
“Cold?” he asked her.
“A little,” she said.
He put his arm around her to ward away the coldness that plagued her. Birds started chirping as they awoke from
their slumber, welcoming the new day. The murky water lapped against the rough gray rocks. A bird fought against the
stiffening breeze as it trekked out over the foggy river. The sun poked its head over the horizon ahead, leaving a fiery
trail across the sky. Orange, blue, purple and pink joined the sun as it slowly took its position in the sky. A magnificent
orb of glowing colors left its first light upon their faces. They sat and stared at the awesome sight. The sun was soon
high above the horizon, and no longer cast differing colors across the sky.
“So did you like it?” Tom asked her.
“I loved it,” she said. “Can we watch it again?”
“Computer, restart program,” he called into the air.
The scene soon faded as was replaced by the pitch blackness of night.
“What a wonderful way to start a day,” she said to him.
“I couldn’t agree more,” he said, as he leaned his head over and kissed the top of her head. “I couldn’t agree

Moral of the story: Enjoy every moment of life ’cause you can’t replay it after it’s gone.



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