High School Trek

An indistinct shimmering of molecules attested to two unintentional
travelers-in-time taking substance in another age. The figure who
had materialized on the right was the first to comment.

“Spock, I hate to say it, but this does not look like Rigel IV,” Kirk
observed with an anxious grin.

“Indeed, captain. We are apparently victims of a serious malfunctioning of the transporter.”

“Analysis, Mr. Spock.”

“Tricorder readings indicate we have materialized on the planet Earth, the seventh decade of the twentieth century.”

“Earth of the 1970s? I must agree, that is quite a serious –
‘malfunctioning’. Do you have any idea where we are, specifically?”

“We would appear to be standing in the center of a ‘Commons’, captain.”

” ‘Commons’, Mr. Spock? ”

“Correct. Commons, in latin occurrens loco, meaning a gathering
or meeting place.”

“I find it odd they don’t seem to notice we’re any different from themselves. Almost as though we’re accepted as routine.”

“Judging from some of the apparel, captain, I would almost say we are fashionable.”

“But your ears, Mr. Spock. They must notice them.”

“As I recall, this was an era of sensitivity on your planet. Evidently
no one wants to be accused of harboring any prejudice.”

Spock suggested they were located in a high school educational institution of the seventies.

Having agreed the only way to remedy their dilemma was to learn
more about where they were, Kirk set out to investigate, while Spock
toured the Commons.

After several minutes of relative calm, Spock was approached by
a husky, plainly dressed student.

“Just whattya’ think you’re pullin’ off, walkin’ around like that, dressed
like a freak?”

“You will have to excuse me. I am not familiar with the vernacular of this era.”

“Alright, hippie, if you’re gonna’ pitch scabby words at me I’ll have to
deck ya’!”

“Fascinating. An individual dependent solely upon physical endowment. I find this most interesting. May I tricord you?” Spock extended the instrument toward the student.

Now you get it!” Spock’s antagonist bellowed, rearing back his
right arm and bulging shoulder.

“A shame,” Spock sighed, approaching from the right shoulder and fastening his hand about the base of the student’s neck, as his specimen who could have been so illuminating slumped to the ground.






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