Alpha Quad Days, Delta Quad Nights: Plomeek Soup For the Soul

Title: Plomeek Soup For the Soul
Rating: [PG-13] J/C
Series: VOY
Part: NEW 1/1

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Alpha Quad Days, Delta Quad Nights
Episode Six
Plomeek Soup For the Soul
By: Sforzie

Janeway sighed, rubbing her eyes. Instead of contacting the Nevians, she
had went to the
Mess Hall. It was there now that Janeway sat in a corner with her head
hung low. Her anger had
quickly subsided, and now she felt a bit silly. But she was still upset at
There was a thunk on the table, and Janeway heard someone sit down next to
her. She
lifted her head and looked blearily at the arrival.
“You look like you need another coffee,” said Kim. Janeway sighed,
shaking her head.
Kim slid the coffee in front of her anyhow.
“Have another fight?”
“Another? What do you mean?”
“We heard you the other day.”
“Oh.” She looked curiously at Kim. He no longer seem to be that young
ensign she had
once known.
“Do you and B’Elanna fight?”
“That’s a redundant question,” Kim sighed, “of course we fight. Over
stupid stuff
“Stupid stuff?”
“Yeah, you know…”
“Enlighten me.”
“Mm, with B’Elanna’s temper we tend to fight almost every night. Keeps
interesting. Last night it was about maintenance shifts or something.
B’Elanna does most of the
yelling.” He shrugged.
“Has she ever walked out on you?”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, has she ever gotten so mad that she just got up and left?”
“Mm, no, usually she just throws Minky and calms down.”
“It’s a little stuffed animal that doesn’t break anything when B’Elanna
throws it.”
Janeway sighed, “I’m not exactly the Minky-throwing type.”
“So you two are fighting?”
Janeway sighed again, “Yeah.”
“Over what?”
She shook her head, “To tell the truth I really don’t know anymore.
Everything I
remember seems kinda silly.”
“I know what you mean. Once we fought over the color of the carpet in our
“Well, this isn’t quite the same silly. It was really serious at the
“What about?”
“The Nevian conflict. And the Klingons.”
Kim was quiet for a moment. Then, “what was the argument?”
“I thought the Nevians were responsible for the shuttlecraft attack, and
for the other
attacks. But Chakotay thought that the Klingons were. As it turned out, a
group of Nevians
were responsible.”
“So you were right.”
“Yes, I suppose. But for some reason I didn’t feel like the issue had
been resolve.
Something still isn’t right.”
Kim looked thoughtfully at her. “Maybe..”
“Maybe things don’t feel right, not because of the Nevians, but because
you and Chakotay
haven’t completely made up over your fight. It’s important to always make
Janeway started. “For someone so young, you sure are sharp.”
“Thanks. Maybe you just need time to cool off, and then make amends.”
“I think you’re right, Harry.” Janeway smiled at the young man.
Kim got up, “Good luck.”
After he had left, Janeway picked up the coffee. She spoke to it through
clenched teeth.
“Just need to cool off..” She sipped the coffee, and made a face. “Eew,

The tennis ball had been glaring up at him, just like her. So now
Chakotay peevishly was
bouncing it against the wall. He was still upset, but not at her really.
“I am such a jerk.”
Bounce, *thud*.
“Such a jerk.”
Bounce, *thud*.
“Jerk, jerk, jerk.”
Bounce, bounce.
Chakotay didn’t bother searching for the ball, and just flopped back onto
the bed.
“I am a jerk. A creep, pig, moron, idiot..” he paused, trying to think of
other jerk words.
“She *was* right. About them. Stupid Nevians. Stupid Nevians? Stupid
me. Jerky me.”
Chakotay remained on the bed for awhile, grumbling miserably to himself.
“Computer, who is insensitive?”
“Unable to comply. Please restate question. Supplying definition for
Chakotay ignored the droning.
“Computer, are the holodecks in use?”
“Holodecks one, three, and four are currently in use or reserved for use.”
“Reserve holodeck two for Commander Chakotay.”
There was a pause, then an affirmative chirp. “Holodeck reserved.”

After cooling off with a new cup of coffee, Janeway walked moodily
throughout the
ship. This used to work to help her think. Not today though. She made
her way through
Engineering, which at it’s normal level of nighttime emptiness. Two lone
crewmen nodded as she
passed them. For once Janeway didn’t stop to make small talk.
Eventually she found herself standing in front of Holodeck Three. She had
reserved it for
use a few days before, but now wasn’t exactly sure she wanted to partake in
anything. Curious,
she checked the other holodecks. Holodeck one was running a training
program, and four was
running a skiing program. She had not expected anyone to be in Holodeck
two. But Janeway
checked anyhow. The readout on the panel made her stop.
CURRENT USER: Cmdr. Chakotay
STATUS: Normal
SECURITY: No lockout*

She sighed thoughtfully, wondering what he was doing in there. Janeway
was also curious
as to what SandriV11 was.
“Computer, give a summary for the holodeck program SandriV11.”
“Unable to comply. No summary is currently available.”
“Strange,” Janeway murmured. “Is Commander Chakotay the only person in
Janeway had done her share of cooling off, but had Chakotay? She was
overly curious as
to what he was up to, but also reluctant to get herself into another
argument. Janeway started to
turn and go back down the hall. She stopped halfway into the turn.
“No,” Janeway said to herself, “I need to talk to him.”
Janeway entered the holodeck.

What she found was not what she had been expecting. A dark, cold street
stretched away
from Janeway to the left and right. Just ahead she could see a line of
buildings. The first one she
came to was marked rather plainly as “Sandrine’s Version 11”. The name
made her pause.
Hadn’t Tom use to have a Sandrine’s program on Voyager? He had. Janeway
stopped at the
door to the bar. It was snowing lightly. Janeway’s hand hovered nervously
over the handle of the
door. The cold finally won out, and Janeway turned the handle carefully.
It was considerably warmer inside, but almost just as dark. Janeway
squinted a bit,
searching the bar for Chakotay. He was sitting at table, back to her.
Janeway’s heart lurched for
a moment; he looked so sad from where she was standing. She quietly shut
the door behind her,
and remained standing there silently for several minutes. Janeway was
afraid to move for fear of
alerting Chakotay to her presence. She was there for nearly ten minutes
before realizing that he
*did* know that she was in there. The music playing from a small grey box
on the bar counter
top hinted at that.

*…And if I quit asking why
Maybe you’ll see I’m telling the truth
And speaking my heart.
Maybe we can try
To travel that road again
With forgiveness we aren’t apart..*

Janeway sighed, and sat at a table diagonal to where Chakotay was. From
there she could
look him in the eye without really looking at him. What was she going to
say? She had never
been very good at apologizing or… what was she doing here? She hadn’t
originally intended on
talking to Chakotay tonight, but now she had stumbled her way into almost
“Well, aren’t you going to say something?”
Janeway looked up sharply. Had she said that or had he? Chakotay looked
back at her
“Isn’t *anybody* going to say something?”
Janeway clamped her hand over her mouth. She had said that! Hadn’t she?
thoughrolly confused, Janeway cracked a weak smile. She opened her mouth.
“Did I say that?”
Chakotay blinked, and shook his head.
“Did you?”
“I’m going crazy.”
Silence. Even the music had stopped. Janeway cleared her throat, and sat
up some. She
looked down at the table. They had been brought over from the original
program, Janeway could
tell. She had spent too many nights in that bar, either playing pool or
cards or just carrying out
pointless conversations. She hadn’t been the only one, but the thought
struck her as humorous
now, and Janeway chuckled.
“May I ask what you find so funny?”
Janeway looked up at Chakotay.

Nothing. What was she laughing at then? Chakotay held in the sigh that
he felt bubbling
to the surface. This was crazy. They were crazy maybe; hearing voices.
But had she sought him
out just to sit there and ignore him? It wasn’t totally impossible… but
doubtful. Kathryn wasn’t
the type to do that. Chakotay wondered if Harry Kim had been talking to
her again. B’Elanna
would kill him if anyone found out about their stuffed animal collection.
He turned his head to
hide the grin that the thought brought up.
The music had stopped. When had that happened? Had he really been in
here that long?
The last song had been “Asking”, hadn’t it? By that Bajoran… Chakotay
shook his head and got
to his feet. He noticed Kathryn lean back a little at this. Chakotay went
over to the programming
outlet disguised as a box on the counter. Her eyes followed Chakotay’s
movement’s curiously.
He plugged in several more selections, and then turned back around. She
was standing. When
had she stood up? Kathryn was only a few feet away from him now.
Chakotay swallowed and
relunctantly offered her his hand. The music started again.

He wanted to dance? Janeway cocked her head thoughtfully and looked at
outstretched hand. The music was something that she probably had once had
on a musica exam in
the Academy… The Black Diamond Tango. An almost bemused smile cracked
her face.
“Why not?”
They moved in small circles, not in time with the music. Their bodies
weren’t touching,
and they were finding it difficult to look directly at each other. When
the song ended, Janeway
dropped his hands. She and Chakotay nervously stood there in the middle of
the room.
Finally, the silence had to break.
“Listen, Chakotay…”
Okay, it didn’t stop for too long. They both clamped their mouths shut
“I’m sorry.”
Again neither was sure who had said it. This time however it was because
they both had.
As soon as that was realized Chakotay pulled Janeway into a tight hug.
She started laughing, and
rested her head on his chest.
“I have been such a jerk.”
“You’ve been a jerk?”
“Yeah. It’s the male who gets to be the jerk.”
“What was I then?”
Chakotay looked at her thoughtfully.
“We were both at fault,” he said carefully. Janeway chuckled again.
“I was talking to Harry Kim earlier.”
“I thought so.”
“Actually it was more like he decided to push some of his untold wisdom on
Chakotay laughed, “untold wisdom?”
“Smart boy,” Janeway murmured, looking up at him. “We need to get a
stuffed animal.”
Chakotay stifled at groan.
“If you tell anyone, we’re going to need a new Chief Ops officer.”
“Anyhow, Harry said… he said that maybe we weren’t really mad at each
other, but that
we still had some unsettled feelings from our fight.”
“How’d he know about-”
“They heard us fighting.”
“And Harry also said that we need to make amends.”
“Harry said that?”
“Yeah.” Janeway nodded a bit.
“*Our* Harry?”
She laughed, “yep.”
Chakotay shook his head, “the Harry who’s usually too timid to go over his
wife’s head
Janeway laughed again. “Yes. That Harry.”
“Wow. When did he get so sharp?”
“Good question.”
Chakotay finally broke the hug, and as he led her back to a table, another
song started to

* Love doesn’t ask why
It speaks from the heart
And never explains
Don’t you know that
Love doesn’t think twice
It can come all at once
Or whisper from a distance..*

“Nice song,” commented Janeway as she sat down next to him.
“I thought so too.” Janeway looked up at him.
“You know, I never wanted to be mad at you,” she said. He looked at her.

* Don’t ask me if this feeling’s right or wrong
It doesn’t have to make much sense
It just has to be this strong
‘Cause when you’re in my arms I understand
We don’t have a voice
When our hearts make the choices
There’s no plan
It’s not in our hands

Love doesn’t ask why
It speaks from the heart
And never explains
Don’t you know that
Love doesn’t think twice
It can come all at once
Or whisper from a distance..*

“Where’s your hand?”
He laughed, and kissed her.

* Now I can feel what you’re afraid to say
If you give your soul to me
Will you give too much away
But we can’t let this moment pass us by
Can’t question this chance
Or expect any answers
We can try
But love doesn’t ask you why

So let’s take what we found
And wrap it around us

Love doesn’t ask why
It speaks from the heart
And never explains
Now I know that
Love doesn’t think twice
It can come all at once
Or whisper from a distance

Love doesn’t ask why…*

As the woman’s voice faded back into the shadows of the holodeck, Janeway
“Chakotay, I’m sorry.”
“I’m sorry too.”
“What a crappy first mission.”
They smiled.
“I wish it hadn’t turned out this way.”
“Neither do I.” Janeway leaned against him. “I wish we hadn’t fought.”
“So do I. But… what’s a relationship without fights?”
“You’ve been listening to Harry too?”
“B’Elanna actually.”
“Chakotay,” Janeway said his name again, just listening to it.
After a few minutes Janeway shifted, and cleared her throat.
“I remember our first first mission.”
“Our what?”
“The first time I met you,” Janeway said deliberately. “I wanted to throw
you in the brig.”
“I wanted to be thrown in the brig. So why didn’t you?”
Janeway paused thoughtfully, cocking her head. “I’m not really sure. I
guess it was just
because we needed the help.”
“That makes me feel so good,” Chakotay smiled with the sarcasm. “You
looked funny
Janeway sat up, but was still grinning. “Funny?”
“Your hair… it was in that… bun,” Chakotay pretended to shudder. “You
were short, but
you had such a prescence.”
“What kind?”
“Very commanding. And your heels made you easier not to look down at.”

“I’m just telling the truth.”
“You smelled,” Janeway shot back.
“I smelled?”
“Like what?”
“Old, stinky ship.”
Chakotay laughed, “old stinky ship, eh?”
“Mm hmm.”
“You smelled like roses.”
“You needed a bath.”
“You had an additude.”
“I still do,” Janeway said haughtily. “You picked up my mannerisms.”
“Yep. I couldn’t tell whether you were doing it unintentionally, or if
you were mocking
“It probably depended on what I was doing.”
“Well, how did Tom put it? Oh yes,” Janeway smiled mischevously. “You
used my
“command stance of death”.”
“Your *what*?!” Chakotay nearly choked with laughter.
“That’s what I said at first,” she said, “I believe it was in refrence to
me putting my hands
on my hips.”
“Oh, *that* command stance of death. I thought he was referring to your
evil glare.”
“No, that’s just called “The Evil Glare”.”
“You could knock an elephant dead on its feet with that thing.”
“Assuming you can find an elephant,” Janeway deadpanned.
“Any of the assorted aliens we passed were sufficient.”
Janeway hummed in agreement. She traced absent circles on the surface of
one of the
tables. “Chakotay?”
“Who made this program?”
“I did,” Chakotay admitted.
“Really. Why?”
“I suppose it was out of boredom.”
“Before or after you came back after me?”
“Before,” Chakotay smiled.

* From the first day that I saw your smiling face
Honey I knew that we would be together forever
When I asked you out, you said no, but I found out
Darling you’d been hurt, you felt that you’d never love again
I deserve a try, honey, just once
Give me a chance, and I’ll prove this all wrong
You walked in you were quick to judge
But honey, he’s nothing like me

I’ll never break your heart
I’ll never make you cry
I’d rather die, then live without you
I’ll give you all of me, honey that’s no lie..*

Janeway smiled at Chakotay, “you were awfully careful when you programmed
in those
songs, weren’t you?”
“You’d better believe it,” Chakotay smiled as she pulled him down closer.

* As time goes by you will get to know me
A little more better, girl that’s the way love goes
And I know your afraid, to let your feelings show
And I understand, but girl it’s time to let go
I deserve a try honey, just once
Give me a chance and I’ll prove this all wrong
You walked in you were so quick to judge
But honey he’s nothing like me
Darling why can’t you see

I’ll never break your heart
I’ll never make you cry
I’d rather die, then live without you
I’ll give you all of me, honey that’s no lie.. *

“Ungh, I noticed the song didn’t say anything about breaking my back.”
“Should I move?”
“A little. You know, there aren’t any security locks on.”
“I know.”
“Just hope that this Sandrine’s doesn’t become as popular as the
“Not within the next few minutes?”
“I don’t know about that, Chakotay,” Janeway grinned, now nearly sitting
in his lap. “I’m
pretty sure that at just the right moment one of us will be called to the
Bridge for something.”
“True,” Chakotay said. Then he smiled slyly, “that doesn’t mean we can’t
“You’re an evil man, Commander.”
“That’s why you love me.”
“Mm, did I say that?”
“Yep.” Chakotay was pulled down for another kiss. “Hmm, is it getting
hot in here?”
“Nice try,” Janeway laughed, “I think it’s still snowing outside.”
“It’s snowing? Really?” Chakotay returned the laugh, “I don’t think that
I programmed
“Then you might want to check.”
Janeway followed Chakotay outside. He whistled.
“I’ll be damned.”
“It might be something from the original program.”
“I’ll go check.” Chakotay moved over to a panel that was visible.
“You’re right it is-” He
turned around. “Kathryn?”
SMACK. He was caught upside the head by a snowball. Looking around,
heard Janeway’s laughter. She was nearly rolling in a snowbank a few
meters away.
“Never turn your back to me when there’s snow around,” she grinned evilly.

“Is that so?”
“Where I come from, being able to throw a mean snowball is a requirement
for survival.”
“Really?” Chakotay dropped an arm to collect a handful of snow, but
Janeway grabbed it
and pulled him to the ground. She was laughing again. “Is that another
“Yeah,” Janeway leaned over him and kissed him. “Still hot?”
“A bit.”
“Mm hmm.” He pulled her on top of him.

They laid there in the snow for nearly fifteen minutes, kissing and
giggling like idiots,
before Chakotay’s commbadge inevitably chirpped.
“Oh, ignore it,” Janeway sighed.
“I think I might. I can’t move my arms anyhow.”
Another chirp. “Lt. Nirose to Commander Chakotay. You are need on the
Janeway tapped Chakotay’s commbadge, and he spoke. “Is it an emergency?”
“No. You are still needed, however.”
“Fine. I’ll be down in ten minutes.”
“Alright sir.”
“Chakotay out.”
“Sir?” Nirose didn’t close the link.
“Are you alright? Your breathing sounds funny.”
“I’m fine, Lieutenant. Chakotay *out*.”
“Yes sir.”
Janeway burst out laughing. “Poor girl.”
“Poor girl? You’re starting to weight a ton.”
“Ha ha. Do you want me to move?”
Janeway rolled off of Chakotay’s chest, and clambored to her feet. She
helped Chakotay
to his feet.
“My arms are numb.”
“Quit complaining,” Janeway brushed herself off, and then him. “You might
need to
change, your back is wet.”
“No problem, I’ll just take your jacket instead.”
“I don’t think so.”
“Are you going to the bridge?” Chakotay asked as they stood near the exit
“I’m going to stay and see if I can find something to drink.”
“Okay, I’ll go by myself,” Chakotay said, “you just have to promise me one
“What’s that?”
“You’re sure you’re not mad at me any more?”
“Yes, I’m very sure.”
“Okay, then I’ll see you later,” Chakotay ducked and kissed her good-bye.
He turned around to
the door, and realized his mistake. Another snowball hit him.
“Kathyrn, Queen of the Snowballs, strikes again!” Chakotay heard her call
victoriously as he made a
hasty exit.

Taking Janeway’s advice, Chakotay detoured on his route to the bridge, and
went to their
quarters to change. He sat on the bed, *their* bed, he realized. Looking
around the room,
Chakotay realized just how much of it was *theirs* and not just his or
hers. He scratched his chin
absently at this realization. And then there were just the little things,
the individual things that
*were* just one of theirs. His medicine bundle, her family pictures.
Janeway’s hairpin collection
on the floor near her desk, Chakotay’s pile of dirty clothes that Janeway
wouldn’t touch with a
ten foot pole… Chakotay got to his feet, and pulled on a fresh jacket.
He deliberately wnadered
to the shelf where Janeway’s photo collection was displayed. Chakotay
noticed how unusual the
assortment was, and how Janeway had placed it so she passed it whenever
going to her desk.
There was one rather old picture, a family one, of a family. There was a
man, woman, and
two young girls. Janeway was the one holding the squirming puppy. The
picture was over thirty
years old; the puppy long grown and gone. There were other assorted
pictures of Janeway at
different points in her Starfleet career. The more recent photos were near
the front: Janeway
several years before in a fresh admiral’s uniform, and another from almost
fifteen years prior in
new Captain’s pips. There were two photos further back whose presence
should have bothered
Chakotay, but surprisingly did not. One was a picture Chakotay had seen
many times back on the
old Voyager, of she and Mark and her dog. The other was of she and Tom
Paris, taken during
their honeymoon. Not too long ago those photos would have bothered him.
But there was a
larger photo, near the front, that showed evidence of being frequently
picked up, as Chakotay did
now. It had been taken less than a half year ago, in Florida. Janeway was
nearly sitting in
Chakotay’s lap, smiling more broadly than in any other photo displayed.
The picture had been
taken a few days before they had traveled to the shipyard.
With an almost wistful sigh, Chakotay set the photograph back on the
shelf. The love was
evident in her face even back then in that picture. He loved her too, he
realized. He had said it to
her many times, every day in fact, but at that moment he believed it.
Chakotay blinked with the
forced of it, and then an old, crazy thought struck his mind. He almost
slapped the commbadge
off of his chest.
“Chakotay to the Bridge.”
“Nirose here.”
“I’m going to be a few minutes later than I thought.”
“Is there something wrong sir?”
“No, I just need to do something.”
“Aye, sir.”
Chakotay made his way quickly out of the room, and down the hall to the
“Deck Five.”

Kathryn Janeway sat placidly in Holodeck Two, her feet propped up on a
table. She was
listening idly to the Sandrine hologram babble on about something that had
happened back on
Voyager. She was from the original program too. Janeway chuckled and took
another sip of her
“And then they-” Sandrine paused in midsentence and turned to the door.
Then she
blipped out of existence a moment later. Perplexed, Janeway too turned
towards the door. It
opened, admitting in a slightly flushed Chakotay.
Janeway smiled, “Chakotay, back so soon?” She sat up, dropping her feet
quietly to the
floor. Chakotay smiled back at her wanly, and came quickly across the
“I never made it to the bridge,” he said as he pulled her up from the
chair and kissed her.
Janeway laughed in her throat. “Chakotay?” He put a quieting finger to
her lips, and
dropped to his knees with a smile.
“I’ve only got time for one question,” he said. “Kathryn Janeway, will
you marry me?”



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