Alpha Quad Days, Delta Quad Nights: Sanguine Affliction

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Alpha Quad Days, Delta Quad Nights
Episode Four
Sanguine Affliction
By: Sforzie

“So, B’Elanna, how are things going?” Janeway peered over her chief
engineer’s shoulder.
“Just a sec,” came Torres’s reply. “Hold still, Harry.”
“Be careful or you’re going to light my hair on fire,” complained Kim.
“Quit whining,” Torres shut the welder off. “Okay, you can let go.”
Harry let go of the
panel and rose to his feet.
“Ow. I think you nicked a knuckle,” he commented, rifling through the
nearby med-kit.
“Oh, yeah. Sorry about that Captain,” Torres reached for a rag to
wipe her hands off.
“How are repairs progressing?” Janeway asked.
“Good,” Torres looked around thoughtfully, “once we run a full systems
check and clean
up, we should be ready to depart.”
“That’s good to know.”
“Sorry about the delay,” Torres apologized. “But the Doctor said it
was necessary.”
“As long as it means these systems won’t be dropping out on us during
the middle of a
Torres considered what might happen, and shook her head. “Don’t
worry, I don’t want
anything going wrong either. We could be in a lot of trouble if something
did happen.”
“And it would also involve my having to fix it again.”
Janeway laughed, and smiled at Harry who was running a dermal
regenerator over his
slightly singed knuckle.
“Hey, would you mind doing something for me Captain?”
“Sure, what is it?”
“Go down to Engineering and run a check on the conduits again.”
“Alright,” Janeway excused herself.
Chakotay fell into stride next to Janeway as she exited the Bridge.
“How’s my favorite Captain doing today?” he asked.
“I dunno, how is she?” Janeway grinned.
“She looks good, as usual,” smirked Chakotay. “So I take it you’re
fully recovered this
“Chakotay, I was fully recovered last night, or did you forget?”
“I’ll take that as flirting?”
“Well taken,” Janeway laughed as they stepped into a turbolift. “Main
Once inside, Chakotay curiously lifted the hair from Janeway’s neck.
“No scar?” he asked.
“Nope,” she laughed, pulling her hair free.
“So you feel fine?”
“Of course.”
“I was thinking Chakotay-”
“Ooh, that’s new.” Janeway laughed and kissed him.
“I was saying, that I was thinking about what B’Elanna said the other
day,” Janeway
leaned on the turbolift wall.
“The other day.” At Chakotay’s questioning look, she sighed. “The
other day, we were in
Engineering, and B’Elanna was checking the response relays for the helm..
Anyway, she was
talking about when, um… well, darn I forgot.”
“Is there a point to this story?” Chakotay asked. Janeway punched his
arm as they
stepped out of the turbolift.
“Yes,” she said, “the point is, that I was thinking about the problem
the Nevians are
having with the Klingons.”
“Who isn’t having a problem with the Klingons?” Chakotay said
“Well, for awhile, the Nevians weren’t. For nearly twelve years they
had a peaceful trade
agreement. But recently the Klingons began attacking Nevian trade ships,
and even Klingon trade
ships headed for Nevis Prime. About once every six days another Klingon
ship arrives, and
assaults the Nevians in some way. Then they leave.”
“Strange,” Chakotay followed Janeway across the first floor of
“I know.”
“What about it were you thinking about?”
“Why are the Klingons attacking Nevis Prime? Why break up a peaceful
arrangement that
has lasted longer than any other that they’ve had before?” Janeway stopped
at a console and
began to run a check.
“I know, it seems a little silly,” Chakotay commented.
“And none of the information I’ve gotten has shed much more light on
it. I don’t like
going into situations like this with my eyes closed.” Janeway tapped her
commbadge. “Janeway
to Torres.”
“Torres here,” B’Elanna responded, “Did you run the check?”
“Yes. Everything is looking good. All analyses are coming up clear.”
“Great,” Torres grinned over the line. “Well Captain, as soon as we
get everything
cleared up here we’ll be ready to depart.”
“Excellent,” Janeway looked offhandedly at Chakotay, then continued,
“B’Elanna, you
have the Bridge until I get back.”
“Aye, Captain.”
“Get back? Where are you going?” Chakotay asked as she shut off the
“I’m going to see Captain Sisko. I was hoping he’d be able to give me
more information
about the Klingons,” Janeway moved back to the turbolift, “care to join
“Why not?” Chakotay followed doggedly after her as she stepped in.
“That’s what I love about you Chakotay, you’re so agreeable.”
“I’m agreeable?”
“Yes, you are.”
“Hmm. You’re pretty agreeable yourself.”
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.”

“I don’t know if I’d be lying if I said that was a complete waste of
time,” Chakotay said as
they left Captain Sisko’s office and made their way back to the ship.
“Almost a complete waste, Chakotay. Nothing is a complete waste.”
“I wish he’d been willing to tell us what he knew,” Janeway
“You think Sisko knew more than he was telling us?” Chakotay looped
his arm around her
“Of course I do. He was a bit too nervous not to know anything.”
“He was nervous?”
Janeway laughed, “Yes, he was.”
“I would’ve never known.”
“It’s just that he was reading something when he came in. And unless
his son’s come out
with another book lately I don’t think Sisko was reading anything…”
“Ah, I see.” Chakotay nodded, and then cocked his head in her
direction. “Sisko has a
“And he’s a writer?”
“Mm, hmm.”
“I didn’t know that.”
“You don’t read much, do you?”
“I guess not. How come you know all these interesting things and I
Janeway shrugged, grinning. “It’s a secret that I cannot tell you.”
“Why not?”
“Because then,” Janeway waggled her brows at him, “then I would have
to kill you.”
Chakotay started for a moment before he realized she was kidding.
“Bad movie, Chakotay.” He looked down at her, then shrugged. Janeway
patted his arm.
“Don’t worry too much. Just one of those scary things I picked up from
being married to Tom.”
“Ah. That explains it.”
“Actually, it explains a little too much, but I’m willing to forget.”
“That shouldn’t be too hard with your memory.”
They were both laughing as they crossed over the threshold and onto
Voyager. Janeway’s
commbadge chirped.
“Torres to Janeway.”
“Janeway here. What is it B’Elanna?”
“Just letting you know that the internal sensors are all working
“You were detected as soon and you and Chakotay boarded.”
“Good. And everything else is in order?”
“Then tell all senior bridge officers to report to the Conference Room
at 1700 hrs for a
briefing. We’ll depart at 1800 hrs.”
“Aye, Captain.”

At 1706 hrs Nirose, Jennon, Kim, Torres, Nugui, Demamos, and Janeway
and Chakotay
were assembled in the Conference Room. Janeway was watching Demamos
curiously as Healy
entered the room. Chakotay cleared her throat, and Janeway rose to her
“Thank you everyone for being here and being *prompt*,” she looked
briefly at Healy, “as
you know we’ll be departing for the Nevis System at 1800 hrs. I just want
everyone to know
what has been going on there for the past few weeks.” She quickly
explained the situation with
the Nevians and Klingons. “Any questions?”
Demamos cleared his throat nervously. “Captain, before we got here
there was a
communications sent from the Klingons to Deep Space Nine. Isn’t that right
Lt. Jennon?” Mike
blushed furiously at him and nodded.
“Yes, Captain.”
“What did it concern?”
“We don’t know, Captain,” Mike stuttered, “but it was sent directly to
Captain Sisko at
1610 hrs.”
“That’s just before-” Janeway cut Chakotay off.
“I know. That must be what he was reading when we arrived.” Chakotay
nodded quietly.
“The Commander and I were just concerned that Captain Sisko wasn’t
telling us
everything that he knew about the conflict. That he was leaving something
important out.” She
let out a small frustrated sigh, and hit the panel embedded in the table in
front of her. “This is
Captain Janeway. Requesting permission to speak with Captain Sisko.”
“One moment please,” the Bajoran that appeared spoke quickly off
screen. A moment
later Sisko’s face replaced the Ops level.
“Yes Captain?”
“Captain Sisko,” Janeway’s voice nearly oozed false courtesy, “When we
last spoke you
failed to inform me that you had received communications from the
“Oh,” Sisko looked off screen for a moment. “I’m sorry about that
then. We received
word from a Klingon ship that they were requesting permission to dock here.
That is all.”
“Thank you, Captain.” With a frown Janeway cut the line. There was a
mumble from two
chairs down, where Torres sat, arms crossed over her stomach. “Comments,
“No Captain,” sighed Torres. Janeway nodded. She checked the time.
everyone is dismissed. Report to your stations in preparation for
When everyone was gone, Janeway turned to Chakotay. “What did she
“Something about stupid relatives’,” Chakotay shrugged. With a
slight laugh, Janeway
nodded and rose to her feet.
“Want to grab a quick coffee?”

Later that night, as Voyager moved through space to the Nevis System,
Janeway and
Chakotay sat in the mess hall.
“I thought you were supposed to have your own room to eat in,”
Chakotay said
“They dropped that when designing this ship.” Chakotay nodded. “I
suppose that they
figured that if this was a fighting ship, the captain shouldn’t have the
luxury of eating in private.”
“But nothing is stopping you from eating in your quarters.”
Janeway shrugged. “I like eating in here anyhow.”
“You’ve changed,” Chakotay commented.
“How’s that?”
“Well, a long time ago, back on Voyager you used to always try to
distance yourself from
the rest of the crew.”
“It didn’t work.”
“Who’s fault was that?”
“Mine now, is it?”
“Good. I was worried you’d let someone else claim the honor.”
They were still poking fun at each other when Torres and Kim arrived
at the table.
“Mind if we join you?” Torres asked.
“Sit down,” Janeway waved them down.
“Hungry, aren’t we B’Elanna?” Chakotay asked Torres. Kim snorted.
“This is her post-dinner-pre-midnight-snack-snack,” he told them.
“Is not,” B’Elanna defended herself. “I didn’t get dinner.”
“Oh. Sorry.”
“You should be Harry. Now, give me you roll.”
“Get your own!”
“It wouldn’t fit on the plate.” Kim sighed and gave her the roll.
“So, Captain,” Torres spoke between bites, “What do you think is going
to happen with
the Klingons?” Janeway heard Kim groan.
“I don’t know,” she admitted, “I suppose it will depend on how things
are when we get
there. I’m not sure how we’re expected to resolve this on our own.”
“I could probably think of a way or two to resolve it on my own,”
smirked Torres.
“Non-violent, B’Elanna,” Chakotay rolled his eyes.
“Oh. Darn,” she continued eating.
“We’re currently 19 hours from Nevis Prime,” Janeway said, sipping her
coffee thoughtfully,
“I hope we get another report from Starfleet by then.”
“Currently we’re going to arrive there at yellow alert,” Chakotay
said, “there doesn’t seem
to be a need for higher alarm yet.”
“I want full long range scans to begin at 0800 hrs. We should be able
to detect and
non-cloaked Klingon ships by then.” Janeway addressed Chakotay as she
looked at a datapad.
“Beta shift starts at 0700 hrs, what time do you want a senior
briefing?” Chakotay took
the padd from her.
“Mm, I think at 0900. That way we’ll have completed pre-lim scan…”
Janeway looked
absently down at her coffee mug again.
“Is something wrong?” Chakotay asked after she was silent for several
Janeway looked up. “Oh, I’m fine. Just thinking… What if the
attacks have something to
do with the Merran ceremonies?”
“The *what* ceremonies?” Torres cocked her head curiously.
“Isn’t that the, um, mating ritual?” Kim asked, flushing slightly.
“Yes. I was reading about the Nevians this morning. Every fifteen
years the Nevians go
through something they call the Merran’. It’s more than just a mating
ritual, it’s almost a
complete revision of the Nevian people.”
“But how would that interest the Klingons?”
“I’ve never known the Klingons to be grave-robbers,” Janeway said to
“Well, Nevians live only 75 years, by their tradition,” Janeway said.
“They have five social
groups. Each group is fifteen years apart.”
“Fifteen years…”
“Like generations, but stricter. Every Nevian in each social level is
the same age. At the
Merran in their lives Nevians either mate, give birth, or die.”
“Yeah, it is. The groups from youngest to oldest I think are called
the Verans, Lerans,
Nerans, Rerans, and Merans. At the Merran, the Merans all die, and the
Verans and Nerans
“I still don’t see the point,” Chakotay shook his head.
“Alright, say you were a female Nevian,” Janeway ignored Chakotay’s
laugh. “You would
be born on one Merran. On the next Merran you would mate, and on the next
you would give
“Nevians are pregnant for fifteen *years*?” Torres said, a hand over
her stomach.
Janeway nodded.
“Then you would take care of your kid until the next Merran. Then you
would mate, give
birth, raise the young, and die.”
“Gee, fun,” Torres said sarcastically.
“The Merran is this year?” Chakotay said questioningly.
“Yes.” After another quiet moment Janeway pointed at Kim. “Harry, I
want you to find
me everything you can about the Nevians who were killed in the past few
weeks.” He nodded.
“What are you getting to?” Chakotay wondered.
“If the Klingons are killing off any particular social groups, they
could drastically affect all
of the population of Nevis.”
“Making them easier to take over,” Chakotay realized. Janeway nodded
“It would almost make sense,” Torres said slowly. “The Klingons have
just been waiting
for the right moment to strike.”
“But, why end trade with them?” Chakotay asked.
“Nevis has a lot of supplies the Klingons need, and it would
effectively be easier for them
to take the planet than pay the price of trade,” Torres shrugged slightly.
Their conversation was disrupted by a hail from the Bridge.
“Nirose to the Captain,” Calle’s voice came through Janeway’s
“Yes, what’s the problem?”
“We’ve detected a cloaked Klingon ship approaching Nevis at high
“Where is the ship?”
“They passed us just a few minutes ago,” Nirose reported. Janeway
“Seems word of our mission has leaked to the Klingons,” she said to
“Lieutenant Nirose, I’ll be on the bridge in a few minutes. Janeway out.”
“What do you think?”
“Not good,” Janeway decided. “Definitely not good.”

The Klingon ship was nowhere to be found the next day, as Voyager
approached Nevis
“They apparently altered course just before reaching the system,”
Healy reported.
Janeway made a thoughtful noise.
“Where did they go?”
“Unable to determine that, Captain,” Kim called.
“We’ll be in orbiting range of Nevis Prime in fifteen minutes,” Healy
“Bring us in at yellow alert.”
“Aye Captain.”
“Lt. Kim, have you opened communications with the Nevians?”
“Yes Captain.”
“How are transporter conditions?”
“Transporters are blocked,” Nirose said, “the Nevians aren’t allowing
“That’s right, the Merran,” Janeway said, half to herself. “Alright.
We’ll send a
shuttlecraft down. Healy, Nirose, Nugui, you’re with me.” She ignored the
protesting noise from
Chakotay, quieting him with a look as she stood. “Lt. Demamos, I want you
to have a small
security team meet us at the shuttle. Also, Kim, I want you to tell the
Nevians that we’re coming
down. And work with Lt. Demamos on tracking the Klingons.”
“Aye, Captain.”
The others followed Janeway off the bridge.

“We’re approaching Nevis Prime on heading 5-4-2 mark 03,” Healy
reported as the
shuttlecraft Encanta arched away from Voyager.
“Good. Are we reading anything unusual?”
Nirose and Nugui shook their heads at the same time. “No Captain.
All systems are
reading normal,” reported Nugui.
“And there’s nothing unusual coming from the planet.” Nirose added.
Janeway looked
back at the two security officers who were sitting in the back, both
looking equally bored. She
turned back.
“How long until we arrive at the surface?”
“ETA is-” Healy was cut off by a strange whine. “Something’s wrong
with the engines!”
There were two explosions at once, from both the front and back of the

“I’m reading a distress call from the Encanta,” Kim announced.
Chakotay was on his feet.
“Where are they?”
“I can’t tell, there’s inference,” Kim said. Chakotay sighed.
“Work on it.”

Janeway rose from her crouched position. The lump on her forehead
hurt, but she tried to
ignore it. The panel in front of her glowed faintly as the distress beacon
was sent out. That was
all she could do. Interference was blocking the signal from her commbadge.
Her knees shook for
a moment, but after steadying herself Janeway moved further back to look
for Ensigns Price and
Manit. The two security officers were unconscious and badly burned from
where the power line
had ruptured directly behind them. Their pulses were weak. Janeway
herself felt lightheaded, and
her burnt hand hurt. She turned to the front again, after hearing a
Nirose and Nugui were both bent over. Nugui looked alright from the
back, but Nirose
looked emotionally wounded. Nugui backed off when Janeway approached.
Nirose ignored her
“Come on Aries, wake up, come on.” Nirose murmured to the still form
next to her.
“T’gana, see if you can get the back hatch open,” Janeway whispered.
Nugui nodded,
moving back. Janeway turned back to Nirose and Healy. Nirose was still
talking to Healy.
Calle’s blond hair was singed. Healy wasn’t recognizable anymore, his
whole front had been
blackened when his console exploded. His slightly wrinkled nose was barely
apparent through the
peeling flesh. Janeway marveled at how burnt his uniform was, until he saw
the red underneath
the black and realized that the explosion had burnt right through. Nirose
was quietly crying now.
Janeway crouched next to her, and set a hand on Calle’s shoulder. She
acknowledged Janeway looking up.
“I- I can’t find a pulse,” she mumbled, “he’s dead, isn’t he?” Nirose
moved back slightly
to let Janeway look at Healy. Janeway carefully avoided the exposed flesh
underneath his
uniform, and found the half-Bajoran’s wrist. The skin wasn’t quite as
burnt there, but Janeway
was still overly gentle as she felt for a pulse. Even if there was one, it
would be nearly impossible
to get Healy breathing again without further hurting him. After a few
moments, Janeway finally
found a slightly movement.
“He’s alive, I think.” Nirose moaned sorrowfully. Janeway took a
look at the Science
officer. Her left hand and arm were burnt, and her jaw was swollen. It
made Janeway wonder if
Nugui was more hurt than she let on. And why was she herself barely
The ceiling above them groaned as the escape hatch opened behind them.
Nugui appeared
as the door pulled down. She immediately went to the security officers and
pulled them out.
Janeway looked back at Nirose and Healy.
“We’re going to have to get him out of here Calle,” Janeway told her.
After hesitating,
Nirose nodded.

Nearly ten minutes later, the away team was counting its losses a half
mile from the
crashed shuttlecraft remains. Nugui had managed to find the medkit, and
brought it along.
Janeway leaned woozily against a tree.
“You’ve a concussion Captain,” Nugui said. “There’s nothing we can do
about it.”
“That’s alright. The others?”
Nugui was shaking her head. “I must be honest, it doesn’t look too
“Tell me,” Janeway rested her head against the tree trunk.
“Lt. Nirose has a burnt arm and swollen jaw. Ensign Menot is dead,
Captain. Ensign
Price is badly burnt, but she’s breathing and her pulse is nearly steady.
Lt. Healy…” Nugui
crouched closer to her captain. “Captain, don’t think he’s going to make
it. I’ve got him
breathing, but barely. His pulse is still weak. If he doesn’t get help
Janeway nodded slightly. “What about you, Ensign?”
“Me Captain?”
“Yes, you. I saw you limping.”
“I fractured my kneecap, that’s all,” Nugui shook her head. “I will
be alright.” Janeway
tried to get to her feet. “Please, Captain, you’ll be better off if you
don’t move.”
“Help Nirose then,” Janeway said softly. Nugui nodded, and moved back
over to the
others. Janeway could clearly hear the conversation.
“How are you?”
“What does it matter?” Nirose looked numbly up at her.
“You’re worried about him?”
“Of course I am.”
“*Good*! Are you crazy? He’s gonna die, and all you can say is
good’?” Nirose was
cradling Healy’s head in her lap.
“You care about him, don’t you?”
“I love him.”
T’gana paused. Janeway turned her head slightly.
“I need him.”
T’gana turned her head slightly to look back at Janeway, who had
closed her eyes, and
mouthing the words let it be’. T’gana nodded at Nirose.
“Calle. We’re going to do everything we can to keep him from dying.”
“We? The captain can’t exactly help you right now. Neither can
“*We*, Calle. You and I. If you love him so much, you are going to
help him.” Nirose
looked up at the Vulcan in surprise.
“What can we do?”
“I need you to keep him breathing,” Nugui said.
“Keep him breathing?”
“Is there an echo? Yes, keep him breathing.”
“How do I do that?” Nirose asked.
“If he stops breathing, call me.”
Nirose smiled wryly, “is that really all that I can do?”
“Truthfully? Yes.” Nirose sighed, stroking the blackened skin.
“And check his pulse every few minutes.”
“Okay, I’m going to go check on Price and the captain. Just… talk
to him.” Nirose
nodded. Nugui nodded, rising to feet. The Captain was unconcious.

Onboard Voyager, Chakotay glared at the viewscreen.
“Report!” he called for what felt like the hundredth time in the past
“I think we’ve localized the distress signal,” Kim reported. Chakotay
sighed, finally a
productive report.
“Where?” Chakotay moved to Kim’s station and peered over his shoulder.
“Hmm. The
transporters won’t be usable even if we do find them. Have you located any
of the commbadge
signals yet?”
“No sir.”
“I want to send down a search party,” Chakotay said.
“Sir you shouldn’t go,” Demamos said.
“Why not?”
“I think that the shuttle might have been attacked,” Demamos said.
“Unless you can prove that, I’m going.” Demamos sighed, and shook his
head. “Fine.
Lt. Kim, you have the bridge. Demamos, look into your hunch’. B’Elanna,
Jennon, you’re with
“Aye sir.”

“Shuttlecraft Defuria is cleared for launch,” the Ensign who took the
conn in the shuttle
“Let’s go already,” Torres mumbled.
“You heard her,” Chakotay took a seat. The floor shook slightly as
the shuttlecraft left
“Beginning scans for the distress signal and commbadge signals,”
Jennon reported. Torres
was checking the shuttlecraft’s systems. Chakotay peered out at the planet
below. The
shuttlecraft dipped into the planet’s atmosphere. Almost as soon as the
thick blanket of clouds
was passed, Jennon made a report.
“Commander, I’m getting something. Heading 2-1-8 mark 5.”
“Changing course.”
“What did you find?” Chakotay asked, calling up the information.
“Commbadge signals,” Jennon was grinning, “six of them.”
“All in the same area?”
“Yes. And I think I’ve located the remains of the Encanta too. About
a half mile from the
commbadge signals.”
“Life signs?”
“Still hard to tell. I think I’m getting five. Two are low level and
another is nearly not
there.” Chakotay sighed.
“Should we try to contact them?”
“Yes,” came Torres’s near immediate response.
Chakotay tapped him commbadge. “Commander Chakotay to Captain Janeway,
“Commander, is that you?” Chakotay was surprised to be hearing Ensign
Nugui’s voice.
“Ensign, where is the captain?”
“She’s allright, just unconcious. But we need to get these people
back to Voyager now.”
“Report please,” Chakotay said.
“Ensign Menot is dead. We’ve all got injuries. Nirose has minor
burns. The Captain has
a concussion. Ensign Price has bad burns, as does Lt. Healy, but he needs
more immediate help.”
“What about you?”
Nugui sighed, “you’re as bad as the Captain. I’m alright, just a few
burns and a fractured
“You make it sound as if it’s nothing,” Chakotay sighed. “We’ll be
down in a few minutes.
Hold on.”
“Aye sir.”

“Be careful with him,” Nirose was snapping as Janeway woke.
“I am, I am.” Was that Jennon?
“Captain, how are you?” the Doctor appeared over her.
“Ugh, my head.”
“Yes, you had a concussion, it will hurt for awhile. How’s your hand
“My hand?”
“You had second degree burns on your hand,” the Doctor said, helping
her sit up.
Janeway looked at her hands, which both looked fine.
“It tingles a bit,” she said. The Doctor nodded. Memory suddenly
snapped at Janeway
and she looked around. “The others? How…?”
“It’s alright,” the Doctor said. “We got everybody. Unfortunately
Ensign Menot was
unrevivable. We’ve stabilized the others.”
“He’s stabilized, but still in bad shape,” the Doctor frowned. “We
can’t be sure with him
just yet.”
Janeway noted Nirose, whose hair looked shorter than she remembered,
talking quietly to
an unconcious Healy. Her arm and jaw looked better.
“If you’ll excuse me, I need to continue working on Lt. Healy.”
Janeway nodded.
“Captain?” Janeway turned at the voice.
“T’gana. How are you?”
“I’m fine Captain.”
“Your knee?”
“Just a fracture. It has been repaired,” Nugui reported. Janeway
gave a slight nod.
“However, you are needed in the conference room.”
“Alright, I’m on my way.”

Chakotay was waiting outside the conference room, and he gave Janeway
a protective
look over and hug before they entered the room.
“What is it?” she asked. Demamos stood at attention but Janeway waved
him down. He
“Captain, the Encanta was shot down.”
“Shot down?”
“Yes. By the Klingons.”
“The Klingons? But there weren’t any in the area.”
“None that we detected. The ship that we thought averted course early
apparently came
back, and fired a single low-level shot at the Encanta.”
“Why wasn’t it detected?”
“We’re not sure,” Kim spoke up. “The sensors should have picked up
the shot at least,
but it took several closer looks to find it. On both the Voyager and
Encanta’s sensors the shot
most like appeared as only a slight shift in the energy readings given off
by the planet.”
“But why didn’t we feel the shot?” Janeway asked, sitting down and
taking the padd
handed to her.
“It was low-level,” Demamos repeated, “it originally would’ve only
caused a slight flux in
the engines…”
“Yes. I remember Healy saying something about there being something
wrong with the
engines. There was a whining noise.” Kim nodded.
“But that low-level shot caused a flux which we think cause a build up
of pressure in the
containment fields..”
“Causing the explosions.” Kim nodded. Janeway sighed.
“Have you been able to contact the Nevian government and explain the
situation to
“Yes ma’am. The Chief Chancellor wishes to speak to you at your
“Alright. Is that all?”
The others nodded.



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