Alpha Quad Days, Delta Quad Nights: Strength of Adornment

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Alpha Quad Days, Delta Quad Nights
Episode Three, Part One
Strength of Adornment
By: Sforzando

“So, what did you tell them?” B’Elanna Torres asked, leaning on the
“I didn’t tell them anything, just that I had to think about it,”
Janeway sighed,
rubbing her eyes. She hadn’t slept well.
“How could you not just say yes?” B’Elanna asked.
“I’m not sure if I want to jump right into this.”
“What did Chakotay say?”
“That it was up to me,” Janeway sighed again, “he said that where ever
I went,
he’d follow.”
“That’s devotion for ya,” B’Elanna said.
“Its sickening,” Janeway laughed.
“Maybe, but its sweet too,” B’Elanna noted.
“I think your hormones are affecting your brain,” Janeway shook her
“So where is he anyway?” B’Elanna asked.
“In our room, sleeping,” Janeway said.
“You let him sleep in? How sweet,” B’Elanna mocked playfully.
“More like he refused to get out of bed, so I left him to get
breakfast,” Janeway
“But did he say anything about wanting to do this himself?” B’Elanna
Janeway shook her head.
“No, just that he know that I’ll make the right decision.”
“Boy though, it would be so weird, having you two as my commanding
again,” Torres thought o
“Is that a bad thing?” Janeway wondered.
“No, the first time it happened it was the best thing that ever
happened in my
life,” Torres grinned at her.
“You’re beginning to sound like Chakotay,” Janeway groaned.
“And I need someone to get the Doc away from me,” Torres added.
“Gee, thanks.”
“Well, only until Harry gets on board,” Torres said.
“So, tell me B’Elanna,” Janeway leaned back, “just what does this ship
“Exploration, I guess you could say,” Torres thought, “or at least,
that’s what
we’re claimed to be. A ship of exploration. But really I guess we’re more
of a patrol
ship, watching out for anything suspicious while we explore’.”
“What kind of exploring’ have you been doing?” Janeway asked.
“We went around part of the Gamma Quadrant for awhile, blew up a few
suspicious ships under Starfleet orders,” B’Elanna said.
“Interesting,” Janeway tapped her nails on the table, “is it boring?”
“Not really,” B’Elanna admitted, “the crew roster is pretty stable,
and we stay out
for long periods of time. There are more little skirmishes out there daily
than you may
realize, and we basically stop them when ever we find them.”
“Nearly every day?”
Torres nodded slowly, then grinned, “here comes your little sleepy
Janeway turned a bit in her seat to see Chakotay approaching.
“Sleep well?” Janeway accepted his hello kiss, and pulled out a seat
for him.
“Wonderfully,” Chakotay snorted.
“So what made you decide to honor us with your presence?” B’Elanna
Chakotay stifled a yawn as he sat down.
“Not much, the bed was just cold, I guess,” he mumbled.
“What’ve you been doing to wear him out like this?” B’Elanna whispered
Janeway. She just laughed, shaking her head.
“You really don’t want to know,” Janeway murmured at B’Elanna.
“I’m glad I don’t know what you two are talking about,” Chakotay said.
patted him on the arm.
“Don’t worry about it,” she grinned.

“Hello Doctor, what are you up to?” Janeway asked, looking up from her
seat in
Sickbay. She was reading a report about the Voyager-C, and had ended up in
during her search for a quiet place to read.
“Wouldn’t you like to know,” the Doctor smirked.
“Off bugging B’Elanna again?”
“Lieutenant Torres described it more as my using every chance I could
get to flirt
with her,” the Doctor sighed a bit.
“Just checking up on her then?”
“Yes. May I ask why you’re in my Sickbay?”
“I’m reading,” Janeway said. “Is that such a crime?” She stretched a
bit and
stood from the chair she had been in.
“It depends on what you’re reading,” the Doctor peered over her
shoulder, “that
looks like a report on the Voyagers last mission.”
“That’s because it is, nosy,” Janeway snatched the padd away.
“I heard from B’Elanna that you and Commander Chakotay have been
offered the
commander positions of the ship,” the Doctor said.
“Yes, that’s right,” Janeway looked at him.
“Well, I have just one thing to say about that,” the Doctor said.
“And that is?”
“Its about time.”

“So this one-”
“Don’t touch it! Please, Chakotay, you’re like a little kid,”
B’Elanna swatted
Chakotay’s hand away from a panel.
“Well, if I’m going to be the first officer of this ship, then I’m
going to have to
know a little about it,” Chakotay defended his curiosity.
“The Admiral hasn’t agreed to it yet,” B’Elanna warned, “don’t be so
sure of
“I know she’ll say yes, I’m just a bit afraid of what it’ll do to us.”
“Kathryn and I. We could never acknowledge our feelings on Voyager,
but now
that we have, how will that affect the way we work on this ship?” Chakotay
tapping his knuckles nervously on another console.
“If you behave like mature adults, which considering your rate of
senility is
unlikely,” B’Elanna grinned, “than you should be able to work things out.
Like me and
Harry do.”
“He doesn’t work here.”
“Not yet, and we did work together before. It’ll be okay, Chakotay,
you’ll see.”
“I know it will be. You were the one doubting me before,” Chakotay
“Who could resist a guy like you?”
“You.” B’Elanna snorted.
“Please, your ego is dampening the warp field,” she said, giving
Chakotay a
playful shove away from her workstation.
“Okay, I can take a hint. Why don’t you go call Harry and vent some
of those
hormones on him,” Chakotay called, making his way to a turbolift.
“That’s not a bad idea,” B’Elanna grinned. Chakotay laughed and left

“About time, Doctor?”
“You’re what this ship needs. Someone to look up to. More than just
figurehead. I miss the old days.”
“When you weren’t allowed to flirt with Torres?”
“Well, not that,” the Doctor looked offended, “its just that this crew
lacks the
drive the other one had.”
“When were around enough to notice any drive?” Janeway smiled.
“I noticed, Admiral, believe me,” the Doctor said honestly, “I think
that you
becoming the Captain will benefit everyone.”
“But what about Chakotay and I? I’m afraid of the strain and bother
command will put on our relationship,” Janeway sighed, tapping the padd in
her palm.
“Captain, Admiral, whatever you want to be called, I think that you
and Chakotay
can handle this,” the Doctor thought, “you always behaved so eloquently on
Voyager, what makes you think this will be different?”
“On Voyager we didn’t have a romantic relationship,” Janeway pointed
“Well, maybe not a romantic one, but you had a very strong
nonetheless,” the Doctor moved to his office, and Janeway quietly followed.
“It was part
of the glue between the truce between the Maquis and Starfleet crews.”
“But then why did I marry Paris?” Janeway asked her hands, rubbing her
face as
she sat in a chair in the office.
“I suppose it was because Chakotay didn’t make the move, and Mr. Paris
the Doctor said.
“So I might have ended up with Chakotay if he had made the first
Janeway said.
“In a way,” the Doctor paused for a moment as if thinking, “But you
looking for a relationship. You were caught off guard when Paris came
after you, and
“He took advantage of that,” Janeway looked up at the Doctor.
“In his own way, yes,” the Doctor nodded. Janeway sighed.
“I guess that’s why it didn’t work,” she decided.
“It is likely, but for your own luck, Chakotay didn’t give up on you,
and he came
back to you,” the Doctor said quietly, leaning back in his own seat. “He
could have
given up when you married Paris, but he didn’t. Fortunately he’s getting
the chance he
“You’re right, Doctor,” Janeway finally said, then smiled. “I’d
better be going.”
As Janeway stood, the Doctor shifted in his seat.
“And Admiral,”

“You look like you had an interesting morning,” Janeway smiled at
Chakotay as
they met for lunch. It was near the end of the last lunch shift, so the
officer’s mess was
nearly empty. Chakotay was grinning. “Were you flirting with B’Elanna?”
“Maybe,” he said, “but I didn’t do any damage.”
“You’d better hope not,” Janeway smiled, “I really don’t feel like
listening to
B’Elanna complain about you right now.”
“Aw, you’ve hurt my feelings,” Chakotay pouted.
“That’s hard to believe.”
“I was just filling in for the Doc, that’s all,” Chakotay said. “I
mean, she looked
so happy there with her warp engine and all, I had to bug her.” Janeway
“You are such a card, Chakotay,” she laughed. “Why do I put up with
“Maybe its because of my dashing good looks, or my sharp wit.”
Janeway was
laughing again.
“Nope, couldn’t be because of either of those.”
“Ooh, now that’s not nice,” Chakotay pouted.
“Aw, I’m sorry,” Janeway grinned.
“So, have you given it much thought?”
“The job, Kathryn.”
“Oh, well, I suppose I have,” Janeway said, “I’ve gotten a really good
from B’Elanna and the Doctor as to why I should take the job.”
“Then why don’t you?”
“Chakotay,” Janeway sighed, “I… I want to know what you think about
this. And
not just that you’re behind me, I know that already. I want to know what
you think.”
“What I think,” Chakotay rubbed his chin in thought.
“Yes, Chakotay,” Janeway tapped her fingers a bit nervously on the
table, “I
know that you want me to chose what’s best for me. But what is best for
you? You’re a
big boy, I wish you could just tell me.”
Chakotay caught Janeway’s nervous hands between his own, staring
intently at
her. “Kathryn, you know that I will follow you anywhere. And I know that
you want to
know why.” He took a careful breath. “I love you, you know that. I trust
you and I
think that I can trust my life in your hands. You are stronger than you
realize, more than
you think you have become. We are a team, made of two parts. Apart we are
alone, and
I am not as strong without you as I am with you. The sum of the parts is
greater than the
parts themselves. Together, maybe we can set this ship back on its narrow
way, and help
guide it. This crew is looking for a leader. And they see one in you. I
see one in you.
But I also see more than that. B’Elanna, and maybe even the Doctor, sees
more than just
a leader.”
Janeway’s lips barely moved as she spoke, “behind every great man is a
woman. I suppose it is the same the other way around. Are you willing to
be my
“I’ll never be just your shadow. I’m part of you too, and I’m part of
what makes
the shadow. A man is both his shadow and its caster,” Chakotay smiled
softly. “They
didn’t offer just you the command, because we are a team, and it wouldn’t
be right to
separate us.” His smile broadened, and Janeway returned it.
“I suppose you are right, Chakotay,” she said, “we’ve been a team
since Voyager.
We were… we were separated once. And it didn’t work out. But this… I
think it may.”
“So you’ll accept?”
“I think so.”
“I hear a but’ coming along.”
“Well, I just need a little more time for thinking about it
Chakotay released her hands, setting them carefully on the table, “I
figured that
would be the case. So I took the liberty of arranging a transport to a
nice secluded spot
where you can spend a few hours thinking, doing whatever.”
“You’ll see.” Chakotay gave her a mischievous grin.

“I should have known,” Kathryn gave a giddy laugh as water hit her
bare feet.
“Brings back memories?”
“Of a strange sort,” Kathryn said. The Californian beach stretched
out in both
directions. Out under the water several hundred meters away lay the
grounds that they
had trod upon almost 400 years before.
“I thought that maybe you could relax a bit,” Chakotay murmured.
laughed again, memories still flowing back. She pushed them aside to be
pondered later.
“Thank you for bringing me here, Chakotay,” Kathryn smiled, closing
her eyes as
she listened to the pounding surf. For a moment she felt lightheaded,
probably because of
her nerve problem, but before she could topple into the sand Chakotay’s
arms wrapped
around her. He steadied her. Kathryn sighed, and leaned against him.
“Want to sit?” he asked. Kathryn nodded, and they sat on the blanket
had brought. It was a gray summer day on the beach, unusually cool and
void of people.
But it was pleasant in its own way, the chill of the gusty wind woke
Kathryn from the
light haze she had been in since the day before. She took a deep breath,
and leaned
against Chakotay again. She laughed, eyes watching the surf. Despite the
fact that she
felt wide awake, her head began to nod.
She didn’t remember falling asleep. But eventually Kathryn felt
Chakotay nudge
her into wakefulness. Kathryn opened her eyes, and laughed sleepily.
“I take it I fell asleep?”
“You could say that,” Chakotay said.
“I had a weird dream,” Kathryn said suddenly, “it was more of a
memory. I’m
not sure why I remembered it in my sleep.”
“Tell me,” Chakotay bid her.
Kathryn blushed, “I’d rather not, its not something about you.”
“Tell me anyway.”
“It was about Tom,” Kathryn chuckled as she thought about it, “a few
days after
our honeymoon ended, he came across something… some drink, I can’t really
what is was. But it wasn’t synthale, it was the real stuff. Needless to
say, we got
sloshed. I guess it was the Irish in us.”
“Is there a point to that story?”
“No, I suppose not,” Kathryn sighed, “just a misplaced memory.”
“An interesting one,” Chakotay laughed, ignoring the uncomfortable
feeling that
was prodding him at the mention of Kathryn’s ex-husband. “I might be able
to use it for
blackmail someday.”
Kathryn gave an offended laugh, sitting up, “you wouldn’t dare.”
“Mm, don’t be so sure.” Kathryn continued laughing.
“Chakotay, Chakotay, Chakotay,” she finally managed in a patronizing
“what will I do with you?”
“Tie me up maybe?”
“Cover you in chocolate sauce again?”
“Not a bad idea.”
Kathryn yawned, “what time is it?”
“Its only been two hours,” Chakotay told her, “we’ve still got three
hours before
we’re scheduled to transport back.”
“C’mon, lets explore,” Kathryn pulled herself to her feet, and tugged
“Boy, a few hours of sleep and you’re off like a shot.”
Kathryn’s laugh echoed over the beach as Chakotay got to his feet.

“Oof,” Kathryn grunted as Chakotay play-tackled her.
“C’mon, gimme,” he said, laughing.
“No.” Kathryn hid the stone they were squabbling over under her side.
“You really think I won’t go under there to get it?” Chakotay asked.
“I was kinda hoping you would,” Kathryn grinned.
“I can’t believe how silly you’re being about this,” Chakotay said.
“I can’t believe you’re acting like a little kid over a stone,”
Kathryn shot back.
She held out her hands, palms closed. “Pick a hand.”
“Oh brother,” Chakotay sighed. He picked one hand.
“Nope, pick again.” He picked the other hand, but it too was empty.
“Then where is it?” Chakotay asked. Kathryn opened his left hand.
“Right here,” she said, lifting the black stone from his hand.
“How-?” his query ended as Kathryn got to her feet and started off
again, at a
slower clip this time. Chakotay laughed, but remained on the sand. “Crazy
“I heard that!” Kathryn called back, coming to a stop about two
hundred meters
away. She was panting, out of breath. She quickly checked her arm before
heading back
to Chakotay at a slow walk.
“Here,” she said, setting the stone in Chakotay’s palm, and sitting
down next to
“Thank you,” Chakotay made exaggerated gestures of thanks, kissing
both her
palms, and wrists, and eventually getting up to her mouth. After a moment,
pulled away.
“So, are you going to tell me the importance of this stupid rock?” she
Chakotay looked at the rock. It wasn’t fully black, there were a few white
specks and it
looked gray on one side.
“This isn’t just any old rock,” he said.
“Why’s that?”
“Well, do you remember when we were back here in 1996?”
“Well, do you remember what covered a lot of the ground?” Kathryn
if this was a trick question.
“The roads?” she said dubiously.
“Exactly,” Chakotay smiled, looking at the stone, “and what were the
roads made
“This is a piece of 400 year old tar?” Kathryn asked.
“Yep,” Chakotay gave her back the stone. Kathryn made a thoughtful
noise, then
set it in her pocket. Then she sighed and leaned against his shoulder
“Tell me a story, Chakotay,” she requested.
“A story? Anything in particular?” Chakotay wasn’t fully surprised
by this,
Kathryn had often taken to asking for stories back when they were on
Voyager, just not
as directly.
“Tell me about-” she lay down, setting her head in his lap, “-about
from the 20th century.”
“I’m not sure if I know that much history, I’m afraid I didn’t pay too
attention in school,” Chakotay grinned.
“Then make something up,” Kathryn murmured.
“Alright, let me think…”


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Alpha Quad Days, Delta Quad Nights
Episode Three, Part Two
Strength of Adornment
By: Sforzando

It was late by the time they returned to their assigned quarters that
night. After
returning to the shipyard, B’Elanna, probably in some pregnant hormonal
frenzy, had
convinced them to go with her on a food run. It was just a transporter hop
over to near
Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco to an ice cream shop, of all
places. But for poor
B’Elanna, there was only one place in the universe that made ice cream the
way she really
liked it. And the replicators never did it justice.
So they stayed out till nearly two in the morning, before returning to
the shipyard.
B’Elanna with her stash of ice cream went off to her quarters on Voyager,
while Chakotay
and Kathryn stole off for a moonlight walk. They were giggling like
teen-agers half the
time, with Chakotay pretending to howl at the near full moon.
It needed little saying that they didn’t wake up until nearly noon.
B’Elanna was
smirking at them when they spotted her in the officer’s mess hall.
“What, no ice cream?” Janeway said sarcastically as they sat down with
lunches, having missed breakfast.
“I’m saving it,” Torres responded, “what were you two doing out until
four thirty
in the morning?”
“Walking,” Chakotay said simply. Torres grunted at this, and Janeway
“Was that what that howling I heard was?” Torres smiled.
“Probably him,” Janeway punched Chakotay’s arm.
“I was practicing,” Chakotay told them.
“It’s nearly the full moon?” Torres rolled her eyes.
“So, have you guys come to any… decisions?”
“Decisions?” Janeway asked innocently.
“You know what I’m talking about,” Torres said.
“Of course I do,” Janeway raised a brow, “just torturing you.” Torres
gave a
frustrated sigh.
“I don’t know why you’re dragging this out,” she hissed, “everyone
know’s you’re
going to accept… you are going to accept, aren’t you?”
Janeway grinned deviously, “if I told you, where would the fun be?”
“I just don’t see why you just don’t tell Admiral Shifferon what
you’ve decided.”
“How are you so sure that I’ve made up my mind?” Janeway asked.
“I can just tell,” Torres said, “you’re too relaxed. If you hadn’t
made your
decision you wouldn’t be.”
“Uh huh.”
“And I think you will take the job because I know you want it, and I
also know
that if you didn’t want it you’d have said so and left the shipyard
Janeway smiled, “very observant, B’Elanna.”
“So you’re going to say yes?”
“I never said that,” Janeway said, “and I don’t know if I will.”
Torres groaned,
and leaned back in her chair.
“You two are ridiculous.”
“I know, it must be the age,” Janeway nervously rubbed her arm.
“Is your arm alright?”
“Oh, hm? Oh my arm? Its fine,” Janeway shook her head.
“You’ve been rubbing it all morning,” noted Chakotay.
“I haven’t been awake all morning,” Janeway said gruffly. Chakotay
pulled her
arm loose.
“Uh huh, where’d it go?” Chakotay’s voice sounded like a parent
scolding a child,
and Janeway had picked up on the negative.
“It didn’t go’ anywhere, Chakotay,” Janeway said.
“There where is it?”
“Wrong arm.” Chakotay sighed, and check the other arm, where the band
over the
painkiller tab was.
“I thought it was on the other arm.”
“Nope,” Janeway shook her head again, “always been this arm.”
“Then what wrong with your arm?”
“Nothing, I was just rubbing it.” Torres was watching the argument
with an
amused smirk on her face, arms crossed over her belly.
“All right, I’ll believe you,” Chakotay said, letting go of both arms,
“I noticed that
about you.”
“When we were on Voyager, in the old days’, as it were, you never
seemed to
know what to do with your hands.”
“You are much too observant, Chakotay,” Janeway said.
“I thought it was a good quality.”
“In small doses, but you take it to the extreme,” Janeway sighed.
“Learn to appreciate it,” Torres said, “its saved my butt more than
“Maybe,” Janeway was thoughtful, “I guess we’ll keep you.”
“I’m honored.”
“You should be.”

“You really are too cruel, Kathryn,” Chakotay said jovially as they
sat in their
room. She clutched a coffee mug, but seemed to be ignoring it.
“I’m not cruel,” she defended herself.
“Then you should just give them your answer.”
“Don’t you want to know what it is beforehand?”
“I already know that you’re going to say yes, why should I worry?”
grinned slightly, leaning against the headboard of the bed as he nursed a
cold cup of tea.
“Geez, does everyone already know what I’m thinking before I do?”
bounced the bed as she sat, getting a swear from Chakotay, “you really
should get rid of
that. Its been cold for an hour.”
“And your’s isn’t?” he asked, rising to deposit the tea.
“Nope,” Kathryn said, “this is a fresh cup.” She finally acknowledge
the cup in her
hands and took a sip, scowling, “awk, maybe I was wrong.” She let Chakotay
take the
cup and get rid of it.
“You replicated that before I got cold tea,” he grinned, settling back
down onto
the bed. “But why don’t you just give an answer?”
“I don’t know Chakotay,” she mused, “I just can’t..”
“I don’t know,” she repeated herself. Chakotay rolled over slightly.
“If you don’t answer them soon they’re going to think take it as a
no’ and find
someone else.”
“Just, make an appointment or something, and tell them. I’ll be there
too, so
there’s nothing to worry about.”
“Nothing Chakotay?”
Kathryn sighed, the back of her head sinking further into the pillows.
“Alright, to make you happy.”

Janeway stepped onto the bridge. It seemed unnaturally quiet, despite
the fact that
the Bridge was currently fully staffed. She made her way down the command
silently, Chakotay following her. Janeway stopped in front of the
Captain’s chair,
currently unoccupied. After a brief glance down, she took the time to turn
slowly. The
bridge was so much like Voyager’s had been. She could tell exactly what
every monitor
read, even though she couldn’t see the words.
Mike flinched under Janeway’s steely gaze. This elicited a smirk from
who was currently up to her elbows in console circuitry. Nirose and Healy
smirks after noticing Mike’s discomfort. Nirose’s second officer was not
very popular
among the crew. And the Bajoran wasn’t doing much to gain their favor.
Nugui watched
the exchange with a raised brow, but said nothing. Janeway turned,
watching the
underlings work quickly. Janeway felt Chakotay’s hand on her arm.
Janeway turned, and his warming smile was all the reassurance that she

“Good morning, Admiral Janeway,” the committee sat in Shifferon’s
office again.
She nodded to Bi’Lousa and Yesterfield, and waited until she felt
Chakotay’s presence at
her right elbow. She nearly leaned back against him, but her spine
stiffened further than it
already was. Her arm itched again.
“Have a seat,” Shifferon pointed to a pair of chairs, but Janeway
shook her head.
“I, um, having been thinking about your offer, of the Captaincy of the
she said.
“That’s good,” Bi’Lousa said, “we were hoping that’s what was taking
so long.”
“Yes, I suppose it was.”
“Well, have you come to a decision?”
“Yes, sir, I have,” Janeway clasped her hands behind her back, and
felt the fabric
of Chakotay’s uniform. He was excited, she could tell; but more so than
herself, because
she was too nervous to be excited. “And I have decided to accept the
Captaincy.” The
other three Admirals were beaming, even the half-Vulcan Yesterfield.
“That’s wonderful,” Shifferon said. “What about you, Commander?”
“I’m with her,” Chakotay grinned. By the sound of his voice, he was
holding back
on a giggle. Janeway would have to get onto him about that later. And in
style, by the looks of it, not just within a reprimand. Janeway let
herself relax and smiled.
“Ah, that’s more like it,” Bi’Lousa rose and shook their hands.
“Welcome back
aboard, Admiral.”
“It’s good to be back, I think,” Janeway said.
“And its about time too,” Shifferon joked, “we’ve had ships waiting to
Voyager’s place on the blocks for weeks.”
“Well, don’t worry, once we get everything settled with paperwork and
Chakotay and I will get her out of your hair,” Janeway quipped. The others
“Well, let me get a chance to shake your hands too, before we let you
Yesterfield rose from her seat. “Now, Admiral, Commander, you’re free to
go until
tomorrow morning. We’ll start with the paperwork and reinstatement forms
“Thank you,” Janeway said, nodding.

Janeway nearly collapsed once they were in the hall.
“Aw, that was horrible,” she sighed, leaning against Chakotay as they
made their
way down the hall. Chakotay burst out laughing, and she pulled them to a
stop. “Why did
I have a feeling you were trying not to laugh?” Janeway grinned, looking
out the windows
in the bay, at the Voyager-C.
“You must have been the stiffest person in there,” Chakotay snickered,
barely able
to talk. Janeway’s hand fled to the spot on her arm that still itched,
probably something to
do with her nerves, and Chakotay just laughed harder.
“Alright, Commander,” Janeway unsuccessfully used her command voice-
need to practice on that- “enough of the silly stuff. Lets go bug
“Sounds like fun to me.”

“You accepted? That’s great!!” B’Elanna hugged Chakotay first, before
down a scanner, “and it’s about time!” Janeway was the next victim.
“Oof, B’Elanna, watch it,” she managed as she was wrapped in
half-Klingon bear
“Oh, sorry, forgot,” B’Elanna giggled, letting go and rubbing her
absentmindedly. “Chakotay was always the sucker for a good hug.”
“I’ll have to remember that,” Janeway laughed.
“What Earth-trembling news did I miss now?” the Doctor asked
emerging from his office, “and why aren’t you fixing that emitter?” Torres
stuck the end
of her tongue out at the Doctor before she turned and retrieved what she
was working on.
“Now no one’s going to tell you,” Chakotay said.
“What? Tell me what?” the Doctor looked slightly upset. “Somebody
tell me.”
“We’ve decided to replace you with another hologram,” B’Elanna’s voice
from across the room.
“You what?” It took the Doctor a moment to realize that she wasn’t
“Oh, you’re joking.”
“I wish I wasn’t,” B’Elanna ignored the glare from the Doctor.
“So what is the big news?”
“Be more polite to your captain,” B’Elanna called again. The Doctor
confused again for a moment, and then smiled.
“Ah, you took the job? Congratulations.”
“Thank you, and Torres is right, you should be more polite.”
“Ooh, good rhyme,” Chakotay laughed to himself.
“I try.”
“So, Admiral, what made you decide to take the job?” the Doctor asked.
“Nothing really.”
“I just knew I wanted the job,” Janeway smiled, linking her arm with
“and I wanted more time to torture you guys.”
“How touching.”
“And I wanted to be around to be one of the first to see B’Elanna’s
Janeway smiled.
“I knew it,” Torres grinned, slapping the Doctor’s arm, “you owe me.”
“Whatever do you mean?”
“Yes, what do you mean?” Janeway was still grinning.
“Eh, I made a little bet with the good Doctor that I was one of the
reasons for you
taking the job,” Torres blushed slightly.
“I hope it wasn’t your ego making the bet,” Chakotay commented.
Torres shook
her head.
“Ego? Oh, no, no, not that,” she said quickly, “the Doctor just had
me cornered
on the subject one day…”
“So this had become a topic of discussion?” Janeway asked with playful
“Um, well, actually yes,” Torres raised her brows, knowing when she
had lost out,
and nodded, “all over the ship.”
“Yeah! Just ask, um, anyone?”
“Calm down, B’Elanna,” Janeway laughed, “I’m not going to do anything
to you.
I’m glad that people actually gave a darn.”
“Good,” she sighed, “I thought I was going to have to take a job
somewhere with
“I really had you going, didn’t I?”
“Yeah, for a minute.”
“How about lunch?”
“Lunch? Yes, I’m *starving*,” B’Elanna said, “um, shall we go?”
Janeway and
Chakotay waited for Torres to hurry out before they broke into a fit of

“So what are you two going to do for celebration?” Torres asked, as
they sat
down in the mess hall.
“Oh, I dunno,” Janeway said thoughtfully, “probably raid your ice
cream stash.”
“You wouldn’t if you could,” Torres laughed, “I finished the last of
it this
“So much for reserves,” said Chakotay.
“Captain! Er, I mean Admiral! I just heard, great, congratulations!!”
Lt. Nirose
bubbled up next to their table. The Science officer seemed ready to burst.
Lt. Healy came
up next to her.
“Yeah, congratulations!”
“Get off my foot!” hissed Nirose at Healy. He jumped a little, and
they both
started laughing.
“Um, later, Captain, I mean, Admiral, I mean sir- ma’am… uh, bye!!”
they both
nervously stumbled off, hissing at each other.
“What was that all about?” Janeway wondered. Torres shrugged.
“They’re usually like that when we get a new commanding officer,” she
“They’ve had the practice at it,” Chakotay said drily.
“They’re kinda cute together,” Janeway commented. Torres held back a
“Please, Calle and Aries? You’ve got to be kidding me. They hate
each other.”
“Check your eyes, B’Elanna,” Chakotay whispered, “if we’re going
senile and still
have at least fifty years left on the warranty, than you’d better be
worried.” Torres stuck
her tongue out at him.
“I know, they flirt, but you should’ve seen them when they first were
here on Voyager,” she said, “they fought constantly. Reminded me of how me
and Tom
used to fight.” They all laughed. “But I guess maybe they’re becoming a
little civil.”
“She didn’t kill him for stepping on her foot, I’d say that’s civil,”
dead panned
Janeway. Torres groaned.
“Don’t even start,” she said, “Harry is still getting me on that one.
Every time he
steps on my heels, he brings that up.”
“Well, seeing you actually deck him *was* funny,” admitted Chakotay.
“And over
him stepping on your foot.”
“I wasn’t wearing any shoes,” Torres said, “and I have very sensitive
“Uh huh,” Janeway said, “I think you were just looking for a reason to
deck him.”
Torres groaned again, trying not to laugh.
“I remember what the Doctor said,” Chakotay laughed, ” would you
please be as
kind as to explain how you managed to relocate Ensign Kim’s nose to his
“He did not!” They were all getting a pretty good laugh in on this,
until B’Elanna
managed to escape to Engineering on another call about the gel plates.

“So, how do I look?” Janeway asked, standing in front of the mirror in
quarters on Voyager. It was a large cabin, jointed from the Captain and
quarters. Nearly a week had passed since Janeway and Chakotay had taken
the jobs.
“Wonderful,” Chakotay planted a kiss on her neck as he made his way
by, in
search of his elusive commbadge. Janeway straightened the clasp on her
hair, and looked
closely at her reflection. Her hand unconsciously raised to her collar,
where four pips lay.
They weren’t normal pips, a new standard had been implemented for this
captaincy, and each gold pip was ringed in silver. Janeway briefly
wonderful whether the
crew would call her Admiral’ or Captain’. She hoped it was the latter,
that term felt
more natural to her.
It was almost like being back on Voyager, the uniform was the same,
the layout
was similar. But Chakotay standing behind her now at the mirror was
different, and much
of the crew was different. Still, she relished the renewed feeling of
power that she felt
now. Chakotay flipped the end of the ponytail, and Janeway playfully
whipped her head
back to slap the hair against his nose. She turned around, sighing as she
looked around
the room.
“Don’t mess with the captain’s hair,” she said with mock sternness,
“wasn’t that a
“I can’t seem to remember,” Chakotay said, “try reminding me.”
“Not now,” she grinned, “I’ve got to be on the Bridge in ten minutes,
I don’t know
about you.”
“Let me check my calendar,” Chakotay made a face, getting in a kiss as
got to her feet.
“Getting nervous?” Janeway asked.
“Nah,” Chakotay shook his head, “my turn. How do I look?” Janeway
her face up as if thinking a bit too hard.
“I dunno, Chakotay, I might have to rethink this you being second in
thing,” she said.
“Why’s that?”
Janeway cocked her head, “I think you look too good. I might be
tempted on the
“Well, that’s what the ready room is for, right?”
“I guess we can get some blinders or something,” Janeway thought to
“Well, I suppose it wouldn’t be a good thing for us to be late on the first
day, now would
“No,” Chakotay sighed, “I suppose not.”
“No groping in the turbolift.”
“Kathryn! I’m offended.”
“You should be,” Janeway grinned.
“I guess you know me too well,” Chakotay said, following her to the
“Or at least your hormones,” came the dry retort.

They stepped onto the turbolift.
“Bridge,” Janeway commanded. “How’s my voice sound?”
“Captain-y,” Chakotay assented, “very commanding. Though you need to
your chin out more.”
“Like this?”
“Yeah,” Chakotay said, giving her another quick kiss.
“Alright, now stop,” she smiled.
“Ah, no smiling either. You weren’t aloud to do that on Voyager
“I know I am, but what are you?”
“The Captain.”
“Exactly. Now act like one.”
Janeway sighed, straightening her uniform, and turning to face the

The turbolift stopped, and as the doors parted, Janeway stepped onto
the Bridge.


Disclaimer: Paramount owns everything to Voyager except for the cool stuff
that I add to
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Alpha Quad Days, Delta Quad Nights
Episode Three, Part Three
Strength of Adornment
By: Sforzando

She stepped onto the Bridge. All heads turned. Chakotay’s footfalls
echoed behind her as she slowly made her way down to the command level.
Janeway took the time to meet the gaze of everyone on the Bridge, smiling
time to time at nervous faces. B’Elanna was beaming, barely able to stay
in her
uniform. She’d be needing a larger one as it was already, but B’Elanna
seemed so
jittery that she looked like she was ready to jump out of her clothes.
turned her head to look at Chakotay, holding his gaze several beats longer
regulation may have approved; but they seemed beyond regulation.
Janeway stood in from of her command chair, arms crossed for a moment.

Chakotay stood quietly next to her, waiting. Finally Janeway lowered
herself into
her chair, and grasped the armrests for a moment, steadying herself.
“Status report,” she commanded. The tension broke, and a sigh seemed
come from the people around her.
“All helm controls are functioning at optimum levels,” reported Healy.
“Science is ready,” called Nirose.
“Operations is ready,” came Nugui’s call.
“All Engineering systems are functioning properly,” grinned Torres.
“All decks are secure,” announced a rather timid looking Lieutenant
had only boarded the day before, by the name of John Demamos.
“Good,” Janeway smiled, throwing a glance at Chakotay. She resisted
urge to stand again. “Are we cleared for launch?”
“Yes, ma’am,” said Torres.
“Well then, Lt. Healy, wipe that silly look off your face and take us
“Yes sir. Ma’am,” Healy complied nervously. There was a slight shift
the floor.
“Switching visual controls to Voyager,” announced Nugui after a
The image on the viewscreen changed to reveal the darkness of the star
field ahead
of them.
“Lt. Healy, bring us about, and set course on heading 2-3-7, Mark 5.
4,” commanded Janeway.
“Aye, Admiral.”
“Please, call me Captain.”
This was rewarded by a grin from Healy, “sure thing.”

They were on a straight course for Deep Space Nine, before they would
head out near the Cardassian border to begin their patrols. Janeway had
into her chair, a slight boredom half-closing her eyes. Chakotay was an
bundle next to her, constantly tapping away and reading things. She was
to simply sit for the moment. As it were it would still be several days at
low warp
before they reached the station, so she wasn’t in a hurry to be anywhere.
was not due to report at Nevis Prime for another week.
Through half-lidded eyes Janeway watched the stars on the viewscreen
streak silently by. She listened to the varying beeps of the Bridge
consoles, and to
the sounds of Nirose and Jennon arguing. It was about something trivial,
so she
tuned them out. There was an occasional thoughtful noise from Ensign
Nugui, as
she listened to the two chief Science officers bicker. Healy’s head swayed
side to side as he hummed to himself. Chakotay had picked up the
infectious waltz
too, and was also humming. Torres had left the Bridge on another call from
Doctor, and a glance over her shoulder told Janeway that her strange new
Security-Tactical officer was gone too.
A low whistle snapped Janeway out of the light doze, her eyes opened
she shook her head a bit to clear it. Chakotay was looking innocently at
her, and
Janeway chuckled. A glance at the chronometer said that their shift was
over, and
Janeway handed control of the Bridge over to the recently returned Torres
as she
and Chakotay made their way off the Bridge.

“You really shouldn’t be napping during the first day on the job,”
chided as they made their way down to the mess hall.
“I couldn’t help it,” Janeway stifled a yawn, “and I thought the old
were boring. What were Nirose and Jennon arguing about anyhow?”
“Aries,” called the near-smirking Nugui, as she passed them. The
Vulcan was still a bit loose, not quite stiffened by Vulcan order.
“Uh huh,” Janeway grunted at the receding form.
“What was he humming anyway?”
“*The Blue Danube*.”
“Mm. Catchy.”
“You hum it better than he does,” Janeway grinned as they stepped onto
“Yeah. He’s too low a bass for that number.”
“Since when am I a soprano?” Chakotay asked in a squeaky falsetto.
“I could make you one really quick.”
“I’ll stick with baritone.”
“Yeah, I figured you would.”
“Since when did you become such a music aficionado?” Chakotay asked.
“I always was,” said Janeway.
“You never told me.”
“You never asked,” Janeway stepped off the turbolift, and covered the
short distance to the mess hall.
“What other musical talents should I know about?” Chakotay wondered.
“I can’t sing,” Janeway declared.
“Yep, never have been any good. My voice was too grainy.”
“I would never have thought of it as that.”
“What *would* you have thought of it as, Chakotay?” Janeway queried,
ordering something from a replicator.
“Mm, I dunno. Macho.”
“Macho?” Janeway nearly snorted.
“In a good way, of course,” Chakotay defended himself.
“You are this close to being locked in your quarters, Commander,”
Janeway mocked.
“As long as I get you too,” Chakotay grinned.
“Down boy, we’re in public.”
They sat down. The whole air of the ship seemed different now. It
difficult to explain, but something was different. Janeway suspected that
it had
something to do with them finally being out of port, and under new command.

Chakotay made a thoughtful sound.
“That would explain why I keep hearing “Spring” when I wake up in the
mornings, wouldn’t it?”
Janeway gave him an innocent smile. “What do you mean?”
“Well,” Chakotay grinned, “when you’re in the shower, it’s either that
some other ancient Earth masterpiece you’ve got playing.”
“At least I’ve got good taste,” Janeway pointed at him with a fork, “I
didn’t exactly like your rendition of that Bajoran song the other day.”
“A I thought you like the dirty lyrics.”
“Only you, Chakotay, only you,” Janeway tossed something green at him.

“Though I did like the line about the little Irish girl.”
” She can’t choose between coffee, whiskey or sex, and has a hard hard
time deciding which is the best’,” Chakotay sang lowly. Janeway laughed.
“I said not in public.”
” Spends her days watching others, and the nights watching me.
I’ll get lucky, someday she’ll see. I’m worth more than my weight in
pressed with gold, and I keep the bed warm at night, though her feet are
Chakotay was having a ball watching Janeway squirm, and she finally stuck
tongue out at him.
” He’s lucky that he’s allowed in at all, and arrives like a puppy at
my beck
and call. Someday he’ll get lucky, someday I’ll see, that’s there’s more
things to
life than-‘”
” -just you watching me!'” Chakotay ducked the napkin that was aimed
him, as he finished up her off-key supplement.
“Seriously Chakotay, you just don’t know when to quit,” Janeway
“You started it.”
“Did not.”
“You’re the one who played the song first,” Chakotay said, picking the
napkin up off the floor.
“How was I supposed to know what was running through your head?”
Janeway grinned.
“Because its what is always what’s running through my head when you’re
getting dressed.”
“Then we’re just going to have to find you a blindfold or something,”
Janeway took her napkin back.
“How about a tranquilizer?”
“Sounds about right.”
“Yeah. For you.”
“You’d be easier to catch that way,” smirked Chakotay.
“Just watch it Chakotay, or I’ll be up, dressed and on the bridge
before you
even find the snooze button in the morning.”
“Wonderful threat,” Chakotay rolled his eyes. “You need to work on
How are the bad guys supposed to believe you like that?”
Janeway’s retort was cut off by B’Elanna’s arrival with a bowl of
something blue.
“I thought you were on the Bridge,” Janeway said.
“So I got hungry,” Torres shrugged.
“Spying on us, eh?”
“If I were I’d find a better way of doing it,” Torres laughed at
“So, excited to be picking up Harry?” Janeway asked, jabbing at her
“Of course,” Torres grinned, blowing on a spoonful of blue, “I haven’t
him in over a month. And it’ll be nice to get the affections of someone
other than
the Doctor.”
“Get him to scare the Doc off?”
“Yeah,” sighed Torres, “when I told him about you and Chakotay
becoming our new commanding officers, he talked to Captain Sisko and had a
strings pulled so he could be transferred early.”
“How sweet,” Janeway crooned.
“Yeah, I know. How long are we going to be at DS9?”
“Probably not more than three days,” Janeway said thoughtfully, “I
have an
appointment once we get there, but after you claim Harry we should be
“Good,” Torres looked down at her bowl, “I’ll be right back.” She
off to the replicators.
“Appointment, eh? Finally going to get that surgery?”
“Yeah, a bit late, but Dr. Kenthas has an associate who’ll be there,”
Janeway leaned on the table.
“I was wondering, why *did* you have to wait so long to get this
Janeway shrugged, “I’m not sure, really. You’d have to ask the
doctors, I
suppose but it had something to do with its location and the sensitivity of
area.” She shrugged again as Torres sat back down.
“Sorry about that,” she said.
“We don’t mind,” Janeway kicked Chakotay under the table.
“Harry’s so excited about everything,” Torres confessed.
“About us or the baby?” Janeway queried.
“Both I guess. But when I found out I was pregnant, he nearly
“That bad?”
“No, it was a happy flip,” Torres grinned, “that was when he
originally filed to be
transferred to the Voyager. But he was also concerned about the safety of
raising a child either
here or on DS9. When we’re in a combat situation…”
“I see your point,” Janeway said, “so have you two decided on
“Well, Harry said that we’ll see how things are around the time when
I’m due, and then
we’d decide. Which is smart, because we really don’t know what things are
going to be like in
five or six months.”
“But right now I’m happy to be here.”
“Well, that good to know. I was-” Janeway was cut off by a hail from
the Bridge.
“Nirose to TK,” Nirose’s voice was sharp over the line.
“What is it Calle?”
“The damn pods again…”
B’Elanna had abandoned her meal before the Lieutenant had finished her

Janeway and Chakotay eventually went back to the Bridge to find out
just what the
problem had been.
“Remember the infection we found earlier?” Torres sighed, leaning
against a console. She
was sitting on the floor with a blackened gel plate in front of her.
“Well, this plate’s infected too.
And its a new plate, in the same conduit as before.” She shook her head.
“I just don’t know what
the problem is. We might need to get this whole thing replaced at DS9.”
With a grunt she got
back to her feet, and scowled at the plate as she picked it up. “Get
someone to bring up another
“Maybe you should let the Doctor take a look at it,” Janeway called as
she went off the
Bridge. Chakotay laughed at Torres’s snorted laugh as she took the
turbolift off the bridge.

A few days later, Deep Space Nine appeared on long range sensors.
“Captain on the Bridge,” Nugui announced as Janeway strode onto the
Bridge. Chakotay
looked up from his seat on the command level.
“B’Elanna, how’s the new gel plate working?” Janeway took her seat.
“Which one?” Torres complained, holding up two. “We’re going to have
to replace this
whole console and the back Ops panel too.”
More delays. “Great,” murmured Janeway. She sat up a little. “Lt.
Healy, how long until
we reach Deep Space Nine?”
“Approximately six hours.”
“Good. Nugui, when we get within communications range I want you to
let them know
we need to make some repairs too.”
“Aye, Captain.”
“Mr. Healy, increase speed to Warp 5.”
“Yes ma’am.”
“I’ll be in my ready room, Commander Chakotay, you have the Bridge.”

A few hours later, the door to Janeway’s ready room chimed. It chimed
twice more
before getting a response.
Chakotay laughed as the doors closed behind him, and he noticed
Janeway’s face pressed
onto her desk.
“That tired?”
“Like you wouldn’t believe,” Janeway yawned. She sat up and rubbed
her forehead.
“You should get more sleep.”
“I was,” Janeway grinned sheepishly. “What can I do you for
“Nothing really. I was just curious to see if you were asleep.”
“Well, I wouldn’t be so tired if someone didn’t keep me up all night.”
“Was that last night with the snoring or the night before with the
“Very funny,” Janeway wrinkled her nose. “I don’t snore.”
“I suppose that’s just the duck that I’m rooming with then?” Chakotay
flopped onto the
“I’ll duck you,” Janeway rose from her seat and flopped down next to
Chakotay on the
couch. She leaned her head on his shoulder.
“Okay, you don’t snore.”
“You do.”
“Maybe. I dunno, usually I’m asleep.”
“Yeah.” Janeway yawned again. “So, how far are we to DS9?”
“Another hour,” Chakotay said, “we got docking clearance, and the
equipment for
B’Elanna to replace everything.”
“Have they figured out what was wrong?”
“Well, B’Elanna took one of the plates down to Sickbay, under your
advice,” Chakotay
grinned, “he’s still looking at it.” Janeway nodded thoughtfully.
“I suppose she fled as soon as she got down there and delivered it to
the Doctor?”
“Actually I think she stayed awhile to threaten him,” Chakotay
“Isn’t that sweet.” Janeway sat up, rubbing her neck.
“Yeah. B’Elanna said that she’ll have a team taking out the infected
stuff this afternoon,
and tomorrow they’ll reinstall everything once it arrives.”
“Sounds like a good plan to me,” decided Janeway.

The main upper docking pylon loomed above Voyager as the clamps took
hold. Torres
and Chakotay were already on their way down to the off-load spot.
“Docking clamps are in place,” announced Healy, “all systems are
“Good,” Janeway tapped a fist on the arm of her chair. “You know the
drill, as soon as
you’re off duty you’re free to roam. Just don’t get into any trouble.”
“What about you, Captain?” asked Nirose, leaning on her console.
“I’ve an appointment on the station.”
“Aren’t you lucky?”
“Yeah.” Janeway rose to her feet. “You have the Bridge, Ms. Nirose.”

“So, getting nervous?” Janeway asked as the off loading doors were
“Me? Nervous? What makes you think that?” tittered Torres as she
watched the lights go
blue. She glanced at the dozen or so other people who were waiting for the
doors to open.
“Oh, nothing,” grinned Janeway. The doors finally pulled open and
Torres darted out into
the hall. When Janeway and Chakotay made there way out Torres and Kim were
still hugging
“Isn’t that just sweet?” Chakotay cooed into Janeway’s ear. She
laughed and pecked him
on the cheek.
“Hush you,” she laughed and led them over to where Torres and Kim were
talking. Kim
was making a comment on his wife’s stomach when they arrived.
“-are looking like you’re pregnant. Oh, hey Captain, Commander. Go
to see you guys
again,” Kim shook their hands.
“Ready to get back to ship life?” asked Janeway.
“Anything has to be better than this,” Kim said dryly.
“I’m glad to hear that.”
“So when are we leaving?” Kim asked.
“Not for awhile Harry,” grinned Torres, “I’m putting you to work for
that pregnant
“Aw, no fair,” laughed Kim.
“Well, we’ll be seeing you two later,” Janeway said. Nodding, Kim
dragged B’Elanna off
to show her something.
“What time’s your appointment?” asked Chakotay as they made their way
to the
“In an hour or so,” Janeway said. “Want to get something to drink?”
“How about Vulcan?”
“Vulcan? I might need to drag you along and let a doctor look at
you,” Janeway laughed.
“That was the idea.”
Janeway laughed again. “Oh, Chakotay you’re hopeless.”
“But you like’m that way don’t you?”
“Only you, Chakotay. Now, how about that drink?”



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