Alpha Quad Days, Delta Quad Nights

Ooh, I’m bad, I know. This has got to be the worst… well,
maybe not. The idea of Janeway as a divorced bitter old hag does
have its merits, but the idea of Chakotay coming to brighten her
day has even more… I’m thinking abot amking this something of
an ongoing series. Once I figure out a title. I don’t know
really, it’ll depend on the responses I get on it. This is PG-13
cause of the language, nothing bad in it (that I can remember, I
have so many stories bouncing around at once). And I know I
could have chosen a better setting for their vacation, but I was
looking for a place for them to stay, so I just sent them away to
a city where I live. It should sound familar (the city) because
they have a football team.
DOESN’T OWN JACKSONVILLE (as far as I know).
Read on childrens, the beginging is good, I’m not sure about
the rest. If you get bored with it, just wait for the next
installment. It’ll get better, I promise. And my word is just
as good as the next guys. I know the title sucks, so if you have
a better one, let me know! Or if you really like the title, let
me know too. Anyway….

Alpha Quad Days, Delta Quad Nights
Part One
By: Sforzando

The maid entered the library, fidgeting.
“Um, Miss? You have a visitor,” the maid said. Admiral
Kathryn Janeway-Paris raised her eyes from the book she had been
reading. She really hated the addition at the ending, but she’d
be legally Paris-free in just under a week. Kathryn stared
loathingly at the maid. The maids and butlers, she had come to
assume, were spying on her for Tom. They had been separated for
almost two months, but he kept bugging her, still insisting that
he loved her…
They had been married on their return to the Alpha Quadrant.
That was a year ago. They had been married, somewhat happily,
for ten months, before Paris began to get on Kathryn’s nerves.
He had become extremely annoying, among other reasons for Kathryn
filing for a divorce. She had gotten the house, actually, Tom
had pretty much given her the empty mansion that they had lived
in, a gift from Tom’s father.
“It’s not Tom, is it?” Kathryn snapped at the maid, tossing
the book aside.
“No ma’am, he said he wants to talk to you,” the maid stood
there nervously, under the tired, retired Admiral’s watchful eye.
Kathryn sighed.
“Send him in,” she said softly. The maid nodded, and
scurried off into the hall. A few moments later, a tall man
entered. Kathryn stood up quickly realizing who her uninvited
guest truly was.
“Um, hello,” she said.
Kathryn waved her arm, “don’t call me that. Sit down.” She
returned to her seat, and Chakotay sat on the couch across from
“I see your stint in the Maquis didn’t last too long,”
Kathryn said softly. Chakotay grinned at her, shaking his head.
He picked lightly at the Starfleet uniform he wore. Still a
“No,” he said, “there were some… difficulties. They said
some things to me that hurt. A bit too much to bear.” He stared
at Kathryn, who in turn tightened the belt of her black robe.
She didn’t need to know that most of what had been said to him
was about her. About how hard he had fallen for her, and how he
had nearly died when she turned from him and married Paris. Why
Paris? He still didn’t understand that one. And looking at his
former Captain, he knew that she didn’t understand why either.
“So how are you feeling?” Chakotay asked. Kathryn stood
again, slowly, sighing.
“I just feel so old… there’s just mounds and mounds of
papers to thumb…” Chakotay grinned at her again.
“I’m sure you still have plenty of child-bearing years
left,” he said. She laughed.
“I’m nearly fifty… and anyway, I think I’d have no one to
father any children,” she said, falling into Chakotay’s lap.
“What about me?” he said. Kathryn laughed, throwing her
arms around his neck.
“Mm, Commander…” she fingered the three pips on his
collar. “I dunno.” She sighed, leaning her head on his chest.
“So, Kathryn…”
“Why did you retire?”
“I was bored.”
“Yes!” she leapt out of his lap, robe whirling around her.
“Chakotay, I was going crazy! I was never made to sit behind a
desk all day. I missed the freedom.”
“Yes,” she sighed, arms hanging at her sides, “when we were
on Voyager… it was an endless voyage. We were free to do as
we pleased. There was no Starfleet or Federation to stop us. We
were all free…” Kathryn sighed again. She sat down again,
propping her feet up on the glass coffee table. Properly named
so; there were two empty coffee pots resting on it.
“Still drinking too much coffee?” he asked.
“Morning, noon, and night,” said Kathryn.
“Sleep much?” She rubbed the bridge of her nose.
“No.” Chakotay noticed how thin Kathryn’s wrist had become.
“I take it you don’t eat much either,” he said.
“I forget, okay?” Kathryn snapped, “quit treating me like a
“Uh, huh, right,” Chakotay raised a brow.
“So,” Kathryn dropped her feet to the floor, “what is the
real reason you trekked out here to the middle of nowhere?”
“I wanted to see how you were doing,” Chakotay stared at his
fingers, “I had heard about your divorce…”
“You were checking up on me?”
“You hadn’t contacted Starfleet in four months!”
“I’m retired! Why should I have to check in with them?”
“I wish you would.”
“That’s nothing of your concern.”
“Is it?” Chakotay challenged. With a huff, Kathryn stood
up, and stomped over to the replicator on the wall. She carried
the two empty pots with her. “What are you doing?”
“Considering whether or not it would be wise to throw these
at you,” Kathryn mumbled. She shoved them into the disposal
unit, and hit a button. She silently watched the pots disappear.
Suddenly, she put one hand on the wall, the other on her
forehead. Kathryn swayed slightly. Chakotay was at her side
before he realized he was moving.
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing,” Kathryn said.
“Yeah, right,” said Chakotay, “come on, tell me.”
“It’s nothing, really,” protested Kathryn, “I’ve just been
getting headaches lately. Probably too much stress.”
“Do you have a doctor around here?” Chakotay looked at her.
“You really look horrible.”
“Gee, thanks,” Kathryn lipped sarcastically.
“Do you?” Kathryn blinked at Chakotay.
“Only the program in the holosuite,” she said softly.
“Maybe you should let the doctor look at you,” Chakotay set
a hand on her arm. She shook it away violently, stomping away.
“I am fine! Do you want me to get a security guard to
escort you out?”
“No,” Chakotay said, and returned to his seat. Kathryn
remained standing, fidgeting with her robe. Chakotay caught a
glimpse of the sheer, wine red gown she wore underneath.
Noticing his gaze, she unbelted the robe.
“Mm, like it? Tom gave it to me on our honeymoon… funny,
I never really ever wore it until recently,” Kathryn stroked the
silken fabric, brow furrowing. Chakotay shook his head.
“Sit down,” he said quietly. She sat on the couch next to
“What?” she asked, tucking a free strand of hair behind her
“I was wondering…” Chakotay was repeatedly distracted by
the sight of his former captain wearing barely anything.
“Hmm? What?”
“I have a few weeks of vacation coming up soon, and I was
wondering if you’d like to go somewhere with me,” Chakotay looked
at her.
“Where?” she asked.
“There’s an old-fashioned kind of tow
looks a lot like it did three hundred years ago. I think it’s
called Jacksonvilla, or something like that.”
“Jacksonville,” Kathryn corrected.
“Yes, I’ve heard it’s very pretty during the summer. And a
nice, lowly populated vacation spot…” he turned to look at her
better. She was grinning slightly.
“Sure, why not?” she said, “I think the final papers are
being signed next Monday. When did you plan to leave?”
“Probably Tuesday,” Chakotay said. Kathryn took his hand in
“Was that the real reason you came out here?”
He grinned, “maybe.”
“No other real motives?”
“Mm, no.” She stifled a laugh. He bent over, and gave her
a soft kiss on the lips. She responded in fashion, arm draping
over his back again.
“It’s so nice to see you,” he whispered into her mouth.
“Same here.”

“How much longer is this going to take?” Kathryn asked,
rubbing the back of her neck. The judge looked at her, saying
“What, having second thoughts?” hissed Paris from across the
room. Kathryn, in a moment of lost dignity, stuck her tongue out
at him.
“No,” she whispered back, “I just have some packing to do.”
Paris frowned.
“What are you doing?”
“I’m going on vacation.”
“If I told you, it wouldn’t be much of a vacation.”
“With who, then?”
“You really don’t need to know,” Kathryn grinned, turning
back to face the judge.
“Come on, Kathy, who?” she could hear him whispering.
“I’ll tell you later,” she whispered at him. With a huff,
Paris leaned back. Kathryn hummed to herself. It was going to
kill Paris, trying to figure out her little secret. Big secret,
really, because he’d go crazy if she knew that less than a day
after their divorce she’d be jetting off to sunny Florida with
Chakotay. He probably expected Kathryn to go through some period
of mourning. Ha! Yeah right.
A few hours later, the judge was shaking Kathryn’s hand.
“I hope you fair well, Miss Janeway,” she said. Kathryn
grinned, thinking, say it again! She practically danced out of
the courtroom.

When she returned home, Kathryn Janeway found a message
waiting for her. It was from Chakotay. She sat at her desk, and
watched the vid he had left.
“Hello, Kathryn, I hope you’re happy single again. (Grin.)
I’ll just tell you that the weather is going to be very warm in
Florida tomorrow, so bring some sunscreen. I look forward to
seeing you. Don’t forget, the East Station, at noon. Chakotay
With a happy sigh, Kathryn twirled in her seat. She sent a
short message to her ex-husband.
“Hey Tom, I hope you enjoy the weather in San Fran. I’ll be
in Florida for a few weeks, with, dare I say, Chakotay?”
She received an angry retort a few hours later.
“Damn! You left me for him?”
“No,” Kathryn said.
“Yeah, like I’m going to believe that,” Paris snarled.
“Tom, I filed for a divorce two months ago, and I hadn’t
seen Chakotay for half a year!”
“When did this sudden vacation come about?” Kathryn paused.
“A week ago.”
“Uh huh. You really think I believe you.”
“Yes, Tom, I wish you would.”
“Tell me everything.” Kathryn sighed angrily.
“Tell me.”
“He came over a week ago. I-”
“Still having those headaches?”
“Yes, but that’s nothing to do with it.”
“Anyway, we talked. And he invited me to go with him on
“And you accepted.”
“I can’t believe you Kathy! We’ve not even been divorced a
day and you’re already running off with some one else.”
“I’m not running off. And there’s nothing romantic about
it. He’s just worried about my stress level. I think.”
“Right. I expected at least a period of mourning from you.”
“I expected you to say something like that.”
“Oh, nothing,” Kathryn sighed. There was a beep on the
screen, “Tom, hold on for a sec.” She allowed for the incoming
“One Miss Admiral Kathryn Janeway, reservations locked in
for flight tomorrow to Jacksonville, Florida, 1 pm. Thank
you.” The pre-programmed message played on the screen.
“What was that?” Tom asked.
“Just my flight confirmations.”
“You’re lucky I’m not the jealous type. If I was, I’d have
the seat next to yours on the shuttle.”
“Oh, Tom, shut up already! You really are just a jealous
little pig!” Kathryn cut communications with a huff. She sighed,
and leaned back in the seat. A maid knocked on the door.
“Are you all right Miss?” the maid asked politely.
“Yes, I’m fine.”
“I just thought I heard yelling.”
“Just me swearing out Tom.”
“Ah, yes. Do you need help packing?”
“No, thanks,” Kathryn said. The maid began to leave, “ah,
“Yes, Miss?”
“Take the next week off. Tell Frank he can have the week
off too. But be back before I return.”
“Yes, thank you Miss.” A pause from Millie. “How long will
you be away?”
“I don’t really know,” said Kathryn, “but probably not more
than three weeks. I’ll contact you here next Wednesday.”
“Yes, thanks again.” Millie pulled the door shut.

Chakotay greeted her with a hug and a kiss, the next
morning. It was just a little before noon.
“Let me take your bags,” he said. Kathryn smiled.
“You really don’t have to, I can check them in myself,” she
said. Chakotay smiled back at her.
“I insist,” he said, and bowing slightly, took Kathryn’s two
bags to the check-in booth. Kathryn looked around. Shuttleports
weren’t really much different than airports of long ago. In
fact, she thought, sitting in a hard plastic seat, all the owners
probably did was change the names.
“I don’t know why we had to do it the old commercial way,”
she said to Chakotay. He held two boarding padd-passes in his
“Makes it more fun,” he said, “and anyway, we are going back
in time a bit, I suppose.” He had a playful grin on his face,
and Kathryn was reminded of a time long ago, very, very far away.

They had been on Voyager, in the Delta Quadrant. In the
holodeck in Paris’s program called Chez Sandrine. They had been
“You really are good at this,” she had said.
“I learned from the best,” he had said. Something else too,
in his usually witty way. He had smiled at her, much in the same
way he was at the shuttleport two years later.
He had been so close to kissing her then. Kathryn wished he
had. It might have saved her the past year’s trouble. But a
year later a spacial rift had returned them home…

“What are you thinking about?” Chakotay asked. Kathryn
shook her head.
“Nothing really,” she said, “just Voyager, and the old days.
And dancing.” He smiled at her.
“Good thoughts, I hope?” Chakotay said, handing her a
boarding pass.
“Yes,” she nodded, “ak, my picture looks horrible. Where’d
you get it?”
“From the picture from your retirement documents,” Chakotay
said innocently.
“I need to have my picture updated in the archives,” Kathryn
said absently, looking at the picture. She’d been in full dress,
pips and all. She’d been so proud of her ranking, until it
became a nuisance. Kathryn would never forget the way her heart
ached when she was told that Voyager was being decommissioned.
Because it was a scrap heap. Too many parts had been repaired
and replaced, barely half of the ship was the way it had been
originally. If her memory served her right, they were still
making upgraded models of Intrepid class ships. Tom had joked
about calling them “Voyager” class.

“Kathryn, look,” Chakotay pointed out the window. Their
shuttle had landed at a shipyard for a few minutes while picking
up passengers.
“Oh, my,” Kathryn said. She tried to lean further out the
window. A small, sleek, beautiful ship was poised on the docks.
The design was too familiar. “Why wasn’t I told?”
“That’s what you get for not talking to Starfleet more
often,” he grinned. Kathryn sighed.
“I really would love to get a look at her,” she said,
reading the words on the ship’s side, “Voyager-C, NCC 84656.”
“It’s already been arranged,” Chakotay said, “on our trip
back, whenever that is. She’s a beaut, isn’t she?”
“Yes,” breathed Kathryn, “what’s she doing down here?”
“Came down for a few systems check-ups,” said Chakotay,
“Intrepid Class B. First of her kind.”
“How many..?”
“There are nine Intrepid B’s currently commissioned,”
Chakotay said.
“What happened to the Voyager-B?”
“She was built only as a test dummy, never fully
commissioned,” said Chakotay, shaking his head, “used to study
Voyager’s modified systems.”
“I’m tempted…” said Kathryn softly. Chakotay laughed.
“I know,” he said, “but you’re retired, remember?” Kathryn
“Yeah, I know,” she said, “but sometimes I…” she bit her
lip, head dropping. He put an arm over her shoulders.
“I know, it hurts sometimes.”
“I really miss the job, Chakotay.”
“Gonna pull a Kirk?” he mocked. Kathryn smiled briefly at
the strange reference.
“Thinking about it,” Kathryn said wistfully. He laughed
again, then leaned over.
“Don’t let it ruin your vacation,” he whispered into her
“I won’t,” she said, turning from the veiwport, “it’ll just
give me something to look forward to.”

They arrived in the shuttleport at Jacksonville an hour
“This certainly is different than I expected,” said Kathryn,
looking out the window at the shuttleport (which had, in fact,
formerly been the area’s airport).
“What were you expecting?” asked Chakotay.
“I’m not sure,” said Kathryn.
“Something more primitive?” Chakotay joked. Kathryn
“I guess,” she arched her neck, looking around, “it’s really
nice. I guess our ancestors weren’t that primitive three hundred
years ago.” Chakotay laughed.
“They were just minus tricorders, transporters, holodecks,
replicators… and warp technology was a few more years off,” he
“It’s beautiful,” said Kathryn, “in a simplistic way.”
“They still had some decent technology, but it was a long
way off from today’s standards,” Chakotay said. Kathryn laughed.
“Shall we get moving?” she asked.

“There’s supposed to be some great shopping in this area,”
said Kathryn.
“Where are we again?” Chakotay asked.
“In the hotel.” Chakotay rolled his eyes.
“Well, I could have told you that,” he said. Kathryn
“In a part of Jacksonville called Regency.”
“Interesting name,” said Chakotay, “what else is there,
besides shopping?” Kathryn stepped up to the large window,
pulling back the drapes. She went out onto the balcony.
“There are supposed to be some really nice beaches around
here,” Kathryn said, looking at a brochure.
“And some nice sunsets?” Chakotay followed her out, “very
romantic I hear?” Kathryn laughed, hitting him on the chest with
the padd.
“You would like that, wouldn’t you?”
“Mm, maybe.”
“According to the brochures, the beach was a mile further
out, before erosion got bad in the late twenty-first century,”
Kathryn said. Chakotay could see the scientist in Kathryn
beginning to take over. She shaded her eyes, “you can almost see
the waves breaking from here.”
“I can,” laughed Chakotay, “your eyesight must be going.”
“That’s not funny!” said Kathryn, “at least I still have my
“That’s even worse!” laughed Chakotay, “I have all my hair,
thank you very much.”
“Just a different color!” Kathryn laughed, ducking
Chakotay’s playful swipe. She hopped back into the room. There
was a knock on the door.
“I wonder who that could be,” said Chakotay. Kathryn pulled
the door open.
“Hello!” a bright, chipper woman greeted them. She was
barely as tall as Kathryn, and had hair so blond it was nearly
white. Her eyes were blue, and a smile was plastered so hard on
her face that Chakotay wondered if it hurt. “My name is Ariee
Smithe, and I’m the manager of the Regency District Inn. I make
it a personal goal to meet and greet everyone who graces the
streets of our fair city.”
“Have you lived here long?” asked Chakotay.
“My family has lived in this area since 1989,” Ariee
answered brightly.
“That’s a long time,” said Kathryn.
“Yes ma’am it is,” chirped Ariee, “that is why I pride
myself so much in my knowledge of the history of this area.”
“Well, thank you for meeting and greeting us,” said
Chakotay. He fought hard to keep the sarcasm out of his voice.
“You are welcome,” said Ariee, “oh, yes. I’d like you to
meet one of the newer members of our managerial staff, he’s not a
local, but his cooking is divine!” Ariee clapped her hands with a
laugh. A word sprouted into Kathryn’s mind. ‘Airhead’. “I’d
like you to meet Mr. Neelix.” Kathryn felt Chakotay elbow her.
“Ah, hello! Oh, well, isn’t this a wonderful surprise!”
Neelix was standing before them, gaudy as ever, and loving every
minute of it, “Captain, or should I say, Admiral, and the
Commander! What brings you two down here?”
“Vacation,” said Kathryn.
“I see you know each other,” Ariee said chipperly, “I’ll let
you all catch up. If you like, dinner is served at seven.”
Ariee practically bounded down the hall.
“Neelix, it’s great to see you,” said Chakotay, awkwardly
accepting Neelix’s hug.
“I thought this was a nice area,” Neelix said, “very quiet,
and the people are nice.”
“Is everyone around here like Miss Smithe?” asked Kathryn.
“Um, well, no, I suppose not,” said Neelix, “I think it’s
just that her family’s lived down here so long that the salt
water got embedded in their brains. Might be the chlorine in the
pool water too.” He shrugged.
“Probably,” Chakotay said drily.
“Well,” said Neelix, “I’ll be on my way. See you two at
After Neelix had left, Kathryn turned to Chakotay with a
“So, what first?” she said. Chakotay shrugged.
“How about we sample some of that shopping you were talking
about?” he said. Kathryn grinned.
“You read my mind,” she said, picking up her credit-cards
(not the type of the twentieth century) and starting for the
door. Chakotay followed her out.
“I wonder if they have any tacky tourist shops…”


Yes, it’s part two! I’m thinking that, like I said before,
this will become something of soap-opera type thing. You might
consider this part two of the “pilot” episode. I already have
the plot in mind for the second episode, but suggestions are
welcome. I will give credit to anyone who can give me an
interesting idea for another episode. I’ll try to end this
episode within the next part or two. Or three. I might just
divide J/C’s trip to Fla into two episodes… that would be
easier. Anyway, I’d really like to hear anyone’s ideas. Part
two is a bit tame, but oh well. I really will try to make it
better, really… maybe next episode… that’s partly why I’m
open to any, um, steamy options…
any characters that obviously don’t belong to Paramount, don’t
belong to them. They belong to me, I guess.
Comments are welcome, and answered usually. Requests and
suggestions for plot lines are also welcome, with open arms.
Please, really, if you have some idea that you want to have
written, but are too lazy to write, send it to me!! PLEASE!! I
can’t do this forever. Sigh…

Alpha Quad Days, Delta Quad Nights
Pilot Episode, Part Two:
Alpha Quad Days, Delta Quad Nights (self named title)
By: Sforzando

“Guess what?”
“I am bored,” sighed Kathryn, “B-o-r-e-d.”
“Now, how can you be bored?” Chakotay asked. They were
seated on the balcony of their hotel room. Kathryn shrugged.
“I dunno, I just am,” she said.
“We could do some more shopping,” Chakotay said.
“No,” Kathryn said, shaking her head, “we’ve spent the past
four hours doing that.”
“The hotel will be serving dinner in an hour,” said
Chakotay, “we could just nap until then.”
“Sounds good to me,” Kathryn said. She didn’t move.
“Plan to sleep there?”
“It doesn’t require much movement,” sighed Kathryn.
“Maybe we could go to the beach tomorrow,” said Chakotay.
“We could go tonight,” Kathryn was grinning.
“Mm, skinning dippy?”
“You are a sick man, Commander.”
“Hey, you came up with it, not me!”
“Funny I remember the words coming out of your mouth,”
Kathryn grinned again, poking Chakotay.
“I could have said something worse,” he grinned.
“Down boy!” Kathryn laughed, swatting him away. Chakotay
got up.
“I’m going to sleep inside,” he said, “wake me in half an
“Like I’m going to be awake,” laughed Kathryn, standing too.
“You can’t come in,” said Chakotay.
“It’s too damn cold out,” said Kathryn.
“It’s not cold,” said Chakotay.
“That’s your opinion,” said Kathryn.
“It’s the middle of summer!” laughed Chakotay, flopping onto
his bed. He rolled onto his stomach.
“Whatever,” sighed Kathryn, walking off into the bathroom.
Chakotay, through a thin curtain of sleep, felt Kathryn lay
next to him on the bed a few minutes later. Her warm breath
tickled the back of his ear, and he felt her arm looping around
his back, before falling completely asleep.
The knocking on the door woke Chakotay a while later.
Kathryn had somehow wound herself around him. The room was
darker than it had been before. Chakotay managed to unwrap
himself, and padded through the door. He ran a hand through his
hair as he opened the door.
Neelix, still smiling, was standing there. He carried a
tray in his hands.
“Oh, hello Neelix,” Chakotay said.
“Hello,” said Neelix, “you didn’t show up for dinner, so I
brought you something up.” Chakotay looked at a clock. It was
almost eight.
“I didn’t realize it was that late,” he said, taking the
tray from Neelix, “we fell asleep. I told her to wake me up.”
Chakotay grinned. Neelix leaned in slightly, seeing Kathryn
still asleep on the bed.
“Well, it’s good to see you again,” Neelix said, casting a
curious gaze at Chakotay.
“Neelix, it’s not what you think,” said Chakotay, smiling,
“get your mind out of the gutter.” He was pushing the door shut.
“What?” said Neelix.
“Old Earth expression,” said Chakotay. The door shut, and
Chakotay sighed. On the bed, Kathryn moaned.
“I smell food,” she said into the pillow.
“We missed dinner,” said Chakotay. Kathryn rolled over.
“Really? I didn’t realize it was so late,” she said.
Kathryn climbed out of bed slowly, stretching.
“I take it you slept well?” Chakotay said innocently.
“Mm, yes,” said Kathryn, smiling.
“You nearly choked me,” Chakotay said, testing Kathryn’s
memory. Did she remember that she had been lying next to him?
“Oh, did I? Sorry,” Kathryn wandered over to the table
where Chakotay had began to set out the food. “Sorry about
sleeping next to you but…”
“But I was warmer than sleeping alone?” he grinned at her.
“Right,” said Chakotay, laughing, “if I had done the same
thing to you, you’d probably have killed me.”
“How did I nearly choke you?” asked Kathryn, sitting down.
“I was joking,” said Chakotay, “but you were wrapped around
me like a piece of seaweed.”
“Speaking of which,” Kathryn grinned, uncovering a salad
dish, “how’s about that trip to the beach?”
“You are the feisty one, aren’t you?” laughed Chakotay,
“tomorrow, hmm? No, not tonight. I want to actually get some
sleep tonight.” Kathryn tossed a crouton at him.
“Tomorrow then,” she said, “we can spend the day journeying
around the islands.”
“The Golden Isles,” Kathryn said, waving her fork
“Sounds interesting,” said Chakotay. He picked up his dish,
and went out onto the balcony. Kathryn followed him out a minute
later. She leaned on the railing, watching a group of teenagers
playing volleyball down below.
Suddenly, she asked, “Chakotay, what color underwear are you
“What?” Chakotay nearly dropped his plate.
“You heard me,” she didn’t avert her eyes from the scene
below. In fact, Kathryn had asked the question as casually as
people might discuss the weather.
“Um, black, why?”
“Just wondering,” she said, back in her thoughts, ignoring
“What color are you wearing?”
“What color underwear are you wearing?” he repeated.
“I don’t think I’m wearing any, actually,” Kathryn said.
She wiggled her hips, shaking her head.
“I have a feeling this wasn’t accidental,” Chakotay grinned.
“Now, Chakotay, whatever would make you say that?”
“I think you’re making a pass at me.”
“Where’s the problem with that?”
“Mm, I don’t think there is one actually,” Chakotay said.
Kathryn smiled, still watching the volleyball game.

The next morning, after a thankfully uneventful night,
Kathryn and Chakotay went down to the hotel’s dining room.
Neelix joined them at a table, shortly after they were served.
“So, Neelix, do you have any beaches around here that you’d
recommend?” Kathryn asked, cutting her waffle apart.
“Actually, yes,” said Neelix, “there are surprisingly a lot
of very nice beaches around here. If you go just a few miles
down the road, you end up at Regency Beach. There’s some really
good diving there, lots of old underwater buildings to look at.”
“Sounds interesting,” said Chakotay. He really wasn’t
paying much attention, focusing more on the perplexing problem of
stealing Kathryn’s breakfast.
“I don’t know if you’ve heard of the Golden Isles,” said
Neelix, “they’re a system of barrier islands. One of them,
Cumberland I think, is a really good place for a romantic sunset
dinner,” he winked at Chakotay, “really anywhere you go around
here you’re bound to find some really nice beaches.” Kathryn
nodded, swatting Chakotay’s drifting hand away from her plate.
“Thank you Neelix,” she said.
“Planning on dong a little beach combing today?” said
“Yeah,” said Chakotay, avoiding a brief glare from Kathryn,
“a nice romantic stroll. Maybe we’ll go to a few of those
barrier islands you mentioned. What was that one called,
“Cumberland,” Neelix corrected. “So I guess you two won’t be
here for dinner?” Kathryn shook her head.
“Probably not,” she said, “knowing Chakotay, we’ll probably
get lost.” She smiled, getting her revenge from all those
“romantic stroll” remarks. Neelix nodded quickly.
“Well, I hope to see you two tomorrow for dinner?” at
Kathryn’s nod Neelix smiled, “see you two later.” He scampered
off elsewhere. Kathryn sighed.
“He does still come on a bit strong, doesn’t he?” grinned
Chakotay. Kathryn smirked, picking up her mug of coffee.
“Yeah,” she said, “pink flamingoes do not look good on him.”
Chakotay laughed.
“So, where do you want to go first?” he asked, picked up
their brochure.
“I dunno,” said Kathryn, “you pick, and I’ll complain.”
“Hmm, let’s see,” he said, “how about…”
“Yeah, you read my mind,” Chakotay grinned.
“Not, really,” sighed Kathryn, “considering that
“Cumberland” and “romantic stroll” seem to be your new favorite
words, I’m not surprised.” Chakotay grinned at her.
“Come on,” he said, “you know it’ll be fun. You can do some
“I am pale, aren’t I?” sighed Kathryn, inspecting her arm.
“Find a nice, secluded beach…” Chakotay ducked the
oncoming napkin
“I’ll ‘nice, secluded beach’ you,” Kathryn said.
“Oh, won’t you please?” said Chakotay.
“Leave you there,” she said into her mug.

The sun was halfway into the morning sky, as they arrived at
Cumberland Beach. Kathryn had stripped down to her bikini, and
was looking for her sunscreen. She turned at a whistle.
“I’m glad to see you’ve kept your figure,” said Chakotay,
“though you are a bit thin in some spots…”
“Leave it to you to notice,” grinned Kathryn, “let’s see
your bathing suit.”
“I’m not sure I brought one,” Chakotay grinned back, taking
the bottle of sunscreen from her, “let me grease you up.” But
instead of ‘greasing her up’, Chakotay dropped the bottle, his
arms wrapping around her. He dipped his head to meet hers, and
kissed her hungrily.
When they came up for air, Kathryn was laughing.
“Now how about that nice secluded spot?” Chakotay said, arms
still wrapped around her. Kathryn smiled.
“Mm, lead the way,” she said. Chakotay released her, and
she stooped quickly to pick up their bag, and the sunscreen.
She and Chakotay wandered down the beach, almost a mile,
before stopping.
“I think this is a good spot,” Chakotay said, glancing
“I haven’t seen another person in over an hour,” said
Kathryn. Chakotay found the blanket and spread it out onto the
sand. Kathryn sat down, patting the sunscreen bottle in her
“Ick, there is sand stuck on my feet,” she laughed.
“That’s what you get for greasing up on the go,” grinned
“At least I put some on,” said Kathryn, “I’m so pale, I
can’t afford to get burnt. Now, lets see that bathing suit of
yours, mister.” She wrapped her arms around Chakotay’s waist,
smiling up at him.
“I thought I told you I didn’t have one,” said Chakotay.
Kathryn laughed, “I didn’t realize you were serious.”
“Ah, you are so naive,” he grinned.
“Isn’t it a bit early in the day for skinny dipping?” mocked
“I wouldn’t really classify it as skinny-dipping,” said
Chakotay. His hands were running up her back, fingers playing
with the straps of her bikini top, “I could wear your bathing
“Isn’t there some law against indecent exposure?” said
Kathryn, “what if some little old lady were to hobble by, and see
you prancing around in my bikini?.. That would be scary.”
“Very funny,” said Chakotay.
“Let’s make a deal,” Kathryn said, standing on her tip-toes
to peck Chakotay on the lips, “you don’t wear a bathing suit, I
don’t wear a bathing suit.”
“Sounds promising,” said Chakotay, returning the kiss, “I
think that deal has its merits.”
“We should put up a sign, warning little old ladies,”
laughed Kathryn.

“Damn! The water is cold,” said Kathryn. Chakotay surfaced
beside her.
“There you go, saying things are cold again,” he laughed,
swimming up closer, “let me warm you up.” She felt his slick
skin enclose hers.
“Mm, now there’s a really warm spot,” she said, hands
“Ooh, mm, yeah, there’s another,” Chakotay’s hands also
“You know, Chakotay, I’m glad you do have a bathing suit,”
Kathryn laughed.
“Why’s that?”
“I keep having this fear of little old ladies sneaking up on
us,” she said, pulling herself free.
“You’re crazy, you know that?” he laughed, following her
“Must be the age,” Kathryn laughed, disappearing under the
surface. She reappeared several yards away.
“Nah,” said Chakotay, “I’m older than you, and I’m not
“You’re only fifty,” she said, “and you’re only as old as
you feel.”
“I feel like I’m thirteen,” said Chakotay.
“Thirteen?” Kathryn said, “I’m only forty-eight, and even I
know that’s a bit young to be feeling. Even if people do live a
lot longer these days.”
“No, I was thirteen the first time I went swimming alone
with a girl,” said Chakotay.
“Yep,” said Chakotay, “she had long blond hair, and green
eyes. I don’t remember her name.”
“How old was she?”
“Fourteen, I think,” said Chakotay, “I probably can’t
remember too well because she left me in the water. I got caught
in a rip current and nearly drowned.”
“Oh,” Kathryn sombered for a bit, “I won’t leave you to
drown,” she promised, coming up next to him.
“Why’s that?” he asked, arms trailing around her waist.
“I figure that you’re probably a lot better looking now than
you were when you were thirteen,” said Kathryn, “and smarter
“Mm, you could say that,” said Chakotay, stealing a kiss.
“I’ll race you back to the beach,” said Kathryn. She
disappeared under again.
“I’ll beat you back,” he called, as she resurfaced.
“We’ll see about that,” she called back, before diving under
again. Kathryn was sitting on the blanket when Chakotay flopped
down next to her, panting.
“Where’d you learn to swim like that?” he asked, taking a
towel from Kathryn.
“It’s called dolphin style,” she said, “I learned it at the
“I would never have thought of you being the person with
enough free time to learn how to swim,” said Chakotay, “I never
got past the back stroke.”
“What about the breast stroke?” Kathryn asked. Her voice
carried enough innocence, but her eyes twinkled.
“Hmm, Kathryn are you making a pass at me again?” he
laughed. Kathryn gave a raucous smile.
“You might say that,” she said, “but you’re too busy to
talk.” Her grin widened, as she leaned over to kiss Chakotay.
He made a humming noise, she could feel his grin.
“Very busy,” he said.

“Mm, Kathryn?” Chakotay rubbed the small of her back. The
early afternoon sun glared harshly down at them. Kathryn sighed,
rolling over.
“Hmm?” Chakotay ran a hand down her bare side. Kathryn’s
left eye opened, watching him merrily as his hand paused to cup
her breast.
“Do you think we should be exploring some of the other
“I’m perfectly happy right here,” she said. Chakotay
“I’m serious,” he whispered.
“I guess,” said Kathryn, “I’ll have to find my tunic.”
“Watching out for little old ladies?”
“More like horny old men,” Kathryn grinned. She sat up.
“And, I don’t feel like putting on more sunscreen.”
“Isn’t that stuff supposed to last for twenty hours?”
“Yeah,” sighed Kathryn, running a brush through her tangled
hair, “but after that I’m not so sure…”
A half hour later, Chakotay and Kathryn were walking down
the dock to the boat that took people off the island.
“You know, I’ve never made love on a beach before,” Kathryn
whispered to Chakotay.
“Hmm, really?”
“Yeah,” she grinned, “I’ve got sand in places you wouldn’t

“I’m hungry,” grumbled Kathryn, sitting next to Chakotay on
a padded bench. They were on board The Cumberland Duchess, a
replica of the old boats once used for transporting tourists on
and off Cumberland Island.
“We could go to the Mall,” said Chakotay, “sample some
“I don’t see why it’s called the Mall,” said Kathryn, “but
I’m not up for a history lesson right now.” Her stomach growled
“I think I has something to do with the malls that
practically choked the city back in the 20th century,” said
Chakotay, putting his arm around Kathryn’s back.
“Hmm, I think after lunch I want to explore another one of
the beaches,” Kathryn said. She was consulting the brochure
“Do you carry that thing everywhere?” asked Chakotay.
“No, just when I’m afraid you’re going to get us lost,”
Kathryn laughed. She passed him the padd, “look at this, I think
it could be interesting.”
“Hmm, Naval Beach,” said Chakotay, “interesting name.”
“I know,” said Kathryn, “that’s enough intrigue for me.”
“Sounds good,” said Chakotay.

“What is that?” asked Chakotay. Kathryn inspected her
“It’s called ‘pizza’,” she said.
“Interesting,” said Chakotay.
“An ancient delicacy.”
“Sort of,” said Kathryn, “people used to eat it all the
time. Very popular until the new cultural revolutions in the
22nd century.”
“You mean it’s native to here?” Chakotay said doubtfully.
“Yep, that’s what the guy said,” Kathryn took an
experimental bite.
“How is it?” Chakotay asked, taking a bite of his own safer-
in-appearance burrito.
“Good,” Kathryn said, “very… cheesy.”
“Yeah,” said Kathryn, smiling at Chakotay’s expression,
“better than it looks.”
“Better than Neelix’s old cooking?”
“Let me try,” Chakotay said. Kathryn cut him off a piece.
“Not bad,” he said, after tasting carefully.
“Told you so,” she said.
“I think I’m going to have to steal your lunch,” said
Chakotay. Kathryn laughed, swatting him away.
“Don’t even think about it,” she said, kissing him.
“Mm, cheesy.”
“Your kiss.”
“Oh great,” Kathryn said, “now I taste like pizza.”
“Don’t even start,” Kathryn suppressed a giggle, “not in
public. Later.”
“Hum, let’s go back to the hotel instead…”
“No Chakotay,” Kathryn said, “I want to do a bit more
“Exploring hmm?” Chakotay grinned devilishly at her.
“Keep your pants on Commander,” Kathryn grinned back,
emphasizing on the last word. Chakotay sighed, then averted his
eyes, playing foul and returning to his lunch.


Disclaimer: Paramount is God. They own the concept of Voyager, but not
what I do to their
characters… (I’m not sure they’d want to claim it either!)
Yes! I’m finally finishing this! Sorry it’s taken so long for the last
part, but I have been extremely
busy lately. The reading public is lucky I finished this at all, but I was
going through my disks and
thought, ‘what the hell?’. So here’s the final part of this episode. You
might expect another
episode once my work load slacks off (say around next April? Just kidding,
more like within the
next month). I know I’m cutting this off short, but I promise, one way or
another, I will try to
continue the series. I’ve already got dim ideas for the first dozen
episodes, now I just need to
write them….

Alpha Quad Days, Delta Quad Nights
Pilot Episode, Part Three
Alpha Quad Days, Delta Quad Nights (self titled title)
By: Sforzando

“So, I take it you two had a good time yesterday?” Neelix leaned over
Kathryn and
Chakotay’s table. Seeing the humored look on his face, Kathryn kicked
Chakotay under the table.
“Um, yes Neelix, we had a great time,” Kathryn said quickly, trying to
not burst out
“Well, that’s good,” said Neelix, “are you enjoying yourselves?”
“Yes, immensely,” Chakotay said, stepping on Kathryn’s foot to stop
the laughter.
Kathryn kicked him again.
“Good, just call if you need anything,” Neelix said, and scurried off
to talk to Ariee.
The contained laughter broke loose once Neelix had disappeared around
the corner.
“If he only knew,” laughed Kathryn, slapping a hand on the table.
“I think he wouldn’t be too pleased,” said Chakotay.
“But, what about all the wonderful scenery?” Kathryn said, mocking
Neelix, “you mean
you two were too busy making out to watch the sunset?” Chakotay laughed.
“Mm, that was some sunset, wasn’t it?”
“I’ll say,” Kathryn laughed, lifting a glass to her lips, “I’m going
to have sand up my ass for
weeks.” Chakotay grinned at her.
“Poor thing,” he cooed. Kathryn swallowed, staring at Chakotay.
“And then there was the sunrise…” Kathryn grinned, rubbing her thumb
around the rim of
her glass.
“And ten minutes after sunrise…”
“You were asleep again by then!” laughed Kathryn.
“Okay, an hour after sunrise.”
“That’s more like it.”
“Then you were out like a light again until lunch.”
“Then there was lunch…”
“Mm, yes, lunch,” said Kathryn. A waiter brought their dinners, “I am
“Serves you right for not eating.”
“Well I always seemed to be a bit busy!”
“I guess.”
“You guess? You mean you can’t remember?”
“I can’t believe you remember what times.”
“It was pretty impressive.”
“Really?” Chakotay grinned at her. Kathryn nodded absently, staring
blankly at him.
“Did you know that you snore?”
“I never realized,” said Chakotay. Kathryn blinked, then grinned up
at him. “What?”
“Mm, I was just thinking about dessert,” she said.
“Hm, really?”
“Yeah,” Kathryn said, “cherries and whipped cream…”
“Whipped cream?”
“Yep,” she said, “and chocolate sauce.”
“Hmm…” Chakotay tried to look thoughtful. She saw his look, then
“I was talking about what’s on the dessert cart, not you!” she
giggled. Chakotay turned to
look over his shoulder.
“I could be on the dessert cart if you wanted,” he said.
“You would do something like that, wouldn’t you?” she smiled at him.
“Now, that’s not
saying that I might not want you after dessert…”
“Hm, sounds promising,” said Chakotay.

A few hours later, they sat out on the balcony, facing each other.
Kathryn’s feet rested in
Chakotay’s lap, she leaned back into the soft cushions on the chair. The
night breeze whipped her
hair out behind her. Kathryn held a wine glass in one hand, the other arm
draped over the railing.
Her eyes were closed, a smile on her face as Chakotay massaged her foot.
“So, did you enjoy dessert?” he asked, rubbing her ankle. Kathryn’s
smile broadened.
“I enjoyed it a great deal,” she said.
“The chocolate or the whipped cream?” Chakotay asked.
“Mm, the whipped cream,” Kathryn said. She tilted her face up to the
clear night sky,
opening her eyes.
“And you were complaining about sand up your butt…”
“This might be worse,” sighed Kathryn.
“But more tasty.”
“You would think up something like that,” Kathryn grinned.
“Are you up for a swim?”
“This late at night?” Kathryn lifted her head.
“In the pool, I mean.”
“In the pool…”
“It’s lighted,” said Chakotay, squeezing her foot before setting it on
the floor, “and we
could stay properly attired.”
“I’d hate to see the look on Neelix’s face…”
“Or Ariee’s.” Kathryn grunted at this, still smiling. She pulled
herself into a sitting
“Mah gracious! What are you two do’in’?” Kathryn drawled.
“Ain’t the wahter cold?” Chakotay rolled his eyes.
“It’s probably safer to stay up here,” said Kathryn, pulling her feet
up into her chair. She
yawned, “And anyhow, going swimming might require putting on more clothes.”
“You better hope no one’s down there looking up when we go back
inside,” said
Chakotay, “I’d hate to have Ariee ask me what we’re doing up here.”
“Ah wunder what thare doin’ up thare,” she drawled.

“I don’t know what they’re doing Ariee,” Neelix said. They were
cleaning up after the
final dinner rush. Ariee moved away form the big glass window in the
dining hall, to continue
picking up dishes. “Why do you ask?”
“Well, they’re not wearing any clothes, as near as I can tell,” said
“Maybe they’re hot,” said Neelix, “it is pretty warm out tonight.”
“Probably,” said Ariee.

“At least we’d have an excuse,” said Chakotay, “it is pretty hot out
“Yeah,” said Kathryn, standing up. She pulled the sliding door open
and went back inside
their room. When Chakotay followed her in a few minutes later, Kathryn was
lying on one of the
beds. She lay on her back, a fist clenched over her eyes. She had pulled
her robe on before falling
onto the bed.
“Are you okay?” Chakotay asked.
“I’m fine, it’s just a headache,” Kathryn said. Chakotay sat on the
bed, next to her.
“Are you sure?” he asked.
“I am *fine*, Chakotay,” Kathryn said, still not moving. Chakotay
pulled her fist away
from her eyes, which were closed.
“Kathryn, is there something that I should know about?” he asked,
flattening out her hand.
Kathryn swallowed.
“It’s not important,” she said softly. Chakotay gave a frustrated
sigh, and released
Kathryn’s hand.
“Fine,” he said, standing up,” you can tell me when you’re good and
ready.” Chakotay
stalked off into the bathroom.
“Chakotay…” Kathryn said weakly. But he had shut the door, shut her
out, wasn’t
listening. She sighed softly, and sat up. She got up, and found her
clothes from earlier. She
cracked open the door to the bathroom. The shower was running.
“Chakotay, I’m going down to the lobby,” Kathryn said.
“All right,” came Chakotay’s muted response. She shut the door and
then went down to
the dining hall.
“Neelix, do you have a comm line?” Kathryn asked. Neelix was wiping
off a table.
“Oh, yes, of course,” he said, “you can use the one down by the
check-in office.”
“Thanks,” Kathryn went back out into the hall, her head still
pounding. Ariee was going
through files on a computer.
“Hello, Miss Janeway! How can I help you?” Ariee was still chipper.
“I need to use the comm,” Kathryn said. Ariee nodded.
“Yes, just push the button for line two,” she said, “if you’ll excuse
me, I have some records
to transfer. I’ll be back in a few minutes,” Kathryn nodded, punching up a
code on the comm.
The lean face of an elderly Bajoran came up on the screen.
“Ah, hello Admiral,” he said.
“You know I hate being called that, Dr. Kenthas,” Kathryn said.
“Yes, Miss Janeway. How are you?” Kenthas asked.
“Take a wild guess, Doctor,” Kathryn sighed, “would I be bothering you
if I felt fine?”
Kenthas chuckled.
“True,” he said, “so, you’re still getting headaches?”
“Yes,” Kathryn said, “I’m in the middle of one right now.” Kenthas
“You’re on Earth right now, correct?” he asked.
“Yes,” Kathryn said, rubbing the bridge of her nose again.
“When is your surgery scheduled for?” asked Kenthas.
“Three weeks from tomorrow,” Kathryn said.
“Let me see,” Kenthas leaned off screen, typing something into a
computer, “yes. Are you
at home?” Kathryn shook her head slightly.
“No, I’m in Florida,” she said. Kenthas nodded again.
“I’m going to send an order to a doctor in New Miami. Dr. Michetta, I
believe is her
name. She’ll give you something to help relieve the nerve pressure until
you have your surgery.
“Thank you, Dr. Kenthas,” Kathryn said.
“She should have it ready for you by tomorrow morning,” the doctor
“I’ll get down there sometime to pick it up,” Kathryn said.
“All right.” Kathryn disconnected the comm line.
“Pick up what?” Kathryn nearly leapt a foot off the ground.
“Chakotay!” she cried, whirling once she hit the ground.
“Kathryn, what are you doing down here?” Chakotay asked, his eyes
“I, well,” Kathryn crossed her arms. Chakotay sighed. “Chakotay, I
have a medical
“I figured that,” said Chakotay.
“I have a pinched nerve,” Kathryn said, motioning to a spot behind her
ear, “it’s not too
serious, and I’m going in for surgery in three weeks.” Chakotay looked
“Why didn’t you tell me this?” he asked.
“I didn’t think it was overly important,” Kathryn said.
“Not important! Kathryn, I thought your sense of judgment was warped
when you
married Paris, but this really tops the cake.” She scowled at Chakotay.
“I always knew you were jealous of him,” Kathryn said.
“I wasn’t. It, it’s just..” flustered, Chakotay shook his head, “I
cared about you. I still do.
Your health and safety are my concerns.”
“I know,” Kathryn said softly, “and, I know I should have told you
about it, but I just
didn’t.” Chakotay held her at arms length.
“I’m glad you realize that,” he said. He pulled her into his arms,
and spoke into her hair.
“I hope you won’t try to keep secrets from me anymore.”
“I’ll try not to,” Kathryn said, half-smiling. She pulled herself
loose, and smiled up at him,
“I thought were in the shower.”
“I was, but…”
“You were suspicious.”
“Yeah,” said Chakotay. They started back towards their room.
“You know what you were saying about keeping secrets?”
“Well, there are a few things you should know about Mark….” Kathryn
something into Chakotay ear as they waited for the elevator.
Neelix, coming out from the kitchen a few minutes later, heard
Chakotay’s laughter
echoing down the hallway.

Kathryn’s head rested on Chakotay’s shoulder, as they rode a tram back
up the Florida
coast. He wondered what caused the grin on her sleeping face. She stirred
a few moments later.
“Have a nice nap?” he asked, smiling coyly down at her. Kathryn
chuckled, sitting up.
“How’s your head?”
“Doesn’t hurt,” Kathryn said, running her hands through her hair.
There were a few
streaks of gray, but most of it had retained its reddish hue. She
stretched, looking out the
window, “how much longer until we get back?”
“Another ten minutes,” Chakotay said, watching the ancient Space Coast
go by
underneath them. Kathryn nodded, and leaned back in her seat. She removed
the small blue tab
from her arm.
“Are you sure its safe to take that out?” Chakotay asked.
“No,” said Kathryn, “but Dr. Jim said for me to check and make sure
that its working
correctly.” She found a small vial in her bag.
“I’m still not quite sure what you’re supposed to do with that,”
Chakotay said.
“It’s simple,” Kathryn said, “once a day, I fill this little thing-”
she held up the blue tab, “-
with some of the painkiller, and cover my arm with the bandage.”
“So much for swimming,” Chakotay said. Kathryn chuckled.
“I can still do whatever I want,” she said, “even…” Chakotay gave a
strangled laugh as
Kathryn patted his leg.
“Uh, huh, yeah,” he said. Kathryn was giggling now.
“I feel a bit silly, behaving like this,” she said. Chakotay gave her
a quiet look, still
smiling. She had changed so much from a few days ago. Was he responsible
for the twinkle in
her eyes, the life in her step, the new, strange liveliness to her? Or was
it her divorce from Paris,
or something else? His ego was happy to think that he was responsible.
“Are you happy?” he asked.
“Yes,” Kathryn said. Chakotay gave a smile, and then nodded.
“As long as you’re happy, it doesn’t matter how silly you act,” he
“I think I remember someone saying that to me before,” Kathryn said
“I heard it once in a physiology course I took in the Academy,”
Chakotay said, “when I
was training for command.”
“I think I remember that too,” Kathryn said, “I was in one of the
“On taking shore leave or something,” said Chakotay. Kathryn sighed,
and leaned back
against Chakotay.
“Those days seem so long ago,” she said softly, “I mean, for me it’s
been almost twenty-five years.” Kathryn’s eyes went to the front of the
tram, where several other people sat, some of
them watching her and Chakotay. He leaned over, and whispered into her
“Yes, I realize they’re watching us,” he whispered, “but I don’t
really care.” Kathryn half
smiled to herself.
Out of the blue, she murmured to him, “Chakotay, why did you leave?”
“Leave?” Chakotay said, “do you mean Starfleet or the Maquis?” Even at
the quiet
mention of the enemy, a woman at the front of the tram bristled, and
scowled back at them.
Satisfied that they were listening, and that they should be careful of
their conversation, Kathryn
“The Maquis,” she said. The woman in the front’s scowl deepened.
Kathryn was
overcome by the strange urge to tweak this woman’s nerves.
“I left the Maquis because…” Chakotay had also noticed that every
time either said the
word Maquis’, even in their hushed, private conversation, the woman
stiffened. Then he noticed
the playing gleam in Kathryn’s eye. “I left the Maquis because of you,
“Me?” Kathryn said, “you left the Maquis because of me?” She said
Maquis’ a bit loudly.
“I don’t understand.” Kathryn turned her head, but even out of the corner
of her eye she saw the
woman standing, and moving to whisper to the pilot. She spoke in hurried
hushed tones,
occasionally motioning back toward Chakotay. Kathryn picked up a few
words, Maquis’, spy’,
and authorities’. Chakotay had been listening too, because he had paused
in his response. After
the woman sat back down, still glaring at them, he continued.
“I just couldn’t fit in anymore. And, they said some things, about my
“What part of it?” Kathryn now also noticed a young man who was
watching them. He
looked vaguely familiar.
“Your part,” Chakotay said, “they said some things about my feelings
towards you that I…
that I couldn’t deal with then.” Kathryn caught the gist of what he was
saying, and nodded
silently. The tram came to a slow stop.
“Now debarking for Jacksonville, next stop, Old Brunswick,” the pilot
of the tram said
over the intercom. Kathryn and Chakotay stood. The woman in the front was
tensed. The young
man also stood, and stepped in front of them.
“Admiral Paris? Commander Chakotay?” he said, “it’s good to finally
see you again.”
Kathryn connected the voice with an old face.
“Vince Carrey?” she said. The man nodded, smiling.
“It’s very good to see you, Admiral.”
“It’s Admiral Janeway now,” Kathryn said.
“You finally left him?” Vince said. He was one of Lt. Carrey’s sons.
“Excuse me?”
“Dad said that everyone in Engineering knew it wouldn’t last,” Vince
said. Kathryn
“Well, they got something right for once,” she said. She shook
Vince’s outstretched hand,
“tell your father we said hello.” Vince nodded.
“Have a nice stay in Jacksonville,” he said, and shook Chakotay’s
hand. Kathryn picked
up her bag, and left the tram with Chakotay, leaving behind the dumbfounded
woman who still sat
there, mouth gaping open.

“Interesting,” Chakotay said, as they left the tram station and went
the short walk back to
their hotel, “I was pretty sure that woman was going to have the tram
stopped and have us
“Me too,” Kathryn said shaking her head.
“It’s understandable though,” Chakotay said, “with the war still go
and all.”
“I find it strange though that she would fail to recognize two of the
biggest faces in recent
history,” Kathryn said.
“I know,” Chakotay said, smiling at her interesting reference, “she
probably just wasn’t
“That’s the problem with so many people these days,” Kathryn sighed.
“But it was nice to
see Vince, wasn’t it?”
“Yeah,” said Chakotay, chuckling, “he sure saved our butts. I don’t
know what would
have happened if he hadn’t been there.”
“We were just lucky,” said Kathryn.
“But harassing the poor woman wasn’t very nice either,” Chakotay said.

“Who said I was harassing anyone?” Kathryn laughed.
“I did,” Chakotay said.
“Since when are you an authority on everything?” Kathryn asked
“Since I said so.”
“Is that so….”

So, that’s it. I know, I know, it could’ve been longer, but I ran out of
steam. All comments,
suggestions, praises, polite criticisms, blunt stupidity, and requests are
welcome. Mail them to



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