Star Trek: Pyramid 42

Chapter 1

9 of 12, quaternary communicator of unimatrix 64 processed the information coming from all over pyramid 42, cube 16, cube 84, and sphere 72.  He and the other borg assigned to processing the data decided the attack pattern.  Pyramid 42 flew behind the engines of the Tre’gok, the Klingon ship they were trying to assimilate.  Suddenly, a wormhole opened, sucking in the Tre’gok and pyramid 42.  All communication devices aboard both ships were destroyed, disconnecting pyramid 42 from the collective.  9 of 12, quaternary communicator of unimatrix 64 was unable to get sensor readings, so he walked around the ship.  He found that there was no way of communicating with the collective.  then, he found out something else: the Tre’gok was still fighting.

He decided to fly a probe to the Klingon ship and tell them the crew of pyramid 42 were no longer borg.  After dodging disruptor fighter he boarded the ship and was met by 3 angry Klingons.  He said “roj (peace)”.  One of the Klingons said “Qo’ (no)”.  9 of 12, quaternary communicator of unimatrix 64 said “qawlu’ Borg.  maHvaD disconnected wormhole vo’ collective.  qul DeSDu’ maHvaD ‘e’ yImev. (We are no longer borg.  The wormhole disconnected us from the collective.  Stop firing at us.)”  The Klingons took him to the bridge and spoke with the captain.  The captain agreed to stop firing.

The crew of pyramid 42 decided to try to get back to their homeworlds.  9 of 12 was chosen to be the captain.  Their 1st objective was to find out where they were.  Then find a way back.  The final step was to go back.


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