Somber is the Night

Stephan Ortmann

Somber Is the Night

This poem is dedicated to the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine series. The author is supposedly Bajoran, which all of you Star Trek fans know what that is. For all of you who don’t no what Bajorans are, I will explain.
Bajorans are a people from the planet Bajor near the space station Deep Space Nine (which guives it’s name to the series) Their culture is much older compared to our culture, but not too long ago another people came, the Cardassians, who oppressed these people to get the manifold riches that Bajor inhibited. This poem is supposed to be written somewhere during this seemingly endless war.

Somber is the night
Death leans to our right
Deadly weapons shell toward the black.
Terror is the name of the rack.

Shall we move on in endless grief
We are left alone in this mischief.
They took us those dear loved
While we were retreating so soft.

Let’s move on to the weapons
They want it no other way.
Shall death take possession of those
Who put us into endless grief.

Tduk Nos

4 rack : here torture
8 soft : effeminate


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