Supressed Love

Ites, JetCers and everyone else,

Krystal wrote a J/C poem last night! She’s insisting that everyone see
it and that someone post it. She dedicates this to Colleen, the rest of
JetC, and all other J/Cers out there.

Supressed Love

In her dreams, she is in the arms
of the love of her life
his breath tickling her ear
as he whispers, “I love you, Kathryn”
and she smiles in her sleep
feeling the warmth of his strong, tanned arms
As she wakes, she realizes that
she was only dreaming
and she lets out a long sigh
wishing she could tell Chakotay
exactly how she feels
but she doesn’t want to swallow her pride.

He sits physically idle
but his mind is very active
as he daydreams about his secret love
for his lady superior
His heart quickens at the thought
of holding her, and kissing her
his heart and soul so full of need
for his beloved Kathryn
And he wants so much to convey his feelings
to her, but he is afraid
that she will turn him away
and break his heart–
All he knows is that he loves his captain.

Kathryn and Chakotay
are so in love, and yet
so far apart, because they are afraid
of damaging their friendship
This plight they combat every day
and no one knows they love each other
except them
Therefore, heartache is the result
of a supressed love.

Tarno Rani (Krystal McNamara-Wood)

Well, what do you all think?


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