Khan’s Second Chance

This story is another installment in the Timeship Atlantis series started by
Walter Chmara. It details the adventures of the Intrepid class starship,
U.S.S. Atlantis NCC-74751 A time ship that tries to stop incidences of
temporal sabatoge. For background, read Walter Chmara’a original stories
titled, “Not Quite Right”.

Summary: The Atlantis is called back to service to fix a detected change in
the timeline. Somehow, Kahn destroyed the Enterprise in the U.S.S. Reliant
and then wreaked havoc across the Federation.

“Kahn’s Second Chance” by Thomas Matteson

The 23rd Century….

“My Lord, the last of *Reliant’s* crew has just been beamed down to
Ceti Alpha 5” the voice over the comm frequency said.

“Excellent. Now we can get under way. Set course for Station
Regula 1.” said Kahn, the genetically engineered conquerer said to his
first. “I want no more interruptions.”

“As you wish my excellency.”

Kahn now took this chance to settle into his *new* setting. Captain
Terrell’s quarters were modest, but anything was better than the cargo
container that they had been exiled in for more than 15 years. He went over
to the computer terminal and used the command authorization codes that the
Captain had been so kind to give him. Soon, he was looking over the
material that the *Reliant’s* computer had about Project Genesis. He was so
engrossed in the material that he didn’t notice the stranger in his room
until the stranger spoke.

“Ahh, the Genesis project, that sure brings back memories!” the
mysterious man said.

Kahn spun around fast and faced this man. “Who are you? What are
you doing in here?”

The man replied, “You may call me Tempus Fugitive. What I am doing
here is providing you with the opportunity you have wanted for your entire

“Do not toy with me. I will kill you if I feel the urge to.” Kahn
said with an edge in his voice.

“I would do nothing of the sort! I am here to help you. You are
Kahn Noonian Singh. 15 years ago, James Kirk exiled you to a barren rock.
You went from being a ruler on earth to being a prisoner in a tin can. I
can help you avenge your honor. I can help you defeat James T. Kirk.”

“And how do you propose doing this?” Kahn said with a new interest
in his eyes. He sat down as this Tempus Fugitive said..

“Let me tell you.”


The 24th Century

Commodore Andreyevich walked down the corridor quickly. His
superior officer had called him and he learned quickly not to be slow when
it came to dealing with this mysterious man. He turned the corner and came
to the door of his office. The doors parted to reveal a very dimly lit room
with a desk, and an empty chair in front of it. Behind the desk, hidden in
shadows, a dark skinned man motioned for the Commodore to enter.

“Sit down Commodore Andreyevich. I called you here to brief you on
a recent occurence. There has been a disruption in the timeline. I’m
sending the *Atlantis* to repair it.” The man spoke briskly.

“I see sir. What is the nature of this disruption?” Dmitri didn’t
anticipate much information, but he figured there was nothign to lose in asking.

“Unknown source. We have pinpointed the change to a period in the
23rd century. This one involves StarFleet.” The man handed Dmitri a
thumbpadd. “Here is your briefing. Same orders as before, you may pick
your own mission support crew. *Atlantis* is being prepped as we speak.
Your chief engineer can fill you in on the new modifications that have been
made to the ship.”

The Commodore read over the material on his PADD. If this was true,
there were many changes that would occur if this mission was successful. He
looked over the briefing carefully, memorizing it all. The PADD was
programmed to erase all data on it after it was displayed. This mission was
going to be a difficult one since the number one priority would be to remain
unnoticed by the people of that time. Turning to the man behind the desk,
the Commodore asked, “When do we leave sir?”

“As soon as you can. This is of utmost importance.” was the only
reply that the Commodore received.

“Understood sir. I’ll be on my way then.” With that, the Commodore
got up and left. He was already thinking of the mission specialist he would
bring aboard.

Aboard the U.S.S. Vengence, a Nebula Class Starship.

Captain Hanson relaxed as the *Vengence* and the *Republic* saw the
result of their last phaser barrage. The hostile ship that was in the
viewscreen just seconds earlier was now a glowing trail of plasma and
scattered debris. This last group of Kahnians had been difficult to stop.
Looking back, he saw that the Kahnians were becoming more agressive. In the
last fifty years they had slowly become a small empire. Spanning three star
systems, they were trying to overtake and rule with an iron fist. For a
long time, they had stayed out of Federation view. But when they attacked a
Federation world two years ago, StarFleet stepped in. Now, there were
frequent skirmishes with the attack vessels of these people. Descendents of
Kahn Singh and his followers, they revived the genetic engineering practices
that had produced the supermen and women of the late 20th Century Eugenic
Wars on Earth. Now they were trying to dominate more. They had a loose
alliance with the Klingon Empire which gave them raw materials to build
their ships with. They were a large thorn in StarFleet’s side.

The captain ordered a comm channel be opened to the *Republic*.
“Captain Orgnali, what’s your status?”

The *Republic’s* captain, a Garnathian, answered back, “We are
reporting a few small injuries, our main deflector is down, and there are a
few power conduits that need replacing. However, we are doing well.” His
single eye, which looked like a rectangular strip across his eye, blinked.
Garnathians were bipedal, had two arms, but no neck, so their head was a
narrower continuation of their torso.

Captain Hanson acknowledged the *Republic* and closed the channel.
He was about to signal StarFleet with the news of the battle when his second
officer, sitting ops, reported an incoming signal. It was a Captain’s
priority message so he went into his ready room to receive it. When he did,
he was surprised to see a Commodore’s name on it. There were very few
Commodore’s in the Fleet. The rank had pretty much been abandoned. After
reading through the message, he called his second officer in.

“Lieutenant Sulu, I’ve just received orders from StarFleet Command.
It contains transfer orders for you. Special Assignment to the *U.S.S.
Atlantis*. She’s a fairly new Intrepid class ship. It says you’ll be gone
for about a month. A runabout is en route to pick you up.” The Captain was
surprised by this order. Lt. Sulu was a fine officer and was the
*Vengence’s* resident expert on the Kahnian Empire. His grandfather’s
brother had served on the Enterprise when it was destroyed by Kahn and Lt.
Hikaro Sulu took it upon himself to know everything he could about Kahn and
his followers and avenge his ancestor’s death.

The lieutenant listened as Captain Hanson told him about the
transfer and then simply stood up and said, “Understood sir. If you’ll
excuse me, I have some packing I need to do.”

“Dismissed, and good luck lieutenant. We’ll be looking forward to
your return.” The captain stood up and shook Sulu’s hand before he left.

Aboard U.S.S. Niagra, Runabout Class. En route to U.S.S. Atlantis

“Lt. Sulu, we are approaching the *Atlantis*.” the young pilot told
her only passenger.

“Thank you ensign. You sure you can’t tell me anything about this

“Sorry sir, I have my orders. That is for the Commodore to do.”
Ensign Antonia brought the runabout around and landed in the *Atlantis’s*

“Sir, you are to report directly to the Commodore’s quarters. Your
things will be sent to your quarters.” Shutting down the runabout’s
systems, Antonia led Hikaro to the Commodore’s quarters.

When they arrived, Ensign Antonia left the lieutenant and headed to
the bridge. Lt. Sulu chimed the door and it opened. Revealing the
Commodore waiting for him.

“Lt. Sulu. Sit down. Let me brief you on your new assignment.”
Sulu sat down across from the Commodore and took the PADD he was offered.
“As you can see lieutenant, this is the *U.S.S. Atlantis* Intrepid class,
with a few modifications. We are on direct assignment from the DTI. The
Department of Temproal Investigations. This ship is equiped with a Self
Controlled Chroniton Particle Timedrive. We can travel through time just
like traveling through space.”

“Unbelievable. I had no idea that the technology was here to do
this!” Sulu said with surprise. All this was coming very quickly.

“Yes. It is amazing. There has been an alteration in the time
line. 90 years ago your Great Uncle, Commander Sulu, was killed on board
the U.S.S. Enterprise in a battle against Kahn Singh. Apparently, this
should not have happened. We believe that someone from outside of that time
line tampered with the events that happened then and caused this present to
occur. One where the Kahnians are growing into a bigger menace. We have no
idea of the exent of the changes that should have occured. For all we know,
the *Enterprise* should be the Fleet flagship instead of the *Excelsior-D*.
And Spock should be the Federation President. Our mission is to go back and
find out the source of the temporal contamination, and stop it from happening.”

“I see Commodore. Where do I come in?”

“You, lieutenant, are our Mission Specialist. You are an expert in
the history of Kahn Singh, Eugenics, and 23rd Century Technology. We need
that expertise to try and figure out what to do. I must warn you though,
this is a dangerous mission and we must do whatever it takes to restore the
timeline and avoid detection by the normal inhabitants of that time.”

“Understood sir. What will be my post?”

“You will sit Mission Operations on the bridge. In fact, you;ll
accompany me to the bridge now. We are already underway.” The Commodore
and Lt. Sulu headed out of room and to the bridge.


Commodore Andreyevich and Lt. Sulu arrived on the bridge and took
their stations. Ensign Antonia was at the pilot’s station and reported they
were on course for the Mutara Sector at Warp 3. The Commodore gave the grew
the mission briefing and the called Kollos to the bridge.

“Lt. Sulu, as our new member, let me inform you about Kollos. She
is a Medusan. She is in an androidal body and will navigate for us during
the time shift.” Just then, Kollos entered the bridge and took the
navigators station that Lt. Saar vacated.

“Commodore, I am engaging the timedrive now. Time shift in

The ship shook violently for the last three seconds of the
countdown. One ensign tech on the bridge fell. Lt. Sulu grabbed ahold of
his console to keep from falling.

Kollos could be heard just as the shaking stopped, “Timeshift has

“Thank you Kollos, another successful shift.” Kollos replied with a
nod and entered the turbolift.

Lt. Saar resumed its station and looked at its instruments.
“Commodore, we are on the edge of the Mutara nebula. No vessels or objects
of any kind within sensor range. However, the nebula can be interfering
with sensors.”

Lt. Sulu checked his instruments. “Confirmed, the static discharge
and gas is having a negative effect on our sensors. According to databanks,
there should be the Regula I Space Station in orbit around a planetoid on
the far side of the nebula.”

The Commodore turned to his Zakdorn Chief Engineer. “Mr. Poldegin,
will the nebula affect our cloaking device?”

After checking his console, he said, “Unknown sir, I can’t be sure,
but I doubt it.”

“I would like a little more reassurance than that Commander. Find
out. Quickly.” the Commodore ordered. Then, he announced to the whole
ship. “Attention, now that we have arrived, I must inform you of some
modifications the ship has received. As you should know, this ship is
equipped with a Phasing Cloaking Device. The Treaty that forbids the
Federation from developing cloaking technology has not yet been signed so we
can legally use the device. In addition, this ship has been equipped with
holo generators to give us the appearance, inside and out, of any other
ship. If necessary, we can disguise ourselves as a Federation ship and crew
of the 23rd century. This will be used only if contact is unavoidable in
any other way.” he looked around and then addressed the crew, “This mission
has alot riding on it. I am counting on all of you. Commodore Andreyevich

Turning to the pilot’s station he said, “Ensign Antonia, engage the
cloaking device and take us to Regula I, through the nebula.”

“Aye sir.” Antonia activated the cloaking device and engaged the
engines. As they entered the nebula, the viewscreen became a mess of
static. “Commodore, we have lost sensors.”

“Understood ensign. Maintain course and speed.”

The *Atlantis* cruised through the nebula. Lt. Cmdr Poldegin was
able to modify the sensors to screen out some of the static, but it didn’t
help much. He reported the cloaking device as being fully functional
despite the nebula. As they approached the outer edge of the nebula,
sensors cleared up and they were able to detect the science station. On the
edge of sensor range, a starship was detected heading away from the station.

“Lt. Krag, can you identify the ship?”

The Nausicaan breathed a low growl as he said, “Ship’s ID shows it
as *U.S.S. Reliant*” A small frigate.”

Lt. Sulu added, “Commodore, the *Reliant* was the ship that Kahn
hijacked. He abandoned the crew on Ceti Alpha 5 and the *Reliant* was
destroyed to prevent StarFleet from pursuing him. If he has left Regula I,
its a good bet he has already stolen the Genesis device and killed the
science team.”

“Krag, any life signs on the station?” said Casey.

“None sir. Sensors also show massive damage to the computer systems.”

“Commodore, I suggest we go after them. They are probably going to
intercept the *Enterprise* and destroy her.” Lt Cmdr Casey said this with
some urgency. She hated to see loss of life.

“I agree Commander. Make it so. I’ll be in my ready room.” the
Commodore left for his ready room.

“Helm, plot an intercept course and engage at maximum warp.”

“Aye sir. Maximum warp.” Antonia enaged the warp drives and the
ship followed after the *Reliant*.

U.S.S. Reliant and U.S.S. Enterprise

“Hang on!” The viewscreen showed the torpedo heading toward the
*Enterprise* and then they all felt the impact. Having been hit hard by
multiple phaser barrages from the *Reliant*, the shields were non-functional
and most systems were off-line. Lt. Uhura was dead, her console had shorted
and debris had hit her. Somehow, the shield’s hadn’t come up when they had
detected *Reliant’s* phaser lock. There was damage showing up across the board.

Admiral Kirk picked himself up off the deck. That last torpedo hit
had knocked the ship about hard. Looking over he saw Lt. Saavik slumped
over her console. Feeling for a pulse he found none. He called for
engineering, “Scotty, do we have phaser power?”

There was a pause before a voice answered, “Admiral, Mr. Scott is
dead. We have a hull breach on decks 11 through 14. Antimatter containment
is weakening. We have emergency batteries only.”

“Damn. Who the hell are they?” Kirk couldn’t imagine who would be
doing this. A StarFleet ship had just attacked them. Even worse, *Reliant*
was on assignment for the Genesis project. This had to be connected with
the call from Carol. Whatever was happening, he had to figure out what and
try to stop them.

Spock’s voice cut through his thoughts. “Admiral, the commander of
the Reliant is signaling. He wishes to discuss terms of our surrender.”

Swallowing hard, he knew he had to think fast. “On screen.”

U.S.S. Atlantis

Krag had just reported on the damage *Enterprise* had taken when he
detected the communication between *Enterprise* and *Reliant*. The
*Atlantis* monitered the people on the screen. Lt. Sulu breathed a quick
gasp when he saw his great uncle at the bridge. They heard Kahn gloat about
his victory over the *Enterprise* and Kirk. Kirk offered his life to save
the ship. Kahn accepted this with a gleam in his eye. Kahn left the comm
line open and Kirk was beamed aboard the *Reliant*.

Lt. Sulu was scanning the *Enterprise* being carefull not to do an
intense enough scan for the *Enterprise* or the *Reliant* to notice. He
saw, on the viewscreen, Spock walk to his console and try to bring up data.
Then Lt. Sulu detected a tight beam computer transmission.

“Sir, *Enterprise* is trying to transmit something to the
*Reliant’s* computer.”

Just as Lt. Sulu finished his sentence, the viewscreen showed
Admiral Kirk being lead onto the bridge. And one of Kahn’s followers
whispered something in his ear.

“Kirk! I see that you and your Vulcan never stop trying!” Turning
to the viewscreen Kahn addressed Spock. “You will find Mr. Spock that I have
already changed the prefix code. I couldn’t let that obvious opening remain
for you to exploit!”

Standing up, Kahn raised his voice to address everyone. “Attention!
This is the newest victory for us! We have escaped our exile on Ceti Alpha
5, taken over a ship, stolen the Genesis device, disposed of the Space
Station’s crew, and now we have defeated the *Enterprise* and have her
glorious Admiral Kirk in our very hands. We have proved our superiority.
Now, we will prove that we are not to be dealt with easily. Close the
channel.” With that, the comm link was closed.

Krag looked over his sensor readings quickly. “Commodore, I am
detecting a buildup in the *Reliant’s* weapon systems. I believe they are
preparing to fire on the *Enterprise*.” Just then, the *Reliant* opened
fire on the Enterprise and she exploded into a rapidly expanding cloud of

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Kahn’s Second Chance, Part II

The crew of the *Atlantis* watched in silence as the *Reliant*
engaged its impulse engines and slowly cruised through the expanding cloud
of debris that once was the *Enterprise*.

Lt. Cmdr Casey’s voice broke the silence. “Lt. Sulu, any ideas on
how to fix what happened?” her voice had a slight tremble in it.

Lt. Sulu was still in shock. He had studied the events time and
time again but never expected to be faced with watching this. He collected
himself and reported, “Um, sensors have collected lots of data on the
*Reliant* and the *Enterprise*. I’ll go over it with Lt. Krag.”

Lt. Cmdr Casey turned to the Commodore. “Sir?”

He was still looking at the viewscreen and said, “Staff Meeting in
one hour. Commander, you have the bridge.” Andreyevich got up and went to
his ready room.

One hour later

“Commodore, Lt. Krag, Commander Pondegin, and I have analysed the
sensor readings we got fromt he attack. We think we have a way.” Lt Sulu
was unsure of how to go about this. Temporal Mechanics was never his strong

“Report.” The Commodore was anxious to continue with this mission.

Sulu looked to the engineer to take over this part of the report.
“Sir, our readings seem to indicate sabatoge. The *Enterprise’s* shields
should have come up before that first volley hit. Something blocked the
command pathways from executing. In addition, we were heavily scanning the
engineering section before the attack to see if anythign was tampered with.
We saw a transporter like signature right before the first phaser attack.
It matches that of the Tempus Fugitive from his transport off of *Atlantis*
Right before he beamed out, life sign count in that section dropped by two.
Its possible that those two people could do something to maintain a critical

The Commodore thought about this for a moment. “Anything else?”

Lt. Krag answered. “We feel that it is not possible for Kahn to
have known how to change the *Reliant’s* prefix code. If the Tempus
Fugitive is involved he may have easily coached Kahn on what to do to
destroy the *Enterprise*. If there was a way to stop TF from contacting
Kahn, it might help.”

Lt. Sulu added now, “Sir, after looking at the historical files, I
think that Kahn will go after Kirk regardless of contact with TF. TF just
gave him the knowledge to ensure *Enterprise’s* destruction. It will be
tough for the *Enterprise* to survive the *Reliant’s* attack.”

The Commodore considered all of this and made a recommendation. “We
will go back and try to repair the sabatoge that the TF does to the
*Enterprise*. We will also make sure that those two crewmen do not die.
But I think most importantly is to stop contact between TF and Kahn. Any
suggestions on how to do that?”

Krag gave a soft growl. “Sir, we may be able to install a modulated
shield that will block his transporter device.”

“Mr. Pondegin?”

“I think it would work, after examining the sensor readings from his
transport from here, I think we can modulate a shield enough to do it. But
we will have to board the *Reliant* to make the modifications.”

The Commander replaied, “We’ll cross that bridge when we cross it.
O.K. everyone, stations. Prepare for timeshift.”

U.S.S. Reliant in orbit around Ceti Alpha V

“Starship *Reliant* to Captain Terrell. This is Commander Kyle,
please respond.”

The science officer was watching over Commander Kyle’s shoulder
waiting for a response to come in from the Captain. It was strange for them
not to check in. Because he was not at his station, he missed the brief
light on his console that indicated someone had beamed onto the ship.

U.S.S. Reliant, Deck 12

Sulu, Krag, and Pondegin were walking down the deserted corridor to
the auxillary control room. They all wore the StarFleet uniforms of that
time period and Krag and Commander Pondegin had both been modified by the
transporter to look like human officers. Once they reached Auxillary
Control, they sealed the door and went to the engineering station.

With very little conversation, they attached a small unit to the
underside of the engineering console.

“This will activate a low level shield around the ship using its own
shield grid. This way it won’t show up on sensors or interfere with normal
transporter operation. However, it will interefere with TF’s transporter.
He shouldn’t be able to get on board now.” This was how Pondegin explained
it to the Commodore before they left. After he connect the last wires to
the device he got up and activated it.

Lt. Krag and Sulu stepped closer to them and Krag called *Atlantis*
for beamout.

U.S.S. Atlantis

The trio appeared in the transporter room back to their original
selves. Lt. Sulu reported to the bridge. “Commodore, mission accomplished.”

The Commodore replied over the comm system, “our sensors are reading
that too, report to the bridge after you are back in uniform.”

Just then, a form materialized on the bridge in front of the
viewscreen. It was the black dressed form of the Tempus Fugitive.

“So, this intrepid band of time travelers is at it again, just when
I try to get stuff done, you have to get in the way!”

Commander Casey jumped up and faced TF. “Who are you?! What are you
doing here?”

“Why Lt. Casey, I am merely doing my job. Or trying to, now that
you people have interfered I am going to have to try something else!” With
a turn of his body, he disappeared as quickly as he came.

Casey turned to the Commodore, “Sir, I think we should hurry to our
next step, that is probably where TF is going to go. maybe to do more damage.”

“I agree Commander. Helm lay in an intercept course for the
*Enterprise*, maximum warp.” The Commander turned to Casey. “Commander,
any thoughts as to what TF might try now?”

Lt. Casey thought about it for a second. “He might try some more
obvious damage, but that doesn’t seem to be his style. He might try to
still give Kahn an advantage over the *Enterprise*.”

The Commodore thought about it some more and then turned to Ensign
Antonia. “Ensign, what’s our ETA to the *Enterprise*?”

“15 minutes sir to visual range.”

“Commander, prepare an away team. I want you to make sure that the
command pathways to the shields are not blocked and make sure that those two
crewmembers do not die!” The Commodore was speaking with an urgency.

“Aye sir. Krag, Sulu, Pondegin. We’ll report to transporter room
1.” The four officers left in the turbolift while replacements come to take
their stations.

U.S.S. Enterprise, Engineering.

Lt. Cmdr Casey took a quick look at her tricorder. It was bit odd.
The last time she had seen a tricorder like this had been in the Fleet
musuem at the Academy. The display was directing her and Krag to the point
where sensors had shown TF transporting away the last time they were here.
They got there and found a secluded corner where they could watch out for TF
to come. While they were standing there, Lt. Sulu called over the ear
implant communicator.

“Commander, this is Lt. Sulu, we have reached the shield generators.
Commander Pondegin is checking the pathways for any kind of resistance.

Lt. Casey whispered very quitely, “Good, tell me if you have found

Just then, the engineer came on the line, “Commander, I have
detected a block int he primary command path and the backups are severed. I
can clear the block and I am attempting to reroute the severed backups. It
is going to take me a few minutes.”

“Go as fast as you can, we don’t have too much time!” then, Krag
touched her arm and motioned for her to be quiet. Coming down toward their
hiding spot were two engineering cadets. Casey heard one say to the other,
“Peter, what could have caused that power reading out here? What does this
system control?”

Peter Preston looked at the wall conduit they had just arrived at.
“I don’t know. It looks like someone has been here.” Scanning the wall
with a tricorder, he noticed no power was going through the conduit.
“That’s odd. Power has been rerouted away from this whole section.”

The other cadet looked at the tricorder readings. Looking at the
wall he asked, “What does this conduit provide power to? All the lights and
everything seem to be functioning here.”

Peter looked at his tricorder again, “This conduit runs power to the
hull integrity field. Without the integrity field in this section, even a
passing asteroid could punch a hole through the hull! Someone had to have
done this deliberatly.”

“We better report this to Mr. Scott.” the other cadet started to
turn but just then a figure materialized before him.

“I think not cadet. You won’t be reporting this to anyone.” The
Tempus Fugitive raised a small device in his hand but then Krag jumped from
his hiding place and took TF by surprise. Krag knocked TF to the ground but
had not taken into account his altered form so he would look human instead
of Nausicaan. TF took advantage of Krag’s momentary confusion and fired his
weapon. Just as he fired, Casey jumped out and knocked his aim off. The
beam weapon glanced off of Krag knocking him unconscious. The rest of the
beam hit the floor causing a large hole to develop. Casey leveled her
phaser at TF and said, “Drop your weapon and surrender!”

“Not this time Commander.” Before Casey could react, TF
disappeared. The two cadets stood where they had been when TF appeared and
were in shock by what had happened. Peter recovered girst and bent down to
examine Krag. “He’s alive, but barely, we better get him to sickbay!”

Lt. Casey quickly said, “He’s going to be alright, first we have to
repair this conduit.” Just as they turned to the conduit, the klaxons
sounded yellow alert. Casey knew they didn’t have much time.

Peter looked torn, he knew this conduit needed repair quickly, but
he had to report to his alert duty station. Casey saw this and said to him,
“Go on cadets, I can take of this here.” They thanked her and took off.
When they were just out of earshot she said for her communicator,
“*Atlantis*, emergency beamout of Krag to sickbay. Keep a lock on me while
I fix this conduit!”

She heard the Commodore’s voice in her ear, “Commander! Hurry!”

Casey found the device which was diverting the power. Krag was
beamed out as she opened it up. She heard over her communicator,
“Commander! *Reliant* has raised their shields! You have to get out of there!”

“Almost got it.” she thought. She was able to remove the device and
saw her tricorder light up as power went to the Structural Integrity Field.
“*Atlantis*! Get me outta here!” Just as her form dematerialized from the
corridor, the *Reliant’s* phaser barrage impacted the section right where
she was standing. The shields had been raised in time, but there was still
heavy damage to the section.

U.S.S. Atlantis

When Casey arrived on the bridge she saw in the viewscreen a single
photon torpedo shot from *Reliant* impact on the *Enterprise*.

The bridge crew then watched as Kahn and Kirk talked over the comm
channel. This time, the conversation was different when Kahn said, “I’ll
agree to your terms if…in addition to yourself, you hand over to me all
the data and materials regarding the project called….Genesis.”

Casey turned to the Commodore and said, “At least we know he doesn’t
have Genesis.” She turned back to the viewscreen and watched as Kirk went
and stood near Captain Spock. Spock nodded. Apparently, Kirk was giving
orders regarding Kahn demand.

Lt Sulu adjusted a few things on his board. “I believe we can
increase the volume.” With a few more adjustments they were able to hear
Kirk and Spock speak to a young lieutenant at Navigation.

“You have to learn *why* things work on starship.” Spock added,
“Each ship has its own combination code” Kirk continued, “To prevent an
enemy from doing what we’re attempting. Using our console…to order
*Reliant* to drop her shields.”

Kahn interrupted to provide his own countdown progress. Kirk turned
to Kahn. Lt Casey saw something she had never seen in any of the holos of
Kirk in her history books. He was wearing antique glasses. “Kahn…How do
we know you will keep your word?” Kahn responsed, “Oh I’ve given you no
word to keep Admiral! In my judgement you simply have no alternative.”

Kirk responded to Kahn and then turned his back on the viewscreen.
They couldn’t make out what Kirk said, but his helmsmanput his head down and
adjusted a few controls. Krag looked at his console and reported, “The
*Enterprise* has looked phasers on the *Reliant*!”

Commodore Andreyevich said, “The *Enterprise* is going to use
*Reliant’s* prefix code to lower their shields. Then they are going to use
the phaser power they have to try and disable *Reliant*.” He paused for a
second and nodded his head slowly. “Brilliant!”

Krag reported again, “Sir, *Enterprise* is transmitting to
*Reliant*. Their shields are dropping! The *Enterprise* is firing!
*Reliant* is taking heavy damage to their command center. *Reliant*’s warp
drive is offline.” Krag watched the viewscreen for a moment and then said,
“The *Reliant* is withdrawing.”

Commodore Andreyevich stood and walked to Lt. Sulu. “What do the
record show Lieutenant?”

Lt. Sulu looked up the events in the ship’s computer. “Sir,
record’s show that the *Reliant* is destroyed in the Mutara Nebula. Kahn
and his crew are all dead.”

“I see. Let’s go home.”

U.S.S. Atlantis, 24th Century, Docked

Commodore Andreyevich was standing in his superior’s office while
the mysterious black man went over his report.

“Very good Commodore. You have restored the time line to its proper
state. But I wish we knew more about this TF.” the strange man was still
in darkness and Dmitri could not make out his face. “Again, very good job
Commodore. Thank you.”

The Commodore walked out of the room and headed towards *Atlantis*.
He wanted to be ready for the next mission.
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