Timeship Atlantis Writer’s Guide

Timeship Atlantis Series Writer’s Guide by Thomas Matteson
(Second Update 2/12/98 by WC)

The ship:

*U.S.S. Atlantis*, Intrepid Class (just like *Voyager*) extra systems
Phasing Cloaking Device (like what was used on *U.S.S. Pegasus*
Geordi and Ro)
Matter Stream Modifier – Modifies people being transported to
like others. Illegal in Federation, dangerous.
Self – Contained Controlled Chroniton Particle Timedrive –
(Abbrev. “SCCCPTD”) Time Warp Drive used to time travel the ship.
Holo-emitter system – disguises the ship outside (and inside, if
need be).
Mission communicators – nondescript, send video as well as audio
back to bridge, typically used with aural implants so bridge can secretly
advise away team during missions.

The crew:

Commodore Andreyevich, Russian. First name changed from Ivan to
Dimitri, possibly as a side effect of changing history during
*Challenger* mission. No accent, excellent language
skills, claims to speak 22 fluently. Can speak many Federation languages
and non-Federation ones, including Orion. He can also read Old Vulcan.

Lt. (Lt Cmdr) Shelly Casey. Lt. on the U.S.S. Hood, martial arts
expert, First Contact Expert. Nicknamed Hot Cheeks. Serves as First
Officer on Atlantis with rank of Lt. Cmdr. Practices “Polynesian
Mumbo-jumbo” according to *Hood* CMO. Lost younger twin sister,
Gwendolyn, to friction-surfing accident.

Unknown Black Man. Commodore Andreyevich’s superior. Hands out
the missions. Veteren time traveler. Shadowy.

Com. Krag. Security chief on *Atlantis*. Surly male Nausican.

Sept Midron. *Atlantis* ship counselor. Red-headed male

Ensign Antonia, Platonian. Slightly telekinetic, kironide
addict. Atlantis Pilot. Granddaughter of Alexander the dwarf, and she
was born in the 23rd century.

Lt. Com Zam Poldegin, Female Zakdorn Chief Engineer

Dr. Zhivago, CMO, Deltan, aloof, rumors say he once killed an
earthwoman during Deltan sex. Knows certain techniques that Starfleet
Medical doesn’t seem to be ready for.

Lt. Saar, Navigator, J’naii (genderless race)

Kollos, former Medusan ambassador, now Timewarp navigator in an
androidal body. A Medusan’s true appearance can cause insanity. At this
point, Kollos is beginning to explore the concept of gender, currently
trying out being a humanoid male.

Lt. David Gerard – Historian, works with Guardian of Forever,
mission specialist for first mission, operates temporal plotter station
on bridge.

There is an unknown mole in the crew from DTI (Department of
Temporal Investigations), who keeps watch, making sure no rules get

Tempus Fugitive (or TF), male humanoid who hides his identity
with a black hood. Has access to time travel technology and a transporter
superior to the *Atlantis*. Intelligent, with an attitude. Unknown
agenda. The DTI wants him captured for time tampering.

Captain DeSoto is Captain of the U.S.S. Hood with Lt. Casey.

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