Power Struggle

Power Struggle
by VoyWriter

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Kathryn watched her First Officer. Enigmatic smile upon that mouth.
Matched the eyes. Revealing nothing of himself – save to her – who saw
everything within.

Who knew his length and breadth and soul and passion – all that made him weak
and strong.

She ran her mental hands down familiar lines and edges, across flesh and bone
and muscle. Found hard and strong. Pressed her lips and mouth. She knew how to
make him groan. And moan. And beg. At least, pray. She pulled his hand to help.
Then drew away – and watched.

She turned her head and looked at him next to her in his chair. Sent her gaze from
chest to hip to thigh. Watched his reaction. Fast, involuntary change.

Her own smile met his wry one – smug and sure.

She leaned across, brushed his sleeve, breathed his name. Saw reaction in his eyes
to match the body. Knew that she would pay for this. Knew she’d exact her own
price, too.

He shifted in his seat. She raised a brow. He nodded once – conceding his defeat.



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