The Unknown Traveler…..Part 1


Benjamin Sisko, Gazed out the window of his quarters at the passing infinity of stars,
After a long conversation with cardassian traders,About a lost shipment,
Suddenly,His com badge chirps,” Major Kira to sisko,”,”Proceed,” He sighs,
“You may wanna come take a look at this,Captain.”
“What is it?” He asked..” It’s …Just something you should come see,Sir.”
Groaning, With fatigue, He slowly made is way to OPS.
{A short time later….}
He steps through the sliding glass double doors,And steps onto
the bridge. “Sensors read a single Humanoid Life form,Captain.”
Chirps Dax from behind her post. “hail it”
Sighs sisko,Trying to put on a Professional face,
For presentations,sake. “Hail received”. O’brien adds.
The view screen lights up to reveal a Petite Frame,
Almost human in appearance. His eyes are covered with
a visor,Glowing with a multitude of brilliant,Shimmering,Lights.

“I am Captain

Benjamin Sisko, With the united federation of Planets,
You are in the alpha quadrant,Where do you come from?”
The figure on the viewer,Says nothing.
“Is the audio online,O’Brien?” ask sisko,”Yes,Sir,
Audio and video,Both fully online and operational,
Sir.” “Hmm.” Mumbles sisko.
“WE are peaceful,”Sisko adds,”WE would be happy to offer you a
place to rest,You can dock here…” Suddenly the figure,
Interrupts, the captain..”I AM ZULAJA, I HAIL FROM
“I am Not sure i understand,” sisko says,He continues,
“Why do you want our ship?,And you should know,WE are peaceful,
But we are fully prepared and capable to defend ourselves.”
ZULAJA adds,” I am a creature that feeds on energy,
There is a supplement of energy,Radiating from your vessel’s
Core,And i will use this energy to return to my full strength,
So that i can reclaim my kingdom,Surrender, and you will survive.”
“Sisko,Hesitates,For only a moment before saying,” WE can assist you,
If you are in trouble,This energy,You sense,Is our ship’s
warp drive. AS you can see, it will put us in quite the difficult position,
So, maybe…”
“NO”, Shouts ZULAJA,”you will give me your “warp drive”,
Or i will destroy your ship and simply use my vessel,
To absorb the energy from the blast wave,You have
1 hour to decide.” Suddenly, The view screen,
Goes dark.

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