Stories by: Anna Perotti
The Mysterious Disease
08/18/00  Tags: , ,   Category: The Original Series

Once more Spock is ill (poor guy, someone should do something for him!). Doctor McCoy has to find out what it is. Captain Kirk has to worry.

The Most Logical Choice
08/14/00  Tags:   Category: Miscellaneous

A love vs logic story. A young woman is going to face koon-ut-kal-if-fee. She has to decide if she will accept her bondmate or allow her lover to challenge him.

Chasing the Intruder
08/13/00  Tags:   Category: The Original Series

A short story about Spock teaching at Starfleet Academy, a cat and a computer bug.

Boyish Games
08/13/00  Tags:   Category: The Original Series

A very young Spock is lost in a Vulcan desert, along with his Human cousin. Both the boys will learn something from the adventure.

Amok Time, The Day After
08/13/00  Tags:   Category: The Original Series

Dr McCoy learns to his own expense that it is dangerous to pick up and bring home unknown things.