Stories by: Brian Trotter
I am the Dreamer
03/20/05  Tags: , , ,   Category: Crossover

Things aren’t right in the Star Trek Universe. People and events are being switched at a moment’s whim. Archer finds himself with Spock as he tries to get out of a crossfire between the Xindi and the Borg. Admiral Kirk decides to retire from Starfleet and let’s Captain Decker run the USS Enterprise-A for a while. Picard materializes aboard the USS Enterprise-B just before it’s pulled into the Nexus Ribbon. And a wormhole switches Sisko and Janeway from their ships just before a Dominion fleet attacks. Who has messed with the timeline? Can the combined crews of the Enterprises, DS9 and Voyager stop it? And why are Q and Harry Mudd working together? One thing’s for sure: This is only the beginning …