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The Calling, Part 1

Genoa Forelni led a small group of people off Earth in the midst of World War 3, looking for a new world to call home. A century later Captain Archer and the crew of the Enterprise have found the descendants of that exodus near the Klingon border. Their new world, Etalya, is a world of many mysteries. But before Archer can begin to explore them, the Klingons pull off a daring raid, sparking a war that threatens to engulf the entire quadrant.

The Teachings of Surak
04/28/12  Tags: , ,
Category: Miscellaneous  By: Greg Hoover

The Teachings of Surak Translated from the original Vulcan by Gregory Hoover The understanding of many great things has been revealed to us through logic. Concerning these things, Surak should always be remembered. For it is necessary, not only for Vulcans, but even for outsiders, to be competent, both in speaking and in writing, so […]

The Secret
03/26/12  Tags: , , ,
Category: Enterprise  By: Mike Crumpton

“Captain”, T’Pol’s voice echoed out of the intercom system. “Go ahead”, replied Captain Jonathan Archer. “Captain, I have something on long range sensors that you might want to see”, stated T’Pol in her even monotone voice. “On my way”, said Archer.  He closed the intercom connection and turned to his Chief Engineer.  “Trip, continue with […]

I am the Dreamer
03/20/05  Tags: , , ,
Category: Crossover  By: Brian Trotter

Things aren’t right in the Star Trek Universe. People and events are being switched at a moment’s whim. Archer finds himself with Spock as he tries to get out of a crossfire between the Xindi and the Borg. Admiral Kirk decides to retire from Starfleet and let’s Captain Decker run the USS Enterprise-A for a while. Picard materializes aboard the USS Enterprise-B just before it’s pulled into the Nexus Ribbon. And a wormhole switches Sisko and Janeway from their ships just before a Dominion fleet attacks. Who has messed with the timeline? Can the combined crews of the Enterprises, DS9 and Voyager stop it? And why are Q and Harry Mudd working together? One thing’s for sure: This is only the beginning …

Alternate Paths
11/04/04  Tags: ,
Category: Enterprise  By: Brubo

An alternate T’Pol makes different choices. Spoilers for Seasons 1-3 through E2.