Stories by: Macedon
Talking Stick
02/28/98  Tags:   Category: Voyager

Chakotay and Tuvok develop a tentative friendship, set against the backdrop of a storytelling group which has grown up spontaneously on Voyager. Told in the first person from Chakotay’s POV.

A Cherished Alienation
02/28/98  Tags:   Category: Voyager

When Janeway finally decides to attend the storytelling circle, she finds more surprises than she bargained for. Meanwhile Chakotay, in an effort to ‘complete’ the circle, decides to address the division between the fleet and maquis by telling his personal story of how he came to join the maquis. He’s hoping to build some bridges, but will he just end up with a pile of rubble?

Walking Across Egypt
02/28/98  Tags: ,   Category: Voyager

Chakotay and Tuvok are are sent on an away mission to survey a planet nicknamed Egypt.

02/28/98  Tags: ,   Category: Voyager

Chakotay faces two dilemmas, one on the spiritual plane, one on the personal. After being wounded in a fall, he is drawn up into the sky world, where the Thunderpeople seek to persuade him to take up the gift of mashkiki (medicine) and become Voyager’s shaman. Meanwhile in the middle world, he must decide what to do about his feelings for Janeway. One way or the other, his role and place on Voyager is changing.

The Rose and the Yew Tree
09/13/97  Tags: ,   Category: Voyager

This last story in the Talking Stick/Circle series takes Janeway, Chakotay, and the crew of Voyager into the heart of a genocidal war. Will they survive? If they do, will the relationships they have formed survive? And what will be the cost paid? The darkest of the series, this episode deals with questions of war, violence, intolerance, and helplessness. Probably not for the faint of heart, or those who find themselves unable to watch the international news reports. Otherwise, get out your hankies, and buckle up for a rough ride to the Waren-Pyre

Out of the Past
09/13/97  Tags: ,   Category: Voyager

Voyager rescues a shuttle from an unstable wormhole, only to discover it carries an surprising guest–an old flame of Janeway’s. Jealousy arises from an unexpected quarter, setting up a chain of events that results in a peculiar pairing.

T’Kuht Rising
09/13/97  Tags:   Category: Voyager

A sequel of sorts to Out of the Past. As his daughter celebrates her second birthday, Sokar is haunted by doubts and demons from his own childhood. Does he begin instructing her in Vulcan emotional control, or does he grant her the freedom he so coveted as a child himself? Told in first person, from Sokar’s point of view.

06/26/97  Tags: ,   Category: Deep Space Nine

A sequel to Orfeo and Eye of the Storm. Eleven years after his abrupt, late-night departure, Salene reappears in Jake’s life. He finds a twenty-nine-year-old Jake whose writing career is beginning to blossom even while his private life is falling apart.

06/10/97  Tags:   Category: Deep Space Nine

When Bajor hosts an interstellar music festival, to which a very unusual star singer is invited, Jake must face questions about friendship, manhood and culture, as well as freedoms of belief.

Eye of the Storm
06/10/97  Tags: ,   Category: Deep Space Nine

A sequel to Orfeo and the DS9 episode Nor the Battle to the Strong. A month after his experiences on Ajilon Prime, Jake is still haunted by flashbacks and nightmares. His father suggests he get away from the station, take a vacation to see his grandfather on Earth. To Jake’s surprise, Salene–concerned by his letters–travels to meet him there. Both arrive in New Orleans just ahead of a hurricane. Jake discovers there are many kinds of courage, and many kinds ‘storms’.