Stories by: Todd Kelley
Star Trek Helix: Axis Power, Part 2
07/12/04  Tags: ,   Category: Miscellaneous


Starfleet and TEAM HELIX have failed in stopping the AXIS EXPERIMENT.
Now, within the new reality where the Borg reign supreme, Kyle K’Nar and
the crew of the U.S.S. Atlantis are the only hope in restoring the
universe. As Kyle and the Human Resistance prepare to engage AXIS in a
final assault, Commodore Dimitri Andreyevich and is crew try to piece
together a way to restore reality. But now a ‘third’ unknown player has
entered the war, presumably with no allegiance to either side.

Can the Timeship Atlantis find a way to enlist their help, or will they
have plans of their own for this alternate universe?

Star Trek Helix: Axis Power, Part 3
07/12/04  Tags: ,   Category: Miscellaneous

The Human Resistence… Crushed! The Starship Helix… Destroyed! Team Helix… All, but done… In the alternate reality, the Human Resistence’s final assault on the Borg is a success… but at a grave cost. Now, with both side crippled, the fate of the universe rests in the hands of Commodore Dimitri Andreyevich and crew of the U.S.S. Atlantis. But to accomplish the mission, Dimitri has to Forge an uneasy alliance with Team Helix’s Kyle K’Nar, and the Sinister Borg Queen. There last hope is to figure out a way to restore the timeline. But AXIS has other plans for our heroes…

Star Trek Helix: Axis Power, Part I
01/27/00  Tags: ,   Category: Miscellaneous

(A Starship Helix – Timeship Atlantis Crossover!) It’s the end of the universe as we know it! Alex Garrett has been assimilated, the Helix and Starfleet are powerless, and the Borg stand on the threshold of destorying history! Now it’s up to Commodore Dimitri Andreyevich and the crew of the Timeship Atlantis to stop the second coming of AXIS!

Star Trek Helix: Phantoms, Part I
05/03/98  Tags:   Category: Miscellaneous

The Helix team is given an assigment to investigate an incident in Klingon space. But a routine investigation turns into what could be the start of an intergalactic war.

Star Trek Helix: Phantoms, Part II
05/03/98  Tags:   Category: Miscellaneous

The Klingons have discovered The Federation and the Romulans may be joining forces against them. But everything isn’t the way it seems. Now it’s up to Alex and Team Helix to uncover the mysterious aliens who could be planning the destruction of the Alpha Quadrant. But it will take more the Helix to stop them, and by the end of the mission, not everyone will survive…

Star Trek Helix: The Crossing, Part II
11/27/97  Tags:   Category: Miscellaneous

The conclusion of the two-part intro story. It’s three days later and the crew goes on their first mission for Admiral Porter and The Program! But deception runs rampant throught the unit and everyone’s hidden agenda starts to surface. Will Team: Helix fall apart before it starts?

Star Trek Helix: The Crossing, Part I
05/27/97  Tags:   Category: Miscellaneous

This is the introduction adventure. Existing within a timeline where The Borg have conquered the Federation, Alex and crew are all that’s left of the Alpha Quadrant’s resistance. When a last ditch escape ends up catapulting them four years into the past and unknowingling altering the timeline (into the current trek timeline). It’s basically a set up for the rest of the series.