Stories by: Sean O'Keefe
Collective Reflections

  “Captain Picard.” “Seven of Nine.” Picard looked her up and down and could not help but be impressed by her fine form. Her bio held that she was twenty-nine, but he could swear she looked physically younger. What aged her was the no-nonsense look in her eye. “Or do you prefer Annika now you’re […]

The Path of Most Resistance
09/10/14  Tags: , ,   Category: Voyager

  Captain’s Personal Log, U.S.S. Billings, Stardate 48305.3. As I draw near to my retirement I find my choice of successor aboard ship to be a simple matter. Kate Janeway has been an excellent XO and Starfleet would be mad to pass her up to command the old girl. However, I’ve just received a communique […]

No Good Deed…

No Good Deed… by Sean O’Keefe 2013© Life aboard the Enterprise is never dull. The Captain was well aware of that fact. It seemed no matter how mundane or routine a day appeared, something came out of left field. Always. “Explain yourself, Captain! Why did you violate the Prime Directive?!” Strong words, yet the commander of the U.S.S. […]