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Star Trek Odyssey – Isle of the Sun Chapter 10

CHAPTER 10 “Captain, please! Do something!” Owen shouted. Janeway looked back from the co-pilot seat and studied her bereft pretty officer. With all six seats in the shuttle occupied, Owen was left standing in the aisle, hands braced on the backs of Crewman Thorold’s and Ensign Vorik’s chairs. “We’re doing everything we can, Chief,” she […]

Star Trek: Odyssey – The Isle of the Sun, Chapter 3

CHAPTER 3 “She’s stable,” said the Doctor. “That’s the good news.” “All right,” said Chakotay, “What’s the bad?” They stood in the Doctor’s office in sickbay, looking out the window at Ensign Kang where she lay on a sickbay bed, still unconscious. Kes was sitting at her bedside watching the biomonitor. “It appears the ensign […]

The Path of Most Resistance
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Category: Voyager  By: Sean O'Keefe

  Captain’s Personal Log, U.S.S. Billings, Stardate 48305.3. As I draw near to my retirement I find my choice of successor aboard ship to be a simple matter. Kate Janeway has been an excellent XO and Starfleet would be mad to pass her up to command the old girl. However, I’ve just received a communique […]