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A dark room, this will make my job easier thought the shadowed assailant. The heavy metal door slid awkwardly shut behind him, making much scrapping and jarring, but even this level of noise would fail to wake someone as asleep as the target. The armour on his chest and arms clinked a little, but the wearer moved slowly, masking his approach. In his right hand the metallic surface of a dagger, with a triangular head and cut-out in the centre of the blade glinted in the slight light shining though a window, revealing an outside Luna landscape, with tall buildings and a star field. The surface of the moon was pot marked with craters from asteroid impacts and with smaller structures, designed to mine the resources beneath the moons surface, brought by the impacts so many years ago. The shadowy figure, tall and wide advanced though the moonlight, though the spartan quarters to a rough bed on the far wall, hidden from light and mounded with the shape of a sleeping person on its hard surfaces.


The only sound in the room was the soft hum of several computer terminals and the shallow breathing of the figure. Slowly he pulled the dagger back and in one swift thrust and exhale plunged it deep into the side of the mound. But wait, something’s wrong. The dagger pierced the body too easily, there was no blood,, no sudden movement or jerk at the presence of the blade. The dagger moved too easily though the flesh as if there was nothing there. The figure shouted something in a alien tongue and the dim lights inside the room flooded the scene with white glare. The bed was empty, with just piles of clothing mounded on it, ripped and torn from the dagger in the figures hand.


“P’targ!” the figure yelled, in a gravely voice, smashing the spiked ball at the end of his weapon into his smooth bland forehead.


In the distant star screen a small light raced away from view in a flash of light, and the occupier knew he had escaped, for now…


Captains Log 21st April 2164. Its been three years since my ship was retired from service and placed in a museum. Three long years. Most of her crew reassigned to other places or ships. My own career has stunted since leaving her. But now we’re back. The Enterprise has been recalled into service for the new Federation. After three years, we are all back together. The death of Trip has been brought back into the forefront of everyone’s mind however. The ships new warp core features a plaque dedicated in his honour. My new engineer has promised me he’ll do his best to replace Trip, but I guess many feel as I do, that no one could ever replace him. Enterprise on route to the Rogelio system, as a test of its new propulsion systems before turning round and heading back to Earth docks.


“Warp speed steady at 5.8”

“All systems appear normal Captain.”


“Thank you Commander.” Replied Captain Archer, still looking the same as he did as he made his speech on Earth three years ago to his helmsman, Lieutenant Mayweather and his Vulcan science officer T’pol. Archer sat back a little in his new chair, at the bridges centre, watching the star screen flick by ahead on the view screen.


“Nice to be back in the chair again Captain?” asked the weapons officer Malcolm Reed to the Captains right.


“It feels the same as I left it” Archer smiled back.


“Couldn’t believe it when I heard the Enterprise was being re-commissioned.” Mayweather commented.


“What better ship to have out there continuing her duties than the ship and crew that saved Earth and set up the Federation?” Hoshi, the comms officer on the bridge left replied.


“Starfleet is short of ships for the new duties they are taking on. I doubt our return to service was due to our status in the history books. It is a logical choice to put a still serviceable ship back in duty when needed.” T’pol interjected, bringing the conversation down several bars with her Vulcan logic.


“However…”she added”…in regards to returning to duty. It is…pleasant to be back.” The bridge crew smiled, apart from the stubborn Vulcan who remained straight faced.


The NX class ship, her shining hull and bright windows mimicking the stars behind continued at course, her twin nacelles glowing brightly in deep blue as the vessel travelled many times faster than light. The first ship to break Warp 5, she was know going to bed the test bed for new engines that would break warp 7. In the cavernous engineering the new Warp Core, longer than the last and wider fitted snugly in the confines of the room, glowing and swirling purple and red hughes while the engineering crew, in the typical Starfleet blue jumpsuits with red bands, milled around keeping tabs on the new drive.


“Reaching our co-ordinates” Mayweather informed Archer.


“Take us out of warp, set up standard orbit of Rogelio 3.” came the new orders.


“Captain, may I remind you that our orders specify to turn round and return to Earth straight away after arriving here.” T’pol reminded the Captain.


“Im aware of that, but we’ve been at warp speed for the last 4 days, I want to make sure that the new systems are all ok after the flight.” T’pol nodded while the sounds of the helm controls signalled Mayweather moving the ship into a orbital pattern around the lush green and blue world below. It looked like a valid paradise, much like Earth, but as Archer knew from experience, appearances can be deceptive.


“Malcolm start running diagnostics on all systems.” Archer tapped a button on his chair and opened the comm channel to engineering. “Ensign Oscar, I want you to run systems check on the new engines and core. Check for anything unexpected.”


“Yes sir” came the response.


“And..” Archer paused “Keep up the good work” before pressing the button again and closing the ships comm.


Reed smiled, but was one of the few who did. Hoshi was tapping at her controls for outer ship communications, and listening heard to her in ear transceiver.


“Captain im picking up a distress call” Archer walked over and stood at the railing new her station.


“Who from?”


“Im not sure, there’s a lot of static.” Archer looked over at T’pol who was already turning to the station behind her, and peering into the gooseneck scanner.


“There is a small ship bearing 034 mark 009, around 8,000 kilometres away. “


“Mayweather plot an intercept course. Full impulse.”


“Sir, im picking up weapons fire” Reed noted, pressing buttons with electric beeps.


“Im detecting a second vessel. Its configuration resembles that of a Klingon Bird OF Prey.” T’pol replied.


“Confirmed sir, the weapon signals match Klingon Disrupter fire.” Reed looked up at the captain who returned to the bridge centre but still standing. “Go to Red Alert”


“We’re in visual range”


“Lets see it” ordered the Captain.


The sleak shape of a small shuttle, mottled green attempting to evade the much larger Bird Of Prey, its wings down, firing bright green energy pulses from their tips came into view. The sleak shuttle had been struck, and several bright orange blast hits flickered on her hull. A single stream of deep red plasma filed behind, like blood leaking from a wound. The small shuttle dodged left and right, firing small thin green beams at the pursuer, illuminating the shields. The Klingon ship continued to tail the escapee. All this appeared on the Enterprises viewscreen


“Sensors show that the vessel in distress has taken heavy damage to engines and shields.” T’pol commented.


“Open a channel to the Bird Of Prey” Archer ordered Hoshi, who nodded at him to show the channel was open.


“This is Captain Archer of the Starfleet vessel Enterprise. Shutdown your weapons immediately” Archer paused. They Bird Of Prey turned and now came full on towards the Enterprise.


“Charge the Phase Bank.” Archer ordered.


“Sir we haven’t tested the systems…” Reed began but Archer silenced him “No time like the present”


A series of close beeps signalled the banks charging and readiness for firing.


“Fire a warning shot off their bows.” Reed nodded, tapping his targeting scanners. Two bleeps sounded as the weapons fired.


Twin beams of golden orange light flared from the Enterprises ventral bow, spewing from two weapon ports just above the sensor dome. They narrowly missed the approaching Klingons, who returned the Earth ships welcome with several blasts of green fire. The bridge rocked slightly as the fire struck, Archer sat down.


“Hull plating holding.”


“Lets give these new weapons a proper test. Evasive flight path helm, take us over the Bird Of Prey, Reed, target their impulse systems.” Another two bleeps signalled target lock.


The Enterprise flew over the oncoming Bird Of Prey, and then opened fire again with her twin beam Phase Bank, this time illuminating the Klingons shields. Another shot went though, striking the ships hull and spraying debris into space as the impulse engines on the rear of the craft flickered and died, leaving the Klingons floating and adrift. On the bridge of the NX several consoles behind Reed sparked and flickered before there was a tone of a dieing hum.


“We disabled the Bird Of Prey..” he commented, turning round to peer at the rear consoles “…But we’ve burned out half the power conduits for the forward weapons in the process.”


“Captain the shuttle is losing life support.”


“Beam the occupants to the medical bay” Archer said in response to T’pol. He turned to leave the bridge before adding “Bring the shuttle into the hanger” to Reed who nodded. And with that Archer left, tapping on the turbo lift panel on route to sickbay.


Phlox, the Denobulan doctor, was already busy treating the four people inside the medical bay. The NX’s sick bay had not changed much, and the loud and usually vicious creatures Phlox kept as cures to various ailments were dotted around the circular shaped room in their many cages. Archer walked over as he was working on one of the injured crew, injecting the person in the neck with a hypo spray of greenish fluid.


“Captain” Phlox said cheerfully, not looking up from his patient


“How are they doing” Archer asked, his head frowned in concern


“These two are suffering limited injuries, just burns really.” Phlox answered, gesturing to the two crew in the beds, each with wide foreheads, dark skin tone and long hair that almost matched their skin colour. The other two have got some more extensive injuries but I believe they should all be fine in a day or so” the diagnosis delivered in his cheery manor.


“Any idea who they are?” Archer asked. Phlox’s gaze dipped to the floor a little. He sighed heavily.


“Im afraid I do. And in fact, so do you.” Phlox led the captain over to the main bio-bed. Archers eyes widened.


“Its that scientist, Antaak wasn’t it. You helped hi cure a virus that was killing Klingons.”


“That is correct. As I predicted, the foreheads of those injected with the cure have lost their ridges.”


“Can you wake him?”


“I believe so” Phlox injected Antaak’s neck.


The klingons eyes opened quickly, and immediately he attempted to stand.


“No you don’t” Phlox intervened, pushing back down.


“Phlox?” he replied groggily. “Captain Archer? How did you…”


“We replied to your distress signal. Why were you under attack?”


“It is a long tale Captain…” he started “And he’s in no condition to tell it at the moment.” Phlox cut Antaak short.


The slight bleep of the ships internal communication system interrupted the discussion. The captain walked over and clicked on the buttons.


“Go ahead”


“Captain, a situation has arisen on the bridge” came T’pol voice.


“On my way” and the Captain returned to Phlox and Antaak. “Contact me when they are able to talk” and with that he left to the Bridge.


“I guess I should thank you Phlox” Antaak said as the doors slid shut to the medical bay.


“It seems to be a trait you are developing” Phlox smiled, before sedating his once more to work on Antaaks injuries.


Meanwhile Captain Archer walked onto the bridge.


“How are the crew?” Enquired Reed.


“They’ll be ok thanks to Phlox. They are also Klingon”


“T’pol and Reed looked gave each other a look.


“So what’s the situation”


T’pol pressed some controls and the view screen flashed to another Bird Of Prey approaching at warp.


“Should have guessed the Klingons wouldn’t go without a fight. When will it arrive?”


“At its current speed less than 5 minutes” came T’pols response.


“Helm, set a course back to Earth, Warp 5”


Enterprise veered to starboard as it turned towards Earth, its nacelles flashing blue as it broke the light barrier.


“Warp 5” Mayweather commented to the Captain.


“Captain, our new weapon systems are still offline, but Phase Cannons and Torpedo systems are still operational.”


“It is unwise to pursue aggressive action towards the Klingons, we have already aggravated them, Enterprise may not withstand a more concentrated attack.” T’pol warned the weapons officer.


“In my line of work its better to remove a threat than to leave it” Reed returned slightly tempered.


“In your history that excuse has been used many times for usually genocidal motives”


Hoshi suddenly interrupted the two officers heated discussion.


“Captain, im picking up a com signal.” Archer looked over


“Its Klingon. The bird of prey is requesting more ships.”


“Obviously their captain isn’t too certain of the odds of us against him” Reed smiled smugly. T’pol meanwhile span around and checked her scanner again.


“There’s nothing on sensors, however the ships may be cloaked.” she said to Archer.


“Keep me posted” Archer ordered, before leaving the bridge to his ready room.


Enterprise screamed though space, faster than light, its nacelles glowing blue as it burned its way though anti-matter and matter to reach Earth. Her outer hull barred the scorches from the energy blasts she was hit with, but no worse than that.


Inside sick bay the Klingon crew were being patched up, and Antaak was already walking around with Phlox, attempting to help his crew while ignoring the denobulans insistent calls for him to rest.


“A Klingon lives though pain. Even one who doesn’t fight” Antaak said to Phlox.


“You Klingons are too stubborn”


“We prefer hard skinned.”


“Hmm. Is it usual for you Klingons to attack each other?”


Antaak hesitated some what before answering.


“The events that you assisted with, curing us of the virus and such, lead to unforeseen consequences. It was no longer safe to be in the Empire. Me, and a few loyal Klingon decided it was best to remove ourselves from the danger, and find help.”


“Isn’t that showing weakness” Phlox raised his considerable eyebrows.


“Its no weakness to find allies to fight in glorious battle with you…” He raised his head a little from the patient and smiled “Well that’s what I told them anyway”


“What about Krell here.”


“You recognised him then, without his ridges. Yes, he too came under threat. On his way to meet me at my moon outpost his ship was attacked. He evacuated on the small shuttle before his craft fought to destruction.”


“Well you are all very lucky to be alive”


“That is if your Captain agrees to what I have to suggest.” Antaak walked away slightly.


“And what is that?”


“Safe passage to Earth”


On the Bridge Captain Archer stepped out from his ready room and stared at the view screen where the green looming shape of a Klingon ship filled up the monitor. Its bulbous head and thin neck lead to a engineering section with under slung nacelles, squared off at their ends.


“Its one of their new cruisers” Reed answered Archers questioning look.


“D6 class. Their firepower is rumoured to be over triple that of the D5’s.”


“Where are they?” Archer asked T’pol after her information on the D6.


“They have matched our course and are exceeding our warp speed.”


“Time till intercept”


“Less than 10 minutes” Reed answered


“T’pol is there anyway we can avoid that cruiser?”


The Vulcan checked her scanner, several tense seconds passed.


“There is a nebula less than 8 minutes away that contains a dense concentration of radiogenic particles. It should hide us from their sensors.”


“That’ll do” Archer turned away from her and ordered Enterprise’s course to be changed.


Enterprise’s sleak hull, its golden deflector and red tipped nacelles pointed straight at the swirling clouds of green and white that made up the nebula.


“Reminds me of an ice cream I used to like back in san Fransisco” Mayweather commented


“Take us in. The Klingons?” Archer asked T’pol


“They are still several minutes behind”




The small glinting starship faded into the fluffy clouds, just as the long necked Klingon cruiser, dark green with blood red nacelles appeared after a bright flash as its warp fields shut down. On the crafts bridge the Klingon crew sat in their dark interior, lacking their forehead ridges, and their captain at the bridges centre looking confused and angry about the whereabouts of their target. The Enterprise’s impulse engines shut down to neutral, their bright cyan flares vanishing. At the heart of the soft clouds and swirling colours the ship sat, waiting for the Klingons to follow, but they didn’t.


“Good job” Archer said to his trusted science officer.


“Im not so sure sir.” Reed said, frowning at his monitors.




“Our hull plating just automatically engaged as part of my tactical protocols.”


“Did something strike the hull?”


“No, short range sensors aren’t detecting anything.”


T’pol checked her gooseneck scanners, flicking buttons to change the scan properties.


“There are gaseous acidic compounds inside the nebula, they appear to have damaged our outer plating before the polarisation could be performed. The acidic compounds are slowly draining our hull plating.”


“How long can we stay in here?”


“No more than 3 hours.” T’pol answered gravely.


Antaak and Krell stood in the sick bay waiting for the captain to arrive after they requested to see him. The later of the two Klingons still had several fierce burns and gashes that Phlox was trying to heal.


“I suppose it is an irony that we should be rescued by you and this ship.” Krell sighed to Phlox.


“Would you rather be here or floating in space as dust?”


“Death is sometimes the most honourable solution”


“Have you ever heard of a human story, the Good Samaritan”




“I suggest you read it”


“Is there an opera version?” Phlox smiled at Krells comment just as the glass doors of sickbay opened and the blue jumpsuit with mustard lines of Captain Archer walked though.


“Im glad to see you and you’re crew are feeling better”


“Im most surprised to see you captain.”


“Its our policy to answer any distress signal. Although we didn’t know it was from you”


“Well id rather be alive than space dust” Antaak said loudly from one of the far beds and another of his crew, while the captain and krell talked.


“Have you been followed.”


“One of your cruisers followed us to a nebula, we have taken refugee.”


“Ah, the Bor’las “ Krell said


“You know about it?”


“Oh yes captain, Klingon ships have used it as a point to plot courses for decades.”


“How many ships are there?” Antaak asked.


“We don’t know”


“Well at least we are safe here.” Antaak sighed


“Actually, my good friend, as im sure captain archer knows by now, no vessel can stay inside the nebula for long before taking damage from the unique compounds inside.” Krell smiled broadly, showing off his acute teeth. The captain nodded.


“Well doctor, unless im needed here anymore, I think the captain would like me on the bridge to help.” Krell clapped his hands, and leading the captain out of sickbay, stalked off. Before he left Antaak advised the captain to ‘watch krell, he’ll try and take over’.






In engineering, the new chief Oscar was running checks on the warp reactor which glowed red and orange. The red lined blue suits of the engineering staff scanned and checked their stations, while Oscar stood on the gantry next to the core making sure the dilithium chamber was stable. There was no warning when the whole ship shock violently and cooling gases vented into engineering. Oscar picked himself up and checked his console, and felt his heart jolt as he saw the readout from the port nacelle. Plasma and cooling gases were venting. Oscars hands spread over his controls while he gave orders to his staff.


On the bridge T’pol stood out of Archers seat and answered his question as he and Krell came out of the turbo lift.


“The acidic particles have caused a hull fracture in one of our nacelles plasma turbines.”


“I thought you said we could stay here for 3 hours”


“So did I” T’pol answered.


“Suggestions” the captain asked.


“Fight our way out?” Reed suggested.


“Anyway of getting sensors though this stuff?” Archer asked T’pol




“We have no idea how many ships are out there”


“Captain, if I may interject, I vote with your weapons officer. If the cruiser arrived and didn’t find you then they are likely waiting there checking their data. Bursting out with weapons firing will be both glorious and a surprise. We will catch them totally off guard.” Krell said, with feverish pace. Reed smiled.


“He has a point sir.”


“Mayweather, head out, maximum impulse. Reed?”


“Phase cannons ready and forward tubes loaded.”


Enterprise spun round to course, and burst from the nebula cloud, her port nacelle damaged, lacking the red glowing front, but still pulsing blue, its situation stabilised. The ships hull returned from its blue static to normal as its hull plating stopped being stressed. Ahead the klingons aft hull glowing red with its impulse drives, its crew still checking sensors. They were totally unprepared for the enterprise as she streaked over them, firing phase cannons into her dorsal hull and hitting her warp nacelles wing, punching though and spraying molten sparks into space as orange beams penetrated the hull.


“Several direct hits sir” Reed reported.


“Engineering, is warp drive available?” Archer spoke though the comms. Oscar replied


“Yes sir, but don’t push it, the port nacelle is still got several fractures. Warp 3 is the maximum I can give you.”


“Helm, put us back on course to earth, warp 3.”


On the Klingon bridge the captain swore in Klingon at the Enterprise as they warped away in a flash. However, reports from his comms officer made him smile.


“Well done captain.” Krell said.


Suddenly the ship lurched violently. The bright green shape of a Klingon torpedo smashed into Enterprises stern.


“Not the clean get away we wanted” Archer yelled. “T’pol?”


“Two D6 cruisers are closing astern.” Enterprise lurched again.


“Aft plating is down to 60%”.


“Return fire”


Several bright orange photonic torpedoes shot from the enterprises aft tubes, and hit the lead Klingon ship, illuminating their shields. The Klingons replied with several more torpedoes.


“Aft plating’s down to 30%.”


In engineering, the new chief jumped down from his gantry and checked a second monitor, the port nacelle on it flashing red in multiple areas.


“Bridge…” he yelled “…the Klingon torpedoes are putting stress on our hull integrity. The port nacelle is failing.”


“Understood. Helm drop us out of warp. Reed, ready all weapons.”


Enterprise dropped out with a flash, followed by the two Klingon ships. Immediately the three ships went at each other, orange phaser and green disrupter pulse and beam filling the space. A phase cannon beam struck a Klingon torpedo destroying it in mid flight. Consoles and conduits o the Enterprise flashed and burst with sparks. The lead D6 fired several pulses of disrupter from her nacelle wings smashing into enterprises bow, and causing hull breaches that spewed white atmosphere into space.


The bridge lurched and shock violently.


“They’ve diverted power to their shields, our weapons cant penetrate them” Reed shouted over the sounds of the ship breaking.


“Hull breaches detected on B-deck and C-Deck, Bulkheads have sealed them off” T’pol reported.


The bridge shock again, this time consoles behind the captain at the bridges back exploding violently.


“I cant shake them off” Mayweather called.


In engineering a large flash of fire and sparks erupted from an upper conduit. Oscar ducked from the debris before yelling to his staff. “Divert power though the secondary systems!”


Enterprise shock again.


“Hull plating has failed!” Reed yelled, standing up and checking his rear monitors.


“Captain, the Klingon ships have one weakness. On their ventral hull, just before the neck joins the engineering hull they have a weak spot in their shields, directly below the primary inertial dampener systems. Target that spot and you should be able to push the ship of its stable course.” Krell shouted.


Another disrupter blast struck.


“Helm, move us into place, Reed, maximum fire.”


Enterprise moved under one of the D6’s, sweeping below and firing multiple phase cannon shots into the spot, finally being rewarded with a flare of fire. The D6 immediately fell adrift, uncontrollably.


“Thanks” Archer said to Krell. Another alarm sounded from Reeds station.


“Oh for gods sake. Intruders detected on D-Deck”


“Get down there.”


“Ill go with you” Krell said, grinning with the though of combat.


In sick bay Antaak and Phlox were helping the wounded when three Klingon warriors smashed though the doors, holding their bat’leths high. Phlox grabbed a phase pistol off the wall and disabled one, however he was accosted by a second, who forced him to drop his weapon and dive from weapon swings. Antaak dived from his attacker, before planting a flat palm into his attackers face, breaking the nose. He then turned grabbing the attackers arm, and swiftly dislocated it with a pull. The attacking Klingon fell to his knees, where Antaak smashed him on the head with a double punch.


Meanwhile Krell and reed, with several MACO rushed down the corridors, with weapons held when half a dozen Klingon appeared at a corridors end, and fired green disrupter pulses down towards them, causing them to dive for cover. The two groups exchanged fire. Krell growled and roared as he fired his own disrupter rapidly. He laughed as he hit two. Reed looked over slightly before shrugging his shoulders with a slight smile.


Enterprise rolled over on its belly before diving sharply to avoid the second D6, who was still tailing her. A thin stream of blue warp plasma leaked from the stressed port nacelle, and fire licked around the edges of the damaged hull.


In sick bay Phlox fell badly onto his back, and the Klingon attacker prepared to deliver a death blow when the attacker yelled in pain, as a bat’leth sliced open his back and severed his spine. Antaak helped the doctor up.


“Thank you”


“Don’t. Theres still wounded to help.”


The fire fight in the corridor continued, with just 3 Klingon left, however only Reed and Krell were left fighting.


“We must push them back!” Krell yelled.


“We need to hold and wait for reinforcements!” Reed shouted back, as more green shots flashed down the hall.


“Arghh!” yelled krell before he charged down the hall, avoiding shots, and reaching the Klingons, knocking one out with a direct punch to his face, before blasting a second with his disrupter. As the third tried to bring his dagger into Krells side, Reed fired off a phaser beam that brought him down.


The nodded at each other.


On the bridge more explosions ripped the enterprise open, and shock her crew. Heavy fires and smoke filled the room.


“Captain im picking something up on the comms” Hoshi yelled.


“More Klingons?”


In a flash of light the shape of a new ship appeared. The same saucer as the Enterprise but with her nacelles under the body, and a square pod on her back mounted astern. She fired a bright stream of phaser towards the D6 who returned fire at her as the Enterprise avoided the battle.


“They are hailing”


“On screen”


The view of a earth bridge and Starfleet uniforms appeared.


“This is the Poseidon. Looks like you need assistance Enterprise.”


“You arrived just in the nick of time captain” Archer replied.


At that the view screen went off and the Poseidon set after the D6, several photonic weapons flaring from her dorsal pod and slamming the D6, breaking shields and causing her to retreat. The fight was over.



Krell and a rather bruised Antaak stood with the Captain on the bridge.


“Time to deal with what has actually caused all this” Archer smiled.


“We are sorry for the problems we brought with us. But we wish to ask something of you captain.”


“Go on”


“We seek safe passage to earth, and citizenship.”


“You’re asking for asylum to earth?” Archer raised his eyebrows.


“Well as you can see its not like we would be welcomed in the Empire. “


“I guess not. You realise I cant make that choice, all I can do is recommend you to the council that runs Starfleet.”


“That is all we ask captain.” Krell smiled.


“Well ill see what I can do”



Captains Log supplemental. We have finally reached earth after a server ordeal. However the Enterprise held up against all the Klingons had to throw at her. The injured are being healed by the services of Phlox and Antaak, one of our new guests. The klingons we saved have been very helpful, giving us not only data to improve our knowledge on the Empire but also assisting our repair efforts. Now we have reached earth I am having a meeting with Admiral Gardener to ask him about the Klingons proposal while Enterprise is being worked on.


The sleak office, neatly arranged of the admiral was warm as the captain met Forest. Archer noted he already looked grim.

“Welcome back john.” Forest shock Archer hand.

“It wasnt easy sir. Theres something i need to talk to you about…”

“I need to inform you of something else first” the Admiral interrupted



“We have had reports from Théoden system. Theres been an outbreak of a mutagenic virus. We need you back out there john. We need Enterprise…



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