What would Kirk do and other insights into leading in the business world

 As I sit here on a plane parked at a gate at  DFW international airport, my plane is delayed because the captain cannot get the lock on the cockpit to work. I am not sure of the exact reasoning that this has delayed the flight. My assumption is after sept 11, the functionality of the cockpit lock must be on the regulatory checklist and hence required to function for departure. Of course, this has Caused the usual Malay on the plane as we wait for the technician to find a new lock for the repair. The captain  assured us that this will only take 20 minutes. However, an hour later, babies are crying,  folks are visibly agitated, and those with a ounce of patience left are simply reassuring loved ones on the cell phone. The only thing in the air is sarcasm and frustration. after an hourthe captain recites regs FAA mandated procedures with a gate delay in excess of 30 minutes and we have the option to deplane and abort our flight. I am sure that little tidbit of regulation resulted from some other incidents where folks got stuck in the plane and went ballistic. Me, I have my own little crutch that I like to go to anytime I get frustrated in the business world.  I put my situation in star trek terms. Yes, i have to admit to being a trekkie or trekkar if you prefer. For instance, as i sit here i am wondering if captain Kirk would let this lock thing hold up the flight or If his first officer reminded him of star fleet regulation just as he was preparing to depart.  When he cites faa rules with disdain I am thinkin this guy is Kirk. How many times did he cite regulations to the crew as he prepared to break them. After an hour, i am thinking this captain of flight 389 is no kirk until he announces that the flight technician miraculously found a new lock and replaced it in record time. Resounding applause from the passengers and we depart from the gate. He may not be kirk, but Scotty did it again…

I  know this exercise is a little silly, but bear with me. If your like me, you do not live in your parents basement like the Trekkie parody when William shatner appeared on snl. You have had a serious relationship, marriage, and/or family and your a professional. You may be a lawyer, manager, engineer, or small business owner. You sale real estate or program computers. In short, you have experienced life and the frustrations that go along with doing business and pursuing a career in the real world. You have probably read business self help books such as the one minute manager or 7 habits of highly effective people and thought it was helpful but you struggled with applying it in the world outside the scenarios portrayed in the book or you had a hard time understanding how it applied to your situation. I cannot tell you how many times at one of these seminars I heard That looks great on paper but…..

That is where this blog comes in. What I have found with most business seminars and books is that they outline common business principles and methods and each one is unique in only how they package the attempt to help you visualize and understand it’s application to your situation. However, they assume you know your situation. They assume you know and understand your situation within Organization or business. They assume you can relate to the stories and principles they are trying to help you understand. Well, I can relate to the immense world of star trek and, I m an established leader. Why not help you understand how to get ahead in your profession by relating it to something we all are familiar with – Star Trek?  Hence my blog. -Engage-


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