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Category: Star Trek  By: Chris Riker

“Scotty” by Chris Riker   Dry rot. Figures, in a 74-year-old boat. He’d be spending most of the winter high and dry in the yard, ripping out Marcail’s ancient planks and beams, most of the transom, stanchions, cleats … och! All by hand, if ‘twere done right. He narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips. […]

Star Trek TOS: The Tended Garden

Author’s Note – Fascinated by the strange goings on in the BBC’s CBeebies TV programme In The Night Garden (having a young son means one watches such kids’ programmes!),  I suddenly was struck by inspiration and penned the following story as a crossover between Kirk-era Trek and In The Night Garden – I believe this […]

What would Kirk do and other insights into leading in the business world

 As I sit here on a plane parked at a gate at  DFW international airport, my plane is delayed because the captain cannot get the lock on the cockpit to work. I am not sure of the exact reasoning that this has delayed the flight. My assumption is after sept 11, the functionality of the […]